Anti-war protesters to cop: We don’t need a permit we have the constitution

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I see these protesters out more and more often nowadays!  Also, see more cops too.

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Joshua Cook
September 1, 2013

On Saturday, thousands of citizens throughout the nation protested military strikes against Syria. A group of activists assembled at the busiest intersection in Spartanburg, S.C. to wave signs and bring awareness to the ongoing push to strike Syria by the Obama administration. A local police officer told them that if someone complained they would have to leave because they did not have a city permit. He also said that activists who continue to protest on the crosswalk would go to jail.

Many of the protestors considered this to be a violation of their 1st Amendment right and challenged the officer by asking him if they committed any crime. They also reminded the officer that they had a right to assemble on public property such as a sidewalk and did not need a permit to do so. Evan Mulch the organizer of the protest told the officer that in the future he would not apply for a permit but would let the police department know when they plan to do the next event.

One protester asked the officer, “what about our right to assembly?” The officer said, “like I said, you have to fill out a form.”

Dr. Bill Bledsoe asked the officer, “What laws am I breaking and are you arresting me?”

“No,” replied the officer. “What I was explaining to him was that you have to have a permit to assemble,” said the officer.

Bledsoe said, “you do not have to have a permit to walk across the street holding a sign.”

One protestor told the officer, “you are pledged to support the Constitution, that’s the #1 law!”

Evan Mulch the who organized the protest told the officer, “what you are conditioning us to do is to ask you for approval to be in a public place – we don’t need your approval.”

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    • Yep. I’d be ashamed to do such work – which is why I’d never choose to do such work.

      These guys do choose – and that makes them culpable.

      I’ve got zero use for such. Choose to be an asshole, screw with people who aren’t harming anyone or anything – just because you’ve got a spiffy suit and the state’s sanction to assault people.

      Throw ’em in the woods!

      • That’s if these were paid shit hooks who did the vandalism. If it’s being done by hobbyists….well, the result is the same. The shills who post their silly shit are a minor inconvenience compared to such attacks. I’ll be viewing the shills as co-workers of the vandals from now on. Short insulting answers is all they’ll get from me.

  1. OK Dom, time for some fundraising for additional bandwidth etc. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!!!! Thanks for your work.

    Next time the mass of sissy bicyclists in SFO get their piece out of joint (or was it joint out of piece…can’t remember) and protest by blocking roads, freeways and bridges during rush hours we could pay to have this cop go there and confront them.

    • Garysc, I’ve soo been waffling on giving a donation.
      I feel bad about waiting.
      You see,… it’s about my own condition, of course.
      As I’m sure it is with most people.
      And the return on investment. …

      …You know , if dom’s going out on the lake with his little girl, I feel like maybe I shouldn’t give back. Damn, dom, where’s you’re dedication to overtime!?!!!\\

      Ha! I’m Just freaking kidding. I’m not some slave driving asshole in a factory. However; I have been ruled by such, time and time again.

      Oh, crap, my American’ness is kicking in, and I can only see out of one eye…

      [ERROR: please fill the required fields (name, email).] – WTF is tHtash?

      Got-damn internet B.S. requirements. I got to fill out my name. yeesh. This is getting old.

        • I have been rambling lately, haven’t I, Garysco?
          Seems like some of the time the stuff I write isn’t even close to what I mean. Which makes it worthless, or worse.

          I’ve often thought of sending a $100 bill via snail mail.
          I wonder if it would even make it there?

          I thought about posing a question: if eric had a hog roast, and you could go, what would you bring? A sort of virtual hog roast/fund raiser? (Ha. Maybe the Farmville people would be down with that even?)

          I know not everyone likes beer, so maybe I’d bring half a case of almost cheap wine?
          That costs about a hundred bucks …So I’d send that.

          Then another person would say what they’d bring…

          And next month have a, ‘What would you add to a car/bike build’?

          But that all might be very lame?
          And I seem to have lost a bit of spark to comment for some reason.
          I intend to do less commenting. Or, none?
          Anyway, if we don’t start WWIII next week, I think I’ll send that letter.
          Of course then I’d have to send the same to Will Grigg.

          Between contributing to the struggle for freedom, and my dentist, I’m headed to the poor house.
          With inflation and such I’m headed there anyway, eh? Might as well go this route.

          rambling OFF/

          • Hi DS,

            The ideal scenario would be a relative handful of the thousands of people who visit this site every day tossing just a few bucks (coffee money) our way once a month. This would cover our nut without anyone having to send in more than coffee money.

            And here we get into what I look upon as the potential blessing – and all-too-often, the curse – of the Internet.

            It has opened up a new world of possibilities, of instant access to useful information (and other people, via online communities) but much of this – especially that which is not “corporate” – depends for its viability and thus its continued existence on the freely given support of those who partake. It is the Libertarian economic model, to a great extent.

            Imagine, for instance, a big parking lot where a man who makes a neat little car leaves the cars he makes – keys in the ignition, full tank of gas. Anyone who wishes to do so may take one for a test drive and even take one home, if they wish. Payment optional – and to whatever extent people see fit. There’s no enforcement mechanism other than goodwill and the desire to swap value for value.

            That’s how I view web sites like this one. If people like what’s here, if they come here often, the hope is they’ll throw some coins our way – so that we’ll be able to keep on providing both the physical site as well as the material that constitutes the main reason for people wanting to come here.

          • I still practice the old ways of the internet… that is everyone makes something. Put in what is taken out. Maybe not in the same place but the internet as a whole. For good or bad that’s the internet model I was brought up in. It actually predates the internet. It’s really a very old way of the computer world.

            The comparisons to the physical world don’t really seem to hold for me.

          • Garysco wrote, “But it did feel good at the time. :]”

            Ha. That was funny. Thanks for that.

            And, that’s what I get for T.W.D. anyway.

            I try to stick to R.W.D., but it never works.

            “Do, or do not. There is no ‘try”

            [T.W.D. = Typing While Drinking. R.W.D = Reading While Drinking.]

      • Morning, Downshift –

        Yesterday, the site was down for most of the day after it got hit by a DOS attack. Dom worked pretty much all afternoon and until around 9:15 last night (I was on, too) trying to get us back up and running. On a Sunday. On a holiday weekend. After putting in a full week at his day job.

        That’s the sort of thing I pay him to do.

        Reader support – now that we’re unplugged from Google – is what makes it possible to retain Dom’s services. Without which, this site would still be down right now and no one would be reading anything!

    • Hi Gary,

      So, check this out:

      Google fucks us; we drop Google.

      We go reader supported – and start to recover.

      We get hit with epic DOS attacks that shut the site down for 24 hours at a time.

      • Time to push back harder and grow the site readership (if you are up for it) comarde.

        Everyone is stairing around blankly asking “what can us helpless Ameicans do about the take-over-fascism going on around us?” Well folks quit bitching and lets get dirty..

        Hire one of those services that automatically mitigate the attacks for you. All it takes is some money. I would rather it be customer supported and not force you to answer to advertisers to keep this ship above the waterline, but is not my site.

        I really lke cars, motorcycles, and political banter. Eric has created it for us prols. The least we can do is help shove it back in the big boys face. Better then sitting with a beer and watching (OMG) Dancing with the Stars.

        I have to go now … my Thorazine-Haldol-Johnny Walker buzz is wearing off.

    • Same for us:

      We being silenced mang! I checked most of the ip addresses and they all “seem” to be coming from China. Something tells me China doesn’t give a shit about epautos.

      • Yep. Spoofed IP addresses? How bad has it gotten on your server? I saw that the site was unusable early this afternoon, where you’d get a 404 on any link you clicked.

        Just checked in to see if the site was back up.

        • It’s silly the shit that happens to this site daily. We’re still being attacked but I was able to block just enough of it that the processors have some RAM to work and we can communicate. It’s a juggling act.. The site must remain interactive, but it must be secure as well. Having both is a bitch.

          Oh, and earlier I just said fuck it and turned the shit off then took my kid to the river and chilled.

          • “The site must remain interactive, but it must be secure as well.”

            Cool, The ship is breaking up,.. but we well remain on target!

            The fucking bastards. …Ahhhhh…>>>>>

            dom wrote, “Oh, and earlier I just said fuck it and turned the shit off then took my kid to the river and chilled. ”

            Is that like, a line out of The Godfather, or wHAt?

          • Yeah, glad you took a break. The people who do this kind of thing to a website are assholes. I doubt they give a shit what kind of damage they cause.

            Makes me want to meet them in person and show them just how much I care.

        • Ed said, “I saw that the site was unusable early this afternoon, where you’d get a 404 on any link you clicked.”

          No, man, weren’t you paying attention? That shit’;s been going on since yesterday at noon. At least.

          It’s like, dang, didn’t you guys see the memo? D.O.D got a directive to shut shit down. They get bonuses too.

          Heh, dom did you get a counter bonus.
          Anyway, it’s the thrill, not the ride.
          Yee-ha. Mf’er’s!

      • “The site must remain interactive, but it must be secure as well.”

        Cool, The ship is breaking up,.. but we well remain on target!

        The fucking bastards. …Ahhhhh…>>>>>

        dom wrote, “Oh, and earlier I just said fuck it and turned the shit off then took my kid to the river and chilled. ”

        Is that like, a line out of The Godfather, or wHAt?

      • Dear dom,

        As always, the first question to ask is “Qui bono?”

        I seriously doubt that anyone on mainland China has any interest in silencing a US based website that denounces US government imperialism abroad and US government oppression at home!

        Very difficult to give credence to.

        • done with “zombie” machines remotely controlled.

          Or maybe new GM foreign based (you know where) managers don’t want Eric to bad rap the Chinese character dash display in the Cadillac they will sell to us.

        • “Qui bono?”

          Nobody, really. The turds who do this kind of shit may be getting paid, but that’s probably the only remotely imaginable to anyone. Taking pay for work like that makes a person a flaming asshole. I hope their little paychecks are worth it to them as they see their lives shrink along with their souls.


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