Enraged Heroes Taze UFC Fighter For Having Car Trouble

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A UFC fighter has made headlines following a run in with police, caught on camera, during which he was tased and arrested after asking the cops to identify themselves.

In the video, mixed martial artist Dave Herman is seen asking the cops “Do I know you?” and “Who are you?” after they pulled him over during a routine stop.

Herman says he opted to stop in the first well lit, public area he could find when the cops began following him, in order to ensure his own safety and that of his wife and infant child, also in the vehicle.

Rather than identify themselves by showing their badges and licenses, the cops drew guns and yelled at Herman to comply, shouting “WE ARE THE POLICE!”

When Herman, hands raised above his head in a non threatening manner, continued to ask the cops to show him ID, they fired a taser dart and shocked him with 50,000 volts.

Herman’s wife Madeleine provided a commentary explanation of the account in a video:

As soon as the cops realized that Madeleine Herman was filming the incident, and when she also asked them to show their badges, they identified themselves.

One of the cops is also briefly seen discussing with a superior the fact that he was not wearing a body camera nor did he have an in vehicle camera turned on during the incident.

Herman, a professional fighter since 2006, claims he was flagged by police for driving with his hazard lights on, saying he was having trouble with the vehicle losing power. He was arrested and held overnight.

Speaking with MMA Junkie, Herman says the cops treated him “like a dog and an animal,” adding “they’ve been very disrespectful to my wife and family, as well, and have endangered their lives.”

“I was finally released (Wednesday) afternoon at the latest hour of the day that they possibly could. I was told that it was because they did not like my sense of humor,” Herman notes. “They said clearly, on the phone with my wife, ‘We are going to hold him until the 47th hour because we don’t like his sense of humor.’ That’s what they told her when she was calling asking for information about me.”

Herman also claims that the police attempted to take naked photos of him after the arrest.

“I sat for five minutes and they tried to take naked pictures of me. They did actually force me to give them some naked pics, which was pretty messed up.” Herman states.

Herman faces three felony charges, as described by his wife in the video, including battery and endangerment of a dependent. A pre-trial date has been set for early March.

Speaking of the charges, Herman said “Those three felonies all happened. I didn’t do them – they were done to me. And then the charges were put on me for getting them done to me. That’s ridiculous. What kind of a man, what kind of a person would do something like that?”

“I want all the charges leveled against me that they committed against me, charged against them. This is retarded. That cop needs to go to the police station and file all those charges against himself. That’s what I’d like to see happen. I want his badge. Somebody who acts like that should not be a police officer.” Herman adds in the interview.

“They endangered the life and safety of my child,” he urges. “They opened the car door without a warrant, made my wife sit there with the door open and the windows down in freezing temperatures in the snow and she asked, ‘Hey, can I roll the window up? Can I close the door? I’m trying to keep my baby warm.’ And they said no. So everything they did to me, they assaulted me physically and verbally, (and) they endangered the life of my child. Those are three felony charges against me. They’re charging me with everything they did to me. Does that make sense at all?”

While police are not specifically required to show three forms of ID, as stated by Herman in the video, they are required to identify themselves if asked by a member of the public.

“Common sense, anytime you’re dealing with anyone, you identify yourself,” Herman said. “Especially if you have a gun in my face and you’re asking me to do something. Who are you? I have the right to know who I’m talking to in any situation. I’m a person, and I deserve to be treated as a human being and an individual, not a dog.”

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    Heroin dealer testifies about Silk Road sales
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    Michael Duch, 40, a stocky and bearded Orange County, N.Y. man, told Manhattan federal court jurors he turned to dealing in April 2013 because he could no longer afford to support his $2,000-to-$3,000-a week heroin addiction.

    After seeing publicity about Silk Road, a darknet marketplace that attracted anonymous drug sellers and buyers from around the world, Duch signed up as a Silk Road vendor under the user name “Deezletime.”

    Duch said he never communicated with Ulbricht, 30, who allegedly used the name Dread Pirate Roberts to run the underworld drug bazaar. There was no need.

    “I saw the relative ease that came with it. there was a perceived level of safety and anonymity,” said Duch. “I felt I could get away with it.”

    He told jurors he bought heroin from a street-level dealer in Passaic, N.J. Then he doubled the price he’d paid and advertised the drug for sale on Silk Road. “East Coast style heroin,” his online ads proclaimed, offering 50 small bags, a quantity he said was known in the drug trade as a “brick,” for $345.69.

    He followed Silk Road online instructions for vendors to carefully wrap the heroin in moisture-barrier packets and ship the drugs in nondescript mailing containers — the better to avoid detection by drug-sniffing dogs or suspicious government investigators.

    Duch also offered same-day U.S. Post Office shipping. That was a crucial selling factor for his buyers, because he said many battled withdrawal symptoms if they went without heroin for long.

    An August 2013 Silk Road email message a buyer using the name “wigglyworm” urged Deezletime to speed delivery, “otherwise, I’m gonna be sick.”

    “I am extremely dopesick and need something by tomorrow,” emailed another customer.

    “I am throwing up, the worst of the worst,” wrote yet another.

    Duch said he received such messages “every day.” Fueling the drug addiction of others bothered him, he testified. But Duch told jurors his computer consulting business had fallen off, and he needed Silk Road sales income to buy his own heroin supply and fend off withdrawal.

    Within six weeks of signing up on Silk Road, Duch testified he was selling up to 600 small bags of heroin a day and collecting an estimated $60,000 a month from sales. All of the sales were transacted in the bitcoin electronic currency required by Silk Road.

    But Duch said he didn’t get rich. “Most of it was used to either support my habit” or reinvest in the burgeoning drug business, he testified.

    Duch’s operation crashed to a halt in Oct. 2013, the same month government agents arrested Ulbricht in San Francisco.

    The dealer testified that investigators nabbed him outside a post office in Monroe, N.Y., about 50 miles northwest of New York City, as he attempted to ship approximately 25 packages of heroin. He immediately agreed to cooperate with the government.

    Ulbricht sat at the defense table, with no immediately apparent reaction, during Duch’s testimony.

    His attorney, sought to undercut the potential impact from the dealer’s testimony could have on jurors with cross-examination that showed Duch faces a minimum prison term of five years for his crimes.

    The punishment conceivably could be decades longer, without the cooperation agreement Duch signed with federal prosecutors in December.

    The cross-examination was scheduled to resume Thursday.

  3. The pheros do not like it when mundanes get uppity. That 50,000 jolt of juice should calm the uppity mundane.

    All because (apparently) of some hazard lights. (I guess Indiana LEO’s motto is not “to serve and protect” unless they mean themselves.)

    Hopefully this behavior exhibited by Indiana’s finest is not typical, although it probably is typical behavior of pheros.

    I do not know how many forms of ID pheros are required to show. I think that at least the badge number and department name with 1 form of ID is not unreasonable to ask. (If the phero is unmarked/under cover than another officer w/proper ID should arrive on the scene.)

      • Phillip the Bruce,

        Thanks, but I actually saw the word used here previously. (I think Eric may have coined the term.)

        It was due the high number of heroes that are in fear for their lives at the slightest hint of possible danger. The heros are always ready to shoot or beat others due to their perceived fear of danger. (If I was so afraid, I would never choose a job that was so high in fear and/or anxiety .)

    • I refer to you all a country song written and sung by Tom T. Hall called “A week in a country jail” about his arrest in the late 60s in Indiana for “speeding”.

      i had an experience back in 1975 with a smartass pig near Jeffersonville who would have left stranded on the road except I had jumper cables. Bastard pig still gave me a ticket. Now you see why I despise these b astards.

      I also see now why so many people are running from the cops. Seems you get better treatment as a runner than pulling over and getting killed over petty shit!!

      Tom T. Hall – A Week In A Country Jail Lyrics

      One time I spent a week inside a little country jail
      And I don’t guess I’ll ever live it down
      I was sittin’ at a red light when these two men came and got me
      And said that I was speeding through their town

      Well, they said,tomorrow morning you can see the judge then go.
      They let me call one person on the phone
      I thought I’d be there overnight so I just called my boss
      To tell him I’d be off but not for long

      Well, they motioned me inside a cell with seven other guys
      One little barred up window in the rear
      My cellmates said if they had let me bring some money in
      We ought to send the jailer for some beer

      Well, I had to pay him double ’cause he was the man in charge
      And the jailer’s job was not the best in town
      Later on his wife brought hot bologna, eggs and gravy
      The first day I was there I turned it down

      Well, next morning they just let us sleep but I was up real early
      Wonderin’ when I’d get my release
      Later on we got more hot bologna, eggs and gravy
      And by now I wasn’t quite so hard to please

      Two days later when I thought that I had been forgotten
      The sheriff came in chewin’ on a straw
      He said, where is the guy who thinks that this is indianapolis?
      I’d like to talk to him about the law.
      Well, I told him who I was and told him I was working steady
      And I really should be gettin’ on my way
      That part about me bein’ who I was did not impress him
      He said, the judge’ll be here any day.

      The jailer had a wife and let me tell you she was awful
      But she brought that hot bologna every day
      And after seven days she got to lookin’ so much better
      I asked her if she’d like to run away

      The next mornin’ that old judge took every nickel that I had
      And he said, son, let this teach you not to race.
      The jailer’s wife was smilin’ from the window as I left
      In thirty minutes I was out of state


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