Denver Heroes Get Revenge on Man Who Filmed Their Heroism

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Denver Cops Arrest Man who Exposed them Beating Man on Video While Promoting Cop who did the Beating

A man who video recorded Denver police repeatedly punching a man in the face, causing his head to bounce off the pavement, before tripping his pregnant wife and causing her to fall on her face – sparking an FBI investigation into the department – was arrested Thursday in what appears to be a case of retaliation.

After all, Denver police not only arrested him on what they called a “newly activated traffic warrant” from a nearby county after he had just left the FBI office with whom he is cooperating on the federal investigation, they refused to allow him to bond out of jail, even though the warrant was regarding a measly missed court date over failure to provide proof of insurance and registration during a traffic stop a few months ago.

Denver police are obviously upset that upset Levi Frasier managed to recover the footage from his Samsung tablet after they had deleted it, which led to them being investigated by the feds.

Not that it stopped them from promoting the cop, Charles “Chris” Jones IV, seen on video punching the suspect to sergeant earlier this month.


  1. When I moved to this town, my first encounter with the constabulary put them on notice. I had no licence and the bike was, of course, unregistered.

    The conversation prompted the cop to ask if I were a “Freeman”. I asked what that meant. His answer revolved around lawlessness. I then asked him if what he just did profiling and discrimination. That shut him down.

    Since then, I’ve had the occasional cop car parked near my house, stalking me. Obviously, they’d rather bring down one recalcitrant than try to solve REAL crime in the area, although usually committed by the local “brown people”, the white ones are often guilty too.

    I bumped into that same cop months later at the local supermarket, where he duly asked all manner of questions as to how I got there and if I was “driving” etc. Holding my helmet and gloves, I told him I didn’t have to answer any of his questions and walked off. He began to follow so I told him in no uncertain terms he would be charged with harassment if he continued, considering there was no victim to any crime he could produce, nor was there any wet-ink contract between his company and myself. He still didn’t know my name.

    The look on the faces of other patrons was priceless.

    Since then I’ve moved house anyway, so they no longer have a bead on me. One day they’ll discover where I live, simply because I’ll be pulling up the driveway and not stopping for them and answering their questions, pleading for leniency like the average Joe.

    If I don’t connect to my strawman (the contract – birth cert), they have nothing.

  2. The right to resist article just posted via twitter doesn’t seem to be pulling up on the main page? Unless it’s my computer?


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