Ear Tag Update

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My ear tags are a hit! So far, all of the responses have been positive – smiles and chuckles and open comments in the affirmative. I take this as good news, an indication that not everyone is a Corona Cow.

I also noticed something else – about the Corona Cows. These are the people who are too afraid to say anything openly. Fear being their dominant emotion. Of everything. Including a guy wearing an ear tag. I wasn’t able to make eye contact with a single mask-wearing bovine; all of them shuffle stoop-shouldered, as if into a bracing wind. Looking down rather than forward.

But one of them apparently was unsettled by my ear tag – and the bumper sticker I made that I have on the rear window of my car that reads: Fear the Police State More than the Virus.

She – it was obvious by the handwriting – left a scribbled note on my windshield that read: Trump is the virus!

Apparently, to question Corona Fever means one loves the Orange Man.

And Orange Man Bad!

This is what we’re up against, those of us who aren’t Corona Cows. Fearful, but angry – and vengeful – people who are itching to have us clobbered but too afraid to do it themselves. They are the ones siccing armed government workers on people not “social distancing” and businesses that have the temerity to do business, in defiance of the Gesundheitssicherheitsdeinst (Health Security Department).

These people are dangerous – but only because they have the government as their bully back-up.

We are stronger than they are, because we are fighting for ourselves, directly while they are cringing behind mercenaries – who do their bullying for money. You can only pay a man so much to put his life in harm’s way. But men whose lives are put in harm’s way – and who are still men – are men who will fight for themselves, whatever it takes and no matter what it costs.

Right now, the cost is the little bit of courage it takes to do something such as ignore outrageous decrees that you “shelter in place” (house arrest) and “social distance” (practice cattle-chuting and isolation) at the risk of a fine. Maybe arrest. The same that people risked to protest a war 50 years ago.

I have much more respect for the “dirty hippies” – per Nixon – than I used to.

Or the wearing of an ear tag, to openly mock this idiocy that is being used to erect unprecedented tyranny.

Let’s all of us wear ear tags!

Show the world we’re not afraid – and that we’re getting mad. Getting sick of being bullied because “someone” might get sick. The same line of bull used to speed traps and all the rest of it (“someone” might get hurt!).

That we are sick of saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety!

Can you imagine the power of such a display of contempt for Corona Fever? How quickly this whole thing would fall into ridicule?

And ridicule is a powerful weapon. Authority rendered a laughingstock cannot maintain its Authority.

Let’s take it even farther. How about “Non Essential Human” baseball caps and T-shirts? A reader suggested this and I think it’s brilliant. Even better, we can make such things easily and quickly at home. No need to buy anything. Or at least, not much.

I made my ear tags out of yellow cardboard, using a black sharpie to write the number, etc. A sixth grader could do it in 5 minutes.

Let’s all do this – so as to avoid having to do something else.

Peaceful protest is the best form of protest if it avoids what follows when people no longer have the right to protest. I hear talk all the time about the Second Amendment and why it’s there. Let’s use the First Amendment first – and with any luck, it will not be necessary to use the second.

. . .

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    • Brent, great idea. I have a gas mask for spraying chemicals and painting. I might have to wear that to town. I don’t think I can get my welding hood over that mask though. But I think I might have a diaphragm for a big rig brake I could wear on my head and certainly have welding gloves and leather apron. But around here, the rural folks are smarter than that. Hardly anyone has worn a mask except the women at the vet. It’s almost comical.

      I noticed a record all-time high NICS check was recorded last month. And it was the anti-gun crowd buying those 3 million plus firearms. Hilarious. They made BO, the highest gun salesman in history, look like a piker.

      • Nunz, oh hell no. You need the whole damn suit, maybe without the fins but that is one of the scariest parts to the uninitiated. Need those tanks too and walk like Frankenstein, uh, Shteen, Shteen circa Young Frankenstein. You might need that speargun.

  1. All I want is serial numbers on our ballots, so everyone can verify that their vote was actually counted, and everyone can add up all the votes just to make sure they’re not frauding our elections. That’s FREE and easy. But they never do it. I wonder why? Apparently fair elections are TOO MUCH to ask for in America. And Trumpy, our lord and savior doesn’t even care.

    my congressperson (US/national representative) is criticizing the OR governor — she didn’t approve [somehow] of people being allowed to get unemployment for the first week they were unemployed even though it was a federally approved program — so she caused alot of ppl to lose that vital money… she’s been doing crazy things like this for years, yet SOMEHOW she still keeps getting elected! Apparently all the voters are masochists and like being poor?

  2. I love the ear tag idea. But I don’t see anyone following social distancing protocols with much rigidity at all where I live, outside of a few crazy women if I go to the grocery store. There’s no lines where I live. There’s not enough population density to warrant it. I’ve yet to see a single person with a mask on at a gas station or restaurant. They all must stay home and order their food from “grub hub”, so as to not travel “non-essentially”. The best part is that I haven’t seen a grub hubber yet with a mask on.

    The whole thing is a fucking charade. Pay more money for your food to be handled by a middle man in a dirty car so you don’t go out and “catch corona”.

    I make sure to not stand in the squares on the floor at gas stations. I go about my business as usual. So far no one has questioned my actions. Any chance I get, I do ridicule everything about it. It is generally met with agreement.

  3. We are stronger than they are, because we are fighting for ourselves, directly while they are cringing behind mercenaries – who do their bullying for money. You can only pay a man so much to put his life in harm’s way.

    Maybe it’s just my own perception, but it seems that in this neck of the woods the AGWs are keeping a VERY low profile. I’m out and about for at least an hour each day, and I’ve seen no heavier police presence anywhere than was the case under “normal” conditions. I think this may be largely due to the fact that I live in an area where all of us mundanes are very heavily armed, and the AGWs know that if they push the Police State envelop too far, things are going to get really ugly –for THEM– really quickly.

  4. That’s GREAT NEWS, Eric! I’m glad to see that my pessimism and cynicism aren’t quire as warranted as I though.

    She – it was obvious by the handwriting – left a scribbled note on my windshield that read: Trump is the virus!

    Of course it was a SHE. I’ve noticed that almost ALL of the mask-and-glove-clad zombies are women. This makes perfect sense, as women live in constant fear of … well, EVERYTHING.

    This is the direct and obvious poisonous fruit of half a century of the slow feminization of the Western World.

  5. Eric, I walk around with a medical mask with a big hole cutout in front of my mouth and nose… I sure get the snide remarks and tsking from the angussows.

  6. Since I have no debt, I have no skin in the game, BUT!
    Whereas the Sociopaths In Charge have made it impossible for many to pay their debts,
    Whereas the Sociopaths In Charge are owned by the bank cartel,
    Whereas the “money” owed isn’t money at all, just pieces of paper issued by the bank cartel,
    I suggest we print our own money, which is just as valid as theirs, and pay our debts with it, and resist as much as one can any attempt at foreclosure or repossession. And so with taxes. Use your “money” to pay the gang of Sociopaths In Charge for the privilege of being oppressed. “Money” anyone prints or writes is just as valid as that printed by the Federal Reserve, and given the recent explosion of Fed notes, is likely more valid.

    • Actually JWK, you do have the most skin. You are the one the sociopaths and psychopaths are going to target. You owe no debt. YOU need to owe debt, they can’t have that, a free man. A man they can’t pressure, or own…

      • And as such, being a free man, there will be an exchange of my third precious metal. I will likely be in one of the body bags, but just as likely not to be the only one. Perhaps some will decide to seek a less dangerous occupation.

        • Exactly JWK! I refuse to l,ive as a slave- and debt is as much of a slave master as are overlords.

          For the indebted, this Cornholevirus nonsense will put them further into debt. I just heard from a relative who lives on Long Island. In his 50’s, he still has a big mortgage, and his business is effectively shut down. He told me that the bank has put the mortgage on hold for 3 months- which of course means that he will have to make up those payments in the future.

          My income is effectively zero this month…..but it doesn’t affect me in the least, ’cause my expenses are practically nothing- and not being a debt slave, I have always saved. I have no interest in smart phones, new cars or fancy houses….I do have an interest in maintaining my freedom, and practicing sound economics, and not working like a dog.

          • Same here, Nunz. I’ve hardly worked in weeks now and things are a bit tight but with no mortgage and no car payments, no debt of any kind, it’s not a real problem. On the other hand the debt slaves are scrambling. Wonder if any of them are starting to get the picture that going neck-deep into hock for a McMansion and buying a shiny $50,000 pickup on a 7-year loan maybe weren’t such hot ideas?

            • 8, I’ll have to practice some “social distancing”…..when the JW’s come to the door! (Well, they don’t, since I keep the gate at the bottom of my driveway closed…but they leave letters in my mailbox once in a while. Ah, the benefits of country living!).

              • Nunz, I have mixed feelings about the JW’s. The reason being, the last time they showed up I was home alone and there stood two of the best looking girls I’ve seen. Wholesome and no makeup and extremely attractive. I tried to convince them of one thing while they plied me with another. Alas, they wouldn’t come in and “stay awhile”. We might have converted each other…..and two of them too. Lord forgive me for my motives.

    • Debt-free’s cool.

      Doesn’t conflate with free, vis a vis, tho.

      Citizens are ass•ets in a sling & there ain’t anywhere to phone home to.

      Debt instruments & collateral for max leverage…& cannon fodder…or target practice for AGW’s.

      CA•fe-fi•FO was fum’d – tagged — @birth, then retagged to operate a car, retagged to get a job with enabler-employers who took the skim right off the top every pay period, retagged “voters,” retagged every census round, retagged with passports, retagged rt with tracking devices they smartly bought themselves etcetcetc…

      …in real life the Rocky sluggers who get tagged-tagged-tagged get “pugilistic dementia” on the toe-tag, but usually after they’ve already been pretty much dead-on-their-feet for several years.

      A reap•ublic, if you can keep it…. Cue Blue Oyster Cult (you know the one)……..

  7. I was thinking at first this virus was placing us in a Charlton Heston Movie; The Omega Man. Now I think I got my Charlie Heston Sci-Fi movies wrong; we’re living during Soylent Green days. We’ll all be in line waiting for our government allotment of soylent food which soylent green tastes the best. Gives new meaning to the term “Eat Me!”


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