Live From Corona Country, Part 23

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Here’s a rant from Corona Country, or my part of it, at any rate. Where only 320 or so bodies have stacked up but millions of living people have had their lives taken away. Not by the virus – but by sickness psychosis. These people don’t need masks. They need therapy.

Even worse, though, are “conservative” enablers of this sickness psychosis – people like Glen Beck, for instance. The same people who fellated anything with a badge after Nahhnnnlevven. They are no fellating anything with a stethoscope.

The former to “keep us safe.” The latter to “keep us healthy.”

Keeping us free being of no importance to them at all.

PS: The herd is growing! I’ve made and given out a half dozen ear tags, just locally. Join the herd! Wear your cattle tag – before we’re all forced to wear one.

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  1. I have some really good 3M masks. I need them sometimes for grinding, getting into places with lots of loose, dry fine dust and dusty environments. It’s a new, unopened package.

    I was going to make a Lone Ranger mask and wear it to be PC. The wife pointed out it didn’t cover my nose or mouth. I pointed out that was the whole point.

    This is a story about governors and the governed. Lone Ranger turned to Tonto and said “Old friend, it looks like we’re about done. We have 1,000 Comanches surrounding us”. Tonto replied “White man, what do you “”We””?”

  2. Eric,

    Word has is that, while Gov. Coonman has you all under lock and key in VA, gov. Coonman is spending time at his family’s VACATION HOUSE in NC! That’s right; gov. Coonman has been spotted in the Outer Banks area. IOW, do as he says, not as he DOES…

    • Hi Mark,

      Of course, naturally. Coonman also has plenty of guns all around him. Including probably automatic fire-capable military rifles. But then, he is one of the Managerial Overlords and thus so entitled.

  3. The other day, when I went to drop my bill payment in the overnight slot, Spectrum Cable wouldn’t let me near the building without a mask.

    “I’m using the drop slot.”

    “That’s closed.”

    I lived in Tampa during the early days of Glenn Beck developing his show format for ClearChannel. Beck was a strictly local program until “Nahnleven” happened, and he realized, along with his producers and program director, that fellating establishment would be their ticket to the big time.

    No “Nahnleven”, no Glenn Beck. On the upside, when he took the show national, it supplanted Dr. Laura in a lot of markets.

  4. I went to a store the other day… did not wear a mask. I’m still alive, not even a sniffle. EGADS it must be a miracle! Some employees at store did not have masks on either, or wore them halfway off (so obviously they didn’t care), but some did. The “mask people”.

    I don’t know where all this is going. But I suspect it’ll somehow result in everyone having to get a hole drilled in their head, you know — so the pressure doesn’t build up in their head (from the C02 in their body) and cause a migraine or brain damage. It’ll be the new thing.

    Maybe this hoax is running parallel with the 5G rollout, so if/when ppl start dropping dead from the 5G energy weapon, it can be blamed on the ‘virus’. This way they have an explanation for all the sudden massive numbers of deaths without having a backlash against the 5G, because imagine if there was no other explanation — everyone would all agree the deaths are from the 5G and everyone would boycott their cell phones. But the govco doesn’t want that so this is their COVER STORY. Then they’ll just dial down the 5G a little bit until it’s not as obvious that it’s deadly, or, maybe they WANT to kill alot of people off, and this is their way to do it. “Covert 911”.

  5. Went shopping today- It’s winding down, here. Only one worker standing outside Walmart- and he was just saying hello and goodbye to people- no admonitions to goose-step. No one enforcing the following of arrows inside the store, and plenty of people disregarding them. Only a handful of people wearing masks…as opposed to about 40% of people 2 weeks ago. No theatrics from the non-mask-wearing cashier.

    I think people are hearing enough contradictory stuff to detect BS- at least here in BFE. I’m sure that in the Northeast people are still cowering and playing the game. But this was a relief. UPS dropped something off at my mother’s, and went to the door and handed it to her…whereas last time he wouldn’t go near her, and left it on the porch and ran (same guy, too).

    • Glad to hear that Nunz! Hope this is a positive trend. Here in OR, as far as I know, there’s no official ‘lockdown’ of the people travelling, just businesses.

      My nearest fire department has one of those digital signs out front where they can put messages for cars driving by. They’ve had messages like “be safe”, “stay home”, “wash hands”. I’m NEVER voting to fund the fire department anymore, I’ll just buy another longer garden hose. Even if they really believe in this stupid imbecile hoax, I don’t think it’s the fire department’s job to be giving medical advice or participating in propaganda. They’re dead to me. I don’t need to drive by and read a digital sign that tells me to wash my hands… what the heck … do they think everyone is TWO YEARS OLD???

      • Amen, Harry! It’s like every single “public entity” has become a parroter of propaganda and means to effect control of the public- and for this they are labelled “brave ‘first responders’ who are ‘keeping the public enslavedsafe’…..

        Let us ‘thank them’ for “their service”…..(Apparently, that “service” is relieving the public of all rights and autonomy as they pay homage to the god-like decrees of Caesar.)

            • When I lived by a fireman and performed their maintenance on their air tanks and oxygen, I found a lot nicer guy for the most part than a cop. They didn’t “cop” an attitude about anything. They weren’t the sharpest knives in the drawers but they was probably due to the higher ups. They switched from steel air tanks to graphite tanks that was uber expensive. I understand why since they were so much lighter. The problem I had with them was not doing anything to the racks where they carried them and would eat those $1500 tanks alive. It wouldn’t have cost much at all to put something on those racks to protect them. They didn’t have to pay for them though(I guess they saw it that way although they did have to pay for them like the rest of us). I just couldn’t understand not getting some foam for pipe insulation and putting it on the racks which would have saved those uber expensive tanks. They got beaten enough they failed the tests a great deal more than the steel tanks.

              • Depends when and where, 8. In NY, the pigs always hang-out at the firehouses. The “volunteers” (in the ‘burbs- NYC fire-pissers are union civil-service) get lavish perks and benefits and privileges which often amount to more than what the paid ones make, and like the pigs, feel superior to the little people.

                I know here in KY it’s not as bad (nothing is!)- but it’s halfway there already. The older firemen are generally good folk, but the younger ones now are the glory-seekers who lust for control and authority. EMTs are pretty much there already- as every one I’ve ever gotten a glimpse of is obese and or buzzcut, and the crews seem to be replete with an even distribution of obese lesbos too.

                That tank thing is a perfect example of the utter waste, inefficiency and don’t-give-a-damn-ness of government- Stuff like that alone would keep good people away. (You can be sure that somewhere in the mess is the relative of a pol who owns the company they buy the tanks from!)

                And these idjits want complete government control of healthcare?! I could just see the healthcare equivalent: They won’t put a band-aid on someone, and instead wait till they’ve bled half out, so they can spend thousands on a transfusion and meds and a hospi’l stay!

                • Nunz, we hit the “who’s going to lift the EMT’s” point long ago. An Ambulance arrives and these big slugs slide to the ground. I’d be afraid one would fall on me. You’d think, much like firefighters, they’d have some physical test they’d have to pass. The absolute worst ones are the women who can barely haul their extremely obese asses around but less lift someone. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen(once, for myself)where regular folk had to help getting the stretcher in the ambulance. Thankfully, I was able to get myself on the stretcher and I wouldn’t have even bothered but I was hit so hard it messed up my vision to the point I didn’t feel safe to drive. That was only $4400 to haul me 40 miles. Now I know why the EMT’s always have the shiniest, most expensive model pickups or SUV’s in the parking lot.

                  They don’t seem to pick and choose on where they get the tanks. They have to use a retailer and they use the one that normally suppies their gases. I don’t recall them ever asking in just a perfunctory way what the cost would be. Back 11 years ago they were $1500, no small amount for sure. At least the firefighters looked to be in good shape. They actually have to pass certain physical tests.

    • In CT, still cowering in fear (God I hate the NE culture). Masks are a must in public, by diktat of Fuhrer LaMont. See, no store will let you in sans mask. Good luck getting groceries or a bag of grass seed from Home Depot without your mask on. These businesses just keep or kick you out; de facto enforcement arm of the government. Cancel culture transmogrified.

      Also, I always thought that executive orders simply applied to government offices under the executive branch. Since when do they extend as the force of law to the people? Isn’t the latter what the legislative process is for? So now it’s just dictatorial powers.

  6. The insufferable Glenn Beck and Mark Levin et al. Nothing more than republican establishment pukes. They appeal to the Fox News/MAGA imbeciles. Bootlickers, the whole lot of them; loves them some police state. Wouldn’t know freedom (or conservatism for that matter), despite their platitudes toward it, if it bit them in the ass. Fuck them and anyone who looks like them.

  7. Rights taken away even in an “emergency” are seldom given back. The million dollar question is will Coonman and his whacked out party go full Maoist on citizens of Virginia? Since one invisible threat has been successfully implemented, look for others to occur real or imagined. Beam me up Scotty!!

    • So far things are better than I feared in my part of Virginia, southern Stafford County. None of the stores have required masks, kids are playing outside unmolested by AGWs, people are walking around the neighborhood (with and without dogs). The downside includes the ridiculous system at the grocery stores with the one-way aisles that ensure that you will be in the store much longer than normal (if you’re stupid enough to follow the arrows) and the fact that about 2/3 of the people in all of the stores are wearing those useless masks.

      Who knows what Ku Klux Northam will dream up? If he and the rest of the Politburo decide to clamp down, I expect some resistance, but not nearly enough to justify the state motto: Sic semper tyrannis.

  8. It’s one thing to take ADVICE from a physician. All well and good to be examined by an MD, prescribed meds IF needed, and follow his/her advice.

    It’s another to give said professional, even when (s)he believes in sincerity, with all benevolent intentions, that it’s for your own “good”, POWER over your life.


    I OWN my corpus indelectus, and am ultimately the one responsible for mine own health. I reject any notion that any doctor, or politician, and any AGW has ANY authority to interfere with my free passage, or conducting commerce, engaged in of free will with others, in the name of some nebulous “public good”.

    This BS has gone on long enough. Time for Americans to declare our individual freedom(s) and self-direction. Fuck what those in “authoritai” say! They don’t live our goddamned lives, WE DO!

  9. Yesterday, Amy Acton, Ohio’s Department of Health director told Ohioans to read holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl’s book to find meaning and peace during this crisis! She even held a copy up for the sheeple to see. Day before that she told Ohioans over, and over, and over that they need to just accept the fact that life as they know it will never be the same.

    • I rewatched Schindler’s List last night. The parallels are striking. But what literally sent a chill up my spine was the segregation of Jews according to who was an “essential worker” – the movie uses that term several times. History repeats yet again.


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