The Forum is Coming (Back)!

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As Elvis once said, it’s been a long time . . .

Many of the regulars here remember and miss the Forum, which was an area where anyone could start their own comment thread about anything they liked. The original croaked and was not recoverable – in part because I lacked the dinero to pay EPautos’ computer honcho to rebuild/replace what had been lost.

But now I’m finally in a position to do just that – and I wanted to  let everyone know it is in the works and  ought to be “live” – as the hipsters say – within a week or so. It will not be a parallel site, like the old vBulletin-based thing but rather an integral part of this site. It will be similar, however, in that it will be a place for you to launch discussion topics, connect with like-minded people and serve, I hope, as a kind of Free Speech public square.

I wanted to also thank everyone who helped make this possible – especially a certain Anonymous, who I wanted to thank publicly.

So, stay tuned!

In addition – and some of you may have already seen it – we are making up some hopefully humorous items to help cope with some ugly realities. See, for example, the Baaaaa’ing sheep who’s all for Keeeeeeeeeev! Now you can express how you feel about that. Coffee mugs and other such shall be forthcoming as well.

You can find this stuff here.

If you love saying No! – and more – to Baaaaaaa’ing sheep, you will likely get a kick out of these items. And – credit for crafting them goes to the wonderful woman who’s steadfastness in the face of idiocy has kept my spirits up during all of this – and so much more.

I wanted to thank her publicly, too!


  1. I remember the old forum with Eric in a motorcycle outfit, a young man at that, back in the late 1990s. Good to see it coming back.

  2. I’ve seen some funny COVID related parodies on The Babylon Bee, Armstrong Economics, and……..Twitter after Elon Musk purchased that platform.


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