AGWs Do The Pedophile Priest Shuffle

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Here’s a story out of Clayton, GA – a suburb of Atlanta – where they’re farming out “troubled” armed government workers to  . . . government schools. Like pedophile priests moved from one diocese to another, mum’s the word!

And, Hut! Hut! Hut!

. . .

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  1. The AGW who murdered Tamir Rice just got hired in the town of Bellaire, Ohio.
    Seems that town actually seeks out and hires discredited AGWs.
    If you can’t see the pattern here then you’re blind. No matter how bad these swine act out in public, for the most part they get away with it.
    There it is.
    That’s the deal we’re dealing in.
    Rogue AGWs get a pass. The rest of us get jail.
    Read “Three Felonies A Day”/Harvey Silverglate.

    • Hi John,

      Yes… indeed.

      I’ve pointed out (many times) the higher legal standard I am held to – as a CHP holder – when it comes to even displaying my gun. If I ever draw and fire it, there had better be (for my sake) ironclad, irrefutable evidence that my life was in mortal peril and that I could not retreat.

      Contrast this with “I feared for my safety.”


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