For Some Weird Reason . . .

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I wanted to give everyone who’s donated to support the site recently – and requested a magnet/sticker – a heads-up that I have been having trouble getting Sticker Mule to make the blankety-blank things. I’ve followed the usual protocol, as I have for years, of submitting the order and approving the proof – which previously triggered production and the items on my doorstep a week or so later.

Lately, though, I am not getting a confirmation from them – to approve the proof – apparently because of Yahoo email and its diddling with its spam filter software or whatever it is that keeps me from receiving these confirmation emails.

And so I go back to Sticker Mule and try to get the order rolling some other way. So far, all I have been able to do is get a PDF “invoice” – with no means to authorize the thing.

My teeth ache a lot lately. I wish for 1985. Technology – and the “convenience” it offers – is great…when it’s actually convenient. When it works. When it doesn’t, you’re as outta luck as an Eskimo without a parka. No way to contact and deal with a human. Instead, generic “customer satisfaction” forms to fill in and which seem to be universally ignored.


At any rate, I am working the problem and wanted to let you know and to apologize to those who have been expecting stickers/magnets and haven’t received them yet.

They’re coming – even if I have to order them from some other place.

Thanks, for bearing with – and for your support. I couldn’t Undiaper (and Diaper Report) without it!


  1. We don’t live in a “Service Society” we live in a “SELF-Service Society”. It’s been that way for years, think Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. If you don’t know what you need and how to find it, tough toenails. With the Internet, software and apps it’s only gotten worse. Follow the prompts and your specific issue is not pre-listed you are S.O.L. So much of what is being done is based on the idea that the software developers and web designers can think of all possible scenarios, BULL HOCKEY! That Which Is Not Permitted Is Prohibited! A bunch of half-wit technoids thinking they know all, see all and predict all…by about half on a good day.

    WHEW! I need a drink


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