Need Another Reason NOT to Call a Hero?

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On September 22, Anna “Chrissy” Music-Peed, of Macon, GA, drove to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department to request an officer come to and investigate a vehicle that had been brought to her property by an acquaintance, that both she and her roommate strongly suspected to have been stolen. Music told that it was a Nissan Xterra from Virginia Beach, VA. As Music wrote in a blog post, “I will not have that influence around my family,” saying she was trying to do the right thing by making a report. The acquaintance was still on the property and Music had not let on that she had gone to talk to the police.

Music wrote on that while she was providing officers with details of the stolen property, and the individual who had brought it over, she also explicitly told the police not to shoot her dogs.

“The puppy may jump, we have been trying to get her out of that,” Music explained, stating that the dogs were friendly puppies. She said the officers laughed and told her not to worry about it. Unconvinced, she emphasized again: “PLEASE don’t shoot my dogs, they are my babies.”

The officers asked her to stay at the station while units were sent to her home to obtain the property and arrest the individual who may have stolen it. Her dogs, Ammo and Half-Pint, and roommate, Kyle Sewall, age 22, waited at home. Sewall gave his account in an exclusive interview with

“I was waiting on officers to arrive, Ammo needed to go the bathroom and she had been whimpering for 15 minutes. So I gave in and let her out,” said Sewall. “The person who had stolen the property was outside cleaning the stolen vehicle with a shop-vac and while I kept an eye on Ammo I was talking to him playing it cool.” He continued:

“About 5 minutes later is when the sheriffs pulled up, came flying in. Sgt Little was exiting the vehicle and as he was exiting I noticed he already had his sidearm trained on Ammo who was just sniffing around the ground wagging her tail. And then she looked up at him, did not growl, did not bark, and before I could say anything he fired his weapon. Shot her point blank in the head,”Sewall told

“I went to go rush toward Ammo and he trained his weapon on me,” Sewall explained. “I identified myself saying, ‘I am Kyle, lower your weapon.’ He did and they allowed me to tend to Ammo.

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  1. Here is the only thing about the shooting that appeared in the local fish wrapper:

    I could find nothing about the shooting (locally) before this.

    Musick’s comment from the other website, where she said, “… The situation was not as easy as just telling the person to get lost. I had no choice in the matter of calling the police. At the time we were told it was stolen from a DHS official. We all know that they shoot first and ask later…” sounds as if she fears that the whole household will be murdered in a SWAT raid if she didn’t make it look as if they were trying to rid themselves of this “acquaintance” by calling the sheriff’s office.

  2. Unfortunately, snitch’s dogs often end up in ditches. I’m flabbergasted by her Platonic mindset, that she has a “duty to the collective.” Altruism and irrational self-infantilization before authority is a form of self-hatred and potentially suicidal as well.

    Chrissy Musick
    Hello, I am the woman who’s dog was shot. Ammo is a good puppy, she is smart, loving, and great with my 3 young kids. This is NOT an aggressive dog, and he shot her for no apparent reason. There was no aggression on her part- but on his. Ammo is currently at the Vets under supervision. So far she is holding on. Here is the link to my blog I made for her after the heartless shooting of our baby occurred.

    Maxime Latrémouille · Top Commenter · École secondaire Grande-Rivière
    Poor excuse for being a cop, This shit has to stop, cops in the States keep shooting friendly family pet is unacceptable. They always get out of the situation by saying the same bullshit ” the dog charge on me…” Obviously police don’t know shit about dogs.

    Christy Robbins · Work in Bakery at Kroger
    That’s bullshit they need to be paying for the puppy’s surgery.You need to get a lawyer.Policeman think they can do anything an get away with it because of who they are,we the people needs to start holding our ground an fright back.Christy i hope your puppy makes it

    Paul Winans · Route Manager at Kreitzer Sanitation
    They have no value for life itself.. The amount of police brutality has skyrocketed in the last year. To many reports of people being shot, people being beaten, all types of animals being shot by police. The sad part is a majority of the time they get to keep their badge even after proven they abused their power.

    Bobbie Saunders · Elizabeth City, North Carolina
    this is so sad & upsetting…did u file a animal abuse on him?

    Tim King · Author at J. Timothy King
    Yeah, that’s completely unacceptable. I hope you’re exploring options to get the department to pay, including (if necessary) a lawsuit. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do.

    Nick Gionet · Top Commenter · Works at Ticketpro
    And now, hopefully, you have learned an important lesson: DONT GO TO THE FREAKING COPS UNLESS YOUR VERY LIFE IS IN DIRE DANGER!

    Seriously, you were doing the “right” thing? No, you were doing what TV taught you to do. If it was an acquaintance, how hard was it to tell THEM that you didnt want that influence around? Why did you have to involve the police right away?

    Examine your own actions Chrissy. Yes, that sarge was a fucking asshole and he deserves castration for what he did, but thats what happens when you involve armed thugs needlessly.

    Annie Cargirl · Top Commenter · Cookie Girl at I like dogs. And art.
    Chrissy, your story has been posted on the page I co-mod, and our hearts go out to you. We hope Ammo will pull through and continue to live a happy, healthy life. Please let our members know if there is any other way, besides donations, that they can help support you during this time of need. Many dog owners have brought lawsuits against police departments for this type of shooting and several have won.

    Deb Moerland · Faculty Development Instructor at American Public University System (APUS)
    I hope your dog makes it! It is upsetting that someone can get away with shooting a poor animal for no reason.

    Rusty Watkins
    Chrissy, did you involve the police? Did you contact them? Will you ever do that again?

    Rob Davidson · Top Commenter · Consultant at Self employed
    Christy Robbins The officer who shot the dog needs to be paying for the surgery. It’s long past time these trigger happy idiots were forced to pay for their own mistakes in judgement, just like the rest of us.

    Barry Hill
    For him to have shot her in the SIDE OF HER HEAD, she had to be looking down, or facing away from him, Where’s the link to contribute money for his prosecution. This is a murderous POS, NOT a cop. He’s the one who deserves an extra hole in his noggin.

    Matt Modica · Chelmsford, Massachusetts
    Crissy, I am so sorry for what happened to you. This is exactly why I do not trust the police for anything.

    Lion’s Roar · Miami, Florida
    You shot your own dog by calling the police lady. You should have just told the dipshit with the stolen car to get lost.

    Larry Diffey · Top Commenter
    The coproach that shot your dog needs to have charges against him.

    I’ve been telling people for years, NEVER call the cops. You should have just had the car towed off the property. Even if you’re not the one committing a crime, the police are never on your side.

    I hope you contact a lawyer to file suit right away.

    Lion’s Roar · Miami, Florida
    Megan Baker for telling this woman the truth? God forbid someone might tel lthe truth and not sugar coat it.

    Patricia Amigh · Top Commenter · LPN Charge Nurse/Retired at Hunterdon care center
    Crissy, I am so sorry tho hear this precious dog was shot, praying that she is ok. Please keep us update on her progress.

    Clover the Deaf Rescue Boxer
    Chrissy I have shared your blogspot on Clover the Deaf Rescue Boxer FB page. This is horrible and on behalf of myself and our two deaf boxer girls, I am so sorry.

    Chrissy Musick
    Nick Gionet There were details that I did not want to publish regarding the individual that was arrested. So please don’t make judgements on the decision I made. The situation was not as easy as just telling the person to get lost. I had no choice in the matter of calling the police. At the time we were told it was stolen from a DHS official. We all know that they shoot first and ask later. I would not allow my children to become victims.

    Cloey Jade
    I am so very sorry that this happened to you when all you were trying to do was the right thing. This officer deserves to lose his job and if i were you i would sue. This has to stop happening. You cant even do the right thing anymore without the police bullies taking the things we hold dear. Stay strong and ill send prayers up that your puppy has a full recovery.

    Katia Watson
    I am so sorry to hear about what Ammo’s gone through! This police office is completely out of control and needs to have his employment (as a cop, anyway) terminated. This person is a PREDATOR and it’s people like him who actually make all cops look horrendous….and more and more are looking bad these days. It’s sad 🙁 Again, I am so sorry about little Ammo. Love from Winnipeg, Canada ♥

    Susan Layton · Top Commenter · Rice High School
    I sincerely hope that your baby Ammo makes it. I know how I would feel if it were one of my 4 legged babies we were talking about.

    Patricia Ihtppl Solomon · Top Commenter · University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
    I think the damn police force and or the trigger happy cop should pay for this dogs medical expenses fully and more for the pain, suffering and emotional trauma caused to pets and other family members.

    Eddie Neely · Top Commenter · FJC
    Megan Baker cleans toilets with her face…

    Cora Shaw · Top Commenter · Edmonton, Alberta
    So sorry to hear about your pup…wow, poor girl wish I could help financially, but can’t. I will share the story though.

    Eddie Neely · Top Commenter · FJC
    Chrissy Musick I pray your Dog will be okay. I do hope you sue the Pig that shot her. Everyone knows that cops will shoot dogs especially Bulldogs. I hope you can set up a room or a pen to keep any Dogs if the police have to come up ever again…

    Laura Davis · Top Commenter · Huntsville, Alabama
    I am so sorry this happened to your baby, I wish I was in a better position to help financially but unfortunately I am not. I can pray for your family during these tough times though.

    Johanne Cantu · Top Commenter · Magnolia, Texas
    You can sue the cop, Read the 4th. amendment of the constitution, you have rights mam.

    Deena Reese Poulsen · Box Elder High
    Nick Gionet You are a dick and are probably a thug too and don’t want cops at your door for other reasons. Calling the police shouldn’t be the wrong thing to do. the cop was just an dog hating asshole especially because it was a pit bull i also have a pit and have had many because they are very loving. mine don’t even bark except in her sleep. she might lick you to death because she loves to be loved. This cop should have to pay for the vet out of his pocket and if he don’t the city should. he was wrong and should have his gun pulled. there are 2 kinds of cops those that grown up wanting to serve and those who are bullies who want the right to have a firearm to enforce their bullying. This was told to me by a cop!

    Shelia Grady Carlisle · Blues Sanger, animal welfare, photography at Self · 126 subscribers
    This is unacceptable. More and more police officers all across the US are using deadly force on family pets. IT IS TIME THAT THEY AND THEIR SUPUERVISORS ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

    Sara Cooper · Shift Leader at Papa John’s Pizza
    Chrissy, I’m so sorry there are ignorant people in this world who would have no problem bringing harm to an innocent. Your story made me cry. I have a 5 month old brendle boxer/lab mix (Gunner) and everyone thinks he’s a pitty. I could never imagine what i would do if an officer came after him in cold blood. I’m glad to hear Ammo the Survivor is doing so well. I pray someday people will come to realize no dog is inherently evil. Our animals are our best friends and we mean more to our animals than they do to us. They have an unconditional love and loyalty we will never be able to comprehend.

    Ronnie Boyd · Top Commenter · Northwest Whitfield High
    Yes they know about dogs, they just want to kill something and it’s becoming all to common.

    Beta Starchild · Top Commenter
    Sue. People are starting to win lawsuits in situations like these.

    Shawn Boyer · Saranac Lake High School
    Im praying that Ammo gets well and has a full life…. GOD bless!

    Gladis Manoppo
    Hows ammo holding on? pray Shes gonna be okay soon :'( :'( Don’t give up, fight for ammo and other dog that has became police victim. You know you have lot supporter. I’m sure there’s a lot lawyer want to represent you. Give lesson to that coward cop, hope you win and make cop hold their gun to innocent dogs. Keep strong!

    Daniel Creten · Works at POLBRU
    Shame on you, officer. I ‘am also a police dog Handler since 28 years and NEVER shot a dog and… yes people…we have also ” dangerous pit bull’s ” in our small country and by the way most of the dog’s are not dangerous…but to shoot a 10 month old puppy..that’s a crime!!!

    Kat Griffing · Top Commenter · Works at Mayo Support Center
    Christy Robbins I AGREE COMPLETELY!

    Milosava Zunac
    I would get a nice picture of that cop and create a very clever FB pic that would hopefully go viral so that he would be ashamed every time he had to walk down the street, like that loser pepper spray cop that cried about the damage the FB posts did to his career! Shaming works! I hope your baby survives, sending lots of loving energy! ♥..

    Michelle Miller VanGilder
    Get an attorney – stop talking now. Call around and get a free consult with as many as you can.

    Almina Jakupovic · Maryville University
    I can’t believe this…I’m sorry for the pain you and that sweet puppy are going thru

    Judy Cain · Top Commenter
    The cop should be fired, fined and have to pay for Ammo’s recovery. He is a piece of shit… throw it in the garbage.

    Crimson Phoenix Rising · Lyman, South Carolina
    Start a petition at so people can put pressure on this police department. Or at least list he phone number of the someone in the department that people can call. It makes a difference. this is the second dog he has shot in a year? He is a danger to people and animals alike!

    Mo Arthur · Top Commenter
    just goes to show that you never involve the pigs in anything, only bad things come of it… better move would have been to just remove the offender on your own… there is a reason they are called law enFORCEment officers and not peace officers anymore

    Helen Heinle
    I am very sorry this happened. I hope Ammo will recover completely. I love all my animals like family, and I have many. I have sent a respectful e-mail to the sheriff’s dept. in your county regarding my thoughts and opinions on this. I sincerely hope they will take it to heart. There is way too much of this type of thing going on. People with a fear of dogs are poor candidates for law enforcement. When on someone’s private property ( especially since you invited him there and were trying to alert them to a possible crime) every law enforcement officer should be respectful of that individual and their property as long as a violent crime isn’t taking place. If he is that frightened of dogs perhaps the deputy involved should look at pursuing another career. Our prayers are with you and Ammo- I hope the sheriff’s dept. will do the right thing and help you…I won’t be holding my breath on that however.

    Kyle Mack · Cooking at Chef
    That is really f’ed up and I can’t explain they take this stuff seriously in Maryland now cops in the county take two steps back for every step a dog takes towards them now

    Persephone Fluttershy Sweetie Kelin · Top Commenter
    im so glad she survived. shes lived up to her name (horrible joke I know)

    Vox Intimidatus
    Your dogs are a lot more valuable to society than that worthless fucking cop.

    Emmie Casano · Keller Graduate School of Management
    I wish your dog’s quick recovery…I’m really sad and sorry that this had happened for the innocent puppy.

    Kenneth Martin · Top Commenter · Valhalla High
    Same thing happened to a man i know Robert Litchfield … Clovis Police Department went to his home in the video the officer shot an non violent female American Pitbull terrier. Shot her threw her chest an laughed as the poor dog ran under the trailer home house.. I found the dog still bleeding an i was able to get the bullet out with a pair of needle nose pliers it was a long an grueling process trying to keep clean a massive wound like the one this female dog had.. After 2 weeks of changing gausses an neosporen an cleaning out the dead fleash with a pair of surgical sissors.. I was able to save the dogs life.. The Dog Never did walk well on her from left leg again.. that dog loved me an licked me every day until i had to leave.. Im 100% sure that dog will see me again in heavan.

    Abigail Faith Harrold · Top Commenter · Wilkes Community College
    This is disgusting. This makes me so mad, and it’s funny how the other dog he shot was also a bulldog. I HATE the bad reputation they have, A dog is how you raise it, no matter the breed. I had a pitbull when i was younger that was the biggest, sweetest baby, and he was fatally shot, because of ignorance like that. Bless her. She’s adorable. I hope she gets what she needs & gets to feeling better. & I hope he never gets to carry a weapon again, but knowing the justice system we have, I doubt he’ll be reprimanded. Best wishes to Ammo ~

    Charlotte Brunner · Top Commenter · Ball State
    Is there any legal recourse you might have for making the cop/police department pay for the dog’s surgery?

    Celeste Keenan · Top Commenter
    Chrissy you keep on keeping on for your four legged baby. He didn’t do anything wrong.

    Pinkii Roy · Top Commenter · City College (South City College) · 293 subscribers
    Seriously tht police officer is one asshole… hope Ammo recovers soon .. ♥ for Ammo

    Pinkii Roy · Top Commenter · City College (South City College) · 293 subscribers
    This people thinks since they serve the law & gt guns wid them..they can do whtevr they like..they dnt knw d value of a dog…they r man’s bestfrnd & innocent beings…keep on d protest..they need to learn a lesson

    Isaac Baker · Top Commenter · Hisel
    I’m very sorry, I hope your dog recovers. Damn, I hate police.

    Julie Ellis · Central Florida
    Chrissy, my heart goes out to you and your family. I report EVERY incidence of police shooting to my senator every time I see it. I suggest we all do the same.

    John Dubois · Works at The pic group
    thats what you get for trusting the police

    John Dubois · Works at The pic group
    Paul Winans when you have an iu of 80 what do you exspect they hire all the misfits

    Alberto Leal
    Hello Chrissy, I’m sorry about this situation that you are living.. that coward mother fucker pussy cop should pay for all of what he did to your baby. You should hire a good lawyer to make the police department to pay for all the treatment and the surgery that your little baby needs, because if it was the opposite way, if somebody shoot a police dog, this person would be in jail.. so the law should be the same for all animals. Family pets and any other animal shouldn’t be shot by police officers, and the police department shouldn’t hire pussy coward men to their departments. You are lucky to have your baby alive, and I really hope that she will recover very soon. We don’t need cops like that. If they are scared of a friendly dog, how can they defend us from a real dangerous man?

    Eric Ives · Top Commenter · Works at What is this work you speak of?
    chrissy, ammo is in my prayers as you are. if this cop doesn`t pay ammo`s doctor bill, i`d get a good lawyer. besides going for medical expenses, you should also push for punishment for this jerk. to lie about the reason for the shooting should be firing offense and the department should NOT cover for ANY cop who uses his weapon and lies about it.

    Mark Evans · Top Commenter · Robert E. Lee High School
    this cop should be charged with animal crulity and have to pay the bill if dog 800.00 if dies then he should be sued for even more 15,000.00or 20,000.00 .and fired also should not be allowed a gun at all

    John A Warren · Top Commenter · City Carrier at Salmon, Idaho Post Office
    He should voluntarily pay the vet bill, However I disagree with the sue, sue, sue mentality, it goes against what we are taught by The Bible. Forgive and move on. It is not right what this POS did, but it is not made right by “suing to get massive amounts of retribution. Only the Tax Payer will pay, not the cop.

    Eric Ives · Top Commenter · Works at What is this work you speak of?
    John A Warren i disagree john. forgive, yes. but this jerk used his weapon and LIED about it. he should be FIRED. if he gets away with this, what if he shoots a person and lies about it? do we just forgive and forget? there HAS to be consequences for illegal actions. if he won`t pay voluntarily, he should be MADE to pay. why should this young woman have to pay for a rotten cop`s actions?

    Joshua Montgomery · Top Commenter · Bay de Noc Community College
    478-986-3489 sgt little is the shooter and will be in at 8am 9/25 everyone call and let him know what a pussy he is

    Joshua Montgomery · Top Commenter · Bay de Noc Community College
    so I just got off the phone with sgt little…and his name says it all “little” bitch….guy didn’t even want to talk to me,hung up….I will give him he told me to have a nice day

    Douglas Krause · Escanaba, Michigan
    What a fucking loser. Power hungery bitch. He needs to lose his job and pay for the surgeries that Ammo will need.

    Hugo Cardenas · Top Commenter · Audiophile at GLR – Grupo Latino de Radio
    i just called, he is not in yet, will try later! what a POS

    Wade Dewell · Top Commenter · Works at Cannabis Activist

    John Rytkönen · Top Commenter · Vantaan ammattiopisto Varia
    rather knees and lower back.. hospitalize the fuckers permanently

    Katia Watson
    I understand the feeling. I’d love for us all to use different insults if we can though…I mean…pigs? Pigs are INFINITELY better than humans who do stuff like this! It always floors me because humans can be so malicious…but animals aren’t. He’s not a pig/ roach/ snake/ rat etc.- those are all animals, and innocent. What he is…is a disgusting and abominable excuse for a ‘human being’ that needs to lose his job, undergo extensive psychiatric evaluations, and possibly serve jail time. Just imho 🙂

    Kev Keo Silent-Ugh
    I have a pet pig and he is offended that you would refer to this vile POS as a pig.

    Jessica Ericsson · Jackson, New Jersey
    Kev Keo Silent-Ugh coool.

    Persephone Fluttershy Sweetie Kelin · Top Commenter
    for the sake of your lovely pet piggy, we shall call shitty Police Offcers “poop heads” (but PS not all cops are bad, were I live I have introduced my dog to all cops in the area who now know him by name) its just the ones who have no respect for the annimals we love

    Alan Joseph · Top Commenter · Business Owner at Spero Publishing
    The police in this country are certainly making themselves look like our enemies, aren’t they? They turn their weapons on people in handcuffs, run over suspects who’ve fallen, beat people who have surrendered, punish people who make reports by killing their dogs or by beating them, and more. Its getting to be constant. Way back in the 1770s, Americans had a way of dealing with an intolerable government. MY oath of enlistment doesn’t expire…show me the enemy.

    Aaron Crandall · Hillsboro, Oregon
    Yes this was tragic, yes it was horrible and I do think the police officer should be punished. But calling for more violence to beget violence solves no problem. Saying someone should be shot in the head or hospitalized is disgusting. Gandhi said it best when he wrote, I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.

    Terran Steinberg · Top Commenter · Emerson Preparatory School
    We have to have units of the National Guard deal with out-of-control police; the civilian government cannot control them. if this story is true, the only justice could be had is another, stronger force showed up and neutralized the officer. Any attempt at discipline by the local civilian government will be a joke-the beatings and hard prison time this officer need won’t be forthcoming; he needs rough treatment at the hands of soldiers.

    Barry Dworak · Top Commenter
    He has a powerful union to protect him from any accountability. We “civilians” and our pets? Not so much.

    Matt Schnackenberg · Top Commenter
    Another perfect example why you should never contact the police.

    Kevin Rinier · Top Commenter · Lecanto High School
    their dickheads for sure

    Deborah Granese · Top Commenter · Crossposter at Dog Rescue · 615 subscribers
    Here you have an upstanding citizen making the Police aware of a possible stolen vehicle on their property and they shoot the citizen’s dog for no reason? Something is very wrong in this country and that trigger happy Cop needs to be fired and the Police Dept sued for damages!

    Fur Babies Rescue · Works at Animal Rescue
    Not understanding this????? What was the reason the police SHOT the dog????

    Mary Hemphill
    Happens alll the time for no good reason. Please post this on the site: Dogs shot by police. It is a place to keep track of these events and create public awareness.

    Deborah Granese · Top Commenter · Crossposter at Dog Rescue · 615 subscribers
    There was no reason, the dog was outside doing her business, smelling the ground and wagging her tail.

    Heidi Hanson · Top Commenter · Works at Retired
    Deborah, because it was there and they saw it. Never call the police. If they dont shoot you they WILL kill your pets.

    Kat Griffing · Top Commenter · Works at Mayo Support Center

    Patrice Brandt · Top Commenter · St. Clair Shores, Michigan

    Jim Fallin · Top Commenter · Internet Director at BOB BOAST VOLKSWAGEN
    This is a crime committed with a firearm. I think this should have a 10 year prison sentence just like if I committed a crime with a firearm. (In FL it is a min 10 year sentace for any crime with a gun. 20 years if it is fired in the act of a crime and 30 to life if there is a murder). If I went to this officer’s house and shot his pet I would be in prison for 10 or 20 years in my state. I demand the same for him

    Eric Ives · Top Commenter · Works at What is this work you speak of?
    agreed, deborah

    Lori Miller
    Shooting a harmless animal is as ignorant as shooting an unarmed person or a child. This cop should be fired and never allowed to own a gun again. He should be lucky that he wasn’t shot in return, which to me would have been a fair retort!!!!

    Charlotte Brunner · Top Commenter · Ball State
    I agree. This man should not be allowed to own a gun ever again. This is a very good example of IRresponsible gun ownership.

    Anna Hodge Clifton · Independent Consultant at DMM LLC
    the cop should pay for Ammo surgery! the owner of this puppy was trying to be a good citizen and turn in a criminal and she and her puppy had to suffer! kinda makes you wonder if its worth helping the cops track down bad guys if the cops are going to turn out to be as bad! just saying!

    Carol Batten · Top Commenter
    Hell they’re worse and I’m sure it wasn’t worth it.

    Ill Will · Kirtland Community College
    That cop should be fired. Heartless bastard! Who shoots a 10 week old puppy?

    Maria Curtis
    You misread that. It was a 10 month old puppy. Which is still horrible.

    Michael Sanders · Top Commenter · Import Specialist at CEVA Logistics
    Fired? yeah Fired at his fucking head.

    Stephen McGrath · Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
    I had a close call with our local police. First off I will say nothing would have happened if I didn,t miss a court date and I should stop there but I won,t. While a police office was busy going through my backpack my dog an Australian shepherd that was almost 14 years old and had a difficult time walking because of severe arthritis came walking out of my house with his tail wagging and was headed for my and as he pasted by 15 feet away the officer dropped my pack and I guess he wanted to take out his frustrations of not finding anything in my pack to hassle me about quickly produced a type of baton that snapped out to full length headed towards my dog from behind another officer walked around the corner and snapped his out leaving my odd trapped between to two officers I quickly yelled to my driend in the house to grab my dog and he pulled my dog in within about one to two seconds before these officers would have easily killed my dog if they would have hit him or spayed him with mace. My did had a very difficult time breathing and I was so shocked that they would have killed my dog without the slightest hesitation . That dog went everywhere I went for the past 13 and haft years and he truly was like my best friend. He had such an great personality. I know the officer will get his in the end and if we were lucky maybe a little sooner. My heart goes out to you for having to go though the insane situation and I hope your dog has a speedy recovery.

    Michael Loflin · Top Commenter · High Point Central High
    I hope some one puts a bullet thru the cops head. They can then say, he charged at them.

    Eric Loflin · Linehaul Driver at FedEx Charlotte
    I’m sorry your honor. He drew his gun and I felt threatened. I only fired to protect myself.

    Danny Easterling · Top Commenter · UT Dallas
    Time to fire and prosecute these out of control storm troopers. If not that, its time to start measuring rope.

    Heidi Hanson · Top Commenter · Works at Retired
    Never never never call the police. Someone or yout pets are going to die. They feel compelled to shoot something if they have the opportunity to do so EVERY TIME. Dont believe anything they say about not shooting your animals because that is WHAT THEY LIKE TO DO.

    Dereck Street · Truck Driver at Bread Alone Bakery and Cafe

    Jason Slupski · Top Commenter

    Rin Bradford · Top Commenter · Murray State University
    Sent a complaint to the office. That’s disgusting! My world would crumble if something happened to my dogs! The officer would have to shoot me because I’d jump him if anyone hurt my dogs! My heart goes out to you and your pup!

    Rosanne Landers · Works at ServiceMaster Clean
    Me too. I’d WANT the cop to shoot me.

    Arthur MedicineEagle Sonier · Top Commenter
    That cop is a piece of shit murdering a dog,I bet he would human beings too while they are unarmed.
    He should be fired!

    Carol Cannon · Swartz Creek High School
    A lot of cops all over they country is killing people dogs just for the pure meanness and for no reason. We had a cop up here shot a dog but he had a good reason the dog was attacking people and it went after him and the owners didn’t keep the contain and they where warned about it more than once.

    Alicia Maddest Hatter · Registered Nurse at Hospital
    This is horribly sad… Though, as a dog owner, I question the actions of this woman. If I knew that a strange person would be entering my property, each of my dogs would be inside my house, contained in a safe environment. This lady obviously knew that her dogs may be perceived as a threat. Why, then, did she leave the dogs out with access to the armed officers? I don’t believe this sheriff was in the right, but obviously there was a responsiblity deficit here.

    Chrissy Musick
    We had every intent for the animals to be in the house. Half Pint was in the house when the shooting happened. But Ammo had to potty. She held it as long as she could, and Kyle had no way of knowing when the sheriffs would be coming.

    Alicia Maddest Hatter · Registered Nurse at Hospital
    Chrissy Musick Well I am glad to hear that you all were trying to be careful. I have Doberman Pinschers so whether its a cable guy, utility worker, landscaping guy, my dogs are brought in. Once again, this is a sickening display of police use of force bordering on brutality. I sincerely hope that you all get some comfort in this officer being punished. I am praying for Ammo, she is very pretty and looks like a loving animal.

    Lorraine Keshner · Top Commenter
    Alicia… he was a puppy !! The officer had a mental defect of some kind and should not be allowed to carry a firearm… End of story. Sorry to say… even putting the puppy in a locked room may not have saved him, as other incidents involving the murder of our animals that have occurred can back that up.

    Lynne Jarvis · Cardinal Stritch University
    I am guessing the only reason Chrissy had to ask officers not to hurt her dogs was, not because they are dangerous, but because of the unwarranted, preconceived assumption that all bully type breeds are killers. We are seeing way to many senseless killings with flimsy-ass reasons for doing so. This has got to stop. If the energy put into the tragic murder of these dogs was redirected at catching the pos who abuse and fight them, there would be so much less heartache. Our country could use a boost in character and integrity when it comes to respecting animals.

    Sara Cooper · Shift Leader at Papa John’s Pizza
    She is a 10 month old pitbull/mastiff mix. police are known to shoot and kill pits for NO REASON! I have a 5 month old boxer/lab mix (Gunner) who everyone thinks is pit. i would have to ask the officer not to harm my dog as well. he is full of energy and loves EVERYONE. the officer had no business shooting Ammo!!!!!!!!!!

    Leigh Lamb
    How come any time something awful happens, there’s ALWAYS someone willing to blame the victim? WE HAVE TO HOLD THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE TO A HIGHER STANDARD, not blame the people who owned the animal that was shot!

    Fred Yates · Day Trader at Stock Market Investing
    It’s a sad tragedy and I feel for the dog. Alicia had a great point. There’s more food for thought here in the event that police need to be called and the dogs cannot be contained indoors for whatever reason. Put the dog on a temporary chain or leash if the dog is aggressive and MUST be outside while armed strangers are around.

    Annie Cargirl · Top Commenter · Cookie Girl at I like dogs. And art.
    Fred Yates the dog WASN’T aggressive. Dogs have often been shot by officers WHILE CHAINED OR LEASHED.
    Now what?

    Darrell E. Cota · Top Commenter · Fort Benning, Georgia
    Chrissy Musick She should have been on leash FOR HER PROTECTION from unwarranted reactions. . Pit bull owners HAVE to guard against mistakes.

    Sheri Miller · Top Commenter
    my dog was a puppy when we rescued him and he would not have thought twice about charging at and biting someone. if I am going into someone yard and their dog charges at me and I do not know the dog then how am I suppose to know the dog is friendly?

    Maxime Latrémouille · Top Commenter · École secondaire Grande-Rivière
    Save the dog and shoot the cop!

    April Endicott-Hewes
    For people who keep saying the dog wouldn’t have been shot if it was on a leash, not only does the dog have a right to be in its own front yard, but there are several instances around the country where dogs were shot by police while on a lease…one where a man was holding his dogs collar in his own fenced back yard. A non aggressive dog. And to those complaining about her waiting for donations to have the surgery…no vet I have ever heard of will do surgery without payment first, even if the injuries are life threatening. They will offer to euthanize, or have you sign over rights, but always demand payment first. Of course there could be a vet out there who would, I could be wrong, but I personally have never heard of one.

    Unity Nowe · Top Commenter
    I must say, I would more than likely be in jail and probably facing the death penalty for killing a cop. Oh well, that would just have to be the case. My dogs are my kids, period. The dogs who happen to do the cop’s jobs are considered the same as cops. My dog is the same as anyone’s child. End of story. I wish Ammo (ironic?) all the best and a speedy recovery. Little doesn’t know how lucky he is to have shot such a nice person’s dog. In my opinion, He owes you big time, Chrissy

    Jillyan ‘Fox’ Brennan · Charlotte, North Carolina
    From what I recall from my forensic science classes in high school and college.. the first signs of someone most likely to commit a murderous, homicidal or fatal crime is animal cruelty without remorse. Sgt. Little obviously had no remorse for shooting a friendly puppy who was just sniffing around. This is the man who took an oath to “Protect” humans? This man needs to be evaluated and his weapon suspended while doing so. This really strikes a nerve with me. I have no respect for police anymore. You don’t get respect for wearing a badge until you show me respect. I’m not asking for much, just the common respect anyone should give their fellow human.

    Kenny Courville · Top Commenter
    First off I would have never called the police. Not for any reason. If my dog ever gets shot by anyone, they will have the same coming. Pigs do go home. Very few are peace officers now days. The majority are nothing but unwanted revenue collectors & don’t care about people or their pets. Welcome to the police state. I have never given such a disgraceful group of gang thugs authority over me regardless what those idiots think & neither should anybody else. I’m sorry to hear about this heartless act. At least he should be sued. I do wish her well.

    Angie Hammonds Capp · Top Commenter · Macon, Georgia
    I was raised in that County. We grew up calling it Jones COUNTRY because the law believes they can do what ever they want, when they want, to whomever they want just because they are law(what a joke for that county for the most part). I know that there are just a couple of cops that human and care about the people. Other than that it is the “good ole boys” bullcrap. IN THE LAST 20 YEARS THAT COUNTY HAS BEEN HEADING DOWN HILL FAST BECAUSE OF THE OFFICIALS AND THE LAW THERE.

    Amanda Featherston · Claims Service Representative at GEICO
    Chrissy, I am so sorry this happened to your baby. I hope she makes it. I’m a resident of Jones County and there are always cops patrolling the neighborhood because of a string of robberies a month ago. I would be devastated if any of my perfectly harmless and sweet dogs were treated this way. This is absolutely awful and sickening.

    Kelly Irwin · Hull, Quebec
    This is police brutality and a blatant misuse of power. I’m so sorry this happened. $800.00 is an awful lot of money to have to pay for surgery. Maybe Sergeant Little should have some paychecks cut for a little while….

    Mary Carpenter · Top Commenter · Seminole State College of Florida
    That cop should lose his job. NOW. Was this poor dog on a leash? Doesn’t sound like it, so the owner has to take some of the blame.

    Megan Baker · Owner at Megan Baker
    It sounds like the dog was in his own yard. A person should be allowed to have their dog without a leash in their own yard.

    Shanna S. Thibodeaux · Top Commenter · School of Hard Knocks
    If an animal is on their own property they are not breaking any laws and have no responsibility in the heinous actions of the police.

    Robbin Banks · Works at Unemployed Welder
    They need a Dale Cregan incident in the U.S

    Jacque Avant · Top Commenter · Jones County High School Gray, GA
    OMG this is the county where I have lived almost all my life and I have not heard a word about this. this makes me sick. I never thought our sheriff’s dept would be guilty of this. there needs to be an investigation of this matter, I am so very disappointed in our sheriff and his depupties that they are like the rest of the police in this country. Shooting innocent animals. I pray that Ammo will recover. Poor baby.

    Katie Straka · Top Commenter · Miami University · 114 subscribers
    More often than not I am more afraid of the police these days than the so called bad guys. Anymore policemen seem to have a superiority complex who believe they make the laws as they go and that they themselves are above the law. What the heck has happened to this messed up country? I hope Ammo pulls through!

    Stephanie Webster
    My brother is not like that and would ever do that… This horrible incident was just don’t by someone evil. Cop or not!

    Gina Profeta
    Hi Chrissy, this is just sickening, what is wrong with these cops!!!!! This is horrible, the cop didn’t have to get out of the car and shoot your dog. He could have waited until you came out and got the dog!!! these cops have no right shooting people’s animals!! Please get a lawyer and sue them!! He needs to lose his job!! Is she okay now?

    Robin Levenson · High School of Art and Design
    She is asking for donations. She is waiting for people to give her money to have her dog operated on to save its life. Does not sound like the truth.

    Annie Cargirl · Top Commenter · Cookie Girl at I like dogs. And art.
    Robin Levenson how the hell do you know what sounds like the truth? Being the mod of a page that is entirely about the subject of police shootings of dogs, I can tell you that we’ve seen nearly this exact circumstance time and again. Many people do not have the funds available to pay for an expensive emergency surgery. And since this dog was injured through no fault of their own, they shouldn’t have to worry that their dog is going to die because they happen to not have a lot of money. Before you go around judging what is and isn’t the truth, how about you walk a mile in their shoes first?

    Pongo Pigpen · Top Commenter · Head of the yarn at Wankynoodlefuckbollocks sock knitter
    Sorry you had to suffer this horrific idiotic experience Chrissy…it’s time this moron was held to account and if there is any justice he should be forced to pay your vet’s bill and substantial damages. Maybe if this happens the cretin would think twice next time. Best wishes and prayers for Ammo XXX Get well soon.

    Christy Marlene Powers Ray
    it sounds lik ethe man is afraid of dogs , not a good quality for a man who carries a gun .
    he needs to get over his fear . I handle dogs on a daily basis some not so nice -funny Ive never had to shoot one .I HOPE THIS PUP MAKES A FULL RECOVERY AND THE OFFICER IS MAULLED BY A PACK RABID DOGS!

    Pete Garza · Car puller / order selector at Covey Auto Express
    Sad story but if the dog was on a leash the officer would not have shot , and a 10 month old pit mastiff mix is a big fucking dog im not saying what the officer did was right but this Kyle guy should take some of the blame for letting the dog out without a leash or harness

    Rob Chilly Willy Wold · Top Commenter · Florida State University
    Doesnt need to be on a leash in its own yard and or drive way!

    Larry Diffey · Top Commenter
    FUCK YOU GARZA a dog does not need to be on the leash in his own yard. And the cops were already told it was not aggressive. The dog was not aggressive.

    Eddie Neely · Top Commenter · FJC
    Rob Chilly Willy Wold believe what you want but this Dog would not have been shot if it was on a leash genius…

    Eddie Neely · Top Commenter · FJC
    Larry Diffey you sure do have a nasty mouth even for a retard…

    Annie Cargirl · Top Commenter · Cookie Girl at I like dogs. And art.
    Eddie Neely speaking of nasty mouths.

    Tina Hernandez · Yuba City, California
    What a prick. Sorry for my language but this sickens me. Cops think they are above the law and need to be investigated too. I would slap the hell out of that officer and gladly go to jail afterwards
    Reply · 1 · · 14 hours ago
    Gayla Garcia · Grant High School
    omg pisses me off me too girl I hate gun happy freaks wtf did he really think his life was in danger? I would of been in custody if I was there too urrrrrrrr!

    Fred Max Evans · Top Commenter · FUBAR University-International Dept.
    They think they are God and with a badge and a gun they shoot freely anyone and anything.These pigs suck and they should be shot in the ass because their head is full of SHIT.

    Monica Glaser · Top Commenter
    Damn bastards are killing more and more dogs all the time! I’m so sick and tired of these trigger happy cowards!

    Tony Bondi · West High School, Bakersfield, CA
    Cops need to be shot. I’ve yet to see humanity in a police officers eyes. They’re all heartless sob’s

    Corrine Cramer · Cashier at Family Dollar
    There was no reason what so ever for the cop to shoot the dog. The cops that do stuff like this need to be punished

    Chris Davis · Top Commenter
    i keep seeing stories of cops doing this more and more, i swear to be a cop anymore you have to be an asshole

    Rob Chilly Willy Wold · Top Commenter · Florida State University
    If a cop shots my dog…better be well prepared to receive fire from me!!! Plain and simple!!!

    Shaye Hengst · Top Commenter · Los Angeles, California
    wow.. sounds like Sgt LITTLE is lacking in ALOT of ways n is gun crazy to make up 4 it.. what a douche bag

    Tammy Brown
    Contact fox 24 or 13 wmaz I’m sure they would love this story!

    Kelly Brinkert
    This isn’t a lack of training but a lack of humanity

    Ken Raines · Clinton, Illinois
    I can only hope the cop gets one or two in the head someday

    Rum Runner · Orange Park, Florida
    Fucking piece of shit cops!!

    Charlotte Brunner · Top Commenter · Ball State
    This makes me afraid should the police ever need to come to my house for any reason. My dogs mean more to me than I can say. Both are bigger than average dogs but neither is aggressive. One of them, though, is a rescue greyhound and greyhounds have a tendency to “smile” and “chatter” when they’re excited, which means they lift up the front of their upper lip and snap their jaws together repeatedly (while wagging tails!) It is NOT aggressive behavior but I can see how someone might interpret it so. Both dogs are extremely front-door-curious and visitor-curious. If something like this happened to one of them I would be devastated. I am angry and teary-eyed just looking at the picture of Ammo after she was shot. That “cop” needs to be fired and charged the cost of Ammo’s surgery. (He should be clamoring to be allowed to pay it as it is, to help compensate for the damage he has done! Instead he is hiding and saying nothing. Fucking selfish coward.)

    Jerry Caldwell
    Chrissy Musick…….I am very sorry about your dog. It just really infuriates me that the police would shoot your dog like that. I wonder what these police officers think about “stand your ground” laws? When we’re preached at incessantly by the politically correct crowd about our duty to retreat in the face of blatant thuggery, I wonder how they can justify an officer just pulling his weapon out and just shooting your dog like this without any provocation at all? I guess they consider stand your ground a necessary right for a police officer to shoot to kill for no reason at all, but unjustified for the rest of us when we’re under attack. Hypocritical for sure. I hope your dog recovers soon and I hope you sue the pants off the officers that did this to Ammo.

    Tamara Barry · Owner/Operations Manager at Frobiotic Dog
    Wanted to let you know I just wrote a letter and emailed it directly to the sheriff’s dept in support of you, your dogs and your heart. I expressed my feelings, what I believe should be done to the officer and that he or/and the sheriff’s dept should pay for any and all veterinarian bills. I am so sorry this happened to you.

    Tom Boggs · Top Commenter · Clemson Alum
    Please sue this city or county for a large sum of money! There are tons of lawyers out there who will take the case for a cut. It seems like far too many cops of today are a bunch of cowards and sissies and think that gun makes them a big man! I believe this coward cop will pull his gun on the wrong person one day and his ass will pay!

    Julie Ellis · Central Florida
    Guys, I know we all are pissed as hell..but if Christy and her family have any chance at getting justice, we all need to be polite but firm. Please do not threaten officers, it makes their case weak. PLEASE. If you aren’t going to help, then back off.

    Tony Morgan
    ….And they wonder WHY citizens are shooting back? In Maryland, it is open season on pets, Downs syndrome children & adults and the Autistic. Sickens me that “1984” is occurring in 2014…..

    Randy Lucas · Top Commenter · Writer/Comedian at CBS
    shoot my dog.. ill ill kill the cop that did it i dont give a fuck ill go to prison fuck them. cops will get whats coming to them here pretty soon the american people wont tolerate this crap for much longer dorner was on to something

    Matt Chappell · Cook at Fast Eddies Sports Cafe
    Bless you & Ammo, ppl wonder why so many ppl have no respect for police. It is because of degenerates like that cop! Take his badge away and charge him! I’ll go to jail gladly for spitting on his face.

    Kyle Gerardi · Top Commenter · Writer/Director/Producer at Rosie Video
    Police are getting more and more scary every year. Would love to get the fuck out of this country, but its kind of hard when your friends, family, job and material items are all stuck here. :/

    Eric Rossini · Grafton, Massachusetts
    HI Chrissy! Very brave of you to come forward with this story. Too many cops abuse their powers.

    Toni Jones · Works at Self Employed and Loving It!
    Shame on you! God will get ya for it!

    Tamara Barry · Owner/Operations Manager at Frobiotic Dog
    AND your beloved dogs!!!

    Chris Morton · Burkeville Junior – Senior High School
    The cop deserves a bullet.

    Deb Schroer · Top Commenter
    Absolutely ask for the Board of Commissioners to fire this man, and if that doesn’t work, then file a complaint against this department with the DOJ.

    Federal Civil Enforcement

    “Police Misconduct Provision”

    This law makes it unlawful for State or local law enforcement officers to engage in a pattern or practice of conduct that deprives persons of rights protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. (42 U.S.C. § 14141). The types of conduct covered by this law can include, among other things, excessive force, discriminatory harassment, false arrests, coercive sexual conduct, and unlawful stops, searches or arrests. In order to be covered by this law, the misconduct must constitute a “pattern or practice” — it may not simply be an isolated incident. The DO…See More

    Bonnie Blue Kennel · Top Commenter · Lexington, Ohio
    need to start shooting any cop or anyone else that enters on your property with a side arm drawn.. or draws one for no reason .. they are rouge cops and/or criminals… dangerous and should be considered as such.. they are a danger to people and property which is what they consider dogs as.. Being that they are dangerous and a threat it, only makes sense to protect your family and property from them .. I know that there are good cops out there and are no threat, but the rouge cops are.. and need to be thrown in jail, but if they are shooting a gun around your family and friends or on your property you have a right to defend yourself.. and your family and property

    Sheila Burkeen Mullinax · Top Commenter
    This policeman needs to be fired from is job as this is not the first time he has done something like this and needs also needs to be held responsible for the vet bill for you to get your animals treated and hopefully fully recovering form his injures. I am so disappointed in policeman that think that the badge they carry gives them the right to do whatever they want too. I understand why people do not like or trust policeman.

    Brenda Smith Carlson
    Ok every one the little Sgt. Little will not talk to you someone posted. They now gave some one fielding his calls saying he’s not there (maybe he’s out shooting more precious animals or babies) they ask if you want his voice mail and what you get it a woman’s voice…. Guess he is a cowardly pussy after all! Keep those calls going and the emails as well!!!!!

    Angie Kellermeyer Rhyner · Secretary at Anchorage School District
    What info can you give me on Ala Moana beach? Never stayed at that end and am curious. Thanks!

    April Teeter · Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters
    Is that facebook page correct? I noticed in the article the SD was “Jones County” and this took place in Georgia. That facebook link goes to Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in Scottsboro, AL. Not only that, but Sgt. Little isn’t named as part of the staff on that page.

    Cindy Henson Baker · Top Commenter
    This man has a record of shooting another pet. Is he afraid of dogs???? Police Chief needs to look into this, but I bet it is a good ole boys club. He had his weapon drawn when he was getting out of the car? For a DOG??? Shame on his cowardly POS who hides behind a badge and a gun. Chrissy, can you get his story on local TV?

    Athena Saphina Nagle · Paws School for Dogs
    The cop who shot her should be MADE to pay every last penny of her vet bills, what a disgrace he is, a real piece of work, poor poor ammo, this disgusts me, cops don’t do that here in Australia. Just plain wrong.

    Ryan Short · Top Commenter
    The officer should be charged with disorderly conduct, or something… and pointing a deadly weapon without cause at your boyfriend doesn’t sound like it was at all justified…

    Isaac Pentlin · Top Commenter · York Technical College
    I don’t like it at all. there is a thing with police shooting pit bulls. there was one shot in north carolina this week.awful. (7% of officers are bad. it is the other 3% you need to watch.

    Sandy Pegg · Top Commenter
    This is just another B/S from jones county so called cops (LITTLE) Is his name and what he is it takes a real looser to do this hope she gets better soon hope you can get jones county on this

    Vicki Short
    The City should be obligated to pay for the poor pups surgery!!!!! What a douchebag!!!!! I hope Ammo gets his needed surgery.

    Gladis Manoppo
    And yet nothing has been done by government to all this police act God???? Something really wrong there.

    onlyed (signed in using yahoo)
    I totally believe everything I read on a cop-hate site called POLICE STATE USA. I mean, why would they lie?

    Patrice Brandt · Top Commenter · St. Clair Shores, Michigan

    Chris Lincoln · Systems Administrator at
    Where can I contribute to hiring an attorney? This is beyond outrageous.

    Vibeke Hansen · Top Commenter · Porcelænsmaler
    danich : hunden er uskyldig her- kan politiet ikke se at det er en god hund ?

    • Tor, Is it really necessary to copy and paste every ass-hat comment on this ridiculous story of self-inflicted violence? The broad is an idiot in the “broadest” sense.

      • Objectively, her dog being shot or worse is what a rational person would expect to happen. No argument there.

        Having been a student of comment sections for a long time, though not so many needed to be posted by me, they are clear evidence we are winning in the court of public opinion.

        Here are some expected stories. Ones that stay inside-the-box of discussion where our “official libertarian handlers” work very hard to keep us confined to:

        Mises Institute on shutting down the Govt on 10-1

        As a Confederate battle flag rises along I-95, an American flag is unfurled in Richmond

        Aren’t you thrilled they’re shutting down the government!

        Which flag do you think is the best flag, MoT? Maybe the Gadsen Flag, it warns others: “Don’t Tread On Me!” Kind of like live and let live, with a threat. Plus – it’s got a badass snake!

        Cross Fit Openly Exercises Its Libertarian Views

        Your point of excess verbiage for a lost cause is well taken. I’d rather screw up occasionally though, than go down the libertarian road to serfdom, and I’m sure you don’t want this to be the CATO Institute of Advanced Serfdom either, right?

        You know that when the libertarian flag is the most flown flag, when the libertarian anthem is the most sung anthem, when the libertarian party is the most voted for party, our battle to live free will still be far from over, we still won’t be free, right?

        • Tor, honestly I can’t thing of a flag to rally around at the moment. Political parties are, to me at least, an exercise in mental masturbation while having ones pockets picked in real time by the present power structures. That’s how they like it and to think that by playing within the sandbox as it’s set up will result in honest to god changes is so fantastical I’d suggest everyone light up a doobie and then you’d definitely “see changes” damn quick.

          Screw em!

          To go back to your flag idea… I’m so anti government and anti cop right now that I’d likely have some red or black banner with a hand on it with the middle finger extended… Maybe two capitalized letters underneath for the texting generation to understand: F.U.

          • “some red or black banner”

            I like this one:


            And this one:


            I’d really like to have a flag with this on it:


            Seems like they’re all about the same as some red or black banner with a hand on it with the middle finger extended… I imagine it’s possible the texting generation could come to understand it has an F.U. quality to it?

            Maybe? …Or maybe not?

          • Anti-Flag – Turncoat

            Turncoat! Killer! Liar! Thief! Criminal with protection of the law! Go!

            States lies dressed up as evening news. We’re tired of lies we want the truth. Broadcast by corpses courting you. We’re tired of lies we want the truth. Most people they will never know. We’re tired of lies we want the truth. With you or against you? Then I am against you because you’re a…

            Turncoat! Killer! Liar! Thief! Criminal with protection of the law! Go!

            In your corner. Makes me wanna. Douse myself in gasoline! Civil servants fall in line for you. Too brainwashed to see the truth. You use anyone you can! Turncoat! Killer! Liar! Thief! Criminal with protection of the law! Go!
            – – – –

            If – J.R. Kipling – Freemason

            If you can keep your head when all about you
            Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
            If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
            But make allowance for their doubting too;
            If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
            Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
            Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
            And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;

            If you can dream—and not make dreams your master; If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with triumph and disaster And treat those two imposters just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools;

            If you can make one heap of all your winnings
            And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
            And lose, and start again at your beginnings
            And never breath a word about your loss;
            If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
            To serve your turn long after they are gone,
            And so hold on when there is nothing in you
            Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on”;
            If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
            Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch;
            If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
            If all men count with you, but none too much;
            If you can fill the unforgiving minute
            With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
            Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
            And—which is more—you’ll be a Man my son!
            – – –

            The Mother Lodge – J.R. Kipling

            THERE was Rundle, Station Master,
            An’ Beazeley of the Rail,
            An’ ‘Ackman, Commissariat,
            An’ Donkin’ o’ the Jail;
            An’ Blake, Conductor-Sergeant,
            Our Master twice was ‘e,
            With im that kept the Europe-shop,
            Old Framjee Edu1jee.
            Outside – ” Sergeant! Sir! Salute! Salaam!
            Inside – ‘Brother,” an’ it doesn’t do no ‘arm.
            We met upon the Level an’ we parted on the Square, An’ I was junior Deacon in my Mother-Lodge out there!

            We’d Bola Nath, Accountant,
            An’ Saul the Aden Jew,
            An’ Din Mohammed, draughtsman
            Of the Survey Office too;
            There was Babu Chuckerbutty,
            An’ Amir Singh the Sikh,
            An’ Castro from the fittin’-sheds,
            The Roman Catholick!

            We ‘adn’t good regalia,
            An’ our Lodge was old an’ bare,
            But we knew the Ancient Landmarks,
            An’ we kep’ ’em to a hair;
            An’ lookin’ on it backwards
            It often strikes me thus,
            There ain’t such things as infidels,
            Excep’, per’aps, it’s us.

            For monthly, after Labour,
            We’d all sit down and smoke
            (We dursn’t give no banquets,
            Lest a Brother’s caste were broke),
            An’ man on man got talkin’
            Religion an’ the rest,
            An’ every man comparin’
            Of the God ‘c knew the best.

            So man on man got talkin’,
            An’ not a Brother stirred
            Till mornin’ waked the parrots
            An’ that dam’ brain-fever-bird.
            We’d say ’twas ‘ighly curious,
            An’ we’d all ride ‘ome to bed,
            With Mo’ammed, God, an’ Shiva
            Changin’ pickets in our ‘ead.

            Full oft on Guv’ment service
            This rovin’ foot ‘ath pressed,
            An’ bore fraternal greetin’s
            To the Lodges east an’ west,
            Accordin’ as commanded.
            From Kohat to Singapore,
            But I wish that I might see them
            In my Mother-Lodge once more!

            I wish that I might see them,
            My Brethren black an’ brown,
            With the trichies smellin’ pleasant
            An’ the hog-darn passin’ down;
            An’ the old khansamah snorin’
            On the bottle-khana floor,
            Like a Master in good standing
            With my Mother-Lodge once more.

            Outside – Sergeant! Sir! Salute! Salaam!’
            Inside- Brother,” an’ it doesn’t do no ‘arm.
            We met upon the Level an’ we parted on the Square, An’ I was Junior Deacon in my Mother-Lodge out there!

          • I can cook up a design with the best of them. Just give me some time and you’ll see. I just need to know how to insert a graphic into the comments section like everyone else knows how to do. Honestly I haven’t a clue.

      • I’m kind of glad he did. It was interesting reading the perspectives.
        I never would have gone to that website and read them.

        …And it’s not like this thread has an abundance of comments anyway.

        The time and place for it seemed ok to me.

        • I was about to vomit with the non-stop “prayers” for this knuckleheaded woman’s “babies”…. And we’re not talking human of course! Sweet Jeebus! These idiot women were all concerned for the dogs but somehow the logic of what the broad did to bring it about seems lost in the haze of touchy feeliness. If there is an indication of just how bereft of sanity, and the new lows American women have descended to, then this is a good example.

          • I hear ya, MoT. I hear ya.

            Howebber: when you say, “but somehow the logic of what the broad did to bring it about seems lost in the haze”… it was refreshing to read those comments that pointed out just that.

            It was like seeing a series of sparks before ignition.

            It might’ve even caused – contemplation – in some of them?

            Imagine if the thread had been barren of those types of sparks?

            …But it wasn’t!

  3. The moment Piggy holstered his gun, Kyle should’ve bum-rushed him, and beat him to death.
    If they send one of yours to the hospital, send ten of theirs to the morgue.
    they’ll come by one-at-a-time for a bit, you can probably get 2-3 just sitting and waiting.

    Then return the cars to them, with rags in the gas tanks – and have a nice BBQ.

    • I don’t have Sun Tzu’s Art of War handy, so I’m unsure if that’s the correct strategy. Nonetheless a discussion of Quid Pro Quo seems pertinent. Whatever the Quo is, it must mitigate the wrong, weaken the enemy, and keep any future Quids at bay; all the while reinstating the wronged individual to her original status prior to the occurrence of the harmful event.

      The Cosa Nostra Libertad, in English “Our Libertarian Thing” would significantly differ from the criminal syndicates of Sicily, Italy.

      It would be loose assymetrical internet commentaries of quasi-criminals who share a common organizational blogging platform and whose code of conduct, and common enterprise is tp protect member sovereignty and the shared agora through soft-racketeering.

      Each blog “family”, “clan”, or “cosca”, could claim sovereignty over a territory, or over an issue, and keep its retributional anonymous soft-racketeering focused on the chosen area or cause. Its members could call themselves “netizens of honour”, the public could refer to them as “cybermafiosi.”

      Salvatore Giuliano the Bandit

      The Sicilian – Mario Puzo

      Sicilian Mafia


        Q.V. “Browncoats” (Admittedly fictional, but similar common marking is essential – maybe a small “III” tatoo in a known location?)

        I like the Casa Nostra concept – perhaps Tal’Mahe’Ra? (True Black Hand?)

        I’m just grabbing monikers, the reality is, a fragmented resistance – imagine 15 Dorners and 20 Unabombers, targeting appropriately?

        Call it whatever you want – it’s “The End.” Question then is, how do you turn it off? ‘Cause there’s only one rule about making a deal with Devil: DON’T.

  4. Another pup executed by uniformed clown. Never call the cops for help. That is something that should be included in the “common core” education of children. They inevitably create a problem where there was none.

    It’s sad that whenever I see a cop these days my brain automatically registers a threat.


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