Obama Mask



  1. Dear Dom,

    Wow! That actually gave me a fright!

    It was scarier than “Ghostface” in Wes Craven’s “Scream.”

    The “Obamination” trumps “Ghostface” any day.

    • I’m wondering if I’d be able to see well enough to wear it on my motorcycle? Going to try and convince a couple of my riding partners to get one too and we’ll video. It would be neat for the month of Halloween.

  2. Uh happy uh happy Halloween. Now give me all your ummm candy, kids, I need to redistribute it to some less fortunate kids, you didn’t go trick or treating all by yourself, we all made that candy and collected it together.

    See when I was a kid, I was a community Halloween organizer. It was actually called Nyepi in Indonesia, but it was very very similar.

    On the night before Nyepi, the Hindu New Year, kids and grownups all left their homes and made a lot of noise all through their neighborhoods and communities, to scare away the evil spirits.

    On the actual day of Nyepi, everyone had to stay inside their homes, not doing any work, cooking or making any noise that would invite the spirits into their home. Sometimes, just to be especially safe, my family didn’t work all year.

    If an Indonesian friend asks you to explain Halloween, you may find it easier to point out the similarities with Nyepi than to describe how the pagan origins of Halloween turned into the candy-seeking, costume-wearing party occasion for capitalist exploitation that it is nowadays.



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