The New Ultimate Driving Machine!

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Here’s a look at the only sporty luxury sedan left standing – the 2020 Genesis G70!


Because you can get this one with a stick – something you can’t with the other ones. And it’s not only that.Full review coming soon…

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  1. Sadly I think we have had the golden era of sports cars. It won’t be long before everything is electric, then a short hop from there to everything being fully autonomous, the day will come when it is illegal to actually drive a car yourself.

    • Hi James,

      I think you’re probably right; however, there is a possibility things might take a parking brake 180. A collapse of the economy could result – in time – in a revival of a sane car industry. Affordable, sensible cars might make a comeback, as these are the only kinds of cars most people will be able to afford, post Corona.

  2. Do I see a similarity to the Chrysler eagle on the front hood? I dooooooo,, i doooooo………
    Love the blue color.

  3. Any chance of a review of the G90? It even comes with a 5 liter V8! If I had that kind of money to spend on a car, I would for sure give Genesis a look!

  4. This car is on my list if the 300/Charger go away or change drastically. My only reservation is I don’t have a dealer near me. The G80 is worth a look as well.
    ohh, a new dealer just popped up about 10 miles away. Good.


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