Reader Question: Cornholio?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Richard writes: Regarding your article about the Orange Man vs. the corn lobby… I   could write a book about what I saw happening starting in the late 1980s as I drove out of my hometown in the middle of corn country. In ’05 I became a partner in an extended stay hotel and had a guest stay with us while he helped build the ethanol plant in Rochelle, IL. He came in in May and by mid-November it was producing, requiring 220 semi-trucks per day of corn. The little farms disappeared into the big ones and storage silos popped up the size of aircraft carriers. The big farmers displayed their newfound wealth with new pick-ups, the top-of-the-line kind and built new homes. That’s fine if you earned the wealth honestly, of course – but that’s not the case here. The corn lobby you wrote about was broadcasting daily from WGN radio  in Chicago with their Noon Farm Show and the famous lobbyist Orion Samuelson bragging about the ethanol mandate.

My reply: Evidence of the extent of the disease that’s destroying this country is the unabashedness of the thieves. They not only demand their shabby lucre – they are proud of living on it and defend it and demand it.

Sadly, it is not confined to the corn lobby. It also afflicts “conservatives” – many of whom will get angry if you denounce “their” Social Security or dare to suggest that mulcting people to pay for “the schools” – and other people’s kids – is immoral.

Thus, the cede the moral basis for objecting to the very thing they claim to oppose – a kleptocratic (and tyrannical) government.

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