The Diapered Don

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Seeing a Diapered Donald was kind of like seeing your mom naked. It’s not something you wanted to see.

And now the country has seen it. The media is making sure of that. Wherever you click, you see the Diaperer-in-Chief. It is an even more disturbing image than naked mom because only you saw her.

And because it means nothing.

Seeing the Diapered Donald may mean everything. It will surely be used toward that end, which is the Diapering of everyone – in order to so derange everyone as to make them acquiescent to vaccinations – which will be seen as the Great Relief from this hideous burden. We’ll be able to take off the Diapers, at last!

In exchange for letting them put something else into our bodies.

Diaper Dissent must not be permitted for precisely this reason. If even a fourth of the population doesn’t Diaper, it undermines the general Diapering. Those who do Diaper will see that others aren’t and – worse – that Diapering isn’t all that’s standing between them and a ventilator. They will see the Undiapered not getting sick – and even worse, not getting dead.

It will be like the kid in the swimming pool who realizes his feet can touch the bottom – and he’s not going to drown after all.

But how to refuse Diapering when the president does it? When his whole entourage – including the Obergruppenfuhrer Arzt Jerome Adams (who previously said Diapering  – quote – “does not work for the general public”) is Diapered alongside?

How to dispute the effectiveness of Diapering when it can’t be disproven? When they can say the bodies aren’t stacking up because everyone is Diapered up? The sun has come up . . .  thank god the rooster crowed!

Of course, it ought not to matter to a logical brain that the president or anyone else wears a Diaper. Some people also pick their nose and eat the product. It doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. Logical people base their decisions on . . . logic. I am not sick – therefore, I see no reason to to wear a Diaper over my face. I cannot transmit germs I do not have. That some people are afraid I might have germs is not a reason.

It is a neurosis.

It is not healthy to pander to the mentally ill. It is dangerous to normalize mental illness. Which is what the president just did by donning the Diaper. He gave credence to the abnormal; to the very strange idea that sickness must be presumed – of everyone, everywhere. That death is literally in the air and it’s crazy reckless toward others as well as suicidal toward oneself to not swaddle oneself in a facial prophylactic.

He affirmed this misery as necessary.

He gave the narrative the shot in the arm that will lead to the shot in the arm – which will be made an offer you can’t refuse, in the manner of paying taxes. These can be refused, of course – if you’re willing to live underground, impermanently – perhaps in a van down by the river, even.

The Vaccine Regime will be far more difficult to evade than taxes. You can still work off the books; buy things with cash. But how will you be able to work at all when it is contingent on your proof of vaccination? How will you buy anything when you can’t enter a store without  proving you’ve been vaccinated? How will you do anything at all when they have eliminated cash altogether – it being the most Undiapered thing there is?

Bear in mind that the president is trumpeting something called Operation Warp Speed – which aims to “deliver 300 million doses of a safe, effective vaccine by January 2021″  . . . which is about six months from now.

Italics added.

That is pretty much the entire population of the country. This is not going to be voluntary. If it were, brewing 300 million doses would be absurd, wasteful – since there is no question that 300 million people wouldn’t freely extend their arms. People are – with reason – suspicious of vaccines (and what’s in them, beside the vaccine) and it’s quite reasonable to say no, thanks.

Ergo, they won’t be allowed to. Which is why these vaccines will be “distributed”  (read this as you would “contributions” to Social Security) by the military.

Hut! Hut! Hut!

It is possible, of course, that the Orange Man didn’t mean to endorse the necessity of forcing everyone to extend their arm so that Bill Gates and his cabal can “cure” them – but he certainly gave the narrative a new virulence.

It gives strength to the current push to Diaper All – because the cases! the cases! Diapering is up even as fatalities go down – the former creating the impression that the latter are going up. Why else would everyone be walking around with a Diaper on their face?

Why would the president be walking around with one?

May god, if there is one, have mercy on him.

And on us.

. . .

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  1. Hi Eric,

    Your column seems to be reading a lot into a single incident of a person wearing a mask. I read it more, as, ironically, mask dropping, because the bandits feel empowered to openly signal that that’s the job – robbing people in plain sight.

    In my novel 2084, not openly declaring your larcenous intent is Wrongthink, and subject to prosecution. Unlike Orwell, the new authoritarianism tries nudging at first, the bayonets not generally visible but clearly implied.

    • Hi Jim,

      Wearing a Face Diaper begs the question, doesn’t it? Why is the person wearing it? It must be because the person believes wearing a Face Diaper is a reasonable thing to do. More to the point, that it’s not an unreasonable thing to do. I maintain it is a mentally ill thing to do – as the wearing identifies the wearer as a neurotic given the facts about WuFlu. For the president and his entire entourage to wear a Diaper signals complicity with the evil narrative that WuFlu is a pervasive threat of mass death, which it is not. The Orange Man lost almost all my support by donning the Diaper. I will probably still vote against Biden this fall, but that is a desperation tactic only, like laying down suppressing fire in order to manage a retreat.

      • What I sometimes do is have it on when I enter a business, e.g. the grocery store. Soon as I get past the entrance, I take it off. I put it back on for checkout, then remove it for good soon as I walk out the door. I still resist, but I’m more COVERT about doing so at times.

        I don’t wear a mask in public at all. As for wearing one in businesses, my feelings are mixed. Part of me thinks that, it’s their place, their rules. Plus, they’re more likely requiring masks under duress. OTOH, I don’t want to give sanction to the mass fear and mental illness. I don’t want to give the business owner or his employees a hard time, but I don’t want to give sanction to the mental illness and submission training, either.

  2. Does anyone know of any community I can move to, with people like you? Whether it be an apartment rental or house purchase, either or. Just myself (no wife/family).

  3. C-Dub
    Remember the ADA addresses all disabilities and with the breathing/mask. You should be able to produce evidence from the mandate in your county for your employer that reflects this exception. If your employer questions or harasses you in any way, including requesting you define the nature of your disability, He is opening himself personally and the business to a lawsuit. You need not do anything with the Gov/DA, you can sue on your own. In my area there is a cottage industry in suing restaurants for bathroom access. This must be drying up by now, so the bloodsuckers will be happy for a new income stream. Unity for us and don’t let them push you around. Use their laws for our freedom.

    • Hi Woody,

      Exactly; use their own laws – and perverse “logic” against them; e.g., I don’t want to get sick and are you discriminating against me because of my disability?

      Accept none of this. Keep in mind it’s just Obedience Training that has nothing to do with keeping granny alive.

      • eric, nothing perverse about it. I am exempt from wearing a training burqa because I have asthma. I need only tell anyone I have an exemption. They can’t ask why. It’s against the HIPPA law and no matter if they know it or not, they’ll damned sure with they had when you get through suing them for violating federal law. Everybody knows(they should)what HIPPA laws are and how you can get in a bind ignoring them or agressing against someone who cites their HIPPA law exemption. The entire point is you are protected from having to reveal your malady that the HIPPA law covers.

        Go to the doc and say you were sweeping out the garage because it was full of dust and dirt that had been blown in lately. You were a bit wheezy for a couple days but since that time you’ve been fine until it happened again and you had to repeat the process at which point you got wheezy and short of breath for a couple days and then felt better after a few days. Tell him you seem to have this now whenever you’re around fine dust but not otherwise. He’ll ask if you’ve ever been diagnosed with asthma. You can say you were once diagnosed borderline asthmatic when you were much younger and worked in a place with a lot of fine dust but everything cleared up when you quit. He’ll prescribe you an inhaler. Be sure and make a return visit and say that inhaler was just what you needed when you got wheezy. It’ll be in your record and he’ll offer pills if you think you need them. Accept the pills but don’t take em. They wire you out and give you a headache that’s nearly worse than the asthma. If asked if you take them, say, Yeah, I took them once but I’ll have to be in worse shape to do it again due to the side effects. Everyone including the nurse will shake their head and most will have a spouse or some other family member or it might be themselves and they’ll know just what you mean.

        I wish I didn’t have to do it and I it only hits me rarely but when it does I feel like crap. If the inhaler doesn’t stop it after a while(same drug as the pills…..albuterol), I will take one pill and hope it takes care of it. Cigarettes are the killer for me. I can get in the wake of someone who smokes and isn’t smoking at the moment and get an instant headache.

        I was joyous when they passed the no-smoking law. I could then go into places I had to avoid like my favorite bars or eateries. This was a little environmental present from my parents who smoked like the bear named for it. Unfiltered Camels and like the rest of my family it killed them. The non-smokers on my mother’s side were long-lived and the smokers were short-lived. Even my inlaws died from it spending the last few years hooked to a oxygen generator.

    • Hi Philo,

      The comments after the article were also interesting; the negative replies didn’t even attempt to repudiate the facts presented by the writer. They called him names instead. That’s what I get, too. The Diaperers drive right over the facts, never respond to the points made. Instead, wear the Diaper! That’s what I confronted the other day at the coffee shop I frequent. I am clearly not sick. Not even a sniffle. Yet I am told to Diaper. Why? Because they Diaper; because they insist everyone Diaper.

      It’s a cult. Defined by an impervious-to-discussion belief held ferociously by the cultists, who regard those who do not share their belief as heretics and evil.

      • That’s exactly right Eric, it is a cult. It’s a religion where the adherents worship man instead of God. And their beliefs are based on faith, not science as they claim. It’s really quite amazing to behold this phenomenon if you can step back and look in from the outside. History is going to judge this time period very harshly, like a second dark age.

        • We now live in a polytheistic world:

          The newest cult, Sickness Kabuki, is a cult of faith- just as is the cult of Global Warming, and the cult of Terrorism; the cult of safety; the cult of hero-worship, and the cult of Authority. They are conveniently all assembled under the pantheon of government, and have gone mainstream- and no heretics are tolerated, but are rather persecuted and dispatched.

          Other religions are only permitted so long as they acknowledge Caesar and the pantheon as supreme above all.

  4. I first saw the term “face diaper” here and have been using it ever since. However, I just saw a new term which is just as good…”Training Burqa”.
    Gotta love it !

  5. Well, Gentlemen!

    I went shopping today!

    The only word which was spoken to my maskless face, was upon entering Wally World, where the chick at the door said politely: “Sir, do you have a mask with you?” Me: “Nope!”. Her: “Well, there isw a mask mandate”. Me: “I know”. And I just kept walking through the doors. (I would have just said H*&% that!”, but the girl was so polite, and kinda cute….I couldn’t be mean to her!).

    In the store, it was just myself, a few Amish, and maybe 3 or 4 other dudes who were bare-faced. The entry-sentry must’ve said “Simon says” to everyone else!. Managed to even do a little crop dusting! And since cherries were more reasonably priced today than they had been the last several years, I decided to buy some….tasting one first, of course- which I thinked shocked a nearby middle aged land-whale, as, although I couldn’t see her mask-obscured mouth, from the look on her face, I do believe her mouth was agape!

    • Nunz, you pissed her off. She wanted some of those but knew they wouldn’t come out of the autoclave worth a damn.

      • HAha! Good’un, Eight! Sheesh, don’t ’em idears!

        Bad enough they were playing recorded mantras in the store admonishing people to wash their hands and indulge in other Pharisaic rituals. I was hoping they woulda played it while I was at the checkout; I would’ve spit in my hand and rubbed them together a few times. (As for the land-whale, I’m sure she sought comfort in the cookie aisle).

        • Oh, man, Nunz, the cookie aisle has been a life-saver for the diapered fatty crowd. I”m surprised I haven’t seen one of those butt-wiper things with aloe and alcohol on them. You can’t be too careful. After all, once that air gets past that diaper it’s sterilized. Everybody knows they only lived this long because there were no germs anywhere they went, esp. after they got home and got their fat asses jammed down in that stuff that builds up where their fat asses live 90% of the time.

  6. Well gentlemen, I’m at a crossroads. I just heard my employer is making masks mandatory starting tomorrow. I’m torn but I think this is might be my line in the sand as well. It’s hard to just give it all up and throw it away though.

    • Hi c_dub250 –

      This is awful but bear in mind that they are going to take away everything regardless. The Diapering is just a prequel – a humiliation ritual imposed to acclimate you to the next and the next…we have nothing left to lose. Understand this – and you’re free again.

      Their trick is to convince us that they can’t really be this evil. That it’ll stop before it gets much worse. I think the Jews who lined up for “special handling” told themselves the same.

    • c_dub,

      I know it’s hard when it gets to this point- where you are forced to cave or make a stand, and you have skin in the game- but that’s exactly what they want. They make it so that most are ‘forced’ to acquiesce- and then once you do it, the next time you’ll say “Well, I did x, I may as well do y”. And the stakes are becoming higher and higher, so that most will acquiesce. No matter what we think or advocate or practice, if we acquiesce, we functionally become one of them.

      It’s a problem we all have faced or will face. I’m lucky, in that I made my stand very early on, when I dropped out of school, thus telling the system to go screw itself- but sooner or later, we all have to choose and take a stand, and make sacrifices for what we believe and stand for- and the longer one is in the game, the harder it becomes; but the choice is always the same: Do we keep reaching for the carrot on the stick, or do we walk away and do what we know is right? The carrot has become so rotten and moldy at this point, that really what they offer is nothing more than what a plantation offered an obedient slave: The “security” of some minimal perks, vs. freedom and toughing it out on one’s own.

      But once you’re out of their system, you realize that toughing it out on your own isn’t so bad. In fact, it’s downright liberating! It’s just different- but those differences pale to insignificance when we stop comparing ourselves to others.

      So I’m 58 and don’t have a fancy house and a new car and a retirement account, like many of peers do- but I have something better: Freedom that they will never experience! I may live in a singlewide, but the shelter it provides is just as good in my opinion as any fancy house- but not having a mortgage, and not having to work at a 9-5 job, and to be able to live in the sticks and look at the clouds and the beautiful scenery around me, sure beats enjoying a few toys and status symbols after most are too old to enjoy them- and the resultant avoidance of drudgery and having to not having to spend my time in the company of people whom I don’t like like for 40 years, is PRICELESS!

      Everyone scoffed at the decisions I made through the years- from dropping out of school, to avoiding traditional careers, to moving to the sticks- but I have enjoyed my life, while most of my peers have been miserable, and can’t understand why, since they have all of the “trappings” of “success”. I did the right thing- and I’m (anbd I’m sure many others here who have done likewise) am among the only ones at my age who is truly happy and content- and if I had it all to do over again, I would do so the exact same way- even more so!

      Do what you know to be right….it is the only way to maintain a little joy- even if it means giving up some of the physical ‘benefits”, which, after you’ve done it, you will realize were just weighing you down, anyway.

      I have a friend who was making 6 figures. She gave it up a few years ago as the stress of conforming to and participating in the PC culture of working in academia was making her utterly miserable. She now barely makes a quarter of what she used to…but she is happy! And she now also realizes how empty the system’s promises were, as she literally has nothing to show for her past life, and her degrees are worthless, since she will not conform to nor participate in the PC culture required of any job where they might do her some good.

      c_dub, maybe they are doing you a favor, rather than a disservice, in forcing your hand.

      Best of luck to you. Be strong!

    • Hey c_dub,
      Why not go in without the face diaper, have them fire you and then contact one of the attorneys that have offered to represent people for free. Eric has been in contact with them I think…might wind up with a chunk o’ change. Just a thought…

  7. It’s degenerating daily. Melania now publicly dons the diaper. National diapering probably around the corner. Par for the course for the Orange Ass. Governs like a wind sock, because he lacks principles, and does whatever benefits him in the short and near term. Yet, these MAGA asshats think he’s somehow fightin the good fight for us.

    Here’s hoping that a giant toilet arises from the ground in Nebraska and the whole of this county gets the swirly it so rightly deserves.

  8. I keep saying this, it’s important. Refusal to obey a mandate, be it a mask, a,seat belt, a helmet, a vaccine, or grape kool aid with arsenic in it, is a RELIGIOUS right. It doesnt matter if theyve passed a law, or its an executive order, they are usurping privileges they are forbidden.

    We do need to stand on this. Should’ve done it 30 years ago, but we thought voting could fix evil.

  9. My guess is that the mask was a political calculation by the Trump campaign. Polling data must show him trailing with suburban women (the “Karen” vote) so wearing the mask at the VA hospital was a win-win politically him. He shows his concern for the veterans to conservative voters and signals the women voters that he “cares”. The Marxist and Media are creating fear and hysteria and trying to stampede the electorate to vote for the brain dead Biden in November.
    Trump is not perfect or even good, he’s just better than the alternative. You can argue that voting doesn’t matter, both political parties are corrupt and evil. I wouldn’t argue, but in this election, “the lesser of two evils” is truer than ever.

    • Hi Griff,

      I have heard that argument – and there may be sound political judgment behind it in that so many people are conceptually impaired and do not think logically, in terms of principles. But to a person who does think in terms of principles, his Diapering says – shows – that he isn’t opposed to Diapering in principle. Which is like his not being opposed to government-run health care in principle. Not repeal… but replace. With a better “plan” – his.

    • The ‘women’ your talking about would never vote Trump even with Satan running against him. If he is trying to change their minds he is stupider then I thought. My wife calls him “Mr. Flipper”. About the time you think he’s settled on a position he flips! And besides,,, look at the crazy shit going on in the country while he IS president and he is impotent to stop any of it even if he wanted to.
      What he did, wearing the face nappy was make it very hard for those still somewhat sane politicians to stand against them.

    • Griff,
      As someone said below, Don donning the mask is proof of how easily he is led- those around him -President Kushner et al, have been imploring him to wear one, because they understand how important it is in the scheme of “legitimizing” the propaganda-narrative.

      Seeing the prez not wearing a mask, awakens the prospect of the reality that the whole charade is indeed a charade- and of course, we can’t have that! Seeing him wear it now eliminates any such thoughts which might occur to the MSM-mesmerized masses. The orange glow of the smoking butt of any such thought has now been extinguished by the Orange Butt.

    • Revolutions are born in and thrive in chaos and fear, which is why the Wuhan hysteria with the economic and social disruption it causes is the perfect vehicles for the Communists. When the “system” does break down, the masses will beg to be enslaved to restore order. There are some who say let’s just let it all go to shit and rebuild from the ashes. In the last few months we’ve been given a glimpse into what going to shit would look like. Minneapolis, Seattle, New York City, Portland, Atlanta and thousands of other incidents of assault and violence that have occurred all over the country. If the Democrats get control of the Presidency, the Senate and the House they will pass confiscatory income and wealth taxes, repeal the second amendment, open the borders, pay reparations for slavery, free health care, free education, free housing and the green new deal just for starters. Anyone not of “victim” status will be made to pay and bend the knee. Trump is not a savior, or an orange knight, he’s just not the shitstorm.

      • Exactly, Griff! The only thing which remains to be seen, in my opinion, is whether “they” will just let the country go bankrupt in the midst of the soon-to-ensue social chaos- or if they will speed it up by provoking a major war in which we will be nuked and or invaded, so that the pols have an “excuse” – i.e. someone else to blame other than themselves?

        Either way, any who remain here are not going to fare well, as we are surrounded by enemies- be they the state and it’s minions; the desperate and insane masses, and or a foreign power. We would likely have to contend with all three, and there will be no place to hide.

        My sincerest and most urgent advice to anyone who can: GET OUT NOW…while it’s still possible. We are just lately getting a small foretaste of the fringes of what will soon engulf us. Anything we seek to preserve here will be GONE, forever, as likely will be our lives.

        • really the best place is probably russia or maybe belarus. As white you’ll blend in well – the women are smoke shows – and not expensive places. maybe hungary. Good food too. No extradition either. Vietnam if that floats your boat. Shame we have to think about this.

        • Morning, my friend!

          You are probably right. But getting out isn’t a realistic option, either – as we’ve discussed previously. Living in the woods here is at least closer. But living in civilization anywhere is another matter, if you’re not young enough to start a new life and not old (and affluent) enough to just retire.

          I won’t give up – or give in. That’s a fight I can win.

          • Eh, Cumpari!

            Eric, whether we move to SD, or the woods, or Gilligan’s Island, …or do nothing and just watch civilization devolve around us, we are in the position of starting a new life- the only difference being whether it is one of our own choosing or one that is thrust upon us.

            We’ll never be as young again as we are right now. I know a guy back in NY who’s 93 and who sorely wishes he would’ve escaped NY when he was still in his 70’s or 80’s- now he really can’t….and he is truly trapped.

            Things are only going to get worse; much worse. There may be no perfect place, and our options may be limited since we are not wealthy. It’s more a matter of degrees, and positioning ourselves while we still have the opportunity. Escaping the infrastructure of first-world “civilization” is what it’s all about.

            At least now, we still have something- our homes, etc. which we can still cash-out. The longer we wait…the less we’ll have. Imagine the likely prospect of martial law being imposed after the election. The regrets of not availing ourselves of the opportunities we currently have will be sorely lamented when we can’t go to town because there are mercenaries with automatic rifles on the street demanding compliance with masking and vaccination, and demanding your papers…or coming to your house to collect your weapons and anything else they care to avail themselves of, in a less than polite manner.

            It’s coming. And anyone living in the woods will be treated like an Iraqi living in a cave in the mountains. Even our neighbors who are adamant about 2A and such, will turn into our enemies.

            To accept what is coming (and is already at our doors), or dying, IS to give in and give up. We can not successfully fight it from within. Wise men who refuse to give in or give up, wisely retreat when they are far outnumbered, and find a more secure location instead of directly confronting the enemy or waiting till they are surrounded and have no opportunity to retreat to a place of safety. Let the enemy fight among themselves for their stupid causes, because none of them are fighting for our cause, and we have no allies or side to join- our only hope is to extricate ourselves from the battlefield- and if we fail to do that, we HAVE given in and given up…it’s just a matter of time.

            Remember how I’ve previously said that one day we will wake up and suddenly things will be different? That day has come- the thrusting upon us of sickness Kabuki- and that is just a foretaste.

            Very soon, we will again wake up one morning, and things will be even more different- and we are powerless to stop it. All we can do is to preserve our own liberty- of which so little remains already. And liberty is never preserved by a few strays caught between sides on a battlefield.

            We HAVE to grasp the seriousness of this. What we seek to preserve here will very shortly no longer exist.

            This reminds me of my favorite cousin who is still on Long Island. He speaks of liberty, but stays in a place where he has none, trying to maintain his business and family and home….but the state has destroyed his business through sickness Kabuki; he may likely lose his home; and his wife and grown kids are becoming more of a liability than an asset. If he would’ve pursued the freedom he talks about, and would have gotten out while the getting was good, he could have been in a good position…..but he stayed to try and preserve what he has there- but of course, that has proven to be an impossibility, and now his prospects of leaving are largely gone- or at best, he will have to go with little or nothing…and few choices- whereas before, had he gone, he could have had it easy. So he stays…and wears a mask, lest he lose it all, instead of everything- but of course, come the next round of COVID hysteria, or martial law, he will likely lose everything. (Ironically, his sister owns some land in SD…but has never availed herself of it, and now having respiratory problems, likely never will).

            • Nunzio,

              I thought about leaving, and I almost pulled the trigger on moving to Peru two years ago. Things didn’t work out with the GF, so that’s that.

              Something that I’ve noticed is this: countries, especially in Latin America, that had more freedom in living daily life (e.g. not needing a prescription for meds), have had a lot less during this lockdown. For example, while restaurants here were offering takeout or delivery, you couldn’t get ANY of that in Peru; all the restaurants were closed. You could send out one person from the household to get stuff once a day. The restrictions other countries had during their lockdowns are more severe than those we have here.

              Secondly, this is WORLDWIDE; there’s nowhere to go! Even countries that are allowing incoming flights again (e.g. Belize or the Dominican Republic), there’s a chance that flights will be suspended again, leaving you stuck abroad.

              As for leaving, I’ve thought about selling my house, getting a sailboat, and living at a marina here. If things go to shit, I can pull in the lines and go. Even though it may take time to get out of the country, at least I’m on the water and not on land where things are going to shit. Anchoring is free, though there are some municipalities that don’t like you to do so; after all, you’re living free on the hook and not being mulcted. Sailing to another country is an iffy proposition, depending on whether or not they’re reopened.

              As for moving to another country, I don’t know. Though many countries had more freedom in daily life under the old normal, that’s not the case now. I still talk to my ex once or twice a month, and under lockdown, I know Peru is a lot worse than here. Then, there’s the matter of being the foreigner pretty much wherever you go. Of course, one could go to a white, English speaking country, but they have the same issues as we do here; that being the case, it may be best to stay. As messed up as things are here, we know the lay of the land better.

              I don’t know. I never thought things would be like they are now. I don’t know what else to say…

              • All valid points, MM.

                I’ve jettisoned South and Central America (Except for temporary purposes, as a travel hub, and maybe to establish Belize citizenship, so as not to have the stigma of being an American), ’cause S&C ‘Merica are being fast-tracked to socialism, just like us.

                But again, once you’re out of the big cities…NO ONE pays any attention to any laws- but I’m just leery of being so close to the very thing (socialism) that I’m seeking to escape.

                But there are jungles and wildernesses, and messes of islands out there…. Go to one of the South Pacific island nations with hundreds of scattered outlying islands…I don’t think anyone’s playing sickness Kabuki there- only in the tourist areas on the big islands- and now of course, most are vetting incoming foreigners- not really so much that they’re “in on the plan”, but rather that they think that the COVID thing is a legitimate concern, and think they are protecting their people (Too bad we didn’t do things like that!).

                I like the sailboat thing- it’s always appealed to me- much better (and more financially feasible) than RVing….I’d be tempted to do it, ‘cept I’m like Eric- I like having a place, and land.

                • I like having a place too. Plus, one of my cats has kidney disease, so she needs laxative twice a day. She also uses the box a lot; I go through a 35# bucket a week! How can I carry enough of what I need on a boat? If I’m out of the country, will I even be ABLE to get certain things? Then, what if I have a medical issue miles and days from land? I still think about it though, because I used to sail in my younger days…

                  • MM, I clean a dozen cat boxes a day. I don’t often add litter since the scoop sorts the shit from the litter and I leave the cleaned ones out in the sun to bake and the others for day use(indoor/outdoor cats). This heat wave has a lot more cats in the house during the day so I get to clean a couple more boxes every day. Yesterday I opened a new 52 lb sack of Purina little that I’ve had a couple months.

                    I’d suggest you try backing off the laxative a tiny amount every several days and maybe changing food(that’s one of the most important things with special food made for cats with just that problem and it’s expensive but can sometimes get your cat pretty normal if that’s what they eat all the time. It mostly comes in kibble that’s very expensive but I’ve cured a couple males with urinary problems with that and some cat tranks, neither one of which either cat now needs.

                    If you’re going to be on a boat, you need to know more than minor first aid and have as large a medical supply as you can get. You could easily get sepsis that a shot of antibiotic or two would take care of quickly or you’d otherwise die a painful death.

                    We have a big bootbox full of all sorts of first aid products, a rubbermaid box full of all types of syringes and needles. We used to keep a good selection of various antibiotics that worked on us, the pets and livestock but the govt. just shut that source down about 5 years ago. Now you need a good vet you can take an animal to(take a friends in if it’s probably going to need an antibiotic, the larger the animal the better). Get to know the vet and get their trust.

                    Just recently I went in and told the vet my old dog was limping around again and I needed a bottle of DMSO which works really well on people too. He looked at me and said “yeah, I see the old dog has a hitch in his git-a-long” and fixed me up. I didn’t have the dog with me.

                    Before I took off on a boat I’d take a course or two like an EMT would take. Maybe even take enough to get a certification so I could more easily get those things you can’t just walk in and buy.

                    I’d always learn a lot about rope and knots, hull repair and have plenty of that type of thing on hand. I’d take a course in keeping the engine in good shape and learn to repair and get a book just for the engine and drive I had.

                    Can you do an emergency intubation? It’s never too early to learn. Well, I gotta go watch Cowboy Kent Rollins and how he makes an avacado BLT sammich. We make them quite a bit but he might have a different trick(I doubt it on this one).

                    • Eight, I’ve seen that Kent Rollins guy on Jewtube- I liked watching him, though I’d never eat any of that stuff.

                      A few years ago, my male cat, Ralph, had a clogged dick, which was causing his urinary tract to back up. He spend 5 days in the hospi’l (Thankfully, the vet only charged me for 2) and then had to eat this expensive canned food “for the rest of his life”. That would be rough, as Ralph seems to eat about as much as my 120 lb. dog!

                      Did the expensive food for about a month- but it was hard to keep him away from the dry food that the outside cats and my other house cat eats. I saw that the ‘spensive food was made of pork- how is that good for cats? Never heard of a cat hunting and eating pigs!

                      Long story short, I accidentally found a dry food that wouldn’t clog him up (Friskies Indoor Delights)- just by accident, as I had bought it once for the outside cats, and he got into it a few times. I’d check his bladder by feeling it, to make sure it wasn’t hard….and lo-and-behold, he was doing fine- so I was able to ditch the expensive food, and now feed him the Indoor Delights and some regular canned food, and he’s been good for several years now.

                      I have no idear how old Ralph is- He just showed up here 6 years ago, emaciated. He seemed fairly old then. What an amazing cat though!

                      Once, I had to do something on the roof. I turn to head to the ladder to get down, and there’s Ralph, perched on the top rung of the ladder, watching me. Wish I would’ve had my camera- it was hilarious- a cat on a ladder! He couldn’t figure out how to get down…so I had to carry him down on my shoulder….dug his claws into to me the whole way down!

                      He’ll go to visit my mother- and perch on her railing and look in her front-room window.

                    • No need for a ladder for our cats. I have a 4X4 leaned up against eh house right under the soffit. I can always tell when the coyotes have been after them since the cats are on the roof. They love that 4X4. Sometimes I go out the back door with the breezeway roof overhead. I’ll look up and see them through the clear panels having a real hoe-down.

                    • Nunz, what in hell do you mean you’d never eat any of that stuff? What stuff? BBQ ribs? mesquite cooked brisket? cornbread? We watch how he cooks some things and disagree slightly on some things and then say “We need to try that like he just did”.

                      Sometimes the wife will say “I’ve never had that” and I’m like “No shit? I used to cook that all the time when I was still in school.

                      Have you ever had “shit on a shingle”? I don’t think you can even find chipped beef any longer. A friend still has some Hormel chipped beef and I try to get it off him every year.

                      Man, shit on a shingle is the greatest stuff but when Hormel left west Texas you couldn’t get chipped beef anymore.

                      He makes a lot of mexican food and we do too.

                      We were at Port of Brownsville one time and had to spend the night to get unloaded. Got a ride in the back of a pickup with some muchachos and they pulled into a bar that perfectly describes a south texas bar. Not a matching chair or table in the place. Most everything on the floor from the day before and whatever you wanted beyond cold beer and tequila was not available……..except jalos. They taught me how to eat large amounts of jalos and never bat an eye. You take a bite of jalo and then a bite of fresh mater. The mater cuts the jalo oil off your tongue and it’s just fine. Don’t go cheap with the maters cause they get down there in your bowels too along with the jalos.

                      The best trucking you ever did was not when you had to slam on the brakes, run around to the other side, regardless of the road, traffic, or anything else, drop your drawers and spray some brown liquid and you’ll remembe just how much of all that stuff you ate. If it’s 115 in the shade or it’s 10 degrees, makes no difference.

                      I changed a trailer flat on the shoulder one day at a major intersection. People coming from 3 directions can see the passenger side of your truck. But once about 200 carpenter(red)ants bite at the same time, you don’t care what’s showing nor who sees it. Getting your pants and boots off are just the first step. Then you have to get those damned ants off before you can do anything else. And they don’t go willingly. They’ll not even be touching you with their legs but that stinger will be so far in they can hang on till you knock them off.

                      When you’re through with that and back under the wheel, you don’t have to worry about being warm. If it’s hot you’ll be burning up. If it’s cold you’ll be burninig up. BTW, you’ll shed that shirt too and sometimes your underwear. So being out there with nothing on but socks isn’t out of the question. But don’t worry, you won’t notice if the ground is cold or hot or smooth or stickery…and when you get your shirt and pants and underwear back on, then you can pull your socks off and remove grassburr stickers for a while. And you’ll beat those boots for a while making sure you’re not giving any a second chance. When all that’s over, you get to go back to where the nest is and re-install the wheels and crawl under there and get the jack and timbers. and scoot all the way over to the other side with all that stuff including the wrench, the bar and the cheater.

                      The next time you have a flat, you will look at the ground in a big circle like you lost a diamond there and are intent on finding it. Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep……

          • Hello Nunzio. The United States is far from perfect and life is not always fair for many, but there is no utopia. Working in the oil business over the years I worked with economic and political refugees from Iran, China, and most recently from Venezuela. They were well educated and hard working. They came to the United States with their families seeking escape from totalitarianism and oppression. Now when I speak with them they can’t believe what is happening here in the United States and say there isn’t anyplace left to run.
            Through the indoctrination of our children by communists in academia, the corruption and communist infiltration of the media and the mass importation of low skill, uneducated people from impoverished countries, the table has been set for the overthrow of our Republic. The freedom and opportunity we had here once is worth fighting for. I hope that can be done politically within the “system” as it exists today. If not, so be it, I’m staying.

            • Hey Griff,
              That what makes it so tragic; We used to have something pretty darn good here. Now, we’re becoming exactly what those other nations you mentioned are.

              We can’t fight for what no longer exists though- especially when most of our countrymen not only don’t recognize the enemy, but are complicit with them.

              We are the Germans who are caught between the4 Communists and the National Socialists. Soon, we will be the Gypsies.

              • Nunz, I just saw on a MSM report where 77% of the people polled(whoever that is)said, they were fine with masking. That’s bullshit too. I don’t know anyone that’s fine with it.

                • 8S,

                  As one who participated in polls prior to the 2016 election, I notice a few problems with them right off the top of my head. One, what questions are asked? Two, HOW are those questions asked? Three, what responses are available to the respondent? Four, what’s the size of the sample? Finally, what’s the composition of the sample? I’d like to address points 3 and 5 in more detail.

                  I was asked a bunch of political questions. The vast majority of responses were for either Democrat or Republican; there was no option for a third party, though I’d have preferred having a third party to choose for many of the responses.

                  WRT point #5, many of the polls have a lot more Democrats than they do Republicans.What do you think THAT will do to the survey?

                  Anyway, the point is this: a poll can be made to say whatever one WANTS it to be…

                  • Exactly, Mark. That’s why I stopped participating in polls long ago. At best, they’re seeking an A or B answer…no C, D or E allowed; at worst, they’re designed to achieve a predetermined outcome.

                    I think the 77% number is low. A trip to any store will show more like 95% are fine with masking- if they do it…they are fine with it, regardless of what they may say to some stranger on the phone.

                    I suspect that Eight-man is just exposed to a better breed of people out there in west Texas.

                    • Nunz, Texans but now, mainly west Texans due to yankee interloping, don’t take orders well and are independent as hell. Some is genetic and some is environment over generations.

                      We’ve been raised to do whatever is required.

                      If I had a cow down and had a non-Texan(or Okie or N.Mexican) she’s probably going to be hell to help. She’s got plenty life left and will use it up trying to kill me.

                      I have 2 options. If I can get her ties up and hobbled so she can’t get off the ground or if she just can’t get off the ground, I can use a stomach tube that’s pretty hard to use and not something you’d have with you along with the proper lubricant or I can grab the trocar and cannula I carry and I’d cut a hole just barely into her rumen and then plunge the trocar and cannula into it so that it was tight and pull the cannula out, staying well out of the line the cannula was pointing. When most all of that gas and detritus has come out, I’d remove the trocar, take off the hobble and get me behind a pickup or tree. She may be grateful enough she has forgotten she wants to kill me and she may not. Take no chances though.

                      Once you see she’s going to be ok, you can leave her alone.

                      At some point you’ve given her a shot of antibiotic to address the small wound she’ll have.
                      The next time you see her, she’ll be healed up but if she has her head up every time you see her later, start feeding in the pens and leaving. When you have the time leave someone hidden so when she’s in the pens you can close the gate, prefereably leaving other cattle in there with her. When you have time, sort her into the loading chute and then back the trailer up and load her up, take her to the sale or somebody who doesn’t care if they have a crazy cow and sell her.

                      If she’s a good cow and doesn’t keep her head up and act crazy as hell in the ring, you’ll get a good price for her. If she keeps her head up and chases everyone around be prepared to get a low price.

                      I learned that when I was 13. A city boy from Dallas would think you were a bit daft.

                      It’s just a matter of perspective. If it’s your cow, you’re much more invested in it than somebody who has only seen cows from a distance.

                      My nephew was helping my dad work on his house one day. I worked for a while but had other things I had to get done so I told them where everything they might need would be in my barn and left.

                      I guess my nephew was about 18 or 19 at the time. When he and my dad were going down the driveway they were looking at the cattle in the grass patch. He said to my dad, “I thought yall only had one bull”. My dad replied “Well, right now that’s all we have”. The bull wasn’t in the grass patch being out in the pasture alone like bulls like to be unless they have a prospective lover with them.

                      So the kid says ‘Well, you have two bulls out there now”. My dad said. “No, I don’t see the bull”. Then the city boy said “There’s two bulls right there”. My dad says “No, that’s two cows”. Then the kid says “Well, they have horns” and my dad agreed they did but that was irrelevent. We had horned cattle and polled cattle and cattle that had their horns removed. The kid says “But bulls are the only ones with horns”.

                      My dad nearly busted a gut and had to give him a quick run down of cows and bulls and horns and no horns(our bull at that time had no horns).

                      I got back to the house later to help them and my dad had this smile on his face and my nephew was telling him to stop it. I finally asked what the hell they were doing and my dad told the story. Then we were all laughing.

                      Sorry I got carried away making that point but I knew you’d enjoy it. I guess he’d never considered how a herd of longhorns came to be.

                      Sometimes, or it used to be, wive and daughters have to do emergency cattle work. When you live off the land and the land is unforgiving, you have an innate trust for those who don’t. Politicians and professors are right up there at the top of untrustworthy.

                    • Oh, I did enjoy your story very much, Eight- as usual!

                      Hehe….my mother had to be edumacated about that too. “Look at those bulls over there!”. “No, there’s only one bull”. “But they all have horns!”.

                      I’ve only had one longhorn. She was a good cow. If she’s representative of the breed, then me rikey longhorns!

                      For a city boy, I took to this stuff like I had been doing it all my life. The one thing that weirded me out was when I had to band some bull calves. I’m very “homophobic”. The thought of “handling the equipment” did not sit well with me….’specially with the prospect of said calves being held between my legs. But once I made up my mind to do it…in practice, it wasn’t bad.

                      I wonder if some coyotes feasted on young Rocky Mountain ersters?

                    • Nunz, never banded cattle. It’s dangerous and can cause infections that kill. It’s the reason I always carried a double blade Schrade Walden knife with a castrating blade. I like to catch those bulls when they’re about a day old, throw em in the back of the pickup and cut them right then. I finally bought a set of emasculators so that when you cut the balls off the emasculators squeeze the cord and stop the blood. At that age two days later you won’t be able to tell they were ever worked and they’ll just take off growing and have no problems. 400 lbs and that’s another story. It’s easy to clean the sack when they’re young, snip off enough to use the emasculators you have just cleaned and the deal is done.
                      I have never owned sheep and don’t have matching teeth to bite their off like they do these days. Banding just causes too much infection and makes an animal get weak from infection. I’m not a big mountain oyster eater either. Not much on organ meat.

                      Some people just love them, and you can use a rule of thumb to guess which ones. If you like oysters, you’ll probably like all sorts. I can’t tolerate oysters…..of any sort.

                    • Ditto on the ersters, Eight. Both kinds!

                      Pulleeze! I was at Tractor Supply one day, looking at dog chews and stuff, and this slutty-druggie-looking girl was talking to me- and I picked something off the rack to look at, and she said “You know what that’s made of, don’t ya?”. Turns out, they make a lot of dog items from bull schlongs! I nearly dropped the package when I heard that. Then I’d pick up something else, and she’d say the same thing.

                      I don’t know what skeezed me out more: All the dried-out schlongs…or her!

              • Griff can stay. I have no choice. Big difference.

                The IRS says I owe them. I say I don’t. Untill they say I don’t I can’t leave. Griff can bend over and take it. I’ve just never been one of those people.

                • Eight, Goombah,

                  I don’t “get” that whole “fight” thing. We couldn’t fight anything 30 years ago when there was FAR less to fight; we can’t manage to fight it now….but somehow, when all civility disappears and Uncle loses even what little pretense of restraint they still have…we’ll somehow be able to fight then? LOL.

                  Don’t mean to insult anyone…but I think the ones who imagine fighting are just rationalizing.

                  We can resist and hide here. That’s it. It’s not a fight…it’s just self-preservation and trying to fly below the radar and preserve a little of our own liberty, dignity and property, while we can- but those things will vanish quickly one day soon- likely after the election, if martial law is imposed- which it likely will be.

                  Then the “fighters” will just say “What can ya do?” and comply.

                  • Hi Nunz,

                    I do not say it will be a fight that can be won. I say it is a fight that is likely to become unavoidable. Which is why a fight will become necessary, unfortunately. It isn’t about being tough. It’s about what will be thrust upon us.

                    • Mornin’ Eric!

                      I certainly agree with ya on that, buddy. Just remember though, that the wise man will seek to avoid direct confrontation with the enemy, and attempt to flee rather than taking on the enemy when he is greatly outnumbered and knows that he will lose- directly confronting the enemy only when he is cornered- as death is preferable to capture. T’is better to avoid being cornered.

                      We are being cornered, but a little opening still exists if we are wise enough to avail ourselves of it- and if we don’t? They win, and our existence was in vain.

                    • Hi Nunz,

                      I’m too tired – and mad – to flee. I am ready to knock out teeth, if pushed much farther. I will not be turned into a Sickness Kabuki player – and if the bastards make it impossible for me to live without doing that, then what is the point in living?

                    • Eric, I certainly won’t be complying either- while I’m here, or if and when I can escape.

                      It takes more effort and energy to fight it here, though, than it does to just extricate ourselves. And we then get the bonus of not having to fight every day, and not having to cringe every day at what we see all around us; and of being able to enjoy life.

                      We’ve both done it before- you from NoVa, me from NY. Imagine if we hadn’t– what would our lives have been like for the last 15 or 20 years, and what would they be like now; and what would be our prospects?

                      When I left NY. most of my relatives and friends were adamant about never leaving. Now, most of them have, and the ones who haven’t now wish they could…but can’t.

                      I was tired before I left NY. But not having to battle every day after I moved here was a like a fountain of youth. I ceased being tired- mentally and physically. It was the constant struggle that was making me tired. That tiredness is returning….but the same cure that relieved it will still work.

                    • eric, I agree with you. But every fight is different. For those who say you can’t fight the US military I have a couple words for you, Iraq and Afghanistan.

  10. Here is what I find most worrying about this – it seems the cure is out there, and thats something nobody is really talking about it seems. Look on the covid counter website, and see countries which are considered third world like Pakistan (where im originally from and where my parents currently live) have death rates from this around 3%. Here in the UK, where we have the most restrictive and government controlled health system in the world, we have a death rate of around 3 times that !!
    Why – because in Pakistan (and other similar countries) doctors are free to use whatever treatment they wish and see benefit in. And they are doing that, from herbs, the one youtube bans you for talking about, to even plasma treatments…. while here they keep hiding everything, keep acting as if our dear leaders really care, and at the same time have us all waiting anxiously for our dear leaders to allow us to use a new medicine / vaccine…

    • Hi Nasir,

      The cure is youth and good health; a working immune system. This bug – like many bugs – presents a lethal threat to the very elderly (average age of the Corona’d in the US is almost 79) and the already very sick. If you don’t fall into one of those two categories, you don’t need to worry. Or rather, you don’t need to worry about it anymore than you would a bad case of the flu.

    • Hi Ya’s, Nasir & Eric!

      You’re both right- while good health, youth and vigor, sunshine and fresh air and a properly functioning immune system make COVID a non-issue for all who possess those things, the remedies which Nasir mentions are valuable for those do become afflicted, due to age or health issues or less-than-optimal living conditions- and the fact that those remedies are ignored and downright censored is proof that there are agendas behind this sickness Kabuki theater which have nothing to do with actual health and the preservation of life.

      • Hi Nunzio, Another thing you mention – apart from the medicine they are clearly hiding from us (so that a certain Mr Rumsfeld can push a pill that costs in the thousands a course) the biggest contradiction is how they are actually going an closing all outdoor places such as public parks and beaches, so people stay home, get less vitamin D, and therefore are at an increased risk at of getting this – WTF ! Its almost as if they WANT it to get worse!!

        • Hey Nasir,
          I’m still trying to figure out how one can get the flu by going to the beach….but not from rioting! 😀 ….or from going to church, but not from going to Walmart…. Must be a very strange strain of the flu!

  11. Way to go, Donnie!

    Ya dumbass.

    In the US during 2018 there were 655,000 deaths due to heart failure, there were 599,000 deaths from cancer.

    If 325 million people live in the US and 1.2 million die from cancer and heart disease in a year, the world must have deaths that number approximately 23 times more or probably 24 million people die each year from heart failure and cancer.

    It’s a super duper pandemic! Somebody better pay attention to real facts here.

    So far there are 571,000 deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic in the entire world.

    Something has to be done about myocardial infarcts and nasty malignant neoplasms.

    Somebody better start doing research in how to stop heart disease and oncogenes, this is getting serious.

    • Hi Drumpish,

      Per Spooner, Trump is either in on it or is he is powerless to stop it. It is very depressing. He could have just gone to see those people at the hospital, Undiapered – just as he and every other president did in the past. But this is different! Corona! No, it isn’t. What’s different is the manufactured hysteria. And he just played into it. By Diapering up, he visually agreed that Diapering is a necessary precaution. In fact, it’s a socially pressured neurosis.

      If he’s sick, he shouldn’t have gone near sick people in a hospital. If he isn’t a Face Diaper doesn’t protect the sick from sickness he hasn’t got. If he’s afraid of getting sick, then he shouldn’t have gone to the hospital.

      Instead, he played into the narrative. It will make the application of general Diapering that much easier to impose.

      • Trump knows what’s going on. Why would he sign the CARES act in Jan of 2019?

        He’s playing to the scare again, got to shut things down since the public is more mad now than scared. If you can’t read the numbers and realize they’re being fixed I’ll explain it to you. You increase tests by a huge number. The you include asymptomatic positives to make it look like the big one is coming when it’s just a natural thing. You also use numbers from people testing positive from TB and other diseases that can be similar. Enough testing can produce huge numbers of people testing positive that aren’t because the tests are no reliable and even if they were, you can still ramp the numbers up with asymptomatic cases.

        I saw my parents naked plenty times in my life. I’d compare what he did as to seeing my parents out on the deck having sex while the neighbors looked on.

        Seriously, it was enough to make me say “enough”. I don’t know if Justin Amash is running on the Libertarian ticket but I won’t give Trump the time of day now, wouldn’t stop and piss on him to put him out if he was on fire.

        I’m sick of the entire spectacle and I mean spectacle. Pure goddamn theatre and the masses have caught on. Of course the MSM won’t publish what the never-maskers have to say. If they were to, they’d spin them as being psychotic and communists or some equally egregious thing. I’ve had it. I won’t play any longer and if they come for me, they probably won’t need to come all the way if they shut off our SS. I’ll be coming for them. What would I have to lose? Get shot down or starved?

        • Hi Eight
          If everyone sat down and studied how the RT-PCR test works and how easy it is to adjust the amount of positives/negatives, or what the blood test really check they’d be laughing their asses off. This test does not work as a diagnostic tool according to its inventor. They did the same with HIV which does not cause AIDS. And even with tests so easy to scam they still had to pad the numbers. Last I heard they are now combining Corona with the Flu. They don’t try to hide any of this as they know most of the cattle will never bother to check.

          • ken, you’re right. From the mouth of the inventor “No, I wouldn’t use it as a test for virus. That’s not its purpose”. Let’s not facts get in the way though.

            If you read that piece in LRC by Bill Sardi yesterday, next year looks as bad as things can get. I don’t see how things can’t get bloody at this point.

            I don’t say that because I’m gung-ho, I’m quite the opposite and even if I were gung ho, I know I”m too damned old to do much of anything but cook and brew beer, maybe be a double agent which doesn’t bode any better than being in the trenches. Eventually both sides want to kill you.

          • Exactly. The whole thing is so dumb, based on so many levels of lies on top of lies… just total nonsense… welcome to The Twilight Zone REALITY edition.

        • I’m pissed as hell at the Dump, but I’m voting for him in November. The Dumpster is the closest thing we have ever had to a third party president. If we give this place to the Democrats, there is no way we will ever get it back. Guaranteed. We probably won’t anyway, but I say this as someone who voted third party from 1992 to 2008. I did not vote for any presidential candidate in 2012 and I voted Dump in 16. It is beyond depressing what we are seeing. I go to the super market and 99 percent of the people are diapered up in Texas. It’s closer to 90 percent in Oklahoma. Sometimes it’s much lower there. Sometimes 90 percent, but all the same, depressing as hell. Its as if non masked people are doing 100 in a 20. That’s how we stand out these days.

          • Swamp,
            Ronnie Ray-gun was the closest thing we’ve had to a Libertarian president in the last 100 years….if one believed his words. But if one examined his actions….LOL….quite the opposite is true. And so it is with the Donald. Words mean nothing (especially today!).

            Our world has changed for the worse; we have lost more liberties, during Trump’s reign than at any other time, save perhaps for F(reaking) D(oughbag) R(oosevelt).

            You guys should really stop giving your formal assent to their nonsense!

              • Hi Mark,

                Yep, a war launched to destroy the voluntary Union and replace it with a centralized dictatorship is “remembered” as a moral crusade against slavery and a fight to “preserve” the Union. Self serving virtue signalling has a very long history.


        • Exactly, Eight! Why else would Diaper Don have championed the implementation of 5G?

          No matter which puppet is playing front-man….the real agendas continue unimpeded….the only thing that changes are the words and the “side” which they woo, to keep the illusion of choice and “democracy” alive in the minds of the simple, and to keep them participating in the Great Charade- no different than elections in Soviet Russia or N. Korea….or class president elections in junior high-school.

          • Nunz, I have a mifi for internet. It normally showed 72Gbps. It started screwing up recently, being really slow. I was resetting it and went through the settings where you choose the Ghz of 2.4 or 5 or both. I could have sworn it used to be 4 instead of 5.

            I turned the 5 off and the speed of the computer went from 72Gbps to 144. Now I stream videos on the computer, the tv and my phone simultaneously. I never considered using just the lower band but I have no high band devices which I thought the tv would be. Whatever it all means, it’s fine now.

            • IMO, those frequencies of radio waves are toxic, also the power level is too high even though it sounds/seems low but it’s actually quite toxic. I use wired everything.

              • harry, I’m aware of that and trying to figure out how to block the waves coming from the device but then again, aren’t they just getting the waves out of the air? I would run wire into the house and put it outside but don’t know where to put it that the signal would be weak inside the house. It’s a conundrum I’ve had for a long time. Plus I don’t know how much speed I’d love with wire from somewhere like in the barn.

                • I see… I’m not sure of your situation… sounds like you have a barn/etc that’s not wired for ethernet (internet). Oh well.

  12. Mission Accomplished.

    Herd Mentality has been achieved.

    If 90% of the population adopts a behavior, the remaining 10% who refuse the new behavior will be ostracized until they change or die.

    • Hi BG,

      Yup. The Undiapered are,increasingly, the weirdos – the “selfish” and even sick ones. Isn’t it something? In the space of six months, the cattle have accepted their new lot.

        • X- I got news for you. It’s not ending in November or any other time. If the election goes to Biden, the entire United States is going to resemble a hybrid version of New York and California.

        • X,
          That reminds me: In NY, as the rioters/looters are given free reign….they arrested three restaurant owners in the Hamptons for “not enforcing compliance” at their establishments (Now…not only are busy-ness owners unpaid tax collectors for the state…they are also unpaid cops!).

          But it will not end in November- regardless of who is chosen to be Puppet-In-Chief. The “election” will be a catalyst for more civil unrest….and Martial Law will likely ensue….which means that there will no longer be any loopholes, but instead, all of the mandates, from gun confiscation to sickness Kabuki, will be enforced at gunpoint.

          This is why I have always been so adamant about getting out of here, because I knew darn well it was just a matter of time. If you think it’s bad now……

    • Big box stores now require masking. Without a face diaper on, they’ll arrest you for trespassing.

      Wal-Mart has these fat, busybody cunts guarding the entrances. They call them “health ambassadors”!!!!! You know they feel self-important with a job title like that.

        • I’ve never voted! I have to admit, I almost fell for it; I was almost tempted to actually do it in ’16, for Trump. So glad I didn’t, ’cause I can’t imagine now having to live with the thought of “I voted for this”!

          THEY are going to do what they’re gonna do, with or without us…but I’ll be damned if I’ll give my formal assent to it! Voting is just as much, if not more so consenting than is diapering-up.

          • So, how did you resist the allure of voting? How did you resist the allure of having a “say” in things? How did you resist the allure of not being able to complain if you didn’t do your civic duty? I fell for all those sales pitches…

  13. “He went to the hospital, he had to diaper” – weak ass excuse.

    1. He is the POTUS. If he thinks its BS, then who else to live it if not him?
    2. He is the POTUS. He didn’t have to go to the hospital if he didn’t want to diaper.
    3. He is the POTUS. He can fire all these quacks at any time.

    • Exactly, Slave!

      It really wilted my willie – so to speak – to see the Don Diapered. He has to know this will lend legitimacy to the Diapering Movement; after all – look! – Trump is wearing one!


      To those who say, but it was a hospital! Well, it was a hospital last year, too. And no one Diapered up back then – outside of the surgical suite.

      In 1968, Hong Kong Flu was credited with 100,000-plus deaths when then population was probably 100 million fewer. Yet no Diapering.

      Why now?

      When proportionately fewer have died because WuFlu?

  14. Hi Eric….
    Trump diapered up shows how easily he is led or how recklessly he is leading us. Either way a coward. And look at the fraidy cat goons behind him who have no problem sending others off to die in their useless wars.
    He has pretty much killed any chance of we who are fighting this nonsensical BS to keep what little freedom left.
    Next up… El Presidente taking the shot.

      • Same here, Eric. All of this is great motivation to get and stay healthy and strong.

        Tulsa, OK, I heard, is going to vote on a mask mandate. A part of me doesn’t like and wants to avoid violence, but that other part, the MAN, almost wishes to be pushed so I can make a loud and clear statement against insanity. Kind of like Crazy Joe Devola from Seinfeld. Asked why he keeps his apartment door open, he responded, “I like to encourage intruders”.

        I am prepared to ignore the maskers who question or make demands of me as much as I can. But as soon as it becomes more than words I’m being accosted with, I will defend myself. May even enjoy it a bit.

        • Just like the fluoride poison put in water. The 51pct demockracy mob dictates to the 49pct. That is why the founders went with a republic,,, to protect basic rights like not having to drink poison because the idiot majority wants to.
          Goes for the masks as well. The few of us that prefer not to be deprived of oxygen, rebreathing toxic viruses and other stuff your body tried to get rid of should not be forced because a majority of damn fools want to.

        • HAhaha! Thanks for reminding me of the Crazy Joe Devola ep, Philo! Haven’t thought of that in a while. Wally World is becoming Bizarro World!

          • Amen, Swamp!

            There is no winning over the minds of people who are controlled by the multi-billion dollar industries of Holyword media and crapademia(academia), and the fact that the brainwashing has been going on for so long that it now inbred and intergenerational.

            All we can do is offer a little fellowship and support for those like ourselves who have somehow managed to slip through the cracks and who have dodged the majority of the propaganda, because they have had enough of a spark of the innate love of liberty and morality to consciously resist.

            The masses, on the whole, are going in the very opposite direction- and mere logic and reason and appeal to sanity, liberty and morality will not affect them because they HATE those things, and the system which is in place is specifically designed to encourage the3 hatred of those things at an emotional and religious level.

            We can not even affect positive change among our own families, friends and communities- but rather, are driven further from them as they become even more consumed by the propaganda. It’s getting hard/impossible to even be civil with most people no-a-days, be they libruls of conservatives.

            We’d better concentrate on saving ourselves, because even that is becoming nigh impossible…and it’s only going to get worse. My own mother has been hounding me for the last 4 days to “wear a mask” when I go shopping today- saying “If you ‘get arrested’ you can’t blame the cops…”!

            To think that we can somehow overcome 100 years of state and media monopoly and it’s effect on the world, is utter, utter folly. We can try our best to stay fee; we can offer a little camaraderie to the few out there who are like us….and it may very well be the case (even before the year is over) that we won’t be able to do that for much longer, except in-person- and that is really not a thing, since I think it would be a true statement that most of us do not even know any other like-minded people in real life- but instead, we’ve have to jettison even the few people IRL whom we could manage to tolerate on a casual basis.

            THIS is the reality.

            • There really is no “saving ourselves” from what’s coming. We are all going to suffer the consequences of mass stupidity. Might as well make a principled stand and go out like a lion instead of a lamb.

              • Amen.

                Despite his many flaws – and evils – Il Duce said something once that I have always kept in mind: It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.

  15. Yes, I was going to say the same thing – he was in a hospital. Otherwise, he doesn’t wear it. I’m in the same boat – I live in the same apartment complex as my 88-year-old mom and intellectually disabled sister. And I’m the only driver, so I get to take them grocery shopping or to the doctors for various appointments. The only time I wear the muzzle is when we go into a doctor’s office, otherwise none of us wears one. And that is simply because they will not allow you in or treat you without one, else we’d pass on it. (Sorry, but they both have health issues that cannot do without treatment, so we’re stuck.) Me, personally, I don’t have health insurance (thank you Congress and Trump for eliminating the mandate) so I never go to the doctor.

    Now, just to show how hypocritical the press is, they make a big deal out of Trump wearing the face diaper, somehow making the case that it’s justified for everyone. But what did they say when Trump took hydroxychloroquine and zinc as a prophylactic measure? They criticized it and mocked him for it. ‘Nuff said. Shows how much you can trust the press – you can’t. Now if we could just get that message out to everyone else.

    The bad news from Kentucky is that the muzzle regulation went into effect for everyone last Friday evening. The good news is that the state AG is fighting on our behalf to challenge it, though really only on procedural grounds. I hope he succeeds, though it would be better for businesses to get together and sue to block it. As usual for a big-government type, it’s a one-size-fits-all solution (if you can call it a solution) for the entire state, when we have counties that have had case numbers in the single digits and shouldn’t be treated the same as Louisville or Lexington. As a citizen and non-business owner, I likely don’t have standing to file a case, but they do. And they need to. The sooner the better.

    • **” though it would be better for businesses to get together and sue to block it.”**

      Yeah, that would indeed be nice…but instead, what do we get? Some national retailers association (I forget the exact official name) has stated that they are URGING governors to make masking compulsory!!!!!

      They love Big Brother….

      Was reading a local article the other day, in which a Logan county sheriff was explaining that that there is no law mandating masks- just the governor’s order…which is not a law….so they would not be arresting nor citing anyone for not wearing a mask, and that people whouldn’t call them re mask-compliance, ’cause they will not respond- but that if a business owner requires mask-wearing and you do not comply, and they ask you to leave, that they then would enforce criminal trespassing laws if you don’t leave……

      But of course, once this BS. is formally made law…..

      The gov. has to go back to court on Thursday to determine if he is in contempt of a recent Scott county judge’s temporary restraining order, ordering him not to make any executive orders dictating WuFlu policies- but of course, if the gov. is in contempt, they will then appeal last weeks case which generated the restraining order…and of course, it would be a simple matter for the state to just follow the normal protocols to mandate the mask BS via official law through the state legislature.

      Ultimately, it’s much like Kim Davis trying to uphold the KY constitution by refusing to marry faggots….the little resistance of one functionary doing the right thing will ultimately easily be overcome, and the tyranny will proceed….. 🙁

      I’ll be going shopping tomorry….we’ll see if I’m allowed into the store. If I meet any resistance, I’ll try the old “Can’t wear mask…medical condition”. If it doesn’t work, I’ll tell them to GFT! (After threatening civil litigation, etc. of course)

      • Hi Nunz,

        I went to Wal-Mart yesterday; they are ramping up the Sickness Kabuki again. Had a geek rent-a-cop by the door. He said something to me about Diapering. I told him to fuck off and walked on in.

        • Hey Ya Eric!

          I’m debating citing the “health issues” exemption…or just doing what you did. I’m leaning towards what you did! I hope I get a sneezing fit when I go! (If not, maybe I can at least do some crop dusting!).

          • Morning, Nunz!

            We have a fight on our hands, like it or not. So be it. Solzhenitsyn was right; the time to take a stand is while you still can.

        • Bravo.

          Here’s the problem, though: eventually they WILL up the ante and make you PAY for your defiance. Entering private property after being told you cannot enter without a mask can be construed as criminal trespass, resulting in a physical arrest. In many jurisdictions an arrest results in an automatic suspension of a CCW permit.

          I think that is where this is going shortly… they are going to start arresting people for not wearing them.

          You can only tell people “Fuck you” and get away with it in a FREE country. But we don’t live in a free country.

          • Hi X,

            I know – and I’m ok with that; I’ll go to jail before I Diaper – and I’ll never pay a got-damned fine for refusing to pretend I’m sick. I’ll burn my place to the ground and salt the earth first. There comes a point when a man has to understand that it’s fight – or surrender. I’m not surrendering to this psychosis.

            Death is preferable to living the way they intend for us to live – as wretched, herded cattle.

    • Hi Jim,

      Yes – but he’s the president. Do you think anyone would have stopped him had he just gone in without the Diaper on?

      His putting it on implies that he agrees with Diapering. That it is something one ought to do – else why do it? Surely, not just to avoid triggering the neurotic.

      And his whole entourage was Diapered, too. They looked like the rest of the cattle. Very disappointed.

      • Eric
        I don’t understand this… it seems everything prior to Feb. 2020 is forgotten! I have went in many hospitals and never once was made to wear a mask. I was hospitalized and never had to wear a mask. The nurses and docs were not wearing masks except for those in surgery etc. Can they actually turn on and off peoples memory? Gee,,, only 6 months ago.
        With deaths near the Flu, mostly elderly and all with comorbidities one would think that by now a light would illuminate that,,, hey,,, Most, 99.7pct are surviving. What is the big deal? But no, the show goes on.
        Florida supposedly tested 143,000 in a week with only 15,000 indicating they had the virus on them. The news media never mentioned the 128,000 that did not have it nor the fact that the 15,000 were not showing any signs of illness. Add to that any real doctor will tell you the test is a sham. Even the inventor, Kary Mullis, said the test should never be used as a diagnosis tool.
        WTF???? People can’t read,,, or comprehend what they read! I imagine by now you’re getting a bit tired of having to constantly write articles day after day trying to help people understand that this is serious and will cost us what’s left of our freedom.

      • Actually, this is one of the few times I would have to disagree with you. Being in a hospital does make a difference. In fact, I wonder why muzzling up when visiting a hospital only just started this year with the WuFlu. Hospitals are notorious for being infectious. In fact, getting infections at a hospital is a leading source of diseases that kill people ( For that reason, extra precautions are absolutely essential in a hospital. Hell, if I was a cancer patient or organ donation recipient, you’re damn straight I’d want anyone visiting the hospital where I’m a patient to be masked up, President or not. As far as I’d be concerned, everyone literally is sick, as everyone carries germs (bacteria or viruses). To me, this is something that should have been done all along, not just because of the WuFlu.

        Now, the grocery store? Post office? Home Depot? Nope, no masks. Using my hypothetical from above, if I was in that immune-compromised state, I’d be staying home and getting my groceries through Instacart. And having my caregivers masked up. That’s the only scenario that makes sense, with or without the WuFlu.

    • At least in IL, even though we’ve technically had a mask mandate since 5/1, it’s never been enforced on the general public outdoors as the state has continued to depend upon heavy social enforcement by businesses instead. Which ironically leaves us a tad freer than other places that previously shut down less and are panicking now. But of course that just means a slight difference in how one turd smells versus another…

      Seeing Orange Man masked also puts me ill at ease. I’m still holding out hope that it isn’t going to be representative and may just be the hospital… But if he continues to don it elsewhere, then we’re completely done as a nation.

  16. One must remain conscious of the fact that there is absolutely no aspect of any of the suggested or mandated corona flu protocol that has a single thing to do with your health. It’s nothing more nor less than a simple barometer of how compliant the sheeple are with the edicts of the Psychopaths In Charge. And it appears that it’s reading extremely high. With the case count going up like a rocket, and the death count merely creeping up, it’s apparent to any one with two or more brain cells that get along that corona flue isn’t that dangerous at all. Of course one has to USE those brain cells for other than discovering how best to comply with such edicts.

  17. Donald Douche has proven to be nothing but a Zionist-Globalist tool. He’s even caved on DACA. Other than personalities and slogans, there is no functional difference between the candidates….they all ultimately do the same thing as they serve the same masters.

    • He is tested continuously. If he wasn’t infected, why the mask and why risk even going. If those in the hospital which are tested over and over and over were negative, why the mask.
      You are in fact being very fair. But the Marxists, and the weak minded are never fair,,, never give a millimeter,,, always lie. They will use this picture a million times regardless of the reason he diapered up. Which is why logic never fazes them. Which is why they will win.


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