No Fear Mask – Or No Business

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Today, I am going to visit Sam’s and find out whether they have a Fear Masks mandatory policy, as Costco apparently does. If they do, I intend to very publicly cut up the card and tell them I will never spend a cent in Costco again as I do not intend to shop in a ward for the mentally ill, nor be required to behave as if I had mental illness for the sake of easing the anxieties of those who do.

More fundamentally, I will not accede to this servility conditioning. And neither should you.

Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Witness the gal in Odessa TX that is sitting in jail because the obviously affirmative action judge insisted she apologize for attempting to feed her family, and she refused to do so. No revolution was ever started by fat people. Hungry people, on the other hand………
    Noncompliance, black markets, and “speakeasies” will attempt to overcome the Psychopaths In Charge, but those who cannot reap the rewards of such sane behavior will get hungry. And they will revolt. Violently. “Let them eat cake” typically has severe negative consequences for tyrants. Let us pray for the success of the sane.

  2. We now have two classes of hominids on this Earth:
    1. Maskies (a.k.a. sheeple)
    2. Free human beings.
    There is only one question:
    Which side are you on?

    Fear is the mind killer.
    You cannot break a free man.
    The most you can do is kill him.

    • Hi Turtle,

      Indeed. Fear Masking is a visible indicator you’re dealing with a Clover or a Clover-enabler. Anyone who wears a mask is that- as well as a fool or someone in need of therapy.

      But… the elderly!

      Well, why weren’t the elderly Fear Masking in 2018, when (per CDC) on the order of 60,000 people dieeeeeeeeed from the flu?

      Spare my your psychosis.

    • unfortunately you cant board a plane now without a fear mask. Once you get on that plane there is no service even in business class. As if flying wasnt miserable enough.

      • Hi Mark,

        The solution is simple: Don’t fly! Emergencies excepted. But otherwise? Take a stand. Yes, it’s inconvenient; yes, it might cost you a job.

        How much is your freedom worth?

  3. Eric,

    My local coronafuhers tell me that “Angst macht frei!”

    The opposite of courage is not cowardice it is conformity.

    In 50 days, 1200 short hours, this country has been taken over by walking vaginas.

  4. Good luck Eric – I don’t think that Sam’s has a mask policy. It is interesting that although things are “reopening,” they are chaging the rules on opening. It’s a fake reopening. Rules on “social distancing” and whatnot. If it weren’t for the need for people to work, I’d almost rather have the lock down with out masks than a bunch of new rules.

  5. Sam’s is “encouraging” masks for the customers. Let us know if you experience something different at the door.

    If Costco’s corporate policy is that masks are required for customers, their lobbying efforts will attempt to make local governments enforce the same thing at Sam’s wherever possible. As I’ve pointed out here before, Costco owns the WA State Governor’s mansion outright.

  6. The Sam’s closest to my house has a mask policy because the city has a mask order. We’ll see what happens now that the Texas Governor has outlawed enforcement of mask policies with Hut Hut Hut-ing … for now.

    The big problem where I live in Texas is that we have a lot of transplants from the West Coast who don’t leave liberal ideals and puckered sphincters behind. Last year, the dominant license plate of the Summer was WA State, with Oregon not far behind.

  7. Eric,

    Why would the people at Sam’s club care if you will never spend a cent at Costco anymore? 😉
    ( I know you probably meant Sam’s Club)

    Hopefully (1) They do not have mandatory fear-mask policy. (2) If they do have that policy, enough people do what you plan and let them know they will no longer spend money there due to their policy.


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