Virginia Wal-Mart Clerk Fired For Calling Out Shoplifting Hero

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Security Guard Fired From Target After He Reported Cop For Shoplifting

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A Virginia man claims he was fired from his security job at Target after a man he reported for shoplifting turned out to be a Leesburg sheriff’s deputy, The Washington Post reports.

According to Dallas Northington, on May 16, 2014, his supervisor told him that he had witnessed a man slipping a tube of toothpaste into a bag of items he had already paid for. The supervisor said he “didn’t feel comfortable” confronting the shoplifter because he suspected he was “some sort of law enforcement.”

On May 27, 2014, the same man returned to the store and approached the register at the pharmacy with two loaded carts. He concealed one of the carts from the cashier, who bagged his items and placed them in the unconcealed cart. After he finished checking out, he then moved the items from the concealed cart into the bags of items he had paid for.

The supervisor still did not feel comfortable confronting the suspect, so he had Northington go to the police station and file a report. A sergeant with the Leesburg police department took his report, then returned to Target with Northington to view surveillance video of the alleged incidents.

“I know who this is,” Northington said the sergeant told him. “This is pretty serious,” he added, noting that the suspect was in law enforcement.

The supervisor later provided Northington with the suspect’s full name, who then relayed that to the Leesburg police.

Three days later, he was called into the store manager’s office and told he had been suspended for two days for violating store policy. The next week, he was fired for “gross misconduct,” allegedly for contacting the Leesburg police without prior approval.

“In my eight years, I’ve never had to call anyone to give out the video or to call police,” Northington told the Post. “I have never seen any policy about contacting law enforcement.”

“I’m confused and don’t understand why,” Northington said. “I’ve been there for eight years, no issues. I’m just trying to provide for my family, and I just really want to get back to work.”

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    • Wal-Mart? Target? Aren’t they the same?

      Well, maybe not exactly the same.

      In my town, the Very lower classes shop Wal-Mart, and the slightly higher classes shop Target. Maybe it’s due to what I see as slightly higher prices at Target?
      I guess that’s the idea?

      I swore off Target the day I was standing in line behind this old couple who were clearly well past 70 years old. They were buying a shopping cart full of groceries. Mixed in it all was – gasp – a bottle of alcohol!
      The teen-aged cashier demanded an ID from the old man, as it was company policy? She was eager to run the ID through her swipe machine on her cash register.
      The old man was so disgusted with this request he said something like, “Forget it. Keep it! I don’t want it. This is ridiculous.”

      I about wanted to throw up.

      We’ve come a long way since the days of, “We All Live in a Yellow Submarine”.

      At least to me, it seems we’ve come along way in the opposite direction as many people had hoped.

      …Others, are quite happy with the way things are. Their black hearts beat with joy at the above description.

      …That’s Not a “good thing”.

      • The logos and artificial names are the same. Which is to say of no true value.

        The advertorial hues of blues and yellows, of reds and whites. To mystify and stupify. To appeal to your irrational side. This is the market response to ape like irrational consumers.

        When making a purchase is again a rational decision, without appeal to emotional lunacy, that will be a healthy indicator of market discipline once again returning to the public commons.

        The apes at checkout are gorillas of the state. Free peoples make their purchases from principles/product providers. They never stand and queue up to bow and worship before the altars of laser barcode wielding high priestesses.

        Hopefully it happens soon.

        This Prohibition Anti-Contraban shit happens all the time here in Vegas. If I ever set foot in a store again, and this happened in my earshot, I’d be sure to ask the clerk what’s it like to be a Nazi POS?

        Probably give heshefraumancow the Hitlerian-American Bellamy salute and a rousing Sieg-Heil on the way out as well.

  1. This happens in the Army too. Failing to follow the Chain Of Command, regardless how serious and immediate the problem is, dishonour and eventual punishment can follow.

    Seems the store manager considers himself above such things and dishes out punishment at whim. Maybe the employee was a slob and begging for a reason to be fired or, Leesburg police have too much clout.


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