Corona Clunkers

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It’s going to take a whole lot of ether in the carburetor to restart the car business once the economy “reopens” (neat term, that; it conveys the horrid truth that government has successfully asserted – because people have accepted it – full Decider power to tell us whether and when we may live our economic lives – at its arbitrary whim.)

There is already talk of Cash for Clunkers II – though it probably won’t be cash, as part of the Plandemic’s goals, in addition to Advanced Servility Training, is to eliminate cash in the name of hygiene.

But actually for the sake of eliminating anonymity – and enforcing control.

Every transaction you make – every cup of coffee you buy – will be known immediately to them. Data about your buying habits will be compiled, sold  . . . and used to make sure you neither pay for nor are paid for any work that is not fully taxed.

Also that everything you do is approved.

Anything you do that isn’t will be dealt with by throttling your ability to buy and sell. It’ll be like a credit card except one with a real-time-adjustable credit line – adjusted at the pleasure of the government, whenever you incur its displeasure.

Another coming nudge – which will be more like a shove this time – will be in the direction of electric cars, the non-electrics to be characterized as the “clunkers” of 2020 and anathematized in the same manner as walking around in public without a Fear Mask.

You have no right to get me sick!   . . . screech the deranged.

You have no right to hurt my environment!  . . . screech the deranged.

The difference then vs. now is that a virtue-signaling person afflicted with anxiety disorder about the “climate” could not force you to share his anxiety – or drive a Tesla. But if you can be forced to wear a Fear Mask – because “someone” might get sick – then why shouldn’t you be forced to drive an EV – because the “climate” might be in “crisis”?

One neurosis is as good as another.

Electrics have been off the radar scope for the past couple of months while the population has been adjusting to the “new normal” of not being allowed to do anything without the government’s permission.

But – cue Arnold Voice – they’ll be back.

Because they’ve already been mandated.

“Zero emissions” edicts that only EVs can meet, despite the production of lots of emissions, elsewhere. Federal mileage mandates that can’t be met without making lots of EVs, which plump up the “fleet averages.” One 30 MPG non-EV plus one 120 “MPGe” EV divided by two equals compliance with the current 35.5 MPG mandatory MPG minimums.

Worse, the industry committed to building millions of EVs, the pre-Corona virtue-signaling equivalent of Fear Masking now.

All that’s needed is a new mandate.

Which is inevitable, because there’s even less market for electric cars post-Corona than there was pre-Corona. Most people couldn’t afford an EV four months ago, when they had a job. Now that 33 million of them don’t, even fewer will.

Hence the need for “stimulus,” as it will be styled.

Which will probably work two ways.

The first way will be the resurrection and increase of wealth transfers – styled “tax credits” – from those who don’t drive EVs to those who do. These had been on the way out, pre-Corona – and the deprivation of this manna had already been “flattening the curve” of EV sales, before Sickness Psychosis became a thing.

EV sales will be hugely stimulated by these direct payouts. It may not even be necessary to give people money to buy an EV but only to rent them. The government could issue Transportation Allowances – your EBT ticket to ride, so to speak. Broke people who can’t afford to keep the car they have or even put gas in the tank will likely snap up their “free” rides, since it’s preferable to walking.

Especially if other people are paying. Socialism is weaponized envy; the sufferer does not realize he is being sucked dry even as he demands others be sucked dry.

The second way will be to make non-EV owning and driving more expensive, as by the imposition of “polluter” fees and much higher gas prices, which are coming as certainly as the tide when it draws back during the first phase of a tsunami.

But most of all, weaponized fear will be used to get people into EVs – and out of non-EVs.

Fear of getting sick has kept people at home, kept businesses closed – and conditioned people to adopt the manner and appearance of mentally ill people. Who would have believed, just three months ago, that every other person you saw in public would be wearing a Michael Jackson mask and gloves?

Is it a stretch to suggest that such fear  – so effectively used once – will not be used again?

It serves the same grand agenda.

Keep ’em scared, keep ’em broke – and you keep ’em under control.

. . .

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  1. Well, folks…looks like it’s fixin’ to get ugly. Newsome is gonna start forced quarantines. You know, draggin’ folks outta their homes and splitting families up. Hiring 20,000 brownshirts to get it done. Didn’t they beat up on Trump for splittin up families at the border ? Guess it’s ok now.

    What the hell kinda name is “Gavin” anyhow ?

    • That right there is how you get yourself shot. This “policy” would not last long in my part of the country.

  2. when will some body in the utilities business come out and say the electric grid is outdated and will collapse if only 25% of all vehicles run on electric and we would need trillions and a decade maybe to bring it up to par?

  3. Depending on how the microeconomics/government subsidies play out, I can see where BB (Big Bro) would say, “All told, over the past X years, you’ve spent Y dollars keeping your 20AB car/truck on the road. You have Z days to turn it in and we’re granting you an equivalent allowance to operate your assigned EV. How you budget your EV allowance is up to you.”

    No more private ownership. These EV’s would be BB Rentals. State sales and other taxes and local excise taxes would be part of the package. Also, part of the package would be a way to apply for the necessary permission to travel to desired destinations. That and the other “conveniences” and prohibitions with which the EV would come equipped.

  4. To all you fascist liberals and do gooders: No way am I becoming conditioned to live in my closet. I am going out because I am not afraid of no stinking flu virus, of which there are thousands floating around the world. I would rather die living how I want than to be cowering under the grip of the darkest world that is Marxism (liberalism and socialism). It’s the people who fear sickness that should be staying home locked in their own mindless, media induced panic. If you don’t want to get sick stay home and don’t blame me if I am outside “unshielded” and not giving a damn about what the “experts” say and want me to do. If you need food and other necessities, tough luck. Have them delivered to your prison. Don’t go out because I will be out there and not abiding by stupid government mandates. As far as EV’s go, plug it in your ear.

      • Hi John,

        Is there anything less manly than being driven by fear? Of being different? Of standing out? Of having an opinion that isn’t orthodox? This is what America has devolved into. It is the not even a question of having the guts to stand up physically to a government thug. People are afraid to not wear a Fear Mask, out of fear of being seen as not buying into the Dread Fear of Corona.

        It’s … sickening.

    • I just went out and had a Cattleman’s sirloin. Not vegan but real, red meat. Try eating a steak through a mask. Cannot be done 🙂

      • You must live in a Red state.

        Here on the west coast all bars and restaurants are closed.

        In fact the entire coast is closed.
        It’s illegal to go to the beach in California, Oregon and Washington
        The state parks are closed.
        Hiking trails are closed.
        No camping. That’s closed too.
        The 4th of July has been cancelled.
        Churches are closed.
        So are funerals.

        Want to work? Good luck.
        Still no tp in the stores.

        • Hi JvG,

          I’ve been meaning to write about the 4th – which should be cancelled. The idea of celebrating our “freedoms” is sick kabuki.

    • I’ll second that; being exposed to viruses and bacteria is what keeps your immune system strong. These pussies cowering in place are just making their health worse the longer they hide. I had all the childhood diseases growing up, mumps, measles, chickenpox, etc., I remember the mothers in my neighborhood bringing their kids to the house of someone who was sick so that their kids would get it and be done with it. Worked for me, been healthy most of my 72 years here on planet earth. Of course that doesn’t allow Big Pharma to make billions off the vaccine industry so now there’s a shot for everything, from all the ads on tv it seems like they invent “cures” for conditions they totally made up. As has been said, follow the money.

      • I’m a relatively youthful 66 years old.

        I also recall our mothers taking advantage of the opportunity to schedule play times with sick children during the summer. After all, that was the most convenient time. There was no school, and our mothers usually stayed home with us during the summer.

        Of course I also recall all the freedom children had back then.

        It’s a very different country than the one we grew up in.

        • Hi JvG,

          Neurosis – pathological behavior – have been normalized. Neurotic obsession with saaaaaaaaaafety. A state of anxiety and fear about risk. The actual miming of disordered behaviors; e.g., obsessive hand washing, flinching when someone nearby sneezes, Fear Masking and glove wearing, constant cleaning…

          It’s literally sick.

          But in the heayud!

  5. The main choke point is November. The Progs and their globalist masters, are desperate to stop Trump, and the wave of nationalism that is sweeping the world. They will do ANYTHING to achieve that goal. They have already used their corporate mass media, to spread panic and fear across the world. Without that cover, the War Lords would not have been able to crash the global economy.

    Watch for more hysterical fear mongering, once the re opening starts. Not to mention, a much more deadly virus in the fall, just in time to prevent Trump from holding his massive, successful rallies. Couple that with “voting” every graveyard in the country, and bus loads of illegals swamping swing states. Not to mention the lawfare campaign, that is being waged to prevent voter ID laws, and cleaning up the registration lists. Unless Trump is VERY careful, he could turn out to be a one term president. At which point, things get REALLY bad, fast.

    • Hi BJ,

      I agree with all you’ve written; I figure (for myself and others of like mind) that there will be three options presented shortly.

      One: Accept the “new normal” – total subjugation by a technocratic elite; the elimination of any meaningful freedom and exist as a kind of modern serf for the sake of remaining alive.

      Two: Refuse to accept it. Resist. Fight, if necessary. This may mean losing everything, even your life. But it will mean living, rather than existing.

      Three: Avoid it – by leaving. This option – expatriating – is much harder now because (1) where to go? Are there are any countries not afflicted by Sickness Psychosis? And (2) unless you’ve already got a pile stashed, selling your house and so on now is going to mean taking a bath.

      I lean toward option 2 – because I’m getting too old to start all over and because I worked my whole life to get what I have and the idea of just giving it up because of them – and here I mean not the government but my pusillanimous and anxiety-riddled fellow Americans -infuriates me. If it comes down to it, I’d rather fight them, even if it means I go down fighting.

      • Hi Eric, I’m with you on option 2, I’m way too old to start over someplace else, assuming such a place even existed short of a desert island. Plus like you I’ve worked too long and hard for my present situation to surrender; I’ll die on my feet if it comes to that, so bring it mothereffers.

    • You still don`t get it do you ? Trump is completely onboard
      with all that`s happening……..Only trumptards also have TDS
      Also known as trump derangement syndrome.
      It`s a dog and pony show and they are all in on it

      • Remembering the measles they were hyping in 2019 and the vaccine they were forcing people to take,,, Trump once again flipped and said “They must get their shots” I don’t see any reason why he would not do the same now.
        The two people advising him (Fauci Birx) have been pushing forced worldwide vaccines since early 2000s. They both lie,,, they have been manipulating the death numbers,,, pushing the illegal lockdowns. The CDC and WHO have taken enormous amounts of money from Gates. Trump has to know all this.

  6. Went shopping today. Stores have food, but some items are still totally cleaned out. About half the people were wearing fear/paranoia masks. Since when does anyone trust the national govt or the “cdc”? These ppl must have been living in a cave for the past 50 years! It’s unfathomable. Total suckers.

    I touched all sorts of stuff, then touched my face at least a few times too. Egads — I’m freaking out now! I may have gotten the …. virus!!!!! Maybe I should spray my entire body down with “lysol”? BTW wikipedia says it’s got alot of benzene in it… mmm mmmm gotta love that benzene — it gives you shingles [a real actual virus]… but who cares about that when corona’s gonna get ya! Gosh, I hope I survive my harrowing venture into the danger zone today! I think I just burped too — OMG that probably means I caught the virus and it’s going to killllll me!!!! Oh the humanity! This is quite an “UNPRECEDENTED CRISIS”!

    • Hi Krazy,

      I stand tall with a big smile on my face – and my bright yellow ear tag on. I chuckle at the Fear Maskers. Sometimes, if they ask for it – as by making a wide circle around me – I will grasp my throat in a theatrical way and gasp – Corona! – then cough and wheeze…

      • Hehehe. You’re my hero. Please send me a dna sample for mass cloning. I REALLY want to put that mask on my car LOL but I don’t have enough money to hire lawyers to defend me in the case I get persecuted.

        If I’m ever told to wear a mask, I’m going to tell them “It’s okay, because I’m a high ranking govt employee… so I’m exempt from the policies & laws”.

        • Hi Harry,

          How about a mask around our ass? Farts can spread Corona, too!

          PS: Have you noticed that all of a sudden, the media – and the cattle chorus – refer to Corona as “COVID-19”? I suppose because it sounds more serious.

    • I went to several stores the other day, and did not wear a mask. It was creepy to see nearly everyone in the stores wearing them, however, save for several people (other than myself) defying the herded masses. As I was walking through the grocery store, I was thinking of Eric’s ear/cattle tag video, that he posted here not too long ago, and had to smile to myself. All that was needed now, is the cow bell around their necks. At one store, a social-justice-warrior was outside the door. He brightly told me that they were only allowing 50 people in the store, and had to “wait my turn”. Good God, what would this person do if you-know-what really hit the fan?

  7. Meanwhile, Gates and his boffin buddies are salivating at the opportunity to literally tag us all with electronic, remotely-readable tattoos. Total surveillance combined with elimination of cash will mean total control with no way off the plantation. The hypnotized masses will clamor for it of course, since it’s all “for our protection” and to make sure “everyone pays his fairshare”. This garbage is metastasizing beyond even the most fevered wet dreams of the Stasi.

  8. Was thinking of putting a mask on the front grille of my car, to prevent my car from getting the virus. Hey — it makes as much sense as anything else nowadays. But, I’m actually worried the hoax enforcers might give me a broken taillight or something. Ahhh, it’s so nice to live in fear in the land of the free.

  9. “Socialism is weaponized envy”

    You, sir, are mining gold. A nugget I shall steal…with attribution for a time…

    • Thanks, Mark!

      I’m exhausted today;tried to run but only managed a mile (not my usual four). I went back to bed. I’m getting up now and trying to reboot…

      • I too liked that statement and put it into a text file of my favorite quotes. Her’s a quote that applies today just as much as when it was written.

        “None are as hopelessly enslaved, as those who falsely believe they are free. The Truth has been kept from the depth of their Minds by Masters who rule them with lies. They feed them on falsehoods till wrong looks like right in their eyes.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    • It do sing. Like Provo’s Privy. (The Green Berets, 1968.)

      Ain’t all the “versions” of cronyism weaponization o’ weaponlessness, tho?

      United we standardize the griftin’ & graftin’, divided we got no way to cover our crime tracks. We don’t hang together we surely hang separately.

      How it is ain’t a function of how it’s framered, or what the definition of is is.

      Homo cronies is prefigured to figure that’s the most sapient thing it can do-be.

      Do this mean what I think it do? It do. (The Alamo, 1960.)

      Ol’ John Wayne’s 4” lifts. Metaphors analogizin’ similes be ever’where.

    • “Socialism is weaponized envy”
      Amen, brother.
      With any luck, Eric will be up there with Henry Mencken and Ambrose Bierce, among others.

  10. i can’t take much more of this. All the things i like to do are under attack from people whom actually think they are keeping me safe, people whom have never lived a day in their lives. I was out riding today and even that couldn’t lift my spirits and i returned home after a couple of hours. I put the bike in the garage locked it away and went in the house and have spent the rest of the day smoking, drinking and listening to JJ Cale. Who knows what tomorrow will bring but one thing is for sure my liberty will be another day away from me.

  11. One really hopes that the complete collapse comes soon, in which “they” will discover that they no longer have any power or ability to force ANY of this nonsense down our throats.

  12. Pickup sales beat car sales by more than 17,000 units in April, according to market researcher Autodata Corp.

    Not that either category was booming, mind you. It’s just that car sales fell a lot, while pickup sales fell less.

    Geography played a role: pickup country — a/k/a “flyover country” to the bicoastal elite — was less shutdown than New York and Cali.

    Big question is whether this shift is structural. After all, in a quasi-permanent crisis, transporting passengers in a sedan might be a lower priority than the ability to transport stuff in a pickup.

    Not to mention the ability to sleep back there, if you’ve got an increasingly rare 6-foot bed rather than a bobtailed 4 or 5-footer to accommodate a crew cab.

    No word on how EV sales fared. An EV seems like that last thing you’d want in a Mad Max / Venezuela scenario, where the power might randomly go off for days at a time.

    But as we know from Soviet days, if ordered to do so by our commissars, factories may continue cranking out these modern-day Lada and Trabant electric vehicles regardless of what luckless proles want to buy. After all, the role of cattle is to eat what’s served.

    • The Lada is still well-regarded in the former Soviet bloc and countries that traded with the Soviet bloc for its toughness and repairability – plus the engine’s surprising storehouse of latent power, once you get rid of the awful stock carburetor. The Trabant, while less lucky, still serves as the most entry-level of entry-level rally cars and is an occasional target for loony engine swaps. Either one is more functional and more practical than an electric car.

      • Still driving my 1989 Ford F150.
        Bought it for cash in 1989.
        Single cab. long bed.
        300 CID straight six, Borg-Warner T-18 (3 + granny).
        Intel engine computer, port fuel injection.
        No tracking devices.
        Works for me.

        • Well, good for you but I wanted something that I could take off on a 2000 mile trip without worrying too much about it. Still have the 1989 K1500 with 350 TBI and 5 speed and long bed, though.

    • Not only that, but with gas hovering around $2 a gallon outside of Commiefornia, there’s no economic justification to purchase an EV or even a hybrid.

  13. One new roses is as good as another, so…

    Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
    Old Time is still a-flying;
    And this same flower that smiles today
    Tomorrow will be dying.
    The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun,
    The higher he’s a-getting,
    The sooner will his race be run,
    And nearer he’s to setting.
    That age is best which is the first,
    When youth and blood are warmer;
    But being spent, the worse, and worst
    Times still succeed the former.
    Then be not coy, but use your time,
    And while ye may, go marry;
    For having lost but once your prime,
    You may forever tarry.

    Get married before it’s too late? Neurosis, indeed.

  14. Best Buy is open….
    1: Call for appointment…
    2: When arrived call to let them know you’re here
    3: Employee in Lev4 Bio suit will meet you and escort you in
    4: Employee will follow you around store with disinfectant to clean everything you touch or breath on.
    5: Check out clerk will be behind plexiglass to prevent your contaminated breath from breaching his/her space.
    6: Escorted out of store.

    Really makes you want to go shopping!

    • Best buy has been a dead man walking for 10 years- they are a showroom for the internet merchants (where you can go look at what you’re going to buy elsewhere)- and the desperation of the “associates” is obvious when you walk in and try to look at something without 3 of them fighting over you.

      • Yes it has. They will always try and sell you a warranty on their overpriced crap, too, a warranty that they don’t stand behind. I hope that all their stores become kindergarten classrooms.

    • The biggest problem is my local junkyard which says they’re open, but to call ahead with your order. It is NOT possible to order your pick of batteries or tires.

  15. Congestion tolling is coming to the surface streets of big cities, with discounts for EVs … at least for a while. Corona hasn’t stopped the planning or initial project design meetings this Spring.

    It will happen fast. You may see some construction at choke points in/out of the cities, but figure two years if that long.


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