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Here’s a video about your neighbors – who are more of a threat to you than Corona. The virus presents an almost nil chance of killing you if you aren’t already very old – or very sick. But Coronafuhrers are a very serious threat, just not directly. They are the creeps behind curtains who narc out their neighbors for not doing the Howie Mandel routine – Fear Mask wearing, gloves; anxiety disorder obeisance. These are the people who’ve been weaponized by fear – and that fear is a huge threat to all of us, regardless of our age or health.

The good news is that not everyone seems to appreciate the Sickness Psychosis of the Coronafuhrers.

Hear hear!

And more, where that came from.

. . .

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  1. IF you’re staying home locked in your house like you’re “supposed to” then how the Hell would you know if a business is open or not ?????

  2. Posters keep referring to the woman in the video as “Karen”. I think you’re misspelling her name, shouldn’t it be K’Ren? Asking for a friend…

  3. A group of friends and I (about 40 people or so) gathered at a locally owned restaurant to eat in the parking lot the other day. Yup, some clover called the cops on us. They rolled up, but since we were spread out enough they had no problem with us staying. Of course that could have been very different had the cops been in a different mood. Maybe it helped there were 40 of us of various ages (kids to folks in their 70’s), not just one type of person. The owner was thrilled we chose her restaurant that night as we helped her actually make money that night. She would like to open her dining room, but the county would pull her biz license in about 5 seconds if she did (thank you very little clovers of the area).

    • Excellent, Rich!

      And: This “business license” thing is another thing that needs to be thrown in the Woods. A license to engage in voluntary free exchange of goods and services? What the heck happened to this country?

      • Public education happened to this country. Where children are daily instructed to kneel to the state, or suffer consequences for sane behavior. They are taught to be insane. That the first thing they must do before engaging in any activity is check the correctness of such activity with this or that authority. That if anything is said contrary to such authority, the speaker is ridiculed, chastised, and punished. Public education is the model for the destruction of liberty. There is no more authoritarian organization on the planet.

  4. Our douchebag mayor has a “hotline” for the scolds and snitches to rat out anyone not wearing a fear mask or keeping their distance. A very few callers tell the mayor to go f*ck himself but the vast majority would have been right at home in East Germany, gleefully ratting out their neighbors to the Stasi. The Minute Men are spinning in their graves here in the former “cradle of liberty”, this is why I drink.

    • Hi Mike,

      Fear Masks – and the inevitable forced vaccines – are a bridge too far for me. If these things become the “new normal” then I’ll be packing up. Not sure where I’ll go – and I really don’t want to go – but I cannot and will not live like this.

      • I’ll go to my grave before I comply with such. What would be the point of living? I’m deeply saddened that so many are so willing, even eager to comply with even a hint of a suggestion by the Sociopaths In Charge. This may change considerably when folks start getting hungry as a result of the willful destruction of an already failing economy. The problem of course being that hungry people don’t usually act in a reasonable or rational manner, and are just as likely to attack their neighbors as the Sociopaths In Charge responsible for their situation.

  5. Snitch lines the Stasi would be proud of.

    At some point, it’s going to get personal and these karens will pay a price.

    • I’ve said this for years. This is why it’s so important to live out in the country away from everybody.

      Suburban dwellers are pod people.

      • Handler, you beat me to it. My nearest neighbor is 3/4 mile from me. Other “neighbors” are miles. I don’t have to worry about any of them since you can mention this to them and they’ll spit on the ground and just utter a dirty word or two.

  6. The Rat Fink in the video doesn’t seem to understand a persons right to face their accuser (6th Amendment) and that anonymous tips are antithetical to Liberty.

    However, the video that played after this on Utoob was a folo by the raven haired PJ Reporterette. In that clip the St. Louis county executive talks about protecting the rights of snitches…absolutely sickening.

    Meanwhile, in Hell, Hitler turns to Stalin and says, “Now why didn’t WE think of that!”

    • “Der Fuhrer” and “Uncle Joe”, assuming they’re not too busy fanning themselves or dodging those little guys wearing red PJs running amok with pitchforks, stabbing them in the butt, are likely laughing their asses off at how we self-righteous “Amerikanen” or “Amerkanski” THOUGHT we’d vanquished tyranny.

    • Hi BAC,

      Indeed. The she-beast in the video seems not to grok that if she has “autoimmune disease” (or whatever vulnerability) and feels the need to “shelter in place,” she has every right to do so. But she has no right to impose her anxiety about sickness on others.

      • I cannot fathom how people like her don’t see the fallacy in their arguments. It baffles the mind. And it seems to be widespread! WTF!! Even me own folks, God bless them.

        Maybe ignorance is a virus that’s spreading. In that case, pass me a mask!

        But more and more I’m thinking that people who think like us are so very rare. Which is extremely depressing.

        • The fallacy stems from the commonly held belief – now manifest – that “you do not have the right to get me sick.” It underlies all the absurdities we must presently endure, such as mask wearing, social distancing, six feet, one way grocery aisles, plexiglas shields, ad nauseum. It will further underlie the coming requirement that you take the vaccine or get blacklisted from what’s left of life. We must disabuse these people and those like them of this particular fallacy, and right quick, or it’s all over.

          • But these same people claim a right to my productivity.

            I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Maybe they should blacklist me. They can live without the 8 figures or so of GDP left in my career and probably seven figures of direct paid by me taxation alone.

        • We’ve always been a rarity in this world.

          It might be that our brains are wired differently from the rest of the population.

      • Every person is a mixture of strengths and weaknesses. But it is picked and chosen what weaknesses everyone else must accommodate and what strengths must become ‘owed’ to society. It is arbitrary and absurd. Maybe I see things the way I do because my strengths are things that society feels I owe it and my weaknesses are in the tough sh*t category. Other people are used to society easing things for them. I am used to society making everything more difficult for me with each passing year by knee capping my strengths and changing things to make it more difficult to live with my weaknesses. Meanwhile as these people go on TV without fear of any social penalty to demand everyone else accommodate them it is socially unacceptable for me to point out how needlessly more difficult things are made for me let alone have it ease up or revert to an earlier but still modern time.

      • This is an obvious example of the the fake victim culture. Remember cases when kids were admonished by their teacher for writing “Merry Christmas” on the blackboard or artwork to be displayed because it offended children who didn’t believe in Christmas, and were told to use Happy Holiday because that is more inclusive and being more tolerant of the poor child’s feelings? Whereas in fact it was the children expressing Merry Christmas who were the victims of their teacher’s Orwellian mind fuck.

  7. I can’t swim very well, so I demand that all swimming pools be closed permanently. I mean, it’s about my safety.

    • Hi Looney,

      Indeed. The Corona Chokeholds are a logical extension of general dumbing down… of everything. Since a glaucomic half-wit can’t control a car competently (if at all) at 80 MPH no one else can drive that fast without risking a “reckless driving” charge – no matter that they can competently drive that fast.



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