Inverted Victimhood

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Bad enough that people are told they “owe” money to people they never met, with whom they never contracted for services they neither use nor want – i.e., having to pay what the “government” and those who do not understand what it is – or don’t want to face up to what it does – calls “taxes.” 

Worse, arguably, is people who’ve not been harmed receiving money – via the “government” –  extracted from the hides of those whom the “government” claims have done them wrong.

Mercedes-Benz being the latest inverted victim of this dirty business.

The German automaker stands convicted of passing government “emissions” testing.

Its Bluetec diesel engines – like VW’s TDI diesels – were “clean” enough to be “certified” for sale in the U.S. and Europe.

All of the foregoing words in air-fingers quotation marks to indicate the disingenuous way these terms are always used by the government and its lampreys, including those in the “media.”

“Clean” means compliant. It does not mean that a not-“clean” engine is dirty; i.e., that it generates extravagant or even significant pollution. The difference between a “clean” and a not-compliant engine can be (and is) defined by fractions of prior fraction, according to “Tiers” and “Bins,” which are the government regulatory apparat’s obscure and largely meaningless – in terms of anything meaningful as regards pollution – hopscotch categories defining compliance.

“Certified” means the government approves. Which means the government allows. That which is “certified” may be manufactured and sold; that which is not “certified” is illegal to manufacture and offer for sale. “Certified” means nothing insofar as fitness for use, though the government would like it very much if people believed it does. Many, unfortunately, do.

“Emissions” means whatever the government says they are. It used to mean objectively harmful byproducts of combustion – and in sufficient quantity that the “emitting” resulted in something objectively harmful, such as smog. It currently means harmless byproducts of combustion such as carbon dioxide, which is said to cause the “climate” to “change.” An assertion with as much scientific foundation as the recent assertions that “masks” – anything will do – “work.”

Anyhow, Mercedes (and VW) committed the sin of passing the “certification” tests by adjusting the software that controlled the operation of their diesel engines in such a way as to do just that. A horrible crime – insofar as it provided the government the excuse it needed to punish both.

The “cheating” – as it was presented by the “media” – enabled the government to portray these automakers as nefarious no-goodniks without any bother about having to show evidence of harm caused. It was sufficient to imply it.

To equate it – with “noncompliance.”

Many – probably most people – having been conditioned to a kind of thoughtless stupor that reflexively produces the desired reaction whenever the government squeals that someone “cheated” it.

As in “tax cheat,” for instance.

There is an element of truth here, of course – in that the government was “cheated” out of its ill-gotten gains (as regards “taxes”) and its Auctoritas threatened. The italicized word is an old Roman word and it meant the dignity – as well as authority that flowed from it – of . . . authority. The Roman Caesars valued their Auctoritas above everything else, for they knew well that everything else depended upon their Auctoritas.

Modern Caesarism – which is no longer embodied in an individual but rather institutions used by Caesar-ish individuals, such as those burrowed within the regulatory apparat of government – cannot abide its Auctoritas being affronted, either.

And that was Mercedes’ (and VW’s) true crime. They affronted the Auctoritas of the government.

Both were punished for it – disproportionately, as no harm was caused by either to anyone (outside of government). Billions had to be paid – to the government. And millions of people were deprived of the high-mileage vehicles they would have been able to buy, which they are no longer permitted to buy. This has harmed millions.

No compensation is forthcoming, of course.

But it is coming – from the victims – again.

Mercedes is now being sued by lamprey-lawyers who feed off the government’s “compliance” regime to force the German automaker to pay the people who bought its diesel-powered cars sums of money for harms Mercedes-Benz cars did not cause and who were not harmed by their cars. In fact, they were benefitted – by excellent fuel economy, which saved them a lot of money.

The only harms caused them having been caused by the government, which – via its hue’ing and crying over the trampling of its Auctoritas – has caused the market value of diesel-powered Mercedes (and VW) vehicles to decline.

That being the only actual harm caused.

Nevertheless, some 330,000 not-victimized people who bought diesel-powered Mercedes vehicles are poised to be “compensated” for the harms they weren’t caused, to be paid out by the company that did not cause them any harm – by the government that did.

The “core allegation,” according to the chief lamprey-lawyer, is that Mercedes “manufactured and sold vehicles with defeat devices in breach of the emissions regulations.” 

Note the absence of even a claim that harms were caused by this.

Instead, the claim is that ” . . . the use of defeat devices that reduce the effectiveness of emissions control systems is generally prohibited.” 

It is not unlike questing the “effectiveness” of “masks” – and refusing to wear them or oblige others to wear them. Also for a time considered a punishable offense by the very same government. The same one that continues to tout the “effectiveness” of the “vaccines” it also punished people for not taking.

All of this is what ends up happening when it is no longer necessary to prove that someone has been harmed before punishing someone for doing it. When punishment follows when the Auctoritas of authority is affronted.

. . .

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  1. But meanwhile in the mountains in Fort Valley Va for the last week the sky looks like a tic tac toe board……God only knows what these bastards are spraying on me…..I am Goddam sick of it.

  2. If I remember correctly VW would have gotten away with it (cheating on the test), had it not been for some other busy body. The government didn’t find the cheat, an outside group did.

    • All the manufacturers were cheating on these emission tests…they say the worst was GM because of the way they did it…well hidden…better hidden cheaters..they didn’t go after GM….government motors….lol

      Only VW got crucified, why? it was the biggest volume manufacturer at the time..a big target…best diesels….biggest threat to EV’s…

      In modern politics not a single member of the House of Representatives or Senator writes a law or puts pen to paper to write out a legislative construct.

      All the laws being put in place come from the WEF….banning ice gas and diesels is part of their agenda….

  3. Eric, have you seen the latest developments with urea-based particulate filtration (the things that need AdBlue)? Gasoline cars will now start shipping with them, with the same limits too; running out of urea means the car goes into 15mph limp mode.

    Why would you do such a thing, you may ask?

    Well, to meet fuel efficiency mandates, manufacturers switched from port fuel injection to direct fuel injection. Direct fuel injection doesn’t atomize the gas as well, so DFI cars produce a bit more soot in their exhaust. The solution, of course, is to mandate particulate filtration to address this issue, because going back to simpler, better, and cheaper port injection is unthinkable. Some manufacturers, like Ford, are going to dual injection with both port and direct injectors, but this still doesn’t solve the issue because you have the extra soot when it’s running using DFI. Ford’s port injectors keep the engine from fouling up with carbon deposits on intake valves.

    These particulate filters will definitely harm gas mileage, so it’s simply mind boggling that they will mandate expensive, unreliable technology that will undo the benefits of DFI efficiency gains. Port injection is much better than DFI+particulate filter in every way, but I guess the purpose is to make gasoline cars even more expensive and unreliable.

    • Hi OL,

      Yes – and a column is forthcoming. The gist of which will be that this is all about destroying alternatives to . . . wait for it . . . the EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeVeeeeeeee.

    • All the direct injection engines should be using water meth injection to clean the intake/valves….they all foul and plug up…..

      Each strategy has pluses and minuses.

      PI is handy for naturally aspirated engines because cooling the incoming air increases its density and power-producing potential. This upstream location provides ample time for full vaporization to occur.

      With DI, the chance of detonation—premature ignition of the fuel and air mixture—is diminished because the phase-change cooling effect takes place during the compression stroke just before ignition. Lowering the combustion chamber’s surface temperatures enables a higher compression ratio and improved efficiency whether the engine is naturally aspirated or boosted. Ford raised peak torque by 30 lb-ft in its new 3.5-liter V-6 by combining the new dual-injection strategy with higher boost pressure.

      There are downsides to DI. A DI system is more expensive because the pressure required to squirt fuel into the combustion chamber is 50 to 100 times higher than with PI, and the higher-pressure pump imposes parasitic losses. Direct injectors tend to be noisy.
      Carbon deposits—both on the backsides of the intake valves and on tailpipes—are service issues

      DI fouling….

      Cleaning the carbon buildup in your engine is not a cheap job either. Most shops have to walnut blast the air intakes of the engine to be able to remove the carbon buildup.
      Walnut blasting your engine intake can cost thousands of dollars because of the time associated with disassembling the engine and the care it takes to remove the carbon buildup.

      Because there’s less time for vaporization to occur, some fuel escapes the combustion chamber and the catalytic converter as particulate matter or soot.

      Ford uses PI alone at idle and at low rpm for smooth, quiet, and efficient engine operation.

      Direct injection, on the other hand, cools the air inside the cylinder, greatly reducing the probability of knock. This means the engine can advance timing and run more boost before running into issues. Direct injection is used at high RPM to cool the chamber at high loads and create the most power possible.

      • Well, there you go, adding more detail and nuance to my executive summary, haha.

        The walnut blasting thing is sure an adventure. I bought a used DI turbo car this past summer, and it ran like crap. The intake valves were gummed up with hardened carbon deposits after about 60k miles. I bought a powder blaster and walnut shell powder at Harbor Freight and spent a weekend cleaning them off. Turns out that the EGR oil/air separator wasn’t working properly, which accelerated the fouling. It’s a messy job, next time I’m paying a shop to do it, because it’s not worth doing yourself with cheapo equipment that’s not particularly good at blasting, or cleaning it up, and you dont want any to get into the cylinders.

        Anyhow, engines should not be like this, it’s just lame. Sure, water/meth injection can clean valves in a DI engine, but I’d personally take the tradeoff of PI and less potential power than having to deal with all this nonsense. Ford’s approach of dual injection definitely makes sense from a practical standpoint, as high pressure pumps and injectors are now relatively inexpensive.

  4. It occurs to me that VW, Mercedes, etc should do the recall to all affected vehicles, but provide the original firmware THAT THE CUSTOMER PAID FOR and the customer may use his property as he wishes. Unfortunately that would only happen in a free country.

  5. Taxes? The old “fair tax” still lives!

    In fact there is a “Republican” bill in the house to repeal the income tax and replace it with a federalie sales tax of 30%. Yes, it’s the same tax that was suggested years ago and with the same bs.
    They claim it is 23% not 30%. So,,,If you purchase $100 in goods you will be charged $30. That’s 30%,,, right? BONNGGG,,, Wrong! Nope, not according to our benevolent Mafioso most humorously call government. They take the $30 tax and divide it by the full price of $130 to come up with 23%. The difference,,, No butt protection for you.

    No exemptions. Charged to all, healthy, sick, disabled, retired, dead,,, there’s no escape. Today’s top tax rate is 39%. So we would all be pretty much in the top tax brackets if applied to today’s income tax.

    Consider a elderly ‘grandma’ receiving $1000 per month SS. She would pay $0 Federalie taxes today but with the ‘fair tax’ it is probable she would pay $300 per month in taxes for food and that is not stretching it considering food prices, rent, medicine and whatever.

    How about a shiny new useless EV for $75,000. $22,500 Mafioso Tax,,, and lets not forget the state Mafia taxes that average 8%. That’s another $6000 of demented fedbucks. Your new car is now $103,500! We haven’t added in local taxes, interest, shipping and other ripoffs.

    How ’bout that nice home for $400,000. $120,000 Mafioso tax (lmao).

    Applies to ANY expense. Doctor, Hospital, Drugs, Property purchases, Food, Transportation, Restaurants, you name it,,, you pay it!

    And with the upcoming FedCoin digital slave dollar,,, they could take the tax out immediately. Already operational in Russia and China with their digital slave coins. And they love it! Of course if you don’t like it Comrade………

    Y’all smile when your bent over and be sure to continue using those self checkouts and your ithingy for payment…. hear! They’re sooo cool!

    • I got on the “Fair Tax” bandwagon many years ago, and very briefly. There is only one solution to government spending money they don’t have, and taxing the crap out of you to pretend they intend to pay off the debt, and that’s disposing of such government. In fact, since FedGov has openly declared they will borrow as much as necessary to do whatever they please, why collect taxes at all? Just borrow it. And never pay it back.

    • I remember the fake libertarian Kneel Boortz peddling this crap years ago. They never consider whether the government is or should be entitled to tax revenue, in whatever form, in the first place. That seems to be always presumed, then we just work out the amount from there. It’s why we are totally f’d.

    • Social Credit Brazilian Style: All UBI Recipients Must conform

      CBDCs will be the rails for UBI programs….CBDCs will have expiry dates after which their value will evaporate or erode….

      CBDC Anti-hoarding” features
      Saving for the future is being rebranded as “hoarding” and it is becoming officially unfashionable because personal savings reduces dependency on the state.

      Total Information Awareness

      Once it’s digitized in a centralized database (central banks) …… everything becomes known to central authorities instantly.
      NOTE:Taxation can be applied per-transaction,

      Social Credit Systems
      Instead of emailing a list of bank accounts to be frozen that were cribbed from a (hacked) spreadsheet, they could simply direct the Bank to turn off everybody’s digital wallets who were in the vicinity of the protest, or who contributed to their crowdfund,

      Carbon footprint tracking
      Back in Carbon Rationing, CBDCs and Sound Money ……. how this trajectory is more or less baked-in now, and that the state-run financial system is undergoing a shift from a debt-backed monetary system to one based on carbon quotas.
      (there’s already a Mastercard that cuts off your spending when you exceed your carbon quota),

      the solution is not to need financial aid.
      Anybody depending on state entitlements or financial support will be CBDCerfs, their affairs fully regulated by the state, their carbon footprints metered, and rationed, while their lives are gamified through their smartphones.
      Among the affluent G20 nations where woke-ism reigns supreme and neo-Marxism is fashionable, a lot of them may even like it.

      the rest of us, who would prefer not to “own nothing and be happy”, it’s imperative that you have zero reliance on government subsidies, entitlements or support payments…..start a business…

      Switzerland is about to vote into law that cash cannot be banned, so the next best thing to gold will be Swiss Francs

    • The most important thing about taxes is following the example of Donald J. Trump…that is to find every possible way to get out of legally paying them, in every situation.

      He has said this on multiple occasions, and the (((presstitutes))) excoriate him for it, but it is fully legal.

      Seek whatever exemptions you can find, they are out there, even if you have to get professional liars, aka lawyers….LOL.

      I have, and it has meant thousands of dollars yearly back into my pocket.

  6. Read an interesting article this morning that’s tangentially related. An entrepreneur has come up with a modern V8 engine as a drop-in replacement for the stock Lycoming engine (which requires leaded fuel) on a Cesna 172. The FAA isn’t interested, and to get them on board with the idea would require a team of lobbyists and lawyers, boxes of documents, and hundreds of hours of flight time. The engine is cheap, easier to manage, much more efficient, more reliable and can run on normal unleaded pump gas, reducing the cost/hr to $20. There are thousands of 172s in service, most of which are using engines designed in the 1950s because there’s no interest in certification of new designs.

    • There is another company (at least one) which has developed an aerodiesel. Unfortunately, with anything with wings the gov is all over it and the cost of the aerodiesel conversion is about 80k if I remember. Though the fuel burn is quite low and the performance is quite good.

  7. Meanwhile, VAG and Benz are selling every freaking model with TDI over in the Bundesland.

    Pisses me off! If I could have an Audi S6 Avant TDI, I’d be happy as a clam and wouldn’t have to hate those bastards. But NOOOOO!

    Even in suicidally-green Germany, it’s no problem. Fucken bullshit is what it is!

  8. With Seymour Hersh’s bombshell that the U.S. government blew up the Nord Stream pipeline, how much “environmental damage” did that cause, and how many Germans fell victim to it via freezing in a cold winter because they couldn’t get gas for keeping warm? I doubt the establishment media will even touch this story with a 10 foot pole.

    • Apparently losing WW2 has rendered the entire population of Germany clinically insane. They keep voting and demanding their own suicide. Call it green or gender-fuck-whatever… they insist upon it!

      Fuck ’em. If they can’t stand up for themselves, and they not just allow it but demand it, they’ve only got themselves to blame. Uncle Sam having his way with ’em seems to be how they like it. Rough and hard. 🤷‍♂️

      • Germany has been saddled with its own “Stockholm Syndrome” ever since the summation of the Second World War.
        There are some brave Germans who have gone against the “official narrative” of WW2 with Germany seen as being on “the wrong side of history” and as such are (still) considered to be “the bad guys”, but they are either too few or afraid of being “outed” as “holocaust™ deniers”, subject to severe punishment, and yes, Nazis (which is unfairly still a pejorative term in Germany and in much of the rest of the western civilized world). Even Canada has criminalized honest investigation into the so-called “holocaust™”.
        This is especially bolstered by the (in)famous “holocaust™” fable which was created by the Allies in order to keep Germany permanently demonized.
        In fact, it was Russian jews who “rebuilt” Auschwitz after the war in its own propagandistic way, creating and amplifying engineering errors that the Germans would have never done. Hollywood could not have done a better job in perpetuating the falsehoods and propaganda.
        From non-sealed “gas chambers” with wooden doors that “swing the wrong way” to no means for inserting and ventilating the poison gases, using a delousing agent as an ineffective “poison gas”, anyone with an engineering background can easily poke holes in all of the claims made by holocaust™ promoters.
        Let’s not forget that “holocaustianity™” has been deemed to be a state religion in many countries from which no deviation is permitted. Prosecution, fines and imprisonment await those who seek the truth about this false, contrived event in history. If the “holocaust™” is based on “truth” why not encourage a full impartial investigation into this “event”? What are “holocaust™” promoters afraid of?
        Holocaust promoters have always been excellent propaganda agents, tugging at heartstrings by always showing (((them))) as being “downtrodden” victims and always being marginalized and victimized. This is a “feature” and not a “bug” as it has been successful in keeping the holocaust™ fable going to the present day.
        “Holocaust™ museums” (actually freak shows) display piles of shoes, glasses, clothing, and other piles of “who knows what” in order to claim that 6,000,000 jews were “gassed out of existence”. Of course, these piles of shoes, eyeglasses, clothing and other items were all purchased at Goodwill or Salvation Army stores.
        These freak shows get massive amounts of taxpayer dollars despite being totally out of place in American society. Schoolchildren are brainwashed and propagandized in these freak shows, which is actually child abuse to allow children into these “holocaust™” museums. Even states have mandated “holocaust™” brainwashing for school children…not good.
        It could be safely argued that even Americans have been unwitting victims of “Stockholm Syndrome” especially when it comes to “all things holocaust™”.
        It is long overdue to conduct a full, impartial, honest of all holocaust™ claims and to “let the chips fall where they may” and finally expose it as the massive fraud of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

      • you’re assuming that voting changes anything 🙂 in Europe elections are just as rigged and in US and the EU is ran by a bunch of unelected communists; the biggest resistance we’ve seen were the Dutch farmers and see how they’re being treated -_-‘
        UK too has banned sales certain cars

  9. Telling us we ‘owe’ money to people we never met, for things we don’t want, don’t need, and cant afford is diabolical. Telling us we need to go to war for the same special people, even if we risk annihilation has a particularly nasty taint. Dragging us into said war after 30 years of no win wars shows real hutzpah.

    The foundations of society are straining and all the Garbage Elite can offer on the issues of the day is Moooooar. Expending their significant bandwidth to bend us to the will of degenerate GovCo apparatchiks like butt plug Pete. All this while providing spectacles like the Scratch Scratch Spit Spit bowl, trying to distract us from identifying lasting truths. Maybe if we all watch the ole ball game diligently, we will see someone Die Suddenly for no reason at all.

    Thanks for reminding us how this all works Eric. ‘Clean’ being defined as nothing more than a fraction of the prior fraction. Having absolutely nothing to do with the protection of the air we breath, only about certified compliance. It is solely a matter of favors, traded among bugmen, who produce nothing of lasting value.

  10. John Kerry and Bill Gates recently had the gall to claim that it’s OK that THEY fly private jets because they’re “special” and are “Trying to save the planet from climate change”, while wishing to decree that the masses should NOT be allowed to drive regular vehicles. I’ll bet that their private jets emit FAR MORE “pollution” or “carbon footprints” than a regular gas powered vehicle, but then we’re not “special”.

    • Large passenger aircraft are remarkably efficient at crusing altitude and speed thanks to high-bypass engine designs and airlines prioritizing operating efficiency over performance (and looks). A full 737 MAX can reach the equivalent of 60 miles per gallon per passenger, including luggage. The 787 can do better depending on cabin configuration. Of course as fewer seats are sold that number decreases, as well as headwinds and turbulence.

      Small jets are less efficient of course, but can achieve pretty good results too. Usually the further the distance traveled the better. But won’t get anywhere near as good as a large jet, mostly due to the airframe mass to payload ratio.

      Rail is probably the most efficient way to move mass but the industry is so regulated, along with the high cost of land acquisition, that it probably won’t ever be a viable alternative to long haul passenger aviation. And of course the travel time is far slower, requiring passenger comforts like food, lounges and sleeping berths, which reduce overall efficiency.

        • The lower atmosphere is thick and increasing altitude is similar to going up a hill. Once you are at cruising altitude and at 30,000 ft most of the thrust is for forward momentum. You can hear the engines throttle way back just before they start serving drinks.

    • MailOnline observed at least 52 private jets landing at Glasgow for the climate change conference…- while estimates put the total number flying in for the conference at 400.

      Conservative predictions suggest the fleet of private jets arriving for COP26 will blast out 13,000tonnes of carbon dioxide in total – equivalent to the amount consumed by more than 1,600 Britons in a year. ……. then there was Biden with his 85 vehicle motorcade.

      Thousands of private jets fly into Davos each year for the WEF’s annual summit,…1000’s….they will blast out a lot more then 13,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide

      Prince Charles was among those travelling by non-commercial plane from the G20 in Rome, MailOnline can reveal. Flight records suggest the plane was an MOD jet. -Daily Mail

      Yes, the same Prince Charles hypocritically calling for a “vast military-style campaign” with trillions at it’s disposal in order to force “fundamental economic transition” when it comes to the environment (the reset).

      charles owns forests in wales where trees are harvested for profit, he is the biggest slum landlord in london which produces lots of pollution. he is also at the top of the elite nobility at the very top of the control group running the planet and the lockdowns/cull

    • WEF Declares People Have No Right To Own Their Own Cars: ‘You Can Walk or Share’

      Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum has declared that people have no right to own their own car and can instead “walk or share.

      Thousands of private jets fly into Davos each year for the WEF’s annual summit, but according to Klaus Schwab ordinary people should not own their own car.

      The global elites in Geneva, Switzerland, are now instructing their Young Global Leaders embedded in governments around the world that far too many people own private vehicles and they must be priced out of the market with massive gas price hikes.

      And it’s not just cars.

      The end of private ownership is essential, according to the WEF, and can be applied to everything from cars to private homes and even city-wide design principles…..check out the 15 minute cities coming your way….

  11. VW and Mercedes Benz can stop doing business in the US, close up the factories and go home. Nothing the US gov can do about that.

    US Marshal Kenneth Muir fired a kill shot at Gordon Kahl. However, it wasn’t Gordon Kahl, it was his son wearing Gordon’s coat. A pistol was in an inside coat pocket that stopped the bullet from killing Yorivon Kahl. Gordon tricked the US Marshal, he suspected the marshal was there to kill him. The initiated gunfire was done by the US Marshal Muir (admitted in court testimony), the enraged Gordon Kahl then fired and killed the US Marshal, the first ever US Marshal killed in action.

    Gordon fled the scene, drove the back roads to Arkansas where he was located and eliminated.

    Sad fact is, if the gov wants you dead, the job does get done.

  12. ‘Instead, the claim is that ”… the use of defeat devices that reduce the effectiveness of emissions control systems is generally prohibited.” ‘ — eric

    It’s an age-old distinction: mala in se is a Latin phrase meaning “evil or wrong in itself.” Whereas mala prohibita means “wrong because it is prohibited.”

    Defeat devices are mala prohibita. Much like the mala prohibita of “possession of marijuana [sic]” used to be a grave crime — indeed, a felony in Texas when I first insolently broke that law as a defiant youth. Now in two-thirds of states you can buy state-licensed cannabis.

    Diesel engines pump our water, harvest our crops, and transport our goods. Those who would regulate diesels out of existence are committing crimes against humanity.

    Arrest EPA director Michael Regan. Or failing that, park the Kawasaki 250 two-stroke triple outside his office window, and ring-a-ding-ding his ass till his sanity cracks.

  13. OMG ROFL!

    Lamprey: an eel-like aquatic jawless vertebrate that has a sucker mouth with horny teeth and a rasping tongue. The adult is often parasitic, attaching itself to other fish and sucking their blood.


      • Victoria Nuland should swing from the end of a rope along with Susan Rice and all the other neocon warmongers that are trying to start a war against Russia. I think Putin would be pretty pissed after reading Seymour Hersh’s article, but these a-holes poking a nuclear armed bear probably think they can ride it out in their fuehrerbunkers while us serfs get fried. Ef em all!

        • war?….a losing idea….

          bomb shelters for brandon but not for you….

          Nuclear war

          Russia has built a large number of bomb shelters, enough for 40 million people….in a nuclear war a higher percentage of the population will survive because of this, so maybe pushed to the wall it isn’t totally unthinkable… least they gave some thought to protecting the little people..

          In the G7…no bomb shelters for the people on the bottom, the government doesn’t give a shit about you…actually the bat germ psyop shows they want to get rid of you….why do people still tolerate these monsters?

          China isn’t as concerned, they figure they can survive a nuclear war because they have a huge population, so there will be survivors.

          If your leaders are going to get you into a nuclear confrontation at least they should build some shelters for you first.

          In G7 countries what bomb shelters have been built? the ones that have been built, are for the government and military leaders,

          but…… the globalist/satanists at the top will be safe 400 feet underground in their bomb shelters in New Zealand.

          Dr. Marc Faber says these governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

          So instead of building bomb shelters they just stole the money, great leaders.

          Then there is anti missile defense systems…who has the edge….

        • ‘Victoria Nuland should swing from the end of a rope.’ — Mike in Boston

          You commented in another thread about Nuland’s mentor, the hideous Madeleine Albright, who said killing 500,000 Iraqi kids was ‘worth it.’

          Today Nuland thinks sacrificing 250,000 Ukrainians (and counting) is worth it to ‘weaken Russia,’ or create ‘New Khazaria’ … or something.

          That Nuland wasn’t fired after her disastrous Ukrainian coup in 2014, which motivated Russia’s prompt seizure of Crimea, tells you everything you need to know about the Uniparty fedgov: both its rewarding of gross incompetence; and the sinister, un-American interests who steer its foreign policy.

          • Ukraine is being poised to become the “new israel”. It is a fact that most European jews do not like israel’s climate or proximity to Arabs (although European jews themselves claim to be “semites” lol). The Ukraine is a perfect place for European jews to have their own “base of operations” in which they can ply their criminal “stock in trade” on the European continent.

  14. What pissed the FedGov Psychopaths the most is that both VW and Mercedes programmed their cars to pass their test. Their test was defeated, and psychopaths cannot deal with defeat. In fact, that defeat is the grounds for their persecution. They passed the test, so where’s the “crime”?

  15. Our local morning radio host described what the US gov. has become. “Homicidal monkeys whose entire foreign and domestic policies consist of “Pay us or die!” VW is an example when the clean diesels were killed off and blowing up Nord 1&2 is another. when Russia wanted Rubles instead of US petrol dollars.

    I think the description fits perfectly.

    • Manse,
      “Pay us or die!” is the very foundation of all government. Without their assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey, they are toothless. Who would pay any tax or fee if not for the threat of government violence against them? Certainly not me.

      • That is in fact why I DO pay taxes, to avoid a gunfight on my doorstep, which I would likely lose, while possibly causing a couple of goons to lose as well. I prefer not being killed, or killing anyone, as long as can afford to avoid it. There is a line though.


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