Another Chimp?

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Can’t these bastards ever find productive employment?–politics.html

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  1. I sincerely doubt that old Prescott Bush would have even let this kid serve him drinks around the country club. As it is, he’s probably spinning in his grave at the prospect of a latino grandson.

    I wonder if it will some day dawn on him that he’s nothing more than a political GMO engineered for the sole purpose of being placed in office (by hook or by crook) in a few key locations. I further wonder what he’ll do with that knowledge, like do something against the instructions of his handlers and wind up either scandalized out of office or scattered about the countryside in a small plane crash.

    • Prescott might have done so publicly; but behind closed doors, powerful men like Prescott have a long history of secondary adventures and even whole secondary bloodlines. The Irish were used in the same fashion by the British, sometimes skin color tells you almost nothing. The best thoroughbred horses often have a wider pedigree than the “experts” would recommend.

      The prevalence of interbreeding is common knowledge in Spanish colonial, native American, & Black American circles. Tests have confirmed that either Thomas Jefferson or a close family member of his slave Sally Hemings for a mistress and produced several children with her.

      George Washington was thought to be sterile, but there is strong evidence that he fathered a son named West Ford with one of his black slaves. This means that George Washington’s only living descendants are Black Americans.

      James Madison also fathered no children with his White wife, but is said to have fathered a son with his biracial half-sister. His Black descendants meet up yearly at the old plantation.

      “In the days of the “founding fathers” it was quite common to be involved in interracial relationships. It wasn’t talked about, but it was tolerated, and seen as a natural part of a man’s life. Consider why there are so few latino & african last names. It used to be considered their station in life for their males to be a type of property and for their women to be used as breeding stock for “high society”

      Benjamin Franklin was known to frequently associate with black women. Jefferson’s romance with Sally was even the subject of a tavern ditty to the tune of Yankee Doodle according to some historians.

      “Of all the damsels on the green,
      …on mountains or in valley,
      A lass so luscious ne’er was seen,
      …As Monticellian Sally.”

      It’s been recorded that Patrick Henry fathered a black son named
      Melancthon. Alexander Hamilton was not only born with mixed blood in the West Indies, but he also fathered two mixed race sons by a black woman and one of his sons married into a white family.

      Kentucky’s Daniel Boone was the grandfather of William Wells Brown. The ninth vice-president of the United States was another Kentuckian, Richard Johnson, whose black mistress was Julia Chinn. Johnson & Chinn had two daughters and Johnson married them off with style to white men.

      John Tyler is on record as suggesting that White men impregnate Black women. His Black descendants are still with us today. It was codified in the Mormon scriptures until the federal government began their intervention, which still continues today. Joseph Smith & Brigham Young said, intermarry with the Native Americans, that their descendants will be brought closer to God.

      Following the civil war, there was a whole class of mixed people known as Frederick Douglass Republicans who held high ranking offices.

      Robert E Lee owned more than a few light skinned slaves — the light skinned girls were apparently very prized. It was a light skinned girl Lee obsessed over. In his letters, Lee noted that some infants were so light, they could pass for white.

      There were Alex Jones type journalists back in the day as well as now. They reported that Andrew Johnson who became president after Lincoln was assassinated had fathered children with his slave Dolly and even made the claim that she asked him to purchase her when she was 14.

      European history is full of latino “Moors” and other descendants of plantation islands with darker complexions. Oftentimes, wealth, property, or being exceptional will get your racial history magically transformed into whatever race history is more acceptable to society at large. As Orwell explained, those in power in the present control both the past & the future.

        • An “Alex Jones type journalist” depends on one’s point of view I think. Those who believe what the establishment tells them think that’s a crazy person. Someone who doesn’t believe the establishment sees Alex Jones as an investigator, the kind of journalism that the mainstream forgot long ago if it ever knew it. (his getting over excited aside of course)

  2. It’s all Prescott Bush’s Fault

    I! just! want to punch! the! fucker! – Not only a SIMIAN SUM OF A BITCH, he somehow MANAGES to TALK in ALL CAPS.


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