Some Good News: Hero Cop Charged

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The following, originally posted at on Thursday November 1, 2012:

A District Heights police officer who shot a handcuffed man in the back as he fled from the officer’s custody was indicted Thursday on attempted murder in connection with the shooting, Prince George’s County prosecutors said.

Sgt. Johnnie Riley, an eight-year department veteran, also faces misconduct in office and assault charges stemming from the September shooting that paralyzed 26-year-old Kalvin Kyle from the chest down.

According to District Heights police, Sgt. Riley had arrested Mr. Kyle after he was stopped on a stolen motorcycle in the 6200 block of Foster Street. Mr. Kyle was placed in the back of a police cruiser but escaped and was shot in the back as he fled, said his attorney, Christopher Griffiths.

“The police officer had removed his shoes and handcuffed him and searched him, so he didn’t have a weapon,” Mr. Griffiths said. “All the officer had to do to stop him was to grab him.”


  1. That slimebag cop will feel he has been hard done by. None of his mates doing this to others ever got any kind of reprimand , so why should this piggy?

    Progress against slimebags comes one small step at a time.


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