Decency Inverted

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It’s a simple ask:

How does a “mask” prevent a person who isn’t sick from distributing a sickness he does not have? A full Moon Suit connected to a closed-circuit oxygen rebreather system would not “stop the spread” if the “spreader” hasn’t got anything to spread.

The Coronamonomaniac’s answer, of course, is that the “mask” protects against the possibility that you might be sick and not realize it – i.e., “asymptomatic” – and their fear of this possibility – no matter how unlikely it may be in fact – obliges you to wear the “mask.”

One might ask, in that case, whether the possibility that someone might be a thief obliges the suspected person to keep their hands in plain sight at all times – so as to assuage the fear of theft?

If not – and most reasonable people would probably agree that it does not – then why must a person who isn’t sick be made to pretend – eternally – he is sick because other people are afraid he might be?

The answer to that should be obvious: He shouldn’t have to pretend he is sick. Ever. Nor be made to appear to agree with the tenets of the Sickness Cult, which the wearing of the “mask” implies he does.

There is something very wrong with this business of insisting that people alter their behavior in degrading ways – as by walking around in fear of other people, avoiding proximity, wearing a silly “mask” over their faces – because some people are afraid.

Why doesn’t their fear oblige them to deal with it rather than others to accommodate it?

Without regard to the impact on others of their insisted-on accommodations?

The mental disease of Coronamonomania requires that everything – and everyone – be subordinated without limit to the unlimited fear some people have of a sickness that by any fact-based metric poses far less threat of actual harm to almost everyone than the impositions being insisted upon.

This is a sound working definition of mass hysteria, an extremely dangerous phenomenon when allowed to run amok.

The question becomes – how to stop its spread?

The difficulty is the natural – and reasonable – aversion most people have for conflict. Their desire to not make others feel bad, if they can avoid it. We say nice things about people’s bad haircuts – or don’t say anything about them at all. We refrain from criticism we know will not be well-received.

We seek to live – and let live.

This decent instinct is being used against decency – by making good people feel bad about not deferring to the rabidized fear of others.

This is a hobble which must be overcome and the way to overcome it is to realize you are not a bad person for not submitting to emotional blackmail. To being made to actually say that a bad haircut is the best one you’ve ever seen and to agree with viewpoints you disagree with.

You know you are not sick. Therefore, decline to pretend you are sick.

If someone else dreads the possibility that you might be sick, that is their problem to deal with. It is not your obligation to accommodate and if they insist it is, then it is time to tell them no.


Just as you would tell a screaming, foot-stomping child attempting to make you bend to his wishes no. That it’s not going work. Scream and stomp your feet to your heart’s content. We’re not buying that toy to get you to calm down.

And we’re not going to wear a “mask” to get you to calm down, either.

There will of course be screaming and foot-stomping. There already has been. And it is precisely because of the deference of good people to this noxious foot-stomping and screaming that the emotional blackmail for more “masking” has been increasing.

We endure what we tolerate.

Let’s stop tolerating it.

There is, unfortunately, no other way to deal with foot-stomping, screaming emotional blackmail. Let them scream and stomp. Let them see that their emotional blackmail no longer has power over us; that our willingness to put up with it and give in to it at any cost is over.

When someone says, “we’re all in this together” – point out that “we” aren’t in this together. Don’t presume to speak for me.

When someone says, “stay safe” – tell them you’d rather stay free. Walk confidently into stores that aren’t enforcing “masking” but depending on emotional blackmail to get you to put one on.

If you own a business, let your customers know you don’t expect them to “mask” and maybe even consider placing a sign to that effect on your front door. This may draw down the Sickness Polizei upon you but so be it. Put them in the position of having to charge you with a violation of law – as opposed to “not following guidelines” – and place the onus on the courts to prove you guilty under the law.

Stop backing up. Stop giving in to get along.

This whole show is utterly dependent on acquiescence to emotional blackmail. It can be halted and dialed back if people decide to stop giving in to it for the sake of not making the blackmailers upset.

. . .

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  1. I still haven’t run into anything close to what you’re talking about. The closest thing I’ve experienced was just a couple days ago when I ran into a Walmart and one of the employees yelled at me that a mask was required. This wasn’t the local Walmart I usually go to so this seems to be a cultural phenomenon.

    I looked at her to see if she had any complimentary masks. She didn’t have any so I figured she wasn’t serious, and just kept walking. This was the first time I’ve ever been in any building where I was the only person who wasn’t wearing a mask. I must admit, it was a bizarre experience, and one I really don’t ever want to go through again.

    If you’re living in a world like that, then I’d leave. I’m not going back there. Where I live, it seems like people just let people wear masks if that’s there thing, and more than half don’t.

    All I can say is that I’m glad I can’t relate to being around people who are obsessed with imaginary germs.

  2. My workplace makes you work from home for 15 days, which I wouldn’t mind, and get a test, which I have pledged to never do, in order to return.
    A sales rep “tested positive” Wednesday and we were all asked if we’d had any contact with her. I said no. But a close coworker of mine had, so she’s been banished.
    I was in our other office last week and the sales director told me to leave immediately as they had “an exposure,” also a sales rep. I’m like “thanks. You never saw me,” and left.
    My argument against all this, however, is we are required to wear fear masks if we interact with anyone else or leave our work station or desk. So why worry about being in the office, talking to others, etc. if we’re all safely masked? Right?

  3. Hallelujah Eric – at last someone has applied logic to an otherwise supremely illogical situation.
    To those who tell me that I ‘might be asymptomatic’:
    – if wearing a mask: “What, doesn’t your mask work / protect you?”
    – if w/o mask (a rarity in these times) “I promise to do the polite and unselfish thing and do nothing to prevent you from protecting yourself.”

  4. About two months ago, I wore my motorcycle helmet into the 7-11 near my house, just to see what would happen.

    The masked girl behind the counter told me I couldn’t wear a bike helmet in the store.

    So I smacked it a few times and said, “Why? Unlike that mask you’ve got on, this thing is actually protective.”

    She left me alone after that.

  5. A couple of things.

    First, whenever someone makes a big fuss about Safety, I just paraphrase Morpheus from The Matrix:

    “What is ‘Safe?’ How do you define ‘Safe?'”

    Second, the largest word in the English language is “If.”

    Third, the only real way to be “safe” is to be dead.

  6. Late to the party, but if nobody else has said it (and if they have it needs to be repeated):

    The 20202 Great Panic Pandemic is a constitutional issue/watershed.
    In America you are not infected until proven healthy.
    In Cov-Idiocy land you are.
    End of story.


  7. Saying “because you might do something bad” has been a progressive weapon since long before the masks.

    “You can’t own a gun because otherwise you might kill someone.”
    “We must have government health insurance because otherwise you might choose to not have insurance.”
    “We must have mandatory government schools because otherwise you might refuse to educate your kids.”
    “We must have additional safety features on cares because otherwise you might drive like a sane person instead of a clover.”

    • How about this one?

      “If you don’t like the new law, blame the guy who broke it. It’s his fault we had to make a new law.”

      Yeah, bullshit.

      Lawbreakers don’t make laws – lawmakers do.

      Lawbreakers don’t enforce laws – police do.

      So I blame the legislature and the police for the new law, not the guy who got caught doing something that wasn’t technically against the law.

    • Yes, decency became inverted many years ago. Add in trigger warnings, jazz hands, safe spaces, and all the other accommodations we are expected to provide to assuage the fears and sensitivities of others. Instead of trying to measure up to an ideal of being a strong-minded, capable, and free individual, we now have to measure down to the weak-minded, incompetent, and helpless in a race to the bottom. And the bottom keeps getting lowered.

      Here in GA (where there is no state mask mandate) things are worse now than they were back in the spring, when the official death rate was fat, far higher than it is now and we were all being told by “the experts” that we should NOT wear masks. Stores now have signs to the effect that GA state law does not allow them to be sued if anyone contracts the beer virus on their premises. I haven’t been able to get a haircut in months because the barber shops are staging an off-off-Broadway production of “The Masque of the Red Death” where you have to knock on the door and beg admittance while demonstrating that you are masked. (I’m going to go for the simple solution and buy a set of clippers from Amazon to give myself a buzzcut. I don’t care much how bad it looks at this point, the shag is driving me nuts and has to go.) I haven’t been in a grocery store in forever, but have survived through take-out delivery and trying to look innocent while slipping maskless into pharmacies and dollar stores to grab whatever canned goods are left on the nearly-empty shelves in those places. Still, I will bear any indignity rather than give in to the shame of strapping a piece of medical waste over my face, sacrificing my own self respect for the approval of others.

      • Fortunately the barber I go to who has a little hole-in-the-wall shop that’s been there forever has been thumbing his nose at the diapering “mandate”. Got a haircut just a couple of days ago and there was not a fear mask in sight at the joint. The proprietor might well have thrown out anyone who showed up covering his face.

        Just the other day I spotted a car show going on in a parking lot and stopped to check it out. Very few maskers, most of the guys were going around without diapering or socialist distancing. They were even (gasp!) shaking hands instead of stupid elbow bumps. Mostly older guys as tends to be the case at these kind of events, but some young ‘uns as well. It’s heartening that there are people getting sick of this crap and pushing back.

          • Finally, something we can agree on 100% and I mean that in the sense that I would want you to do the same for me. We can make a mutual pact. I am so sick and tired of this shit.

          • Hi Mark,

            I’ve dealt with a couple of elbow bumpers. I show disgust and don’t. Awkward silence ensues. Last week, an old friend dropped by with his 15-year-old son, whom I’ve not seen since he was about six. I offered my hand to the boy and he shook it like a man.

            His dad and I have been friends since we were boys – and he’s a man.

        • H Jason,

          Hot damn – this gives me an idea. I think I will see about hosting an old car/motorcycle show at my place – private got-damned property. Bring your car or bike – leave your Holy Rag.

          I’m serious.

          • Hi Eric – deem this rally a “protest”, specifically, a (B)LM protest…

            What’s the “B” stand for?

            BULTACO Lives Matter…
            British (Small Arms) Lives Matter…
            BUICK Lives Matter…
            BMV Lives Matter…(that’ll confound some libtard snot from tony Loudon County…)

  8. I guess it’s like, wearing the star of david so I won’t offer you a ham sandwich. The idea of the mask, is that I am less likely to shake your hand if you are wearing one, or hug you, drink after you, touch the crap you touch. It is purely psychological. And mind control is all about psychology.

              • That’s great, Nunz! Have to download a copy of that one! And ya gotta love that wisecrackin’ wabbit from Brooklyn. He possessed the wisdom of the ages.

                • Made that myself, Jason….years ago (Was in a hurry).

                  I’ll tell ya, growing up watching Bugs really added something to my life (especially watching with my mother, who’d ‘splain the old pop-culture references to me!)- and the QUALITY of the artwork….mmm…mmm…mmMMMM! We’ll never see ANYTHINHG like that again. It was truly a facet of the epitome of Western civilization.

                  I truly feel sorry for all the kids since who are the poorer for not having grown up with Bugs and Sylvester and Elmer and Wile E. et al!

                  “OOooooo! Ya idjit galoot!”

                  • Then there are the ones you never see any more because of “racial stereotypes”. Some people just have no sense of humor. (A lot of those can be found on

                    • Ah say! Ah say, boy, thanks for the tip!.

                      You know what really underlines the hypocrisy and RACISM of the darn fool libruls, the fact that they couldn’t care less that Yosemite Sam is a blatant stereotype of a Scotsman!

                      Virtually every character was a stereotype of some group- which is only natural, ’cause the very definition of a cartoon is a cliche, parody or stereotype of reality! Without that, it doesn’t work (Which is why modern cartoons are so dry, dull and terrible).

                      Ya think they’d be glad that they’d even HAVE “minorities” depicted! But NOooooo!!!!!

                      They banish the “Unga-bunga” Zulu. What were they supposed to do, depict a jig as a freaking CEO or airline pilot in the 1940’s?! Then the libruls would have still banned it, saying that the “depictions were noit representative of the reality of the time”.

                      You can’t win with those assholes, because there’s no justice, logic or sanity in their tantrums. They’re just screaming babies who try and get their way by making a lot of noise and annoying everyone…and the sad thing is, it’s working, since there are not enough people of character left.

                    • Another tip, believe it or not Nunz, the complete movie “Song of the South” is up on as well. (I just checked to see if it was still there.)

                      Talk about the stupidity of liberal nutters banning something! It as you say depicted the reality of the time it portrayed. Uncle Remus is shown as a very warm and sympathetic character.

                      Not to mention that the mixing of live action with animation is practically seamless, and this was 1946 when it was all done by hand!

                    • ‘Song Of The South’? Isn’t that a….MUSICAL?! Sheesh, Bubby- I may be MGTOW…but I ain’t queer!

                      I’m just glad I got my mother Gone With The Wind on DVD (I don’t care for it, but she loves it…reads the book, too!) ’cause I guess that’s unobtainium by now…..

                      Heh, it’s just like they always use Uncle Tom as a derogatory term…when Uncle Tom was a very wise and compassionate dude! (But they like Eldridge Cleaver….)

                      There have always been crazsy people in the world…but now they’ve gained mass acceptance, and are running things…and the sane people are the minority! Yeah, they’re not marching for THAT minority!

                    • I’ll give it a look, Jason. If for nothing else, just to know of it/experience it- …and because the liberals hate it! (Can’t be too gay…or they’d love it!).

                      I was shocked a few years ago, when the toughest guy I know went to see Guys And Dolls pn Broadway with his wife. The freakin’ guy’s been shot by a hit-man; almost went over the side of the West Side Hwy in a motorcicle crash; does this:
                      ….but now when I think of him, I think of him singing “Guys and dolls…” on the ride home…… Freaking hilarious! (Picture Lawrence Tierney on Seinfeld, singing that “Master Of The House” song at the end as he’s driving home….. 😀 -if you’re familiar)

                • Oh that I could do a reasonable imitation of Mel Blanc’s voicing “Da Wabbit”. I have just a scenario which would end with one of Bugs’ favorite lines: “gee, Doc…I didn’t know Yaz cared!”

                  • I like to sing popular songs (Well…oldies) in an Elmer Fudd voice. (Or sometimes, depending on the song, I’ll do it in a Popeye voice…but I never cared for Popeye)

                  • Simply amazing the number of voices that Mel Blanc could do.

                    Whenever I get a glimpse of today’s kids’ cartoons it makes me want to hurl.

                    • Mel Blanc and Chuck Jones et al….the height of perfection.

                      Walter Lantz/Tex Avery had their moments….but still couldn’t hold a candle to Blanc/Jones.

                      This is one of my favorites from the Lantz/Avery camp though:

                    • That’s a good one I’d forgotten about, Nunz. One of my favorite Woody Woodpecker ‘toons is the one from the 1950 George Pal film “Destination Moon”:


                      George Pal and Walter Lantz were close friends and Pal was known for including a Woody Woodpecker somewhere in the background of his films whenever possible.

                    • Hmmm, I’d never seen that before!

                      Jason: “Obviously!”


                      Sad to think that these cartoons are now relics of history, and that what is supposed to be “progress” is instead deterioration and regress.

                      How can a society that once had such great things go backward so fast?

                    • Morning, Nunz!

                      You ask: “How can a society that once had such great things go backward so fast?”

                      Ask the Romans. A magnificent civilization in many ways superior to ours at its height. Then it rotted away and for 1,000 years the world went dark. It can happen again.

                    • George Pal was pretty much the George Lucas of the 1950s, producing sci-fi films which wowed audiences with, for the time, amazing special effects. (When Worlds Collide, War of the Worlds, Conquest of Space, etc.)

                      Anyhow it’s getting late, time to sign off…

                    • Nunz, be sure to also check out George Pal’s “Puppetoons” that predated his feature films. The puppetoons were made in the 1930s-1940s and featured stop-motion animation. You don’t see them around too much any more because, you know, dey be rayciss an’ shee-it according to the social justice warriors. So they can be tough to find but here is one from 1942 on


                      George Pal, by the way, from all reports was a real gentleman who did not have a hateful bone in his body. The Negro publication “Ebony” magazine in 1947 said of Pal that he was European and not raised on racial prejudice, and regarding the character of Jasper stated “To [George Pal] there is nothing abusive about a Negro boy who likes to eat watermelons or gets scared when he goes past a haunted house”.

                      How times have changed.

                    • Hey Ya Eric!

                      Eh…but we’ve fallen a lot faster than the Romans. Just what I’ve seen in my lifetime- from the greatness still being largely intact in most places when I was a kid (Virtually everywhere, except the slums of the biggest cities)…to this!

                      Do you think they had cartoons? 😉

  9. Eric,
    This is the beauty (nefariously speaking) of the arbitrarily assigned “14 day incubation” period” wherein, you could have contracted the virus and still be asymptomatic for 2 weeks. That way, no one can ever really know whether or not they are free of this virus even once the 14 days are over. At any point in time (assuming you are not in solitary confinement) you could become infected during that 2 week period and so it has to start all over again! Ad infinitum. Ipso facto. Quod erat demonstradum. Thank you for breathing sanity on an insanely pushed topic.

    • Exactly, Ray…

      Once the 14 day period elapses, a new one begins – and so never ends. One “might” be sick at any time. Therefore, to assuage the hysteria of emotional blackmailers, everyone must be presumed sick at all times.

      Good to have you with us!

      • Thank you. It is good to be a part of a forum that challenges group think and encourages rational behavior over hysteria.

        If ever anyone looks into the recent past, they will be persuaded that masks were always worn by those who did not want to breathe IN suspect particulates. Think: removing asbestos, fiberglass, moldy drywall, cowboys on the dusty trail, residents of Tokyo, etc. It was never used (except for surgeons) to keep spittle out of someone’s face. And so it is incumbent on the one who tries to AVOID the wrong crap invading their bodies to protect themselves thusly! This has all been reversed into making emotional blackmail the tool of submission, as you point out so well. Nuts.

        • True. And obviously the surgeon and other members of that surgical team are hovering OVER the patient. Wearing the face diaper to avoid accidental sneezing,coughing, or drooling into a possible open cavity while the patient is “open”, or simply down his/her nostrils or in his mouth or eyes, IS a prudent measure.

          • Also, just to be clear- in a medical environment like a operating room, masks provide some protection against bacteria and fungi- not nano sized virus particles. Bacteria can be seen under a microscope, viruses are too small and require indirect observation via electron microscope. In a medical enviroment , it offers a little protection where there may be a very slight benefit.

            Level 3 bio labs use positive pressure and multiple airlock systems since nothing else stops a truly dangerous virus. Wearing a cloth mask against Ebola is not going to help, but in that case I’d probably be scared enough to wear one or 3 rather than nothing.

          • Interestingly, there was a major hospital that performed a study back around 1981, IIRC. They had a large number of surgeries performed both with and without masks, tracking the number of post-operative infections. There were actually fewer infections (though I can’t recall if the reduction was significant) for the procedures done by the unmasked teams.

  10. The analogy I’ve had in mind is that we MIGHT all be axe murderers, so Lowes should tie our hands behind our backs before letting us in the garden tool aisle.

  11. Where do you draw a line? Do you even have a limit or are you willing to let yourself be pushed around indefinitely? The whole charade relies upon good people rationalizing the absurd and kowtowing just to get along.

    Prior to COVID our occupational safety agency in the U.S. (OSHA) would require for a job requiring regular, prolonged use of a mask that a health screening be done on the employee and an analysis of the work procedures to make sure the right mask is worn correctly and that all precautions are followed. This was true for every profession up to surgeons. I found this discussion with two of women behind Stand Up Michigan (Tammy Clark and Kristen Meghan) interesting on this topic.

    • Hi Betty,

      I suggest we draw it here – and now. Now more Face Diapers and Sickness Kabuki for the healthy. I am not sick. So I won’t be wearing a “mask” to spread a sickness I haven’t got. Someone’s fear that I might be sick imposes no obligation on me to ease their fears. Let them get therapy for their fears or take whatever steps they deem warranted in their own lives.

      But leave our lives out of it.

      • The script is well developed. The powers to be know what they’re doing and how to achieve their desired outcome.

        So the question is rhetorical to most people who find themselves reading your articles. But generally what’s the question first asked after an atrocity? “Why didn’t we see it coming?”

        We’ve been going down this path for decades, probably accelerating the past few. The truth isn’t even being hidden, they’re telling us what’s happening. Just that it comes at a pace that isn’t too quick to be normalized by society.

  12. Tyrants don’t create tyranny, submission does.
    Masters don’t create slavery, slaves do.
    It’s a numbers game.
    There are, and always have been, abundant psychopaths eagerly seeking an opportunity to subvert your will to theirs. All they need is for their victims to comply. It’s not so strange that these psychotic monsters seem to congregate in governments. Where else is it acceptable to hold a gun to peoples heads and FORCE them to comply with their psychosis? We are indeed in the midst of a pandemic, wherein psychosis appears to be contagious. There are far more of “us” than there are of “them”. but when a majority of “us” appear quite pleased with tyranny/slavery, it becomes incumbent on those of “us” who aren’t pleased to show them the error of their ways. All it takes is good men to do something.

  13. Another great article !
    For quite some time, years…. I have been of the opinion that many of our social issues are a reflection of the differences in reality between men and women. These differences are inherent, not acquired, as the followers of Lamarckian evolution would have us believe.
    I believe that the unstoppable march of increasing technical complexity, coupled with the fantastic growth of government at all levels, has left women behind. At the very deepest level, women realize that they are living in a reality that they comprehend, less and less.
    This causes and instills fear and anxiety which they collectively attempt to control through within group preferences, expressed politically, and other ways (never mind their higher rate of usage of Psych Meds).
    Couple that with the ascension of the female mentality within the larger society, gynocentrism, and we see pervasive measures by men to shield women from any uncomfortable “feelings”. This innate male impulse has expressed itself in diverse areas of accommodation not widely understood.
    Consider the labor-saving appliances in the home, the power steering and related functions in the automobile, including the GPS, and communications services, back up cameras, etc. Wear masks, use sanitizers that do not work on virus, and do not ridicule proponents of this charade.
    All to assuage the lack of functional competence of women, and minimize their FEAR and ANXIETY.
    The problem-solving desire of men then asks the question, “Why not take measures to prevent women from going nuts ?” In that quest, society has become proactive about many issues that women “might” fear, or want addressed. The imagination of women related to FEAR is endless. Politicians and men take notice, and the Snipe Hunt is on. No limits. Of all the things that “might happen”, anything preventive goes.
    Buckle up, child ejection seats, no guns, no hate speech, welcome diversity, deny human differences, girls in Boy Scouts, in the Army, and in STEM education, and then ignore the attendant disasters. All to mitigate female FEAR and ANXIETY.
    Clint Eastwood nailed the problem: Pussification !
    The answer, in this article: Seek freedom, not safety.
    Say “NO”.
    Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God !

    • Thanks, Jack!

      It is never too late. Victory often goes to the one who holds out. Let’s hold out – and fight like our lives depended on it. Because they do.

    • JACK,
      The manipulation of women is intentional, and has largely been accomplished via the media, as everything the media puts out is designed to work on an emotional level, to which women are much more susceptible. Thanks to the ‘sexual revolution’ and the destruction of tradional morality, society has largely been transformed into a matriarchy, so the ‘programmed’ women now effect great control over most men; and thanks to the pussification of men via the schools, the men are essentially becoming emotionally-controlled creatures like women.

      c. 85 years ago, when the state of California diverted water from the Owens Valley to supply southern CA., the farmers and land-owners in the Owens Valley took up arms and fou8ght a small war against the state. Don’t see anyone doing that these days. (They weren’t successful…but at least they tried, and fought what was theirs).

    • Jack,

      I would agree with you somewhat that many women are more adverse to risk taking than men, but then I walk into a Lowe’s (unmasked) and I see every man in there with a neck gator up to his eyeballs. Are their wives or girlfriends with them? No. Maybe he forgot to look in her purse and retrieve his balls before heading out? Maybe.

      I watch from the parking lot as these “men” wear their protective gear out the store into the parking lot, as they load themselves into their jacked up pick up truck with their Trump flag waving from the back. If they are so easily terrified by a virus with a recovery rate of 99% what stops these “brave” men from rolling up their sleeves for the new nicotine vaccine or be the first in line when the ATF wants to register their guns. I am sure they will take a stand next time.

      I don’t disagree that some women are drama queens and are reluctant to a changing environment, but these men kowtowed on their own. No one can make us do anything we don’t want to do. If women implemented themselves into the Army, the Boy Scouts, Augusta Golf Course (which I totally disagree with) then the blame lies with the “tougher” sex.

      • **” I see every man in there with a neck gator up to his eyeballs. Are their wives or girlfriends with them? No. Maybe he forgot to look in her purse and retrieve his balls “**

        That, or they left them hanging under the trailer hitch on their truck…..

      • Or, Tor (no pun intended), these guys simply chose not to pick that particular battle. I wouldn’t. What’d be the point? One can have items brought to the car, or delivered at home, and not screw around with the face diaper at all, or simply NOT patronize that establishment in favor of one that won’t go along with this charade. Any proprietor has private property rights and may set conditions for entry and doing business. He can require patrons to sing “Zippity-Doo-Dah!” while in the store, and that would be likely as meaningful with dealing with the “dreaded” virus. But if you go into the store in defiance of a clearly posted policy that you have to put on the face diaper, then you’re not only being a jerk, you’re also technically trespassing, especially if you’re asked to leave the premises and you refuse.

        In conversing with #2 son that lives in Nevada, which has had to deal with its own despot, as I’ve had to deal with the HYPOCRITE Newsom, he pointed out that unless we see a mass of 100K or so men marching on Sacramento to demand that the Governor resign, or “else”, he’ll get away with this BS. I’d like to see “Gabbin” hoisted on his own petard, though the melee weapon I’d prefer would be a Halberd.

        • Douglas,

          I agree that businesses have the right to post whatever sign that they want and they can choose to not do business with someone. It is their personal property, just as I have a right to not allow smoking in my home. My property, my choice.

          When I started in this forum one of my first posts was the property rights of businesses, but it isn’t the businesses making the decision, but the government. I guess in a way I have been slightly converted. Just as Pennsylvania now requires a mask in your home when your mother stops in for a cup of coffee. Who calls the shots….the homeowner or the governor?

          We are testing the system, by doing what we are doing and if a store says they are not going to do business with the customer, then the customer needs to leave. No fight, no argument, just leave. If the government mandate went away and the signs remained then you either mask up or go somewhere else.

          An example, I just got off the phone with my bank. I always go through the drive thru because my transactions are pretty simple. Today, I have a transaction that requires me to go inside. I called the office and explained what I needed to get completed, but told the manager I am not wearing the mask. She stated that they will allow quick, simple transactions where a mask is not required inside the branch offices. What does that tell me? That the bank thinks the govt mandate is a pile of crap, too. The sign would be off the door the day the mandate is rolled back. The business isn’t deciding what is best for them, but someone in some state capital is.

          • I agree that it’s a pile of crap. Mine own Governor, Gavin Newsom, amply demonstrated that with his highly hypocritical dinner, sans the face diapers and ballyhooed social distancing, with his cronies and toadies. The key is how to tell him to go to Hell and give him the necessary directions and even a “kick start”!

        • The proprietor negated his natural private property rights when he or she gave over control to the government in the first place. I’d completely respect the question of trespassing if the business did something about the extortion protection money (taxes and regulation). I don’t view nor treat a business exactly like I would a government entity but I also don’t think it’s legit to give them a full pass on property rights either when they’re happy to put a call into the mafia (cops) to enforce the rules. Especially Lowes/Home Depot/Target/Walmart have been anything but victims in using the force of government to snuff out competition. I’m happy to help and work with a real, local business and might even throw on a bandana here and there to help them survive financially against big boxes or Amazon. But Lowes? Nope, fuck them. These big national and multi-national corporations are private only in name, using eminent domain, tax benefits and often outright public money but with the profits not being put back into the sponsoring government. At least when property taxes are collected all the funds (as inefficiently as that is) go into the school or public works department. My local city council giving Wal Mart a sweet heart deal just makes them richer. So they are in my opinion a public space like a park, where conceptually I own the land that they either stole or at best forcefully purchased for a way below market price from my neighbors to build in the first place.

        • In theory, yes. But they’ve accepted that they cannot exclude a black, or a white, or a Muslim, or anybody on the basis of belief or disability. They’ve gone along with the “public accomodation” nonsense.

          Therefore they have no right to demand I wear a mask. They legally cannot even ASK because a mask is many things including a religious garment, a medical device, and an article of clothing.

          Personally, I agree with you, and I hate confrontation, so after a few unpleasant encounters I simply avoid the big box mask nazis and have taken my business to local chains and restaurants, local hardware stores, etc.

          • Sad thing is, Ernie, in my area, it’s some of the smaller local places that are being Naziistic than any of the big national places.

            Thus far, I have been refused service/entry at a local very small chain bank; the local veterinarian, and the eye doctor’s.

            Have yet to have any problem at Walmart, Lowes, Tractor Supply, Rural King, visiting someone in the ICU of the local hospi’l……..

            Pretty sad. For the first time, I’m hoping those little places perish! And they’re doing this of their own accord- their is virtually NO enforcement here in this very rural area. The world has truly gone nuts!

        • A business that’s open to the public must make public accommodations, including following the law, i.e., the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It is not okay to discriminate, according to law. Please look at some Peggy Hall videos, at The Healthy American (.org). Peggy Hall explains a lot of the legal stuff, including how Emperor-No-Clothes Newsom et al. are actually breaking the law when they make these edicts.

  14. Eric, If you disagree with a Conservative, they just think you are dumb. If you disagree with a Liberal, they think you are immoral. This is why they constantly virtue-signal. Mask wearing is the new virtue signal of those who believe they are the world’s truly good people and are intellectually, morally, and spiritually better than you. This won’t stop for a while, I’m afraid, especially when the media is part of it and cycles and escalates the hysteria.

    • Hi Claude,

      I know… much as I am saddened by it. Which is why I’m becoming militant about it. I am not sick. So, I’m not wearing a “mask” to ease anyone’s fears that I might be. Sorry, that’s emotional blackmail and so despicable. You (speaking rhetorically, to the “mask” pusher) might be a child molester. Stand at least six feet away from any children in the vicinity. Insulted? Feel like telling me to fuck off? Yeah. That’s how I feel toward you.

      Enough of this twaddle.

      • If a cloth mask was as effective as the virtue-signalers THINK it is for attenuation of COVID-19 contagion, then we’d expect that wearing underwear AND trousers would inhibit the sulfurous odor of a nasty case of flatulence. I can tell you, with SOME regret (“How do you SPELL ‘relief”? F-A-R-T) they do NOT. Likewise if PAPER masks were also effective, then we’d expect Taco Bell, Del Taco, or Taco Bueno to offer their patrons a complimentary “Depends” with every purchase, right?

  15. Eric, If you disagree with a Conservative, they just think you are dumb. If you disagree with a Liberal, they think you are immoral. This is why they constantly virtue-signal. Mask wearing is the new virtue signal of those who believe they are the world’s truly good people and intellectually, morally, and spiritually, then you. This won’t stop for a while, I’m afraid, especially when the media is part of it and cycles and escalates the hysteria.

  16. The COVID-driven “you MIGHT have the disease and give it to me so I need to control you” hysteria relies upon the exact same psychology as the hysterical gun-controllers: “You MIGHT go shoot up a school so we need to ban and confiscate guns.”

    It does not matter how many billions of rounds are fired very year in complete safety and legality. It does not matter how small the fraction of guns used for criminal purposes is. The fact that you MIGHT do something is enough to completely abrogate your Constitutional rights. It should surprise no one that the biggest COVID lunatics out there — Coonman, Cuomo and Newsom — are also the biggest gun grabbers. And the ones giving the most resistance to the COVID hoax are 100% pro-2A, like Kristi Noem.

    It’s also VERY interesting how selective the political Left is in using the “you MIGHT” hysteria. For instance, if you refused to hire a black man because he MIGHT steal or refused to associate with a homosexual because he MIGHT give you AIDS, you would be excoriated by the Left. Nothing could be more evil. In fact, it might even be a crime — a HATE CRIME — to notice, and act upon, the fact that blacks have a higher probability of committing a crime and gays have a higher probability of transmitting AIDS.

    Has anybody ever wondered what the reaction would be if the COVID hysteria were applied to AIDS? Why hasn’t it been? Yet AIDS has killed more people by an order of magnitude than COVID has.

  17. Pennsylvania just announced an edict to wear a face diaper in your own home, when people not in your household are present. See, there’s no end to the lunacy. It’s designed as a basis to send polizei to Thanksgiving dinners. Fuck these people. Hard.

    In any event, I see this more about acquiescence to avoiding the punishment from the government than accommodating neurotic people. It’s not emotional blackmail, but police state blackmail.

    You have the very real threat of fines or arrest, particularly for businesses, for failing to require face diapers. All it takes is one phone call from Aunt Nutsy.

    From the perspective of the business, it becomes the path of least resistance. Play the part, just avoid the headache. The alternative is to preemptively fight in court (spend money on lawyers) and probably lose with corrupt clowns in gowns. Or receive a fine, and fight in court (spend money on lawyers) and probably lose with corrupt clowns in gowns. Not to mention, most customers probably want the diapers, meaning it makes business sense to cater to them and not you. Businesses must (or as a practical matter, will) act according to the best interest of their bank account, not based on the luxury of principles.

    • Well, why not? They have the unchallenged authority to force you to wear a seat belt in your own car, right? And to search it for drugs or whatever they can find, right? And to kidnap or kill you for carrying a weapon, right?
      The time for politeness is past. It only ends when we refuse to knuckle under to any and all of it. And a lot of us are going to be hurt or killed before that critical mass is reached.

      • That’s just it, Ernie. Where is even the hint of an incipient nucleation of a critical mass, or even so much as a public refusal? People quietly laugh and privately disobey. But that needs to be turned outward, en masse, in order to even begin to reverse course. Silent and one-off pushbacks aren’t going to cut it. Waving MAGA or American flags or honking a car horn is pointless, but that’s all I see happening publicly. What is the line that can’t be crossed, because frankly, I don’t see one in sight.

        • That’s both good and bad- nobody knows where that line is, tormentors or tormented, but there has been some tremendous wake up calls recently.

          All those Republican faithful who “backed the blue” see their boys enforcing facemasks and attacking mothers at sporting events.

          And we’ve all witnessed an obviously corrupt stolen election- driving home the point that you’re never going to be able to peacefully vote it out. That’s never been true of course, but the blatant obviousness of it has forced a lot of faces into stuff the loyal opposition didn’t want to face.

          You’re right, its discouraging, but were closer to resolution than we have been in a while. Covert resistance will slowly make it to overt.

        • Hi Eric,

          Apart from occasional shrieks you might encounter here and there, is it the busybodies who are the problem here? Or is it the governors and mayors who are, far as I can tell, acting unilaterally and on their own/sua sponte authority? Who is clamoring for masks and social distancing or business closures? No one I’ve seen, apart from Gates and Fauci and other assorted fraudulent overlords. Rather, it’s just been dropped on our heads by these goons, for reasons that are not apparent if you strip away the frightening notion they are doing it just because they can or believe (correctly, apparently) that no one can stop them. The beat back needs to be directed there, but that ain’t gonna happen.

          • BAC, the governors and mayors say it…but most of the people shout “Amen!”, and it becomes their new liturgy and definition of “sin” to transgress that which their official representative whom their neighbors voted for have declared to be the new standard of ‘sin’.

            • Hi Nunz,

              True that they form an Amen chorus and fall in line, but they are just reacting to their conditioning. The issue is they never asked for this new liturgy in the first place. Someone just decided, either because they listened to Fauci or they are opportunists (likely). And therein lies the problem. Like Guano just decided to put infected people in nursing homes, because the legislature of NY wholly abdicated their responsibility and handed it over to this piece of shit. It is such Deciders that need to be held to account, but sadly that will never happen.

              • Hey Ya BAC,

                That’s true- at least with a good deal of ’em- but the thing is, it makes them ‘useful idiots’, and as such virtual soldiers of the enemy’s side, who will fight for their oppressors and beg for more, while considering us their enemy.

                The psychology of Bernays/Freud, and the universal permeation of the media have given ‘them’ the ability to move the people en-masse in any desired direction, and ‘they’ know exactly what they are doing.

        • It will have to be physical…they’ve left no other choice. Just be sure when you spray your ‘rona tainted muskets and happen to be arrested…just identify as a Russian, transgendered, satan worshipping, non-binary, lesbian, black Puerto Rican jew, who’s been racially profiled.

      • Too long there’s been intrusions into our private lives and/or market decisions in the interests of “S-A-A-A-A-A-F-T-E-E-E-E-E!”, “public” policy, or even the brazen “We” know what’s best for YOU better than YOU do! Sure, things like seats belts were well-intended, after all, who WANTS to be thrown through a windshield or out the car altogether in a violent collision or rollover? But rather than let the issue of seatbelts be a CONSUMER and MANUFACTURER decision, oh ho…it was self-appointed “safety” crusaders like Ralph Nader (in reality, very much a pawn of civil litigation attorneys) that sought the “Gubmint” to FORCE them upon us. Of course, the “Insurance Mafia” was good with ANYTHING that had the potential to cut their claims payouts, and the car makers themselves, not wanting to imply in their selling of the vehicles that there was inherently a “safety” issue, didn’t want to “go first”, but if they COLLABORATED, again, in the interests of driver S-A-A-A-A-A-F-T-E-E-E-E-E, then they were doing it all “equally” with no particular onus as to the perceived (lack of) safety of their products. Now, I USE seat belts religiously, but that’s due to my understanding of physics and physiology, and I’ve survived two terrible wrecks and avoided crippling injury, thanks to, in part, wearing those belts. I’ve never questioned their effectiveness. What I’ve questioned is the right of ANY level of government to REQUIRE them in my vehicle, and mandate their use, on pain of fines and/or jail.

        Please keep in mind that the Cali(porn)ia vehicle code that mandates their use was initially sold to the public as “secondary” enforcement, that is, IF a “copper” saw you driving without it fastened, he did not have “probable cause” to pull you over and issue a citation, but COULD issue if IF he had a VALID reason (“busted” taillight or “speeding”) to otherwise stop you. That was in the mid-80s. About 1995, the CA legislature changed the VC to specifically mention that indeed a cop DID have probable cause to stop you and issue a citation for failure to wear the belt, and, of course, it was his word against yours, typically. Needless to say, this also opened the flood gates for cops to pull over ANYONE whom they wished to detain and goad to search (NOTE: a seat belt violation still does NOT give an officer probable cause to search you, beyond the “Terry Stop” pat-down for “wee-pons”, and especially not any areas in your vehicle not in “plain sight”, but, be assured that “dey haff vays to make you open dot trunk”), with the oft-problems involved when a “dirty” cop will “find” something to either make the “bust” or justify a seizure of your vehicle and/or cash and other valuables on hand. Many jurisdictions pushed for that primary enforcement, not out of any great concern for driver safety, but because they know it well enables “profit-oriented policing”.

    • Businesses get it from both ends: They face punishment/banishment from the state for not enforcing it’s dictates, and they also face tattling, criticism, and boycotting by the brain-dead majority who actually believe that the masks are keeping them safe.

      Any business that does not conform, basically does so at their own peril, as there are too few of us resistors to support them, both in terms of patronage, and as far as actual legal and physical protection from the overlords- so it’s basically conform…or perish.

      If I owned a business right now, I would probably just close it, ’cause the costs of resistance are too high, and the benefits of doing so are virtually non-existent.

      The majority believe and do what the TV tells them to- and their is no effective defense against the combo of 330 million zombies + a ruthless violent state; there is only avoidance, and remaining below the radar, as long as we remain within the jurisdiction of the tyrants and their complicit minions.

      • Nunz theres no other choice. You have co conform. Unless youre rich you have to. I own my business and my employees know I could give a fuck. But what are you going to do

        • Really agree with the small business thing. In my area most small businesses could care less about wearing a mask, but its becoming clear lately that in the UK enforcement and quite strict fines are being handed out, only to small businesses. Ive discussed this with a number of them, and well if thats the case I comply to the bare minimum (put it on in front of him and let it slide down soon enough).

          Reason I think its so important to support small businesses is I really think they are the backbone of a strong economy that provides independence to a people in a society. Which is exactly what they dont want. Nunzio, i understand the urge to just wrap up, but it seems to me that exactly what they want – people leaving their own small / medium businesses to go and either be a dependent on the state, or dependant on an Amazon or other corporate giant where they can be controlled and manipulated even more……

          Having said that – there are some heres out there – like this guy. Cops would come, kick everyone out. He would sit outside till they leave, and then as soon as they do go back in and open up!! Unfortunately I think they have properly shut him down now, and last I heard his fines have gone into the 6 figures. though I hope he comes back stronger….

  18. “Sure glad we stopped having large families so some world blue state megaslumlord cartel buggerers can penetrate us ass-backwards anytime they fancy” be sure to wear a ribbed mask for their pleasure comrades.

    Said nobody, ever except every world media mouthpiece slavering at the prospect of the final world wide covid gun grab and capitalist killing fields for the children

  19. I’ll read this soon.

    Meanwhile my Samsung tablet newsfeed told me London is worried about Brexit because biden’s great great great grandfather’s hometown was Ballina Ireland. It’s especially neat how 1.5 million still speak Irish there in Ireland and that

    nearly 40 million Irish are here in America because they totally werent the red states of their day while the British blue states voted for their utter annihilation and subspecies status into jolly old English worldwide empire ehich still rules the world via 2.2 billion UK Commonwealthers happily playing cricket and rugby.

    • The despotic rule of the far reaches of the UK (i.e, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales), and even the Midlands, was one of the reasons that the “Founding Fookers” in America set up the Electoral College. They could see that in any “democracy”, that heavily-populated urban areas would dominate the rural hinterlands to THEIR benefit, no matter the detriment to the minority. By ensuring that any state, no matter its population, had SOME representation in both House and Senate, and in picking the Chief Executive, it’d tend to mean THEIR interests at least got SOME consideration, and the “Union” would be more, ahem, “sustainable”.

      There’s a reason that the ancestors of the Head of the “Biden Crime Family” fled the Emerald Isle for America, even though that long-forgotten ancestor of his would have seen many a sign saying, “Irish need not apply here”. Now HE and his ILK presume to be OUR “Dark Overlords”. Those whom voted not necessarily for HIM, or even his running mate, “Heels-Up” Harris, but against “Bad Orange Man”, have forgotten the warning of one Daniel Webster:

      “Many promise us to be ‘better Masters’, and they may indeed be, but they mean to be ‘masters’. They promise to better govern, and indeed they may, but they INTEND to govern.”

  20. ‘… for the sake of not making the blackmailers upset’

    Speaking of blackmailers, the EV mafia is merging with the insurance mafia:

    ‘General Motors is launching a car insurance business based on the idea its vehicles can remotely track drivers’ behavior and set insurance rates accordingly.

    ‘The Detroit-based auto maker will offer insurance plans branded under its OnStar connected-car service, which comes installed on all GM vehicles in North America, the company said Wednesday.

    ‘Customers who sign up agree to have their driving habits tracked, and those who obey the speed limit, avoid sudden stops and practice other good-driving behavior will be rewarded.’

    If only the former East German Stasi had adopted GM-style marketing techniques:

    Sign up for Stasi tracking of your Trabant, and receive a 10 percent discount on your monthly gasoline ration, comrade.

    First 100 registrants get FREE StasiStar monitored party-line phone service for the first year!

    Next up: GM shares OnStar data with the Gov mafia, so they can issue computer-generated, satellite-confirmed speeding tickets.

    So many mafias, so little freedom …

  21. As an example of emotional manipulation, anyone remember Olivia “Livia” Soprano, Tony’s mother? Even a Mob Capo couldn’t deal with a shrew of a “Ma’!

  22. It was difficult enough telling people that the historic science (multiple randomized control tests – the ‘gold standard’ of testing) on the lack of efficacy of face diapers for controlling aerosol viruses, done with influenza which has the same transmission vectors as cononaviruses and CV’s are physically smaller (130nm vs. ~80nm), but then The Dutch dropped a brand new RCT specific to CV and it showed the same lack of efficacy. Yet, the drooling masses keep saying “WEAR YOUR MASK!!!”.
    Just before that, the Marine Corps released their own study on the efficacy of all the “virus control factors” and the results were more ‘comical’. Both the total lockdown/double-mask/over sanitation group and the ‘just go on with your life’ group had people who caught THE VIRUS!!!, but the WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE, LOCK UP!!! group had more people who got infected (2.8%) than the control group (1.9%).
    Once again, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    While “Propaganda” was an excellent book to better understand and watch out for the manipulation that happens within all forms of media, “Psychology of Crowds” by Gustav Le Bon is even more insightful. At some level, you can start to see why all this is happening and why people just went along with places like DPRK, China, Cambodia, USSR, post-Weimar, etc…

    • It was the Danes who just released their masks vs coronavirus study.

      It was frankly a tough read, designed to obfuscate the result to an outsider, and had a lot of dancing around trying not to come to the politically unpalatable conclusion they actually came to. They tried to prove that surgical masks would decrease infections by 50% and utterly failed.

      They did show an infinitesimal change in “infections” in favor of masking (2.1% without mask vs 1.8% with) but honestly concluded that this tiny difference only resolves to somewhere between 46% improvement and 23% makes it worse. In other words what everybody scientifically literate already knew- masks don’t stop viral transmissions.

      • Thanks for that catch, Ernie. I always mix up The Danes and The Dutch when typing. I blame the Austin Powers movie.
        I had completely read 6 of the 11 studies that the CDC meta-analysis study used from earlier this year used to show the diapers don’t do jack for influenza and that was painful enough. I stuck to the summary and abstract from the Danish one.

      • Effectiveness of Adding a Mask Recommendation to Other Public Health Measures to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Danish Mask Wearers – A Randomized Controlled Trial

        The recommendation to wear surgical masks to supplement other public health measures did not reduce the SARS-CoV-2 infection rate among wearers by more than 50% in a community with modest infection rates, some degree of social distancing, and uncommon general mask use. The data were compatible with lesser degrees of self-protection.

  23. ****”How does a “mask” prevent a person who isn’t sick from distributing a sickness he does not have?”****

    THAT should be on a bumper sticker! (If only cars still had bumpers!)

    The truth is so obvious- and so easily exposes all of the dark lies when just put into such simple rational terms! Love it!

    • That’s not even the point. If your superstition requires you to wear an amulet against the bogey man, you have an absolute right to wear it. Just like we have an absolute right to NOT wear it.

      Somebody shot me down here the other day for being wordy- they were right.

      The correct answer is Fu*k you. Probably followed by Mind your own Fu*king business moron!

    • It’s the obviousness of truth that makes a certain class of science-worshippers blind to it. This type of person loves the counter-intuitive conclusions that science sometimes draws, because he/she has a natural contempt for common sense and common people. It’s fundamentally an elitist attitude.

      • And then when you posit the obvious truth and point-out the contradictions of their ‘logic’ and of the latest rhetoric which passes for ‘science’, they accues you of rejecting science!

      • Exactly, Roger! Even if it did exist…a mask would be useless…and even if a mask could prevent the flu (any flu) it would be incumbent upon the individual who fears getting the flu to protect himself by wearing a mask if he so chooses, rather than requiring that anyone else wear one to protect him.

        It’s like: If you’re afraid that exposure to the sun will give you skin cancer….you can wear sunscreen (another scam!)…you don’t demand that the sun be blotted out…..

  24. I couldn’t agree more. When did it become incumbent upon me to nurse this mental problem?

    I went grocery shopping with no mask the other day, I was the only one. One woman turned around and saw me getting something off the shelf and literally screamed and walked away.

    Sad, but I’m not here to make sure someone else’s sickness fantasy has any merit.

    • HAhahaha! Makes me want to get a T-shirt that says “Non-masker. Boo!” [a la the flashing neon sign adorning the spooky castle in a Bugs Bunny episode, which alternately flashed “Evil scientist” “Boo!”) to wear when I go shopping!

  25. Shoving a Q-tip up one’s nose to determine if there’s presence of a viral invasion doesn’t mean it’s made it to the lungs. Your nasal cavity is there for a reason, namely to filter and flush out things that can cause harm.

    • Bingo. Also, the way people are acting that walking past (or even SEEING, lol) an unmasked person = instant infection, then why isn’t the procedure for the “coronavirus” test for the testee to walk past it one time, breathing normally? Then the test could say you’re “positive” or “negative” right?

      • I don’t wear a mask at work. Routinely, people will walk past me in the corridor by putting their backs up against the wall and walking sideways by me. Others will duck into cubes or hallways. One guy saw me coming the other day and walked backwards into an open area until I walked by. Others are happy to publicly humiliate me by yelling out, “You need to put your mask on!” Some are quite bold and ask what my specific medical reason is for not masking! Crazy fuckers.

        • Just like how some places “screen” you, by taking your temperature and asking questions, and then once you’ve proven that you are healthy (Like in my case, with a 97.6 temperature) they try and force a mask on your face. So why bother “screening”?

          • Even with temperature checks, social distance and masks people get Coronavirus, so people say this is so contagious and deadly that inspite of great effort and sacrafices, people are getting sick, so we need more effort, more sacrafice, more compliance and more rules.

            The more that their efforts fail, the more they double down. Thats the brilliance of propaganda.

            And if you go unmasked and someones grandma dies of sanitizer overdose, they will blame you for it, cause your mask protects everyone else, and their mask protects you, so you kill people by not wearing a mask, but they protected you.

            Common core maff and modern education has made everyone insane.

            • Hi A,

              I have attempted to make this case myself- using myself as a case. If – as we are told – we are dealing with a “highly infections, extremely deadly virus” then why haven’t I gotten seriously sick or even mildly sick? I have ignored every dictum of the Kabuki Playbook. No “mask” has ever touched my face.I have not “practiced” any form of “social distancing.” Indeed, the opposite. I have gone out of my way to live normally, hanging out with my friends, shaking hands, etc. I have been going to my gym every other day for the past three months, working out in close proximity to dozens of other random people, none “masked.”

              Yet I remain healthy. Why?

              Either I am exceptionally hearty or the virulence of the virus has been massively exaggerated.

              Which is the more likely?

              Especially given it’s not just me that’s remained healthy. No one at my gym of Face-showers has been felled by the WuFlu nor even gotten sick. Not one of the hundreds of people who work out there, who do so “exposed” in conditions that ought to “spread” the virus, we are told.

              It’s simply bogus.

              • Same here, Eric! Not even a good case of the sniffles- much less the plague!

                Ditto my 95 year-old mother. Granted, she rarely goes anywhere…but she has never worn a mask, and neither has anyone who has visited her- and no socialist distancing- but rather hugs and kisses…..

                YET, this woman I know up north, her beau, who dutifully masks, has the ‘Rona…….

                • Yes. Our personal experiences do not match the screaming daily headlines. I and no one in my family, or even our circle of friends, has contracted anything. You have to go to someone who knows someone who knows someone. Then its, “They DIED from it! So don’t tell me it isn’t real!” as my sister who worked in the bio-tech industry her whole adult life lectured me.

                  • Hi Ray,

                    No one in my family that we know of, either. I got a mild flu back at the end of June, but I still went to work. My daughter had a really bad cold in August, but other than that….nothing.

                    I have over 200 clients that I speak with constantly. Many had bouts with the flu or flu like symptoms, but no hospitalizations, fortunately.

                    Between my grandfather earlier this year and five clients who have passed since, not one died of Covid. Heart attacks, liver disease, cancer, no Covid.

                    • Hi Raider Girl,
                      Your experience reflects mine exactly. I too, have a large client base and none of the recent five deaths were due to this “novel” virus.

                    • Hi Nunzio,
                      I agree. There is plenty of evidence (mainly from Jon Rappaport’s blogs) to question the very existence of this “novel”. Nothing more than another flu strain.

              • Actually, after a scare where a niece thought she might have been exposed (she “locked down” for thw 2 week insolation period, and both tests were negative), her Dad, my dear bro-in-law in law enforcement (and, in an unfortunate example of a common trope, had put in his retirement papers with his department to finish out just before XMas) contracted the “COVID”. He’s otherwise in pretty damned good shape for a fellow in his mid-50s, a Lieutenant, and he and my sister have been “nails” about observing all the recommended precaution. Likely he got it from a co-worker in his department. He and Sis seem to be weathering it ok, and I’m not that worried about them.

                However, our 86 y.o. father ALSO lives with them, and there’s obvious anxiety, though he’s likewise in good shape for an oldster. It’s just a matter of being at risk due to advanced age. However, he’s been tested at the local VA (we’ll know in a few days) and they’re “on it”, but right now, he’s best off to just stay put, but all in the house have to isolate a great deal from each other. The hell of it is…even though I’m on leave this week (have “use or lose” leave, I’d rather cash out and I just do stuff from home to keep up with my work), there’s NOTHING I can do to help them, as then my ability to work and be useful to other family members, both here in NorCal, AZ, and UT (plus my “little goil” who is currently serving a Mormon mission in TN) would be compromised. I can only sit by and WAIT, and “eff you”, the late Tom Petty, the “waiting” is indeed the HARDEST PART.

                But I don’t blame this situation on President Trump, or Governor Newsom (the fvcking hypocrite), I just accept that there are some things we can take REASONABLE precautions against, but they should not prove far worse than the likelihood of grief from the disease itself. Hopefully, especially in the case of my Dad, this turns out to be more of a bother and inconvenience than any tragedy. And I still say that there’s no “right” to unduly interfere with abilities of others to lead NORMAL LIVES.

                AFAIC, there is, and never shall be, any Gott-Damned “NEW ‘Normal’ “!!!

                • Hi Doug,

                  I wish the best for your father and hope he stays healthy. The one thing I have noticed with the Greatest Generation is that they are tough. Mentally tough and physically tough. My grandmothers are 85 and 89 and both of their attitudes have been “what will be, will be.” They are cautious, but this will not stop them from being with the family during the holidays, birthday celebrations, or our summertime pool parties.

                  They are both avid gardeners and enjoy being outside so all of that vitamin D may be helping, but they are strong ladies and are able to look at this very sensibly. I think being cutoff from their families would be more traumatic than a possibility of getting ill.

      • I recall knowing a colleague from wayback whose last name was pronouced, “Nose Hair”, and he had prominent nose hairs and a bushy ‘stache that put Gene Shallit to shame. Maybe that guy KNEW something…

        • Gene Shallit! HAHAHA! There’s a blast from the past! Haven’t thought of that guy in decades! (I thought he was only a NY thing?)

  26. The mask culture is the same as the political correctness arguments; the person interpreting the insult gets to determine the behavior of others. This was promoted in public schools and hence the PC cancel culture on college campuses. This provides a false feedback loop of empowerment by the victimized individual over and against perfect strangers they never met. The fact the so called *individual* is not an individual at all but acting in concert in group think of an orchestrated political ideology. The Covid is an ultamate extension of this culture now permeating into what once were normal people, who were not easily sold into the Marxist ideology.

    • Right on, PappaS. To paraphrase Jefferson, I would rather have dangerous freedom than peaceful slavery. The next time someone tells me to “Stay Safe”, my reply will be “I’d rather stay free “….

      • Not that you can have an effective conversation with brainwashed cult members, but you can drop sarcasm that hopefully erodes their faith.

        Im so glad the govner is keeping me safe by making me eat in my car instead of a resturant.

        Im so glad ive been protected from the automatic carwash

        So glad that the govner is keeping us safe by making us wait in the rain for an hour before grocery shopping.

        Im so glad all of those wagies have been protected from their income.

        Stuff along those lines.

    • Staying “free” IS “staying ‘safe’ “!. I’m not minimizing the potential harm IF someone gets or may have gotten the dreaded virus (see my post above), but over-reaching GOVERNMENT, especially with the tyranny of GOOD INTENTIONS, have killed A LOT more folks in the past 100 years or so and messed up more lives than any Gott-Damned “bug”!!


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