Florida cop, Marine vet, arrested for wearing ‘Anonymous’ mask warns of ‘a war coming’

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Michael Dorstewitz
December 7, 2013

A veteran South Florida police officer and former Marine arrested late last month for refusing toguy-fawkes-mask remove his Guy Fawkes mask near an anti-Obamacare demonstration. He has now come forward to say what motivated him.

Ericson Harrell, 39, a 15-year veteran of the North Miami Beach Police Department who spent four years in the Marines, was driving through Plantation when he came upon the rally, according to the Sun Sentinel. He parked his vehicle, donned his cape and mask and grabbed his banner — an inverted U.S. flag, signifying distress. .

When police later stopped him and told him to remove the mask, Harrell said he politely refused, asserting his First Amendment rights to free speech and peaceful assembly.

The arresting officer and her supervisor assumed Harrell was part of demonstration, but “in actual reality,” he told Red Pill Philosophy. “I was alone at the time. I was a soldier of one.”

Harrell said he only identified himself as a police officer “after the fact, because I didn’t want to get any preferential treatment.”

The simple response would have been to remove the mask. Had Harrell done so, the officer would have moved on and that would have been the end of it.

But Harrell isn’t a simple man.

His Facebook page describes him as a “Front Line Oath Keeper 1992 to present.” Oath Keepers are current and former U.S. military and law enforcement personnel who advocate disobeying orders that violate the U.S. Constitution.

Florida Statutes 876.155, under which Harrell was arrested. had been revised since it was originally drafted, he said. It was signed into law “sometime in the 1950s because of the Ku Klux Klan trying to intimidate a certain group of people — a certain race of people,” Harrell said.

Here is the statute.

In short, he’s not a criminal and is not looking to overthrow the government of the United States. Quite the opposite, he’s just living up to the oath he took as a Marine and as a police officer, to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

His oath isn’t just a collection of empty words — his service appears to be exemplary. The Sentinel reported:

According to the North Miami Beach city website, Harrell was named Officer of the Month in August 2007 for stopping a burglary to a business, which began after he noticed a turned over trash can on the corner of a strip store. He investigated further and found a broken front window of a nearby business and found his suspect hiding in a trash bin.

He was praised at the time for his “keen sense of observation and immediate actions.”

Harrell told Red Pill he wouldn’t have done anything differently.

“There’s a greater issue,” he said. “I have a daughter — I have children. I don’t have the luxury of not being involved.”

Of his oath, he said, “We are the front-line defenders to the Constitution. Our job is greater than just arresting people for petty crimes.”

“There is a war coming, and we’re in the midst of it,” Harrell added. “I no longer can be afraid.”

Until the charges against him are resolved, Harrell has been placed on administrative leave, the Sentinel reported.

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  1. Fat Fuck Murderer Chris Carter – Campus Policeman at Incarnate Word in San Antonio
    Chris Carter

    Chris is the big bag of excrement on the far right.

    ‘Oh you’re gonna shoot me?’ The sarcastic last words of straight-A student shot dead by college cop after being stopped for speeding


    Ostrich On the Ski Slope in Iran

  2. Hat’s off to Mr. Harrell! Actually, ALL military and federal employees, including and especially FBI, DHS, and the ad infinitum alphabet agencies take the same oath, to uphold and defend the Constitution of the U.S., etc. This is the first example I’ve read of someone actually doing it.

  3. Good to see an instance of an “Oath-doer.” Each individual act sponsors and legitimizes thousands of paper Oathkeepers.

    It’s easy to say you’re a member of L.E.A.P. but quite another to go light up some cannnabis and join Adam Kokesh during a Smoke Down Prohibition event.

    Josie the Outlaw Harris covers The Drug War Tour and Smoke Down Prohibition 6 in Philadelphia.

    Easy to be an “Internet Activist” about the second amendment. Quite another to parade your unlicensed firearm around your neighborhood the way the founders intended.

    Each non-violent (non-crazy) Sovereign type or YouTube activist doer legitimizes the millions of online typers of liberating thoughts. (like myself)

    Activist open carries into cop-shop (Manchester, New Hampshire)

    • That is why, when travelling through the Stasified airways of our national gulag, I demand they physically search me. And every time they ask if I want it done in private I decline because I want those sheep who hurridly go through the “don’t shoot me” pose for the DNA-unravelling devices, to catch a glimpse and perhaps, even if only for a split second, have their conscience piqued. All to catch an overpriced cup of coffee and tap-tap-tap away on their idiot phones a little longer? It breaks my heart but I do this out of principal where forced otherwise from my automobile. If more people simply did so it would grind the apparatus of the state to a halt.

    • Dear Tor,

      True. Especially the open carry activists. I’m not in the US currently, so I couldn’t participate in open carry even if I wanted to. But given the murderous attitude of the pigs today, they are definitely gutsy for attempting to “normalize” open carry.

      It’s exactly what’s needed. It’s the exact opposite of what Eric Holder wants, the stigmatization of gun ownership per se, and especially open carry, its most uncompromising pubic expression.


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