Batman murders: The blood trail, the neck wound, and the 2nd gas mask

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(NaturalNews) Citizen journalists are outdistancing everybody on the Batman murders. I’m not even sure I have their names matched up correctly to their reports, so for now I’m not publishing the names, but I’ll give you the links to their videos and commentary.

Here’s what I’m inferring from their work. First, the heavy blood trail outside the Aurora theater, in the back parking lot, has been wrongly attributed to a neck wound suffered by one of the victims, Allie Young. When viewed in the hospital, her scar doesn’t look serious enough to account for a massive blood loss, and the wound isn’t even dressed. Why would anyone lie about this?

Because the blood in the parking lot may have come from a girl who was killed or abducted by one of the killers.

Knowingly or unknowingly, Obama contributed to the cover story about Allie Young in his incorrect description of her ordeal and wound.

There was a second gas mask found lying outside the theater at the back of the building. This would not have been Holmes’ mask. It would have belonged to a second killer.

I’m not saying the meaning of these clues I’ve just listed is airtight and absolutely final. I’m saying they send the case in entirely new directions.

They definitely add fuel to the conclusion that Aurora Police Chief, Daniel Oates was wrong when he issued the familiar mantra that Homes acted alone. On what basis could Oates have made that claim? Was he intentionally lying? Was he trying to save his reputation, and hiding the fact that at least one other killer was running loose, uncaptured by his men? Oates, an old New York street cop, had risen through the ranks and, as Aurora police chief, presided over a 30% reduction in the crime rate—until the Batman murders.

These clues—the blood trail, the neck wound, the second gas mask—any police investigator should have run with them. The absence of a serious probe indicates we are looking at a cover-up.

Here are the links to the work of the citizen journalists. That’s what I call them because I don’t have a better label. They are breaking new ground on the case, and they deserve your praise and support:

We still have the matter of how James Holmes gained entrance to the theater. There is the side door, the fire exit. Did he kick it in from the outside, as KUSA-TV reported? Did he, as Bloomberg claims the police say, buy a ticket, watch the movie, stand, as if he was taking a phone call, and walk out, propping open the side exit as he left, to return later with armor and weapons?

Or, as eyewitness Corbin Dates told CNN, did “someone” in the theater take a phone call, disappear in the direction of the side exit, after which (15-20 minutes? an hour?) the shooter, in full gear, came into the theater from that direction?

The first description—kicking in the exit door—is highly unlikely, since exit doors generally open out from the inside, are heavy, and are locked from the outside.

If Holmes propped open the side door, left, and came back later, other customers in the theater and theater employees might have seen light coming in from the outside. Did they? Someone also might have walked over and shut the door.

All this needs to be nailed down.

Then we have the packages (2) in the mailroom of the U. of Colorado, Anschutz campus. Press reports indicate a professor of psychiatry at the school called police because there was a package (with no indication of the sender) in the mailroom, addressed to him. The professor suspected it might have been sent by Holmes. This turned out to be wrong. That package had no bearing on the case. But in a search of the mailroom, ANOTHER package was found, which had been sent by Holmes to the professor. It had been sitting there as long as a week before its discovery on July 23rd. It contained a notebook, and the notebook contained Holmes’ descriptions of how he was going to kill people.

This one is hard to believe. The professor believes one package was sent by Holmes. Why? BUT the police happen to find another package that was. Was it planted (and forged) to build a stronger case against Holmes?

I have new information about the availability of Holmes’ medical records. This would pertain to a criminal trial. It is likely Holmes’ lawyer could subpoena any medical/psychiatric records, in order to establish the state of mind of her client, and these records of course would include what drugs were prescribed. Once that is known, a case could be mounted based on the drugs’ propensity to cause violent behavior, including homicide. The prosecution could also subpoena these records if Holmes entered an insanity plea.

My guess is that Torrence Brown’s lawsuit against Holmes’ doctors would come after a criminal trial (if there is one), at which time the medical/psychiatric records would have already been unsealed and would be available.

Remember, there is still no known witness-ID of Holmes in the theater. There is only the police claim that they found him, calm and confessing, next to his car, after the shooting—or by other accounts, inside his car.

I’ve seen raw cell phone video footage of people outside the theater on the night of the shooting, but no footage from inside the theater. Someone inside had to be recording a piece of what was going on. We have to ask ourselves: where is that footage? Has it been confiscated?

Here are relevant links to the theater exit door and the mailed packages:

On we go…

About Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive new collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.

About the author:
The author of an explosive new collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon
was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of
California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an
investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics,
medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine,
Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon
has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic,
and creative power to audiences around the world.


  1. But we have to have a nice clean story about a lone wolf who fits the profile. Anything else detracts from the main story line.

    I used to think that the plot of Tomorrow Never Dies was too far fetched. After the farce of the Republican primary Show, I think it might just be a documentary… except no one stopped the bad guys.

    • Dear Eric G.

      It was a documentary, of sorts. Only of a much earlier era.

      William Randolph Hearst did basically the same thing depicted in “Tomorrow Never Dies” during the Spanish American War.

      A shooting war to serve a ratings war.

      • Good point. I had forgotten about that one.

        Actually, one could make the point that the US was led to all modern wars though the media’s war drums. World War 1 was something to be avoided at all costs until Wilson started playing the propaganda game and tempting the German U-boats with the Lusitania. Prior to our entrance in World War 2, Hollywood produced movies glorifying war, like Sergeant York (it happened to be on the other day), and I’m sure the newspapers of the day vilified the Hessians (only after it was decied they were bad… before that the Nazis were the miracle of the 20th century).

        • Dear Eric G,

          One of the funniest instances of collusion between Hollywood and the Pentagon was considerably more complicated.

          I assume you saw the movie “Top Gun?”

          According to Quentin Tarantino, the screenwriters of “Top Gun” really put one over on the brass hats at the Pentagon.

          Hollywood relies on the DOD to provide “free” use of its military hardware in the making of military themed movies. The price it pays is script approval. Nothing that puts the military in a bad light.

          But according to Tarantino, the makers of “Top Gun” still managed to pull the wool over the Pentagon’s eyes.

          Topgun according to Tarantino

        • Does anyone else think Tarantino suffers from acromegaly?

          Great romp on the Pentagon. But I have to question whether or not the writers really pulled any wool over their eyes. Don’t ask, don’t tell was invented by the Pentagon.

          • Nice pick-up Scott–you’d make a fine diagnostician.

            I looked again after your comment and yeah–the big GH jaw, the arachnodactyly, it fits.

          • Dear Scott,


            But I prefer to think of it as a case of successful “subversion, subversion on a massive level.”

            It’s more fun that way.

          • I had to Google the term.

            Turns out Tony Robbins is a sufferer too. I took a workshop with him once. Walked on hot coals.

            Chinese basketball star Yao Ming might be one too. Not sure.

          • Dom, Methyl & Bevin –

            I’m gratified others think I could be right about that, not that it will do Mr. Tarantino much good since I expect he must already know. One of the reasons I noticed is that I have very prominent brow ridges myself, along with the classic Swedish heavy jaw. Whenever I see Quentin in films I’m reminded of acromegaly.

            Methyl, strange though it might sound I was once a diagnostician and I appreciate your compliment. I spent four years writing an artificial intelligence we named “Touchstone”, who’s purpose was self diagnosis.

            Dom, I’m pleased I was able to introduce you to another rare genetic disorder πŸ™‚

          • @Scott–

            Ah! I love computerized diagnostic programs. There was an early one when I was in med school, I forget its name…Homer? Iliad? Something like that. It was a simple expert system; but the differential diagnoses it offered were an excellent jumping point to go from…and a reminder of how little the average doctor knows.

            I often thought then that a good doctor should be humble enough to use software to augment their practice; when you can think of only four or five probable diagnoses, and it spits out fifteen…”Did I miss something?”

            Of course the old saw was “when you hear hooves, think horses before zebras”–in other words, common conditions are common. But having some zebras at the end of the list reminds you to keep an open mind.

            Scott what was the nature of the system you worked on? The principle–expert system, fuzzy, etc? And which language?

          • Dear Methyl –

            The language, as you must have already guessed, was LISP. We used a variant dialect called KRL (for Knowledge Representation Language). Later this became commercially available as Objective C, which was from NeXT, which came from Taligent, which ultimately came from the left front cortex of a guy named Steve Jobs.

            Was it fuzzy? Oh yeah! And will I miss Mr. Jobs? Very seriously.

  2. Interesting questions, but as my history professor stated: “We are prisoners of our sources”.

    As more information becomes available we could (hopefully) form a more informed opinion.

    If Holmes propped open the side door, left, and came back later, other customers in the theater and theater employees might have seen light coming in from the outside. Did they? Someone also might have walked over and shut the door.

    If this was the midnight viewing, it could have been dark out.

    If it was slightly ajar, it is possible that few if any would have noticed.

    • mithrandir, I actually think there may be help for you yet. I can not believe it. Common sense all over with your statement. Anyone that believes there was a second murderer needs to have a mental exam. With dozens of witnesses and no one saying there was a second person/gunman what do you think? Would I have been grabbing my cell phone and taking pictures in the dark and only picking up flashes of gunfire from one person or would I have been working on keeping my head down or escaping?

      There was also a discussion about blood loss from a minor wound? If you cut an artery anywhere you can lose a lot of blood fast even with a very minor cut. You can lose quite a bit of blood with something as minor as a paper cut. If you put pressure on a wound like that it can stop very quickly and heal very quickly. It sounds like you need to start a new web site of conspiracy theories gone wild.

      • Ah, except there ARE reports from witnesses that there were two or more shooters, and that gas canisters came from both sides of the theater.

        But I guess we should bow to your interpretation since you were there.

        Oh what’s that? You weren’t there?

        • CloverClovermethylamine show me your credible report? There is none. There was an interview with a kid that he said there must have been somebody that left him/the shooter in. The gas canister must have come from somewhere else? So that kind of interview is more credible than all the people that actually saw what happened rather than guessing? Yes I have seen dozens of articles written about what the conspiracy theorists thought. The fact is that even the guy that said that someone must have let the guy in said he only saw one gunman. Only stupid people believe in conspiracy theories that contradict the facts.CloverClover

          • Only stupid people call their betters stupid before parsing their missives carefully and investigating what they’ve said.

            The facts that beg belief are:
            * inexperienced shooter whose AR-15 jammed still killed 12 and wounded 54 in under 2 minutes
            * broke grad student bought approx. $20K worth of equipment–without a visit from ATF*
            * same grad student, granted, a bright guy, acquires expert bomb-making skills
            * props open an exit door on the screening night of a hot movie–when every theater showing it posts guys at the exit to prevent people sneaking in
            * re-enters said propped exit door wearing full SWAT regalia, again unobserved
            * police magically investigate scene and announce he’s a lone shooter–in a few hours, ’cause they’re that good

            There’s an awful lot that doesn’t add up in this story…and that’s before you consider its convenience in the light of the upcoming UN ATT treaty.

            And by the way, the treaty is supposedly dead–except, it’s NOT. They’re polishing up the language.

            Meantime, the latest “anti-piracy” (aka internet shutdown) bill contains some nasty little anti-gun provisions.

            Why is it that EVERY FUCKING TIME in history tyranny arrives, they first disarm the citizens? Is it possibly because tyrants fear armed serfs?

            And why, EVERY FUCKING TIME the tyrants start disarming the populace, the testicleless clovers mewl about their saaaafety and how wonderful disarmament would be?

            I find it deliciously ironic that Aurora has extremely strict anti-gun laws, and the theater in particular was a victim disarmament zone.

            Tell you one thing–such a massacre could never happen in Texas. He’d be dead before he emptied the first clip.

            * I’ve had friends visited for buying 1000 rounds at a local shop. ATF are absolutely watching.

          • methylamine,

            Keeping an open mind and listening to all the arguments I find you more logical and persuasive. I think clovercloverclover is actually fairly young, I’m guessing 20’s. He/she doesn’t have enough experience yet to understand how rigged this rabbit hole gets. I know I used to heckle independent thinkers when I was about that age. Everyone was a conspiracist nut to me until one day maturity arrived after Enron turned out to be a real life conspiracy. Oh how I’d thought about rejoining the matrix eating my juicy steak of youth and once again laughing at the truth tellers. But, stupid only lasts for the real stupid, ignorance fades for most with age. Stock market manipulation, Gulf of Tonkin, WMD nonsense, Madoff, JFK, Operation Northwoods, and Enron are undeniable consipiracies. JFK told us that nothing happens by accident but planned in the backroom, but did we listen even after the mafia he was fighting and talking about killed him? Nope, its too easy to laugh at the conspiracy theorist (guys who seem to always be right BTW). Why is it that crazy uncle now seems like a fricken Genius. Heck, he was right about NWO (Euro-Amero), contrived wars (war on drugs and war on terrorism, Iraq, Afgainistan), banker back room deals (banker bailouts), false flag terrorist (Gulf of Tonkin-Operation Northwoods-and most likely 911 sorry), back room power company deals (Enron). I duck my head in shame thinking how alone my wise old friend was and like all prophets (Tesla, Galileo, Copernicus, John the Baptist, and Jesus) ahead of their time (being right and considered crazy by the majority who love power alone) laughed by the 80% and then crucified all by this same blind and clueless.

            Cloverclover I hope you can see reality one day, or will it take you to be their victim and homeless corpse. These evill people that plan to rape your daughter, steal your crops, and use you as cannon fodder. They love only as a means to increase their power. Read the bible for yourself “book of Dan” or read any section on the kings and rulers how they deceive and kill and lie and cheat to kill God’s people. Why do you think Jesus had to be raised in Egypt? But of course President Herod would only tell the truth to the wise men when he told them he wanted to know where baby Jesus was to adorn him. Why would such rulers lie to us? Why would David use a soldier on the front lines so he could screw his wife? So sorry you believe that the rulers love you. They don’t and they never will foolish one. I say foolish because a fool can become wise where a reprobate moron is permanent a irreparable.

            On Batman shooter, it could be a lone killer. It could be something connected to UN treaty (very likely). There is nothing in this article but facts. Simple facts just like the fact like there were no WMD to justify the Iraq war. Simple facts that everytime our side wins a new oil field the American soldier, family, and the rest of us get to pay higher gas as a thank you.

            The government god has done a good job making the serfs their personal protectors. Now back to business the blind lead the blind please and please connect back into the matrix, that juicy steak is waiting for you.

          • @Hot Rod:

            Thank you.

            I think you’re right; youth embraces passion more than reason at times.

            It’s encouraging, though, that so many of them are awake–Ron Paul’s greatest constituency is the 18-30 crowd.

            We might just turn this thing around–or at least avoid the mass culling the Thug-Elites have planned.

      • I made no comment regarding the possibility of other people being involved in the shooting.

        I stated that it was possible that no one noticed exterior lights in the theatre.

        Just because 50 million Frenchman saw nothing does not mean it did not happen. Also as Methylamine states: it appears that some witnesses think there were two or more shooters.

        I do not think there is a need to rush to judgement about what happened. Hopefully a proper investigation will reveal what occurred.

      • Dom fascinating information you bring to light. I like the fact that you bring real facts forward to this problem, because I think something sure smell fishy here. I like Alex Jones but he kind of goes off tangents sometimes and I’m thinking it doesn’t always help our case as sounding logical. You article however sticks to the missing and apparent facts of this bizarre case.

          • These questions need to be asked.

            Funny how the sheeple object when libertarians raise these questions, based on “cui bono?,” i.e., “Who benefits?”

            The sheeple don’t object when the LEOs raise similar questions, based on motive. For example, a spouse takes out a life insurance policy just before his or her partner is involved in a fatal “accident.”

            The timing of the Batman Massacre just before the UN Victim Disarmament Initiative and right after the Fast and Furious false flag operation is awfully suspicious.

            No less suspicious than the shorts on airline stocks just prior to 9/11, or the building insurance taken out on WTC7 just prior to its controlled demolition in the guise of a “building fire.”

            • Hi Bevin!

              This is the phenomenon Brent touched on the other day: Some things don’t bear thinking about – and so are blanked out as a defense measure. To even consider the idea that something like the tower attack was planned is to dip one’s toe in a pool of water that’s much deeper than it appears… and once one begins to suspect how deep that water is, the mind short-circuits. It is literally unthinkable.

              So people find ways to avoid thinking about it.

          • Dear Scott,

            No argument from me.

            I merely find it frustrating when sheeple spin their own willful blindness as “common sense.”

            The reality is that in order to cling to their mainstream orthodoxy, they have had to tamp down countless Inconvenient Truths.

            The psychologists and psychiatrists who testify at the end of the AE911 Truth documentary tell what’s really going on in the minds of sheeple who cling to the official fairy tale about 9/11.


          • Here’s how I begin a discussion with someone who rolls eyes and starts saying things like, “oh, another conspiracy theorist”:

            Fact: The federal government knowingly, deliberately provided guns to Mexican drug cartels – guns it knew would be inevitably be used to commit violent crimes, including (almost certainly) murder. It did so to further a political agenda – to cause outrage about “gun crime” that could then be channeled into support for the policies favored by the government. None of this is in dispute. We know the government – or elements of the government at high levels of authority – conspired to set this chain of events – this illegal, this criminal, this evil chain of events – in motion. Facts. Beyond debate. It has been conceded – publicly.

            Therefore, we know the government – or elements within the government – is absolutely capable of engineering – of conspiring to commit – “false flag” events. Having done so at least once, is it demented to believe it is possible these same people would not do a similar thing again?

          • Dear Eric,

            “It is literally unthinkable. So people find ways to avoid thinking about it.”

            “Spot on!” as the Brits say.

            The cognitive dissonance is too great. Despite all the high falutin’ lip service paid to “reason over emotion,” establishment intellectuals are simply incapable of overcoming their deep-seated terror of any thought outside the box.

            They remind one of victims of agoraphobia, who are terrified of stepping outside a self-imposed physical and psychological “Green Zone.”

          • Dear Eric,

            “Having done so at least once, is it demented to believe it is possible these same people would not do a similar thing again?”


            Skepticism is understandable before one learns about the long list of confirmed false flag operations on the historical record that are beyond dispute.

            But after one learns about them? Especially after one learns about Operation Northwoods?

            You’d have to be a tinfoil hat nutjob NOT to conclude that high level government conspiracies are real.

            Not all of them of course. But many of them.

          • Re: eric on August 2, 2012 at 9:48 am

            The problem is those people don’t even know the facts of the things those in government have done to manipulate people.

            Trying to bring them up from zero is practically impossible. It’s like being Ron Paul at a presidential debate. For most people to understand the answer they need to listen to a half hour lecture. They are at zero when it comes to real information and they won’t sit still long enough to learn anything.

          • Dear Brent,

            “and they won’t sit still long enough to learn anything.”

            That’s it.

            The problem is not ignorance. The problem is WILLFUL ignorance.

            It’s not that they don’t know. That can be remedied. It’s that they don’t want to know.

            “An empty head is not really empty; it is stuffed with rubbish. Hence the difficulty of forcing anything into an empty head.”
            — Eric Hoffer


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