AGWs Attack Teenager Because His Pants Are Red

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Here’s video of a high school kind being brutally attacked – Tazed, multiple times – by a pair of AGWs – apparently because he was in violation of the school’s dress code:

Schools have become prisons – literally. Right down to the armed guards who patrol the joint.

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  1. Eric

    “Schools have become prisons – literally. Right down to the armed guards who patrol the joint.”

    We call them Your Local Friendly Government Youth Propaganda Camps.

    They are day prisons as opposed to real prisons.

    The main difference as far as I can tell, is the day prison does NOT have suicide proof shower curtains in the architectural plans and specs.

    Believe it or not, some day prisons still use porcelain (as opposed to stainless steel) in the latrine.

    • No shit Moose. Guess I was lucky the day my best friend and I went shopping. I don’t recall his garish outfit that well nor exactly my flowery shirt but I vividly recall my bright titty pink corduroy hip huggers bell bottoms.

      It would have made a good public service announcement about Here’s your judgement after taking a 4 way hit of orange barrel. Damn it was good stuff and no telling what colors I was seeing. Wish I had a lick off one right now. Maybe my view of today might change…..or it just might bum me out. Either way I might forget some aches and pains.

      • Hahah, and these days they just take hits off their smartphones while they let their buddies get roughed up by armed government workers. Other week an old friend of mine tried to argue that when you break the law it somehow justifies the “talking-to” and extortion (i.e. “fuck your rights, break the law pay the fine, suck it up.”) I wonder if ganging up on and tasing children who don’t abide dress code is justified too. “Broke the rules! Pay the price” Wish these types would develop chronic laryngitis/severe carpal tunnel and spare society the perpetual thought pollution, if ya don’t have anything useful to say….

        This kid appeared to have handled himself really well, stayed pretty calm despite being closed in on. The video footage should get him a decent settlement out of it, but unfortunately again from taxpayers pockets.. and no doubt the next time the authorities will probably just reach for their guns instead.

        • The break the rules pay the price are strange bunch of authoritarians. They at least feel that the rules will never be enforced on them to the letter and their idea is that having the choice to break the law and be punished means a person is free. See, he has a choice. He can obey or be punished. Pretty twisted.

          • Hi Brent,

            Yes. Indeed. Also, there is this new element – the victim must submit. Whatever force is needed to accomplish this being acceptable. When I was in high school back in the halcyon ’80s, such a thing as depicted in this video was inconceivable, a nightmare scenario out of Judge Dredd or similar.

            In the first place, there wasn’t any rule prohibiting red pants. In the second, if a kid did wear non-regulation pants, it would have been handled by unarmed teachers, who might have called the kid’s parents or sent him to talk to his guidance counselor or the vice principal.

            Now there are heavily armed government thugs enforcing every petty edict under the sun inside government schools, in order to habituate kids to the world of submission awaiting them outside.

            • Yep. Submission rituals everywhere. I first noticed them in junior high. It wasn’t as bad as today of course but it was pretty obvious what they were doing. Even when I was kid I could see it wasn’t right.

              The TSA isn’t even about securing air travel, it’s about submission. There’s a reason why they fail to detect what we are told they are supposed to detect almost always, it’s because that isn’t their purpose.


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