Farmers Fight Hogicide in Michigan

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From Russia Today, 4/23/12:

Authorities in Michigan say that the government-ordered eradication of pigs within the state is necessary to eliminate invasive species from farm to farm. Mark Baker says it’s all hogwash.

Beginning on April 1, officials in the state of Michigan have the authority to enter the private compounds of area farmers, inspect their swine and then shoot to kill. It’s allowed under the Invasive Species Order (ISO), a controversial legislation established this year to eliminate what the state calls “feral pigs.” Others are calling it animal genocide though. Mark Baker of Bakers’ Green Acres farm in Marion, MI is one of them.

“I’m one of two farmers in Michigan that has said we will not comply, and we have filed suit against the Michigan DNR and we’ll probably go to court with them this summer,” Baker tells RT of the war on farmers waged in his home state by the Department of Natural Resources. That’s the group that says certain pigs should be considered feral because they believe them to be problematic for the state’s health and thus must be handled accordingly. Baker says his pork-producing hogs aren’t the problem though.

“They consider me to be a felon,” claims the farmer, who tells RT he vows to fight for his right to decide which animals he can have on his property.

“It’s one thing when they try to tell us what kind of cars we can drive, but if you try to tell us what we can eat – that’s a different story.”

[Gail: Different how?]

“Any animal or even a human being can become feral and I suppose that the behavior of that animal or human being could become a problem,” he explains. But declaring a hog “feral” goes against the whole purpose of maintaining a farm, he suggests. “I’m a farmer. My thing is I keep my animals where I want them, so I build fences so they stay on my farm and they don’t go live in the woods or my neighbors’ house or anything like that. That’s our goal as farmers, to keep our animals where we want them.”

Why are state officials trying to take that right away then? Baker says he believes the Michigan pork producers are behind it, and, maybe on a larger scale, the country’s federal farming agencies. “These are the guys that raise pigs in…confined animal feeding operations.” The farmer adds that he’s found the paperwork that publishes the names of supporters of the ISO, and it doesn’t come as a surprise to him to see who is lobbying for laws against small time hog farmers. There are names on there like Michigan Pork, Michigan Milk, Michigan Poultry and Michigan Potatoes. Also on the list, he says, is Greestone Farm Services.

“Those are the guys that supply the money,” he tells RT.

Those are also the guys, according to Baker, that are producing lower-grade pork while at the same time telling small-time farmers they can’t harvest their own hogs based off of characteristics, such as the pig’s hair color or hair pattern.

“Basically there is no difference between the two,” he explains. “Mine are raised outside. The meat in mine will be redder and more tasty because they are outside. They have sunlight, they get to root in the dirt and all that good stuff that they’re designed to do.”

And the other guys? “Those are the other white meat,” he says. “They never get to see the light of day so their meat is pale and tasteless and all that stuff – and that’s fine if they want to do that, I don’t care to eat that.”

The problem, he says, is being told that he can’t keep the pigs he wants. “This is still a constitutional republic that we live in and this declaratory ruling that the DNR has put forward is unconstitutional and it’s unlawful and it cannot stand in this country. Where will this end if government regulators are going to tell us how we raise our animals and what we can raise? That’s our business.”

Baker says he intends on keeping it that way.

“I don’t think they thought there would be such an extreme reaction from us, but farmers by nature are a very radical people and very tough and they never give up,” he says. “I’m 52 years old. If I was going to give up I would have done it 30 years ago. And I will not give up.”

Reprinted with permission from Russia Today.

April 23, 2012

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  1. Feral pigs are no joke. They won’t just root up your garden, they will eat your ass. ‘Course domesticated pigs will also eat your ass completely, leaving no trace but your clothing. I have heard of people passing out drunk and being partially or completely eaten by pigs. That’s probably why I stopped drinking while I was still young, fear of being et by the fuggin’ pigs.

    Rural outlaws have gotten rid of the bodies of murder victims by feeding them to the pigs for generations. OK, that’s enough from my fervid, off-topic brain for one thread. I’ll hush.

  2. This is a perfect illustration of fascism in action: big producers who are politically connected using the government to drive out competitors who produce a superior product.

  3. Feral pigs are a sort of double edged sword. They’re almost impossible to eradicate, making them a great reservoir food supply in a crisis. The downside of pigs is they’re like little four legged rototillers and just a few of them running loose can do incredible amounts of property damage.

    Tough call, but I prefer a solution that includes a well controlled wild pig population.

      • Like almost every situation involving property, individual property rights are the correct solution.

        (Hypothetically) I’m a pork farmer in Michigan. I own the pigs, they’re valuable; hence I try my best to keep them on my farm. A few escape. They damage my neighbors’ properties; I must either make my neighbors whole myself, or they can sue me for the tort.

        Problem solved; no State involved*.

        Ah, you might say, but what if nobody noticed for a while and my escaped pigs went feral?

        As a farmer, I carry some insurance. Insurance companies would get tired after a while of paying out on lackadaisical farmers’ escaped-pig law suits; so they’d protect themselves by requiring pig farmers to tag their pigs, or ID them genetically.

        Now, when the pigs escape, they’re traceable to the original farmer, and liability is assigned appropriately.

        All that–and with no State involvement, just peaceable, economically-sound agreements between consenting adults. No guns, no violence, no jails, and no pigs. Of the human variety, that is.

        * “no State involved”–I’m assuming everyone uses the much-preferable private arbitration system, cutting the punitive, vindictive, and money-grubbing State out.

  4. “Where will this end if government regulators are going to tell us how we raise our animals and what we can raise?”

    It will end with us all as livestock in a FEMA camp!

    • It’s very important to the globalists to centralize food production, Dom–because once it’s owned by a few corporations, they can turn the food OFF.

      Which is exactly how Stalin conquered the proud independent people of the Ukraine–starvation.

      Can’t happen here?

      Just wait.

      • If not starvation a simple slow kill through food that makes people sick. Food that makes people sick will allow them to drain people’s wealth into their medical monopoly.

        • Yes–well said, and absolutely true.
          Everything I’m reading about GMO food leads me to believe it’s yet another slow-kill mechanism, alongside vaccines, toxic pharmaceuticals, fluoride, and chemical exposure (BPA, phthalates etc.)

          Rodents fed a diet of predominantly GM corn and soy become almost totally sterile by the third generation–which serves the psychopathic eugenicists’ cause well. Remember, none of US are supposed to breed; we’re inferior. Ghastly examples of humanity like Kari Noorgard, and other “intelligentsia”, think we’re unfit to live.

          Madam, HAVE YOU looked in a mirror lately? ‘Cuz you’re guaranteed not to contribute to overpopulation!
          Climate deniers need to be drugged.

          And the lovely Kari:

          Anyway sorry, that was a nasty ad-hominem attack. But isn’t it acceptable to find someone’s philosophy as repugnant as their visage? Discriminating tastes are the mark of sophistication after all.


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