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This photo provided by the Mesquite Police Department shows Amber Guyger, taken Friday, Nov. 30, 2018. Former Dallas police officer Guyger was indicted on murder charges Friday, nearly three months after she fatally shot an unarmed black neighbor whose apartment she said she entered by mistake, believing it to be her own. (Mesquite Police Department via AP)
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Breaking – and good, for once – news!

The armed government worker who shot a man to death for the “crime” of being in his own apartment and not reacting with sufficient submissiveness when the AGW  broke into his apartment has been found guilty of a criminal act.

Of murder, even!

A Texas jury did not buy the ridiculous sob story presented by Amber Guyger, the now-ex AGW, that she was justified in ventilating Botham Jean – her next door neighbor – because Jean did not respond “appropriately” to her barked orders.

Guyger claimed she was so tired the night she executed Botham that she didn’t realize she was entering his apartment and not hers. Somehow, she didn’t notice that all the furniture had been changed – probably because she had been “trained” to shoot first and think later.

Jean was understandably startled by the sudden presence of an armed and belligerent intruder in his apartment – and within seconds, was also dead. In part because of Guyer’s trigger-happiness but also because of Guyer’s indifference.

Instead of immediately rendering aid, she immediately texted her her partner to let him know she “fucked up.”

Guyger attempted to excuses herself from responsibility for entering someone else’s apartment, almost immediately drawing a gun and shooting the legal resident of that apartment by gaslighting Jean – for having the gall to not go immediately supine before the presence of Guyger, one of the government’s anointed.

Her notion – and that of her legal team and of AGWs generally – is that AGWs are special, a kind of praetorian class entitled to limitless deference and to do things, even murderous things, that the rest of us may not do. The courts have even amen’d this. There is a doctrine called the “good faith” rule which grants AGWs an exemption from consequences if they claim – and it is believed – that they acted in “good faith” when they do something illegal.

Such as Hut! Hut! Hut! the wrong home, for instance.

Or obtain evidence on non-lawful pretexts; the evidence still used against the victim of the unlawful act.

Thankfully – for once – the jury didn’t buy it.

Probably in part because this AGW happened to be white and her victim happened to be black and so it fits a PC narrative about certain lives mattering. Implicit in this doctrine is that other lives don’t or not as much. This is of course both despicable as well as nonsensical.

Ask the widow of Daniel Shaver.

The issue is that our lives don’t matter. To them. The “safety” of these neurasthenic-psychotic poltroons in blue matters not only more but exclusively. This is an interesting position for “heroes” to take. Aren’t “heroes” supposed to be people who put their own safety at risk for the sake of the safety of other people?

Never mind.

The sick – and sad – part is that Guyger herself has yet to own up to her murderous act – evidence of her narcissism and even psychosis.

She broke into someone else’s home – whether she “realized” it or not – and almost immediately drew a gun on the person who who had a right to be there, while she had no right whatsoever to be there. And shot an innocent man to death in cold blood in his own home.

A person with any moral sense would not merely cry – as Guyger did on the stand – but admit she killed an innocent man and own responsibility for her actions.

AGWs like Guyger always want the Blue Discount.

This time, at least, she didn’t get it.

Unfortunately, the settlement money Jean’s family is now certain to get will not come out of Guyger’s pockets. It will come out of the pockets of Dallas taxpayers. This is itself a crime.

When something like this happens, the person responsible – Guyger, in this case – should be held personally responsible. Every cent of the settlement should come out of her pocket – or be derived from the liquidation of her assets.

And if she has no assets to liquidate, then this horrid person should be indentured to Jean’s family for however many years it takes to work of what she owes.

After she serves the 25 to life in prison she will hopefully receive first.

. . .

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  1. no doubt in my mind sambo was banging the cop. she is in pics with him at church with other white girls drooling over him like he was a rock star. he was probably with one of the other girls and they fought over it

    • Mr. Jean will be dead even if Ms. Guyger is rotting in Hades sooner than her normal life-span. As for the “injustice” of the taxpayers of the City of Dallas or the State of Texas having to pay out for Mr. Jean’s family for their loss…well’ it’d be good to require a personal indemnification policy for each officer, but in practicality, it’d still come out of the taxpayers pocket in terms of salary and tax deductions (necessary employment expenses), and in the case of the tax deduction, shift a good deal of it to the Federal level.

      Ultimately, it’s WE whom are responsible, because we keep allowing the nitwits on the City Council to hire the City Manager and the Chief of Police and so on that employs nitwits such as the former Officer Guyger. In April 1945, when the Dachau concentration camp was liberated by Sandy Patch’s Seventh Army (the US 42nd “Rainbow” Division), the townspeople nearby were rounded up (most of the males were elderly, being too old even for the Volkshturmm), forced to march by the piles of dead bodies and spit upon the captured camp commander (whom would be hanged a year for war crimes). After the group of civilians, of whom those fit to work were made to help with the disposal of the decaying bodies (fortunately, the weather was unseasonably cold, so the situation was less dire than it could have been), the American commander, COL Felix Sparks, lectured them with the aid of a captured Heer officer as a translator, telling them, “Even if the crimes perpetrated in this camp were not known to you and you did not participate, they were still done by the government that YOU freely elected in 1933 and did NOTHING to stop before it became too late, therefore, do not tell yourselves that you are not culpable.” We Americans are no less subject to being hoisted on our own respective petards.

      • Hi Doug,

        “…well’ it’d be good to require a personal indemnification policy for each officer, but in practicality, it’d still come out of the taxpayers pocket in terms of salary and tax deductions”.

        Well, I think that the salary hike would likely cost far less than the cumulative payouts due to lawsuits. Conjecture of course, but a personal liability requirement would also tend to price out the most violent, dangerous sociopaths attracted to law enforcement. This would be a social good, even if it cost more.


        • If such a requirement for personal indemnification were to promote personal responsibility on the part of AGWs, akin to car insurance rates tend to promote responsible driving, then I’d favor it. Else it’s just a matter of how the deck chairs on the Titanic are arranged.

          • Hi Doug,

            Well, we know that qualified (near absolute) immunity, no personal financial liability and the “officer safety uber alles” mantra doesn’t promote personal responsibility.


            • PUBLIC Oversight – Gawd, I swear I will go apeshit if I hear some LEO refer to the public that he supposedly “protects and serves” as “civilians”…I’ll demand to see his 201 file and, unless he’s also a reservist or a Guard member, his DD214. Else, I’ll remind him that HE is a GODDAMNED CIVILIAN and has no reason to discharge his law enforcement duties in the manner of an army of occupation!

              • Yeah, when I write “civilians”, I’m laughing, often out loud. An LEO in a firefight with me is going to meet his maker even though he’s not a “civilian”.

    • I am so glad she is going to jail but I could care less about the victim who was brought here for no reason except for a black face sent to college paid for by taxpayers given a bogus degree and now his whole family is here awaiting millions in a settlement

      • And you can support these claims? Regardless of how his college is financed, he doesn’t deserve to be murdered. Of course, I’m not racist so I suppose it’s different in my view.

  2. She posted “I wear all black to remind you not to mess with me because I’m already dressed for your funeral” and then posted “Yah I got meh a gun a shovel an gloves”.

    Just in case anyone was wondering if she was the same kind of AGW as the guy who executed Daniel Shaver who had “you’re fucked” etched into his gun.

    It is about time that somebody held these AGWs to account. If I, as a civilian, fire my gun without justification and kill someone, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m getting charged with murder. The idea that the police don’t follow the same laws as the rest of us is a real problem.

    • The distinction, though, is that an AGW is issued a weapon (in many jurisdictions, they pay for it, and it becomes their personal property) as part of their duties. Sure, we have a RIGHT to keep and bear arms, but we aren’t REQUIRED to bear them, save the provisions of the Militia Acts of 1792, never repealed, BTW, are in effect. With this being armed for purposes of enforcement of the law does come, supposedly, training, and the GREATER responsibility of discharging the public business, and hopefully not the weapon, at least not in a reckless and unlawful, let alone homicidal manner, such as the former cop Guyger did.

      She was sacrificed because she offed a negro, pure and simple. Had it been some white male under the same circumstances in life, she’d have been fired, and possibly pled to a low-level felony of criminal negligence, and at worst done six months in the county lockup and five to ten years on probation. Not only in terms of cops vs. “civilians” (which anyone whom honorably served in the military ought to be disgusted at when cops use the term), but also in victims, are some “animals” are more equal than others. This is not to say that I haven’t been disgusted and revolted that Mr. Jean’s life was so cruelly taken in his young prime, but I’m certain that man, could he speak from the beyond, would be of the type that would not want the “race card” to be played over him.

  3. Here in Texas, stories frequently appear in the media about how, despite the “booming” economy in the state, he city governments of Dallas and Houston are technically insolvent due in part to pension obligations owed the AGWs like Guyger.

    The outcome in this case is probably different because the investigation was immediately elevated to the Texas Rangers instead of the Dallas Sheriff. The former Dallas Sheriff, Lupe Valdez, was the Dem candidate for Governor last year, and one of the campaign issues was how she famously lost her service weapon. My guess is that the current Sheriff didn’t want to deal with the politics, regardless of how the trial turned out. The Sheriff’s office obviously has problems and needs a housecleaning too.

    • You forgot to include Austin. Art Acevado moved from there to Houston. He leaves a bad smell behind him no matter where he goes.

      • Sure, but the AGW antics in Austin have been tempered by the reelection of Mayor Adler and the search for a replacement for Acevado.

        Ultimately, the interim chief was given the job permanently, but not without a lot of fuss. Dunno why — Brian Manley has been mostly useless dealing with the Prog push to legalize homeless camping on the streets in the city.

        However, things might change now that the homeless have set up camp across from the Planned Parenthood fortress (that’s what it is in Austin).

        • Such a shame Austin is a communist stronghold. It began as just the opposite. I’m of the opinion that the Vietnam war started this.

          I used to live in Cedar Park and we hit all the hot places in Austin which was almost totally against the war but far from fascist.

          I lived there in 76 during the Bicentennial. People were upbeat except for the war mongers.

          • Hey 8SM,
            Looks like our Austin residences may have overlapped….I was there from 1980 – 2012. I miss old friends but virtually everything that made Austin wonderful has disappeared, IMNSHO.
            WRT this Guyger woman, “live by the sword….let her fall on hers”. Are you sure it was not Gargoyle?

            • We only lived there less than a year. The only friends I have left alive from then are old musicians amazingly enough. Last time I saw Joe Ely he was still living fast and hard. He appears to have calmed down quite a bit. Haven’t seen him in 35 years but I used to hear from him every now and then up to a decade ago. All my rowdy friends have settled down.

  4. I’m curious as to how Amber Guyger got IN to her neighbor’s apartment! How did she do that? Wouldn’t the keys be different? Wouldn’t this cause difficulty in opening the door? Moreover, once the door was opened, how did she not realize she was in the wrong apartment? How could she mistake someone else’s apartment for her own?

    • The door was slightly ajar (not shut/not open) . When she put her key in the door apparently opened so she “Assumed” a burglar was in her apartment. At least that is how I interpreted the news video.

      • Ok, that explains how she got in. What I’d like to know is how did she not realize it wasn’t her apartment? How likely is it that someone will have the same furniture? Even if they have the same furniture, how likely is it to be arranged the same as yours?

        • Tired? I’d say Ms. Guyger, although STILL IN UNIFORM, was a tad tipsy from having a wee bit of “choir practice” after her shift. It’d be plausible, under those circumstances, to deduce that she was, although still walking, a bit ‘hazy”, and could have mistaken the victim’s apartment for her own, and, at least sensing that the front door was ajar, go into “alert” mode (well, as alert as her drunk ass could be), thinking there might be an intruder into “her apartment”. Under such circumstances of inebriation and fear could this tragedy be spawned.

          If her being armed with at least her issued sidearm, and in uniform, in a state of impairment, is considered an aggravating (enough) factor to sustain a murder charge, then she got what she legally deserved.

          • Hi Doug,

            Among the many aggravating things about cases like this one is the cognitive dissonance. We are constantly reminded that AGWs are “trained” – and for this reason, only they are to be trusted with “high powered” weapons. Yet, here is another example of a “trained” AGW who (assuming not deliberately murderous, looking for an excuse to kill someone) clearly lost her cool, freaked out and almost immediately resorted to deadly violence against an unarmed man based on her feelings.

            Such jumpy, fearful and criminally irresponsible people have no business being in possession of firearms.

            I see no reason why – at the very least – an AGW ought not to be held to the same standard for use of lethal force that I am. If I shoot someone and cannot show that my life was in actual danger – not that I “feared for my safety” – it is virtually certain I will be prosecuted for murder.

            And I’m not even “trained.”

            • If anything, this bimbo’s so-called “training” should have made her even MORE responsible for a reckless shooting that killed a man, not LESS. Not unlike handling of hazardous household wastes or other chemicals when I do automotive work; someone without the engineering degrees might, just MIGHT, get a “pass” for dumping spent coolant down the storm drain or tossing an oil filter in the garbage (there are specific regs in CA that deal with disposal of those items) and let off with a warning, but if I do it, given my education (degrees in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering) and thirty-five years of military and civilian experience as a professional engineer, probably would get slapped with huge fines and even jail time if the DA had a “hard on” for such an incident.

              • Amen, Doug.

                With great power ought to come greater responsibility. It always curls my nosehairs when I read about an AGW who doesn’t even know the law – or makes up laws. And enforces them.

                That ought to be cause for immediate disbarment – which it would be, for an attorney. Or for almost any other professional. If you don’t know your job, you have no business doing that job, eh?

            • eric, “high powered weapons”. Of every rifle I ever owned, it’s the least powerful with the exception of a rim fire .22. Now the old Garand was a hoss. So was the G3 I had. Since our game around here is not that big, I never felt the need of a 7mm Mag or any of the .45 caliber rifles with the exception of my old .54. It may be black powder but ask the Comanche’s at Adobe Walls what the lethal range is. It doesn’t need to move faster than an Elonmobile to be lethal because of its weight. And I call that a high power weapon that’s over 100 years old.

              • Morning, Eight!

                I’m by no means a firearms expert; I know the basics and have a healthy respect for their potential danger and handle them accordingly. I’ve never pointed one at another person, much less shot anyone. Which seems to make me better “trained” than most AGWs!

                • You’re a lucky man eric. I had to be faster with a handgun than another crazy tatted up speed freak to survive. Since I had the draw on him, no one was shot which would not have been the outcome had he been faster than me.

                  I have never shot another human and hope to heck I never have to. I don’t look forward to it like those AGW’s do.

                  And speaking of speed, I’ve never been able to take stimulants and recently quit coffee. It wasn’t easy but with a killer headache from a sinus infection everyday, it was easier than I thought. I know there are some advantages to drinking coffee but some disadvantages also. So far, so good, 10 days or so and don’t really crave it too much. Well, I never craved the stimulation but the flavor is not easily given up. I could probably give up beer too if someone would brew black lager with no alcohol. Can’t tolerate that light nearbeer.

  5. Walter Budzyn and Larry Nevers.

    The shrine of Saint Malice Green. http://voiceofdetroit.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Malice-Green-painting-by-Bennie-White-Israel-at-site-of-his-death1.jpg

    Johannes Mehserle.

    The shrine of Saint Oscar Grant. https://localwiki.org/media/pages/files/wyxefw2fsh2c07ri.JPG

    Amber Guyger will be released after the shrine on Saint Botham Jean is completed.

    This isn’t rocket surgery boys and girls.

    Eric says, “Unfortunately, the settlement money Jean’s family is now certain to get”

    Never underestimate qualified immunity.

    Amber didn’t know it was illegal to shoot someone under these exact circumstances. Ergo she is not open to civil proceedings.

    • Hi T,

      It’s really – critically – important to not make this into a black vs. white thing. Because it isn’t. It’s a thing about them – AGWs – vs. us.

      It’s of a piece with the idiocy about “Islamic terror.” It’s white Christian Americans like the Chimp who’ve stolen my freedom.

      I despair at times.

      • True…but the race baiters never let a good tragedy, even if not necessarily borne of racism (an “in the eye of the beholder” proposition), go to waste.

  6. So glad she got convicted with a 25 years sentence. I remember this when it first broke. Her her defense was so weak that she was foggy. I wake up from a nap foggy but don’t shoot the next person i see. MY first thought to all this was that they were neighbors and she was pissed at him for something he did. Being too noisy. Second thought. She was drunk and killed him with the thought she could get away with anything.

    • She was too busy sexting with her married coworker boyfriend to notice that she was on the wrong floor of the apartment building.

    • I cheered when I heard she was convicted!

      Now if only they’d go after the psycho in Arizona who murdered Daniel Shaver, that guy needs to be throw in with brutal criminals who hate cops, be taught a lesson in the short amount of time he’d have in there before he’s killed me

      As Jim S. Said though, just hope she doesn’t get a light sentence because some retard judge takes her being a women and a cop into account

      • Hi Zane,

        Her conviction and punishment is an aberration. Any possible justice meted out to Phillip Brailsford will not come from the courts. His “punishment” is settling for $2500.00 a month in disability pay for the rest of his life. You see, murdering a terrified, harmless and innocent man and and having to go through a trial caused poor Phil to suffer as well, who now claims that the whole incident gave him PTSD.

        Read the sordid story here.



        • I was reading through an old J. T. Gatto book this morning and found the passage on rational and institutional psychopathy, and that’s when it hit me. The “blue discount” isn’t for the cops that get it, it’s for all the others that haven’t had a reason to yet. See, the Bureaucracy doesn’t make mistakes. It experiences unanticipated eventualities, but it never makes mistakes. If officiers who went tactical on the wrong guy became subject to justice themselves instead of being glad-handed and swept under the rug, then the Bureaucracy, and perhaps more to the point, the people who run and populate the Bureaucracy, would have to admit that there is a major systemic issue somewhere rather than just “a few bad apples” – in other words, that the Bureaucracy made, and by extension that they made, a mistake somewhere.

          • I’m guessing you don’t want to be talked down to and treated like you are shit. I certainly don’t want to be the one to do that nor be the one who takes it. It’s the very reason I’m not big on Trump. Had he grown up in my world he’d have has his ass handed to him countless times(as many as he could take)and he’d realized he wasn’t shit. He had old money and a mother who doted on him . I suspect he’s not that popular in his family. I know for sure he’s not so popular with the hundreds of people he’s taken away their homes via eminent domain.

      • A trial WAS already held, and he was acquitted. Yes, I’m surprised, but the (in)justice system has worked its way, at least in “Arid-Zona”. Under the current regime of the Orange-Haired One, I doubt the Justice Department will pursue civil rights charges, as was done in the (late) Rodney King’s case. Had Daniel Shaver been as black as bituminous coal, you bet your sweet ass that Obama’s “Justice” Department would have hounded Shaver’s killer, and Trump’s probably would, as a sop to black politicians that, “No, man, we ain’t racist”.

  7. Better cross your fingers and hope to heaven that the judge doesn’t just give her the minimum (“The blue discount”). I’m hoping for a life sentence, but I won’t hold my breath.

    I hear other prisoners don’t take too kindly to police in their ranks.

    • Amen, Jim –

      I don’t wish her harm inside prison. But I do wish her in prison. For a very long time. Long enough to provide some equalization for the time her victim was deprived of, permanently.

      • Meh. If some inmate accidentally enters the wrong cell mistakenly and shivs her for not obeying fast enough……

        I won’t lose sleep over it.

          • “It’s a hell of a thing, killing a man. You take away all he’s got and all he’s ever gonna have.” – William Munny, “Unforgiven”

            • Hi Mike!

              Imagine the same facts – but instead of the person barging into someone else’s home with a gun being an AGW, just a common peon (i.e., one of us). Would there have been any question about guilt?

              • No question of guilt of that creature – your mention of “debt” reminded me of the quote. There’s no amount of payment (monetary or otherwise) that will make Botham whole again, who had everything taken from him. An eye-for-an-eye would be a start in this case.

          • Maybe – methinks the finding of murder (two?) was wrong, only b/c unless Texas law doesn’t require it, typically there has to be a “malice” requirement, which can be satisfied by extreme, gross NEGLIGENCE (e.g. you don’t have to specifically wanted to kill, but your actions were so irresponsible in a situation where you KNEW or should have known that serious harm was likely). This appears to be just all-too-COMMON stupidity, which would support a verdict of manslaughter. Still, that “gal” definitely needs to be serving some serious time in the state pen, she took a life as a result of her own negligence, and endure all the consequences, once she’s served her time, that any felon would endure.

          • Not only do “accidental” shootings (they’re “accidents” when they result from a cop’s weapon, they’re always “negligent” for we peons…) happen at a higher rate among law enforcement than in the general population, so do REPORTED incidents of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. And considering how cops tend to cover up the misdeeds of their “brother and sister” officers, who can say how much higher is the DV rate among AGWs?

            • I believe the CDC or some other has figures showing the DV rate for cops is much higher than the non-cop population.

              • Statistically cops are 800% more likely to beat their wives. I imagine many beatings go unreported so the number is probably much higher.

                • But their wives or partners can simply go to Family Court and take out a restraining order on the cop. Soon as he’s slapped with the order, he loses his piece. Then, he either goes to desk duty, or he loses his job.

        • Funny, the wording of the Second Amendment would imply that it’s the PEOPLE in general whom are to be “trusted” with guns before the Government. As if the RIGHT to keep and bear arms, any more than the “Gawd-given” rights (which, BTW, were NOT conferred by the Bill of Rights, but recognized as ALREADY existent and to NOT be interfered with by the Government) to freely speak, publish, assemble peacefully, worship (or not), and to petition the Government for redress of grievances, is subject to any authority’s “trust”. Nay, it’s the “authority” that need earn and keep the PUBLIC trust, and I’d say in the past few decades it’s been sorely ABUSED.

      • She’ll be in isolation, being a former cop. Even among the females, many of them would love a chance to harm or kill an ex-cop, and if there’s anyone that SHE helped to put away…

        The solitary confinement alone will likely, unless she’s mentally tough enough, of which I’m dubious, render her insensible in a few years. Used in the “SuperMax” method of having a “prison within a prison”, it’s considered by Amnesty International to be a form of torture that “civilized” nations aren’t supposed to subject prisoners to. But whomever said that the American (in)justice system was “civil”?

          • I’m not against the rendering sterile of ANY felon, male or female, as a condition of release. As Patton once put it, giving a speech in June 1945 in Los Angeles, speaking of a fallen comrade (I believe it was MG Maurice Rose, killed near Paderborn, Germany, on March 30, 1945, as the US Third and First Armies closed the Ruhr pocket, which was achieved two days later), “Brave men died so COWARDS like yourselves could breed!”. Yes, I’m one cruel SOB…

              • Selling llama shit shouldn’t be a CRIME, let alone a “felony”. Felonies should be SERIOUS incidents of theft, bodily harm, or, in the case of the UCMJ, unauthorized access to and/or disclosure thereof of classified information.

                • Hi Douglas,

                  “Selling llama shit shouldn’t be a CRIME, let alone a felony”.

                  That was the point I was trying to make, with a humorous and ridiculous example. Most felonies are not crimes. Being a convicted felon is not necessarily proof of bad character, and thus cannot be considered justification for the punishment you describe. Also, revealing the crimes and corruption of those in power is not a crime. Information is “classified” mostly to protect the sociopaths in power. Those who expose it, no matter their level of access, are heroes, not criminals.


        • I beg to differ…
          She will be transferred to the federal system. This is common practice for “law enforcement” personnel who are incarcerated. As well as being transferred to the federal system, she will be given a new identity.
          The “state” protects its own…

      • The judge gave her a Bible and a hug — and after the verdict was read, a female deputy rubbed her back and stroked her hair
        There’s no special treatment for criminal cops — oh no …

      • You can bet your ass if the events were reversed with a “civilian” gunning down a cop, he’d get the death penalty. They love to use it in Texas.

      • I usually don’t like to make these sorts of comments about a person’s appearance — but — did anyone else think she actually *looked* like a pig ?

        Especially when she did her scrunched up fake “crying face.”

        Meanwhile on a gun site I’ve seen numerous comments about how “hot” she is. Barf . Leg humpers like those are what created this monster — no way she got there based on merit.


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