Hero vs. Hero!

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Or: When pork collides….

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  1. Fat ass cop vs. Fat ass cop.
    And like all cops entitled to do orders of magnitude worse than they ticket people for.

    In Illinois a cop who witnesses a traffic violation may stop and ticket someone for it regardless of jurisdiction. If allowed in LA I do not know. A mundane certainly wouldn’t have been let go.

    Tonight as I am crawling along in the right lane, I notice in the left lane a trooper up some minivan’s ass. When the minivan moved over the cop took off at a higher rate of speed. Probably a good 80-85mph. Slow for them actually.

    • Yup!

      If a mundane had displayed exactly the same recalcitrance and argumentativeness, we all know what the result would have been.

  2. What we have here is a failure to communicate. Eventually solidarity of the blue line prevailed.

    Unfortunately, some of these pheros think they are above the law that they enforce on other mundanes. They think they are like Elliott Ness and and untouchable.

    If I or anyone else not of the privileged caste did even one sketchy lane pass, I doubt we would be permitted to go on our way.

    If I gave that much lip to a LEO at a traffic stop, I would probably face some paying paper (at least) or a trip to a holding pen.

    This type of hypocrisy should get most people upset. (I consider this beyond “professional courtesy” to a fellow officer for a minor technical foul. This phero was driving without any apparent regard for those around him.)