A Fighter With Some Fight in Him

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MMA up-and-comer Bryce Mitchell landed a heavy blow after his latest fight. Against the Diapering of children; against the forced Diapering of anyone.

If the Orange Man loses tomorrow, we may have to fight.

No one wants that. But it may well come to that. For precisely the reasons laid out by Mitchell. It is not enough that people can wear a Diaper – if that is their wish. The whole country must be Diapered – the wish of the Hair Plugged Man.

If he wins, that is coming.

By force.

It will no longer be a question of “guidelines” and “policies” enforced or not here or there. There will be an attempt to enforce Diapering everywhere, by federal fatwa. It is within the realm of possibility that an actual law will be passed.

It may no longer be possible to show your face in public anywhere. This is already the case in some parts of the United States and all parts of Australia and New Zealand, where people are literally thug-scrummed by body-armored/AR-15 toting Gesundheitspolizei for not wearing the prescribed mask of submission.

Republicans are no bulwark against such tyranny, as Mitchell observed in re the GOP gesundheitsfuhrer of his state, Asa Hutchinson, who has force-Diapered the people of Arkansas.

Our willingness to fight is the last bulwark.

Tyranny having little respect for obedience.

At what point is enough enough? Is it not enough to terrorize small children, very possibly damaging their minds for life? Is it not enough to destroy the remaining life of elderly people imprisoned without trial in nursing homes, denied the right to decide for themselves whether they wish to hug or even see their own kids and grandkids?

Is it not enough to demoralize healthy adults by insisting they pretend to be sick? Is it not enough to be forced to pretend you agree with all of this by wearing a muzzle over your mouth, the visual affirmation of your silenced dissent?

A fight is coming.

It is not something to be relished. It is something many of us would do practically anything to avoid – if only they would leave us alone. But they are determined not to, for reasons which transcend the bogeyman of sickness.

In which case we have but two choices, the first being to submit and the second being to cross our arms and tell them no.

I am no MMA fighter but I am prepared to fight, if the fight comes to me. If they will not leave me alone, in spite of my willingness – my eagerness – to leave them alone. It is, as they like to say, a very small ask.

But if they try to force me to pretend I agree with their sick ideology, or at least, show no outward appearance of disagreement, then I will have no choice.

That is a righteous reason to fight.

For freedom, which if it means anything at all means the freedom to be let alone. Without that freedom, the word is just a word.

The substance of that word is a thing Americans once at least paid lip service to – those lips no longer visible behind the loathsome “mask.” The word no longer uttered – except by men and women who are prepared to fight, if it should come to that.

Men like Mitchell.

He and anyone else man enough to take a stand. Such Americans are the inheritors of the Spirit of 1776 and – like the men and women of 1776 – their determination to fight if forced to fight makes up for their lack of numbers and scanty resources. For they understand they are not merely fighting; they are fighting for everything. Their homes, their lives, their families . . . their sacred honor.

That is is what is on the table – and never mind the ballot.

It is hard and fearsome thing to contemplate. A thing not of their making, which makes it chafe – in the manner of having to pay some heavy price for the actions or failure to act of another person.

But it is a thing which must be faced with manly courage, come what may.

As in 1776, there is a sense of inevitability. That the fight is coming and whether we like it or not. How it will come, what shape it will take – these are unknowable things until the fight is actually on. The essential thing is to prepare for it, mentally and otherwise.

Perhaps the most important way to do that it is to remind yourself that the cause is just.

You are not a bad person for refusing to pretend you are sick. You are not a bad person for wanting to live.

It is sad that so many Americans are paralyzed by fear – and not only willing to submit to it but require us to embrace it as well, perhaps to make them feel better about their fearfulness. We do not wish them ill; we hope they overcome their fear.

But we will not become slaves to their fears – no matter the outcome of tomorrow’s election.

. . .

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  1. Kudos, Bryce Mitchell. Yes, you will be criticized for your stance. However, take solace, because a man is known by the enemies he keeps.

    BTW, I think you could kick the ass of both Asa Hutchinson and Fauci…at the same time…and not break a sweat. Think you can make that your next match?

  2. For a guy who gets punched in the head for a living, he’s more articulate and rational than all the face diaper fascists put together. One thing, though: You cannot open the door to voting on people’s health freedom. It’s an individual right that cannot be subject to mob rule. The choice to diaper (and to do almost anything else) can’t be voted away.

  3. Well said Bryce ! There is no question that mandatory masks are a testing step toward tyranny and if nobody fights back, we will all be subjects of tyranny. So many people have bought into the government fear mongering propaganda. I bet if you look at how many people died of ANY cause on November 1, 2017, 2018, 2019, 0r 2020, the numbers would be the same. Yet, we are made to believe millions more are dying this year due to COVID-19 and we need to cower in fear until government (i would say more Dems) is satisfied that enough people have been hurt…and the government’s lesson into their ideology is received and accepted. 2+2=5.

    • I don’t know if 2019 numbers are available and of course 2020 is not. I’m not adept at digging through the CDC data to know if provisional numbers are available. Or if these data are supposed to be available and have been disappeared for political reasons. I would expect statistically we won’t really know the full picture until 2021 or 2022 but I think most anyone still capable of skepticism will certainly want to see if and where we have drastic changes in causes of death.

      For 2018:
      Number of deaths: 2,839,205
      Number of deaths for leading causes of death:
      Heart disease: 655,381
      Cancer: 599,274
      Accidents (unintentional injuries): 167,127
      Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 159,486
      Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 147,810
      Alzheimer’s disease: 122,019
      Diabetes: 84,946
      Influenza and Pneumonia: 59,120
      Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 51,386
      Intentional self-harm (suicide): 48,344

      For 2017:
      Number of deaths: 2,813,503
      Number of deaths for leading causes of death:
      Heart disease: 647,457
      Cancer: 599,108
      Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936
      Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201
      Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383
      Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404
      Diabetes: 83,564
      Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672
      Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 50,633
      Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173

      For 2016:
      Number of deaths: 2,744,248
      Number of deaths for leading causes of death:
      Heart disease: 635,260
      Cancer: 598,038
      Accidents (unintentional injuries): 161,374
      Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 154,596
      Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 142,142
      Alzheimer’s disease: 116,103
      Diabetes: 80,058
      Influenza and Pneumonia: 51,537
      Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 50,046
      Intentional self-harm (suicide): 44,965

  4. I have lurked on your site for awhile and have silently agreed with nearly all of your rantings. But this last post has moved me to comment. You sir have the heart of a true Patriot. You are a man after my own heart. A kindred spirit. I hope to meet you some day. Keep up the truth telling!

  5. So, if Biden says he can have a national mask mandate if elected, then what stops Trump after he wins from having a natioal mandate against wearing masks except for where they were required prior to the Scamdemic?

    • I am all for a mandate against wearing masks. I hope that is the first EO he signs after being re-elected. The Dem governors heads would explode and the Karens and Kens would scream until their voices were hoarse. 1. First EO in 2021 – No mask mandate; 2. Second EO in 2021 – Fire Fauci. Sounds like a win/win to me.

  6. Hi Eric, just a correction, I live in New Zealand and mask wearing is not compulsory, in fact very few people wear a mask. it may be the case in the State of Victoria Australia, the laws and fatwas there are quite draconian, but not in New Zealand. Our newly elected Left-wing Government is continuing its policy of strictly controlling our borders, everyone who comes in is tested for Covid, those who test positive are confined to a quarantine hotel, however life inside the border is normal.

    • I keep reading (on Instagram, for what that’s worth) that New Zealand has quarantine camps. If you refuse to be nasally probed you get a mandatory term in camp until you relent. True?

  7. It’s getting nuts out there. In Santa Clara County in the Bay Area of CA, we have hardly any covid19, so the odds of running into an infected person are nearly zero. We have a mask rule – masks are required by law indoors, but if you can keep your distance outdoors, it’s ok to do without.

    I was biking on a trail with my son, with nobody around us, naturally, without masks, and a cop on a motorcycle who was patrolling the trail stopped us and told us to put masks on. I pointed out that they’re not required outdoors, and the only person we’ve encountered was him. He had none of it, it’s unsafe to be without masks, and we must put them on or we’ll be cited. So, here’s this armed thug, on a motorcycle where motorcycles aren’t allowed, telling us to wear masks which are not required. I’m not going to argue with this mentally deranged moron in a costume, because the law is whatever he says it is, so we put the damn things on, but took them off immediately out of his sight.

    I explained to my son that cops are just government workers who are allowed to use guns and break laws, where the rest of us can’t, so just walk around them like you’d walk around a dangerous, rabid animal. Now, my wife is pissed at me for poisoning my child against the police. Sigh.

    • I go mask-less to the greatest extent possible but valid is your point about picking carefully where to draw your line in the sand.

      Is it worth escalating the situation when management at the Walmart rats on you to the cops? Probably not the right time to stand your ground unless by some miracle fellow shoppers spontaneously come to your aid. Bravery can be contagious so it’s always worth trying.

      But if it’s not going your way, so be it. The absurdity needs to be pointed out and after that do what you have to keep control of the situation and stay alive. Guerrilla tactics have been well known and mostly effective since WWII, evidenced that just about every swinging dick is part of the SOCOM. But ultimately the only response the government can do is ham fisted shock and awe while a thousand people practicing little acts of disobedience will quickly overwhelm the system.

    • sorry about the wife. women are so mush brained with very few exceptions. giving them the right to vote was the biggest error in history

            • So true, D. So true.

              Mark, I actually pity you. Due to your antiquated, close minded, and primitive attitudes of all women you are only attracting certain women. Apparently, those that enjoy being spoken down to and dragged back to your cave by their hair.

              I feel for you since obviously there was a woman (or women) where relations ended on a bad note.

              I can only hope that you open your heart and realize no one person is made out of the same cloth as another and everyone should be viewed as an individual.


              • There’s a reason that women are so rare on truly Libertarian venues, and rarely stick around- and it’s NOT because of guys like Mark3 who speak the truth.

                Sheesh….this is how contaminated everyone has become with the rhetoric of liberalism. Merely express an opinion or even worse, tell the truth, whether about Jews or jigs or Janes, and you’re relegated to pariah-land…….

                • Honestly, Nunzio? You actually believe all women are mush brained and should not have the right to vote? Really? Your mother? Sister? Spouse? Girlfriend? Every woman you know is an idiot?

                  If yes, go for it. Shout it from the rooftops, but I too, have the protection of the First Amendment to call out your stupidity and caveman mentality. It has nothing to do with liberalism, but everything to do with individuality.

                  Maybe this is where the “true” libertarian and I part ways. To me libertarianism is about assessing each person on their own merits. We judge a person as a person, not a group of people. I honestly, don’t give a fig about someone’s gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, etc. That’s biological and cannot be altered. Dinging people (or worst yet) analyzing people by what they cannot control devalues them as beings. It not PC culture I am defending (I am so sick of that word), but the right of the person to be looked upon as human.

                  I am all for people disliking people. I have plenty of people I can’t stand and there are plenty that can’t stand me, but it should be based on the being, not a group of beings. Spearheading groups and calling it “truth” is BS and you know it.

                  • RG, it’s not a matter of liking someone or not liking them, or of women being mush-brained- so much as it is that women are wired much differently; they think much differently; and they were created for a different purpose than men- they are not just ‘the same as men’ only with a different anatomy. They are different in every way.

                    And yes, giving women the ‘right’ to vote was the beginning of the end- it is the EXACT point at which society started to change from what it had always been to the monstrosity it has become now, precisely because women were given power which they did not naturally possess (Which destroyed the traditional family) and because they could easily be manipulated on an emotional level (We would never have had the rise of liberalism to the level at which it it is at now, without the forces of propaganda having enlisted women to do their ground work).

                    From ‘gun control’ to ‘socialized medicine’ to welfare….none of this would have been an issue had women not had the ‘right’ to vote. [Ultimately, no one should have a ‘right’ to vote in any matter which gives others proxy over the lives, actions and property of others who do not wish to participate.]

                    And yes, there are good women (You may be one of them); and smart women, etc. etc….just as there are elephants with good memories, but I wouldn’t want an elephant running a nukular power plant, as that would be detrimental to all- including the elephant.

                    • Nunzio,

                      All I’ll say about women and the vote is this: there’s a REASON the Devil went after Eve first!

                      Also consider the fact that it was a majority of German WOMEN who voted for Hitler…

                      Those are just a couple of points to ponder…

                    • Hi Nunz,

                      I understand where you’re coming from, but consider: The point at which America took a parking brake turn toward tyranny occurred in 1861 – long before women had the franchise. Men converted the republic of sovereign states into a centralized regime under which men had no rights – in principle – the state was obliged to respect because it had the power to abuse them. This all happened under the watch of men. It was Lincoln that made Wilson (and the income tax and the Federal Reserve) possible.

                      And no women voted for Lincoln.

                    • Thank you gentlemen for all of your insightful overviews. I never realized that hell on Earth did not exist until women voted. Nero, Attila the Hun, Ivan the Terrible, Robespierre? Figaments of our imagination, obviously. I was going to discuss the tolerance of the modern Middle East, where women are viewed as property, have no right to vote, and cannot leave the house without a male escort, but that would discredit many of the theories here. So we will just skip over that bit.

                      MarkyMark, you do realize Eve never existed, correct? I am not going to waste a valuable argument over an imagery person.

                      While I agree that Hitler did receive 50% of the women vote, he also received 50% of the male vote. One could contend that these men and women were looking for protection and security after the drop of the Stock Market in 1929 and the worldwide destabilization that this caused. What I find truly fascinating is that these same individuals were actually voting against the Weimar Constitution, which made Germany a democratic parliamentary republic. The 50% of women that voted for Hitler were just agreeing with several men here…freedom is overrated and women did not want the right to vote or make their own decisions, hence the rise of Nazism.

                      Do many American women today still believe in this? Absolutely. Every time an AOC, Bernie Sanders, or Ilhan Omar wins they lessen their personal freedoms a little more each day. But, aren’t these women doing what you want them to do? Where is the argument guys? If anything you should be upset at us women that kept Hillary out of office in 2016. If not for us she would be President and your arguments would make sense.

                      I will admit a bit of jealously though. I have always admired how men will defend other men, almost ferociously, coming to their defense. It is a trait to be admired and one that I wish women would consider other than the act of a female tearing another female down because her views are different than and she does not agree with the status quo. I wonder what would become of the nation if pro life and pro choice women joined and defended each other’s differences or if female business owners were mentors to young women making their way up in the world rather than viewing them as a possible competitors. I guess that is why male dominated groups such as the Knights of Columbus, the local Elk Lodges, and the Freemasons are successful. Men are willing to help other men. Women are busy fighting pre conceived notions that men are holding us back rather than realize we are holding each other back.

                    • Good point about LinCO(l)N, Eric!

                      But consider that government on-the-whole was not brought down to the personal level, where it worked it’s way into the daily lives and families and relationships of individuals until women got the vote.

                      Throughout history there have been wars and tyranny, and men have wrought plenty of evil- while there were always some who resisted; but it wasn’t until the 20th century that all the social engineering started on a mass level- ultimately also perpetrated by men…but by using women now as the weapon to infect virtually all men.

                      The most egregious thing is that they have used women to destroy the most basic building block of a strong and sane society- the family. And oh, the irony!- considering that women are naturally the nurturers of the family. They have been turned 180* from their very purpose for existence, by TPTB.

                    • [In a Dan Akroyd voice] Jane, you ignorant sl……

                      RG: “How dare you say that women are mush-brained!” [proceeds to post mush-brained comment]

                  • Brandon, can’t we let someone else be great for once? I’m tired of America always being great!

                    Can’t we be Somewhat Less Evil? A Little Better Than Horrible? Trying Hard Not To Be Worse?

                    Hey, any of those things would be a HUGE improvement! Maybe Mexico or Canada could work on becoming great again, while we scrape ourselves off the memn’s room floor [Well, Canada would have to start weith Make Canada Warm Again, eh? How can they be great when it’s so cold there?! ]

      • My brother and I also feel that way Mark 3. Giving women the right to vote has led to the explosion of totalitarian governments in the “lands of the free”, whatever that meant.

        • Hi Joe,

          I see the franchise itself as the problem. Or rather, this business of putting anyone’s rights up for a vote. Plenty of men are not to be trusted with other men’s rights. And I know women with more sense – more principles – than some menI know. Genitalia provide no security for liberty. Keep in mind that the greatest totalitarians in history were men.

          So, the problem is: How to limit the vote – generally? This can only be done by the self-restraint of men – and women – who refuse to vote themselves the property of other men and women. By social/cultural traditions which anathematize it. A constitution which codifies it merely expresses the sentiment formally.

          In a way, it’s analogous to the “gun violence” issue. There is no violence – no matter the presence of guns – when the owner is a moral and responsible person.

          Churchill was right in that people – he meant societies – get the form of government the active portion of them demand and which the rest acquiesce to. A Hitler cannot become Der Fuhrer without supporters – as well as poltroons who do not actively resist the supporters.

          Und so weiter….

      • raider girl no ones attacking you. you can say men suck I could care less. Actually a popular opinion these days. Womens brains are wired for raising kids and women are really really good at that. With infinite more patience with them than I could ever have.
        Women did vote for hilary except white women by a slim margin. Men it wasnt close for trump.
        Nunz I have to meet you some day always enjoy your posts. Eric if hitler wasnt a maniac and listened to his generals von bock and guderian they would still be around today in some form. Hitler fell apart and its a shame he wasnt killed. Yes lincolns war is a good argument against men only voting but originally it was just land owners in the constitution. doubt that was around then.

        • Hi Mark,

          Some people suck. Men – and women. The governor of my state is male – and no friend of mine. Having a penis doesn’t make you a man – and not having one doesn’t mean you haven’t got balls. Or brains.

          The core tenet of libertarianism is that we are individuals and every individual has the same rights, including the right to be treated according to his or her merit and not assigned a label based on some generic collectivist abstract.

          As RG correctly points out, men have an abysmal track record as regards liberty. Men like Karl Marx, Engels and Lenin come to mind. Also Mao and Pol Pot and god knows how many others because the list is endless.

          In re Hitler: Arguably, he wasn’t enough of a maniac – if you wish to explore the reasons for Germany’s loss (without – spare me – getting into whether that would have been a good thing). Had he been more like Stalin, Germany probably would have won the war.

          And Stalin wasn’t a woman.

          • yes but politicians like your communist governor routinely use appeals to emotion over logic. Like its “for the kids” or “your safety” which a lot of sane guys know is bullshit but appeals to women especially.

          • and yes mentally deranged communists are an unfortunate part of fairly recent history. Including here. hitler lost when he invaded poland he just didnt know it. and killed a lot of white christians. von bock told him not to invade the soviet union because of the poor intelligence. its such a sad time in history that still affects us today.

            • Hi Mark,

              I submit that communists aren’t deranged in the psychiatric sense. They are, simply, evil people. Deranged people aren’t capable of calculated, rational action on a sustained basis. The communists are. Their leadership, at least.

              Hitler was arguably deranged; Stalin was as sane as a cobra.

              Stalin never let sentimentality cloud his judgment; Hitler did – often. Hitler did deranged things such as prioritize rail stock for the deportation of Jews at the same time it was vitality needed for the war effort. Hitler allowed his imbecile racial theories to blind him to war-winning stratagems such as using the people of the Ukraine to fight the Soviets. He let the BEF escape – because he felt “kinship” for the English. He let his anger over British bombing of German cities cause him to direct the Luftwaffe to target British cities – instead of the RAF fields and industrial/war-materiel areas that they had been bombing previously. He refused to encourage “Jewish” physics – and atomic research, which the Germans had been at the forefront of prior to the war.

              The man was inarguably brilliant – and also tetch’d in the head.

              Stalin – a communist – understood power. How to win it – and keep it.

              • Eric,

                Don’t forget the other irrational stunt Hitler pulled: trying to make the Me262 jet fighter in to a bomber. That held it up from operational service by a good year or so. Also, keep in mind that the Germans had a jet fighter BEFORE the Me262: the Heinkel He280 that flew in 1939! Ah, but unlike Willy Messerschmidt, who was in good with the Nazis, Ernst Heinkel was an outspoken critic of the Nazis; therefore, his jet wasn’t greenlighted. Can you imagine what would’ve happened if the Germans had fielded a jet fighter from the beginning of the war? Hitler was irrational, and that cost him and Nazi Germany…

                • Oh, and I forgot: Nazi German ALREADY HAD a jet bomber! They had the Arado Ar234, so Hitler didn’t even need to make the Me262 a bomber…

                • MM the jets wouldnt have mattered. The germans already had complete air superiority at the the start of barbarossa. Shot thousands of Soviet planes up on the ground. Von Bock wanted to advance on moscow in good weather which would have ended the war. Hitler said no. They ended up getting there in December and they never had a chance. The invasion decision was terrible and hitlers interference in his on the ground generals decisions cemented it.

                  As a side note von bock was removed soon after and shot to death in his car with his wife by an allied fighter in 1945.

              • Eric the Ukranians greeted the Germans as liberators and the germans ignored them. Probably because of hitlers weird hatred towards all slavs. Youre right if Germany said you can have your country but help us it wopuld likely be a lot different. they made som half hearted attempts later but way too late.

              • and yes hitler overruled guderian’s decision to kill or capture all 300,000 british soldiers at dunkirk. If that had happened britain would have quit the war.

        • Mark,

          I don’t care if people attack me. I am a 40 + year old woman. I can handle it. If I say something beyond the pale or disagreeable – go after me. My issue lies on attacking a group of people. Many people make up a group – each of these people have their own individual thoughts and experiences. No group of people think entirely alike. I think this website is a good example of that.

          As for men, I love men. I don’t let a disagreement with a few cloud my judgement on the many wonderful, smart, and accomplished men in the world that have assisted me when needed. I appreciate them and I believe there are many women that share my sentiments.

          As an individual I don’t understand why I have to be pigeon holed. Why can’t I be a great wife, a good mother, and a capable business owner? Just because I am a mother I am unable to be anything else? I love my children and I am so happy I have them, but they define me as much as they define my husband, meaning they don’t. Not all women are patient or good mothers. The downfall of the recent generations show us that.

          • RG my experience with women is way more extensive than yours. And vice versa perhaps with you with men. Women generally care two shits about politics. Which is fine. My gf voted for a progressive income tax in IL because everyone in her grocery store was doing it. Huh? That was the reason. Youre the exception and welcome to the site here. Universal suffrage and all the voter fraud this cycle is a terrible curse. If you run a business then congrats. Not easy now. I hope you keep contributing.

            • Thanks, Mark.

              The only experience I have had as a woman is being one….definitely never dated any. 😉 As for men, I am still with the one that I met in 10th grade math class, so I am not going to pretend expertise there either. :).

              I have said my piece on the subject of women and intelligence and have no desire to drag this down a rabbit hole.

              I appreciate the kind words and plan to continue to contribute.

              I am sure there are many other subjects we will see eye to eye on. 🙂

              Have a wonderful evening.

            • Hi Mark,

              I submit that the problem isn’t the franchise, per se – it is that rights should never be up for a vote. What would it matter who is elected to office if the office had no power to steal people’s money, compel their behavior (in the absence of harm caused) and so on?

        • Right back at ya, Mark3! I always applaud your forthrightness and tenacity to speak the truth, even when your persecuted for doing so. Damn, we need more guys like you!

          Eric, Mark, RG- let us remember: This is not a discussion about men=good, women=bad. HUMANS tend toward evil and tyranny. More often we see those traits personified and institutionalized by men….because men are stronger and leaders, and capable…so of course, they will ultimately be responsible for the direction of society at-large.

          The thing is- and what this discussion started out being about, is the mushbrainedness of women- NOT whether or not they are inherently smart or dumb or good or bad- for like men, they run the gamut- but the thing is: Women think DIFFERENTLY! They are more easily manipulated, and more easily swayed by emotion (and Goid help us when you find one that has been relieved of that emotional component! For she is still not able to think like a man- but becomes more like an animal).

          The problem is one of women refusing to accept the role they were created to fulfill- or to live within the bounds of their capabilities- so that when they are offered options which they could not naturally secure for themselves, which offer a false promise of a ‘better alternative’ proffered by the state, who promises to make them “equal” by making others less equal, and by decreeing that women be suffered in positions which they are not suited for, nor could naturally ascend to, the state then becomes their husband and god and savior- be it to support them and their sprogs with other people’s money…or to intervene in the relationship and finances of their marriage, or to demand that others condescend to hire them, and exempt them from the normal social hazing and interactions which may exist (I guess they’re not equal when it comes to fighting their own battles)….women can just vote themselves “equality”- which is really just doing what the social engineers have taught them to want- and so give their consent to TPTB to advance them by retarding others.

          • Nunzio,

            The other flaw with women (I dare say the number one flaw) is that they think that they’re ALWAYS RIGHT! Again, I go back to Adam and Eve; even though God told them NOT to eat the forbidden fruit, yet she insisted on doing it anyway. Or, just think back to your own interactions with women…

            • You are absolutely right, MM!

              If yuou don’t agree with them or want to do it their way…you’re “stubborn”- LOL. See some sap do what they say and then reap disastrous consequences, then it’s “Well you should have been a man and not listened!”. Trouble is, women are now in the unnatural position of being able to exercise authority….in everything from personal relationships and marriages, to businesses [NOT ones that they own] and especially in positions of government syncophantry- Professional mother-in-laws!

              And so true about Adam and Eve- Like Paul said:
              1 Timothy 2:12-14
              12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.
              13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve.
              14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

              The original sin….6000 years ago……and it’s as if we’ve learned nothing, ’cause not only do we keep committing it over and over again, but we have empowered it and institutionalized it on a grand scale never before imagined.

              The Devil is STILL deceiving women and using them to subjugate men…because men refuse to subjugate their women…….

              George SoreAss(Soros) and Orca Winfrey tell them “Ye shall not die…ye shall find fulfillment working for Apple and not having to serve a husband, and by doing the things men once did for you!”.

          • Nunzio,

            Just out of curiosity which of my comments was mushy brained? I didn’t see an example in your post and just wanted to inquire. I always love to learn!

            Maybe living in my little bubble has made me naïve about the on goings of the outside world, but I couldn’t imagine waking up every day so filled with bitterness and resentment that many on this thread feel. I said nothing derogatory about men, as I stated, above, I like men, but if I make a solid counter argument using your own theories I am “refusing to accept the role that I am required to fulfill.” When I state that not all women are good mothers this is completely disregarded and a tangent is displayed on how “men are better leaders and stronger.” I don’t dispute that most men are physically stronger than me and that women and men think differently. That’s biology. That’s not the argument, but for some reason keeps being circled back around to.

            When it comes to leadership that is all personality and determination. Yes, most men run Fortune 500 companies, most men are enlisted into higher positions of power, but they get there through hard work and ambition (and maybe a bit of Daddy’s influence, depending who they are). I don’t hold that against them. In fact, I applaud them, but that does not mean a woman could not or has not done the same thing. Society has created strong women – Elizabeth I (smart, savvy, sly) built one of the greatest naval armies that ever existed, Margaret Thatcher (the Iron Lady of England), Marie Curie, Joan of Arc.

            I started my own company at 24. I built it from the ground up with no outside assistance and no government handout. I started with one client and $500 in cash back in 2004. Today, I have well over 220 clients and I bring in a decent wage. The majority of my clients are men (about 70%). They are not hiring me, because I am a woman; they hire me because I am damn good at what I do.

            The point is not a showcase on my achievements, but to address that there are many skilled and adept people in this world and it does not have to do with one’s genetic makeup, but one’s talent and skill. Singling out any group as incompetent, unintelligent, or weak is a disservice to the very ones that make up that class. Note: This goes for all classes of people, not just men or women.

            I am not going to change anyone’s mind, just as you are not going to change mine. We feel the way we feel and we will disagree on this matter and hopefully find common ground on others.


  8. I am just tired. It seems like most everything is a fight and a fight that has to be done with at least one hand tied behind my back. It has only gotten worse in 2020. Tired of fighting or competing on every little thing every day. And if I use my full ability well then that’s illegal or something else that will result in punishment. Which means there’s no simply dispatching the mess quickly either. It’s only going to get worse.

    • Exactly, Brent. Not only is it a fight we can not win…but to constantly fight is not a life.

      I left evil NY 19 years ago because the constant fight was no fight…it was just barely surviving and making constant compromises, and never actually living. As a result, I gained 19 years of good life i would not have otherwise had. I want more of that, because I’m not going back to just surviving and living a signatory reactionary existence….which is just a sign that one is nothing but a slave.

      I’m sure plenty of slaves on the plantations would say “I’m just gonna do as little work as I can get away with, and if massa gives me any guff, I’ll punch him in the face!”- and kept saying that on the way to and from the fields every day of their lives till they died.

      • Unfortunately, 99.99% of people don’t drag their feet [See: China; N. Korea; Cuba; current Austraslia, NZ, UK, USA….]- Instead, they pick up those feet and run full-speed ahead to embrace chains which enslave them.

        It is not just a tyrant or regime or dynasty must defeat- as that would be relatively easy. Nor is it a segment of the population who embrace a particular ideology or religion- but rather, it is an ingrained intergenerational tradition which has been established by a century of propaganda and social engineering, which has infiltrated most of humanity- essentially, a worldwide Stockholm Syndrome gone mad. To fight it is to fight the entire world. It is a task only God Himself is capable of.

        • “People don’t want to think. And the deeper they get into trouble, the less they want to think. But by some sort of instinct, they feel that they ought to and it makes them feel guilty. So they’ll bless and follow anyone who gives them a justification for not thinking. Anyone who makes a virtue – a highly intellectual virtue – out of what they know to be their sin, their weakness and their guilt.”

          • “A rational process is a moral process. You may make an error at any step of it, with nothing to protect you but your own severity, or you may try to cheat, to fake the evidence and evade the effort of the quest, but if devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality, then there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.”

  9. No fight is coming, not from within this country anyway. Not from a people who won’t do so much as throw down their diaper-crutch and walk away (how friggin hard is that??). Not from a people who seem about to elect Biden. Not from a people who want a national corona (diaper and lockdown) policy. Not from a people who literally tolerated the shutdown and elimination of their businesses and livelihoods. Not from a people who embrace contact tracing and testing.

    Unlike, say, 1776, we have a pussified, feminized, passified, gadget-addled, infantilized populace. Hell, even among the Euroweenies there’s at least some visible organized resistance and protests (not that it’s having any effect, but at least some are taking to the streets). But here? Try to organize something, and you’ll get infiltrated and shut down before you get off the ground, or you’ll get dispersed or pepper sprayed. Go it alone, and you’ll be arrested or killed (maybe both), accomplish nothing, and get lambasted as a nut job.

    Face it, we had a good run. But the old guard has left, and we are under new management, of socialist old geezers and communist youth who provide the support network. Technocratic soft tyranny now, soon to transmogrify to hard tyranny, misery, poverty, and death. Then Bondage and Eschatological outlook.

    But fight? Resist? Nope; just grumbling, which will fade to whimpering, which will fade to black.

    • There will be nothing organized. Even in 1776 there was hardly a plurality but there was a dedicated minority willing to put real skin in the game. The activists now just think voting harder next time is going to do any thing.

      Humanity can’t run and try anew in an undiscovered place, we have to start pushing back at home. Seems likely to be the Chinese sphere is the next chapter. People who desire liberty should be supporting the freedom fighters in places like Hong Kong.

      They knew a good thing and had it yanked from them quick enough to notice, so their memory is not several generations removed. The youth there are not misled, they know philosophically what they want and it ain’t free tuition.


      Perhaps a bit less eloquent but a modern day Patrick Henry none-the-less:
      “We cannot give up. If we do, there will be no future for us anyway. We might as well go down fighting.”

    • Exactly, BAC.

      WE can resist and evade, but the idea of a handful of scattered people “fighting” an authoritarian country of 330 million people who are complicit with the government, is just laughable.

      Even amongst the Libertarians on this site, only a handful of us are ardent anti/never maskers, even though at this point, the only consequence for being so is a little inconvenience.

      If we could fight….why the freaking hell haven’t we yet?

      • You would think that arbitrarily shutting down people’s livelihoods, incomes, and generational businesses that took years of hard work and sacrifice to create, would gin up something? Or calling someone “nonessential” or cops beating up moms out for a walk in the park, fining churchgoers or singing Christians, or Orthodox Jews, or tasing moms at a football game, or pummeling pregnant women in their homes (Australia, but still). Or letting grandma die, not of a virus, but of forced isolation and loneliness.

        But not a person is stirring, not even a mouse. At best, they just go flap a flag around. Acting like Dr. Claw: “I’ll get you next time, Gadget. Next time!!” Which never comes.

        I mean, what exactly would it take? What is the line? If not this, then what? Answer, nothing, or maybe soldiers shooting people in the street Pol Pot style. Short of that, ain’t happening. Can’t. Won’t. People are too anesthetized and, worse, as you say, EMBRACE what’s happening.

        So the rest of us are resigned to live in this fouled nest. Hope for collapse, which it will. But fight it, lol.

        • ‘Zactly, BAC.
          No one is outraged that the fruit of their labor is taxed to the point of virtual slavery when they earn it, then again when they spend it.
          That their property is taxed, so that they truly can’t own anything.
          Their bodies are intimately groped; their possessions rifled; and they are treated like prison inmates just to board a plane…which they gladly continue to do.
          They and their children and pets are killed in the streets or even in their own homes by all-powerful petty dictators with badges and automatic weapons, who can and do regularly get away with literal murder.
          Their once grand beautiful cities are turned into slums by hoards of third-world invaders and domestic troglodytes, while the mayors and governors who consume half of their wealth to shepherd these environs aid and abet the enemy.
          They vote for pathological liars and career criminals who oppress them and who have sold out their country and humanity itself……

          And if you bring any of these things to their attention, they consider YOU the enemy- just as they will vote ‘not guilty’ for the pig who executes you, or ‘guilty’ if you dare not pay every cent of the salve tax imposed on you.

          Yeah, three or four people are going t overthrow this whole system and the 330 million people who are brainwashed by it! Hey, it’s a country of [law-abiding] armed citizens! Look how well they’ve preserved our liberties thus far! But any day they’re going to wake up and decide that wearing a mask is the last straw……

          Hey, maybe they’ll boycott the airlines and give up their personal tracking devices too!

          Uhh…it could happen… Any day now!

          And who wins the election is not going to matter one bit! This is an international thing being foisted on the world to initiate a “global reset” to usher-in global governance/the NWO….and we do not have one politician willing or able to resist it…even if they could.

          Those of us who care had better be making an exit plan; anything else is suicide.

          • “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  10. Vote Trump.

    If you want to belong to a political party, let it be the Guns and Dope Party! You can google it, it’s there.

    “To the States, or any one of them, or any city of the States,
    Resist Much, Obey Little!
    Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved,
    no nation, state, city of this earth, ever afterward resumes its liberty.”
    –Walt Whitman

  11. I am now a fan of Bryce Mitchell’s. Kudos for him for saying something, especially in regards to our children. A child should never have to deal with adult problems. Our job as parents should be to provide them safety, security, and the joy of being a kid. What this is doing to them will make the field of psychology one of the most profitable industries for decades to come.

    I would hope we are preparing for a new 1776, but I believe we are on the verge of 1860. No matter tomorrow’s outcome 50% of the public will not be happy and a war will occur. Cities and businesses will be destroyed, people will take up arms, and individuals will be killed. Too much has happened that reversing course is no longer an option. There isn’t a person out who can save us now. Trump buys us time against global domination, not national destruction.

  12. ‘There will be an attempt to enforce Diapering everywhere, by federal fatwa. It is within the realm of possibility that an actual law will be passed.’ — EP

    One nasty tic of the DemonRat party is its propensity for nominating NO ONE BUT LAWYERS for president.

    The last D administration featured lawyer Obama as president, lawyer Biden as vice president and lawyer Hitlary as secretary of state. Most of Obama’s cabinet were lawyers.

    In 2016, the D party unsuccessfully ran lawyer Hitlary and lawyer Tim Kaine (VP nominee) against the Orange Man. This year, it’s lawyer Biden and lawyer Harris as the D-party standard bearers.

    Lawyers have a fundamental conflict of interest as government executives and legislators. They habitually promulgate more laws and regulations to make work for their attorney colleagues.

    At the state level, lawyer Cuomo has just announced a drastic quarantine policy which certainly can be challenged on constitutional grounds.

    The Party of Lawyers is salivating at the prospect of taking New York-style Cuomunism national with an impenetrable web of federal regulatory and statutory law that will engage platoons of lawyers — those who aren’t already busy litigating the election results, that is — at the expense of the people.

    Smash the attorney cabal. Rusticate every lawyer to dig the foundations of the border wall with their bare hands, as mean German Shepherds on short leashes snarl and slobber inches from their sweating faces, and the overseer’s long leather whip painfully hums and snaps on their buttocks.


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