The Left Inverted – Or Merely Coming Clean?

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The New York Auto Show is no more – once again. The Krankleiter of New York City has so decreed. This is the second year in a row there will be no show. There may never be another show, since there always be a new “variant” to justify not having one.

Of not having anything, anymore.

It is interesting – the inversion. Of Leftism. Which has become the ideology of suppression – of everything it once feigned opposition to, such as restrictions on free speech (there was a whole “Free Speech” movement in the ‘60s, ostensibly of the Left). Of hassling people who were different and choosing to be so, even if others disagreed.

And of course, segregation – which it now fiercely demands.


(It was predominantly the Left that advocated and practiced it, on racial grounds.)

This biological segregation – the altered vs. the unaltered – is new in form but familiar. It is a kind of facet of the Left’s equally fierce segregation of thought into correct and not correct. The latter leading, inevitably, to the former. If you are not allowed to disagree with the Left without being punished then why should you be allowed to exist without being punished, if your existence is disagreeable to the Left?

The Left made much hay, back in the ’60s, of events such as the Chicago police being sicced upon people attending the Democratic National Convention. Fascists! The cry was heard across the land, betraying a lack of comprehension of the term.

Or perhaps more accurately, honesty.

These same Leftists are now and have always been the fascists – they are the heads of the corporations in bed with the government – the thing which defines fascism – using their combined power to brutalize the entire nation. That is fascism. An honest definition. Just the same as hypochondria, to describe the manufactured obsession with and fear of sickness now afflicting the land.

Manufactured by the Left, which uses its control of the corporations that control the organs that manufacture the “news,” which only reports that which the Left approves – over and over and over again, having learned the lesson taught by an earlier docktor of fascism, Joseph Goebbels – who taught that a lie must be repeated endlessly (and ubiquitously) in order to create the impression of its truth. Thus the media-watching populace was immersed in a daily – and hourly – case count, which was never juxtaposed against a body count – which would have made plain the ratio of “cases” to bodies and that would have made plain the evil absurdity of “locking down” the country Of forcing kids – and healthy adults – to wear “masks.”

Wasn’t it conservatives – according to the Left – that were the mongers of police state tactics? Conservatives never created concentration camps for American citizens. Leftists – Franklin Roosevelt – did that. FDR was of course a fascist. He even used the symbols of modern fascism – including the Eagle and the fasces, or bundled sticks – after the fashion of his political role model, Benito Mussolini. FDR was also the fascist who stole the American people’s gold – and made it a crime for them (but not him) to own it.

Before him, there was Wilson – who sicced armed agents of the state upon anyone who raised questions about his policy toward Germany, or even said something favorable about sauerkraut. People were arrested and caged without due process and held on spurious charges for nonexistent (under the Constitution) crimes. Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer was a kind of prototype and precedent for the current one.  As Wilson himself was for the current occupant of the next-highest office.

The bete noire of the old Left – FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover – was hired by Wilson’s Justice Department (sic) and headed the Alien Enemy Bureau, those “enemies” being anyone that the Wilson regime disliked. These were summarily arrested and jailed; the threat of both being sufficient to suborn the fear-driven submission of all potential “enemies.”

If it has a familiar ring, it should.

Leftist larvae are not taught this history, of course. And because Leftist control what history is taught, the general public is unaware of it as well.

As they are generally unaware of the distinction between a “case” and being sick enough to require medical care. Or dead. This failure to clarify being deliberate, the benefit of the doubt regarding the non-clarification no longer being possible as the information is well-known, just not widely disseminated. It is the same as regards the dangers of the “vaccine” juxtaposed against the extremely attenuated risk of not taking it, for 99.8-something percent of the general population. But to speak this truth is to invite a barrage of lies, intended to obscure the truth. The truth-teller is characterized as “anti” various things (everything except untruth) and badly motivated. But the pharmaceutical cartels that stand to reap billions in profits extorted through coercion and Leftist politicians who have acquired dictatorial control over the populace are motivated by generosity and concern for the well-being of the public.

And now, Vaccination Apartheid – to make clear how deeply felt this concern is. People whose only offense is their good health and not wishing to risk it for the sake of calming other people’s pathological fears – stoked by the Left – over a sickness that presents an extremely slight (and easily treatable) risk to them and practically everyone else are characterized as a biological threat to the health of the nation.

Once again, it ought to sound familiar. If people knew history, rather than the purblind hagiographies they are taught to rote-recite in schools that are . . . controlled by the Left. The schools – and Leftists – shout down their enemies as “Nazis” but almost never deconstruct what the acronym stands for. Thus most of the purblinded students are unaware of the socialism – i.e., the authoritarian Leftism – the “Nazis” advocated. And which of course, the Left now embraces – and enforces.

It is an irony of modern history that the “anti-establishment” is now the enemy of the modern  Left; or rather, the Left – having become the establishment – now regards those who question the Left’s politics and policies as the enemy.

This is to be expected as the Left has situational principles. It never truly believed in free speech; it merely used the noble idea as cover for its urge to suppress speech. It never believed in “different strokes” – in “choice,” as another convenient euphemism styled it. It never fundamentally opposed segregation, either.

The Left merely adopts a position when it is useful and then drops it, when it no longer is – leaving its better-natured opponents flabbergasted by the effrontery of it and temporarily paralyzed by it as well.

This paralysis fades when one comes to terms with the fact – based on acts – that the Left has but one principle: Power. To be acquired by whatever means necessary. There is no good faith; there is crossing of aisles. There is only understanding the nature of the thing – and summoning the will to say no to it.

. . .

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  1. On a more positive note, many seem to be over it. Although the media has been blasting us about the “cases” and “variants”, I am happy to say I just returned from a local festival and saw 0 masks, no social distance, and a total disregard for anything remotely covid. Very refreshing. live music, cold beer and social interaction.

    Oh and great festival food.
    Good signs.

    • I Spkrman,

      I’m seeing the same – and it has me worried – that the Freak-in-Charge is going to do something about it. A National Diaper (or Needle) Mandate; perhaps even another “lockdown,” until the cattle accept their lot. I hear rumors about this and take them seriously, given what’s happened so far.

      • Sure, Eric. Evil men can lash out and do much damage. They can oppress us for a season. But the tide has turned, at least here in the South. If we resist passively and patiently, we will outlast the enemy. He may resort to different oppression, but the virus narrative is getting stale around here.

        Events are following the same trajectory as the old 55-mph speed limit. They enforced it for a season, but middle-class people bought CB radios to evade it. When popular culture began mocking the enforcers, we won. What form shall victory take this time? Perhaps Smokey and the Virus?

        • Hi David,

          I hope so; I hope this can be fought – and won – without it coming to blows, without us having to fight, in the literal sense. I also see less enthusiasm, generally, for the Sickness Cult and its regime of Kabuki. But I also see fervent, religious adherence by a few and by almost all the major organs and the corporations, the latter troubling me greatly as it is the means by which Kabuki Compliance is suborned.

          But, regardless, I will resist this so long as necessary. I will never bow to it.

          • As a reminder, the test case for how it’s going down with the rest of the nation is coming this Monday & Tuesday.
            Various State & Fed .gov is at a ‘put up, or shut-up’ T-intersection moment.

            Either there will be the beginnings of mass firings this week, or they will back the hell off.

            … I don’t wonder why you drink.

            • Or: they achieve full compliance;
              Or: the news declines to cover any “mass firings” so it’s as if they never happened
              Or: There is a whole system for “faux compliance” among the criminal scum that populate government, with a wink-wink-handshake culture of enforcement
              Or: Saline Solutions are openly distributed in key channels…

              The one thing that will NOT happen is a back-off. Not a chance. This is the final pincer move. There’s no going back now, for anybody

              • Full compliance absolutely will not happen, nor will “faux compliance” & Saline Solutions openly distributed in key channels be acceptable by many.

                As is said, The Revolution will not be televised.
                How-freaking-ever; some aspects of it will be. I’me reminded of the scene in V-For Vendetta when the TeeVee explained away the fireworks display, etc…

                Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

                • Morning, Helot!

                  Humanity – not just America – is being tested. Will humanity pass the test – or fail? We shall soon know. I try to remain optimistic; and even when I am not, I never give up.

  2. Hey Eric! As you say, “This paralysis fades when one comes to terms with the fact – based on acts – that the Left has but one principle: Power. ”

    The easiest step to combat them? Say NO! Say it loud, don’t back down. Refuse to give them YOUR power over your own life. The first NO is the hardest; we are trained from birth onward that nice people say yes and don’t rock the boat. Well… the boat is sinking, and being nice is not going to save you from drowning. Say NO!

    • Man, are those Chinese smart! They invented something that has caused the plain-old flu to disappear! Remember those 35-50K ‘Mericans who used to die every year from the seasonal flu? Now they die from the ‘Rona instead! Hallelujah! At this rate, Bill Gates and Hitlery and co. will never be able to kill us all off so that the planet can be a safer place for rocks!

  3. We have outsource everything that is dirty, risky and dangerous to China. Not just “gain of function” biological research, but nuclear research as well. China is NOW building NRC approved SMR’s and LFTR’s
    But don’t worry, China has proven they are a reliable partner by sharing their virus with us. I am sure they will share the nuclear technology too. In one way or another. (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor, Small Modular Reactor)

  4. Excellent summation of the horrid left and fascism. There is nothing that can be trusted coming from the left because most of what they say is a play on words that constantly gets twisted around and around. Like you say, the only common ground for the left is power and control.

    Throughout the last 150 years or so, 100’s of millions who opposed the left in one way or another have died at the hands of the leftists. They have either been outright murdered, starved or killed off simply because they did not comply with the dictates of the left. That may be the choice we all face going forward if we wish to fight them. And without guns and ammo, this may be a hard row to hoe.

    The left is made up of people who hate themselves, hate humanity and are so fearful of losing what they might have, that they feel the need to use force in order to feel secure, which is a totally false assumption. To be able to go out and murder people who have done you no harm so as to maintain some kind of power is beyond thinkable and reasonable. There is no basis in existence to support this kind of thinking. There is nothing in the universe, no truth of existence that supports the actions of the left. These people are absolutely insane and without a shred of accountability. Their only thought of decency might be to murder you quickly with a bullet instead of doing it by starving you.

    Power is a pure illusion. You only have power when a person bows down to your will. If they refuse, you do not have any power over them. If you threaten them with prison, starvation or death, they still can say no and your power is vastly diminished. So, as a stupid leftist, you kill off most people whom you fear and wish to control…what do you have remaining? Nothing but an empty heart, mind and soul. You are now just as dead as those whom you have murdered.

    All power is based in fear if you really think about it. There is no time in history that you could ever fully trust a leftist. And what of history? We trust that those who have written, recorded or preserved it did so honorable and truthfully. It is quite possible that most history is inaccurate as all events and occurrences happened exactly one way and one way only. Trust nothing from those who would seek to force you to do their bidding.

    • “Power is a pure illusion.” – Tom

      Yes it is! and they do keep it going through fear. They can’t stand those of us who don’t comply. It is a threat.

      • Thing is, it’s not just the left that uses such tactics- it’s also the right, and every other form of authoritarianism- thus any iteration of government which deems itself as having the right to control the money, commerce, and lives of the inhabitants of it’s jurisdiction. One way or another, it all comes down to control and force. The acts they use and the illusions they create may vary slightly, but in the end, it all comes down to controlling narratives and maintaining the power to coerce and intimidate.

        Remember Bush II’s “You’re either with us or against us”? McCarthyism?(Boy, how right that guy was!).

        • Each and every government that has ever existed is based upon its notion it has authority to kill you if you don’t go along. Some play their cards more aggressively than others, some don’t. They all play from the same deck.

          • Indeed, John –

            The King’s Law (or Caesar’s). Or “the government’s” – all the same, in different forms. The lines spoken in Robert Bolt’s play about the trial of Thomas More come to mind: I do none harm, I say none harm, I think none harm, but wish everybody good. And if this be not enough to keep a man alive, in good faith I long not to live.

  5. Very interesting Eric – i always enjoy hearinghte alternative view of history from you. And its amazing how dumbed down we are, and how politicised our own understanding of history is.

    As my kids are now of the age that they are reading on their own, im wondering, what should we have them read ?? I mean most mainstream stuff is complete nonsense… the same propaganda as you get from the TV…. any good ideas ? maybe a recommended reading list….

    • Thanks, Nasir!

      I’d recommend checking out the works of Mencken, Albert Jay Nock, Lysander Spooner, Leonard Read and Thomas DiLorenzo, for a start. One of my favorites being Mencken’s Notes on Democracy.

        • Have them read Animal Farm by Orwell. It’s a short easy read. Also check out the Sci-fi book called the White Mountains not sure of the author. I think Eric’s picks although good would be a above a 7 and 9 year old.

          As a kid my awakening came through Sci-fi novels. Since we now live in the dystopian future that many of these books predicted.

          • Indeed, sci-fi presents one with numerous possibilities, so when one shows up one might recognize it, good or bad. Although the genre isn’t what it once was, now with much wokeness.

          • Randy, older one is already reading animal farm 🙂

            do like the idea of sci fi stories, as you are right this is perhaps the future we’re in at the moment 😛

    • If they have just learned to read, Tuttle Twins

      Once they get to high school age, sign up for the Tom Woods Liberty Classroom.
      Lectures given by college professors, but not over the head of high schoolers.
      That will make them aware that what they are being taught in school is dumbed down & wrong.

      I had my oldest watch the videos during the summer – and he hates school – but learned so much about what is real vs fake & used that knowledge to entertain himself in class.

          • Jeremy, this turtle twins series looks quite good actually…. ill order some.

            Just yesterday was having a chat with my daughter, the older one. We were talking about how annoying it is we couldn’t go see grandparents in Pakistan this summer because of the Rona….. and the usual rant about crooked politicians. She was saying “you know what you tell me about the government and corona is exactly the opposite of what my teachers tell me… they always say government does good and helps people!!”…Its really scary really – i mean fine i can tell my kids – but what about all the millions being raised without some guidance, being told to look to government for every aspect of their life!!

  6. This political left and right terminology is ridiculous. I read an article on LewRockwell, that is consistent with the way Eric uses it here, that basically put left and right on a continuous horizontal line. All the way left is complete slavery of the many at the hands of the few, ultimate totalitarian control. Way way left is commies like the Khmer Rouge and USSR and North Korea, etc. A little right of that is Nazi Germany, which it said is aboot where the Democratic Party is these days, and not that far right of that is the Republican Party. All the way right is anarchism in its literal meaning, no ruler. But then I’m reading Conceived in Liberty Vol. 5 by Murray Rothbard, and he calls leftists the people who were opposed to the constitution which would create a strong national government modeled on the British govt., and rightists the people who wanted the strong central control. What the heck?

    • Hi Mr. Gold,

      I’ve long thought that a more accurate description of the political spectrum is a tall isosceles triangle, with a very short base. At the bottom left corner sits “left authoritarianism”, at the right sits “right authoritarianism”. At the top sits anarchy. As one moves up each side, one favors more freedom and less authoritarian collectivism, eventually culminating in the rejection of coercive political authority altogether.


    • While imperfect, the better model is the triangle.

      Individualists, Communists, and Absolutists. Each equally far apart from the other two.

      This is why commies hate nazis and vice-versa despite both being collectivists. And this is also why individualists don’t see any significant difference between nazis and commies. One of the big imperfections in the model though is that the absolutists can find peace with individualists. They see the value of leaving productive individualists alone at least some of the time. Communists however see individualists as something that must be eradicated or at least enslaved.

      • Hi Brent,

        I agree that a triangle is better, but I prefer a tall triangle, as described above, to an equilateral triangle. It is true that the “commie” authoritarians hate the “fascist” authoritarians, but they agree about the proper role of the State: it should wield totalitarian power to impose their vision of a “good society”, they just disagree on what constitutes a “good society”.


  7. Be not afraid. Don’t surrender. Make your life worth something by using it to stop the bastards, like every other hero. Make them pay. In blood. They are ultimately cowards and are afraid to die. They know what awaits them. Why else do the good die young. The demons do not. That’s the deal. Kissinger, Soros, Obama, Bush’s most of congress all that ilk. They gotta hang on cause they will burn.

    That is the weakness. The fear. Fear paralyses and makes for bad decisions. It is apparent that the
    house of cards will be collapsing soon. Most people realize that, blue, red, democrat, republican and the majority none of the above. It will get real folks. So don’t listen to the media. The internet will be shut down when SHTF, so figure out backup communications.

    Just remember they are the ones that fear. They fear heaven, they fear themselves, they fear us. Fear will destroy them. We need do nothing other than live our lives and stop them when they interfere with our business. Make them pay and fear more. No more to the gulag quietly. FIGHT.

    • Well said. I don’t fear death – I settled that long ago with the Lord.

      I believe one reason we were put on this earth is to stand up to injustice, whether on behalf of ourselves or others who are weaker.

  8. And yet, “that can’t happen here”. Oh, but it has, many times.

    And it is always the progressives; Adams, Lincoln, Wilson, FDR; that seem to have no problem with locking up anyone who disagrees with them.

    We are just about at that point again.
    The sooner people realize they are the target, the sooner they can prepare their response.

    • Progressivism has always been authoritarian collectivism. But people are taught something different. Then we get the honest lefties that consider themselves progressives but wonder why progressives in office are always going against free speech and whatever grass roots lefty things they want that don’t serve power in the form they want them. I keep trying to tell these people the office holders are real progressives and they are not. They can’t grasp it. Progressivism remains entirely disguised to so very many people.

  9. “This is to be expected as the Left has situational principles. It never truly believed in free speech; it merely used the noble idea as cover for its urge to suppress speech…
    The Left merely adopts a position when it is useful and then drops it, when it no longer is – leaving its better-natured opponents flabbergasted by the effrontery of it and temporarily paralyzed by it as well.”

    Thanks Eric for expressing the heart of the matter on how the left operates. I remember the inversion of the left’s narrative less than 10 years ago when I woke up one day to realize that my previous cry for justice got strangely hijacked by SJWs. I suppose I could have called myself progressive in those days of old, being anti-war, anti-fascist, anti-deep state. And then the bottom fell out for me and I wondered what the hell happened.

    I remember sharing a cartoon by Ben Garrison with a ‘liberal’ friend, of a mouthy SJW trumpeting his intolerance for ‘free speech.’ To me, it pointed out the turnabout in abandoning a narrative I was following. My friend was aghast that I thought the cartoon instructive of a bad attitude. At that moment I realized that there was a bifurcation happening in my life and in society. I got off the train of progressiveness that appeared to be hijacked into some kind of new invective speech, and for which the target had changed.

    The same thing happened to me with Occupy Wall Street. I was all for that movement in the early days, and then something shifted, and it was no longer about calling out oligarchy and crony capitalism.

    “Situational principles” is what it is. It “flabbergasted” me to see the inversion happening in front of my eyes. It’s been hard for me to reconcile how it happened, but your explanation is quite helpful. Those slippery bastards!

    • Or is the left simply being used by certain sociopaths as a path to power, to be discarded once its no longer useful? Though the left does seem to abandon all traditional standards once it reaches power, but perhaps that too is the work of the few, as with neocons and rinos? We’ve all been betrayed, left and right. Libertarians are used to it. I too was deeply disappointed in the trajectory of Occupy Wall Street. It turned from a legitimate complaint against big corporations and the state, into a demand the state do something about the very thing the state had created. Perhaps the appearance of the left abandoning its roots is because it’s currently in power. Much like the right does when it’s in power. Once power is acquired, there’s little difference between the two.

    • A glaring example of this is how they pretend to champion the blacks, but in reality, they are just manipulating and using them to effect chaos and violence so as to effect a mass societal reaction which will further these tyrants plans.
      In 1975, addressing the issue of school bussing, Biden stated:

      ““I do not buy the concept, popular in the ’60s, which said, ‘We have suppressed the black man for 300 years and the white man is now far ahead in the race for everything our society offers. In order to even the score, we must now give the black man a head start, or even hold the white man back, to even the race,’ ”

      And, concerning slavery reparations:

      ““I don’t feel responsible for the sins of my father and grandfather. I feel responsible for what the situation is today, for the sins of my own generation. And I’ll be damned if I feel responsible to pay for what happened 300 years ago.””

      Hard to believe, but the man[sic] actually used to make sense!

      And more recently, weren’t emails between him and his son Cunter discovered in which they refered to blacks and queers as “Niggers and faggots”?

      So obviously, much like lifelong Democrat Donald Trump suddenly becoming the ‘champion’ of Bubba and Billy Bob in flyover country, Biden is also playing a part to keep the pluralistic monopoly alive in the hearts of those who believe that their vote matters, only now can do so more openly, since enough people have been indoctrinated into believing in the nonsense that these creeps spew from their stages.

    • Kauai Andy,

      Those of us who were in the Tea Party back in its early days feel the same; we feel as if it were hijacked by The Establishment GOP, or GOPe…

      • This is a reply to all above, not necessarily MarkyMark. But there is a guy on Youtube (thegreatesttruthnevertold) that has stated many times, ‘there are NO collectivist solutions, to collectivist problems.’ and ‘Listen to all, follow none’. Very few people out there that I align and resonate with, he is one of them. Eric Peters here is another 😉

        It matters not what ‘group’ you join. It will be infiltrated, it will be hijacked, it will become corrupt. You need to be an individual. Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party, Trump, Desantis, Reagan.

        “Let them march all they want, as long as they continue to pay their taxes.”
        -Alexander Haig. Secretary of State under Reagan.

        That quote from Haig reminds me of Tom Woods book ‘Real Dissent: A Libertarian Sets Fire to the Index Card of Allowable Opinion’, (plus I saw Tom Woods mentioned above in previous comments, so yay!) Every 4 years, we are allowed to vote for one guy who wants taxes at 20%, and another who wants them at 30%. We’re not allowed to ask why we even need taxes at all in the first place. We debate whether we should go to war overseas or not, but not why we even need a Pentagon and a nearly $1T defense budget.

        Everyone loves election time, but what a waste of time and resources that is. I follow George Carlin’s advice during election day. Until more and more people break free of this, and become individual humans with individual thoughts with gratitude and humility, and until we stop using their funny money, nothing will change.

  10. Oceania is at war with Eastasia; Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

    Excellent article, Eric, one of your best I think. Great use of history, and synthesizing it into an effective criticism of social propaganda, political corruption of our great institutions, and nailing home the point; politics is war, war against the people.

    Everything you need to know about the nature of politics and the relationship between the governed and the governors is written in the novel Animal Farm.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Andy!

      Orwell was/is one of my look-up-to’s. Brilliant prose and brilliant message, too.

      PS: My friends tel me Aug. 11th is the day the senile creep may try to pull something big.

      • ‘Aug. 11th is the day the senile creep may try to pull something big’ — EP

        8/11, 9/11 … as Janis Joplin used to say, ‘It’s all the same f***ing day’ (in the federal occupation government).

        And they ask me why I huff airplane glue …

  11. The leftist gut punches just keep on coming:

    ‘[the Biden] administration will draft a set of even more stringent auto pollution rules for both passenger vehicles and heavy-duty trucks that are designed to ramp up sales of electric vehicles.

    “When I say electric vehicles are the future, I’m not joking,” Mr. Biden wrote in a tweet on Wednesday evening. “Tune in for big news tomorrow.”

    ‘He will also sign an executive order that sets a target that half of all vehicles sold in the United States be electric by 2030.’ — NYT

    Couldn’t do it without bought-off, sold-out collaborators:

    ‘The president will be flanked by the chief executives of the nation’s three largest automakers as well as the head of the United Auto Workers. The automakers will pledge that 40 to 50 percent of their new car sales will be electric vehicles by 2030, up from just 2 percent this year — on the condition that Congress passes an infrastructure bill that includes billions of dollars for a national network of electric vehicle charging stations, as well as tax credits to make it cheaper for companies to build the cars and consumers to buy them.’

    Sickening. Disgusting. Collaborationist auto makers are the enemy. Starve them till they croak.

    • EMPs cost like $20 to make, I understand.
      Wonder if a large capacitor design could be transported and pulsed with no one realizing?

      Up here in MA, they have police cameras in the Lowe’s parking lot. I don’t think the theft numbers justify that, but maybe… Haven’t asked. Since Lowes uses facial recognition software, I don’t really care, I’m working to take my business elsewhere. Not that they’ll notice, I don’t spend much on hardware.

      • If you don’t have a local mom and pop hardware store, most Ace Hardware stores are locally owned and operated. I’ve made the switch from the big box stores and haven’t been disappointed.

    • National charging stations. Yeah. Everything is going to be rented from corporations or government property. Go along or you’ll be turned off.

      As to battery EVs, the only way it happens is to make it so people aren’t driving any more. And that’s what they want. Individual transportation to become a thing of the past.

      But anyway on my route to work a I see a brand new big gas station being built. I’m going to guess the mortgage is more than 8 years.

  12. “He even used the symbols of modern fascism – including the Eagle and the fasces, or bundled sticks – after the fashion of his political role model, Benito Mussolini.”

    Fascism is succinctly summarized by the phrase “Stronger together”.

    Now where have we heard THAT in recent history?

  13. The “left” has never survived the acquisition of power. In isolation, the left has a number of excellent qualities, however pie in the sky they may be. Hand them control, and they completely abandon them. They turn into what they previously opposed. Proof that government, which is founded on the notion it has sole authority to kill you if you don’t go along, does not attract the sane.
    The USA military was segregated. The CSA military was not.
    The USA military was integrated, until Woodrow Wilson segregated it.
    FDR segregated huge portions of US citizens based upon the origin of a persons family. Japanese, German, and Italian descendants put in actual real life concentration camps. Who knows what their fate may have been if the war has gone badly for FDR.
    The first Civil Rights Act was proposed by POTUS Eisenhower, and was sent to congress, where it was defeated. The opposition led by LBJ. In 1964 LBJ was magically transformed into a civil rights leader. Even though a higher percentage of Republicans voted for it than Democrats.
    Power does not corrupt, it draws the corrupt like flies to honey.

    • ‘Even though a higher percentage of Republicans voted for it [the Civil Rights Act] than Democrats.’ — JK

      Naturally — the ‘solid South’ having been mostly represented by Democrats in 1964. Every single one of my adult relatives at the time was a ‘yellow dog Democrat’ who had never voted Republican in their entire lives. They’d have sooner supped with Satan than dally with the party of Lincoln, who torched our ancestors.

      This history of Jim Crow Democrats been erased. Kids ain’t gonna learn crap like that in no public skool.

      To paraphrase Orwell, ‘The past never had been altered. Democrats were at war with racism. Democrats had ALWAYS been at war with racism.’ /sarc /wink

      • Indeed, much of the South has never fully recovered from the economic destruction of the war between the states and the totalitarian “reconstruction” that followed. In my home State of Missouri, resentment against Kansas still exists, though few know why. For Pete’s sake, the University of Kansas named their sports teams “Jayhawks”, which is the same thing as “Red Legs”. Like nobody ever watched Josie Wales.

        • Josey Wales is not only the finest western ever made, it is the finest film ever made, no disrespect to Shane, The Quiet Man, Casablanca, or Key Largo.

          • Got to disagree with you, Mike…..Tombstone is the best movie ever made. Nothing is better than Wyatt Earp looking down at Ike Clanton with a rifle aimed at him and he says, “Run you cur. Tell them I’m coming and hell’s coming with me.”

            The best line ever…..even watching it over 100x. 😁

    • “All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible.” – Frank Herbert

      • Much libertarian thought expressed by Herbert. Especially in the later less well known Dune sequels. Usually in the chapter headings.

    • Occasionally I will even agree with the left, although generally when this happens I agree with the conclusion but not the reasoning. This situation means that any agreement is usually partial or qualified. But they do sometimes bring a valuable perspective to the table.

      Having said this, their batting average seems to me to be sinking rapidly, lately.

    • “This hurts me more than it hurts you.” – My 6th grade teacher, just before administrating the Board of Education to my backside.

      Was it a lie? Sure. Was it effective? Not really, just made me hate school and him much more than I already did. Lesson learned.

  14. Incredibly well said:

    “The Left merely adopts a position when it is useful and then drops it, when it no longer is – leaving its better-natured opponents flabbergasted by the effrontery of it and temporarily paralyzed by it as well.”

    These “better-natured opponents” are befuddled because they assume the left’s rhetoric to be in good faith, but not realizing the left acts only in bad faith and with dishonest motives. This was most recently illustrated when they declared destructive urban riots to be “essential,” important and exempt from lockdown edicts, but a 5-hour protest in Washington DC a dangerous insurrection.

  15. What’s amazing is its been a couple of days since Alberta, Canada has rescinded all its covid bs and is now treating it as a mild flu due to a court case there proving the virus does not exist. ( Yes, really) The only places I have seen this announced in the US is on Armstrong Economics site. The fact that no virus undercuts all the bs doesn’t seem to faze the ‘People’ still lining up for a vaxx for a non existent disease that tens of thousands have so far died. Incredible!

    Yes, it seems even a court decision isn’t enough to placate those that want to subjugate or those that like to complain. On and on it goes,,, the energizer covid battery.

    • Medical investigative reporter Jon Rappoport has been asserting this since the bs started. No such thing as a “delta” variant either. In fact, at a White House press conference a few days ago, a reporter from Newsmax asked the flack if there was a test she could reference that identifies the so-called delta variant. She said there was not and that it exists because “experts” say it does. As I’ve said before, if you believe any of it, you believe all of it.

      • I have repeatedly asked this question on various forums. “Since the PCR test is used to determine infection, and it can’t even distinguish between one corona virus and another, how is the “Delta variant” detected? Crickets.

        • As you likely already know, one of the CDC given reasons for revoking the PCR test’s emergency use authorization at, ahem, year end, is that it can’t distinguish convid from the flu. As Jon R. Would say, “it’s called a clue.”

        • I looked it up on the CDC site. It’s a brand name PCR test called Amplicon. Which is supposedly a more accurate PCR test that is used on cases found by the standard PCR test. Not exactly confidence inspiring, since the variants are from a virus never isolated. This test doesn’t do that either.

  16. ‘the Left’s equally fierce segregation of thought into correct and not correct.’ — EP

    What is the ultimate Thoughtcrime, according to contemporary leftist ideology?

    A liberal Democrat family member just sent me a Business Insider article, describing fedgov ‘judge’ N Reid Neureiter’s dismissal of an election fraud lawsuit with the tart admonition that “Albeit disorganized and fantastical, the Complaint’s allegations are extraordinarily serious and, if accepted as true by large numbers of people, are the stuff of which violent insurrections are made.”

    Fascinating! The ‘judge’ is concerned not with whether election fraud occurred — a question never reached by the court — but that ‘if accepted as true’ might overturn the system.

    A similar obsession can be discerned among the frayed-collar scribblers of the New York Slimes agitprop columnists. One Margaret Renkl, ostensibly of Nashville, Tennessee, launches this flaming arrow into the night sky:

    ‘Let’s consider the matter of Confederate monuments. The men these statues represent — Robert E. Lee, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis, among others — were traitors. They betrayed their own country because they wanted to live in a place where it was still legal for white people to own Black people.’

    In point of fact, there was a brief post-1865 effort to subject Confederate leaders to harsh Nuremburg-style ‘justice.’ Wikipedia:

    ‘On June 11, 1866, the House of Representatives voted 105–19 to support a [treason] trial against Davis. Although Davis wanted such a trial for himself, there were no treason trials against [others], as it was felt they would probably not succeed and would impede reconciliation. There was also a concern at the time that such action could result in a judicial decision that would validate the constitutionality of secession.

    ‘After two years of imprisonment, Davis was released on bail of $100,000. Andrew Johnson issued on Christmas Day of 1868 a presidential “pardon and amnesty” for the offense of treason to “every person who directly or indirectly participated in the late insurrection or rebellion.”‘

    As a matter of law, the New York Slimes cannot describe Lee, Forrest, Jackson, Davis, et al as traitors when they were pardoned by President Andrew Johnson and federal prosecutors dropped the charges. The Slimes is retrying a dead case and creating fake history in doing so.

    We can conclude, though, that exposing leftist vote fraud (‘the Left has situational principles’) and — failing that — seceding, are the ultimate mala prohibida for leftists. In their dystopian Hotel California, you can check in, but you can never leave.

      • Me neither.

        Meanwhile, those who actually did check in to the military are about to learn that their contract terms are unilaterally changing:

        ‘US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin – the former Raytheon guy – is expected to announce a mandatory vaccine policy for all 1.3 million active-duty US military on Friday. It will follow a similar mandate issued last week for all federal employees and on-site contractors, including the Defense Department’s civilian employees. — ZH

        General Austin is crossing an internal Rubicon. And that’s gonna leave a mark.

        AWOL much?

    • Hey Jim,
      “‘Let’s consider the matter of Confederate monuments. The men these statues represent — Robert E. Lee, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis, among others — were traitors.” How does one go about being traitor to a foreign nation? Which is what the USA was to the CSA at the time. Calling the war a “Civil War” is perhaps the most glaring example of quite successful propaganda in our history. Current propaganda is just as egregious, just not as successful, yet.

      • JK: :How does one go about being traitor to a foreign nation?” Aussie guy named Assange seems to have a problem like that, too.

        Admiral Semmes, commander of The Alabama, was declared a pirate by The Sainted Abraham (Semmes’ term).

        My “education” in Yankee schools (SSNJ) had me calling the lamented hostilities the Civil War, too. Since then, I have seen the light. When people use the term I explain that there never has been a civil war north of Mexico. I tell them I will understand if they won’t call it the War of Northern Aggression but at least call it the War Between the States instead. Most just stare blankly.

        • Assange is indeed facing a tragedy created out of thin air. He is not a US citizen, and none of his alleged “crimes” were committed on US soil. By what surrealistic reasoning does the US even claim jurisdiction? Are they claiming jurisdiction over everyone on the entire planet? Perhaps, since that’s what they’ve been doing in the Middle East for far more than the 20 years since 9/11.

  17. “Segregation is not a humiliation but a benefit, and ought to be so regarded by you gentlemen.” – Woodrow Wilson

    In this case I can totally see his point. When your family has lights, heat, running water and a means of protection you’ll be happy you didn’t interact with those people who believe in ¡THE SCIENCE!

    • As some are already pointing out, Vaccine Apartheid will selectively marginalize minorities since they are less vaxxed than the caucasian population.

      Likewise, rich OECD countries are more vaxxed than the browner Third World. With no shame, the ostensibly egalitarian, anti-racist Left proposes this:

      ‘WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration is taking the first steps toward requiring nearly all foreign visitors to the U.S. to be vaccinated for the coronavirus, a White House official said Wednesday.

      ‘Eventually all foreign citizens entering the country, with some limited exceptions, are expected to need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter the U.S.’

      As in the Dark Ages, long-distance travel is becoming rare and difficult, not because of highway bandits, but rather government bandits.

      • Interesting! Once again – the public message is so different from the on the ground reality.

        Porous border= no jabs! Once again, the rules are only for those “foreign citizens” (and the rest of us) who are law-abiding.

      • Jim,

        Interesting you bring that up. Boston’s democrat mayor who happens to be black described decommieo’s nyc vax passports as akin to jim crow and slavery. Makes sense since minorities, especially blacks, tend to be very distrustful of govt and for good reason. I just wish their white brethren were just as distrustful.

      • Hey Jim,
        “As in the Dark Ages, long-distance travel is becoming rare and difficult, not because of highway bandits, but rather government bandits.”
        There’s a difference? Are not both composed of goons with guns? As has often been described, government is no more nor less than the criminal gang of marauders who decided to set up camp and collect tribute instead of just another smash and grab. Less effort and less risk.

  18. In the 1970s I became part of a new generation of journalists, inspired by Watergate to hold politicians’ feet to the fire.

    Turns out they just hated Nixon.

    • Absolutely. And with no justifiable cause. Nixon gave these squirmy slippery vermin snakes everything they asked for. The EPA, removal of the gold standards, Keneysian Economics (price controls), increased federal spending, OSHA, and the 55 mph speed limit. They hated him, why?

      • Way back, when I listened to such shows, I was listening to a sports talk show. The host compared whatever was in the news to Watergate. He rhetorically asked, “Don’t you agree that Watergate was the worst thing to happen in X years?”

        My thought was, “I don’t think Watergate even makes my top 10 things I disliked about Nixon.”

        • Compared to events since, Watergate was a minor blip on the radar screen. Nixon closing the Gold window definitely eclipsed it.

          • To be fair to Tricky Dick, he simply finished a process that had been underway since the 1930s and had picked up pace since WWII. Under Lyndon Johnson, silver was removed from US coinage, and that had actually been in the works under his predecessor Kennedy.

            Inflation was already a problem by the late 1960s, before Nixon’s action, which probably would have happened no matter who was President in the early 1970s.


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