Diaper Report 8/25/20

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I type this sitting – Undiapered – at the fallback hangout spot, the one I have been going to for the past several weeks after my excommunication from the Sweet Donkey Coffee shop in Roanoke, for Diaper Apostasy.

No attempt to get me to join the Cult today. Possibly because I came with a friend – and two are harder to pressure into joining a Cult. It is probably a good idea to confront the Cultists in multiples for that reason and also because there is less threat to yourself when there’s someone there who has your back. And – god help us – there is the implied threat to the Diaperers of dealing with two or more might-get-physical guys. Not that I would – but let ’em think I might, if it keeps their Sickness Psychosis in check.

We are, after all, dealing with the sick.

There is another factor at play, too. It is the hidden apostasy of the help. The people behind the counter or at the door who wear the Diaper, having been forced to join the Cult – but who secretly despise it and will do what they can to undermine it.

As by not saying anything to you, the heretic who shows his face despite the sign on the door which says you mustn’t. This is what happened – or rather, didn’t – today.

My friend Big Jeff and I walked boldly in as though all was normal – thereby refusing to participate in this sick pretend-play that it isn’t. Which serves to normalize the abnormal, in part by making the sick (in the head) feel as if they are normal, which they shouldn’t feel – being sick in the head.

A reminder of that is the first step toward recovery – of their mental health.

End sidebar.

The point is that Diapering is deceptive; what we are seeing is not necessarily a show of the belief in Diapering but rather the illusion of belief. This is done by imposing Diapering on as many people as possible, especially people who would otherwise not Diaper but do so  under duress – because if they don’t they will lose their jobs.

But they can monkeywrench.

As by saying nothing – and perhaps nodding, in a friendly manner – at an Undiapered. By acting as if the sight of a person without a Diaper over his face was perfectly . . . normal.

This is what happened today.

The girl who rang up our stuff was on our side, even if she couldn’t show it. But she let us know it by not making a stink about our Undiaperdness. This is of a piece with the person who looks the other way in totalitarian societies when they see something illegal which they know ought not to be. They are afraid to challenge the law openly but by not doing anything when they see it flouted they are doing plenty.

You may be such a person.

Coerced by the awful regime of insanity that has descended on this country to pretend by assuming the appearance of insanity while maintaining a safe space for sanity in your head and within your orbit, to the extent you’re able.

This pretending is what the Cult must have in order to thrive. It cannot brook the appearance of apostasy – which serves as a proxy for orthodoxy.

Don’t let them make you believe.

There is, of course, a flip side to this. It is the side I encountered the last time I came to the new hangout place – by myself.

A different girl rang me up. This one tried to induct me into the Cult, with the catechism of the Holy Diaper and its various injunctions. I rejected these without directly challenging any of the articles of the Faith. I merely recited the Exemption Mantra, which has some puissance.

It is best articulated in the form of: I cannot wear a Diaper safely. Then say nothing more. If they say nothing more, onward and upward. If they continue to recite the Diaper Catechism, it is time to recite the reformation thesis as specified by the ADA and, if this doesn’t secure genuflection, ask to speak to a higher and get names and such. Tell ’em you won’t take it – and will report it.

It might not get traction but it might get them worried  enough to back down, which is everything in this battle.

. . .

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  1. Hey Eric,

    I got screamed at by a diapered Ken at the grocery store today. He was a big strong man, 6’3,” probably 240 and lean. But, despite his obvious concern about projecting manliness, he was diapered up, angry and terrified. He glared at me while I was checking out and said, “you’re supposed to be wearing a mask in here”. I looked at him and politely said, “thanks for letting me know”, which pissed him off further. He screamed, “go fuck yourself” as I left the store. When in my truck, I noticed him angrily complaining about me to the diaper sentinel.


    • Thanks for relating this. So far I’ve been lucky and have never had anyone other than an employee say anything to me about not wearing a mask. But sooner or later, I’m sure someone will, and it helps to know how other people have handled these types of encounters.

  2. Went to Kroger last night around 8pm. Undiapered as always. I only saw ONE other person without a mask on. Unbelievable that at this point in the charade people are still masking up, especially since the pressure is mostly off.

    • Hi PappaS,

      Diapering is the latest way to virtue signal. It is of a piece with people who say all the obligatory things about race, for instance.

  3. I had to look up the definition of “puissance”. Great word! I’ve found that by stating “I cannot wear it safely” the people actually treat me nicer, like I am the kid from the short bus, and feeling sorry for me.

  4. New CDC Guidelines for Companies. They’re acting as if WE are the problem!

    In its new guidelines, rolled out this week, the CDC has also advised business owners to beef up security, including by installing “panic buttons, cameras, alarms” in light of incidents that have seen customers take out their anger with the coronavirus-related restrictions on fellow customers or employees.

    “Workers may be threatened and assaulted as businesses try to put into place COVID-19 prevention policies and practices (e.g., mandatory use of masks, social distancing, and limits on the number of customers allowed in a business),” the CDC states in its newly-released rulebook.

    The guidance discourages employees from insisting that customers abide by the restrictions when the former “appear upset or violent.”

    “Don’t argue with a customer if they make threats or become violent,” the CDC says, suggesting that if customers appear to be at their boiling point, employees should instead flee and hole up in a safe space, “ideally, a room that locks from the inside, has a second exit route, and has a phone or silent alarm.”

    At the same time, the CDC argues that if businesses have two workers watching over customers “to encourage Covid-19 prevention policies” are followed, it would reduce the chance of incidents.

  5. Went to Wally today….. The mask-monitor at the cattle-chute entry maze just said “Hi” to me as I walked by (unmasked, of course). Didn’t hear him bother one person about masking as I entered or left. The disturbing was that so many shoppers were masked ANYWAY!!!!!

    Americans love their chains…and are just plain stupid…… One has to wonder just who is more opposed to liberty- the government, or the average person.

        • Morning, Nunz!

          Apparently, all it takes is a sign implying there is a law – and social pressure – to get most people to baaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Since my earliest recollections I have never understood the Rule Follower. The one who just does what he is told – because he was told to.

          • Similar to those radar-powered signs that show your speed and flash angrily if you are doing 36 in a 35. People actually slow down for these dumb things, just because it’s a sign and flashes at them. Like the sign is going to narc or spit out a ticket. Pathetic. Learned helplessness.

            • Hi BAC,

              Yup! I love “tilting” those signs; they had one at the top of a long straight stretch near me. It practically blew a fuse when it registered 132 in a 55!

        • Mornin’ Eric Mein Freund!

          ^^^This! The amazing thing is, that I did not become one of those rule-followers, ’cause unfortunately, my mother is one of those to the highest degree. In fact, maybe that’s why I’m not- because I grew up watching my mother let minimum-wage teenage clerks and inanimate signs rule us. (You can only imagine how much the more so if there’s an “official” decree or someone with a uniform!).

          I’ll never forget, as a child, the feeling of being powerless to resist things which were contrary to common sense and our own values- it made me feel like a fool and an automaton, who is programmed to do things mindlessly without question or thought. It is the very opposite of the principles of liberty, morality and responsibility- yet those who practice it think that such obedience is the very essence of those things.

          Case in point: I had mentioned to mother T’other day, that she should suggest to my niece, that my niece have her brother forge my late sister’s signature on my sister’s car title so they can do what they want with the car (value: about $2K) without incurring hundreds of dollars in needless fees or having to let it sit for months (My nephew is an excellent forger! I’ve seen him just take a quick look at my very cryptic signature, and copy it perfectly!)- To that idea, my mother replies: “What?!How could YOU say something like that? That would be a sin!”

          A “sin” !!!!!!

          Dear goodness- it’s hopeless! “A sin”, because this belief in authoritarianism IS a religion- and one which does not allow question nor thought- but rather just demands obedience- without even promise of reward- just the prospect of maybe being left alone, if you are obedient enough and lucky.

          • Hiya Nunz! My mother was the same way, my guess is it came from being raised in the Catholic Church, they were more than happy to align with the earthly powers. I tried my hand at forging her signature when I got the occasional report that had to be signed and returned to skool but it was damn hard, she had really good handwriting 😆. I hear nowadays kids can’t even write cursive, must be tough to forge anything.

            • Hi Ya Mike!
              Glad to see you checking in!
              Yep, Catholicism…and, with my mother- the stories she tells me from her school days in NYC during FDR’s reign…..ay! Back then the teachers were very authoritarian; today the schools are even more so…but it’s much more subtle, and the teachers are usually wimpy- which adds to the subtlety.

      • Hi Mister,

        Kroger in VA doesn’t even attempt to enforce the Diaper but I feel weird and uneasy about it every time I shop because practically everyone is Diapered. I wonder how much longer it will be before they do require Diapers – a no big deal when 99 percent already Diaper. For this reason, I am provisioning up in anticipation of trouble to come. I recommend everyone who dislikes the Diaper do the same – while continuing to show resistance. Fighting in this manner is necessary – and it is smart to have a defensive fallback, too.

    • Hi Nunz,

      I think many Americans are demoralized – shell shocked. This is understandable – especially if they watch TeeVee. Even more so given the brutal pressure from everywhere to Diaper. It is easier to just put the filthy, loathsome symbol on and try to pretend all is well.

      It’s tragic.

      And yet, I have not given up hope – chiefly because I am certain there are a lot of people who are seething about this but have kept a low profile to keep their jobs and so on. These people, if they could be made to understand the stakes, could change everything.

  6. The first wave of the terror is over, they’re raising the stakes. There are governors requiring a doctor’s note to claim a medical exemption.

    With my religious exemption, refusal to take a beast mark leaves them no earthly power to appeal to. I highly recommend it. The persecution will continue regardless.

    • You must BELIEVE in this higher power!

      Well, which one? God, Science, maybe the Constitution and resulting laws/regulations?


      God is either silent or so loud no one notices, If science, what is the objective of this test and what fact is it trying to establish as a fact, if it is the Constitution and resultant laws the first amendment reports I don’t have to believe in anything.

      But, you utilized the Constitution to invalidate the Constitution so you must believe in it.

      It did it to itself and would still be if I hadn’t ever uttered it.

      • Hi, Max.
        Huh? I’m not at all sure what you’re trying to say- are you belittling faith? OK, that’s easy and common enough. I didn’t bring up the Constitution, but since you did I will note that it is an established maxim of law that a law repugnant of the Constitution is null and void and of no force. Lex iniusta, non est lex.
        The fact that we live in a police state where people have lost their faith/courage and allowed their rights to be violated in no way diminishes this truth.
        I suspect you’re an antitheist (an atheist by definition doesn’t follow a religion)- so I will leave you with this- God bless!

  7. Eric,

    I wrote about the stress created by the “wear a mask” encounters in a comment on another post. Everyone suffers a little in these interactions. I felt very little stress (if any) in our group shop this past Sunday. Even if maskless groups of shoppers have zero positive impact on shop owners, those group outings certainly make it more comfortable to show one’s face in new locations (I also have my circuit of known safe places I frequent). I’m looking forward to our next outing, perhaps meeting “Big Jeff,” and I’ll put some feelers out to some like-minded friends who might be interested.

  8. I have had a couple of the minions of stores offer me a diaper. In all cases other than at Staples I just say no thank you and head on into the store. At Staples some soy boy chased me around with a box….so I just took one and carried it around the store with me without putting it on my face.

  9. Like every other sickness ever, cases of the Wuflu are naturally going down over time. Of course, the lamestream media organs are proclaiming this is due solely to the diapering and other wise edicts of our mini-Mao overlords.

    I know there are many different angles on why the diapering is being pushed so hard as a “proven” and “effective” tool to ward off disease, when even the “science” says no such thing. My opinion is that it is a political device to promote mindless mob behavior, e.g. politically oriented riots like the ones we’ve seen all summer that continue on to this day as a result of complicit media hyper focus in certain directions. This applies to hired hands and useful idiots alike as well as private and governmental actors. In these cases, I use the term “masks” because the intent is to hide identity and to menace. The irony is that many states, like NC and probably VA, still have actual laws on the books that make going about masked illegal. These laws were initially drafted to fight groups like the KKK, who used hoods and masks to… you guessed it, hide identities and menace people.


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