Reader Question: “We’re All In This Together”?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Chris asks: I’ve noticed something in the weeks that Coronaphobia has been going on — every other ad on TV seems to be about Corona and how “we’re all in this together,” “social distancing,” etc.

Actors, pro athletes, local news personalities, etc. are also doing “public service announcements” about these things, telling us to listen to our elected officials, “healthcare heroes”, and so forth. Even on SiriusXM, in between the music, there’s usually snippets of DJ’s and musicians giving the standard “stay home and stay safe” propaganda.  (This especially annoys me because a big reason I got SiriusXM in the car and on the app is that I disliked the inane banter of the DJ’s and ads on terrestrial radio; now it’s on SiriusXM too.) It all just seems too slick and packaged to me to have arisen spontaneously from unforeseen circumstances (and many of these ads and snippets began airing within a couple days of the general lockdowns starting around mid-March).  Do you see these messages as part of the “mass psychosis” over Corona that you’ve mentioned, or is it an orchestrated campaign?  Also, why do they keep airing this over and over?  Don’t they think we’ve heard all this by now?

My reply: My back gets up when I hear the “we’re all in this together” cant. Because we’re not all in this together.

Anyone collecting a government check – or categorized as “essential” by the government – is not remotely “in it” with the millions of us whose jobs have been outlawed and businesses destroyed by these “essential” narcissists. It is very telling that – so it appears – the ones urging “patience” about the “lockdown” are those least affected by it. This includes affluent celebrities, for whom the “lockdown” is at most a minor inconvenience – and also a benefit (from their point of view) in that it provides the pretext for controlling the deplorables, which is something many of these hard-core leftist celebrities have been pining for for decades.

So, no, I don’t think it’s an a coincidence. It’s coordinated. The major media organs and corporate organs are all singing the same tune because they are run/owned by the same interlocking group of people.

They are able to “tune” the conversation much like tuning a radio dial.

The same happened 20 years go, when – within 24hours of the attacks – it was all of a sudden “911” As if on cue. As if coordinated.

Because, of course, it was.

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  1. My 2 on being “essential”

    Most people are in a trepidation loop.
    I’m a customer service drone for a small bank. We’ve never been more busy with the “where my Stimmulah check” noise. I’m one of the last standing, going to the office daily. Most are working from home, while many others are suddenly “sick” (we’ve allotted a special pay package for the ones who’ve “fallen ill” which equates to 4 weeks paid vacation)

    We have about 3 confirmed cases in my town, and at least 4 of the 20 or so people in my office “are sick”.

    I’ve endured 56 (not exaggerating) policy changes in the last few weeks, been expected to keep up and perform. I haven’t missed a moment of work during this. Others around me seem to come and go as they please. Often leaving my shift short staffed. Still, I come and perform. Most days, I’ve been the only one staying, clearing the queue, mask-free and not afraid.

    Because “essential” we had 10 hours mandatory overtime until further notice.
    Yay for me.. my job is so secure they need me for 10 more hours at time and a half.

    Until, the decision was made to cut operation hours. So, no promised overtime. And a sudden and unwelcome shift change. This is the precursor to layoffs. Which I’m convinced would not be the case if we didn’t have people taking advantage of the situation, and just doing their damn jobs. Either they’re actually afraid of getting sick, or skillfully taking advantage. Either way, bad for business.

    Now, we will remain operational through this, because Stimmulah checks, and because a branch visit for a customer is by appointment only. So people are CALLING THE BANK!

    When the last disbursements of the Stimmulah checks go out, and people have drained their bank accounts buying gloves, face masks, and toilet paper, they won’t need to call. Call volume will drop and those of us deemed so essential, will certainly no longer be. No one will borrow money (how banks make money) because they won’t have jobs to pay it back. Businesses won’t call, because they won’t have business. And I, once so essential, will be among those out of work too. I can see it. Only it’ll happen after this has passed. We won’t get unemployment pay because that’ll be drained, and there won’t be any jobs to go get. So, yeah… I’m working now, but what about when this is over?

    I’ll fare well, because I don’t have children, and I’m a ruggedly built chick. Also, I’ve been BROKE AS SHIT most of my life, and have figured out how to meet my needs without much money. This creates a fortitude most don’t have. This might just be some natural selection taking out the weak and pussified. Those of us that can thrive with little might be in a position to take over and run things. Leadership of the survival type may soon be necessary. Government policy matters little when people need to eat. We all need to get off the news programming and get back to the earth.. who’s with me?

      • MarkyMark,

        Glad someone gets it. So few people could manage without all their gadgets and products and organic produce, hand sanitizer.. x-box and Nintendo.

        If I have a guitar and a can of sardines and a 6 pack of natural light, I’m bout to have a good time.

        • Uncle Sam already figured it out and issued same to the “finest” serving under Gen Curtis “Bombs Away” LeMay:

          “Survival kit contents check. In them you’ll find:
          – One forty-five caliber automatic
          – Two boxes of ammunition
          – Four days’ concentrated emergency rations
          – One drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills
          – One miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible
          – One hundred dollars in rubles
          – One hundred dollars in gold
          – Nine packs of chewing gum
          – One issue of prophylactics
          – Three lipsticks
          – Three pair of nylon stockings.

          Shoot, a fella’ could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.”

          Or, I could get the ultimate “joyride”, going down riding a B53 thermonuclear weapon…


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