Calling Out a Clover

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One of the characteristics of the people now Fear Masking that EPautos readers have been referring to as Clovers for lo these many years is a combination of control freakism and poltroonery. They demand new laws – previously for saaaaaaaaaaaafety, lately for “health” – but rarely have the guts to come out in the open,  even to the extent of using their real names when they keyboard troll.

The original Clover – eponymous, hence the term – was as tenacious as he was anonymous. I could never get the little ferret to come out of his hole and use his real name. He was too scared to do so – even in a forum dedicated to Libertarian ideas, the foundational one being I’ll leave you alone and you leave me alone.

But Clovers can’t abide the idea of leaving anyone alone.

Well, the original Clover went away after I repeatedly challenged him to come out of his hole and be a man and confront me directly, man to man. He disappeared.

I am expecting the same will occur again.

A new Clover appeared on these pages about six months ago, identifying himself as “Winny” and “les” and “Alex” and “Dr. Phil,” among other nom de plumes but always the same individual ( Like the original Clover, this Clover won’t use his real name, hides behind the anonymity of his keyboard. I blocked his IP months ago due to serial abusive posts – after having asked him to stop, without success. This demented individual continues to post almost every day – even though none of his posts have appeared publicly for months. I delete them as they accumulate. Yet he persists – always anonymously.

Always abusively.

His latest missive – see the screen shot – characterizes me as a “little bitch,” apparently because I believe I have the right to decide whether to wear a helmet when I ride my motorcycle.

Well, “Dr. Phil”  . . . how about we find out who’s really the “little bitch”? Why not use your real name, eh? I don’t hide mine. Nor where I live. I am not inviting a fight; I’m a Libertarian, remember. I have no interest in harming you and – despite my personally loathing you – will defend your right to not be harmed by anyone, provided you aren’t harming anyone.

But that is not good enough for you, is it? People like you can’t resist lecturing – and trying to control and punish – other people, not because they’ve caused you or anyone else the slightest harm but because you don’t like what they’re doing.

Like my not riding my bike with a helmet.

This “little bitch” has more guts than you do, “Alex/Winny/Les/Dr.” The guts to use my name, to stand personally behind what I believe in. And most of all, to not be a poltroonish bully who enjoys abusing people anonymously and remotely.

Prove me wrong.

Meanwhile, your posts will be deleted faster than you can write ’em. It must annoy you to no end that no one’s reading them.


  1. Eric.

    thank you for sparing your readers this clover’s drivel.

    it’s probably a good idea to blur out this clover’s ip addy

    only a suggestion

    you can delete this post, if you wish

    thanks for all your articles over these last many years, i appreciate it.

    • My pleasure, Not You!

      Well, sort of… I have to deal with this sort of thing on a regular basis and figured everyone else might be interested in a peek!

  2. Could be a paid disinfo/troll — I’ve heard there’s buildings full of them. They probably get paid per post, and maybe paid even more to engage others in convo.

    • Hi Krazy,

      Very possible. In any event, the book’s closed on “Alex,” et al. He – she – will likely continue to send me love notes but they’ll never be read or published. The fact that none have been published for months – with the exception of the one I screen shotted for purposes of illustration – and “Alex” knows this, yet continues to send ’em in – tells me we’re dealing with a badly damaged, obsessed person of the rabbit-in-the-blender variety.

  3. Wow. I think that maybe someone more sophisticated than I or most of us are would be able to track the clover down, seems like the cops do it routinely with folks that make threats etc. I think the IP address would be a clue and certainly the email address would be, WOW knows who it is. Perhaps contacting Wide Open West as a first step. Has the clover made any threats? Take precautions Eric as disturbed folks tend to do disturbing things especially when they are being ignored and ridiculed.

    • Hi Ugg,

      I’m leaving “Alex” be – something he doesn’t understand. All of this began over a difference of understanding over a point I tried to make in an article about the apoplectic reaction of an AGW-in-chief in Detroit to some street racer hooliganism (burnouts on the highway; flipping the bird) as contrasted with the much milder reaction of the same AGW-in-chief to video evidence of his AGWs abusing people without cause.

      “Alex” got apoplectic because he believed I was defending the street racers – which was not the point of my article, as I attempted to explain to him repeatedly. This went on and on and on – and I finally gave up. Then I banned him, because he kept on and on an on. And he still keeps posting – directly into the Moderation/Trash!

    • Hi Bostwick,

      This Clover is as pathological as the original Clover! He (she?) has dumped in excess of 150 posts – all routed automatically to the Spam queue for summary deletion, thus never read by anyone – yet the creature continues to furiously pound out its disordered dissemblings that no one will ever read! It posted six (all deleted, automatically) today!

      In none of those six, by the way, did the creature eruct its actual name. It continues to hide behind “Dr. Phil” and so on.

      I’d send the poor “Dr.” (it rubs the lotion on its skin…) a signed picture of myself to pleasure itself to – but to do that, I’d need a name and address.

      Which the “Dr.” isn’t willing to provide.

      He – she? – needs therapy even more than the Fear Maskers!

  4. “Winny”? Ha! That was an appropriate alias, as that guy certainly was full of “Pooh”. Although, he seemed to be more of an Eeyore……

    • Eeyore is just morose…but generally, he minds his own got-damned business and doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

      • Yeah, Doug….;but the clover and Eyesore have one thing in common: They’re both “asses”! (Eeyore was my favorite Winnie The Pooh character…he was the only straight one!)- And what was up with that Christopher Robin?! Can’t tell me he hasn’t undergone “gender reassignment” surgery! And that Tigger, always bouncing on his tail…he was like a deranged Ray Bolger!

            • Hi Nunz!

              The who-sleeps-with-who thing doesn’t bother me, provided it’s consenting adults (regardless of sex) and so long as they’re not demanding my approval. It’s a personal thing and so long as it isn’t made my business, I don’t consider it any of my business.

  5. Such is the behavior of the Karens and Kevins of the world. They are the product of the snowflakery rampant in public discussion. A collection of imbeciles whose lives are so small the only way they can legitimize their existence is the constant search for something, anything, to be offended by. All the while demonstrating offensive behavior to the highest degree possible without physical violence. Isn’t public education wonderful?


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