AGW Executes Chihuahua

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Here’s video of an Arkansas AGW who executed a chihuahau – on the usual pretext of fearing for his saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety:

Mind, this is a dog the size of most cats. And the little dog didn’t even attack. It merely yipped.

A capital offense.

Of course, the “hero” will not be charged with any crime. Meanwhile, had a Mundane executed a heroic K9 …

Hut! Hut! Hut!

. . .

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  1. Folks,

    Taken as a snap shot we see Barney flexing his mussels and I expect he will get away with it.
    The man should have kept the dogs in the house.
    The man should not have crossed the threshold of his home because he lost the advantage.
    There are leash laws and the dogs were not on a leash or in a fence. That is why the AGW will most likely walk.
    Actually AGG, Armed Gub’mt Goon, is better.
    Although he stated he shot the dog because the man did not come to the curb I still think he will walk as they will fall back on the leash law and how ‘threatened’ he felt.

    Wonder if he wet himself?

    However, watching and listening to the exchange tells me the AGGs should have not been there in the first place. They did not arrest the man, but wanted him to come to the curb.
    He refused and they escalated the encounter.
    If they had a warrant it would be a different matter.

    In my opinion, such as it is, if they can shoot pets and get away with all of the things they get away with, an AGG must not touch private property, curtilage, or move off of the sidewalk in apartment communities unless serving a warrant, on official business with a document stating the business, or if expressly invited.

    This is in keeping with the Magna Carta, where by a man’s home is his castle.

    If the AGG trespasses and they shoot / kill a pet, then the pet owner is paid, say, $100,000. This will make them think twice and this man’s dog would not have been shot.
    same with the damage they do “searching” a house.
    I know it will be paid with money stolen from the taxpaers…….

    Exceptions being the same as where any other person would have legal standing to trespass such as hot pursuit of a suspect or if a house were on fire.
    This will create a barrier so we can be safe again.
    The badge and costume do not allow you to do anything anybody else can’t do.
    They are not a license to act as an ass.

    Questions that need to be answered are:
    Did the man even live there / own the property?
    Why did the AGGs want to talk to him?
    Why did they want him away from the house and on the curb?
    Why did they stay when it was obvious he was not coming to the curb?
    Why did they stay when it was obvious the situation was escalating?
    It would be nice if we could see follow ups to this as many of these snippets are not what they seem to be.

    As long as we have Qualified Immunity, lack of accountability by the peers, untrustworthy behavior, etcetera, and etcetera, there will have AGGs running around.

    As long as we put up with the AGG’s behavior, it will get worse.

    When was the last time you called the AGG’s dispatcher / supervisor when they were showing their ass on the highway? I have done it numerous times.

    Be careful to get the details of the car so they can know exactly which one and who is behind the wheel.
    I like to “report a stolen squad car” as it gets their attention. I explain that it must be stolen because “I cannot imagine one of ‘our’ officers driving with such disregard for the public safety. If I were driving like that I would expect to get a big fat ticket.”

    Use a little humor, be somewhat apologetic about bothering him, explain how you do not want to see the type of relationships that fueled the riots in Ferguson, or some other location, where his people are not respected, and use “his people”. Add that you find it difficult to teach your children about right and wrong and how the police are the good guys if you also have keep explaining why they get to break the law, and I fail every time.

    Let’s turn their bullet point on them “If you see something say something”.
    If you see them grossly violating the law, report them!


    • Amen, Eight… I had to go outside for a little after viewing that. A clear case of sadism under color of law. These guys should be in cages – or psychiatric wards – not government-issued costumes.

  2. Many AGWs choose the Belgian Malinois as their chaser/biter/rip-your-throat-open “partner” dog.

    The descriptions of this breed are laughable as the euphemisms used try to hide the fact that they are not dog or cat friendly and make horrid family pets.

    I’ll take a pit bull any day over a Malinois, or any “shepard” breed.

    • The name “Malinois” means “bad news” LOL

      Or so I used to say. My daughter had one.

      I also called them “a German Shepherd on meth” !


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