Pre-Election Diaper Report 11/2/20

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Tomorrow I will be voting – in person and Undiapered. I will be standing in line, not “practicing” sickness kabuki, with two friends of mine who are also not members of the Sickness Cult.

There should be no official hassles – as “masks are encouraged and appreciated” but not required. No one should have the exercise of their franchise – in person, the same as anyone else – qualified by a requirement that they display agreement with a political ideology.

But there may be other hassles – in the form of Sickness Cultists who object to the sight of someone who does not share their faith. We shall see. I will be bringing my camera to record the event and will post it on the site afterward.

It is my hope that tomorrow may break the spell of mass hysteria fomented almost entirely by leftist Democrats (abetted by poltroonish Republicans, who lacked the guts fight the gaslighting of the leftist Democrats).

But I know that the only way to end this disease is to refuse to pretend it is other than a sickness of the mind and spirit.

And the most effective way to do that is to show your face, as I will be doing tomorrow. As I have been doing all along.

As I will never stop doing.

And hope you will do, too.


  1. in person early voted last week, MASKLESS of course!, without hassle or funny stares LOL….but we were the only ones brave enough to show our faces.

  2. “There should be no official hassles – as “masks are encouraged and appreciated” but not required.” -EP

    Good to hear. I was on the fence, tired of the drama. I’m planning on going tomorrow. We’ll see if they’ll let me through.

      • Just voted. No mask, obviously, and no challenge. No mention of masks for that matter. The place was empty. Everything was just like any prior voting experience except for the masks that the workers wore, the plexiglass, the gloves, and the stickers on the floor showing people where to stand if there was a line. The check in conversation and all the directions were exactly the same. If you listened to my experience without seeing it, you would have never guessed it was 2020.

  3. Eric, with two other unmasked men with you, the three of you will be basically invincible. The Karens are like bullying hyenas, they usually only attack people that are alone, because they themselves are pussies.

  4. At last, the Orange Man’s people have begun chanting “Fire Fauci!”. He hinted it might happen, post-election. Let us end this absurd chapter in history and never return.

  5. Best of luck yo you all – but just thinking – while it will be fun voting maskless – wont it basically show which way you’re going to vote? And help the powers that be make sure the right ballots disappear, or all the mail in ballots turn up in the right parts of the country just before the deadline? I suspect there are people about who’s jobs it will be to keep track of just this thing….

    • Hi Nasir,

      Where I am in (Central VA), my polling place usually goes about 70% red, so most (even those in masks) will likely be voting similarly. Also, in my district we fill out the ballot in pen and then only the voter can scan it into the voting scanner. The individuals that work there cannot touch your ballot or assist you in anyway. I expect things to be a bit different due to virus precautions, but I think the sequence will stay the same.

      • Have those of you outside the DC suburbs, Richmond, or Tidewater considered SECEDING from the “Commonwealth” and FLEEING to “WEST” Virgina? Or make the escape COMPLETE and call the resulting state the original proposed name of “Kanawha” !

        • Hi Douglas,

          I considered it. I even toured WV, but when they put the mask mandate in place in June, it made them no better than VA. Plus it would be a pain to move my business’s office, it would be a longer drive to visit my clients, and I really like where I live. I wake up every morning with a backyard view of Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

          • Morning, RG!

            This is my dilemma as well. I love where I live. Rural SW VA, just off the Parkway. Gorgeous area – being ruined by the Sickness Cult. But where to go that isn’t just as bad, or likely to become so? The Sickness Cult must be defeated. If not, there’s no where to go.

            • Which is the fundamental flaw in having an omnipotent central government. Voting in a polling station is not nearly as effective as the two more effective votes are, your feet and your wallet. Without a place to escape to, they’re nullified. Thanks POTUS Lincoln. Before 1860 the thought that a State couldn’t secede never occurred to anyone. Perhaps we will revisit that option. There is certainly a sufficient abundance of political division among us to warrant such. What would it do, eff things up? Per the Declaration of Independence, it’s our right, if not our duty. “whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it”.

  6. I voted on Friday, maskless. I have to work Tuesday and I’m just not sure how long the lines will be, so went early. Only one in a very long line without a mask. Spooky looking, it was. No one challenged me or even seemed to give it a second thought, but it’s sad how many here in Upstate NY have bought into the cult.

    • Really?! I thought masking was required “by law” in NY, no? It’s definitely being “enforced” here in “Doitey-Joisey”. lol

      • I haven’t worn a mask anywhere, except when being paid to. There are a few stores I’ll never patronize again but have not had any trouble from AGW’s. My employer requires them, but I do the bare minimum. Never cover my nose with the damn thing as it would just fog up my glasses. I always breath through my nose so it’s really pointless.

  7. I will be maskless . I expect some pushback, but the word “no” usually works. Since I am in the country I hope the lines are relatively small when I show up mid morning. Honestly, I expect to be the only one not wearing one. Even with a Trump win, which I highly expect to happen, I don’t see the masks going away immediately. As time continues it may ebb, but for some individuals they are here to stay, they won’t remove them. The fear is no longer about a virus with a 99% recovery rate for anyone under 65, but distrust of their fellow neighbors.

    The good news is we will have the election results by midnight, one way or another. A close election it will not be.

    For anyone still undecided I would highly recommend watching Bernie’s Zoom call with the Squad. If a trickle of fear doesn’t run up your spine after seeing it I would check your pulse.

  8. I feel like the US is about to get a divorce and we’re the kids caught up in a bitter custody battle. The kind where neither parent wants the kid but they both want alimony and child support. And they want 6yo me to pay it.


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