The Evil Has Died

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A bit of good news: George H.W. Bush is dead, finally. At least he’ll do no more harm. But the harm he did do was enough.

Like the Nazis his father did good business with, Bush wanted a New World Order – and spoke of it lovingly and often. And now it’s upon us, in no small measure because of his machinations and those of his frog-torturing, mass-murdering, war criminal son – who was elevated to the position from which he was able to commit mass murder solely on the juice provided by his connected father.

The entire Bush family is a crime syndicate that puts the Corleones to shame (with George W. Bush playing the role of Fredo).

Bush Sr. – who wasn’t in Dallas on November 22, 1963 and not a CIA officer at the time – was later proved to be both of those things. His leprous fingerprints are all over the termination of the last American president who wasn’t a wholly owned subsidiary of the military industrial complex.

The Bush family was also good friends with another family. The Hinckley family. And then a curious thing happened on March 30, 1981.

And the leprous hands assumed control of the tiller. The chastened Gipper knew where things stood after that.

In due course, the anointed one officially assumed the purple – and we got the No New Taxes his lips told us not to read.

He then worked with Clintigula to stomp Ross Perot, who told us all what was going to happen as a result of the “free trade” deals being stuffed down the throats of the American people like a pate de foi gras goose.

And they did.

And here we are.

Now there will be a period of unction and prostration before the effigy of this quintessential political hack and fixer, who used this country like a Twink at San Quentin for the advancement of his loathsome family’s interests.

It is only because of the out-of-nowhere good fortune of the Orange One that we are not currently afflicted with another Bush’s hands on the tiller. We have that to be eternally grateful for, at least.

Meanwhile, the corpse of the creature will be displayed like Lenin and Stalin for the wailing and gnashing of teeth. But the guy who takes out the trash each week is deserving of infinitely higher esteem.

He, at least, does productive work and hasn’t killed anyone.

But it is not too late to make good use of the stringy old stiff. There are homeless cats that need to be fed. Possibly also some experiments could be performed that would yield scientifically valuable information – such as how long does it take various acids to penetrate the scaly skin of bipedal reptiles? How long to render one into so many gallons of viscous goo, to be flushed down the toilet and out to sea… the only fitting burial for the thing called George H.W. Bush. Never miss out a single deal from their range.

Good riddance rather than goodbye.

. . .

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  1. As bad as trump is the times he put Jeb Bush on his knee and spanked him in 2016 were truly classic. Of course the whole family is repulsive including the whore barbara.

    • Our list of presidents(and most contenders) for the last 160 years at least, has read like a rogue’s gallery- Instead of being on ballots, they all should’ve been on posters in the Post Office!

  2. I can at least say one good thing about The Donald’s presidency:

    This is the first time in a good 30 years that I DON’T have to say: “This has been the worst one yet!”.

  3. Well, anyone who thinks that Trump isn’t one “of them” should have gotten over that today, what with the POS paying more homage to the crime family than I remember any president ever doing for any other ex-prez who croaked.


    • Oh, and to continue with the musical theme popularized by Eightsouthman:

      “Tin soldiers and Nixon’s coming,
      We’re finally on our own.
      This summer I hear the drumming,
      Four dead in O-Hi-O…”!

      (Yes, let us not forget THAT gem from Nixon’s days!)

  4. Ok – so just got a call from a lady in our US businesses – turns out tomorrow you guys have a “national day of mourning” for your ex dear leader… never realised you guys did that!!….. Any special plans???! 🙂

    • Not for shit stains like GHW. I don’t celebrate evil. In fact I’ll celebrate his death with a few sloshes. Maybe I’ll bake a cake or set off a few fireworks. Yeah, that’s more appropriate….bombs bursting in air for Poppy.
      He’ll get his state funeral, maybe he should share the same coffin as McStain. Put them together with their heads facing each other or better yet doing a 69.
      How’s that for desecrating the dead.
      Just one more grave stone I plan to urinate on along with LBJ, McNamara, Nixon, McCain, Wilson and Lincoln.
      Piss on’em.

    • The neighbor and I are sighting in a new AFR this afternoon. No plans for tomorrow except maybe do some reloading or possibly buy some mags. Need to find all my stripper clips cause I’m down to less than 20 mags.

      Staties accused me 2 years ago of having a bunker. Sounds like a better idea every day.

    • I am deeply embarrassed and disgusted to reside in a country in which such a shitstain of a man can be spoken of by the talking heads; politicians; and commoners alike as though he were a decent human being instead of the vile despicable criminal that he was. It’s tantamount to speaking highly of John Gotti.

      I’ve got to get out of here….I can’t stand living among the retards who venerate, condone and participate in pure evil.

      It should be a day of national celebration.

      • Indeed. The talking heads in the MSM need to be ashamed of themselves.
        I’d like to leave, myself. I know what you’re saying.
        Dr. Paul Craig Roberts put it bluntly:” Americans are the most dumbed down, ignorant and dis-informed people on the planet.” I would also add the most brainwashed.

      • It’s too bad that I already have Obozo’s portrait on the bottom of my toilet….it would also be a pleasure to drop the brown bombs on GWHB! (Although my turds might protest too much…)

  5. One of GHWB’s worst acts was condemning the LA police after seeing a few clips of the Rodney King fracas. When the first trial ended with an acquittal, Bush the Elder turned his justice department loose on them for federal “crimes”. Double jeopardy. The man was appalling.

  6. Let’s see if this undeserved bloke’s funeral lasts longer than McShit-stains three week epic mourning fest.
    In the words of North Koreans, ‘kwap hadder or famry die!’

    • Brazos, our benevolent dear leaders are kind enough to broadcast the whole thing live so us plebs can watch……. (and you guys in the US can see where your tax money is pissed away….. i mean the whole motorcade and air force one, which costs over $200k per hour… even after after death he is still screwing over the taxpayer….)

  7. Good riddance! Though his retarded son will probably outlive me I have a bottle of champagne ready for when Kissinger and Cheney finally depart for hell.

      • Kissenger’s too evil to die! That rooster vacuum must be 130 by now- he’s been an old fart since I was in my single digits! One of the top few evil men alive in the world today.

          • I always operated under the presumption that Kissenger isn’t even human….. I think he’s just an incarnation of Satan, who never goes away……

          • Seriously, does anyone REALLY KNOW where all that tissue from abortion clinics end up?

            While it’s said various things are done with fetal tissue after an abortion there is really no way to verify what is really done with it regardless of state law.

            Just like the mandatory use of a funeral home in every state I’m aware of, why would a “follow the money” attitude with abortion be an aberration?

            In the movie Bernie, when Bernie is selling funeral services to a couple the woman’s all caught up in it the man says “Hell, you can just roll me off in a ditch” to which neither his wife or Bernie react in the slightest.

            The first time I saw that I had a good laugh since conversations about it always had me wanting to be dropped off in the pasture hoping I could kill a few coyotes even in death. Get me there quickly enough and they might die of Shingles, MRSA or alcohol poisoning.

            But no, now Texas won’t allow simply putting you into a pine box and planting me six feet deep as it once was. I had a certain amount of satisfaction of the idea of denying morticians a penny. Some friend with a backhoe could dig a hole wherever the wife wanted, drink some cold ones and chill. No, don’t pour any Shiner Black on me. No point in wasting good beer.

            Since I’m in the library at the moment I thought it might be entertaining for you to hear about the interruption I just had.

            My phone rings with a number I don’t recognize but I answered it anyway. A voice without a personality said Hello,this is Jason. Where is your pain? As if he gives a shit, the very thing I had just done. I said “In my àss” and hung up. That’s what a job in this country has become. I ain’t havin it. Everybody has become a de facto actor for a corporation reading from a script with the most likely answer from the respondent with his /her reply according to the response.

            Hands on work is becoming rare.

            To be completely honest, the reason I stay in west Texas are the limited amounts of jobs that don’t have real results you can see.

            • 8, that’s long been a pet peeve of mine too- that everyone seems to just want to work for a corp or a government agency; just be a cog in a chain of meaningless events over which you have no control; just do what you’re told, and never actually personally bring anything of value to fruition.

              Or people want to “invest”- like a banker- just putting your money out there for others to use, and reaping usury…

              They never have the satisfaction of actually accomplishing anything them,selves; never create anything, or improve anything.

              Sadly, such has become all too common, even among Libertarians. LRC has become largely a click-farm, with a good number of the articles just being blatant ads; and authors pushing various schemes of internet marketing and passive incomes. Everyone’s trying to sell you something. Half of ’em are only playing a part- just there to grab a part of a niche market that hasn’t been fully exploited yet, in which they can get in on the ground floor of, because it is not mainstream.

              Back before the interwebz, I’ve even seen radio talk show guys do that. One, whom I used to listen to- a Conservative with strong Libertarian leanings, after he lost his spot on NY radio, reinvented himself as a liberal, so he could get back into radio!

    • Mike, we should get together and I’ll bring the Mezcal. As an infamous singer once said “All my rowdy friends have settled down “. 30 years later nearly all my rowdy friends are dead but it ain’t the shrinking violets that are still above ground.

      • Sounds good Eight; weed is legal here now though you have to go out a ways to find one of the shops. All the bureaucraps are dragging their feet (or waiting for a big enough bribe) on giving out permission slips to local shops.
        My plan is to drink a sixpack so I have enough urine to piss on a few of our dear leaders’ graves, hope Cheney is up next.

        • Hi Mike,

          I won’t be happy again until The Chimp is frog-marched in shackles before a war crimes tribunal and receives just punishment. Julius Streicher was hanged for publishing. His newspaper was certainly infantile and vicious. But did he actually kill anyone? How many people died as a result of The Washington Post and New York Times conveying The Chimp’s vicious lies about “weapons of mass destruction”?

          Yet no one swings – or even gets a fine.

        • Mike, when I first heard Billy sing Only the good die young, I couldn’t help reflect on it and think “Yeah Bill, you might be on to something “. 40 years later,not to quote the Monkeys, I’d be hard pressed to argue the point.

          Of course buying into it too literally doesn’t make me look any better. Probably Ed would get a laugh outta that wherever he is….and I hope he’s well. ??

  8. Automotive News: President George H.W. Bush, free-trade proponent, ethanol supporter, dies at 94

    Anti-Automobile News never disappoints.

  9. For almost 40 years I have waited in earnest to read the obituary of Jimmy Carter. Every time I blow out candles, toss a coin, or break a wish-bone my one wish is to out live him. I have been salivating at the chance to celebrate his passing from life to death.
    And now, I don’t have to do that. I’m free.

    Thanks Eric for showing me what that would be like. I came here for auto news and opinion. I really like your take on that. I’ll leave now because if I want this there are always reruns of Louis Farrakhan on the Daily Stormer channel.
    God bless the 1st Amendment

      • Jimmy Carter was an incompetent puppet and Ford signed the 55MPH Speed Limit into permanent law. Both were a couple of assfucks who should have been injected with piss and set on fire. Clinton was actually the least terrible President since Kennedy.

        • Clinton set up the police state and economy we have today. There was also the OKCity bombing and the attack on those weirdos that lived outside of Waco. Under Clinton the feds infiltrated the dying racist organizations and kept them alive. Clinton sold out US manufacturing to the Chinese. If I keep thinking the list will just get longer.

          • Hi Brent,

            “If I keep thinking the list will just get longer.”

            Clinton used OKC as the excuse for the “omnibus counterterrorism act” which morphed into the “anti terrorism and effective death penalty act” which laid the ground for the patriot act.

            He pushed for the “violent crime control and law enforcement act”. It’s evils include:
            – mass incarceration
            – expanded police power and less accountability
            – extremely harsh sentencing guidelines
            – expanded federal law enforcement power
            – penalty enhancement statutes (hate crime laws)
            – Assault weapon ban
            – Violence against Women Act
            – Sex offender registry
            – Three strikes laws

            He radically expanded the use of military equipment by “civilian” police with the 1033 program.

            He bombed a medical factory in Sudan under false pretenses, perhaps a “wag the dog” move.

            As the great Robert Higgs noted: “Every President builds a ceiling which become the next President’s floor”.

            Clinton elevated that floor a whole hell of a lot for the loathsome GWB.


        • Hi Doug,

          Jimmah was (is) what Mencken called an uplifter. An unctuous moralizing busybody. But I don’t think he’s a killer. An outright sociopath. Clintigula is. Bush senior and junior, absolutely. Gloaters drenched in blood. I tend to believe that Jimmah tries to be a good man, as he sees it. He’s wrong on many things, of course. But I don’t consider him an evil man. The Chimp and Clintigula and her, on the other hand.

          • Mornin’, Eric!

            I think your assessment is spot-on.

            Ya know, I was just thinking of getting Dinesh D’souza’s DVD “Obama’s America” (An expose about where Obozo came from and how he got to be president, seemingly having no documented past) for the making of which D’Souza was targeted by the Obama admin, and went to jail for some technicality (and has since been pardoned by Trump)- I just don’t know if I could stand to have my mind occupied with the former Janitor In Chief for the length of the film, and the lingering after-thoughts….. I’d bet it’s darn interesting though.

    • Hi Dave,

      I’m trying to parse your post! It’s well written, but I cannot tell whether you’re mad at me for (for my comments about the Bushes) or enjoyed them. Enlighten me, please!

      In re Jimmy: I find him less loathsome only because he appears to be a mere prissy schoolmarm type rather than an outright blood drinker, as every Bush has been.

      • I think Dave is with us (as far as GHWB goes), Eric.

        Re; Jimmeh Carter: If it weren’t for his Trilateral Commission, he wouldn’t seem bad at all- He would tend to get more points for being inept than for being evil. But then again, it’s hard to tell sometimes, because this country was so much better back then*, and politicians generally put on a better act…at least acted the part of statesmen with dignity and at least tried to maintain an appearance of beneficence and morality. (Can’t picture ol’ Jimmeh ever “grabbing anyone by the pussy” 😀 )

        *=I think this country/the western world/usefull benevolent technology was at it’s zenith right around the time of Carter’s admin. Definitely so for the years I’ve been alive. It’s all been downhill since then. I never thought all that highly of the peanut farmer…but in retrospect, he’s looking better and better….

    • I thought Carter was pretty horrible. Watch him on the stump in the 76 campaign. He oozed sleaze, although I could agree that he wasn’t outwardly horrible like Bush and Clinton were. I didn’t like him too much, though. Since he left office, he would from time to time, have moments of lucidity and make a good comment on the issue of say, civil liberties or a bad comment about the Clintons or Obama. He’s quite capable of talking but hasn’t tried to outwardly wreck the Trump administration like the rest. Even though he is misguided on a lot of topics, he’s good on others. I actually wish him the best.

      • I kept reading about Carter visiting 3rd world countries and approving the local election results so long as a leftist tyrant won political power. I also saw him masquerade around as the figurehead for Habitat For Humanity. He might had indeed hammered a bunch of nails on houses for the poor – I don’t really know the extent of his actual physical labor and financial support -, but he was ALWAYS on the anti-individual liberty and freedom side on global political matters!

        • Yeah, Brian. That Habitat For Huge Manatees thing always bugged me! A bunch of bleeding heart guilty liberals giving houses to a bunch of slobs. I’ve seen some of the people who have gotten those houses…..chronic welfare recipient baby-makers; obese slobs; and people who ruined their former digs because they wouldn’t clean nor maintain them.

          We have one in the town where I go shopping….. The fambly who lives in it destroyed their old house through neglect- They got this Habitat house- and the locals call it The Sanford & Son House, as they have PACKED the yard- front and back- with all kinds of junk and debris! And of course, the big nice house they were given is in severe decline now, too.

          Freaking liberals!

          As G. Gordon Liddy said “A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to society, which debt he proposes to pay with your money”. Ol Jimmeh was a little easier to take than some…but still a Democrat, statist, collectivist……

          Nixon, Carter, Reagan; at least they played their parts well. And at least the people used to demnd such, and fail to elect those who didn’t. Today, the tyrants don’t even make the pretense; and the people either don’t care- or are so dumbed-down and borish that they don’t even notice.

          I was never “on board” with any of ’em when they were in office….but I don’t remember utterly abhorring them, and loathing to hear their words, like I do with all who have been in office since- starting with GWHB, Slick Willy, Bush II, and worst of all, Obozo! Or even Trump. He may be the lesser evil- but he’s a borish oaf and BS artist, and unabashedly so. (Like the BS about stopping GM’s subsidies, which he knows will endear him to the right people- but ultimately, he really has no intention of doing, nor the power to do it….it’s just free advertising).

          Then again, maybe it was kind of scary that when Nixon, Carter or Reagan said something, they actually intended to do it; could do it; and usually did! (They never do what they promise; but the bad stuff, they always manage to do!)

          • Hey Nunzio,

            Well, he’s a politician and that kind of removes one from the realm of decent people. However, unlike every other president in my lifetime, I don’t think he was a sociopath. A few years back he gave an interview to somer foreign rag and, when asked this question, “What was your greatest accomplishment as president”, he said “we didn’t kill anybody”. Now, that’s probably not true but can you imagine any other president voicing such a concern?

            Also, he wasn’t as bad on economics as people claim. In some ways he was one of the best modern presidents in that area (of course, they all suck, but his idiot leftist reputation seems undeserved).


            Finally, old Jimmy earned a spot in my heart for legalizing home brewing. In fact, this may be the only thing ever done by a president that has directly contributed to my happiness.


            • There are only three things that fedgov undid some taking of freedom in my lifetime that I know of:
              1) Lifting the ban on gold ownership (Ford)
              2) Lifting the ban on homebrewing of beer and home wine making (Carter)
              3) Repeal of the 55mph NMSL (Clinton)

              And that’s it.

              Jimmy has a lot of bad track record but under him fedgov was far less murderous and we got homebrew and all the beer that followed. And those things make him a less bad a president than the others.

              • Hey Brent,

                At my most dedicated, I more than tripled the “legal” home-brew limit of 100 gal per year. Every pint above 100 gal was especially enjoyable as it was also a small f**k you to the PTB.


            • Hi Jeremy!

              Very good points. I was not aware of the home brew thing (That it was ever illegal- much less that it had been restored!)

              The space between LBJ and Bush I, seemed to be a quieter time. In retrospect, an ominous, eery quiet before the present (’88-present) storm.

              It was a freer time, and maybe that makes it seem more benevolent- but in retrospect, T’is true that the groundwork for what we see today was kin-fact quietly being set up then. e.g. I always say of the Reagan era: It was during the second term of his presidency, that I saw the biggest increase in the size and scope of government that I had ever witnessed. (Although, that was dependent on where one lived at the time- some states got onboard early- some held out till quite recently- till the mandates and funding incentives fully filtered down).

              I remember the Carter years- despite the absurd interest rates, they were among the best years of my life- even living right in NYC at the time. Not that Carter made them so…but at least he didn’t ruin them- and comparatively, when discussing statists, I guess THAT is a real accomplishment!

              Always good to see your posts on here!

              I think of you, even though you have become scarce around here! [Awww, gee, I’m starting to sound fruity! 🙂 ]

              • Hey Nunzio,

                Likewise, I’ve been trying to increase my net worth by becoming more scarce. So far, it’s not working.


            • Jeremy, you remember it like I do. Not saying the CIA was somehow reigned in but they never imposed their all consuming need to bring the country into Another war while Jimmy was in office. I think it says volumes about him since it literally put him in a league of his own.

      • I never cared for Carter, but he did write a book telling the truth about Israel ( for which he was excoriated). He’s also done good for Habitat for Humanity, rather than count his blood-soaked millions like Chimp Bush does.

  10. The one thing I miss about Bush I, was that he played the part before the cameras. When he lied to us it was believable. He gave the impression of a WWII journeyed wiseman who was our benefactor. I miss being lied to believably. The last bunch don’t even try to be believable, their blatancy and complete disregard for the common sense of Americans is absolutely galling. HW made you read his lips but he didn’t wag his finger that was stimulating a homely intern in exchange for staining her blue dress. HW didn’t harangue us for eight fucking years as he robbed us blind and made us refugees in our own nation.

    Think of the “living” presidents that are now left, Carter, Clinton, W and 0 – Bush 1, was the least malignant of that group we will be saddled with the last three for decades unless Clinton’s syphilis goes to his brain, Barry’s HIV comes out of remission or W goes back to the blow.

    • Hi Thought Criminal, watching all the stuff on TV about him this is exactly what I was thinking – how politicians DID sound believable back then. But then I thought it was because I was just a kid….. yes the politicians back then did at least have the decency to sound believable when they lied to us before screwing us over… if thats worth anything i guess……. today they couldnt even be bothered to do that and blatantly tell us war is peace….

  11. Yeah, GHW Bush. He was the guy who invaded a sovereign nation and captured it’s president because he was skimming Georges cocaine profits. Yeah I remember him. How many people did he kill in the gulf war I ? War criminal, globalist, elitist, totalitarian murdering scum… Did I leave anything out?

    • Sadly, what followed him toppled more governments and murdered more people than HW did for far worse nefariousness and profit. The images of the presidency look like a reverse evolutionary chart for most of the past 100 years with a couple of “defects” and dead-ends along the line graph’s descent. Namely Trump, Reagan, Eisenhower and to a lesser degree Nixon. ( I still like Nixon and I know precisely what he was – a brilliant, paranoid man)

      Wilson, FDR, LBJ, JFK, Clinton, Obama, W – all pathological agents that poisoned.

      • TC, yeah, Tricky Dick was probably my favorite prez of my lifetime (Which isn’t saying much). It’s like picking your favorite mugger…. I think the man actually had good intentions, despite still doing plenty of evil.

        I just wanted to say though, that’s it’s nice to see somebody not fawning over the Kennedy creep/crook. I’m SOoooo sick of virtually everyone acting as though JFK was somehow something great, when he was just another stinking Kennedy, and a socialist.

        “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”, my ass!

        • We need leaders who do “bad” things that defend our civilization. We don’t want a saint as a commander in chief.

          As for JFK, the entire Kennedy family is a stain on civilization. Even martyrdom is not enough to absolve them.

          It’s a matter of lesser evils. At this point JFK was better than the last three monsters we suffered under and the horrors of whatever will come after Trump.

          After Reagan, I found myself longing for the previous president more and more. I voted for Bush II, but did not do it twice. I figured I was the only one who saw that second Iraq invasion as war porn. With each “shock and awe” I could hear the screams of people who did nothing to any of us and never could. I found myself almost missing the serial rapist who previously held the office. Of course I missed W when we were saddled with 0.

          Each time I see Trump on tv I smile ear to ear in amused disbelief and faith that he won’t intentionally screw all of us over. Choosing your mugger…

          • Which president last ‘defended’ our civilization? It’s been over a century at least now. Over a century of the wealth and human capital that should have been preserving and growing our civilization being squandered on wars and more.

            • Brent, gotta agree. Everybody seems to be trying to convince the rest of the the tastiest turd in the outhouse.

              Once again I’ll repeat the Fugs “Was George Washington the lesser of two evils? Sometimes I wonder?”.

              • Hi Eight,

                It’s hard to unshackle oneself from the PR we were all fed as children about Washington, et al. But the straight dope is that the average American colonist paid lower taxes and was more free in real terms under the British crown than what came after. The Revolution was performed for the benefit of an elite merchant/planter class – of which Washington was the head muckety-muck. As always, it was about money – with “liberty” being the usual window dressing.

                Almost immediately after the war was won – by the blood sacrifice of average Americans – the new regime began imposing new taxes on people who never had to deal with them previously, such as rural farmers who mostly bartered among themselves. The most notorious example being the so-called Whiskey Tax (and “rebellion”), when Washington sent an army to impose at bayonet-point the new taxes imposed on these farmers.

                New boss, worse than the old boss.

                • Morning eric, my generation is rapidly dying off. We were the last to directly experience slavery via the draft. Those who have stayed aware remember well the 58,000 people from this country alone who were slaughtered by government for a lie.

                  I’m not sure how women seem to miss this point so easily, not that all did, but not many men are ok with it even though they don’t speak of it.

                  There’s always a segment that want to hang onto some idolized version of their military service but most don’t want to discuss it.

                  I don’t think you’ll find many of my generation who don’t hate Nixon. Many, such as myself, and even in my parents generation have a bad taste in their mouth just thinking about him….and LBJ.

                  But there was something about Nixon that was so disengenuous they couldn’t stand to hear him speak and even despised his image.

                  Walking into the living room of a college friends parents house one day there was a Newsweek magazine sitting on the table beside his dad’s recliner. Nixon’s face wasn’t visible due to an ballpoint pen that had been forcefully used to completely cover it.

                  He had inadvertently left his opinion in his own way and probably wouldn’t have even discussed it. Since he wasn’t there we all looked at it and had a small laugh With him, not about him.

                  I knew plenty person who would change channels, turn off the TV or leave the room or even the house if others were watching. Probably billions of cigarettes were smoked on Nixon’s behalf. That was the effect he had on a large segment.

                  I’ve even seen the TV quickly turned off since likely changing channels would only slightly alter the image.

                  No telling how many millions of people spoke back to his image when he said I’m not a liar, a stupid and duplicitous thing for him of all people to say and really a bad line for any politician to utter.

                  When he spoke the nation cringed. The day after he would be on TV there would be someone who’d ask if others near them if they’d seen the broadcast. This would be followed by dark mumbling, spitting on the ground or even some who’d walk away…..often cussing under their breath or if it were men only, cussing out loud.

                  I can still have my appetite ruined by the mention of his name.

                  Had you lived through that godawful, tumultuous divisional time, you’d get the same bad taste in your mouth I do.

                  There was something about eventually morphing into Everything about him that simply, and I’ll say this nicely, people didn’t warm to.

                  I could elaborate but it’s just not a good subject to start the day. peace b

                  • Don’t forget the many more of our guys who came back crippled and insane, let alone all the Vietnamese that we killed – many of them civilian noncombatants.

                    According to our esteemed leaders we had to do it though – if we didn’t stop the dirty Commies in Vietnam they’d be taking over California before we knew it, right? What a load of crap.

                    Vietnam was an exercise in mass murder, plain and simple. All in a day’s work for the State.

                    • Yep Jason, one really nice guy I knew came back from Nam ambulatory and fairly healthy looking. I believe his mind was left in a torturous limbo none of the rest of us could imagine…..and wouldn’t have wanted to.

                    • Kind of ironic too, guys….

                      The Vietnam Slaughter turned a lot of “our guys” into drug addicts (Thanks to the treatment of their injuries, and the PTSD, etc.)- and then Nixon starts “The War On Drugs”…..

                      Seems like those who take up arms to oppress and kill those who have done them no harm, always end up getting payback…often at the hands of the very masters whom they did their dirty-work for.

                    • Nasir:
                      “Even worse given that in the end, the commies took over California anyways…..”

                      Best. Comment. EVER!!!!!!

                  • My older brother spent a year in Viet Nam as a heli pilot for the First Air Cavalry. He came back pretty much ok but had some issues.
                    Another boy form my town(950) did not.
                    Gordon Duff, Senior editor of Veterans Today has posted some very interesting details about what went on over there.

          • TC, Trouble is, we don’t need any “leader”. If we have leaders, we must be followers; and if we are not followers, they will make us followers, because that’s what leaders do; and that’s what those who enable them [vote for; follow their orders…] facilitate.

            I too was happy when loud, brash Orange One won, as he was the lesser evil- but he HAS already screwed us- i.e. Kavanuagh- who is an architect of the surveillance state and an enemy of liberty. That bastard’s gonna be there to bite us long after Trump is gone- he is a deep-state Swampcritter through and through- and that whole sex scandal thing was just a distraction to cover it up, and to try and make us think that the leftists/globalists/Deep-staters oppose him, so as not to reveal that he is in-fact their best ally.

            • Once again I hear the Fugs.

              How is it that living in a supposedly democratic country, we end up voting for the lesser of 2 evils?

              I mean, was George Washington the lesser of two evils? Sometimes I wonder.

              We have a man in the White House saying we’ve got to be better to one another while he’s spending $15,000 a second……snuffing gooks. River of shit, river of shit, roll on, roll on river of shit.

        • Amen on the Kennedy thing. We have Kennedy to thank for unionized government workers.

          The fact that Paul Castellano was whacked by John Gotti didn’t make him a good guy.

          • JFK attempted to shut down the Federal Reserve with an executive order.
            He also wanted to break up the CIA and scatter it to the four corners of the world.
            Check out Operation Northwoods. A CIA false flag that was to explode a large bomb in a major American city and blame it on Castro. Kennedy found out about it and raised hell. Got Dulles fired.
            The CIA got JFK.
            But they had help.

              • Operations Northwoods was a plan to kill US citizens in the streets, kill Cuban refugees on the high seas, to sink US ships and aircraft using the US military and create terrorist attacks in major cities such as DC, Miami and various other cities….to create a war with Cuba…

                .and in my opinion, the very thing shrubco, Israel and Saudi Arabia pulled off with 9/11.

                You can easily find the specifics and also a good video discussing it in length with Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones and James Badford.

        • Brian, you managed to improve on the 3 S’s. I’m impressed. You’d have to lime hell out of it before you could use it though.

          I grew up when people had outhouses and lots of places, that’s all they had. All you needed for a “new” one was to dig another hole, drag the old one over that and use the dirt for fill in the other hole. Brilliant way to get rid of the scum of life.

      • Nixon pushed for and got us reduced highway speed limits that took two decades to undo. I will never like that guy. I will say this – he was framed in the same way that Mueller is trying to frame Trump. It worked on Nixon. There was no reason he had to be removed from power based on Watergate. No reason at all.

        • His wage and price controls were pure Marxism, too. Like most of ’em- a mix of good and evil (Although he was probably one of the less evil). Thing is, I’m fairly certain that Nixon’s motives were at least good. I think (and I could be wrong) that he truly cared about preserving traditional America, and holding back the forces of communism which have led to our current societal decay. He was the last of the “old guard”- but still, no promoter of freedom or fighter of most of the evils that were even extant then.

        • Nixon signed the executive order for the implementation of NATO war on drugs, created the DEA That has killed millions and destroyed that many more lives and destroyed almost the entirety of independent truckers and their families.

          The son of a bitch made Lincoln, Wilson and Roosevelt look like choir boys….or as the Pope would say…..never mind.

          • In retrospect, Eight, I was only 10 in ’72 -guess I bought into the “lesser of two evils” back then! (Thank goodness I disabused myself of that before I became old enough to vote!

            Yeah, I forgot about Nixon starting the vile War On Some Drugs…..the longest and most vile, violent, victim-strewn, life-destroying evil that men have dreamt-up since the Ingquisition and the Crusades!

            I think my memory is going….. I used to know this!!

            Even scarier: It seems virtually every admin since Nixon has heaped on and added to that “war”.

              • Hi T!

                Nixon was an odd duck. I sometimes regret I missed his tenure. A pathological personality, opportunistic and nihilistic – two characteristics effectively essential in an American Decider. I love the reboot of Nixon (his head) in the cartoon series, Futurama.

                Nixon’s back – aroo!

            • You didn’t really miss anything, except for prolonging the Viet Name war with intermittent bombings he and Kissmyassinger orchestrated to get him re-elected.
              Find Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail of 72 by Hunter S. Thompson if you want a good read about that election.
              ….And what are we left with now?
              Bumper stickers that say “Free the Watergate 500”
              Spy movies with the same name with casts of thousands
              And that ominous phrase that if Nixon knew Ag Knew!
              But Ag didn’t knew enough to stay out of jail.
              What really happened to J. Edger Hoover?
              The king is proud of Patrick Gray
              And there are those who swear they’ve seen King Richard(who?)
              King Richard (Who?)
              King Richard
              King Richard
              King Richard
              Watergate Blues/ Gil Scott- Heron

            • You might also be interested to know Nixon started the EPA, which now curses us with the CAFE rules. I hate him for hiring Kissinger and prolonging the Vietnam war, for which I was enslaved (by the euphemism “drafted”) in 1967.
              He of course also opened trade with China which turned out to be a double edged sword – cheap stuff at WalMart but fewer decent paying manufacturing jobs here.

              • Mile, I still have images of Kissingjew burned into my retinas from when I was a kid, seeing that bastard on the “news” every night, and hearing his name incessantly!

                Funny, when ya think about it- the EPA; DEA; ad infinitum, every admin just adds a piece to bar to the prison, and every one who comes after just adds more locks and spikes. How the average schmoe can not see that an overall, consistent plan is being implemented over the course of decades and all of the various admins, is mind-boggling.

            • Pretty much anyone who can ascend to such an office, can’t be any good- A bunch of statists elect someone who believes in statism as the ultimate authority over every aspect of life and property, to the point where the collective system essentially becomes a god who demands fidelity in all matters on which it makes decrees, upon pain of death, loss of liberty and or loss of property.

              Nixon just seemed less loathsome than many of the others (Saying “I am not a rook” and flapping those jowls! 😀 ). If you listen to some of the recordings of him speaking with some of his conspirators, from when they bugged him, it is clear that he was sincere- although the things he advocated, and the way he implemented them, were often wrong.

              He just seemed a good deal better than anything we’ve had since, who, by contrast, were just out to further the agendas of others, and their own interests.

              Of course, that still isn’t saying much- it’s like saying ‘Hitler really cared about Germany”…..

              • Being younger and only being able to look back, I always had Nixon figured for the first of the truly awful Republicrat sellouts a la Bush/McCain/Romney which the Republican establishment still insists on seeing as “normal”. EPA, wage/price controls, etc.

                  • I concur, Jeremy. Compared to that penny-faced prick, Tricky Dicky was like a breath of fresh air! {Terrible as he was]-

                    Funny thing though, in my mind, Nixon was the last one to actually uphold some appearance of formality and dignity befitting his position [Bear in mind, I was only 10 in ’72 though].

                    Compared to the last few anyway (and especially the current one and his immediate predecessor)

                    Only makes ya wonder what will be next- no doubt someone who would make Moe Howard seem intelligent and tactful. You would think that this situation would be helpful in dispelling people of their sacred belief in authority…but unfortunately, I guess in a room full of clowns, the biggest clown wins the approval of his fellows who put him there).

              • Yes, he was sincerely a tyrant who wanted only what those who could give him power and money wanted. In a way, even worse than LBJ if that’s possible.

                The Texas taxpayer still suffers from something they put Ladybird’s name on, the beautification of Texas. It even hit the highway dept hard since they had to wait till all the flowers(weeds)had dropped their seed before mowing.

                Get the ditches early and you had grass but let it all grow and it took twice or three times as much money to mow them.

                I worked briefly for the then, highway dept. I still recall the sunburn on my ass of being bent over all day picking Bluebonnet seed from places they were thick and spreading them in the barditch. What a fricking thing for a bunch of men to do who could have been doing something constructive. To this day, there is no more bluebonnets where we spread the seed than there were before.

                Of course, there’s not much left of anything due to the non-stop use of Roundup.

                • Funny thing about RoundUp: When ya stop using it…the things ya used it to kill come back with a vengeance!

                  That’s one reason I refuse to do any kind of chemical farming- fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, etc.

                  Same deal with exterminators: Use ’em, and when ya stop, your house will get swarmed with bugs worse than before you had an exterminator.

                  Chemical companies are like drug dealers…they want ya for life.

            • Eric, a friend turned me on to Hunter in the early 70s. It was hard for me to lay one of his books down until I’d finished…..the book, ok, now and again to finish everything Hunter was trying to finish.

              Fear and Loathing in Las VEGAS sent me into the ozone Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen so eloquently eulogized. Which reminds me of discovering these guys shortly before becoming best friends with a guy who hung with that bunch.

              Certainly the country hippie crowd was often scratching their collective head over my hole in the wall record store finds and probably viewed me as as Hunter sort of person except they didn’t know Hunter or Commander Cody or “Is Anybody Going to San Antone” Doug Sahm and the Sir Doug Quintet we’d often see around Austin years later. Since we lived near Cedar Park we knew all the remote hippie honky tonks not hassled by the law dogs because they couldn’t find out about them, couldn’t find them geographically and couldn’t get down the roads where they were located…..and if they managed to find one the entire crowd would smell them immediately and as Jack Nicholson infamously said “Act Accordingly”. How I’d love to relive those outlaw days as another old Lubbockite also infamously wrote. There seemed to be a direct line from Lubbock to Austin in those days. Trucking, partying and whatever else you could mix in “the mix”.

              And the chix liked the mix of the outlaw cowboy hippie diesel coal rollers. Hey girls, wanna take a trip? Like Hunter, just throw in a healthy, or otherwise, bag of Orange Barrel and roll. We’ll see things only the Indians might have ever seen. Break the speed limits. the weight limits and every limit you come across. Hang on we got a license to fly and that Caddy pulled over and let us by.

              And all it took to head to the plains was a call that went something like this from a Lubbockite “Hey, yall need to come check out our new ride. Just go to 714 Ave Q. We’ll fix you up. ” Well here I sit all alone with a broken heart, you know I took 3 bennies and my semi truck won’t start…now thats a heartbreaker. And probably not a single person can figure out what was just said. You won’t remember it if you if you didn’t live it…..and that ain’t a given.

  12. I think a better idea would be to dig an extra deep hole in ground, dump his corpse in it, then build an outhouse over the hole for public use.

  13. And they say there’s never any good news?!

    Times like this I’m REALLY glad that I don’t watch TV nor listen to radio- ’cause I could only inagine the pithy plattitudes being bandied about in the MSM, as if a human or dog or cat had died.

    If only her had suffered….like we all have, having had to endure him and his family of criminals; and as his victims suffered.

    I see that they already buried the bastard and set up the monument in the fambly graveyard:

  14. Maybe New World Order means New World Order.

    But then again.

    This is a free country. “We” just had an election.

    Citizens can freely travel unmolested without their papers.

    Citizens can freely assemble and speak their minds without fear of reprisal.

    Citizens are free to purchase any product or service they desire.

    Citizens are free to possess or manufacture anything they choose.

    Citizens are free to work in any profession.

    From the lakes of Minnesota
    To the hills of Tennessee
    Across the plains of Texas
    From sea to shining sea
    From Detroit down to Houston
    And New York to L.A.
    Where’s pride in every American heart
    And it’s time we stand and say
    That I’m proud to be an American
    Where at least I know I’m free

    • Rubbish. Try buying a gun in most any state now without having to go through back ground checks. Do you know what Red Flag is? freedom of speech? Try that in front of a federal building, court house even in front of the Supreme Court building or in front of a congress critter and see where that gets you. Don’t even think about talking back to an AGW(Armed Government worker), if you want to remain unharmed.
      Try buying anything the government isn’t recording….books, magazines everything you purchase is now recorded and stored for later use against YOU. How do you like being spied on 24/7? Having your phone conversations recorded? How do you like having the government recording where you drive in your car?
      How do you like having the police armed with military weapons and hardware? How do you like civil asset forfeiture? How about the insane war on drugs? or the fraudulent war on terror.
      Freedom? Do you know what debt slavery is? The IRS….an armed gang of thugs stealing from the American people.
      War, war and more war. $21 trillion in debt, $6 trillion spent on wars in the middle east for Pisrael. $2+ trillion missing from the Pentagram.
      You live in some other country, or reality. who knows but I’ve never observed anyone so out of touch with reality and delusional.

          • Eric – the Reichmarschall’s choice phrase was: “Wenn ich Kultur hore . . . entsichere ich mein Browning” (“When I hear of ‘Culture’…I reach for my Browning!”).

            What would cause me to grasp the sidearm of MY choice (Ruger SR40, chambered in .40 S&W) is hearing some smarmy neocon politico invoke Lee Greenwood’s song or otherwise manipulate patriotic sentiment to get our young people to go fight and die in foreign lands, serving the interests of the rich and connected here and there. At the same time, many of these same politicians are either infringing on the ability of WE, the people, to be armed, or to share our opinions freely, or simply question the bullshit we’re being fed.

            • Amen, Doug!

              It’s very fitting punishment, that those who take up arms to murder and oppress others in foreign lands who have done them no harm, should in-fact be the victims of the very ones whom they serve back home.

              Another case of people getting the government they deserve.

    • You forgot:

      “And I won’t forget the men who died
      Who gave that right to me”

      In other words, our Rights come from GovCo, not God. But, then, GovCo IS a god to far too many. Christians are the worst offenders in this realm. And I say that as a follower of The Prince of Peace.

        • But…but, it makes me so proud to hear thousands of voices proudly singing this propoganda at a fooooootball game as a 150 by 300 foot flag is….well…flagellated as war planes fly overhead and fireworks illuminate the sky and cops keep a vigilant eye on the crowd for those who would take a toke and chill out amongst the religious fervor.

          • Hi Eight,

            One of the many reasons I am not a “fan” of fuhhhhhhhhtttttttball is that the fanaticism on display reminds me of the Sportpalast and the Little Docktor urging totalen kreig.

      • Amen, Mark!

        As a Christian myself, it pains me that the vast majority of professing Christendom today in-fact worships The Beast. The ultimate act of worship, to determine who lives or who dies; who is absolved of guilt or not; whom you obey; whose laws you practice; and who you ultimately obey, is all ceded over to government today by the majority of Christians, just as it is with non-believers. 🙁

        • As an atheist and a libertarian, I concur the federal government has become a massive beast that threatens to devour us all if not, get us all killed.
          It steals from us (taxes), it lies to us everyday(policy) and creates new laws that treats Americans as threats(dictatorship), massive bureaucracies that are entwined in our lives(tyranny) and wages wars around the world(evil).
          A government now run by plutocrats, technocrats and zionist Pisrael.
          As for the Xtain zionists……@#%^^&%$@

          • John, you KNOW what you said is the truth [and Libertarianism too, for that matter], when you an atheist, and myself a Christian, can be in complete agreement with the facts you stated!

  15. Out cleaning up the carnage from last night when CJ alerted me to the scourge of a big coon he cornered and I dispatched(barefoot, in my birthday suit, dangerous living in the barn at night), I was struck by the unholy hypocrisy of Horrywood as I thought of the movie Hotel Rwanda.

    How large was the genocide there? Nothing in comparison to the genocide committed by the likes of the Bush clan and the Royal family in England.

    Hell, the public had relatively nothing and the genocide was basically done with bullets, machetes and blunt instruments as opposed to mulcting the population of trillions of dollars for the enrichment of the few rich and insanely rich.

    When I began reading the article I first thought of Sheldon Adelson who’s spent billions on Trump’s war in the middle east.

    This Is the very thing that keeps me from being a supporter of the Orange One. I might could pass on some of his other policies, or at least not have as bad taste in my mouth, but genocide never looks good nor accomplishing anything except what Smedley Butler outlines.

    I’m wondering how the Texas election will look next time around since Libertarian Mark Tibbets got over 140,000 votes this round.

  16. Just being pedantic, but, the evil has not died. ~0.001% of the evil has died. Tens of thousands more of these inbred-secret-society, superior-to-you-filthy-peons, psychotic bastards need to die before the ‘evil’ is dead.

    Not religious, but this would be a time when I hope there is a hell and he has reservations.

      • He could have taken Henry Kissmyasinger with him.
        They could be buried in the same box.
        However I will be satisfied if they followed Hunter S. Thompson’s suggestion with Nixon’s funeral:” The corpse should have been burned in a trash container and the coffin tossed into a drainage ditch.”
        He actually wrote it.
        Hunter S. Thompson is only a handful of people I miss, along with George Carlin.

  17. Ah, this just made me feel a bit better. My mother would have not been able to live by her old saw of not speaking ill of the dead.

    Fortunately, I don’t live by that creed but have little to add to what everyone else has said. I didn’t know the old devil had died so it’s sort of a boost to start the day. Lemme see, it’s noon somewhere. Seems like the perfect time to have a cold one. When it’s time to relax, one beer stands clear. Dang I miss those old commercials.

  18. Goodbye and good riddance. Now if he would only do the rest of the world a favor and take Henry Kissmyassinger with him.
    There are many revealing articles and even a few books about this beast. Probably the quintessential book would be by Webster Tarpley: George H.W. Bush, The Unauthorized Biography.
    The Bush crime family syndicate made its fortune in oil and cocaine.
    Ask Chip Tatum about it….if you can find him.He’s been in hiding for decades. Who put the hit on him?
    Who ordered the hit on Barry Seale in New Orleans? The two assassins told the cops the order came from the highest level in the government.
    Unfortunately the ugly saga continued with his sons,Neal, Jeb and George JR. All of them criminals and crooks each had their own specialty. For Neal it was running the Colorado Savings and Loan into the ground cost the taxpayers a cool billion or so. Jeb a coke trafficking governor in Florida a state that can boast of the largest population of ignorant rednecks next to South Carolina.
    And W. With the IQ of a chimpanzee and the ability to get daddy to fix things for him, he managed to slime his way to the top of the political heap. A president whose ignorance was surpassed only by those who voted for him. A co-conspirator of 9/11 (along with evil Dick) and a host of other lessor but equally treasonous scum who set the stage for where America is at today: at war with everyone, $21 trillion in debt, $6 trillion wasted in wars in the middle east and $$$$$trillions missing from the Pentagram.
    America was not only sold out but sold. The American people were sold out.The Patriot Act, NDAA, NSA spying ramped up to high gear, TSA, DHS, gun confiscation, wars, wars and more wars.
    America is fast becoming a depleted nation. Tricked into waging wars for Pisrael, exhausting its blood and treasury for that little zionist shit hole that should be wiped off the map.
    Thanks to the Bush family America has had to endure the torture of its own version of waterboarding.
    Now if only Dick Chaney would develop some form of inoperable cancer.
    Goodbye and good riddance George. Your death just made the world a little more pleasant to live in.

    • Another good book about the Bush family is Roger Stone’s “Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family”. He gets into the family history and all that, such as Prescott’s ties to Nazi Germany and Planned Parenthood.

  19. And let’s not forget the raid/execution perpetrated in Waco that was planned under HW. Or, the fact that a former CIA director was VP when the CIA ran guns to Central America and flew plane loads of cocaine back (which probably landed in Mena, AR). OR, the Bush family’s shower buddies, the Saudis,_House_of_Saud

    As Mom said, “If you can’t say something good about the dead, don’t say anything.”

    OK, George H.W. Bush is dead. Good.

    • Hi Mark,

      The only good thing I can think of is that we know these leeches aren’t yet able to transcend into immortality by drinking the blood of healthy teenagers…

      • I bet they tried though.
        Americans have no clue what goes on.
        Child sacrifice, and yes real blood drinking. Those at the top/ corporations, banking, elites even pop stars.
        Satanic sex rituals, child and infant sacrifice. The whole nine yards of depravity all mixed into one boiling cauldron of immorality.
        The belief that it will maintain their power.
        Satanism is alive and well at the top.

        • What you described isn’t Satanism. Satanism’s a pretty do-no-harm-unless-harmed deal. Plenty of idiots do terrible things under the guise of whatever religion they claim to subscribe to without knowing what their cult is about, they’re not satanists they’re just creepy cultists.

        • I do know of a prominent lady in the dog show world that had close ties with the Astors and Rockefellers. She was also an archaeologist and a self-proclaimed paganist. Of course, her “front” religion is Episcopalianism.

          I have not seen any evidence of the elite being worshippers of Satan. I don’t even think Satanists are into child sacrifice.

        • I should have started compiling a list of “conspiracy theories” that in the years of Trump have been admitted to in the mainstream media to one degree or another in an effort to hurt Trump. The most recent one is how far up the pedophile activities to go wrt Epstein. Apparently Trump nominated and may now tap for a better job someone who made the deal from the prosecution side that got Epstein off easy hence the press decided to look deeper. In any case it is becoming easier to count the “conspiracy theories” not yet touched at all. Those leave us with UFOs, Satanists in government, and lizard people.

          • Spot-on, Brent- He’s already got the guy who let the Clintons get away with murder, on the Supreme Court now….

            Another reason why I don’t participate in the folly of voting: Vote for Trump to oppose Hitlery…and in reality, he’s their best friend. Far from prosecuting her, he’s stacking the deck in her favor so that if she runs and gets elected in 2020, everything’s all set up for her- and if she doesn’t, she never has to worry about all of her crimes being looked into, much less being prosecuted; and her and Slick Willy can keep right on with their crime family business.

            Thanks, DONALD!

            • It’s disheartening people fell for the Kavanaugh dog and pony show. The man is a KNOWN Bush/Clinton crony.

              The president is merely a figurehead. Trump’s bombastic, crude schtick is all part of the act. Gotta make people believe change is happening!

            • Handler, Trump has said for everyone to read, when asked about Hitlery coming to his wedding that of course she’d be there, he paid too much mone for her to not be there.

              It’s the people that can read or don’t and have no reading comprehension, especially reading between the lines that screw the country over.

              They put on their American flags and go vote, MAGA hat in hand or whatever they subscribe to.

              They are not smart people and have been deceived their entire lives and don’t wish to be educated. It’s so much easier to be a staunch Dem or Rep and stand up for all the evil they do without thinking how it’s ruined their lives and the lives of their children, grandchildren, etc.

              So many people are still cussing BO. Hell, for me he’s just a distant memory and didn’t do any worse than the shrub. Sure, he wants to destroy the US of A but he’s just another in the club who desires same or he wouldn’t be there.

              Where did he come from? Well, those “inquiring minds”(sic), like ours(that always kills me), knew before he was even nominated.

              I have to admit, I did vote once in the last 20 years….for Gore. I knew where he came from and what he represented but knew the Bush dynasty(we all say Die Nasty)and what it represented and the evil bunch that grew up doing Nixon’s dirty jobs.

              I’d like to see just one person voted into a national office with half the morals of Ron Paul. But we’ll be killing each other in the streets before that happens again. That was another world. We now live in this convoluted, evil world in which we have less say every day.

              The tree of liberty needs to be watered worse than it ever has….but it won’t be. The sheeple have sports and other bs to take their minds off the real topics. 10 years ago my 40 year old nephew cussed his partying neighbors while he and his old friend who taught school sat there and played video games and snorted coke. But he was prone to call the cops on his neighbors even though he could barely hear them or at least couldn’t even hear them till he passed his fat ass out and went to bed with his sperm-whale wife.

              I don’t have anything to do with any of the few people who are remotely kin to me. They’re so selfish and self-absorbed they don’t get any of it. Their kids and grandkids rightly call them “pigs”(cops). Just being chilly and sitting at the house and waiting to die is their raison d’etre. Oh, I just love my grandchildren. Oh yeah, just not enough to try to change things for them. It just pisses me off for them to see themselves as “righteous” while everyone else is something less.


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