Teenager arrested/facing charges for wearing pro 2A T-Shirt

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  1. Anyone else enjoy the part where the ‘journalist’ or the ‘voice over journalist’ says, ‘This gun….or the image of this gun printed on his t-shirt sparked…’ etc.

    No. It was a picture of a gun, not the actual gun itself. Do not confuse the issue, you media parasites.

  2. 10 year old Braden Bandermann gets 24 hours in solitary confinement sentence from warden Brandi Hucko for bringing a tiny swiss army knife to a class outing at a nature camp.


    Braden Bandermann’s father commanded to risk his job and retrieve his terroristic son


    • The kid’s just another raisin, hand him over to the state?

      “Since 1937, the federal government has forced raisin growers to hand over without compensation a percentage of their annual crop to a government-sponsored raisin marketing board, keeping this portion from consumers in open domestic markets […] Similar boards control other agricultural products, including milk, fruits, and vegetables..”


      I had no idea anything like that occurred it the unitedstate today.
      No wonder they snatch kids and threaten to throw them in jail as if it were nothing.

      Ruled by slavers.
      Helots, all.

      • Oh yeah…FDR was a fucking terrorist. That terrorist fuck did a lot of damage – worse than Lincoln, Wilson, and LBJ. The Wagner Act gave government-gun-and-jail-backed control of the means of production to terrorist gangs referred to as Labor Unions. It is truly amazing that America is as economically powerful as it is.

      • eric, thanks for the heads up on that manual. I was unaware of it but it sounds very dangerous. Half the population could be rounded up for something in it now that I have investigated what it’s about. All I need is to be graded by some arbitrary classification, judged a particular “prototype” and then treated with drugs as such. Treatment doesn’t work….or so someone says. I must be re-evaluated and probably will more closely resemble the nest worse “prototype”. It’s a shame when you can’t even trust your doctor. And this doesn’t even require a doctor or even anyone you know but simply a bureaucrat who has access to your files or some other less tangible thing.

        • It’s a four alarm worry.

          They are pathologizing aversion to Cloverism. If you dislike/disagree with being told how to live your life, believe you have a right to be left in peace so long as you’re peaceful yourself – you are “ill.”

          This will be the pretext for taking away people’s guns – and then what remains of their liberty. It will be a cudgel used to enforce absolute compliance. It’s what they did in the old Soviet Union.

          And now they’re going to do it here.

          • I used to get S’s in “citizenship” as a child due to not buying everything my teacher(s) said. I wasn’t a trouble-maker, just someone who stood back and watched what was going on. It must have been those looks I gave the teach since there wasn’t much else to cause me to be described that way. My mother would question me about it but not push. My dad, not a word. He wasn’t buying it either. With all the gummint files created on me since, I’ll have to literally flee when they want to “do something”. Good to be forewarned although I’ve always had this nagging thing in the back of my mind about this. Other children feared the boogey man or something. I feared being stuck in a mental hospital because I read about all the pogroms and such as a young child. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Watch it boy, don’t get too smart.

          • Actually, DSM 5 was just released – and it adds a LOT.
            Further, the people who decided the terms of each “illness” (At least WRT gender) all had pet theories…
            So, if you’re obrn male, wear a dress even as a Halloween costume/ prank, and have a sexual thuoght? You’re in the same classification as pedophiles and bestiality lovers.
            It is also never applied to women, BTW – who are USUALLY cross-dressed in our society.

            I have great faith in “the establishment” to use these methods to patologize everything except abject supplication (cloverism to the nth, I’d guess). I also would guess that gun hoplophobes were consulted to ensure that anything EXCEPT abject terror at the sight of a weapon was pathologized; that the anorexics were the council for the eating disorders; that puritanical shlepps like Kellog were consulted for diet (He believed in vegetarian diet as a means to contrl the impure sexual urges of humans); etc. In other words, the lunatics are running the asylum, and since we’re NOT crazy, just inside the asylum – we MUST be crazy. After all, if you’re not guilty, you have nothing to hide. But we’ll find out what you’re guilty of even if we have to make it up, JUST so we can medicate you.

            Soviet Union wasn’t this advanced.

            Back to fire with fire. Deep-fried lunatic stinks, but doesn’t pass any more onerous rules or mandate electroshock aversion therapy to meat, guns, sex, non-conformity.

            For a man, having balls these days is an invitation to be certified crazy; for a woman to NOT have brass ones is ALSO a sign of pathology. For a school child to think of the Founders as anything but terrorists is a sign of mental disease. For whites to be anything but passive sheep is indicative of disease – yet niggers are allowed to rape and murder (ANYONE) and have an excuse for it – it’s all WHITEY’S fault.

            Evil has triumphed because good men did nothing. Now it’s up to the less-evil to turn things around – and good man can go to hell. War is no place for such pious c*nts.

            Dammit, I woke up in a good mood today, too! 😛

          • Oh, BTW to Eightsouthman –
            I don’t recall “citizenship” on there, but maybe. But I was always a “teacher’s pet” sort. Of course, I was at least 10 IQ points above the second-best kid, too. Literally, I would read books in the back of class, and get As on my tests. Never cracked a book until college, really. Usually didn’t do homework.

            All the teachers loved me, and I was usually the best behaved, until probably 5th, when the girls started getting all the attention. (Go figure, female teachers.)

            I’d guess that I was a good little “drone” in a lot of ways.

            So to see my comments now – you’d think I was raised to be a rebel or terror*st.

            There’s hope – some people WILL take the Red Pill. It’s human nature. But Alphas are rare, so cultivate the traits and disciplines in yourself, and foster them in others whenever you can.

            Some of the nicest people in the world got that way by doing evil acts – they already KNOW the costs. They see where it’s going. They’ll unleash hell if there’s a need. And history is rife with examples. (for a good story – go find “Secondhand Lions”. Same sort of concept, except I’m certain the tales were dramatized and enhanced. And you’d need to go watch it to see what I mean, I won’t spoil it. Coming of age for a young boy, living with his uncles after his mother is off to school. Stories are about the uncles’ lives. Worth a viewing – and it’s really something about being a man, in the real sense of the word. Something I fear is sorely lacking in modern world. it’s left to people like me… )

          • jean, I know how it goes when you’re young. I was some teacher’s pet, one in particular went out of her way to lie about things I did so that was a rough year. I’d tell my parents when the SHTF, she’s lying, I didn’t do that. Well, they’d mumble her name under their breath. They knew I didn’t lie and was well grown before I even conceived to use a lie. I always had a problem with authority that wasn’t fair. I’d see some unfortunate kid get beaten and I couldn’t help but take their side. They generally just did something dumb but teachers have some really bad biases. If I’d done the same thing I’d have gotten a rebuke or nasty look. I wasn’t impressed by a bad person taking their biased opinions out on some poor kid. I think most of them knew I was keeping a running tally. I think I may have read Secondhand Lions long ago. I distinctly recall the boy being raised by uncles. Thanks for the thought though, I might try to find it and read it again. For the past few years I have re-read books I read very early in life and didn’t fully understand or appreciate in the way I do now. Even books I read as a young man being on the road and trucking strike me in a different way from back then. On the road, if I could have a do-over, I’d do it again but differently. Oh, to have a 20 year old body and know what I know now……

  3. It seems young Jared isn’t taking to the indoctrination program very well. Perhaps he needs a set of chains, and if he does it again…a second set of chains. “He ain’t gonna need no third set, ’cause he’s gonna get his mind right, and I mean RIGHT” – Strother Martin as The Captain.

  4. If Dad keeps him in public school the kid will become just another Fucktardian like that useless liberal tax-feeder scumbag sociopath Crystal Moore.

    • Yep, exactly. There is ZE-RO excuse for anyone to send their kids to or keep their kids in a publik skool today. In fact, doing so is one of the worst forms of child abuse imaginable.

  5. It is a shame that this occurred.


    With the technology and books/media available it is probably more feasible for most young people to be home schooled. One only needs a willing and able adult to act as a guide and a student willing and able to learn.

    • I can tell you from direct personal experience that ANYONE with even a rudimentary education can home school a child. The self-guiding curricula, complete K-12, can be purchased for as little as $100 ( highly recommend this one, although the Robinson curriculum works well too).

      My wife, who has nothing more than a high school diploma and a two-year business college diploma, home schooled our grandson before he started kindergarten. By the end of three months, she had him reading and doing simple arithmetic at a First Grade level (had my daughter not “gone dumbshit” and enrolled him in public school for kindergarten and first grade, he would have climbed even higher. As it was, public school undid all of my wife’s work in just a few months. Fortunately my daughter realized the error of her ways after my grandson finished first grade and put him into private school, where he completely recovered). All you need is the courseware, a computer, and a printer.

      It’s all about applying basics, in logical order, and leaving out the bullshit that is most of the public kiddie prisons’ routine. I’d be willing to be that in Jared’s case, he’s smart enough and enough of a self-starter to probably teach himself everything he needs to know to complete his high school curricular requirements.

  6. Jared is an honor student who faces a year in jail and $500 fine. He wore the shirt all morning with no incident. The confrontation was started by the school’s band teacher, Crystal Moore, in the afternoon.

    “The Costumed Swinelord James Adkins, claims that when Jared refused to stop talking, it hindered his ability to do his job, hence, the obstruction charge. The responding officers at the school initially even went as far as threatening to charge Jared with making terroristic threats.”

    Band Teacher’s Email:
    Crystal Moore clmoore@access.k12.wv.us

    Principal Ernestine Sutherland. esutherl@access.k12.wv.us
    Assistant Principals: Elizabeth Thompson & Camille Evans.
    Logan Middle School (304) 752-1804.


    Logan, WV Population 1,700
    Logan Police (304) 752-6535. Chief E.K. Harper.

    • Poor kid.

      I’m glad that his Dad appears to be backing him up, at least.

      I’d have said thank you for suspending him – and never sent him back to that government-run third rung of hell. Home school from now on. That kid appears to be intelligent. He’s obviously articulate. Give him the books he needs, access to any instruction he needs – and throw the damn “school” in the woods.

      • Either homeschool him or sue the school board and the police department for enough to finish out his education in a decent private school.

        Speaking of the police department, I don’t think it sends a very good message that they hire officers whose duties can be interfered merely by a teenager talking. Maybe it’s because the default options of “taser” or “gun” could not be used on a kid in front of a room full of witnesses and he lacked the skills and/or training to do anything else.

        There’d be no surprise at all if this happened in one of the northeastern states or the PRK, but West Virginia? Really? Anybody want to place bets on where the principal or the music teacher are originally from?

        • “Anybody want to place bets on where the principal or the music teacher are originally from?”

          HEH HEH HEH… Trick question, A-hole. 😉

          “Remember, Man, that thou art dust… And to dust thou shalt return.”

          Yeah, _I_ know where they’re from. 😀

          (And just busting your chops above, if it’s not obvious from the response.)

        • West Virginia, contrary to poplar belief, is actually pretty liberal. In my experience at least. Yes, they vote for the republican candidate during presidential elections, but most other decisions the majority of the state makes lean on the socialist side of things. Think Pennsylvania when pondering WV politics, they’re similar.

          Of course, its hard to tell if just my area, the state, or the majority of the country that thinks this way nowadays.

          • Brandonjin, I was reading some political news from WV a couple days ago and was astounded at the radical liberalism, socialism that they are promoting. Back in the 60’s I met a guy from WV who could have been a movie character of mountain people, really small, thin and hatchet faced. He and I both were maybe 20 or 21 and he was downhome Appalachia, a really nice guy. I hated to see him go back but he was an Air Crapper and wanted to go back to the mountain and I couldn’t blame him.

          • Yes, it’s completely blatant. The university and it’s bureaucracy are entrenched and own/influence AT LEAST the entire north and central parts of the state.

            As for the man you met, most of this age seem really nice. But here in WV, anyone under 40, they’re so rude, inconsiderate, and downright mean. It’s unnerving. And I know this is regional, because people down south are so much nicer to me. Even girls down south pay me attention, but not here, and that, is truly fascinating and intriguing.

          • West Virginians, like most of the rest of the country, are dyed-in-the-wool statists through and through. Whether they’re “Democrat” statists or “Republican” statists doesn’t matter. Whoever promises to bring home the most stolen bacon gets the majority of the votes. The only difference between WV and the rest of the Amerikan Soyuz (thank you, Will Grigg!) is that WV is perhaps more open and obvious about being a welfare state. The unpleasant fact of the matter is that it’s a state without very much going for it on any level and they need federally furnished handouts to prop up what little facade of an economy they have (yes, I know from which I speak; I’ve spent more than enough time in the state for both work and pleasure). The comparison with Pennsylvania (and most other parts of the mid-western Rust Belt) is apt, as this state is pretty much the same species of political creature.

            For all of this, it’s no surprise that a young man like Jared is being persecuted by tax-fattened authoritah figures. What really must scare the shit out of the “adults” in his world who are not friends and family is his ability to speak articulately and think critically, more so than most the “grownups” can. Most Amoricon “adults” feel threatened by young people who show them up for the buffoons that they are.

          • I will say, regarding WV’s economy, that they are one of the top coal producers in the country. It goes a long way in energizing the state.

    • Tor, I have had dealings with the thugs in costume in the last couple years and “terroristic threats” are their mantra now. What ever happened to just a plain old threat or merely a warning? I’ll send my threat in a plain green wrapper….at 3300+fps.

      • “Terrorist threats” are the new mantra, the verbal magic wand that gives the swine extra-judicial paramilitary powers to trample and wreak havoc. They will use it as liberally as a kid who’s home alone will sprinkle sugar on his cereal.


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