Diaper Report 9/24/20

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Being Undiapered is a weird thing these days – a measure of just how weird these days are. In the “new normal,” it is considered abnormal to show your face – and normal to walk around with what amounts to a literal Diaper over your face – in terms of medical effectiveness – since any old piece of cloth qualifies.

That’s pretty weird.

Silly, too.

If the WuFlu were the dire omnipresence it’s asserted to be – which assertion flies in the face of the facts, but never mind – then surely any old piece of cloth would not qualify. Nothing less than one of those fairly pricey respirators would be the least people would have to wear.

Plus goggles. Which wouldn’t be silly, if the WuFlu were, in fact, the dire omnipresence it’s asserted to be. But almost no one Goggles – to prevent the exposed surface of your eyes from having virus particles enter your system that way. A wide-open vector for the much-dreaded “spread.”

The Gesundheitsfuhrers do not mandate it; CDC is silent.

Which tells you everything about the “dire omnipresence” of the WuFlu.

Yet almost everyone Diapers – literally. They don’t “PPE” – unless you believe any old piece of cloth protects your person from viruses, which is the same as believing that not stepping on sidewalk cracks will keep your momma’s back intact.

It’s a neurotic habit, normalized via habituation and social pressure.

And it’s a show – of submission.

Which is the dire omnipresence.

If you’re Undiapered; if you refuse to play-pretend that death is in the air and that a dirty old bandana or “mask” that comes out of a box on which it plainly states that it does not protect against the transmission of viruses somehow does, in the manner of keeping your momma’s back intact by not walking on sidewalk cracks.

At Kroger the other day, I felt the dire omnipresence of being almost the only person in the store not play-pretending. Diapers abounded. The effect is depressing. The Diaper turns everyone who wears it into the same person, differing only in shape.

But the same face. No expression to read. A dreary unanimity. The Germans had a word for this, as they had for many unpleasant things, which does not directly translate but conveys the thing exactly in a way that English does not.

The word is gleichschaltung.

Oxford says it means “the standardization of political, economic, and social institutions as carried out in authoritarian states.”

The colloquial meaning is marching in step.

Or Diapering in step, in the case of Americans.

The Diaper serves the same purpose as the goose step or the armband. It marks you as one of many who believe the same. Who have submitted to and submerged with the mass, often with servile fervor. It is the submissive belligerence of the junior high hall monitor, who at the same time follows orders while shrieking orders.

Such people are very dangerous, being motivated by fear to do anything to others, having already submitted themselves. A weird combination of masochism and sadism characterizes the Faceless Diapered. The masochism being the wearing of the Diaper; the sadism being the anger toward those who do not and the eagerness to punish them for not doing it.

None of it having the slightest thing to do with “health,” which is merely posturing. The Diapering is about conforming – and not merely with the Diapering. With everything which the Diaper symbolizes. To wear a Diaper is to show you agree that WuFlu is indeed the dire omnipresence it is asserted to be – and that you agree with everything being done to you and others in its name.

That is the whole point of this, you see. The obscuration of the face via the Diaper is the obscuration of dissent with the the standardization of political, economic, and social institutions as carried out in authoritarian states.

Like the one America has become.

You stand here. You wear this. You do as you are told.

But not everyone does, as is always the case in authoritarian states. There are outliers, heretics, unbelievers and the contumacious. They are the people who end up being praised when the authoritarian state folds, which they always do though it may take time.

The French Resistance, for instance. Four four years, its members did what they could to monkey-wrench the German occupation. I consider myself part of the Sickness Resistance and it may take more than four years before this occupation passes.

In the meanwhile, I will monkey wrench – by not marching step – and urge anyone reading this who agrees that the wearing of any old piece of cloth to “stop the spread” of a virus that doesn’t kill 99.6-plus percent of the population is as silly – and weird – as neurotically avoiding sidewalk cracks to save their momma’s back to do the same.

Us weirdos need to stick together.

. . .

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  1. The secret I find to all this shit not driving you mad is half-assing it as much as possible. keep the mask, if they tell you to put it on do so, then let it slide of. The other day went into a store, forgot the damn thing – so pulled my T shirt up over my nose – suddenly It became a mask and I was compliant and allowed to go about my business…. people around had a laugh at the absurdity of it…. The other day, i went to a place where for track and trace they required my number and name. I asked the guy “does it have to be my real name and number” him also being a bit annoyed said nope….. I proceeded accordingly…

    • Hi Ya Nasir!
      That is a good practical strategy, but for many of us, the wearing of the mask constitutes the line in the sand which we will not allow to be breached, because if we compromise on this- letting someone else dictate such an intimate matter as what we wear and how we breathe, then there is virtually nothing left on which we would not compromise- such as taking a vaccine or being chipped. For those of us who intend to resist future dictates, we may as well get used to it now, rather than gradually being acclimated to “compliance”- which is probably what the masks are all about- just as the gradual increase of the level of scrutiny we are subjected to if we want to fly commercially have been gradually ramped-up over the years, to the point where one must give up any expectation of even the most basic privacy now in order to fly- but few object, because they have become used to it and accept it is ‘normal’, because they didn’t care when the ‘security’ charade when in it’s infancy and could have been resisted and never allowed to get to this point. But once that charade was generally accepted, it was just too easy for the overlords to keep increasing it- because each step along the way was ‘just a little more’, and ‘you’ve already accepted having your possessions rifled through, so what’s the big deal about having your body searched as well?’.

      If these tyrannies were implemented in full force all of a sudden, there would be mass resistance- so they instead implement them gradually, so that just a little seeming tolerable amount of liberty is chipped away at a time…and before long…..”Papers, Comrade?!”.

      Now it’s to the point where we are almost out of liberties to be chipped away.

      • Yeh – i agree. And I have a lot of respect for people like you, Eric and others who have a lot more balls than I do on this matter…. but problem is at this point in my life there are only so many fights and arguments I can take on 😛 But yeh – totally get it. But again making a mockery of it in their faces will hopefully help more people realise what a con it is….

  2. https://www.prisonplanet.com/truck-hits-protester-in-la-as-blm-crowd-surround-it-try-to-open-the-door-video.html

    I can’t even believe this anymore — the terrorist criminals are STILL assaulting people in the streets! The sheriffs should be shooting these criminals dead in the streets — their dead bodies should be all over the streets. We don’t need any federal militaries — the sheriffs & police can easily squash these criminals.

    If the BLM’s problem is the police brutality against “black people”, then WHY ARE THEY ASSAULTING RANDOM INNOCENT CITIZENS/CIVILIANS? Why don’t they go assault the police instead? The BLM doesn’t make any sense at all! They’re all LIARS! They’re acting out a real life version of “grand theft auto” video game series and I think they LIKE it! Our law enforcers are not doing their job! Law enforcement should be giving these criminals a permanent ‘GAME-OVER’. And then go after their controllers/handlers & financiers. Well, now I’m in perfect agreement with the BLM now — I’m on their side — permanently shut down the sheriffs & police, because they’re not doing their jobs anyways! Without the sheriffs & police, the people would put down these rotten criminals.

    • P. S. The BLM are WORSE than the police that they complain about! You know they’re a fraud when they’re committing WORSE crimes than who they’re complaining about.

      And as an added slap in the face to everyone, they’re not “distancing” or all wearing their slave muzzles — so they’re endangering their victims with a deadly disease. So why aren’t the covid enforcers out on the streets fining all of these zombies?

      • Hi Harry,

        But that’s making my point! The AGWs aren’t enforcing the laws against assault/looting/mayhem. But they are manning their radar detectors and Hut!Hut! Hutting! Diaper Dissenters (the ones not rioting).

        I respect keepers of the peace.I have no use for “law enforcers.”

        • Engaging REAL criminals is dangerous business. And given the constant refrain of officer safety, why would one expect them to do so? Much safer to run somebody down and tase them for not wearing the proper facial attire. Much safer to enforce “laws” than to oppose criminals.

  3. That piece of waddling lard would stand no chance against a real man, if there were any left in Ohio. Thank gawd I left. It reinforces my thesis that if one has to begin (shooting, resisting), don’t stop. Concord’s Green seems to be just a block or two away from all of us these days.

    It saddens me no end that there are so many eager ‘Murikan Nazis.

  4. Folks,

    I forgot about what Ohio did recently; this video reminded me.

    Anyway, Ohio has COVID quarantine camps. If you’re determined to have COVID, they put you in there for about a month, IIRC. Who determines if you have COVID? It doesn’t have to be a doctor; in fact, it can be ANY gov’t official! IOW, if an Ohio AGW decides you have the COVID, off to quarantine camp you go! That makes me, reluctant, shall we say, to travel through Ohio? Oh, and they have a Republican governor too! So much for the GOP not being tyrannical…

  5. I have been testing various businesses here to know which would think themselves diktat enforcement units and which won’t. To my pleasant surprise, I’ve been able, up until a couple days ago, to go unmasked without a peep from most store employees or patrons. In fact, most have been very polite and, I think, possibly respectful of my position and tiny modicum of courage.

    However, I was finally confronted by some old busybody security guard the other day at a local supermarket. I was almost finished checking out when he approached and told me (in a muffled way) “you need a mask”. I just smiled and nodded at him. The clerk said she didn’t even notice I wasn’t wearing a mask, seeming to indicate that my beard might suffice. I agreed.

    In fact, that might be a strategy going forward. Confront the ridiculousness of what you call the “gesundheitsfuhrers” with my own. I am reminded of this scene from the movie “Soldier”, if any of you are familiar:


    Maybe I can just tell them “affirmative” when they tell me to put on the diaper, and then just not.

    Eric, you’ve also inspired an idea to just pretend I don’t understand them and begin yammering in (faux) German. 😉

  6. Next the needle, then the rfid chip for vaccination verification. All government offices and corporations will install scanners making the chip a condition for entry (to buy or sell). Those who refuse will be labeled antisocial requiring reeducation. A few short months ago I would have though that impossible, if Progressives seize power, it’s inevitable. Power to the Sheeple!

    • It’s not just the reprogressives, Griff. They ALL represent the real rulers of this world. For instance: South dakota has only managed to avoid mandating diapering because they refused to take the federal money which would have required them to. So we’re told that demented Biden would enact a national diapering mandate…but fact is, the current admin virtually already has…..only their version is covert rather than overt. This is the way it is with everything.

      The agendas we are seeing play out before our eyes, which are the final steps to implementing global governance, have been being advancing ceaselessly for the last 100 years, regardless of which party is “in”, or what the respective puppets say to make the gullible believe that they are somehow fighting the good fight.

    • I would’ve thought nothing like that could ever truly happen, too. Now, it appears people will gleefully assume the position and prepare for insertion. All manner of dystopian horror seems all-too-likely after the success of the Mask of the Beast.

  7. I just got back from San Diego and it was horrible there. I spent time at the beach and rode my bike on the boardwalk where 80% of the people were diapered! Even most of the joggers and other bike riders were wearing them too! I also went into a Vons where a kid in the produce section told me I had to wear a mask. I told him I was – its my immune system. He didn’t like that answer so he went to get his manager. I was able to get everything I needed and they finally found me in a line to checkout. I told the manager I was tired of all this crap and he said he didn’t care so I put up my dirty bandana (my family needed the food) and as soon as he left I took it down again. I then went into a Rite Aid where no one bothered me. I’m happy to be back home in Las Vegas where at least joggers don’t wear masks and I can shop in Albertsons grocery sans diaper. But I am the only one usually. Just sickening. And while shopping today a guy took off with a cart full of meat. Easy to steal when they can’t see your face!

  8. The Ohio video flares my temper. The jerk of a cop (not to be confused with other cops who are not jerks) actually pulls the woman out of the stands and tasers her for not wearing a mask! She was sitting outside at a middle school sports game. I would anticipate this type of authoritarian behavior in Russia, China, or North Korea, but the US! Really? The most upsetting part is that no one came to her defense. A man actually heckled her from the stands as she was being hauled away yelling “where’s your mask, where’s your mask?” When has it ever become acceptable to look the other way when one sees a disservice or their fellow man in danger? The same thing occurred at the school board conference in South Dakota. The average American is a chicken. Do we have heroic men and women in this country? Absolutely. Unfortunately, none of them can be found at a middle school in Logan, Ohio, a church sing along in Moscow, Idaho, or a school board meeting in Mitchell, South Dakota.

    • Indeed, nobody will stop the Gestapo in the process of rousting the dirty jews… I hope that fat loser sitting in the foreground goes home, looks in the mirror, and hangs himself.

  9. I shop at my local Kroger 2-3 per week and I’m usually the only one sans diaper. It is the most sad, pathetic sight. I simply can’t understand why so many people willingly give in and don’t even try. Not once over the past 6 months have I met any resistance.

    • Yesterday was an awesome day! I don’t know if apathy is starting to set in, people are waking up, or they are just exasperated, but in my part of VA I visited the farmers market (70% non mask wearers). For the last few months I would usually be the only one unmasked so it was great seeing so many faces again. The local ice cream shop….not a mask in sight. I also got up the nerve to walk into a big boxed store to pick up some dog food. I have not been in an actual store since early June. I have been to restaurants, farms, etc but all of my shopping has been completed outdoors or curbside since I refuse to wear a mask to enter the premises. The cashier actually stopped me when I entered, but it was only to ask what I was looking for. No comment about actually seeing my whole face. I grabbed the dog food and checked out with the same cashier and we had a quick, but pleasant conversation about the weather.

      I don’t know if yesterday was just an exceptional day or there is an undercurrent forming, but it was the closest it felt to normal in awhile.

  10. RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and first lady Pamela Northam have tested positive for COVID-19, the governor’s office announced on Friday.

    The governor and first lady were alerted Wednesday that an Executive Mansion staff member who works closely within their living quarters had tested positive for the virus after developing symptoms. The couple “received PCR nasal swab tests” on Thursday afternoon and both tests came back positive.


    • PCR is not a test. It’s a manufacturing technique. It detects viral RNA fragments, not “live,” viable viruses. The presence of live virus has to be inferred, i.e., guessed at, by people with an agenda. Over 90% of the “positive” tests are bullshit. A “positive” PCR “test” is virtually 100% meaningless, which is why no one should submit to them.

      • In fact it may be worse than that, the PCR test works by amplifying/concentrating/distilling RNA strings. That makes it an error amplifying process… the only thing it might be good for is ensuring some minimal level of chemical in a manufactured product. And the more amplifying you do the more likely a “positive” test. Testing people with minimal symptoms is absolutely unjustified.

        • Yep. And the CDC tells the labs to run 40 Ct, when the highest count that produces a positive culture is 13-17 (according to one study). Anything over 20 Ct is bullshit. Kary Mullis invented PCR to amplify DNA until there’s enough for a forensic scientist to test against a known sample. That’s it. To believe that labs are accurately converting the viral RNA fragments to DNA, correctly sequencing the covid-1984 genome to correctly ID it *as* covid-1984, and then accurately guessing how much “live” virus the result indirectly implies, makes as much sense as believing that monkeys can fly out of one’s ass.

  11. Yad an appointment yesterday with the spectacle-monger, to get the usual prescription for my glaucoma poisonmedicine- The sons-of-bitches wouldn’t let me in!! Tried the medical exemption thing and everything! Luckily, I have an 8 month supply of the med stored-up……

    It’s especially egregious to see medical professionals kow-towwing to this nonsense, since, of all people, they should know how utterly ridiculous it is!

    Oh…and they had every other parking space blocked off! Gee….wouldn’t want the cars to get Corona-ed now, would we?

    So…so far, the only places I’ve had a problem for not playing sickness-Kabuki, have been the vet, a bank, and the eye doc. But that’s ENOUGH! This is really getting on my nerves!

    • I’m puzzled by the attitude of some doctors out there – on Twitter and other internet places. A few weeks ago, my husband had a routine visit with his retinal doctor. This man is an excellent surgeon, with a very good national reputation. They exchanged a few minutes of small talk during which the Doc talked about driving down through Ohio with his daughter to drop her off for college. He was amazed and disturbed at how many people in southern Ohio were not wearing masks, he said. As relayed by my husband, it sounded pretty condescending.

      Maybe they’re just trying to stay in their lane? Their knowledge base? I don’t know, and I don’t get it.

      • Medicine turned from a service to an industry quite some time ago. Now, practically every doctor works on the assumption that all maladies are drug deficiencies. Which keeps the Medical Industrial Complex highly profitable. Any time a cheaper, healthier alternative is put forth it is immediately cast as a fraud, or worse. In the current psyop, Hydroxychloroquine is cast as “dangerous” even though aspirin is more so, vitamin D supplementation is ignored, even though both have been clearly demonstrated as safe and effective. Anything that interferes with the potential profits of Pharma is treated as apocalyptic.

  12. I own a small machine shop and do not have a mask-up sign on my place of business like many others do. I had a relative in yesterday to wish me a happy birthday and she is an avid mask wearer. Most of her side of our conversation was unclear mumbling that I found quite irksome to say the least however, I did not say anything. An occasional customer came in after she left all masked-up wearing large sunglasses and started to tell me what he was looking for in a mumbling fashion. I immediately snapped at him “Get that thing off your face I can’t understand a thing you are saying”. He removed it and had a big smile on his face and said “I am glad you do not require those things in here”. After apologizing multiple times for sounding like an asshole I stated no one can require you to wear one except yourself. He gave me a puzzled look. I find it puzzling that people comply with arbitrary BS. I am wanting to put up a No Mask Required sign that somehow mocks the mandate, any ideas would be appreciated.

  13. I have not worn a face diaper ever since the mandate (not a law) was imposed in Michigan. I confidently walk pass the face diaper screener and go about my business. I have not been challenged even once. You can bet that the face diaper screener doesn’t want to be there and is (secretly) thankful that I have chosen just to “walk on by”.

    • I also live in Michigan and do the same as you. Walking into a store is absolutely depressing- part of the goal- and I continue to be amazed at the number of wimps who strap on the “hardware” 10 feet from the door. Why won’t they at least try and test the system? The level of conditioning is unbelievable.

  14. They also neurotically avoid sidewalks themselves now. The other evening I was out walking, and a young (20ish) couple who were wearing face diapers (outside) appeared around a bend walking toward me. Soon as they saw me they walked completely across the road, then once they had apparently proceeded a safe distance past me, they returned to my side of the street. Now, I do enjoy keeping imbeciles away from my orbit, but this was still a bit distressing. Deliberate, fear-motivated avoidance of what would have been a friendly smile, nod, or hello among fellow travelers just six months ago. Sad what a goodly portion of people have become. The diaper is truly having the gleichschaltung effect.

  15. I went in to costco to pick up a couple of my kids yesterday. My wife was there shopping–undiapered of course–I walked in without the diaper too. For the first time ever, I was asked, “sir, do you have a mask”, to which I replied, “I don’t” and kept on walking right in.

    It’s very disturbing. In my area you see many people everywhere without the diaper. But inside costco I was the only undiapered until I saw my beautiful wife and kids. Almost all of the kids were diapered too, minus mine. What I witnessed is that the 20-30% of diaper dissenters that I see elsewhere give in when they go to costco because they have drones at the door asking about it unlike the other stores.

    It;s depressing just like the video of the lady at the football game is depressing. They watch and do nothing while the cops arrest her, just as they’d watch me get taken out if it came to that. Even the people that also hate the rags. They aren’t strong enough to not play the silly game when questioned. It’s so maddening.

    On a side note. As I left I walked by all of the people that were eating behind the checkout line. Unmasked, of course. I told my 10 year old daughter and son to look at these monkey’s. The do as they are told. They fear the virus, but cast off all worry as they sit and eat with people walking all around in close proximity.

    Fu@$ing monkey’s.

    • ancap:

      That was my thought as well. Why does everybody just sit there and do nothing when this cop violently assaults a woman. The answer is very simple: weakness.

      Short of carefully restrained self-defense, I don’t know how any self-respecting man (including AGWs) would take violent action against a women. As little as a decade or two ago, male violence against women could not occur without serious physical and social consequences against the perpetrator. Not so much these days.

      • If you go against a thug cop, YOU WILL LOSE. Most people do not want to lose their livelihood, job, and end up having to defend themselves against the system which is stacked against the honest person. Attacking a cop who is using unjustifiable force will result in jail or prison time, regardless of the circumstances.
        Yes, it would be refreshing to see for 3 or four MEN to grab this thug cop and give him a good beating.
        I can think of three who deserve a “good talking to”:
        Lon Horiuchi
        Philip Brailsford
        the cop who arrested the undiapered woman

        • I would of ran down the bleachers and tackled this P.O.S. – who gives a damn about being ‘arrested” by the “real” police. What’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong. Time to fight back, pleasantries are over.

          • At the very least, take off your diaper and say “are you going to arrest all of us”? Grab the lady and help her. Do something other than sit there like fu**ing eunuchs while a lady gets accosted. Let them arrest 15-20 people.


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