The Chimp Speaks

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If you needed a reason to be at least slightly pro-Trump, here are two:

Former President George H.W. Bush has a blunt assessment of Donald Trump: “He’s a blowhard.” And his son, former President George W. Bush, has harsh words for his Republican successor as well: “This guy doesn’t know what it means to be president.” 

Thus saith the Chimp and his sire.

It’s beautiful how clueless they are. That – despite his many flaws – people voted for Trump to a great degree because of their abiding hate for the Chimp, his sire and everything they and theirs represent.

The Chimp, more than any other living political cretin, poured gas on the fire and accelerated the immolation of what remained of not just liberty in this country, but basic decencies such as the presumption of innocence and a finding of guilt prior to punishment.

This loathsome simian – this mass murderer – has the gall to call Trump names? Say what you will, Trump hasn’t engaged in calculated mass murder and snickered about it on live TV.

The words of Obi Wan come to mind. By striking me down, you make me more powerful than you can possible imagine.

So, thanks Monkey Face. You just did Trump -and us –  a service!



  1. Bannon: Chimp Was ‘Single Most Destructive President in U.S. History, Including James Buchanan’

    Steve Bannon Calls Out Chimp’s Lack of Leadership on Immigration: ‘Brahmin Yankee from Yale,’ ‘Pretending He’s a Texan’

  2. Love the pictures Eric! I actually had that first pair taped to my locker back when I was still working; everyone who saw it was amazed at the resemblance ?. Bush was actually the sock puppet for Cheney and the warmongers but he’s ultimately responsible for bringing on the current police state. Hoping he dies a slow painful death.

    • No love lost for Al but the CEO of Diebold just came out and said he and the employees of Diebold were committed to bringing the vote for Bush. And they threw every horrible thing they did into the faces of the public and got accolades for it for the most part. I couldn’t believe everybody was actually cheering the son of one of the worlds worst people.

      What do you have to do, actually go spit in their face? I told those cheering they’d take their first born to the curb to be sacrificed if Bush said so and they wouldn’t even defend themselves. Now, that’s damned bad.

      And eric, we were watching Get Him to the Greek and the musician at the end sang a song “Furry Walls” with the line “When the world slips you a Jeffrey, furry walls, furry walls”. I would never have known the reference had it not been for your vocabulary.

  3. After 8 years of the chimp and his Zionist minions the people of this country wouldn’t have elected Jesus on the Republican ticket so we got Obomber. I think some in the the grand old party got the message while others blithely had no clue as to why the country was ready to vote for “anybody but Bush” as the old saying went.

    • Since Clinton, the two parties have taken turns at 8 year occupations of the white house. It was to be expected that whoever the goptards ran would win. That result was laid on. The trouble is that the dim’s foot soldiers, who are much more deranged than the goptard rank and file, have got it into their empty heads that Hillary was actually supposed to win.

      They will never get over it. Soon enough, they are going to just freak out and start stabbing people and running over each other with their Priuses.

  4. Hillary Clinton spent $1,200,000,000 and lost to Trump. The Russian troll farms spent $100,000 to screw with her and Trump spent $0 on his Twitter feed. The Congress, hoping to gain valuable insight into how to run a campaign on the cheap using Facebook and Twitter, this week held hearings looking into the Russian “interference” in the 2016 campaign.

    All you need to know about Trump is that a grilled cheese sandwich would have probably beat Hillary in some districts. He didn’t win anything, she lost. Now she’s running around on the book tour, and I’ll bet working on a run in 2020. The thing about her running again is that some Democrat will likely have her suicided (maybe Bill?) just to keep that from happening. It would certainly be ironic…

    • I don’t know, ready. It seems more likely to me that Hillary is just going to drop dead and make a huge mess on the floor when she does. I doubt Bill will have to have her suicided. She has already done that herself.

  5. Trump will get a second term, likely because people will think its the only way they can poke the eyes of our political class.

    If they want to actually prevent a second Trump term, they need TSTFU. Just say nothing. Let him un-elect himself. But they won’t, they would rather stoke the fire. Keep this stuff going all four years and many people, even people who don’t really like Trump, will go to the voting booth and give him a second term.

    • Hi Rich,

      I know guy who knows a guy who is in the administration; I have told this friend to tell that guy that I would very much like 10 minutes on the phone with The Orange One.

      • You should write an article laying out what you would tell him if you get the opportunity to talk with him. You will likely only have few minutes to talk with him, so it may be good practice to be able to get in what needs to be said pretty quickly.

          • I’d like to know HTF congress voted to allow EV makers to bypass safety requirements all other cars have. If they can do that why not do away with NHTSA, the CPSC, OSHA and all the rest? Once every maker is producing 100,000 units with no mandated safety regs won’t it be obvious none are needed? Won’t a great many things be obvious?


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