The Herd Grows!

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There is tangible good news to report. The cattle are beginning to kick the chute!

As EPautos readers know already, I’ve been sporting a homemade ear tag for the past several weeks, to make the point that Americans are being conditioned to accept being treated like feed lot cows. Literally herded – and prodded. And soon, force-vaccinated and electronically tagged – to prove they have been vaccinated.

Might as well wear an actual cattle tag.

Seeing it might get the prospective cattle thinking, too – and not liking the prospect of being electronically tagged. This might prevent us all from being forcibly tagged.

Wearing the ear tag is also a way to mock the Sickness Psychosis which grips the populace. Wearing an ear tag among mask wearers ridicules the mental illness that has been egged on in the name of an exaggerated physical sickness.

04-22-20_EP on KNED     

In my state, according to the state – whose numbers are to be mistrusted as much as any numbers proffered by the state – about 320 deaths are attributed to Corona over the past three months.

There are about 8.5 million people living in my state (Virginia).

But more might die! Thousands! Tens of thousands! Millions! We must take steps to be safe!

These people need therapy more than they need masks – and I’ll be damned if I get tagged because of their illness.

It’s ironic, isn’t it?

People have been rendered sick – in the head – over a sickness most of them will never get, much less get dead because of.

But you can’t be too safe!

Yes, you can.

When fear of sickness becomes a morbid obsession, when that deranged fear becomes a cudgel used against others not sick in the head with deranged fear, it becomes a problem. One does not force the mentally sound to accommodate the mentally unbalanced.

Humoring them them is one thing.

If Crazy Aunt Sally thinks she’s Princess Anastasia – the last surviving daughter of the Czar – it’s okay to let her pretend she is so long as her pretending isn’t hurting anyone else. But it’s not okay to give Crazy Aunt Sally the power to enforce her “royal decrees.”

But that’s just what has happened – thanks to Corona Karens (and Kevins). The disturbed people who are not only kowtowing to the ruination of their own lives in exchange for the needless promise that they will remain alive thereby but who are also demanding the ruination of everyone else’s lives, on the same insane basis.

For it is nothing less than insane to destroy the lives of millions – not hypothetically but actually – because “someone” might get sick.

Each mask wearing Sickness Psychotic is presuming everyone else is a mortal threat to their health and on the basis of this speculation, everyone else is being treated as if they are a mortal threat to everyone else.

This is insane – of a piece with insisting that every functional man be required to wear a codpiece to keep his equipment “safe” since otherwise he might commit rape. It is also a mortal threat to everyone’s life.

Because such insanity become the justification for taking lives – via armed force – used against people who don’t play along. Never forget that every government edict carries with a threat of murderous violence. People will be murdered for not obeying the insane edicts of the Sickness Psychotics. It could be thousands of people – those who resist their vaccinations at gunpoint and electronic ear-tagging.

If you think that is insane – as in not likely – look around you. Did you think, three months ago, that the entire country would be turned into a locked-down prison? A locked-down mental health ward?

That people would shuffling around with surgical masks on, like Michael Jackson?

Who was – let’s not forget – not quite right in the head. But we didn’t follow his lead, most of us.

At any rate, resistance isn’t futile.

There may be plenty of cattle but there are also more bulls (of both sexes – and yes, there are just two sexes, no matter how you “identify” or what you make yourself up to look like) and they are beginning to kick.

Probably because they see the chute they’re being herded toward.

I wore my ear tag through the drive-thru at my bank – because I’m no longer allowed to go in – because “someone” (maybe me, but could be anyone) might be Corona-laden, even if they aren’t actually… because we can’t be too safe! The tellers behind the plate glass window – just like in a prison – all know me and all are still somehow alive, despite all the “might.”

They loved the tag – and asked to be tagged. By themselves, before they get tagged by the government (and Bill Gates, who has somehow become the fourth branch of government). So I am making them tags, four all told. Which they promise to wear, to make the point.

Another friend is also wearing a tag – a pink one, because she’s female (but not a Karen).

I had a random stranger ask me for one, seeing mine. He’ll be getting one, too.

You can make one.

All you need is some cardboard – ideally a bright color, like yellow or pink – a pair of scissors and a black sharpie magic marker. Cut out the pattern – see the pics – and then number. I added “Corona” and “Cattle” to mine, to make the point as obvious as possible.  Then cut a little slit through the tab, through which you slide one of those bendy tabs that come with bags of coffee grounds. Use that to press-fit to your ear (better than actually punching a hole through your ear).

Now you’re officially part of the herd – of sanity. And taking a very visible stand against insanity – against Sickness Psychosis – against being forced to play along with the mentally ill, for the sake of their shattered minds – at the expense of your life.

If enough of us moooo! at this absurdity, it will end. Because absurdity only has power when it is taken seriously.

Let’s stop doing that.

. . .

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  1. BTW, while out-and-about today in several places, I observed that the vast majority of people were maskless ad didn’t even seem to be fretting distancing.

    The majority of people I saw wearing masks were in Chi-Mart, employees.

    A good sign.

  2. Codpiece … LOL

    And what, no Clockwork Orange pic? Missed opportunity.

    “In a time of deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

  3. You know, there is actually one advantage to wearing a mask. You can hide from facial recognition. Combine it with a ball cap and sunglasses, and you can’t be tracked. And you have a built-in excuse to wear the mask (probably forever).

    My store started making us cashiers wear masks yesterday. I’m disgusted with it. They have surgical type masks that they give us (and please explain to me why they didn’t reserve these for medical people – they’re always complaining about the lack of PPE!). I really want to write “End the shutdown” on one and wear it, but after checking with some more senior coworkers, I found out that they wouldn’t like it. Unfortunately, I do want to keep my job, as I wouldn’t be able to find another one any time soon. Instead, I’m working on creating my own face covering with an old towel. Since the store is OK with innocuous stuff printed on it, perhaps I should find someone who does embroidery who can stitch a sheep onto it. My message – all you stupid phuckers are sheep!

    • Go with the sheep. The idiots who can’t be reached won’t understand and thus won’t get “offended” and cause problems. They will only see cute sheep. Those who can be reached will get it. And if by chance some idiot does get it and starts causing an issue you have plausible deniability.

    • That’s exactly what I did when I went to Costco yesterday! And yes, masks are now required for shoppers and public transit riders in NJ. Anyway, this is what I wrote on mine:

      “Safety, or freedom?
      Risk of virus, or government guns?
      Obedience, or common sense?


      Not sure if anyone took notice, but it sure felt good to stand out from the flock!

  4. Eric,

    “But why wear a mask when the threat is hysterically exaggerated?”

    Well Eric, America is still theoretically a “free country.” So if someone wants to wear one, they can.

    We’re just going to have to disagree on whether wearing a mask is “dangerous.” You say “yes:” I say “no.”

    “We laughed at Michael Jackson. Now half the country is aping Michael Jackson.”

    For my FINAL post on this topic, I’ll agree that in our present context, aping The King of Pop is stupid.
    “You can’t wear just one glove… gotta wear TWO.”

  5. Hi Jeremy,

    Looks like the columns got too narrow to permit any more responses in the previous string. What you are describing in New Mexico sounds more like state government hysteria caused by their loss of control of the narrative. Or things may be influenced by New Mexico’s large Native American population. Their communities seem to be more heavily impacted by the virus.

    In either case, masks were not a causative factor.

    Hope things don’t get too crazy there!

    • Mike, just saw a video where Trump was asked if they’d tried Lysol. Lysol told them in an official statement that their products were not meant to be imbibed in any way. I almost replied “Hey, me and the other braves sit around at night and pass the Lysol and it works fine.”

    • Hi Mike,

      I don’t think the Native American population is embracing the hysteria nearly as much as white folks, at least not from what I see. Interestingly, there is a large Mexican population in Santa Fe and they display, by far, the least hysteria. The supermarket that consciously caters to Mexicans is more sane than any of the others, and the shoppers, some masked, some not, are friendly, not fearful, quite different from Whole Foods, Sprouts and Trader Joe’s.

      “In either case, masks were not a causative factor”.

      Wearing masks is mostly a symptom of the genuinely held fear (I think this fear is irrational and manipulated) of many people, but it is also a causative factor. I’m pretty sure that many people don the mask, not because they think it’s needed, but because they fear the possible social opprobrium for not wearing one. Of course you are right, people are free to wear masks, and I would not confront anyone for doing so (unless they confront me for not doing so). Still, the recognition of the right of someone to do something does not preclude me, Eric or anyone else from criticizing what they do. In fact, criticism of behavior that one deems harmful IS the libertarian alternative to government regulation.


  6. Anyone here remember 1977’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”? The MK-ULTRA/CIA group, having realized that they’ve received radio signals from “E.T.”, and concluding that they’re being directed to hold a “sit-down” at the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming (ruining a $2,500 globe, in 1977 dollars, to figure it out), ponder how to keep the “inquiring minds” away. The US Army “major” (likely his actual pay is on the order of a Major General, if he were showing his true rank, given his age) wants a good cover story that will clear the area of “Every Christian Soul”. They figure out the solution is…ANTHRAX, which is fitting, as the Devil’s Tower is smack dab in the middle of cattle and sheep ranching country. They don’t go into detail as to whether they actually infect some local livestock, as even then it was common knowledge that the military played with strains of Anthrax in their biological warfare experiments, but, yes indeedy-do, there’s a huge panic that ensues, with folks being loaded aboard boxcars, even riding on top!

    Any speculations as to what COVID-19 could be a COVER for?

    • The crash of the market and economy. Think about it. The federal reserve and its global cartel of central banks, has been pushing their insane policies for more than a century. Over the last 30 years, its become ever more unstable. It was bound to collapse eventually, so why not blame the current Global Death Plague, and divert attention from the real reason? Not to mention the tie in to ID2020, and endlessly profitable vaccines.
      “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste” after all…

  7. I kinda like the anti-social aspect of wearing a mask. I should write “back off” on it. I also like buying stuff in a Costco with limited numbers of people instead of practically getting run over by upper middle class women rudely pushing there carts around.

  8. THE PLOT:
    Gun control was designed to take away your freedoms.
    Political correctness was designed to take away your freedom of speech.
    Social distancing was designed to take away your right to assemble.
    Your face mask was designed to be your muzzle & handcuffs.
    Being quarantined to your house was designed to be your jail cell.
    The vaccine/microchip is designed to guarantee that the things listed above remain permanent.

    The coronavirus was designed to distract you from these facts, while you willingly give up your freedoms.

    • The CV hysteria also distracts us from the ongoing rollout of 5G. There have been health questions raised about 5G; it’s also a necessary part of the surveillance panopticon. Notice how there’s NO talk about it?

  9. Tragic news out of California:

    “Coronavirus prompts Gov. Gavin Newsom to suspend California’s plastic bag ban”

    Yes, the awful virus not only is destroying people, but now it’s destroying our precious environment too. Just like those neanderthal “V8” engines of death used to do, back in the frightening, dangerous 20th century when people just didn’t know any better.

    What’s next … California suspending its ban on codpieces for the few remaining “functional” males who wouldn’t be caught dead in a Tesla?

    • Don’t give that ding-dong of a Governor for MY state any ideas…we’ve got enough dingbat feminazis that want to make every swinging dick a presumed criminal.

  10. “Each mask wearing Sickness Psychotic is presuming everyone else is a mortal threat to their health and on the basis of this speculation, everyone else is being treated as if they are a mortal threat to everyone else.

    This is insane – of a piece with insisting that every functional man be required to wear a codpiece to keep his equipment “safe” since otherwise he might commit rape. It is also a mortal threat to everyone’s life.”

    Hi Eric,

    Your outrage at those wearing masks cracks me up. It’s similar to your animosity against those who choose to wear seatbelts. These people didn’t force the country to shut down. Interestingly, the people who did shut down our country often can be seen on TV; and they’re NOT wearing masks.

    Masked persons aren’t hurting anyone else, any more than you are by wearing an ear tag. So why not prove that you respect their freedoms as much as yours, and give those masked men (& “Kens”) and women a break? 🙂

    • Hi Mike,

      I don’t give them a break because they are participating in the creation and maintenance of hysteria – which is being used to tyrannize the non-hysterics. By wearing the masks, they are buying into the idea that everyone should wear them – and (what follows) is that everyone must also be vaccinated.

      PS: I have never displayed animosity toward seatbelt wears – but only to seatbelt laws.

      • Eric, you had me, right up until you went overboard, and decided that anyone wearing a mask is part of the problem. Isn’t wearing a mask, a matter of personal choice? How about the elderly who choose to wear a mask? How about those with impaired immune systems? In those cases, fear is an entirely reasonable response, and taking actions to minimize risk to oneself is also entirely reasonable. I entirely agree that the Progs are using fear to manipulate people, but that doesn’t justify taking (or demeaning) other peoples choices, in response to that.

        • Hi BJ,

          People do have a right to wear masks if they wish (just as men have the right to pretend they’re women, if they wish) but they are contributing to Sickness Psychosis by doing so. Masks do not prevent the elderly, etc. from getting sick. Doctors wear them to avoid giving patients sickness. I don’t need to be protected from sickness. Just from Sickness Psychosis.

          If it becomes acceptable to wear masks – because implicitly “necessary” to “stop the spread” – then it will inevitably become mandatory. It is already mandatory in some areas.

          And then vaccines – and cattle tag certificates – will become mandatory, too.

          This danger ought to be obvious.

          I will not indulge Sickness Psychosis – or Health Theater – any more than Security Theater and Terror Psychosis.

          No sane person should.

          • I think there’s another point at play here… EVEN IF someone not wearing a mask sneezed and infected someone else (who died)… as a society we STILL can’t force anyone to wear a mask because — there’s some kind of ‘line’ we have to draw whereby one side is a human rights violation and one side isn’t. Because if we allow anything/everything to be forced on the people — then the entire community/society is at risk of being ruined by becoming a dictatorship, so the greater good is to never violate anyones’ human rights, even if it means we have to endure some danger and penalty. I think forcing ppl to wear masks is a human rights violation. Some things are okay to force people to do like stopping at a red light — but that’s because it’s not a human rights violation.

            • Exactly, Harry!

              It’s pathological – as well as tyrannical – to demand a “risk free” environment. Because such a jihad imposes limitless restrictions on everyone for the sake of the undefinable and impossible. What does “risk free” mean, exactly? Whose risk? Says who?

              Well, here we are. “Someone” might get sick – or might be sick. Therefore, everyone must be treated as if they were sick – or making everyone sick.

              This is insane.

          • Eric, if you have the right mask, and use it properly (by knowing how to check the seal) it does *minimize* your risk. Virons (the initial package)
            typically travel on droplets of mist. If you wear a rated mask properly (N95 N99 P100 etc)
            it does help to minimize your risk. If you want to minimize it further, you wear goggles and/or a face shield (as one tends to see bio researchers wearing).
            That having been said, I agree with you on the implications. Give our Dear Leaders an inch, and they will attempt to run off with a light year.
            Not all of our enemies, are the typical low information howler. We have to be careful of details, or they can use errors against us. As we’ve discussed, perception is in the mind, which is what this battle is all about. Masks may mean many things to many people. But below the surface they have various functions. Some of which, our Dear Leaders will not like at all. ^^

          • Eric – I do wear my mask when going into a store so I don’t get fucked with by overzealous germophobes. Else, when OUTSIDE, I let everyone behold my ugly mug. It IS a PERCEPTION thing, IDK that wearing a mask does ME any good insofar as preventing contagion, and though at 61 theoretically I’m at greater risk, it hasn’t stopped me from carrying on with as much normal life as I can.

            But I did have a humorous anecdote while out getting my evening walk, which had to start at twilight. Chose a less traveled route through the back streets of Fair Oaks, CA, to avoid traffic, what little there is. As I was making my way back to my humble abode, a Sac County Sheriff’s car pulls over in front of me and turns on the bubblegum machine. Out pops a “flea-male” deputy, NO mask or gloves, and she asks ME what I’m DOING out at 9:15 at night. I reply, “Late for watching Star Trek on cable, thank God for the DVR!” She then says, “don’t you KNOW there’s a CURFEW!”. I reply, “oh, my! Did Governor Newsom declare martial law?”. She replies, “No Sir, but you SHOULDN’T be out at night!”. I shoot back,”I’m too old to have my mommy, God rest her soul these past 25 years, to tell me when to come inside!”. The Deputy asks “Do you have ID, sir?”. I say, “No, since when do I need a JOGGER’S license?”. She then says, “Have a good night, sir, please get home quickly and I’D WATCH THAT ‘ATTITUDE’ IF I WERE YOU!”. I thought better of callng her an arrant “See-You-Next-“Toosday” and just continued home, as I still had a taco and a cold brew waiting.

      • Not only that, but for them it’s not sufficient to wear their own masks and leave the rest of us alone. No, they demand we do as they do and shriek in our faces when we don’t. Hell, a crazed woman screamed at my wife in the grocery store the other day, for not participating in their masquerade.

        So yes, they deserve our contempt, and public derision and mockery. And a swift kick in the ass.

      • “By wearing the masks, they are buying into the idea that everyone should wear them – and (what follows) is that everyone must also be vaccinated.”

        Illogical. By wearing an ear tag, are you buying into the idea that everyone should wear them?

        I invite you to take your camcorder out on the streets and ask 25 random mask wearers if they are really doing it to advocate mandatory mass vaccinations. Then, post their responses for us to hear. Even if they were, as long as they can’t force you, aren’t they entitled to free speech? You don’t want to become a member of the Thought Police, do you?

        • Hi Mike,

          The difference is I’m wearing the ear tag as a farce; they are wearing masks for serious.

          Mask wearing implies that mask wearing is reasonable – even necessary. If that is accepted then it will inevitably become mandatory to wear them – on precisely that basis. For saaaaaaaaaaaafety! To “stop the spread”!

          Surely you can see that? It is already happening.

          And if mandating masks is justifiable – for “public safety” – then how do you argue against mandatory vaccines and electronic ear tagging to verify?

          To keep us safe?

          How much you wanna bet that a condition of “reopening” is mask wearing? Then vaccination?

          This is why I am so vociferous and adamant. I’ve been a student of these games a long time and this is coming . . . unless it can be stomped.

          • “Mask wearing implies that mask wearing is reasonable – even necessary.”

            Yes, it implies that the individual feels that it is a reasonable act, maybe even necessary for them to feel that they have done all they can to minimize their “personal” risk. But it implies “nothing,” one way or the other, about what other people “must” do. If you choose to believe otherwise, that is your prerogative. However, you have presented no tangible evidence to prove it.

            Whatever the subject, there are some people who always will believe that everyone else should do as they do. There are others who just want to do what is right for themselves, and let other people do as they choose.

            With your blanket condemnation of all “masked people,” you are closing the door on a large pool of potential allies.

              • So I’m a “subversive” because I won’t line up to meekly swallow your logic-free cup of anti-freedom Kool Aide? That cracks me up! 🙂

                Thanks for the laugh Robert. I’ll be smiling all day.

            • The mask does nothing. You need to wear a bio-warfare mask like the military to be effective. The cloth ones and the bandanas and even the N95 are all ineffective. People wear the mask bc they are told to wear the mask, and some states (such as NY) are making you wear a mask or else!!! What joke!!! The mask is not the issue…the issue is the idiotic tyranny and the sheeple just going along with it without question!

              • Hi Anon,

                Exactly. Mask wearing is part of the show. It is not about health; it is about using fear to acclimate people to forced vaccinations and electronic ear tagging. I despair that people do not understand this.

                • I understand it perfectly, Eric. At least putting on a bandanna gives me an excuse to “get my ‘cowboy’ on. And to think that the “fit would hit the shan” if I walked into a bank lobby, MASKED. Effin’ hilarious!

                • It’s all counter productive. Waiting outside the store to go in? I was exposed to more germs because of the queuing. The masks do approximately nothing in the net (even if wore one) and they increase the exposure time. 6 feet is meaningless if you understand wind and the number of people in the store is meaningless if you understand HVAC. If 200 people were there before on a given day it does not matter if 10 were in there at a time or 50 or whatever.

                  It’s almost entirely virus theater. I am going to get my welding googles and hood and my painting respirator out now that masks are a dictatorial order in some towns. Since they want to play theatrics I can just go over the top.

                  If I had a star trek space suit I would wear that.

            • Hi Mike,

              “Individual feels” … yes. They feel. They are reacting emotionally, irrationally. They are afflicted with Sickness Psychosis – a pathological over-reaction to the exaggerated threat posed by a virus. And the psychological operation is to get people to wear them en masse, not just the elderly and those who may have some reason to – in order to create the impression that masks are necessary for everyone in order to require them for everyone… and if that is accepted then there is no defense against a vaccine and ear tag mandate.

              Can you not see this?

              That it is theater? Of a piece with crotch grabs and “I surrender” at the airport – only the cattle are donning the masks before they’re even mandated? Thus making the mandate easier to impose and inevitable?

              • “Can you not see this?”

                I understand your premise, but think it is ironically wrong.

                As lockdowns are lifted or eased, the best thing Bill Gates could do is send out countless agents to vigorously condemn social distancing and the use of masks, with the goal of maximizing the transmission of the virus to as many people as possible. Then, if/when infection rates accelerate once again, Gates will have the perfect opportunity to proclaim….”the only possible way to save humanity is to immediately implement universal, mandatory vaccinations.”

                I know that is not your intent. But be aware that some of your passionate, pronouncements may have Unintended Consequences.

                • Hi Mike,

                  Your argument accepts the premise that this virus is both very contagious and very dangerous – and therefore, masks are both appropriate and necessary for everyone. If masks are necessary and appropriate, then so are mandatory vaccines, on the same basis.

                  WufLu may be contagious, but – for most people it is not dangerous. It’s a bug that most people who get it don’t even know they have – and most who get it merely get sick. Just as millions do every year, without most of them dying or even going to the doctor about it.

                  The wearing of masks creates the opposite impression; it foments hysteria – Sickness Psychosis.

                  • Hysteria levels are already dropping, because the media forecasts of overrun hospitals, with thousands of corpses filling up trailer morgues have been proven to be false(as documented by you and many others.) Yet there are as many folks wearing masks as ever.

                    In your model, these phenomena are mutually exclusive….and cannot happen at the same time. But they are!

                    If hospitals remain nearly empty, hysteria levels will continue to drop. If hospitals fill up, hysteria will raise. The wearing of masks is not a driver of the public psyche, but merely a lagging indicator, at most.

                    • Hi Mike,

                      As the evidence mounts that the response to the virus is hysterical and unjustified (it was from the very beginning, as taking extreme measures in the face of extreme uncertainty is not prudent, it is irresponsible and dangerous), the government decrees, at least in New Mexico, are getting more draconian, not less. They recently declared all liquor stores non-essential, which is just a handout to “general” stores that sell liquor because they’re not exempt (if they banned all liquor sales, the people probably would revolt). The radio waves are inundated with PSA’s exhorting us to “stay home, stay safe, save lives”. Flashing road warnings, with the same, have been placed along a lot of the roads.

                      In any case hysteria, in NM at least, is not waning. More people are wearing masks every day and I suspect that it is inevitable that I will soon be challenged for not doing so. If this happens, I will ask whether they wish to have an honest discussion or if their goal is to merely shame me into compliance.


                    • Mike,

                      But why wear a mask when the threat is hysterically exaggerated? We laughed at Michael Jackson. Now half the country is aping Michael Jackson. Which would also be funny, were it not for the threat to general sanity – and liberty – it poses. I’ve already explained why. It “buys into” the psychosis about sickness.

                      It’s pathetic – and it’s dangerous.

                      Think, man, about what the majority have accepted for the sake (so they were told) of fightin’ trrr... . Now we’re being terrorized over “health.”

                      We need to wear masks or we’re going to dieeeeeeee!!!

                    • I tried to find some black cloth and make a Lone Ranger mask.

                      The wife, genius that she is, pointed out it wouldn’t cover my mouth or nose……..duh~~~

                    • Masks taken out of the closet, flaunted overtly, are not lagging indicators. They are true 1:1 real time identities of the maskies.

                      There is no public psyche.

                      There are untold millions & billions of psyched out somatics herding & being herded about.

                      United States of Amaskies is humanimal condition.

                • ***”the best thing Bill Gates could do is send out countless agents to vigorously condemn social distancing and the use of masks, with the goal of maximizing the transmission of the virus to as many people as possible. “***

                  UNLESS Corona is no different than any other flu. People aren’t so ascared[sic] of the flu that it would prompt them to close their businesses and do the goose-step in the grocery store….or accept mandatory mass vaccination/implants… the best thing Bill Gates could do [for Bill Gates and the cabal which he associates with] would be to invent a scenario under which people FEAR for their lives- and such a scenario has indeed been created via ther media and government edict which imposes obligations on all those around us to play the part cowering potential victims.

                  The average schmo sees people around himself wearing masks, and “social distancing”; hoarding terlit paper, and speaking of deaths attributed to a virus, and THOSE things create the rality that there must be something to fear, even if there isn’t.

                  If this show (Masks, distancing, talk of “overwhelmed hospitals…etc.) did not exist…..there would be nothing to fear, so then the average person would not be willing to suffer house arrest, unemployment, and ultimately what will be proposed as the necessary “protection” to the “problem”, -so Bill Gates would then not be able to advance his agenda.

      • eric, when I built my cattle pens I made the uprights 6 feet tall and added 2 3/8″ tubing for the top rail. I couldn’t tell you how many times I was asked if I was going to raise Giraffes.

        The first time we worked cattle we had a 900 heifer that was practically a pet but went crazy in those pens and almost got out but the fact that what she had to climb canted her backward at the top stopped her. My neighbor then built his pens 6’6″.

        The US govt. is the equivalent of the cage in Mad Max. Two men enter…….. and both stay.

      • Eric,

        What about wearing one because you HAVE to in order to enter the supermarket? The one I go to has a mandatory mask policy in place, and you can’t enter without one. IIRC, our state governor ordered that everyone in grocery stores and what not HAS to wear a mask, so this isn’t the supermarket’s fault. What’s more, is that ANY area supermarket, per the Fuhrer’s edict, will have a similar policy in place.

        What I did was simply tie an old t-shirt around my face. I keep one in my car, so I can clean my glasses. Though I have a mask, I forgot to bring it with me. I didn’t have enough time to get it, either, because the store would’ve closed before I got back. So, I used the old t-shirt, and it worked well enough.

        But yeah, depending on where you go, you might be FORCED to wear a mask. Until the policy was put in place, I didn’t wear one; I was one of the few in the grocery store who didn’t. Unfortunately, since our state Fuhrer mandated them, we have no choice-not if we want to eat, anyway…

        • The local one who would govern decreed the same. And most, as usual, complied.

          But decrees are not “FORCE” & the grocers are not also enforcers of decrees. None of them have braced me, or the relative few others I see who are maskless. And if they would, I would have them try.

          It is up to you, alone, to draw the line. Or not.

          ”Pen is mightier than the sword.”

          If so, it’s because of the read into readers. Not the writers.

          And the readers, most of ‘em, are aligned with & at the footed beck & call of the swords.

          The power of words is an inversion that worders would have camouflage the powerlessness of many readers. That inculcated, or strenuously reinforced, helplessness may well be the raison detre of compulsory 3R’s training.

          “I can read! Give me instructions, orders, to read!”

  11. BTW, Eric; The male counterpart of a Karen, is a Kevin! I know….”Ken” has been substituted….but I suspect that there must be a Kevin Anti-Defamation League or something, doing that!

  12. Great article, nevermind the Michael J. example & others.

    I’m hot on the idea that this is all a cover story in case the 5G rollout starts killing alot of people. They’re probably turning up the radio wave power until it starts to kill people, then they’ll blame it on the invisible Boogie Man bug (which isn’t even a bug, to add insult to injury), then they’ll turn down the power to where it won’t kill everyone as fast… it’ll still kill people but slow enough so that noone notices… and everyone will still keep using their cell phones. It’s so easy to run a cover story — everyone is all distracted by all the shenanigans going on, but the real thing going on is something else. “They” don’t care that the whole virus thing doesn’t make any sense, or that people know it’s a hoax — that doesn’t matter — all that matters is that people don’t pay attention to the REAL thing going on. Notice how noone is ever worried about the microwave radio waves or the cancer epidemic — no worry at all! Just a random Boogie Man [fake] But out of the blue. Something sneaky is going on for sure.

    • Sad thing is, Harry, that the average schlepp can never seem to realize that these things make no sense- be it 9-11,or “Climate change” or “Saddam has WMDs”- and even after it becomes glaringly obvious down the road…..half the people still somehow manage not to see it, and the other half don’t want to see it, because they have too much invested into the narrative (Like killing harmless foreigners under the ruse of being “terrorists”; or their fellow countrymen for “Not complying, and exposing everyone to danger”) and to “see it” would require an admission that they were duped, and repentance of their evils, and distancing themselves from the system which they are indebted to for their sustenance.

      And even many who do see, when the next deception comes along, they fall for the lies just like they did before- even when they are coming from the very same sources. Just like when I debunk an obvious lie that my pathological-liar sister says, and my mother says “Why would she lie?”.

      It doesn’t take much to see that these things don’t make any sense- and the liars seem to get more brazen, and yet much sloppier as time goes on. Then again, we know they’re lying just because we see their mouths moving. But it seems, the more that people consume media (Including internet and smartphones, which are essentially censoring truth, and just reinforcing what the TV nutworks and newspapers used to peddle, the easier it is for the overlords to deceive and get away with it.

      • Yeah, wow, insightful. I don’t really think about how the “internet ghettos” aka faceboot/etc are censoring truth, that’s pretty sad if ppl don’t find honest individuals or authentic media outlets — poor suckers are just getting fed a bunch of lies lol sigh … planet earth.

        Oddly enough, I’ve noticed the natural news website has been fear mongering at maximum throttle lately… I know they kind of always have a little bit… but nowadays they’re over the top. It’s like they just went 180-degrees and are now an outlet for lies and disinfo. That took me by surprise. Now I don’t even bother to look at their website anymore. I’m very disappointed in them.

        • Yeah, Harry- it didn’t surprise me to read that Jewtube and Facecrook are openly bragging abouit deleting/censoring anything that does not conform to the scamdemic nonsense….but the sad thing is that almost all of the “alternate news” sites are also pushing the propaganda to one degree or another, and or ignoring all other real news to instead concentrate on Corona stories almost exclusively.

          And one can find almost any narrative about Corona that one wishes to see- from “It’s all Trump’s fault” to “It’s a Chinese bioweapon”; “It’s a US bioweapon” yada yada…. They’ve destroyed their own credibility by endlessly speculating and pushing their own viewpoint as if it’s Gospel truth.

          We’re so lucky we have Eric’s site here, ’cause everyone else seems to have gone crazy.

          • Morning, Nunz!

            I was listening to Glenn Beck the other day eruct about the virtues of antisocial distancing and mask wearing – accepting every thereby every lethal premise of Sickness Psychosis. It reminded me why I went Libertarian, all those years ago…

            • Hi Ya Eric!
              Glen Beck, Mike Savage, Rush Bimbaugh, Sean Handjobbity, et al, may as well all be the same person- It’s as if they just exist to justify anything the “right” does. They’re like the public relations team for Neocons.

              Imagine if they could be replaced by the likes of the late Harry Browne or you…… The media is such a powerful tool…or weapon- these days even more so than mercenaries with rifles- That is why it is impossible to win against this crap, ’cause the voices which are easily accessible to the masses when they’re just surfing the airwaves as they drive down the road, are all cut from the same cloth, and those who don’t serve the purposes of the controllers will always be relegated to the dark obscure corners.

            • Glenn Beck is being the “good little Mormon”, just like the old boys in SLC running the LD$ Church. They’d all rather be perceived as “good citizens”, and so LDS churches, temples, and so on are closed for the duration, and my “little goil”, the baby of the bunch, on her LDS ‘mission’ in the Southeast, has to do her work via social media, and not the “old school” way, like I did in Italy some 40 years ago, of teaching in folks’ homes. But the leadership reminds me of a saying in the Navy: Iron Men in wooden ships have been replaced by wooden men in iron ships!

          • I’m still waiting for someone to tell me what machine will pull over a 47 story building. When I see it, I’ll stop taunting them.

            • Amen, Eight –

              And: Show me a fire that can undermine a dozen-plus core supports and cause them all to fail at the same moment such that the entire building collapses straight down onto its own footprint.

              • You’re being shown right now…& have been serially shown previously. Just loosen up, the poetry in motion is rhymin’ simon sezin’ all around you, all the time.

                  • English, on the pool table, is poetry in motion, too.

                    Poetry, man.

                    Whatever the language.

                    I *am* using English…so that’s not the comms failure ol’ Strother, the Strunk & White’ist, was talking about with ol’ Luke, the poet, as object lesson.

                    “Analogize” countries to hostile takeovers (not so much an analogy as a synonym…)…or the cages in which those deathmatch “fights” occur.

                    Raiders, taking advantage of the previously hamstrung & other sinew-sliced crippling of “the free market” – that auction pulpit that would otherwise determine – in deified theory, anyway — almost as if oracular, fundamental values & prices – LBO (leveraged buyout) everything they can, cut up the acquisitions, sell off the pieces…oh, & characterize themselves as good guys adding value (or “unlocking” value).

                    Or ever seen a constrictor work? Coils snugged. Then prey exhales, & all the coils simultaneous-sinuous snug a bit more…

                    The implosion into footprint is what the raiders, & the useful citizen-idiot fans what love ‘em, do. From never-ending get go. This “particular place,” u!s!a!, from before the framing fooks, before the articles of confederated duncery, before before before is nownownow.

                    Put the stills pics one per page, stack the pages from then to now, & then riffle that deck…see dick & jane & spot “run” straight down into gravity’s footprint embrace, over & over & over again.

                    *People* – or mission impossible impressions of people — came up with the lemmings leaping by projection. Lemmings don’t leap. “People” don’t not leap.

                    And so, among other details – none of which matter, all of which is just minutia distraction & the guise of action, or thought-action, “covering up” mere busyness…this is “very interesting – but stupid (Arte Johnson)” here today: characterizing simon sez wear a mask as “I, a free & sovereign individual, want to, & so shall, wear a mask,” instead of what it is: “I want to do what simon sez.” For what it telegraphs: “simon loves me…(I need simon to love me).” If the codependent wife\husband chooses to stay with her wifebeater, well, that’s her “choice.” If the framed progeny wants to defend & elevate the framers what fook’d ‘em, well, that’s their “choice.”

                    None of which rises to even the scam level of usda choice. But what the hey. Burn me a steak @ the stake. Hell, just give me a steak @ the stake – or a Pizza — & I’ll burn it myself, along with myself. Mooo.

                    Compulsion is not choice. Coercion is not testimony. Plea(se release me…let me go…for I, engelbert, don’t humperdinck-love you anymore…) bargain ain’t no bargain, let alone justice. Etc.

                    Also interesting, but not very funny – so kinda’ hilarious – is how rad egal insinuates itself into everything. Even “liberty.” So people who are not free, don’t want to be free, are, or should be “free to choose” (fookin’ Milton Friedman…) to be maskies. Cuz when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie – that’s “amore.” & the codependent-symbiotic pizza parlors buy/sell the hell outta’ that stuff.

                    Liberty, even per se, does not apply to these people. The slaves, the inmates, are free isn’t oxymoron enough?

                    Total freaking alienated inanity…is everywhere.


              • Too bad those support beams and aeroplane black boxes weren’t made of the same material that the “terrorists” passports were!

              • I’ve written it countless times and probably here at least once, building 7 could not by its very design, fall straight down without skillful demolition. Why? The building was cantilevered over an electrical substation. Any natural failure of the structure would have it tipping over. It takes skill to balance out that physical reality and have it go straight down.

                • Not only that Brent, but I’ve never heard of ANY building going straight down, unless it was: a) A controlled demolition; or b) A wooden building whose LOWER floor was damaged, which could then result in “pancaking” due to what supports the upper floors going away.

                  Even if one could buy the “pancaking” nonsense they proffer for WTC 1 and 2, it would not cause the central support structure to likewise pancake, right?

                  If the “official narrative” were true, then instead of the collapse of the 3 buildings being a unique occurrence, such would be a common occurrence.

                  • Back in the late 50’s our county courthouse was replaced with a new ugly POS. The contractor paid overtime fees for not having it done on time. The problem being the old original wood and stone structure just wouldn’t give it up. By the middle 60’s almost every demoliion company had abandoned the old concrete ball on a crane and were switching to controlled demolition with explosives.

                    Once you’ve been close to one, you’ll never believe it was any other.

            • Eight, you’ve obviously never watched any Road Runner cartoons! I’m sure that the Acme company makes some handy-dandy skyscraper puller-over that can be delivered to your door via UPS.

              Just attach the included hook to a windowsill…..and there ya go! Just remember to step back, ’cause if ya get flattened by it falling on ya, you’ll lose a few seconds, having to pop back into shape.

            • Or how a 47-story tower can be “pulled” (which there is a transcript of the FDNY giving direction to do) in but seven hours? Do you have any idea of the preparation work necessary to perform a controlled demolition? Sure, IF WTC 7 were deemed unsafe and demolition was necessary, and NO prior work had been done to place charges, there would have been no problem to cordon off the area that could be endangered by a sudden collapse of the structure, and give a demolition contractor a emergency contract to have personnel go in and set it up. Or, if no civilian contractor was willing, the President could, given the state of national emergency, under the Posse Comitatus Act, authorize use of demolition experts from either the SeaBees or the Army Corps of Engineers. It’s quite reasonable to conclude that the charges that took down WTC 7 were ALREADY IN PLACE, and THAT, folks, is the “smoking gun” that this thing was PLANNED. It then becomes a matter of WHO was in on the caper. I have an idea…and IF I could prove it, I’m either very rich from the book deal of the century, or very DEAD, or BOTH.

              • Then there’s the case of the dancing Israeli “news crew” who knew exactly what was happening. The FBI picked them up and then someone from higher up had them flown to Israel(when there was still a no fly order). It was reported anonymously they were Mossad…..not a big jump for anybody with half a brain.

                • Yeah, I’ve heard this anecdote but have no way to validate it. IMO, probably not true, or at least that these were Mossad operatives. Typically those Klever Kosher Kriminals are a LOT more disciplined and professional than that. Do I BELIEVE the Mossad was somehow directly involved, or at least knew of a plot and failed, maybe deliberately so? Sure. Can I PROVE it? No, I simply don’t have the means, and IF I did have the proof, I’d be already taking the dirt nap.

                  • Doug, that was one thing corroborated a few times before it was considered verboten. Once they were taken away from the FBI and flown to Israel nobody would even mention it.

                    If you want to find the truth, look where you’re not allowed.

                    • Which was corroborated, 8-Sud?

                      That the dancing celebrators were Israeli nationals?

                      Or that they had ties or were part of the Israeli military and/or Mossad?

                      It’s not that I don’t that that possible, just incredible. Don’t fit the mold of how the Mossad typically does things. Whether you like them or not (and good reason to NOT like them), they are “top shelf” in covert operations. But then again, human factors, including ARROGANCE often demonstrated by Zionist Jews, sometimes causes inexplicable behavior. Many a supposed “spook” has, for all their achievements, been tripped up by some incredible boners.

                    • Doug, the FBI had the video of them dancing and celebrating, evidently before they arrested them. You have to admit a film crew many miles away watching that scene and celebrating doesn’t add up to someone with no political affiliation aginst the US or a dance of achievement.

                      Anyway, they were outed by the FBI as being Israeli’s and were installed in jail before the FBI was sent on it’s way and they were immediately sent to Israel.

                      There is also the claim by the FBI, and it isn’t hard to verify(for them)that every Israeli that worked in the twin towers got a phone call the night before to not go to work the next day. Only two Israili’s missed their calls, probably out for the night, and only two out of hundreds reported to work that day.

                      I spin it one way, I suppose anyone can spin it any other way but I don’t believe in coincidence.

                    • So many people were warned in advance…I think the Micks were the only ones who showed up for work (and a smattering of Dagos, Polaks and Jigs).

                      9-11: Ireland’s greatest tragedy.

                    • False is true to the false.

                      False flags never wear out, & the warnings never warn, because false positives fall for it every time & never forget to forget the last Alamo.

          • MM, if they’re stupid enough to use AssBook….to even allow it to infect their device and track what they do and retain and sell their personal metrics- even giving them their real names, photos and even IDs; to put their own and their friends and family members pics on there, etc…….I guess they’re just ignorant.

            Obe of my sisters is like that; Her “friends” post crap on there, or links, and no matter how many times you prove that what they post is inaccurate; a scam; pure unsubstantiated fiction….tomorrow she will believe the very next one.

            She sent me a link once to an article that one of her friends had posted on there, which was supposed to be the answer to a “What happened locally the other day?”…..but of course she failed to notice that the story was nine years old.

            I’ve come to realize that my sister is representative of a good part of contemporary society.

            They give such credence to the crap they read on FB……but that’s nothing compared to anything they see on “the real news”. If the TV says so…then it’s surely Gospel truth!

            I’ll never forget- had to be at least 30 years ago, we had both seen this thing in which some consumer advocate type went into a veterinarian’s office with a hidden camera, to expose some horrors……

            I mentioned to my sister: “Did you see that?! It was so staged! What a farce!” She asked what I meant. Even after I explained how that it would not be possible to have multi-angle shots from 3 different viewpoints, and zooming, etc. with a single hidden camera worn on the body…she STILL didn’t get it; she said “Well we saw it, right before our eyes!”.

            Her now-grown 5 kids are even worse…… The idiots are multiplying exponentially, while the tiny minority of those who “get it” is dwindling……

            And of course….my sister is the one who eats up all of the Corona BS. Her reply to any attempt to even provoke a little questioning of the insanity, is “But Nunz, PEOPLE ARE DYING.”

            • I dealt with a few of those on, a social network for your neighborhood. I asked a bunch of pointed, logical questions, and I got, “But people are dying!” screed. I stopped participating in that discussion.

              As for Fakebook, I stopped using that years ago-long before they started censoring people. After reconnecting with people from the old neighborhood, I realized I was wasting a TON of time on FB, so I stopped using it. If I log on there once a month now, that’s a lot…

        • This website and Lew Rockwell are really the only place on the webz that I spend any significant amount of my time on nowadays.

    • The reason I believe there is some efficacy to the 5g theory is because in the really rich enclaves of the NY suburbs…talking super wealthy….where homes are 3m+ to 100m….there’s no cell towers and lots of dead zones for cell service. Take it for what its worth.

  13. Check out the company wide email I just received…. Any suggestions? I work in an architectural firm of about 60 people. I have only been working here for about 6 months. Only a couple of people whom I’ve worked with in the past know of my radical libertarianism.

    Hi Everyone,

    We are missing your beautiful faces and would love to see them all this Monday during the company meeting!

    So, what we would like to do is have everyone plan on being on screen briefly to share with the office your face mask – whether that’s a mask, shirt, scarf or other. We’ll be going down the Cell Phone list (attached here and on KIP) in order of First Name, so when it’s your turn you’ll call on the next person to join in (and I will help facilitate if needed). Andy will kick us off when we get to that point of the meeting.

    If you are having wifi issues, or aren’t able to attend the meeting for some reason please share a photo of yourself in your mask with me today or tomorrow so that we can bring your face on screen with everyone else.

    Thank you all for your participation and I look forward to seeing all of you on Monday as well!

    • That’s fucking ridiculous obviously. Sounds like something the Karens in administration/HR came up with. The easy answer is to just do it, wear a scarf or something. The hard answer is to hold your ground. Would they really fire someone for not partaking in this? Maybe. Middle roads include emailing boss saying you don’t want to do it, because it’s fucking retarded. Or asking if it is mandatory. If yes, “so you’ll fire someone for not doing this”? Asking coworkers if they think its fucking retarded. “Can they make us do that”? If you don’t have to stand alone it’s much more likely that they won’t push it. You could try to have fun with it too, just raise your shirt up and call it a mask, see if anyone says anything. Or wear one of the masks suggested in the comments below. Depends on how much you need the job like everything else. But you work for some sick sociopaths that want to require employees to display their face to everyone.

      I’ll always hate government but over the past couple of years I’ve really been starting to hate companies too. I used to defend them for various reasons, and because the left pretended to hate them, but fuck them too.

    • Hi Looney,

      This is insipid – and extremely unprofessional. Is this a business or a Mary Kay coffee klatsch? I’d politely ask whether this is mandatory. The oily language implies not – just oily social pressure to “participate.” If it’s not mandatory, just skip it without further explanation. If they say attendance is mandatory, ask whether mask wearing is. If they say yes, ask whether they have legal authority to require this. If not – and they force the issue – sue the sons of bitches.

        • Amen, BlueGrey –

          I full appreciate that there are risks – and costs – of not complying. But freedom isn’t free – and I think it’s worth the risks and the costs and that those who do not agree do not deserve to be free.


          This is the same country that teaches kids about Washington and Paul Revere and Samuel Adams. Well, it used to be. Which explains a great deal.

          • Hi Eric, talking about Paul Revere, etc., it’s hard to believe that this past Monday April 19th was Patriots Day here in Massachusetts. Not the fuuuutball team but a state holiday commentating Paul Revere’s ride out to Lexington and Concord to warn about the British troops. It’s beyond ironic that the so called “cradle of liberty” has become one of the most nanny-ized states 200+ years after that. Guess the Puritan heritage outweighs the desire for liberty; I’d be out of here tomorrow if it wasn’t for my wife’s family ties.

          • This is the same country that “teaches” (I’d run a blade-line thru that euphemism if I knew how) trains/propagandizes/proselytizes compulsorily edu-vaccinated kids – the shot, indeed, heard puncture-injecting round the world — about washington & paul revere & samuel adams.”

            And, even higher planed, “christ,” too.

            Am up to the polio section in Humphries Dissolving Illusions (cue To Dream, the Impossible Dream…cuz that’s all dissolution of illusion is – an impossible dream).

            All 3 types of polio virus are common & reside in most people’s intestinal tracts. Including the IT’s of isolated tribeople. The isolated tribeople don’t get “polio.” Neither do most otherwise burdened white wo/man’s burden tribeople get “polio.”

            But…mix up & in some paralysis – mental, physical, all good — from any & all causes known & unknown & don’t wanna’ knowns (as those purposely unknown knowns being let loose into the knowns would queer the narrative that ka-chings), Madison Avenue & Fast Eddie Bernays pics & horror stories of kids in casts & braces & on crutches & in iron lungs, “scapegoat” – or Crown — a virus that’s everywhere & benign, &….sound familiar?

            HIV…corona cold virus…polio, small pox,•,•,•,•,•,
            …Washington, Revere, Adams, Christ…Fauci, Gates, &&&…

            No, freedom ain’t free. But freedom as mostly gobbled on about is contrived. In laboratories. By the frankest – & franking “priviledge’d” — Frankensteins of human psychology & emotion.

            Ya’ think the big (not to mention all the littler ones) lie, pluggin’ its tongue into the fear groove’s a late invention?
            French kissin’ came way after Frankenstein kissin’.

            The british are coming? So what? The skittish were, & are, already here. Swarms of ‘em.

            & 1st rule o’ Frankenstein fight club is never, ever, ever, let a good skittish go to waste: stuff that Scottish haggis & sell it!


            Mary Shelley’s day… to-day… Groundhog Day (but sans enlightenment & getting happily Andie McDowell ever after)… that’s every day, man.

            Citing viralized via vaccinated memetics – mindfooks — as if those could somehow contra viralized vaccinated memetics – mindfooks – means you was already jabbed.

            Viralized, spiralized: *another* dutchboy, MC Escher’s Bond of Union (oh, my Lincoln logrolled logarithm…& blues):


            They done jacked ya’, a la The Matrix – tho not as perfectly as that. Not yet as perfectly as that.

            And not in that good Kung Fu way, either. No. In that bad I been Kung F.u.’d way.

            Cue David Carradine, hanging from, & dead as, a doorknob.

            Re-flash on the Hieronymus Bosch image: a pair of ears flanking a knife blade.


            (nowadays Keanu does QCB with 500 other QCB’ers, & kills ‘em all…he’s right up there with the injected injection molded heroes of old, eh?)

    • Instead of risking my job, I’ve decided to go the comedy route. I am going to wear a blindfold over my eyes and ask if I’m doing it wrong. That should get some laughs and keep my job safe. As much as I’d like to give a grand speech about not giving in to media induced hysteria, I think I’ll keep it simple and quick.

      • I’d do it sans mask, and if questioned, say “I didn’;t know that the virus could be transmitted over the interwebs”- If you’re so dispensable that they’d fire you over that, you may as well be looking for a new job anyway.

        Nonsense like this just proves that this crap is all about establishing a narrative to instill fear and control.

        • Through this whole charade I’ve been 1 of the 10 or so people out of about 60 who has been coming into the office on a regular basis. The rest are at staying saaaaaafe cowering in place, working remotely. I haven’t missed a day at the office out of principle. When the others do actually come in the office, they are wearing face masks and latex gloves. Ever been the only sober one at a party? That’s what it feels like.

      • I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to NOT wear a mask. When it’s my turn, I’ll just say “I don’t wear a mask. Next!” The meeting is in about an hour.

        • Excellent! You have to assert your most basic rights to be an autonomous adult, to preserve your own dignity and self-respect. It’s GOT to start somewhere- and if one can’t do it, even where imprisonment or death is not a consequence, then they will never do it, and will forever live as a slave.

          This is your starting point- as dropping out of high-school the day I turned 16 was mine. Most will acquiesce for whatever carrot is proffered at the end of the stick. Once you start owning yourself though, you’ll never go back. Conversely, acquiesce enough, and it becomes a way of life, and those who do it will just perpetually rationalize their obedience and lack of freedom.

          Freedom is not free- especially in an authoritarian-collectivist world- and that’s the way it is designed- and it keeps most in check and perpetually enslaved.

          • I did not capitulate! I stood my ground and was the only one of about 60 employees who did so. As of now, they “recommend” wearing a mask in the office. I will not.

            • Excellent, Looney!

              My bet is you set an example others will follow – though I also think there is a very good chance this will come to blows, as it were. The mask-wearing cattle (those who do so and want to force us to do so) and those of us who don’t wear the masks, who aren’t addled by Fear – and not interested in giving up our freedom or taking away anyone else’s.

              It’s a very easy way to separate out the people who are not on our side (mask wearers) from those who are.

              The game is afoot.

              What you did, others should – unless they want to be tagged and bagged, forever.

              • I fully expect their “recommendation” to turn into a “requirement” in due time. But I’m not one to run away from a challenge…😁

              • What a time we live in- when just acting perfectly NORMAL is essentially the making of a radical statement; not complying with insanity sets one apart as being a maverick.

                I came across an old piece of glassware when looking for something in my shed yesterday. It had a crumbled piece of newspaper inside of it to protect it. I took the paper out and read a few lines….. Wow! From the sound of it, I thought it was something that had been written in the 60’s…only trouble was, there was color on the page…so it had to be more modern. I found the date on the edge of the page- July 2001 (Heh…I had put that paper in there when I moved out of NY!)- My goodness! To think that things have radically changed so much in only 19 years! And it wasn’t like 2001 was “the good old days”- things were already pretty bad by then….but we’ve descended so much further in the intervening years…..

                What gradualism will do…..

                • Grade•you•alism.

                  Letter grades. Pay grades. Social grades (“scores”). Credit grades (“scores”).

                  Bo Derek was a 10. Dunno’ what Kim Basinger’s score was, but it was whatever it was for 9-1/2 weeks…then she took her hat off.


                  But, really, grade•yourself•alism, by the reflections in the mirrors of other self-graders.


                  Massive dissociation.

                  Tell me who I am. Tell me what to do. So “I” can know “who I am.”

                  “Self”-dissemblance…via the plausible’d denial authority of surrounding (Kilmer’s Doc Holiday: you’re no)daisy chains of “self”-dissemblers “assembling” “each” “other.”

                  10(to the)99 “independent” contractors lettin’ it all sub•hang out. (Some storin’ $13/pint ice creams in $24k subzeros.)

                  “Social” animals.

                  And the denied antisocial flipside; the shadow.

                  Nada’s unmitigated.

                  There ain’t a sainted peter that don’t get it took to pay a sainted paul.

                  So, yes, of *course*, here comes religulous pyramid schemery.

                  *Gots* to have narrative ring around the vanity bonfire…& ring around the bowl that coriolis-flushes.

                  That’s the motor of the world that no Galt’s ever gonna’ gulch.

                  Two’s company. Possibly. Three begets Ox Bow. (&, so, *of course*, 3’s a big deal in religulous numerology narratives.)

                  “O, what men dare do! What men may do! What men daily
                  do, not knowing what they do!” ~
                  Much Ado About Nothing

                  What grade•you•alism will undo….

                  • ***”Grade•you•alism.”***

                    Grady Wilson(Fred G. Sanford’s friend, “Ya big dummy!”)ism,….spreadin’ the (Whitman) Mayo so thick that they’ll never say goodbye to (Rosie, Queen of) Corona……

                    • I remember Lamonomatopoeia, but forgot about ol’ Gradient.

                      Kraft. Hellman’s. Homemade. Whitman?

                      Ain’t that Forest brain-bruised don’t matter Gump’s chocolate box?

                      Is chocomayo a thing I haven’t heard about?

                      Maybe an Aztec/Mayan ritual murder cinco de mayo thing?

                      Walter mayo-White Whitman (& precedent crystal blue meth•suasion megalomania) in his multitudes?

                      Yeah, but the Hawaiian punchers cover the ac, the dc, all the bases in the mirror imaged pyramid scheme diamond with “aloha.”

                      Very coefficient, those Gilligan welanders.

  14. as an enterprising sort of fellow i’m thinking of making masks with beautiful women’s faces on them and plan on selling them to all the ugly corona cows. They wear false nails, have fake tits so why not a false face?

  15. We need to find a place to make tags, shirts, hats…this needs to be a movement! Maybe even get some magnets made to slap on our cars….that say “Corona Cattle Car #XX” with a face of a cow in the middle. I know they can be made, I’ve seen cars with big magnets for real estate agents and such.

  16. Hate being THAT racist-troother but here’s old EPA buddy & pal Bevin again on Quora:

    Bevin Chu, veteran commentator on Sino-US relations at LRC, Antiwar
    Updated Dec 10 · Upvoted by Oukui Pascal, former Teacher of university at China (2000-2006)
    Q: With so much land, why is China trying to invade other nations?

    A: You can’t be serious. A far better question would be, “With so much land, why is the US invading other nations?”

    Here is a map of US military bases around the world.

    Taking into account a sizable troop presence, the existence of bases, and whether the US is conducting drone strikes (Yemen, Syria, Pakistan) in a country results in the geographic representation of US military power abroad

    Here is a map of China’s military bases around the world. Note that there is only one. Its purpose is to combat piracy by Somali pirates, not to conquer territory.

    • China is openly and actively planning / has planned for an invasion of the US. [in gact there was an article at Lew rockwell yesterday quoting it] They have troops all over central America – and basically control the Panama canal – as well as an estimated half mil in Mexico. And we wont even discuss the number in africa. So dont EVEN start any sort of pro redchina BS.
      The redchinese are the scourge of the planet…along with their israeli handlers.

      • Luke, that is utterly ridiculous. No one invades a nation of 100 million gun owners, and one which ultimately has has the world’s biggest combined military/police/etc. force replete with the biggest arsenal of high-power weaponry and high-tech ancillary support.

        And why would they want to, anyway? To inherit a unproductive, unhealthy population half made up of worthless eaters, in a land which depends on them(China) to supply nearly everything we consume, and whose wealth and consumerism is largely responsible for their own economic growth?

        I lose immediate respect for any journalist who posits such an absurdity. Sounds like they are peddling military-industrial complex deep-state propaganda.

        China does not even take back Taiwan (which it would like to, and which would be physically easy for them) largely for fear of us and other Western nations. Do you “get” that? That alone, is like someone taking a 10 yeatr-old’s threat to wipe-out the Army seriously, when in fact that 10 year-old can’t even beat-up his own sister!

        I remember back in the 80’s hearing conspiracy theorists fear-mongering about how China has “bases in Mexico and Central America and even Canada (!) and how they were “surrounding us, in a plot to invade”- LOL- I guess the Chinese soldiers at those bases are going to have to recruit their grandkids!

        • The Chicoms don’t attempt to invade Taiwan because (1) their Navy, and especially their Naval Infantry, what they call their marines, is a JOKE, and they know it, and (2) if somehow they did get any boots on Taiwanese soil, they can’t be assured that the Kuomintang hasn’t purchased and hidden a FEW nukes, which, while they wouldn’t necessarily stop an invasion force, could make a huge mess of Beijing, Shanghai, and a few other major Chinese metros.

          Besides, for all their bellicosity and saber-rattling, the Chicoms are better off trading with their ideological foes, and they know that, too. Mao is likely pitching a fit down there in Hades about how those “Capitalist Roaders” like Xi have sold out the Revolution.

          • I may have read what Luke refers to. Sardi links, admiringly, to “the oracle helena,” & she writes, among other things:

            “In 2001, Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Chi Haotian, gave a speech to high members of the Chinese Communist Party that provided a blueprint for how and why China would take over all of North America, and possibly Australia. Simply speaking, he understood that China had reached a point of no return and their existence depended on taking over our lands because they had destroyed their own. Food shortages, pollution, depleted resources, lack of water, changing climate, too many people, and a need to become once again the Central Global dominant force was paramount given Chinese are ‘far superior to all other races’.”

            etc yadda

            Here’s the Sardi piece


            • Hey Ozy,

              Thanks, I stand corrected. I even began reading the piece but got bored and quit before the Chinese stuff. Still, the piece doesn’t mention a half million Chinese troops in Mexico, nor does it provide any evidence for the claims. It does provide links, but those don’t provide any evidence either. Even if Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Chi Haotian’s speech is real and accurately translated (no evidence given for this that I can see, but I admit I did not slog through everything), there’s no evidence that the Chinese Government followed up on the suggestion.

              “From a humanitarian perspective, we should issue a warning to the American people and persuade them to leave America and leave the land they have lived in to the Chinese people. Or at least they should leave half of the United States to be China’s colony, because America was first discovered by the Chinese”.

              Is there any evidence that such a warning was issued? Still, Luke was partially correct in one of his assertions, “China is openly and actively planning / has planned for an invasion of the US. [in gact there was an article at Lew rockwell yesterday quoting it]”. It is true that there was an article on LRC, but nothing proving that China is “openly and actively planning for an invasion of the US”.

              Luke claimed that there are a half million Chinese troops in Mexico right now, that China is actively planning to invade the US (which is contradicted in the piece, “Gen. Chi, recognizing military efforts would be futile against the west and recommended biowarfare”) and that Israel is “handling” China. As usual, no evidence is provided for these claims.

              Eric is right, obsessing about the Chinese or the Jooos is a distraction that helps the SIC.


              • Maybe Sardi’s kudos “the oracle” were more about “Gates” tentacles than bio-depopulation of that which is coveted by Chinese versions of Gates.

                But the Gates stuff is old hat news. That him & similar have pushed their dysto-fantasy this far, this quick, like clock-worked schedule, is a fresh draught of rot stench infused air…but no big surprise, after all. Big confirmation, tho.

                Yes…but obsessing about rallying the walking dead is a distraction, too. Closest can be got to that is the Michonne leash maneuver…a mask that makes sense.


      • Luke,

        Just more evidence free assertions. Post some credible links, cite the LRC article, at the very least give us the title. Can you show any credible proof of what you are saying?

      • Hi Luke,

        The enemy isn’t China. It is the “leader class” in the United States and the “herd class.” The politicians and the populace. The order givers and the order-takers. Your social-distancing/narc-you-out mask-wearing neighbor – and the politicians he worships.

        Focusing on China is misdirection. It’s risible to believe that they or any foreign state presents a physical threat to a government in possession of 10,000 strategic and tactical nuclear weapons.

        • But Eric,

          According to Luke, the Chinee have half a million troops in Mexico! Obviously they’re gearing up for an invasion (at the behest of Israel, of course). Those dastardly Chinee even cunningly disguised the barracks as a residential housing development.

          Wake up man! China and Israel are a much greater threat to our freedom than the petty little tyrants in the US crushing those freedoms here at home. Until this scourge is defeated, we will have to accept big government here at home and unite against our real enemies.

          All that is needed to understand the urgency of this is to update the wise counsel of William F. Buckley.

          “The most important issue of the day, it is time to admit it, is survival. Here there is apparently some confusion in the ranks of conservatives, and hard thinking is in order for them. The thus-far invincible aggressiveness of China and their Israeli handlers, … constitutes a threat to the security of the United States, and we … shall have to arrange, sensibly, our battle plans; and this means that we have got to accept Big Government for the duration — for neither an offensive nor a defensive war can be waged, given our present government skills, except through the instrument of a totalitarian bureaucracy within our shores.


          • The Chinese Jews are coming! I know it, ’cause I asked a Chinese waiter once if they have Chinese Jews…and he denied it (He’s in on the conspiracy, no-dout!)

            I remember his words- He said “We have orange jews, tomato jews…but no Chinese jews”.


            • Hey Nunz,

              Good one! BTW, I’ll add a few nicknames for the illustrious PRP’s (Paid Republican Propagandists) that you mentioned earlier: Hen Peck, Gush Windbag and Yawn Halfwitty.


            • Hiya Nunz, that was one of my late father-in-laws favorite jokes! He had a lot of groaners, another one I remember was “he was born at an early age”.

              • Hey Ya Mike!

                Man, I remember hearing that joke on TV many years ago (It’s been many years since I’ve watched TV!)- I’ll bet ya can’t hear anything like that today on TV- it would no-doubt be “raciss”!

                I’ll bet your FIL knew these, too:

                Chinese guy goes to the eye doctor. Doc says “Ah! Here’s your problem, Mr. Lee- You have a cataract”. Mr. Lee says “Oh no…me have Rinkin….Rinkin Conterental”.

                A Chinese guy goes to a bar and says to the bartender: “Gimme as right!” The bartender belts him in the face, and down he goes. He gets up and says “No, a Bud right!”.

                • Nunz, back around 90 I was involved with an agriculture group involving agronomists from Texas Tech, the USDA(they only knew politics)and a contingent of Chinese. Everywhere we’d go, they’d take a diversion straight to the bar as everyone else was headed to some convention room.

                  Me…..being me, I’d go right with them. They could smell a bar since there’d be no sign indicating its direction. Once firmly planted on a stool at the bar they’d be saying as one Mirrer Rite preaze. I’d make a point of saying, “the same”. It never got old and my grin would be genuine. They practically adopted me. It was easy to tell what sort of people they were once out from under the govt. thumb. The only other word I ever heard them say in English was McDonner. They had no problem staying hydrated or fed.

                  • Ha! I can just picture that, Eight! I used to deal with some Chinamen back in NY- even had a Chinese friend at one point. They have to be my favorite immigrant group….never ever had a problem with them, and they were always fun.

                    The worst thing I ever saw, was the landlord of the guy I worked for, for a bit when I was young- they were both from Taiwan- The landlord, it turned out, was stealing natural gas from my boss. I still remember the landlord’s name: Denver Hsai.

            • Hey Nunz,

              Completely off topic, but I just had an experience that made me think of you. Just fired up my beloved 2002 Dodge Dakota (best vehicle I’ve ever owned) and, upon starting, I heard a horrible thumping sound. Thought to myself, “holy crap, maybe Nunz is right about these Dodges”. Well, I got out and opened up the hood and a huge raccoon jumped out. I have a soft spot for raccoons, so I was glad that it wasn’t hurt. Anyway, my old Dodge is fast approaching 200,000 trouble free miles.


              • Glad to hear that your Dakota is still chugging along, Jeremy! And I too like racoons.

                Ya know, thinking about it, about the only older Chrysler products ya still see on the road….are Dakotas! They are an anomaly among Chrysler products!

                • Nunz, I’ll never know. The computer couldn’t read and hence, couldn’t pronounce. How often do you drive into the “dessert”?

                  • Hey Eight, those texy-to-speech thingies have come a long way! Used to, I couldn’t stand listening to ’em; Now I prefer ’em- and get a kick out of “Mack-you-up” (Makeup) and “tl: doctor” LOL.

                    I liked that though- “If you want to drive into the desert, get a Land Rover; If you want to drive out of the desert, get a Toyota”.

                    • WTH? -“Text to speech”….

                      Now I must go mount some tires with screwdrivers (I really have to get some tire irons)….

        • It’s that the Chicoms OWN so many politicians and top business people in our country, that’s the problem. Virtually all Dummycrats and a great deal of the Republicunts are in their hip pocket.

          Walt Kelly’s “Pogo” was more right than he knew: “We have met the enemy…and he is US!”

          • Pogo’s us was good.

            Weus! is better. Puts the miasma on the deific hovering above plane such smug smog rationalizes “itself” to occupy.

    • The land mass of the USA isn’t as big as it seems. It’s an artifact of map projection that makes it look so big. The further from the equator the bigger it looks. Also China doesn’t use its military to ‘invade’. It uses economics and immigration. There is quote attributed to Rockefeller that what is important about ownership is control. You don’t need to physically invade a place to have what is important about invading it.

      • Who needs to invade when our own politicians destroyed our industries and exported them and thus the better part of our wealth, and the health of our society to Asia?

        • Nunz, watching a video last night(middle of the night after CJ ran over my arm ripping it up trying to get a varmint I was face down on the barn slab trying to see), I realized a great deal of YTers don’t remember congress shipping our economy to Mexico and China. Most of it came through Texas as you can imagine. I’d see countless trucks every day with specialized equipment used in many industries headed to Laredo and Del Rio.

          For reasons I couldn’t understand, not many people caught on. Ross Perot rightly predicted it but he wasn’t a Harvard scholar.

          • And Eight, no one seems to see either, how the exporting of our economy has been a bipartisan agenda. Starting with Tricky Dicky….and all subsequent admins regardless of party. Only difference is: The Dems openly promote it…the Repubs play “good cop”….but ultimately do more for that agenda than anyone- which is probably the ultimate proof that they ALL work for the same people…and it certainly ain’t us.

            You would think by NOW that at least a good part of the pooblik would have caught on- but they somehow don’t notice or don’t care….just as long as the actor at the podium says the right words…it matters not what they actually do.

            And yes…NAFTA (Already forgotten in the minds of the masses who have the attention span of a retarded toddler. And NAFTA II… doubt a part of “Making America Great Again”…..

          • Hi Eight, it drives me nuts how they try riling up the plebes with the mantra “China stole our jobs!”…, China was GIVEN our jobs to crush the wages of average joes and transfer all that money to the executive class.

          • Speaking of a van down by the river, Vonu Bill has been conspicuously absent……

            Gee, when I saw “Matt Foley”, I was thinking it was going to be a spoof of a former overlord from Long Island….had to Google it to remember that that one’s name was John J. Foley….. I’m getting ooooold!

  17. Douglas County (Missouri) Herald

    Letter to the Editor
    April 16, 2020

    What if…? What if the number of Coronavirus cases is not accurate and is actually exaggerated by many times? What if the estimates are based on a flawed computer model? What if the developer of the model has so admitted? What if the death certificates are being modified to show more Coronavirus related deaths than actually exist? What if people who were already dying of serious conditions like heart disease or diabetes or COPD are now being counted as Coronavirus deaths because of the supposed presence of Coronavirus at the time of death? What if hospitals are assuming people have Coronavirus just because they exhibit one or more symptoms, like a cough or fever, even though no actual lab testing is performed (presumptive diagnosis)?

    What if the CDC is as wrong about this virus as they were about Swine flu in 1976, or since then the Bird flu, or HIV or SARS or MERS? What if the Swine Flu Vaccine injured more people than the Swine Flu itself and the program had to be stopped? What if you found out that Fauci had very large financial ties to the Pharma agenda to provide vaccines, and that is why he is not mentioning any possible way to treat the flu except vaccines? What if Fauci has close financial connections to Bill (the computer and vaccine salesman) Gates? What if natural immunity from a virus entering your system through the throat is far superior to a synthetic chemical cocktail called a vaccine shot into your body with a needle? What if the alleged COVID-19 deaths were mostly people who were already dying? What if your best defense against all viruses was a healthy immune system? What if inexpensive things like vitamins A, C and D3 could boost your immune system? What if Zinc and Selenium were important to immune health? What if the people who play doctors on TV never mention the importance of vitamins and minerals?

    What if “social distancing” really does not stop you from getting the virus, but only slows down the transfer of the virus through the population? What if slowing down the transfer of the virus, is just another way of prolonging the life of the virus and the ‘crisis’ and the ‘panic’ and the control of our lives? What if wearing masks does not really stop the virus? What if the virus can enter through your eyes and ears, which are connected to your mouth and throat? What if the virus is simply a seasonal flu, just like every other year, and the crisis is a drastic exaggeration, to intentionally create a panic? What if there really is nothing to fear but fear itself?

    What if the FED and the Treasury are bailing out major corporations and banks to the tune of trillions of taxpayer backed fiat dollars, but it’s being called a Corona Virus Remediation package? What if you get a $1,200 check, but then your share of the total bailout debt is 10 or 100 times higher? What if the FED is destroying the value and purchasing power of your dollars and savings and retirement plans, by printing trillions of more money that only benefit the rich and well connected? What if all of our financial markets are rigged? What if the stock market was about to crash on its own, but the crash is being falsely blamed on the virus?

    What if you stopped watching television, and actually started questioning the mainstream reports and did some research for yourself on the internet? What if you found out that there are many credible people and organizations that are questioning the mainstream reports? What if we are being lied to? What if the lies are intentional? What if certain people are going to gain financially from this crisis? What if there are people who will gain power over us from the crisis? What if you went to Youtube and looked up the following people and listened to the information they have about the ‘alleged crisis’ we are now enduring?

    What if their names were DR Ron Paul, and he was calling for Fauci to be fired? Dr John Bergman? Dr Sherry Tenpenny? Dr Joseph Mercola? Dr Bruce Lipton? Dr David Brownstein? Albert E. Carter? Investigative journalists Robert Scott Bell or Del Bigtree or Bill Sardi or Daisy Luther or Lew Rockwell or Jack Kerwick or Jon Rappoport? Or economists and philosophers Doug Casey or Peter Schiff or Catherine Austin Fitz or Dr Greg Mannarino or Max Keiser or Lynette Zang or Larken Rose? What if these people and many others had important information about what’s really happening in America and the world that you are not hearing on television or radio programs? What if these people could help you be healthier? Or less fearful? Or happier? Or more Free?

    What if we are being bamboozled? What if our nation is being looted while we are staying home and watching the daily fear porn on TV? What if it’s all a clever distraction? What if the remaining freedoms and rights we didn’t lose after 911 are being stolen from us today in broad daylight? What if our natural rights are being attacked and we are doing nothing to defend them? What if the virus is not our real enemy? What if we are so busy being obedient little sheep that we will wake up too late? What if when we wake up, the America we love is nowhere to be found? What if in the future, when you are old, and the children ask you what you were doing when the Greatest Depression began in 2019 and the Constitution died an ugly death, and all you can tell them is that you were hiding at home from a flu virus and watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island?

    What if?

    Kimberly Brady, MD, Douglas County

    • I want to wear a t-shirt that says, “I’m wearing this masks because of morons, and if you can read this, you’re probably one of them” Whomever gets offended, is obviously one of the morons that have contributed to the downfall of America….MOOOOOOO!

  18. It’s great that you’re making a real difference in your area Eric. You may even make a new friend or two from this. Even though masks are not required in my area, I thought about wearing a Jason mask just because.

    I would refer to this event as a pandemic to be sarcastic, but I see that everyone and the media is actually calling it a pandemic. So now I have to use something with a bit more weight, like “apocalypse”, or “Chinese pestilence”, in order to demonstrate I’m not one of the herd.

  19. Tyranny is not born in the mind and heart of a tyrant. It’s born in the lack of heart and mind of the submissive. “Give me liberty or give me death” is not a guide for thought, it’s a guide for action, or the rejection of action.

    • The downside of our (soon to be no longer) prosperous nation is that we can afford to have a few useless eaters in think tanks who just sit around imagining what it would be like to be a Wuhan Flu virus particle. Not saying we should do a Great Leap Forward style purge, but maybe if they actually had to get off their asses and start digging ditches they’d actually contribute something to society.

      • ***” our (soon to be no longer) prosperous nation”***

        What they hadn’t been able to achieve with 25 years of “Global Warming” hysteria….they accomplished in the space of a few weeks via Corona hysteria.

        • “they” been working it from before day 1. you’re only looking at the last millisecond of the implosion into footprint.

          “the nation” has always been, will always be, preposterous.

      • Yeah. All of the car magazines are bad now. All of them. Car and Driver, the once progenitor of the Cannonball Baker Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash now maligned the latest Cannonballers for running during the “paaaaaaandemmmic.”
        And.. Automobile… is… boring. Always has been.

        I miss the car and Driver pre William Jeanes era.

        • Hi Swamp,

          Yup; those guys were my heroes coming up. Yates especially. Like HST, I’m glad he’s not around to see what’s become of the country…

          • Yates, Don Sherman, Herb Adams (Motor Trend), Rich Ceppos, Jean Lindamood, Casba Cesere, to name a few I remember.

            On TV, I liked Bud Lindemann. His road tests were hilarious. You can find some of them on Youtube.

            I just can’t believe what has happened with the industry and the publications.

            I always hated Autoweek and Automotive News. Crain publications and their editors have been insufferable for 30 years.

          • For sure. How was your journey into Coronaland? I may have to do a Freedom Drive this weekend. It’s supposed to be good weather. I need to get better with the camera.

      • Speaking of automobiles, yesterday a woman passed out at the wheel wrecking her “automobile” because she’d worn a mask all day. You’d think people could figure out that build up of CO2 would be bad for you…..and your lungs. Idiots.


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