The Same Clover All Over!

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Here’s another video of the same Clover I video’d slow-moving (and impeding) three days ago!

Holy Matrix, Batman!

. . .

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  1. This old guy is guessing that that driver is getting too old to drive. He/she can’t even stay on the right side of the center line despite going so slow. I always stay as far right in the lane as possible. I’m not afraid of the edge; I used to drive narrow shelf roads in Colorado.

    Though I wonder … would you be mad at me for driving the posted 55 in front of you ????

    • Hi Anon,

      No, of course not! (Mad at you for driving the speed limit.) I understand not wanting to get a ticket. But driving well below the PSL without making any effort to yield is obnoxious.

      • And what gets me is the folks that drive a certain speed no matter what. Say exactly 69 1/2 mph in a 75 or 80 mph zone, and then just keep doing that in a 50 mph construction zone. That’s REALLY where you do not want to get pulled over! And there is no place to let them by. So it’s pass them, and then get tailgated, then they roar past as soon as you get out of single lane traffic, and then a couple miles later pass them again. And so on and on and on for about 300 miles … 🙁

  2. Funny, no aggravating story about a Prius driver.

    My wife and I had gone down to the local recycling place to drop off some aluminum cans I had saved up, along with some other metal I was recycling (steel mostly). While I was waiting in line to be paid, a fellow in a Prius drives up and starts unloading an ungodly number of plastic water bottles for recycling. My wife, meanwhile had walked back to the van and started up so the air conditioner was running (so she wouldn’t roast in the July heat while waiting for me).

    As I walk back to the van, this guy in the Prius hands me a piece of paper and says “this is for you”. Being a bit surprised at being handed something by someone I didn’t know, I didn’t look at it until I got back to my side of the van (opposite of the Prius). Opening up the paper, I saw that it was a rant about “idling”. So, this passive-aggressive JERK decides to lecture me about my wife’s 90 seconds of idling and does so by handing me a piece of paper?

    I decided to avoid an assault charge by simply dropping Mr. Passive Aggressive’s note onto the ground (thereby creating ‘litter’). Oh, well.

    • Hi Jim,

      This kind of thing frosts my vents, too. Luckily, they – the Clovers – usually avoid me because of the Hate Vibe (toward them) I radiate, which is incandescent.

      Remind me to tell you the story about getting rid of the Jehovah’s Witnesses…

      • Walking out on the deck with a big Ruger on your hip and refusing to shake hands does the trick. That was almost 17 years ago and they haven’t been back since. I was fairly ticked because they had to open and close a gate just to get into our yard.

      • JW’s….their epic. I’ve been really lucky a couple times when a carload showed up and two of the prettiest young girls you ever saw knocked on the door. We talked a good while. I was being bowled over by the pheromones.

        We’d just moved and I hadn’t built a drive yet and the place used to be the run-off from the glacier over Texas so getting here was a skill few could make, esp. the people with Ford pickups cause they were notoriously heavy in front with really light beds and would just hop and get stuck. But the old YW’s knew a thing or two and their old Bonneville made it just fine, in and out, quite the feat for people who have never driven on sand.

        My best friend had a Wagoneer and it would go anywhere……when the 4WD worked and with electrical over vacuum, that wasn’t often with just a couple years off the show room floor. He gets stuck one day and can’t go anywhere. I told him to get out and he gave me this shit-eating grin as if I were about to learn a lesson replacing him. I just eased it forward and backward and drove it right out. I couldn’t help it. I had to rub it in a bit and ask if he needed me to drive him to the gate.

        You would have loved seeing my dad in his S 10 driving it like it was pavement just like I did. Driving in sand is a learned skill.

        • The skill I learned was to NOT drive in sand 😉

          Back when I was still a Believer, we invited a couple of JWs into the house and had a good old fashioned bible thumping discussion with them. The poor guys got so flustered that they came back later with one of their leaders to try to straighten us out. It was a long long time ago, but they finally gave up and never came knocking again while we lived in that town. We must have had some big invisible X on our door after that – LOL

          • Hi Anon,

            Okay, here it comes . . . my Jehovah’s Witness story. I was plagued by their visits, which occurred often and really disliked that they came onto my property, which means driving up a rural gravel driveway (I am not curbside in suburbia) which is a breach of etiquette out here in The Woods. If not a friend or invited, it’s not cool to violate a country person’s privacy – privacy being the point of being in the country. Once, they even had the audacity to walk around my place; I know they did so because I found one of their leaflets shoved into the crack of the door of my outbuilding, which is a good 100 yards away from the driveway. That annoyed me.

            Well, I was at my desk working one day and heard the sound of a vehicle on gravel and sure enough, it was them again. In their van. And with a kid. They always brought out a kid who looked to be around 11 or so – for the same reason that Greta is trotted out by the Climate Cultists. People suffer the children.

            Well, not this time. I was in a bad mood and looked it. I had been out in the field earlier (to beat the rain) and had not shaved or showered. I was wearing my best Redneck Suit – ripped up cammo shorts and not much else. Sweaty, dirty and irritable.

            So I see them coming up to the door – two frumpy middle aged ladies and the kid, a girl about a 11. Now, normally I would not deliberately do anything to scare a kid but this time was an exception and it was forced on me. I had had enough. My privacy – and my concentration – were being regularly violated by these people. I had been polite previously and just said I’m not interested but thank you. Some people do not get the hint. I gave them an unmistakable one.

            I grabbed my Sig .45 hand cannon and shoved the thing in my waistband and threw open the door before they could knock, confronting them with an angry six foot redneck with a very big gun and no shirt on. What do you want? I asked. They said nothing but their eyes bugged as they saw me – and then the gun. They skeedaddled back to their van without even saying a word about the “good news.”

            I have not been plagued by them since.

  3. If I had to deal with traffic like that I’d buy a used 379 Pete, tag it as an RV and give that huge radiator and the big red oval that says Peterbilt to get those people over.
    I determined decades ago that people are not unaware they are holding others up, in fact, they are quite aware of it and get some sort of rush/satisfaction from their control. They get a different feeling though when a single radiator and brand name are all they can see in their rear-view. It would be hilarious to put that front end on your Nissan if you could see around it.


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