Michigan AGW Executes Kid for Flashing His Lights

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This video is a few years old (2015) but many haven’t seen it, including me. I thought you might want see it. Rather, I think you need to see it.

It records a fatal traffic stop initiated by a Michigan AGW affronted by another driver flashing his headlights at him – apparently, because the AGW’s high beams were on.

The driver is a 17-year-old kid.

The kid is initially polite and tries to explain to the AGW why he flashed his headlights. He explains that he though the AGWs brights were on – and flashing headlights is a common way to convey that fact to a driver who may be oblivious to his brights blinding oncoming traffic.

Rather than accept this and let it drop, the AGW escalates:

When the kid tries to make a phone call, the AGW commences the Hut! Hut! Hutting! – ordering the teen out of the car, then threatening him with a Tazer.

Keep in mind, the kid pulled over, wasn’t remotely violent or threatening.

His offense – soon to be fatal – was failing to submit and obey.

The AGW – using IDF submission techniques – orders the kid to “get on the ground!” – in order to humiliate and degrade the kid. Who is a scrawny, unarmed and completely nonviolent 17-year-old kid. He hasn’t even committed a misdemeanor. The “safety” of the armed thug is mot in any danger.

But his Authority has been questioned. And that cannot stand.

“Get on your belly, right now!” the thug screams at the frightened kid. who is understandably baffled by the over-the-top escalation of the AGW.

The AGW then kicks the kid’s cell phone away and starts manhandlinghim, then Tazes him and then – seconds later – pumps seven shots into the kid’s back.

Deven Guilford is now six feet under.

His roadside executioner, “Sergeant” Jonathan Frost was – no surprise – cleared of any criminal responsibility for the summary execution.

This one ranks right up there with the murder of Daniel Shaver by AGW Philip Brailsford in Arizona. That murderous AGW was also acquitted of the murder he committed.

Guilford’s parents are suing the AGW and if they succeed, taxpayers will have to pay.

But “Sergeant” Frost won’t.

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  1. This incident reminds me of something somewhat similar that happened to me years ago; I think it’s about 20 years ago now.

    Anyway, I was traveling down I-195 in Jersey, and I had my high beams on. I found myself behind a cop who didn’t like this. That said, though he was annoyed, he wasn’t an obnoxious, overbearing, authoritarian asshole like the one in the video. The cop wrote me a ticket. I researched Title 39 of the NJ Statutes (that covers MV stuff) and carefully READ the statute. It talked about the oncoming car, mentioned distances, and so on. However, I was BEHIND the cop, which made me the FOLLOWING car, not the oncoming car. Ergo, the statute didn’t apply to what I did or what happened that night.

    To make a long story short, I went to court and fought the ticket. Though there were no points involved ($50 fine at the time), I wanted to see if I could win. When I showed the statute to the prosecutor and I pointed out the facts; when I pointed out that, given the wording of the law, it didn’t apply to what happened; therefore I could not be guilty OR innocent, since the law didn’t apply here. One of the big highlights of my life was seeing that prosecutor’s jaw hit the floor, big time!

    After he got over the shock of someone actually reading and understanding the law, he mumbled something about dismissing the charges, and that they wouldn’t make me come back… 🙂

    • Mark, they technically have a term for situations like that, where yer neither innocent nor guilty, because you’re not being tried for a law that applies to you- it’s called pleading “non-assumpsit”. But from what I’ve heard, most judges are ignorant of it and or simply won’t accept it as a pleading.

      Not letting people plead non-assumpsit, can really throw a wrench into one’s defense in such circumstances, ’cause technically, if you pleady “innocent”, all they have to do is prove that you committed the act in question, for them to win and you to lose; and if you plead “guilty”, naturally, then they are free to just impose the penalty on you.

      It’s like the bastards are creating a Catch-22 in which charging people with breaking laws which don’t even apply to them is actually a boon to them and almost a guaranteed conviction.

      Good for you for beating them!

    • I didn’t see the kid do anything that would CAUSE those kinds of injuries. That said, the situation never should have REACHED the point it did. The cop was an overbearing asshole; sorry, but there’s no other way to put it.

      • Yeah, the stinking pigs will escalate any situation with the immanent threat or use of violence, where none exists; and then act as though the victim was doing something untoward, causing them to act so!

        Typical schoolyard bully behavior!

        [140 lb. 6th-grader]: “But I had to punch that 60 lb. 3rd grader in the nose! He looked at me funny! I was afraid if I didn’t something, he would hit me! WAAAHHHHhhh!!!”

  2. The very fact that the family of the dead kid got $2.4M would indicate that the shooting was NOT justified.

    Given the circumstances, a first or second-degree murder charge isn’t justified, but how this wasn’t prosecuted for manslaughter, with an enhancement for under “color of authority”, escapes me. There is no evidence that the kid had a weapon or was trying to get the officer’s sidearm; so WHERE would it be “reasonable” for a trained and experienced peace officer, TWICE his size, to fear for his LIFE? Seven shots in the back? Yet more ‘reasonable’ to assume that the “Sergeant” simply “lost it”!

    No, this pathetic excuse for a senior police officer ought to have been FIRED, pronto, and should now be rotting in the Michigan State Penitentiary for five to ten years. It would be poetic justice to turn this badged dirtbag into the general population and see if the “Correctional” officers will bother to save his thug ass.

  3. Maybe the debt will be paid off by illegal immigrants, technology, a zero percent tax rate, or magic fairy dust, but the reality is that the US debt is increasing constantly, no one cares, and spending more money to reduce the debt will only lead to disaster.

    Debt didn’t work out too well for Rome, Germany, Japan, Greece, or Zimbabwe.

    Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    • It’s like a moron thinking that they can keep afloat by using one credit card to pay off another, while they charge more and more to pay their weekly expenses. That is the house of cards the American- nay, whole Western economy is.

      They have driven away our industry; Retail stores are folding faster than Superman on laundry day; the family is kaput…. and they’re flooding our streets with the lowest rung of have-nots to do the work that Americans will no longer do.

      We are living in historic times, when a wave of self-induced destruction is looming upon several continents, thanks to their “globalization”, where everything done in one place affects all others.

  4. Sad that this boy wasn’t a black kid. The result of such a roadside kid captured on bodycam would see that city burned to the ground and that state sponsored terrorist forever living in abject fear as would his children. Alas White Lives Don’t Matter.

    • the commentary is ironic because i can see the same two people on CNN blaming the cop no matter the evidence if the kid was black.

  5. This stuff infuriates me. That guy should be rotting in prison and the community should shun him. Business owners should have signs up saying killers not welcome. But sadly they won’t. When did it become our obligation to deescalate the situation?

    As to BrentP’s comment, years ago I was driving my pos Subaru and had a car come up behind me with what I thought were high beams on. Sat there for a while so I thought OK fine, hit the blinker moved over to the left and car followed so back to the right lane, lights come on, into a parking lot. Up comes the fat, overfed, rouided up, female AGW. No insurance card – Doh! Yep on the desk at home. OK so happened before, here’s a ticket take your card, see the judge they’ll dismiss it. Oh no not her, no insurance I’m impounding this car. OK, call insurance company, system down but girl says I can verify you have a policy with us. USAA, good people. Cop bitter as hell. Fine she says, get that card when you get home. I swear she wanted so bad to drag me out put that fat thigh in my back and a gun to my head. Too bad sister. The beligerance of these people blows me away. Won’t even elaborate on my last encounter. Accident, asked for blood test. OK, nothing to hide, arrested, holding cell, dumped at hospital, immediately in a room. Tubes, needles, bags of fluids. Doc says you could have died. Would the cops care? Hell no. Just doing their job… It’s getting to the point where most people I know from upper class to middle class are saying F the police. I agree. I’m fed up. Being a heli pilot, we’re almost always in the top 5 most dangerous jobs. Cops rarely make the top ten. Never heard a pilot whine about the danger. Cops – I just want to go home to my family at night. Yeah well so do we pal, we just don’t whine about it and have the gov covering their a$$.

  6. This stuff infuriates me. That guy should be rotting in prison and the community should shun him. Business owners should have signs up saying killers not welcome. But sadly they won’t. When did it become our obligation to deescalate the situation?

    As to BrentP’s comment, years ago I was driving my pos Subaru and had a car come up behind me with what I thought were high beams on. Sat there for a while so I thought OK fine, hit the blinker moved over to the left and car followed so back to the right lane, lights come on, into a parking lot. Up comes the fat, overfed, rouided up, female AGW. No insurance card – Doh! Yep on the desk at home. OK so happened before, here’s a ticket take your card, see the judge they’ll dismiss it. Oh no not her, no insurance I’m impounding this car. OK, call insurance company, system down but girl says I can verify you have a policy with us. USAA, good people. Cop bitter as hell. Fine she says, get that card when you get home. I swear she wanted so bad to drag me out put that fat thigh in my back and a gun to my head. Too bad sister. The beligerance of these people blows me away. Won’t even elaborate on my last encounter. Accident, asked for blood test. OK, nothing to hide, arrested, holding cell, dumped at hospital, immediately in a room. Tubes, needles, bags of fluids. Doc says you could have died. Would the cops care? Hell no. Just doing their job… It’s getting to the point where most people I know from upper class to middle class are saying F the police. I agree. I’m fed up. Being a heli pilot, we’re almost always in the top 5 most dangerous jobs. Cops rarely make the top ten. Never heard a pilot whine about the danger. Cops – I just want to go home to my family at night. Yeah well so do we pal, we just don’t whine about it and have the gov covering

    • Yup, and she (the AGW) had no real justification for the stop in the first place. Same thing has happened to me. Gone are the days when that point mattered. Do you guys remember a time not long ago, when, if there was no justification for a stop or no search warrant for a property search, then all ‘evidence’ gathered was deemed inadmissible? Or what about all the ‘prove your innocence’ crap involved with civil asset seizures, the irs, traffic stops, and now working its way into just about all branches of their system? These are all major Due Process violations…and therefore tyrannical.

      Ah hell, this is depressing, I’m going to go play the guitar and hang out with the dogs for a while….while I still can.

      As a side note…USAA is a good company, or at least was. And I too spent quite a bit of my career flying helicopters for one of the ‘nicer’ branches of AGW’s. Now, normally I should worry about doxxing myself, but ‘they’ already know everything about all of us so….whatever….shove that up your Utah data center.

  7. Well, the family (sort of) won in a lawsuit against this AGW…settled for 2.4 Million back in November 2017…to be paid by the taxpayers of course! I just spent some time reading the comment boards on the articles regarding this case posted on the local news websites back in Michigan at that time. Although there are a few people who can ‘see’, most commenters are absolute slaves tripping over themselves to justify the AGW’s actions and pander to this tyrannically corrupt system. If that was my son, I guarantee you that AGW would be summarily executed.

    Their claim is that they can kill someone if they fear for their own safety(quite subjective). By that logic, every single person who is pulled over by an AGW should be legally authorized to immediately kill the AGW as we should all fear for our safety anytime we are forced to interact with an entity that is allowed to kill us without consequence and who is trained to always ESCALATE for compliance/obedience of their law (enforcement officer) rather than DE-ESCALATE for civility (peace officer).

    I am not concerned with labeling a few good cops as bad, we have no choice but to assume that they are all bad just as they assume that all of us are criminals. F the police.

    • Hi Pirate,

      Lots of angles from which to view this atrocity. Here’s one:

      I looked up a pic of the AGW; big guy, grown man, at any rate. I am one myself – and even without “training” I am pretty confident I could physically handle a scrawny 17-year old kid, especially one not attacking me. That’s the linchpin of this, as I see it. What makes it roadside murder.

      The kid talked back – politely. That’s all. He did not try to drive away or come at the AGW with fists, let alone weapons. The AGW could see he was dealing with a kid – not a grown man. A kid who was being mildly argumentative. That’s all. Violence was utterly uncalled for. Grown men don’t beat on boys half their size over an argument. Let alone murder them.

      But the AGW – trained in IDF submissions tactics – reacted to this kid’s mild talking back as if the kid were a tatted felon jacked on speed and probably packing a Glock in his pants. It is insane and cruel and sick.

      Some of you reading this will remember – as I can – a time when arguing with a cop was routine. I was once that 17-year-old kid. I did what he did, or very similar – and in those days (the ’80s) it was done without it occurring to either party that it would lead to guns drawn and murderous violence. AGWs – back when they were just cops – didn’t order people to “get on the ground, now!” as a routine tactic, triggered by talking back to them. Because IDF submission tactics had not yet been adopted.

      AGWs – when they were still just cops – did not even put their hands on their weapons unless their lives were clearly in imminent danger – not because they “feared for their safety.” It was actually the case that most people regarded what was then styled “trigger happy” cops as psychotics; today, such cops are considered “heroes.”

      Take a look at the typical AGW in America today and compare his Hut! Hut! Hutted! and Tacticooled GI JOE appearance to the typical Chinese or Russian cop….

      • Agree with all points. I see the AGW/dog issue the same way. No dog, short of an attacking 120lb wolf, is cause for a grown man to shoot it. Any dog jumps me, I put it to the ground by hand and/or get away. In nearly every case, the AGW causes the entire problem with the dog. They are the big tough hero, yet they can’t deal with a simple dog? They have so many options other than using their gun…including just leaving.

        The thing is, they claim to be the community hero, the ‘put their life on the line guy’….and society guilds their deaths with large parades and accolades. Well, you can’t have it both ways. A true hero cop, one who risks their life for the community, one who gets a hero’s parade in death, is a cop who puts HIS life on the line. This means that the cop believes and acts accordingly. A true hero would rather get a minor dog bite than shoot the dog. This same hero would rather risk his own life than shoot some kid ‘just in case’ because he wasn’t feeling good about his own safety. That type of good cop behavior would be more synonymous with their claimed altruistic approach…they are so far from that claim.

        Now, of course, altruism is statist belief system, one that will get you and your countrymen enslaved, but that is an entirely different (but connected) discussion. I will mention this however, if the cop was operating outside of altruism and in good faith as a peace officer, then the following would be the case. The cop would de-escalate at all times as a matter of internalized procedure. Realizing (as a non altruist) that he does not want to die himself, he would never pull over the ‘dangerous kid that makes him ‘fear’ for his life’. He would never irritate and bully a dog, and certainly not a person. That type of cop behavior would be in agreement with the NAP (non aggression principle).

        AGWs, You can’t have it both ways…Exact same problem with the lie of Feminism, but again, that is an entirely different (yet fully connected) discussion. Are we seeing how its all connected yet?

        And with respect to my comment above regarding the outcome of this case if it were my son…same goes for my dogs. You’ll get your parade m f’r.

      • Just curious. Has any surviving family member of a victim of these type of murderers ever found justice of an appropriate kind?

        By that, I mean eye-for-an-eye, hunt the MF down?

        Again not encouraging violence as I don’t think it would improve the situation and would probably just bring about more draconian practices….. But. If it were someone I cared deeply about, especially a child, especially in a case so egregiously wrong, I am pretty sure nothing (even good sense and reason) would keep me from finding officer executioner and setting him alight. Or having it done for me.

        I would imagine it would be quite easily doable with a few million of taxpayers money if one won the lawsuit.

        Has it happened?

        • I actually think that true incentivization could improve the situation. If an individual AGW were to realize that they will have consequences for their actions, perhaps said AGW would alter their behavior.

          But of course Cold Frog, you are correct in realizing that any such activity by the citizenry would merely be catalyzed for more police state. Not enough citizens would likely participate in order to tip the scales. For example, if we all just took off our license plates, there would be nothing ‘they’ could do. But, as we all know, it will not happen. Pirate Ship time!

        • Froggie, if it has happened/happens, we’ll never hear of it. The media will just paint as a “cop murder”, and never mention the details behind it (as is the case with just about everything they report on).

          They’ll never let people know that a pig was getting his just dessert; that anyone had a justifiable reason to execute justice that was denied to them by the state; or that a mundane could prevail against one of their enforcers (They always have to paint thje mundane as a “criminal”- not as an average person who was denied justice).

          I’d bet people have done it- for kid or dog. Let true justice prevail!

          And while I haven’t heard of any actual accounts of people executing the righteous justice due, I have seen a good number of incidents over the years which could only be viewed as divine justice or “karma”; such as the case of a local pig a couple of counties over, whose two late-teens sons were killed in separate unrelated car accidents on the same morning 20 minutes apart!

          I don’t know what or how many things that pig may have done- but the above is a better punishment than death or anything else that a mere human would have the right to inflict!

          You see things like that occasionally- They’re usually a footnote somewhere; a little article buried in a corner of a small-town paper, or an obituary. It’s kinda kept quiet. Although, more and more these days, even in the smallest papers, anything that’s not mainstream or mainstream-compatible, is being just plain left out.

          Same deal with “our” mercenary killers [“troops”] too. Gotta love it when ya see the bastards looking like old shriveled-up men when they’re only in their 50’s or 60’s, and are struggling along in a wheelchair and can hardly breathe; and get to spend hours and days dealing with the intricacies of the V.A. hospi’ls!

          Yeah, they thought they were so tough when they were breaking down the doors of some poor third-worlder’s home or smushing their town with a tank…and now they can’t even pop a boner or walk; and they get to live out the next 10 or 20 years until they croak in misery! Sweet justice, baby!

          • There are an awful lot of police “suicides” – I’d bet that an awful lot of them are of the assisted variety. Though most of those “assistants” are other dirty cops silencing weak links.

            Still, the “suicide” solution does prevent pesky manhunts. You know officer Bob had been despondent after shooting an unarmed 17-year-old kid and just couldn’t live with himself – so he traipsed off into the woods and using either his service weapon or the “throwaway” he kept – blew his brains out. There was no note and no witnesses…

        • Cold Frog,

          “Has it happened?”

          As a general rule, when you hear of some ridiculous accident/suicide/murder it can fairly be traced back to a relative of the deceased/AGW victim.

          One of those Mr. Frog was distraught about the death of his son (at the hands of the AGW) suicides where he shot himself in the back of the head TWICE. Or Mr. Frog wasn’t thinking clearly and had a fatal accident. Or Mr. Frog escalated… Or Mr. Frog had child porn…

          So, as a general rule, when they kill a family member, you will embrace their heroism. Or else.

          Any Carl Drega type action is dealt with prophylactically.

  8. Will there be a backlash with all this domestic terrorism going on?

    Kid wasn’t a threat, he had his whole life ahead of him and cunt muffin had to kill him cause he wouldn’t respect his authoritah.

    How many Innocents will be put 6ft under by unhinged licensed killers? When will the bloodshed end?

    Something needs to be done and soon

    • Zane, the average person doesn’t even know that stuff like this is going on. On the rare occasion they may hear of something unsettling, they just attribute it to “one or two bad apples in the bunch, but most cops aren’t like that”.

      You can proceed to show them thousands of articles and videos proving that this common practice among the swine; show them footage from actual pig-training classes where the instructors tell them how to trick people out of their rights, and refer to every civilian as “the enemy” and “vermin”- to no avail; it never penetrates the decades of government school and media indoctrination about “thew policeman who is your friend”.

      As long as the media remains silent…in the eyes of the majority there is no problem. And the media will never break that silence, because the media is all about promoting big government and control; and the pigs are the primary matrix between the politicians and the public.

      In fact, the situation is so ass-backwards, that the average person is the one most likely to CALL the fuzz on his neighbor or relative, whether for a “welfare check” (which often turns into arrest or assault or murder for the poor schlepp he sicked the pigs on); or for someone letting their kids be kids; or for any little thing seemingly amiss or “suspicious”. They’ve turned Americans into snitches for the SS. Hitler would be salivating if he could see this!

        • Comments? Hell, Bill, I can’t even watch the vid. I’ve seen enough over t5he years- so I refrain from watching; try to refrain from even reading articles like this, ’cause it just makes my blood boil- which is why ya rarely see me commenting on these types of articles here- although I am certainly glad that eric posts them, ’cause so few others do, and most people are ignorant of stuff like this.

          I can imagine the comments though! Really, they are proof that anyone who believes that Americans are “waking up”, or that we will somehow revert to a freer society after a major crash/catastrophe, is totally off base.

          Such commentors who not only tolerate authoritarianism, tyranny and state-sponsored murder, but who applaud it and further it, are a portent of what is to come; and that it is only going to get worse.

          Not only don’t they recognize the problem; they ARE the problem! And the only safety lies in escaping their jurisdiction, and the jurisdiction of the illicit power that such people enable.

          There’s no educating such people, ’cause they can see the truth before their eyes; they just don’t care; they’re devoid of morality. They think that murder in the name of the state is O-K.- for just about any reason. Speech, arms, property…nothing is inviolate in the eyes of people in whom life itself is not even inviolate. Disgusting cretins, who all deserved to be nuked.

          • I wonder if the media and politician fueled fury over “racist cops” killing poor innocent black boys is really just a smokescreen for the “law enforcement” war on ALL private citizens?

            • The way it works, NOOC, is they only mention it when it’s some scary darky with a long record. They act all outraged, but what the audience is supposed to get from the stories, is “The cops are keeping us safe from those scary darkies; since I am not a scary drug-dealing, robbing darky with a mile-long record, this will never happen to me. Thank goodness those bracve heroes are keeping us safe. Shame that the liberal media vilifies these wonderful men who risk their own lives to keep our communisties safe”.

              Of course, all the media would have to do is show one or two innocent whites being executed… ( innocent people- especially Caucasians- are the largest group of victims of these swine, but virtually never mentioned in the media)….and the whole “racism” and “keeping us safe” narratives would collapse.

              But that has become a common ploy of mind-control. The same scenario was used with Brett Kavanaugh; That architect of the the police-surveillance state; establisher of Obamacare; hater of liberty, is loved by the powers that be/deep state. But imagine if the puppet shows known as the Dumbocraps and Repugnantcans both said “Oh, we love this guy, because he does exactly what we want him to do”- Then the public would know something was up, and might actually start debating the real issues.

              So the politicians/media invent a fake narrative- a far-fetched sex scandal. THEN, anyone who opposes the fascist prick is “siding with those crazy Dems”; and if ya dare bring up legit criticism of him, you’re either ignored, or “an agent of the leftists”- so the real issues surrounding the bum remain hidden to the vast majority, and he gets elected, and the politicians and Conservatives, Neocons, moderate Dems etc. are all happier than a cop in feces…..

              This is why I will not tolerate any exposure to the mass media…..they constantly create these false narratives- some we can see if we are observant; some we still believe……

              • I found there was very little interest in how Kavanaugh was a good servant of the state and the ruling class when I brought it up. It was only what TV presented, everything else is “conspiracy theory”.

              • Kavanaugh was, to put it nicely, very WEAK on the Fourth Amendment. IIRC, he helped author the PATRIOT Act when he worked in the Bush Whitehouse…

                • Weak isn’t the word!

                  He authored part of the Patriot Act.
                  Helped push through Obozocare.
                  Helped the Clintons get away with the vince Foster murder.
                  Is in favor of Uncle spying on his own citizens through the NSA, etc. and even pushed the idea.

                  The guy is nothing but an enabler of total tyranny….

                  So hence, the distraction created by the pols and the media- i.e. the creation of the fake sex-scandal narrative, to obscure the real issues and to get 80% of the people to cheer for the bastard.

                  Shoot! At this point, they could smooth over appointing Hitler to high political office, just by creating a false narrative that he pinched someone’s ass once….

  9. Imagine if the mainstream media started covering things like this…and honestly! THEN there might be outrage, and people might start to wake-up and realize as long as we live in America, we are subject to the whims and crimes of these deputed dictators.

    But the only time one hears of such things, is when they shoot a nigger. White people don’t count. Most people think “It can’t happen to me, ’cause I’m white, and I don’t have a rap sheet 1000 miles long; When they shoot that black drug dealer or bank robber, they are keeping me safe. Good for them!”. The mind control works perfectly, as designed.

    I started watching a video the other night which purported to be a Christian video. Within the first two minutes, the speaker was saying something about “The government does nothing, but it’s a prive organization which helps the families of those poor murdered cops…”

    I almost created a Youtube account, just so I would able to comment: ” ‘Poor murdered cops’?!! How about an organization to help the families of the victims of those murderous pigs?! Who helps them?! Not to mention that the Bible says “He that liveth by the sword shall also die by the sword”.” (So really, the guy should be thanking those who off pigs for doing the Lord’s work! -and that would never be more true than here in this country, today!)

    • Nunz,

      Yup, that’s pretty much the long and short of it.

      By now I’m pretty sure our overlords have figured out that if you shoot Dindoo Nuffinwrong, you have set yourself for a lifetime of lawsuits, leftist mob harassment, possible jail, a general shitstorm in other words.

      Shoot and kill an innocent middle class white kid and you skate, totally.

    • Did you see all the uproar in the national media about the white rancher who was executed by a trigger happy deputy, when the rancher came out to put down one of his bulls that had been hit on the highway?

      No…? I didn’t think so.

      • Ha! I remember that. And my exact thought when I read of it was “This will never even get a mention on any TV news or ANY newspaper, except perhaps in the county where it happened.”

        So much for “the information age”.

        THEY control what we hear; how much we hear; and what parts of the “story” we get to hear. They truly control our perception of the world if we allow their filth into our homes and minds.

  10. Come on now, you can’t blame the cop for the large number of bullets he fired, the cop had to make sure the kid was dead, because obviously if the kid survived it would look very bad for the cop in court, so the cop was just protecting himself like anyone would want to do. Plus it would cost the taxpayers even more money to pay for the kid’s surgery & physical therapy & nursing care for the rest of the kid’s life, so the cop saved the taxpayers alot of money, and the cop saved the court system alot of hassle. Plus, if the kid survived one (or two) bullets, he may have been injured so badly that he’d suffer greatly for the rest of his life, so he may be better off dead anyway, so the cop saved the kid from alot of suffering too.

  11. I remember this one. It got very little media attention and still won’t. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

    As I wrote at the time cops traditionally aimed headlamps up to hide the light bar on the roof in the glare. It can often appear to be high beams and because the police equipment is hidden in the glare no way to tell it is a cop. The up aim was how I identified cops at night. Now with hidden and tiny light bars I don’t see many up aimed lights these days.

  12. While this AGW is obviously abusive and murderous, this video should be a warning to everyone who thinks that they know their “rights”. You do not have the right to refuse to show your driver’s license and insurance to the AGW when he pulls you over. You should not ever refuse to show these documents and do not ask “am I being detained?” You ARE being detained until the normal course of the traffic stop is over. You do have to comply with the request to see your license and insurance and registration. You can argue whether these SHOULD be the laws but the fact is that it IS the law. So comply. You DO have the right to refuse to consent to a search of your vehicle but even then, if there is something in plain sight in your vehicle that looks suspicious then the AGW can legally search your vehicle. Most legal issues can be resolved in a court of law- NOT at the roadside. Don’t risk your life by assuming that the AGW won’t shoot you because that isn’t a gamble you want to take.

    • Agreed, Krista – because you’re right.

      The law requires anyone operating a motor vehicle to produce ID upon AGW demand. Nominally, there must be a pretext for the stop – such as a moving violation, or a “checkpoint” – but regardless, we are under duress to produce “our papers.”

      Still, this particular case is beyond egregious. This child was not the least bit physically aggressive toward the AGW; it was utterly unjustified to order the kid to get on ground as though he were a dangerous felon. And when the child – after being tortured by a Tazer – writhed to try to get away from this piece of human excrement, the said piece of excrement shot him – an unarmed child probably half his size and strength – seven times.

      I doubt I could keep myself in check if that had been my son or even the kid of a good friend of mine.

      In a better America – it once existed – this “hero” would be living the rest of his life looking over his shoulder, or in prison for the next 30 years.

      Instead, he’s still out there, “serving”… with his government gun and license to kill.

      • I agree Eric. What the AGW did was egregious and I find it almost as infuriating that he isn’t even charged with murder. I honestly don’t understand how people are okay with (almost) never holding these murderers to account and instead just having taxpayers fork over millions to the family. But the point remains that the kid seems to have watched some internet video and he decided that he would challenge the AGW by saying “am I being detained” and refusing to hand over his license. A little knowledge is sometimes dangerous, as it was in this case. I just don’t want anyone else to make the same mistake. We cannot immediately control what the AGW is going to do but we can control our own behavior in a traffic stop to make it as unlikely as possible that anyone will get hurt.

        • You can step into a crosswalk in front of a speeding vehicle and you will be “right” – and you will also be dead. Sometimes, you have to choose life over being “technically right”. That doesn’t excuse the speeding vehicle and it doesn’t make you wrong. It also doesn’t make you Jesus and resurrect you.

  13. Eric, Frost is still employed and the family reached a $2.4 million settlement with the Crown/TaxPayers.

    “”Ultimately, (Frost) knows he killed a very innocent, fun-loving, non-threatening teenage boy. He got killed because he made a police officer mad. No one will ever convince me Frost was afraid when he pulled Deven out of his car. What we really hold on to is Judge Maloney’s ruling and his opinion.””

    • I can’t understand why someone from the family of the victim hasn’t hunted this motherfucker down. He should be hanging from a light pole in the town square.

  14. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out… had been uncertain whether he would return alive…

    “We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956


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