Reader Question: Forum Troubles

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Pris asks: What’s up with the Forum?  It won’t let me search to see if there is already an answer to my Toyota problem without registering  . . . no problem, except when I registered it told me I’ve been banned forever for no reason.  I’ve sent two messages via the contact link on the registration page, but no reply. There are current posts so I assume it is still working, is it closed to new members or something?

My reply: The Forum – which dates back to the early days of EPautos – is pretty much on auto-pilot; I haven’t got a computer person to help me deal with these problems so they remain . . . problems. Most of the action these days is on the main page (what you are reading right now). You can post questions here going forward – or by clicking on “Ask Eric” to start a new thread. I realize the main page hasn’t got the user-generated thread capabilities that the old Forum does, but that’s a limitation of Word Press – and it’s why I keep the old Forum up. At some point -money permitting – I intend to pay a computer person to make a new site that blends the main page with the Forum, or at least adds the user-generated thread component which the current EPautos main pages lack.

As far as the banning: That’s not my doing. I wish I knew whose it was!

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