A Clover Finally Pulls Over

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Here’s a video of a Clover who . . . eventually pulls over!

. . .

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  1. Most states have statues against driving too slow. In California it is CVC22400. If you are driving more than 15 miles per hour under the limit and there are 4 or more people behind you, you are required to pull over.

    Of course, guess how often it is enforced…

  2. Maybe their truck was broken? I was going to say maybe they were old and that’s as fast as they can safely drive, but I guess they weren’t old. Maybe just had 1 too many beers. Oh well LOL.

  3. I could understand if he were towing a trailer full of horses behind him, because taking curves too fast can hurt them. That said, I didn’t see any visible reason for him to travel so slow…

  4. During the biggest part of the “virus” shutdown, I finally found out how fast I could actually get to work with the lack of traffic and its congestion. I had often wondered if I could make it to my job (which is 14 miles from home, about 10 of them highway) in about 20 minutes.

    The answer: I could! If I got mostly green lights I got it to about 15 minutes! It’s amazing when you can go 75ish instead of low 30ish. It typically takes 45 minutes in “normal” traffic. It’s really stinks knowing all that wasted time that people are stealing by simply not being courteous. Why can’t people who are in no hurry stay off highways, busy arterial roads, interstates and stay home during rush hour? (It would probably help to rip out about half of the stop lights too)……

    It seems you have a lot of traffic for a rural area. It must not be very rural anymore. I am guessing that 55 is under-posted by 10-20 mph to begin with so when you got somebody going 20 mph below that it has to be particularly irritating.


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