Unmasked Contempt

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Here’s video of your Sickness Solzhenitsyn defying Sickness Psychosis at a Fear Mask mandatory supermarket. Only I’m not wearing the Fear Mask – now or ever. Some others aren’t as well – and we need more of them. And less of the Corona Cringer I stopped to thank for not wearing the Fear Mask… who mumbled that he was going to get one, soon.

We see both sides of the line in this one. Which side are you on?

To Mooooo . . . or not to Moooo. That is, indeed, the question!

. . .

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  1. Since I have a seasonal cough, and I’m worried about being lynched by a stampeding mob of corona cattle if I break out into a coughing fit- for that reason I carry one. I’ll only put it on in case of extreme need.

    Also the wife is actually making a little money for a change by making them for people who want them- though she has really come around to my way of thinking since watching my business income evaporate due to this insane panic.

    • Ernie, it’s a great thing, the govt. taking away your bidness. I experienced it in 74 as a trucker. Nothing like having a good bidness and having it jerked out from under you. Makes you want to do something to govt. Sorry about your coughing.

      Might I suggest you gun up and ammo up and get lots of food stored? It’s what we’re doing. I’m buying hogs since they have no place to process them. But I’m not proud, I’ll eat Rocky and his brethren and possum and rabbits and squirrels and turkeys and had a deer come up from the spillway yesterday while we were stocking the tank with more fish. He just swam by, got out on the bank and lay down under some cottonwoods. Pet deer I guess. Good luck to you….and everyone else. We’re going to need it with beef topping out a over $383. Don’t know what coyote tastes like but might find out. I’m not standing in a govt. line with a chit for whatever they chose to give me. If you know history, you’ll know it’s happened at least 4 times before counting the uncivil war and the southerners were just slaughtered and their fields were burned. It would have happened in the 1700’s but people had balls and were ready to fight.

      • Oh, I have food stored. No guns sadly- lost them all on that fishing trip- except for gramps old single shot shotgun;). Still have pallets of ammo though. Should be good for something. Grabbed a couple hogs cheap which couldn’t go to Sioux Falls Smithfield. Skip the coyote and go for the roadrunner- much tastier. Plenty of rats on stilts around here.

    • Hi Ernie,

      I am a very bad man. I erupt into exaggerated coughing/choking fits – Corona! Ugh! – whenever someone makes a wide circle around me.

  2. What’s the 6-feet thing about anyway? Who came up with that? If you wear a mask then you don’t need to stay 6 feet away from everyone, because the mask will absorb your sneeze/cough/etc. So it should be one or the other, not both.

    I know, I know, none of this has to make sense LOL.

    • The six feet is about how far apart we need to be for the coming total surveillance to identify individuals. Since most of our real face to face communication, not the antisocial media “communication”, is by facial expression and body language, the mask is intended to keep us from communicating if we happen to “accidentally” get closer than six feet.

      • JWK, I doubt most people would even notice- if they’re more than 5 feet apart, they just text each other anyway……

      • I read that somewhere online… something about the 5g needs people to be that far apart in order to identify them. Apparently it can ID people via radio waves, like a radar system. This is insane, I sure hope the people start getting together and demand this system gets removed.

        • Gee – “somewhere online” – an unimpeachable, authoritative source! Any technical documentation on this method of identifying people? It sounds like the lunatic ravings of people who used to think their old antenna-based analog TV sets could spy on them. (Of course modern internet-connected TVs can, but that’s a horse of a different color.)

          We have enough real problems to deal with without spreading paranoid fantasies.

          • Jason, RU old enough to remember those ABC “movies of the week” in the early 70s? Some were pretty damned good! I recall this one called “The Stranger”, which has a NASA astronaut, when his Apollo-type spacecraft goes way off-course (his fellow astronauts perish) and lands on a “Counter-Earth” which is even in the exact same orbit, just simply 180 degrees opposite. Never mind why astronomers would have long detected such a planet anyway. What tips the ‘hero’ off that he “ain’t in Kansas no more”, in spite of the efforts of his hosts to keep him thinking he is, is that he gets outside his hospital room at night and sees three moons.

            There are enough similarities, including about the same technology, and English is spoken, written in Roman characters, and plenty of Chrysler automobiles about (clever product placement). However, the ruling regime is quite repressive and totalitarian. A sympathetic doctor advises our hero that the TV in his room can “see back”, e.g., it comes with a built-in TV camera as well. At the time (1973), that would seem utterly fantastic for a typical consumer TV set, but that’s actually be a very common feature in most flat-screen TVs, as well as so many laptop PCs. Ostensibly useful for the user, but for many sets, the damned thing can’t be turned OFF, even when the set is supposedly powered down. Many also come with built-in mics, which again, don’t necessarily turn off under user control. And never mind the Alexa and Google home devices, or Ring door bells. The present inter-connection of American households and businesses has enabled the ability of the powers-that-be to conduct surveillance that would have been a DDR Stasi Herr General’s wet dream.

            • Yes, Douglas, I do recall those movies! Of course the idea of “television watches you” goes back at least to Orwell’s Ninteen-Eighty-Four.

              Where Orwell really got it wrong was thinking that mass surveillance would have to be forced. Today people just can’t wait to fork over their hard-earned cash for the latest invasion of what little privacy we have left. Smart TVs. Alexa. Siri. Ring doorbells. The Stasi could not even dream of this setup.

              • To go along with that 1970s Sci-Fi nailing it, though obviously the SFx were cheesy by modern standards, recall the 3rd “Ape” movie, “Escape”, from 1971, where the chimp scientists (Cornelius and Zira, along with a brilliant scientist, well ahead of his time, whom salvaged the spacecraft that Col. Taylor and the other two astronauts had come back to Earth in 3955 AD in, studied it, “half” understood it, got it repaired and spaceworthy, just in nick of time before the dying Taylor triggers the Alpha-Omega planet-killing bomb) come back to 1973 Southern California. After Dr. Milo (the late Sal Mineo) is killed when the chimp-o-nauts are mistakenly held in the LA Zoo by a depressed and morose (and psychotic) gorilla, and the two sympathetic human researchers (Bradford Dilman and Natalie Trundy, she being the wife of the producer of the Ape movies, Arthur P. Jacobs) discover the chimps are articulate and highly intelligent. After their intelligence is revealed to the world and they’re feted and given a whirlwind tour of Los Angeles, the evil “Goiman” scientist (Eric Braeden, you might remember him from “The Rat Patrol”), concerned that after Zira reveals they came from Earth’s future, are concerned that they and their offspring might end up taking over. He proposes, after having CIA spooks “professionally” interrogate the chimps, that Zira’s unborn baby (as if getting her hammered on “Grape Juice Plus” wouldn’t possibly induce fetal alcohol syndrome to poor baby Caesar), to abort the chimp fetus and sterilize the parents so they couldn’t produce further intelligent offspring that could raise the intelligence of chimps throughout the world. When the US President objects, citing that King Herod had tried infanticide, and Jesus Christ survived, Dr. Hasselein’s response? “Why all due respect, Mr. President, Herod lacked OUR facilities”.

                You’re exactly right, Jason. The present-day surveillance state would have been a Stasi commissar’s wet dream.

  3. Went to town today to run some errands and get some supplies. Had to goose-step and sieg hiel again!

    Not at Lowe’s this time. Had a guy cashier at Lowes, and he was cool- even poked his head around the plexiglass barrier to transact busy-ness.

    Walmart was a different story! They had the entrances taped off. I just walked through the first opening, and was intercepted by a frau who told me I had to go around to where a dude in an official safety vest (It’s ALWAYS about safety, ya know!) and walk amidst the barriers and 6′ spaced lines. I just cut in again after I got a few feet past the bitch (There was no one else waiting- I didn’t cut a line or anything) and then had to wait briefly on one of the 6′ markers, as the frau instructed the woman ahead of me to “Follow the arrows and keep 6′ distance…yada yada”. Then it was my turn…so I goose-stepped up to her in an exaggerated motion, turned sharply, and heiled, and then proceeded to walk in- but I was going the wrong way in a one-way make-shift aisle that led to the front door- for which I was told “The other way! Follow the arrows”- to which I replied “Yeah right” and just kept walking.

    Inside the store no one bothered me, as far as following arrows and what-not. A lot of two-legged cows were wearing masks today. One she-boon had the lower part of her face covered with at least three different things….I don’t know how she was able to breathe (She probably thought the smell was coming from someone else 🙂 ) .

    Next time, I’ll use the old “No habla Engliss” routine again……(I would have today- but I forgot!)

    • Hi Nunz,

      I have given this a great deal of thought and do not say it lightly; I fully understand that I may be Hut! Hut! Hutted! … so be it. I will not wear a goddamn mask. Ever. Not anywhere. Just as I will not do jumping jacks or wear a got-damned seat belt, either. If it is not enough for me to be a peaceful, not-hurting-anyone guy just minding my own business, then bring it on. Because what have I got to lose, really?

      What have any of us got to lose?

      Ah, but what might we gain?

      • Mornin’ Eric!

        Exactly. I’ve drawn my line. Be DAMNED if they’ll tell me what to wear on my own personal body! We’ve all made enough concessions already….no more!

        Thank goodness for the island of sanity that you and the fruit of your labor -which is this site- are!

    • The problem with the “My name José Jiménez, no habla ingles!” approach is there are so many illegals around some beaner might call your bluff on that!

      • That’s the beauty of it though, Jason….. Make the ‘No habla Engliss’ as ludicrous as their Corona-fear BS. Like: “Yeah, like I only espicka de Espanol like your mask protects you from COVID-19′ 🙂

        I was even thinking of getting a cowboy hat, or maybe carrying my aftershit[attache] case, and doing what ever else I can to look as milquetoast lilly-white Bubba-esque as possible! Or better yet, a “Mexico for Mexicans” T-shirt!

        Ya can really have some fun with this stuff.

        Or maybe say it in German- “Ich spreche kein englisch”, so I can be consistent when I do the goose-step and sieg heil!

        Or maybe “No speaky Engrish”.

      • He could be a hulking Mexican dude like the hospital orderly whom got Alan B. Sheppard (Scott Glen) aside and told him, accompanied by about a dozen other Hispanic folk, that his “Jose Jimenez” imitation was very good, but what he was DONG with it was very “B-A-D”.

  4. I will never ware one as they are 100% cosmetic and do NOT keep you from getting a virus. its just the new 2020 ‘Virtual Signal’ !!!!

    #MaskEqualsSubmission #SubmissionEqualsSlavery !!!

  5. I’m not going to comply with any edict of mask wearing. Someone tries to put one on me, they will get it back in the mail.

  6. There’s places now that you can get fined $1000 if you are caught w/o a mask on in public. And the AGWs there I am sure, are very keen to be on the lookout for unmasked crusaders. I mean…how easy for them to rape the wallet. Let’s ignore all other crime and corruption. And people lick the boots of AGWs as ‘heros’ LOL

    • I would not pay the fine. I would plead not guilty and meet in front of a judge. If they will meet. This is bullshit. There is nothing in state statute about wearing masks. And, no, there is no such thing as implied consent.

  7. Karen DeCoster at LRC posted the link to this…


    It’s a War and The Enemy is those who do not mask, mandated or not. What the pencil neck geek of a media hack stops short of is saying what one does to the Enemy in a War. Had Orwell penned this missive he probably would have gone back and deleted it thinking it was just too over the top.

        • Hi JWK,

          I wish the “good ones” would publicly burn their uniforms and renounce the profession and anyone who remains employed therein. These people are the literal “enemies of freedom” The Chimp used to lisp about. Everyone knows it. No one “feels safe” when they notice an AGW rolling in behind them. It ought to get them thinking.

          • After these “repentant” AGWs profess that they’ll burn their uniforms, renounce being AGWs, and hug their mothers in relief, do we get to take out a Bowie knife and carve a swastika into their forehead anyway? After all, how DO you “get to Carnegie Hall?”

            • Hi Doug,

              I think repentance, if genuine and matched by action, deserves forgiveness; a second chance. One second chance. This is the moment for any AGW who isn’t entirely a mindless thug to decide which side of the line he’s on. Those who cross over to our side deserve to be forgiven and welcomed. We all make mistakes. It’s acknowledging them and not making the same ones again that’s determinative, however.

              • From the LDS work of Scripture, Doctrine and Covenants, Section 42, concerning adultery:

                “24 Thou shalt not commit adultery; and he that committeth adultery, and repenteth not, shall be cast out.

                25 But he that has committed adultery and repents with all his heart, and forsaketh it, and doeth it no more, thou shalt forgive;

                26 But if he doeth it again, he shall not be forgiven, but shall be cast out.

                You NAILED it, “Brother” Eric!

    • Mark, I noticed “comments are disabled”. No doubt about why. I’m sure when you’re an idiot, it gets disheartening for people to rightly call you an idiot.

    • No offense is intended to anyone here, but the general manager of that station is a complete fucking idiot.

      So, now people that wear masks are “Corona Soldiers”? Why on earth does everything have to be related to war?

      Fuck this guy and his “corona soldiers”. (Sorry, I am a bit angry about this today and, again, I intend no offense to anyone here).

      • Jim, if you’re just now mad, you’re way behind me. I’ve been livid for months. It’s affecting my health. At least nobody is being forced to wear masks in west Texas. I think they know we won’t do it.

        • Now if we could just do something about Austin, and Dallas/Fortworth… Can we PLEASE send them back, to what ever socialist hell hole they fled from? (Face Palm)

          • It seems the jocular saying to “Keep Austin ‘Weird” ” has been taken to an extreme that the original sloganeers never foresaw nor intended.


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