Innumerate, Indifferent . . . or Complicit?

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Are people innumerate? Or indifferent?

Perhaps, they’re just lazy. Or – worse – industriously eager to demonstrate their virtue (really, the virtue they’re told to demonstrate) by waking around with their mouths Diapered, pretending to be diseased and treating others as diseased.

It is of a piece with the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes – which probably isn’t told to kids anymore because of the lesson it imparts about the dangers of pretending to see what isn’t there because the people all around you say they see it.

Of course, you can’t see a virus.

But you can see numbers. If, that is, you’re willing to look at them. This takes more effort, of course, than listening to Anderson Cooper. Which is apparently too much effort for lots of people, who – apparently – would rather “see” what practically everyone else seems to  “see”- which is lots of “cases” of the WuFlu.

Never mind the decrease in people dying of it.

The “cases” being reported go up almost hourly – replacing the no-longer-effective body count being reported (because there weren’t enough bodies to count). This increase in “cases” is taken as ominous but almost no one bothers to ask whether  more – or fewer – bodies are stacking up like cordwood on account of it.

Twenty guesses as to the answer.

But instead of the right answer – the death rate is going down as the number of “cases” goes up – and asking themselves what that implies (an even lower risk of dying than the already-known practically nonexistent risk) they behave as though the peril increases.

More people are Diapered now – willingly – than three months ago, when Diapering wasn’t pathological because, at that time, the mortality rate wasn’t known and it was possible to be reasonably worried about dying from WuFlu.

It no longer is. Mental illness drives Diapering now.

Masochism as well as sadism. Do these people like public humiliation rituals? How else would you describe putting on a Face Diaper when there’s no reason to do so other than to humiliate yourself by publicly displaying your neurosis or your laziness?

Or is it that they like humiliating others?

There is without question something to the latter thing. Note that Diapering isn’t merely a personally chosen humiliation ritual; the pantomime of the neurotic. The humiliators are insisting on the humiliation of everyone.

See, for recent example, the pathetic bending of the knee (and donning of the Diaper) performed by Oregon armed government workers the other day. They “got caught” –  note the morally inverse language – refusing to Diaper because they’re medically and mentally healthy, at least as regards this sickness – ergo no reason to don the Diaper.

But the Diaperer-in-Chief of the state – Kate Brown – could not “allow” (there, again) this act of healthy divergence from sickness psychosis, the image of which must be maintained by forcing everyone to pretend they are sick or living in terror of sickness – for reasons of the health of the state, which by now should be clearer than a freight train coming at you down the tracks.

Rather than stand their ground – even if it meant quitting their jobs – these Potemkin “heroes” caved in and performed the required Kabuki.

Just the right word. It’s a show. A Dark Carnival of complicity with insanity. Do people not understand that they are enabling the creation of permanent insanity by accepting this insanity?

A world turn’d upside down? In which the physically and mentally healthy are forced to pretend they believe that death is in the air, everywhere? To ignore the objective facts that prove it’s not? To suffer the psychological abuse of being made to agree that two-plus-two-equals five?

That the emperor’s new clothes are the very finest they’ve ever seen?

Which brings up – inevitably – the Orange Man because – ultimately – all hope (if there is any) depends on him. The next emperor will most definitely insist that everyone “see” his new clothes – by wearing their new clothes.

On their faces. To show their obedience. Their willful suppression of objective reality in the face of socially pressured insanity.

Why hasn’t the Orange Man questioned this? Ridiculed the insanity?

Why no parsing of the numbers – which aren’t political numbers. They are just numbers and they speak for themselves, res ipsa loquitur.

The number of “cases” – vs. the number of deaders. And let the percentages speak about the insanity of the Diapers. One press conference is all it would take to point out that the emperor has no clothes.

Instead, peripheral jibber-jabber about monuments, something of monumental irrelevance at this moment in time. Whether a statue stands or falls is of no consequence in the face of whether reality – and sanity – stands or falls.

Along with the Orange Man himself.

. . .

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    • Hi Blues,

      Yup. I’ve been conducting a kind of survey in re all of this. In my Diaperless wanderings I’ve noticed other large men don’t Diaper, either. It’s 99 percent soy boys and women. I’m not looking for a fight but I won’t run from one, either.

  1. In the history of humanity it’s earlier than you think, Eric. Many, many people even in this country resent freedom. They resent the responsibility and objective necessity of thinking for themselves, of setting their own goals, and of upholding their integrity. It’s haaaaard. The existence of people who do those things eagerly and righteously is a constant reproach to the fearful self-gelded. Suddenly—a germ!—they have the perfect pretext for making you bend at the knee. To make you slow down, stop, and stagnate along with them. You. Must. Care. About. Them. There’s a billboard in Lewisville, Texas: “My mask protects you. Your mask protects me.” It should be illegal to induce vomiting in a 70 mph zone. They *don’t* care about you, obviously. They don’t even care about themselves. Their motive is their hatred of life; their method is to elevate their shame into a virtue; and in practice they want to make you believe that submission is unselfishness and cowardice is humanitarian love.

    • Wow! Well-said, D! Once, what you described was the province of a few radical liberals on the fringes of society. Then it spread throughout liberalism. Now, it is evem largely practiced by most “conservatives”. -And so they come together to form one monolithic mass which differs in name and words only.

    • Hi Blues,

      They’ll have to arrest me, too. Also – I have contacted the lawyers; told them I will happily do all I can to help them spread the word. This has to be stopped. If Orange Man won’t, then it’s up to us.

  2. But the Diaperer-in-Chief of the state – Kate Brown –

    I’m seriously considering taking this on as a mini-research project, but before I do, let me throw this question out to the readership here:

    Does anyone know if there is a verifiable correlation between the localities where face diapering is most rigidly and obsessively enforced and whether or not said localities have a woman as a governor, mayor, or county supervisor?

    I’m betting that there is a damned near 100 percent correlation between the two. We are now as a nation experiencing, for the first time in our history, Government by FEAR. This is the dominant female emotion/knee jerk reaction to everything, a phenomenon hardwired into their neural DNA. As they are handed greater and greater power over the nation and its institutions, all-pervasive FEAR, most of it baseless, dominates their every action and decision.

    • Dunno, Lib- some of the worst states which are the most tyrannical about the diapers- NY, NJ, CA. have dudes for govs- But they may as well be women, as liberalism/socialism is as good as a trip to the vet as far ability to neuter goes….. And the “woman” who rule states and cities, may as well be dudes.

      Remember- the political decisions being made are not just “coincidentally” being made by the various overlords on an individual basis; the whole world didn’t just happen to get together and adopt the ridiculous responses to Corona because they are the “scientifically sound” things to do- because they ARE NOT. If you see a bunch of people in high places- D’s & R’s; men & women; libtards and CONservatives mostly all doing the same things, when logic and reason and evidence does not support those support those things, it is because they are doing those things because of a motive which is not readily apparent to the plebes- because they are following an agenda which all “members of the club” are “in on”, and likely getting orders from above. If that were not the case, we’d be seeing a variety of responses, with at least some being based on sanity.

    • Hi Lib,

      Speaking of this… the other day, I lost another friend. A female one. The girlfriend of a friend. Known her for many years. Well, I made the mistake of mentioning that my gym is open and more or less normal except for the Leper Rag they insist everyone bring with them to the floor. I called it that and she visibly drew back. When I told her that I don’t “wipe down” the dumbells after I use them – because I don’t sweat and I’m not sick – she went Vesuvius on me and actually said: You have cats; what if someone who is allergic to the dander on you touches those weights and goes into anaphylactic shock?

      One less friend. I can’t deal with sick people any longer.

      • Dear goodness! How do such Henny-Pennys live in the world?

        Reminds of one of my sisters: I once offered to take her obese dog for a walk- The poor thing never gets walked. My sister refused my offer- “Oh no! She might walk where another dog has pooped or something, and get a disease!”. (Guess all those vaccines she always had the poor dog poked with really don’t work, eh?).

        I wouldn’t put much stock in your friend who keeps that deranged dingbat as his GF! Could you imagine putting up with such a person?!

        Everyone is sick; sick in the head! Too bad the masks wouldn’t prevent them from spreading their verbal pollution!

          • But Eric! Don’t you know? We all must alter our normal lives to accommodate the .01% of people who have a severe allergy..or who think they are a different gender in the “wrong body”, or who have some disability, but who just want to be “equal”! Alter our lives and all of society to accommodate that .01% so we can be “nice”.

            Damn! I can only imagine. An encounter with such a psycho would literally leave me speechless. What can you possibly even say to a person who is under such delusions? Now times her by 100,000,000 -as she is emblematic of what has become the norm.

      • This is insane. I have more concern about germs than most but I take care of that on my own by cleaning shared stuff before I use it or my hands after.

        Meanwhile there is still zero accommodation for the difficulties and weaknesses I have. For some of them it’s worse than zero.

        This can’t go on.

  3. Another good way to debate the diapered is to ask them if they wear one at home. Of course most will say no, so you ask them why not. Shouldn’t your loved ones that you live with be given more consideration than strangers at some store? I mean, you’ve been told the diaper is to protect others, not themselves, well wouldn’t you want to protect those that live with you first and foremost, the general public last, thus meaning you should be wearing the diaper at home? This usually results in a “cat got your tongue” situation…

  4. An idea popped in my head the other night. For all these places that require a mask, what about just stating you’ve already have the Covid, so wearing a diaper would do no good? That could be a silver lining with all these new (supposedly) cases that the media is shoving in everyone’s faces. They’d have no choice but to believe you.

    • Hi Nunz
      Don’t want to pop anyone’s bubble but check out the folks at Walmart. I’m not so sure those roly poly’s would be able to fight without one of those electric carts.

      • Hey Ken!

        Oh, no bubble here. I just think that the article illustrates the mindset of many- but it will not be tyranny vs. liberty; and Mr. Smith doesn’t seem to be taking into account how Uncle will use his mercenaries, against either and all sides.

        I maintain that, as I’ve stated before, the scenario described in the article is indeed likely to one degree or another- but that the end result will be the division of this country into 10 separate “superstates”, which will be portrayed as an organic grassroots reaction, but has actually been planned by the globalists for decades.

      • Hi Ken,

        Indeed. But the good news is those Wal-Mart people won’t be fighting us, either. I think it’s important to always keep in mind that history is made by committed minorities, for good and bad.

  5. When the hell does everyone think we’ll be at a point where we’ll look back at this and be like “Oh right, we had to wear masks” as we’re eating indoors at a restaurant packed to the brim, with people drinking at the bar.

    I always use “I got breathing issues” to avoid a face diaper, and I hear south/west of PA, no one wears them (Although it might of changed). Just has to end, I miss my favorite restaurants and am tired of having to explain myself.

    Also, who else noticed that since the “Spike” in cases (Testing), they doubled down on stupid?

    • the answer is of course never until we get mandatory vaccines with mandatory ID slips to show. And then the “next” pandemic will come along. the country is lost. Millions of businesses wil be destoyed and tens of millions will be impoverished

      • Hi Mark,

        The only thing that gets me out of bed – and not headed into the Woods – is that there’s a chance this will not be the “new normal.” That there will be counter-reaction to this insanity; that – somehow – a separation will be effected between the Diapered and the rest of us.

        Diapering (the willingly Diapered) being a clear indication of who isn’t on our side. Having lost their minds.

  6. I’ve been flooding every website’s comment section I can with this ever since “case count” became the new and improved fear porn number, every time it’s mentioned. Case count is completely irrelevant without corresponding mortality rate, which there isn’t. It’s of no more consequence than the dandruff case count. If it’s relevant at all, it’s a demonstration of how close we are to herd immunity. In other words, the more the better. It’s beyond my comprehension how many can’t seem to grasp the concept. Even normally at least partially sane folks, like the governor of Texas. It’s as if one day the world decided we should only wear one shoe at a time to prevent athlete’s foot. God, I hope that doesn’t give them an idea.

    • Hi JWK,

      It’s fascinating, isn’t it, that the question – so obviously begged – is so rarely voiced, let alone answered. The cases! The cases!

      And? Why are you so freaked out about . . . “cases” . . . ?

      Are people really this idiotic?

      Apparently, yes.

    • Most people having been raised on a steady diet of pooblik skool and TV are literally incapable of any independent logical thought- they depend on the TV to tell them what to think, without even questioning what they hear- much less seeing the sleight-of-hand that is being pulled. It has been this way for quite some time, but has increased to the point of absurdity today. I’ve seen so many people being as retarded and utterly incapable of exercising even the least bit of logic as I witness lately- and now with everyone always having their head up their smart phone or tablet, they’re literally turning into zombies! Mindless zombies being led by the little menwomen in the talking box.

  7. They used to sing about entering the “age of aquarius”, but we have seemed to have entered the “age of karen”……….

  8. The Babylon Bee has a story about a governor ordering everyone to wear a snorkel at all times in case they fall into a swimming pool. As with all good satire, that is close enough to the truth to make it funny while being brilliantly critical of the reality.
    The Bee also reports that the Washington Redskins are changing the team name to the Lizard People in order to better represent the population of DC.

    • The Babylon Bee has been firing on all cylinders lately. Some really funny stuff. Of course in the current climate, there is plenty of low hanging fruit to make fun of. Making fun of all this nonsense has been my coping thing lately. It just begs to be mocked.

  9. My daughter is 16 years old. All of her friends are quarantined by their parents because of what they’re relentlessly told by mass media is a very deadly disease running rampant. She now has not much to do but to stay in her bedroom (her choice) and be depressed.

    I decided that I’d try to take her mind off of her depression and go out for dinner. When we walked into the restaurant (which has outdoor seating) and were “greeted” by a 19-year-old hostess barking “Sir! You need to have a mask on to enter.” To which I told her I have no mask, but we just want to sit outside anyway, so there’s no need for masks. Once again she barked that masks are required to enter. She then said we’d need masks to walk to the outdoor table, at which time we “may” take them off while eating. I then told her I will not wear a mask and would never return to that restaurant again.

    I should be generally satisfied with the ultimate outcome, which is that I was able to deny them of my business for imposing this obnoxious requirement upon me. However, my daughter, who doesn’t buy into this deadly Covid nonsense at all, but being 16 and feeling pressured to conform to society’s new norm, got all pissed off at me for not just “putting on the mask.” I told her I couldn’t live with myself if I fed into this psychosis. I tried to explain to her the 2+2=5 analogy. I don’t think she got it. Now I’m the bad guy for acting the way a normal human being has done for millennia. WTF.

    • Don’t blame her,,, She has had 10-11 years of 24 & 7 indoctrination to believe and do as “authority” says. It’s doubtful she will be able to completely break the programming.
      The waitress will be looking for work shortly when the business goes under.

    • I have more than one daughter, two are sixteen or younger. I am happy to say that I have had more success with all my daughters questioning the mass hysteria of face diapering and social distancing (the whole upside down so called “new normal”). It might be because I always make it a point to engage them whenever there is some lie du jour being propagated by the MSM. I prod them to think, I ask them questions as to why they should question the narrative espoused by these MSM the newest lie. So in this instance I have made it clear that under no circumstance they should feel that they must put on a mask. One of my married daughters told me that Costco forces masks on all customers. I told her to stop shopping there. Cancel your membership save the money and go to Sams club.

      • Exactly, Matea!

        No – with our dollars and otherwise – has tremendous power. These SOBs are depending on the passivity of the poltroonery. Let’s show them we’re not all poltroons.

      • Hi Matea,

        Costco’s statement listed on their website has an out. “This requirement does not apply to children under the age of 2 or to individuals who are unable to wear a face covering due to a medical condition.” She can try that first if she’s willing. But otherwise I agree with your suggestion of cancelling and go to Sam’s Club.

        I went by my local Costco one week ago just to see how busy it was and if there were any brave souls not wearing a mask (was just driving through the parking lot). It was disheartening to see it as busy as ever and everyone had on a face diaper. I’m afraid people cancelling wouldn’t have much of an effect even though that is where Costco makes most of their money, on memberships.

        • I’ve adopted a “Fuck Costco!” attitude for the last several months. I knew before COVIDIOCY struck that they were a woke, SJW-owned company, but this was the last straw. If it didn’t mean me having to set foot in one of their got-damned stores I’d burn my membership card right in front of them.

          • I’m closing my PayEnemy…err…PayPal account! Last time I logged in, they had a big banner across the top saying “We’re pledging XXX-Million Dollars To Black Lives Matter!!!!!

            They may as well have just had a banner that says F&*^ You, Nunzio! Well if they want to F me, I’ll F them right back! It won’t hurt them any…but I’ll be damned if I’ll support this garbage!

          • Right on liberranter! Same here. I canceled my membership and they refunded me the whole year’s fee to boot! That was a welcome surprise. I’m going to check out Sam’s Club and most likely go with them instead (going to ask if they have any plans of instituting a mask policy, if so, no mas).

            Nunz, I haven’t had a Paypal account in years but if I still did, I’d be doing the same. This woke SJW nonsense is beyond the pale at this point.

            • I am a Sam’s club member. I haven’t had any problems entering without a face diaper on. Most of the customers/sheep wear the face diaper. I would suggest that you don’t ask Sam’s club about their policy on the face diaper because they probably have one and they will surely not tell you that you can still come in without wearing one. You just do it and let them refuse you entry then at moment you cancel your membership. Sam’s Club and walmart are one company. Both have signs showing that masks are required but I never wear one and I don’t ask them for permission to enter. You just enter the premises without hesitation and with confidence because you are sane.
              About eight weeks ago I went to the post office. All the sheep were lined up with their face diapers on. I came in sans diaper and all the sheep look at me with astonishment almost as if to ask with righteous indignation “where is your mask?”. At the entrance where the customers have to wait to be called in one at a time by the next available clerk there is a big sign showing “Face Masks Required” in big letters. In federal properties such as the post office they know better not to make a fuss if you choose not to wear a mask because of the ADA.

              • Hi Matea,

                I do exactly the same. At Earth Fare, at the coffee shop I go to almost daily. Just walk right in, sans Diaper. It’s astonishing how eagerly people obey, even when they don’t have to. The alarming thing is that they resent us for not obeying because it makes them look like the fools and poltroons they are.

              • Matea,

                Yeah, no worries, that’s what I do everywhere as well. Most places in my neck of the woods aren’t requiring diapers outside of Menards and Costco. If there are other places that do, signs or not, I couldn’t tell you as I just waltz in everywhere as well.

                Only reason I thought to mention it to Sam’s is so they get the hint to not institute a face diaper policy. Costco and Sam’s make the bulk of their money on memberships. So if more people would let them know that, hey, I’m canceling my membership (or not starting one in this instance), those particular places might take heed.

                • Hi c_dub!

                  I did precisely that about a month ago. I went to Sam’s with my membership card, which was on the verge of expiring. I walked in, without a Diaper – I will never wear a Diaper – and the first thing I did was find a manager and tell him that I am renewing my membership because I can shop Undiapered – and that I’ll cancel if they ever try to force me to wear a Diaper.

                  • Nice! Good to hear Eric. Eventually, if enough of us do likewise (and it really doesn’t take a large percentage of us in my opinion), businesses will take notice and cancel their diaper policies if they have one.

                    • The legions of deluded fools who would boycott businesses for allowing “us dangerous mentally-oll maniacs who don’t comply” to shop there far outnumber us- so they are the asses most business-owners will kiss.

  10. Interesting that Kate Brown has stated “The court’s decision today affirms what we know: everybody should have the freedom to make their own decisions about their health, families, lives, and future.” But, of course, this was regarding abortion. Source:

    But, when it comes to other freedoms about making decisions about their health, you must wear the diaper.

    I will not comply, it may cost me my job, but so be it. I’m a more than a little pissed off, but I must take a stand.

    • This is insane. Totally illegal. Null and void. I’m just not paying attention to any of it anymore, I’m practicing total IGNORING them all LOL. I don’t even want to know what their stupid fatwas are anymore because they’re all so stupid noone can even play simon says anymore, so why even bother paying any attention? It’s not going to change my behavior so I’m just ignoring them.

  11. Excellent summation!!!!!!!!!

    “A world turn’d upside down? In which the physically and mentally healthy are forced to pretend they believe that death is in the air, everywhere? To ignore the objective facts that prove it’s not? To suffer the psychological abuse of being made to agree that two-plus-two-equals five?”

    • Thanks, Mister!

      I’m going all out on this because this is that important. If Diapering isn’t defeated, it’s all over. Nothing else will matter. The bastards will mandate Diapering in our cars, even – just like seatbelts.

    • “Death in the air” may well be the next wave of propaganda. The idea is now being pushed by the fearmongers that the China virus hangs around in the air much longer than previously thought.

      • Hi Jason,

        In re “death is in the air”… I must be a superman, then. I’ve been going out and in public every day since this sickness descended, including during the “lockdowns” – and not even a cough so far. Some virus. I’m ready to take a barrel of WuFlu and pour it over my head on live TV if that will help the fools out there to see that this whole thing is a psychological operation, to achieve a political result.

      • “Death in the Air” might well be an appropriate meme, but not in the way the Deep State spinmeisters think. “Death in the Air” is going to mean the ever-present spectre of death once a sufficient minority finally says “FUCK THIS SHIT, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” and starts sending lead aloft in defense of their rights.

  12. Well, my employer requires me to wear a mask when on duty. I’m not willing to quit my job because of this policy.

    Last week I was on vacation. I had to take a “code yellow” rest break and rushed into the nearest gas station store. Since I used the facilities without compensation to the shop owner I planned on a token purchase as a thanks for the use. While searching for something in the aisle the cashier was shouting “Sir! Sir! I’ve been trying to tell you that a mask is required!” So I apologized and walked out.

    The Garfield County government is requiring masks be worn in all businesses and indoor public spaces. This is the law. I’m really not willing to find out what happens to law breakers over a stupid mask ordinance.

    However, my choice of face covering probably doesn’t capture the “spirit” of the law:

    • Another worthy and timely research topic: Private Property Rights in the Age of Coviodiocy: Asserting Your Right as a Business Owner to Not Mandate Face Diapers.


      • Sadly, the time to do that -when they decreed that you as a busy-ness-owner had no right to determine whether or not you allowed smoking in your premises- has come and gone; likewise when they decreed that you will be an unpaid tax collector for the state; and that your inventory would be taxed.

        The masses have accepted every tyranny that’s come down the pike- including DUI checkpoints and the TSA BS at airports….

        It’s far too late. Obsequious subservience is now part of the public consciousness.

        If you advocate the Fourth Amendment and stopping the checkpoints, “You must be an alcoholic”- You will be hated by libs and conserves alike.

        If you advocate the end of drug prohibition, “You must be a dryg addict”, “…”

        Question what right the state has to decree what constitutes the age of consent, or the age to drink…you’re “a pedophile and an abuser!”.

        The people have not only lost aqll love for liberty…but they know longer even know what liberty is, nor do they care. All we can do is resist….to maintain OUR dignity and liberty for as long as we can…but it is not going to change anything, because the masses love Big Brother- and can not even think anymore. They are now as much of a problem as are the overlords.

        And in addition, not even counting the 10 of millions who work directly for Federal, state and locla Uncles (Cops, soldiers, civil servants, those who work directly for government agencies, etc.) we have half the freaking population welfare (They won’t bite the hand that feeds them), teachers, accountants, aero-space workers, transit workers, yada yada, all who depend on Uncle’s tyrannies for their livelihoods. We are so greatly out-numbered that it’s ridiculous.

        • Morning, Nunz!

          You are probably right – but you may also be wrong. People do eventually get sick of tyranny. Not all of them, of course. Some are naturally servile while others have a lust to be in charge of the tyranny. But a time comes when enough people have had enough – and that moment, like a spark on a frigid night in the woods, must be fanned and fueled until it becomes the raging fire that cleanses.

          I see no conflict between doing as you advise – and as I myself do – while also doing everything you can to encourage others to do the same.

          • Hi Ya Eric!

            **”People do eventually get sick of tyranny. Not all of them,”**

            Very few of them, apparently. Look at the level of tyranny we live under. Other than us few Libertarians, how many people do you hear complaining?

            If people were complaining about the TSA and boycotting airports, etc. etc. then I’d say sure, eventually it’d wear thin and there’d be a backlash/resistance. But instead, we not only see compliance, but support for the tyranny- and they balk when we complain about it. The developed world is brainwashed, and the logic and appeal to the common decency of just leaving people alone if they haven’t harmed anyone, property rights, privacy, etc. is not going to overcome the massive and sophisticated levels of propaganda, programming, and long-bred aversion to liberty and personal responsibility which have become the cultural norm.

            This is a reality we must accept, lest we lose what remnants of liberty we can still avail ourselves of by trying to save them, when we will be lucky if we can save ourselves. This is just the reality.

            At this point, we can be no more effective than someone thinking that they can rally North Koreans to embrace liberty. It only works when there is a common enemy, and a resistance who are united in principle- but the vasdt majority around us does not recognizer the enemy, nor are they united in principle…excepting the principles of collectivism- which means that they are an asset of the enemy and not our allies.

            Our appeals are only recognized by the few who, at least at some level, embrace the values by which we live- and even among them, most will fudge those values for economic participation and perceived “safety”.

            Our voices are becoming weaker and weaker, as we are censored and deleted from modern forms of communication…and soon from society in general. And instead of fighting censorship, the masses demand more, and gladly participate in it. (Post an unpopular opinion on virtually any forum, and the people will happily alert the censors by “flagging it” so that the gatekeepers can be alerted that wrong-think has been committed, and can banish it to the corn field.

      • Hi liberranter,

        Yes, exactly! I’ve suggested to one business owner I know that she offer a liability waiver – which she already did, pre-Corona. She is the owner of my gym. When you first join, you sign a release holding them harmless if you have a heart attack while working out or hurt yourself while working out. Why not apply the same principle to this WuFlu and Diapering business?

        If you’re afraid you might get sick, then don;t come in. If you aren’t, then come on in!

        Remember when pools used to have signs that read: No Lifeguard on Duty Swim at Your Own Risk?

  13. The more people that “catch” the bat flu right now, the better. That way most of us will have immunity by the time it gets dark and cold and we are stuck inside most of the time again.

    I’ve been exercising my Right to Bare Arms lately so I should have plenty of Vitamin D.

  14. This is a copy and paste. Article by Celia Farber. I don’t normally do this but it is important to know just how they’re scamming us. It’s simply a numbers game. By moving the number of test cycles up or down they can increase or decrease the “cases”. Just as they do with unemployment and inflation.

    David Crowe– Canadian researcher, with a degree in biology and mathematics, host of The Infectious Myth podcast, and President of the think-tank Rethinking AIDS. He broke down the problems with the PCR based Corona test in great detail, revealing a world of unimaginable complexity, as well as trickery.

    “The first thing to know is that the test is not binary,” he said. “In fact, I don’t think there are any tests for infectious disease that are positive or negative.”

    The next part of his explanation is lengthy and detailed, but let’s push through:

    “What they do is they take some kind of a continuum and they arbitrarily say this point is the difference between positive and negative.”

    “Wow,” I said. “That’s so important. I think people envision it as one of two things: Positive or negative, like a pregnancy test. You “have it” or you don’t.”

    “PCR is really a manufacturing technique,” Crowe explained. “You start with one molecule. You start with a small amount of DNA and on each cycle the amount doubles, which doesn’t sound like that much, but if you, if you double 30 times, you get approximately a billion times more material than you started with. So as a manufacturing technique, it’s great. What they do is they attach a fluorescent molecule to the RNA as they produce it. You shine a light at one wavelength, and you get a response, you get light sent back at a different wavelength. So, they measure the amount of light that comes back and that’s their surrogate for how much DNA there is. I’m using the word DNA. There’s a step in RT- PCR test which is where you convert the RNA to DNA. So, the PCR test is actually not using the viral RNA. It’s using DNA, but it’s like the complimentary RNA. So logically it’s the same thing, but it can be confusing. Like why am I suddenly talking about DNA? Basically, there’s a certain number of cycles.”

    This is where it gets wild.

    “In one paper,” Crowe says, “I found 37 cycles. If you didn’t get enough fluorescence by 37 cycles, you are considered negative. In another, paper, the cutoff was 36. Thirty-seven to 40 were considered “indeterminate.” And if you got in that range, then you did more testing. I’ve only seen two papers that described what the limit was. So, it’s quite possible that different hospitals, different States, Canada versus the US, Italy versus France are all using different cutoff sensitivity standards of the Covid test. So, if you cut off at 20, everybody would be negative. If you cut off a 50, you might have everybody positive.”

    “I think if a country said, “You know, we need to end this epidemic,” They could quietly send around a memo saying: “We shouldn’t be having the cutoff at 37. If we put it at 32, the number of positive tests drops dramatically. If it’s still not enough, well, you know, 30 or 28 or something like that. So, you can control the sensitivity.”

    Yes, you read that right. Labs can manipulate how many “cases’ of Covid-19 their country has. Is this how the Chinese made their case load vanish all of a sudden?

    This won’t matter in the game. The diaper wearing fools are too ignorant to comprehend plus they are already committed. To change now would be admitting they were fools and that ain’t gonna happen. But it is nice to know just how they’re scamming us.

  15. Statues are important, They grace the public parks with quiet dignity. To the degree they are targeted reveals the insanity of the folks who will be coming for us soon. And with no police to protect us. Now saying that if you want to tear down the lincoln memorial I’ll contribute to that one.

    • Reckon a Ram 3500 with the 6.7L Cummins diesel would take the sucker down?

      If not, I’ll help push!

      Still irked at learning about “Honest Abe” in public skool, without being told that this expression dripped with sarcasm in contemporary usage.

      Like the Clintons, Lincoln was an habitual, inveterate liar.


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