One Old Lady’s Moxie – And a Lesson For All Of Us

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When a belligerent Baltimore, MD cop forced his way into the home of 90-year-old Venus Green – sans search warrant, sans legitimate probable cause – and proceeded to ransack the old lady’s home,  as well as the old lady herself, the old lady took action. As the thug scrum made its way into her basement, Green bolted the door – locking the thug in her basement, much to his porcine discontent.  She later secured a $95,000 settlement from the city of Baltimore. (See here for news coverage of this story.)

As they say Down Under, good on her!

And lucky, too. In similar situations, the victim of the thug scrum is also often the victim of much worse than merely being shoved aside, pushed to the floor and handcuffed – as happened to Mrs. Green. Had she been able to physically defend herself, she very likely would have been Tazered – or shot dead –  for “resisting.” Irrespective of the fundamental lawlessness of the thug scrum itself. The situation in this country has deteriorated to the point that anything other than becoming immediately supine and limp can be construed as “resisting” – with lethal consequences for the “resister.” Even when the “resistor” has committed no crime; even when the “resistor” is in his or her own home and thug scrum cops have forced their way in on no or extremely shabby pretext, as happened in the case of Mrs. Green.

Her son Tallie had been shot – someplace else – but because he lived in Mrs. Green’s basement, the cops decided that gave them sufficient authoritay to break into her home, physically assault the 90-year-old woman and ransack her dwelling.  “I am a law-abiding citizen. I’ve never been arrested, I paid my taxes, owned my home, my husband died 34 years ago. I raised my son and I have been brutally abused. I feel like the police department needs to go back to school,” Mrs. Green told local TV affiliate WBAL.

Actually, the police department needs more than remedial education – based on the $17 million in police brutality settlements it has been forced to pay out over just the past two years. WBAL-TV described two examples: One couple that claimed they were illegally searched and harassed by police looking for drugs has been approved for $155,000. A motorcyclist struck by a Baltimore cop is due another $115,000. Here’s a delightful video of a 300 pound Baltimore porker going steroidal over a scrawny 14-year-old kid on his skateboard:

Just another case of authoritarian over-reaction. At least, this one got uploaded to YouTube for all the world to see. Here’s another: A thug Tazering an old man sitting on his couch, whose “crime” was his refusal to Submit and Obey to a thug cop’s barking orders in his own home. The old guy wasn’t even “resisting” – unless sitting on the couch constitutes “resisting.” He had previously fallen down some stairs and scraped himself up a little. He didn’t want to go to the hospital. And he wanted the cops out of his home. This proved sufficient “cause” for the cop to point his little laser-dotted weapon at the old guy and Tazer him. The thug-in-uniform yells “stop resisting” repeatedly as his clearly not resisting 64-year-old victim writhes on the floor. Check it out:

And the fallout from the Green case continues to spread.

More and more, ordinary people are beginning to see the truth behind the facade of “Serve and Protect.” That the only reason they haven’t been the victim of a thug scrum is simply luck – or that the circle hasn’t yet widened enough to encompass them. But the circle is widening. Any of us could be the victim of a thug scrum.  Old or young, man or woman.

Arbitrary searches and seizures have been normalized; to even voice objection is enough to trigger the thug scrum. But we have a way to fight back – the way Mrs. Green fought back. The way those kids in the video fought back. Videoing dirty deeds done under color of “the law”  is a potent weapon – far more effective than attempting to physically resist. Which of course is why the doers of dirty deeds are so fulminatingly furious about being video’d. Their own line – “If you have nothing to hide, what are you worried about?” – apparently only goes one way. Check Food Lovers Specials and Game Specials.

Which is why we – all of us – ought to be even more adamant about making sure they have nothing to hide – and revealing it to the world when they do. Recording cops is still legal in most places and even where it isn’t, do it anyhow. Just be discreet. Don’t make an issue of it while you’re under threat of a thug scrum. Get your footage, then upload and let the chips fall in the appropriate direction.

Or just lock the SOB in the basement.

Throw it in the Woods?

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  1. Mussolini:
    The truth is that men are tired of liberty.
    We become strong, I feel, when we have no friends upon whom to lean, or to look to for moral guidance.
    War alone brings up to highest tension all human energies and imposes the stamp of nobility upon the
    peoples who have the courage to make it.
    Fascism is Corporatism, it is an irrevocable fusion of corporate and government power.
    Fascism is a sexual and religious concept.
    War is to man what maternity is to a woman.
    Biden flees an angry mob in Pittsburgh

  2. Wow, given this article, I am truely surprised to see an ad for an online degree in criminal justice with a smiling retard behind a badge!

  3. I know of a number of cases like this one where the gentleman didn’t want to go to the hospital, but was arrested and made to go against his will. This is due to an incompetent Socialist Society, specifically Professionals in our “Police State” Law Enforcement and Socialist Health Care Systems pretending they have a “Right” to take care of everybody, even against the prospective patient’s will. Thousands of sane people are being imprisoned in mental hospitals every year because some dirty health care worker, policeman, or sheriff believes they need to help the person. Police and Health Care Professionals always know so much more about what is in the person’s best interest than the person does himself. Police will even throw someone into a mental hospital when they do not want to investigate a case. Being placed in a mental hospital costs the person credibility, so they cannot ever get a difficult case investigated. Even if the person wasn’t sane, mental hospitals have no cures for mental illness. Our Mental Health Care System is based on Police State intimidation to conform, not on the ability of our Health Care System to cure. Our Police State depends on everyone being willing to be treated like idiots, not what is in the best interest of the people or patients. And, unfortunately, Psychiatry is still in the Dark Ages. Psychiatrists have no diagnostic techniques for mental illness, relying exclusively on questioning patients for diagnosis. Many of us do not fit onto the wave length the Police and Health Care Professionals are on, as the videos demonstrate; therefore, we do not answer questions or behave the way Health Care Professionals and Psychiatrists demand. (Remember, different people have very different knowledge bases and frames of reference, so talking to someone is an ineffective means of determining lucidity.) Even my very Conservative grandfather saw a UFO. Hence, there are bizarre occurrences where someone is thrown into a mental hospital as a potential suicide victim, and they come out labeled psychotic when they are neither. (I can verify all of my statements.) The solution is expert diagnostic techniques. Natural and Alternative Medicine uses 3 diagnostic techniques very successfully: Those techniques are Iridology, Kinesiology (Saliva DNA Testing), and Expert Oriental Pulse Diagnosis. Iridology is accomplished via a camera linked to a computer. Kinesiology (Saliva DNA Testing) can even be done from a distance by mailing DNA swabbed cotton balls to a physician experienced in the field. Expert Pulse Diagnosis can either be Chinese or Indian Ayurvedic, but I much prefer the Chinese method because the Chinese physicians appear to have never accepted the ancient dirty spiritual techniques into their medicine, unlike in Ayurvedic Medicine. Expert Pulse Diagnosis takes the most time to learn, but is absolutely necessary for any physician who wants to diagnose chronic disease or assess a patient’s status and the efficacy of treatments. A combination of these diagnostic techniques gives cross-verification to the physician. And, the first 2, Iridology and Kinesiology (Saliva DNA Testing), will aid the physician’s diagnosis, until he is expert in Oriental Pulse Diagnosis. Allopathic Physicians face severe incompetence in every area besides the Operating Room and treatment of infection, demonstrating a Dark Age lack of knowledge. Many people believe this ineptitude is due to a stranglehold on Allopathic Medicine by the pharmaceutical industry, but this problem is also due to arrogance on the part of Allopathic Physicians, and Federal Government involvement in Medicine and Medical R & D. The solution is to get the Federal Government completely out of health care by providing Medicare users with a monthly stipend for purchasing private health care insurance, medications, etc. If the stipend is too limited to cover all of those expensive drugs that are such a rip-off, then remember that necessity is the proverbial “mother of invention”. First, Allopathic Physicians need to learn the Natural and Alternative Medical diagnostic techniques, then all of the old ancient medical formulas and techniques need to be researched, in order to have cures instead of incompetent maintenance drugs that feed 100s of billions of dollars into the Pharmaceutical engine. When tax payers will not support a Socialist Health Care System, police lose the ability to throw We the People into hospitals at public expense. Police and Sheriff’s Offices need to be cut back to a minimum, no bullet-proof glass, and they need to be sent out on the streets to fight crime, not into homes to incarcerate innocent citizens.

    • Hi Ann,

      I’ve read about similar cases also. When ObamaCare becomes “the law” it will become policy, too. Your “health care choices” will be a matter of public policy – and the pretext for every kind of micromanagement. Are you angry at the government? That’s not healthy – you need care.

      And you won’t be able to say no thanks.

    • You make the mistake that we are human beings…We are nothing but their tax livestock. When a cow refuses treatment, it is treated by force. The political terrorists are psychopaths that think they OWN us.

  4. If Not Government, Then What?

    One must consider that arbitrary power has seldom or ever been introduced into any country at once. It must be introduced by slow degrees, and step by step, lest the people should see it approach.

    The barriers and fences of the people’s liberty must be plucked one by one, and some plausible pretenses must be found for removing or hoodwinking, one after another, those sentries who are posted by the constitution of a free country for warning the people of their danger.

    When these preparatory steps are once made, the people may then indeed, with regret, see slavery and arbitrary power making long strides over their land, but it will be too late to think of preventing or avoiding the impending ruin. The disease of government has been established, and the prognosis is always death.

    In all times and in all places there has been too much government.

    We now know what prosperity is: it is the gradual extension of the division of labor through the free exchange of goods and ideas, and the consequent introduction of efficiencies by the invention of new technologies. This is the process that has given us health, wealth and wisdom on a scale unimagined by our ancestors.

    Progress comes from exchange and specialization. Trade not only raises material standards of living, it also fuels social integration, fairness and charity. It has never failed yet. No society has grown poorer or more unequal through trade, exchange and invention. Think of seventeenth century Holland as opposed to imperial Spain, eighteenth century England as opposed to Louis XIV’s France, twentieth century America as opposed to Stalin’s Russia, Hong Kong as opposed to Cuba, or Athens as opposed to Sparta. In every case, weak or decentralized government, but strong free trade led to surges in prosperity for all, whereas strong, central government led to parasitic, tax-fed officialdom, a stifling of innovation, relative economic decline and usually war.

    Take Rome. It prospered because it was a free trade zone. But it repeatedly invested the proceeds of that prosperity in too much government and so wasted it in luxury, war, gladiators and public monuments. The Roman empire’s list of innovations is pathetic, even compared with that of the ‘dark ages’ that followed.

    In every age and at every time there have been people who say we need more regulation, more government. Sometimes, they say we need it to protect exchange from corruption, to set the standards and police the rules, in which case they have a point, though often they exaggerate it. Self-policing standards and rules were developed by free-trading merchants in medieval Europe long before they were taken over and codified as laws (and often corrupted) by monarchs and governments.

    Sometimes, they say we need it to protect the weak, the victims of technological change or trade flows. But throughout history such intervention, though well meant, has usually proved misguided — because its progenitors refuse to believe in (or find out about) David Ricardo’s Law of Comparative Advantage: even if China is better at making everything than France, there will still be a million things it pays China to buy from France rather than make itself. Why? Because rather than invent, say, luxury goods or insurance services itself, China will find it pays to make more T shirts and use the proceeds to import luxury goods and insurance.

    Government is a very dangerous toy. It is used to fight wars, impose ideologies and enrich rulers. Leaders enrich themselves and their clients: they preside over vast and insatiable parasitic bureaucracies that grow by Parkinson’s Law and live off true wealth creators such as traders and inventors.

    Sure, it is possible to have too little government. Only, that has not been the world’s problem for millenia. After the century of Mao, Hitler and Stalin, can anybody really say that the risk of too little government is greater than the risk of too much? We all need to accept that the more we limit the growth of government, the better off we all will be.

    • Government Power versus Individual Liberty
      Strike the root. Conduct a strategic war by defeating the toughest one first. Destroy that one in detail and the others will collapse beneath the Precedent.

      Although Ron Paul’s claim that the Drug War is unconstitutional (It is.) has been met with infamous Media and Congressional silence it is now a matter of record. Ask yourself this: Since the Drug War is in fact unconstitutional why is it not now ended.

      Also consider this: Since the Drug War is unconstitutional, aren’t those Individuals who have been arrested, fined, and even imprisoned VICTIMS? It’s time to get it straight Folks. Who are the REAL criminals?

      Remember Nuremberg, especially the Trial of the Judges.

      Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

      • Uproot the root, and replant it at the state and territorial level only. A sovereign state subordinate to a higher authority is by definition not sovereign.
        Ron Paul has won IA, MN, & CO, he’ll need to carry a few more if he is to be nominated in Tampa this August. If he is not the Republican Nominee, then we will know this sickness is beyond cure, and we will expell these debilitating foreign bodies once and for all.
        We have developed antigens for Mercantilism, Fascism, & Communism, but this new illness of American Capitolism is something yet unknown. Capitolism is a new type of pathogen loose upon the world. The stars and stripes everywhere must be destroyed. If the false flags of the United Nations and European Union are destroyed along with it, so much the better.
        Old Glory is of late a loud and rabid dog, snarling at your every move. Growling for her dinner and a place to sleep in your own house, next to your wife and children. Put her down, before she attacks.
        Pull down Old Glorys wherever you see them and put up your state’s flag in its place. In time, it will be proven whether these several states are still our best friends, of if we must take further action to procure a loyal and faithful watchdog.
        If we act quickly after another stolen Republic Nomination, we can take possession of the rotting carcass of the District of Columbia and decide her fate as sovereign states and territories. We must sustain our state of inflammation until victory is achieved. It may be a long time of blood vessel dilation while our social eicosanoids and cytokines are released by our various injured and infected cells.
        It’s just sound business when a holding body is no longer beneficial, to spin off her useful underlying parts and liquidate her assets to pay her creditors. Once this is accomplished, what is still good about the home of the brave will be replanted to flourish and serve as a local hedge from the winds of adversity. What is bad will pass away, and no longer rot and entangle the land of the free.

      • Tinsley–

        The ROOT is the Federal Reserve. It is the foreign-held private banking cartel that through fiat debt-money has taken over the country.

        The “leaders” you see on TV are merely its puppets.

        Strike at the root; End the Fed and the problems disappear of their own accord.

        How can I say that so confidently?

        Simple: everything abhorrent done by government depends on funding. The War On X/Y/Z. The swarms of officers issuing forth from the multitude of offices. The hush-money paid to the populace to remain quiet–and keep voting for traitors.

        ALL of it disappears if you remove the funding.

        Abolish all legal tender laws. Allow Congress and the States to issue money–gold and silver, per the Constitution. But recognize a totally free market in money; anyone may issue notes, coins, barter, fractional reserve, the whole panoply….and may the best money(s) win.

        The best part? Without fiat debt-money, the banksters lose the only leverage they have–the ultimate scam, indebting people to a fiction.

        • Ruthlessly enforce respect for the Principles underpinning the Unanimous Declaration and the Bill of Rights and the rest will fall into place.


  5. That’s the home of the brave, land of the free… hahaha
    Just move to Iran. You will have much more freedom and justice there!

    • Have you still got one of those AMERICA, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT bumper stickers? Man, I haven’t seen one of those in years.


      • My only bumper stickers ever have been “Ron Paul 2008” and “Ron Paul 2012”. Oh, and for a few months before trading in one of my cars, it had a bumper sticker saying “Who Is John Galt?” lol

        The bumper stickers that you are referring to leave my head spinning. Yes, I love America. But I hate the fascist government that has taken over. If I disagree with that government, how does that mean that I somehow don’t love America?

        • LITMUS TEST

          I have a simple litmus test that I apply to find out how sincere and knowledgeable an Individual actually is concerning the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. It is a simple test that involves but a single question:

          Do you advocate an across the board repeal of de facto Drug Prohibition? Please answer yes, or no.

          If the Individual starts the usual wimpy assed “Legalize Pot” nonsense with the usual pussified, apologetic disclaimer* to the exclusion of other Choices you can decide whether or not to spend time trying to educate him or simply walk away disgusted.

          Tinsley GRey Sammons (1936 –)

          *(almost whining)I don’t use fillintheblank but . . .

          • Tinsley,

            It’s an excellent way to parse the Clovers from the non.

            What I or you or any other person does with their person is no one else’s lawful business. Certainly, I would be concerned if I learned that a friend of mine was doing something I considered not in their best interests. But it is not a question for the law until – and unless – what he does imposes a tangible, specific harm on others.

  6. Found my way here from Lew Rockwell, and makes me sick to my stomach to see a frail old man being tased by a brown shirt speaking English instead of German. Uses the Taser as a torture device. Pencil neck pansy. And I’d like to see just how tough officer Riviere is against a 220# cage fighter. Remember that cops always circle the wagons, and protect their own.

    • Videos such as these are crucially important because they show in full flower the sort of “people” we’re up against. A transcript or report cannot convey the viciousness, the inhumanity, of an armed bully berating an obviously harmless older guy who just wants to be left alone (in his own home!), with the bully pointing a laser-sight on the older guy’s chest. That cop – and the others of his ilk – are beneath contempt. Unfortunately, they wield power over us – and can do to us with virtual impunity what you saw in those videos.

  7. My favorite scene in V for Vendetta (other than the references to “the former United States”) is after the Fingerman (secret police thug) murders a little girl because she was wearing a Fawkes mask. An angry crowd gathers and closes in; the Fingerman flashes his badge; the crowd continues to close in; the Fingerman pulls out his gun; a large man with a crowbar (or was it a tire iron?) attacks him. End of scene, but the result is clear — a dead Fingerman. The point is that the thug’s badge no longer carried any authority, or invoked any fear. Eventually that point will be reached here as well. When it is, the only sure-fire way for a badge-toter (especially federal) to survive will be to throw his/her badge away and resign.

  8. Never call the cops. Ever. They will either be too late to assist (if you want to call their response assistance) and will almost always make the situation worse.

    “Law enforcement” does not live in a vacuum. It amazes me to hear about these confrontations and then go into my own neighborhood and see these men and women of “law enforcement” living amongst all of us. In a real SHTF scenario, all of that resentment of the proles is going to come back to bite them all. Reasonable laws are generally obeyed–not because they are the law, but because people are mostly rational. Obeying a law simply because it is the law is a fine indication that the law is at the least unnecessary and the the worst dangerous.

  9. Methyl sez: “What did you THINK was going to happen, you daft cunt, when you called the thug-scrum?”

    Yeah. I couldn’t finish watching this nightmarish thing; it was too sickening.

    I’m of two minds, though. When I served on Rescue, the “patient” had only to refuse transport, and we had to leave, that was it. (Although there was no law that said we couldn’t spend all afternoon talking him into it, if we honestly thought he needed medical aid — bleeding all over the floor — and was being an ass about it. We did that often.)

    The precipitating factor was not the man’s injuries, it was the G word. Presumably the wife told the police that he threatened to shoot himself, and on that the police had an obligation to act. But the man also said “if I had a gun”, meaning he didn’t.

    There is no question these morons mishandled the call dreadfully. Their obligation extended to determining there was no gun on the premises, since the guy threatened violence to himself (and by unspoken extension, to others in the house). They couldn’t just take his word for it just because he verbally backed off on his threat to harm himself. He could have been lying just to get them to leave.

    The solution however was not in bracing the man. He was cooperating, he obviously wasn’t psycho, he was at that moment posing no danger to himself, there was no gun in sight. At that point, for all the police knew, he had just been blowing off steam with his talk about shooting himself. There was no cause to haul him off for a psych eval. The guy wasn’t the issue — or shouldn’t have been; a possible gun on the premises was the issue.

    How they should have handled it, I’m not sure. I don’t know what established police procedure is. Maybe get the people out of the house and arrange for a search of the premises for a gun …

    Their mistake was focusing on the guy. And their BIG mistake was going for the tazer. That was unconscionable. What the fuck were they thinking, to taze a man with a heart condition?

    Here’s what I think. These cops found themselves in a situation they were too stupid to handle, and like stupid cops everywhere their first solution was to jump right to the tools. (They also were probably not used to getting defiance as a response to the threat of using the tools.) And, also like stupid people, when the threat of tazing wasn’t working, they had no other solution but to keep repeating the same threat over and over.

    Plus, I think the man may have been drunk, always a fun wrinkle in this type of scenario.

    The cops were in over their heads, and they fell back on thuggery. It was obscene, what they did, and they should be at the least fired, and brought up on charges of assault.

  10. Clinton a baboon, Bush a chimp, Obama an ape.
    Yes – seems when I visit – Amerika is now the real life “planet of the apes”.

    • What they all have in common is clinical narcissim – psychopathy, actually.

      I mean, we all like to think we’re the cat’s meow – but it takes a defective to really believe it – and more, to try to impose himself, his attitudes, etc., on others.

      • You’re right, Eric, in that these assclowns are all narcissistic psychopaths. It’s a mistake, however, to believe that any of them have had any real power of their own. ALL three of these guys, as well as any who came before them and all who will succeed them, are FIGUREHEADS, marionettes who do the bidding of the bankster-plutocracy that are the REAL powers behind the facade. Let one of these idiots make even a hint of a move to exercise any power on their own and they’re gone – in either the literal (JFK) or figurative (Nixon) sense of the word.

  11. I agree. My feeling whenever I visit the States is “pressure” from people who hide themselves and their frustrations behind some sort of badge, be he/she a cop, civil servant or other. It is the the “normal people” against the bullies in uniform. Very unpleasant…
    What a shame, such a beautiful Country ruined by a minority of pricks. We feel very much more at ease with our police in Western Europe.

    • Ironic, isn’t it?

      America’s supposed to be such a free country… all the flag pins, the stickers, the Freedom Talk… and yet, it’s actually one of the most coercively controlled, over-regulated “bully” states in the world.

  12. This video of the Baltimore cop completely terrorizing these kids- and then literally stealing his skateboard- un-BELIEVABLE. This kid’s big sin apparently was “not respecting” the cop enough. What the hell??????? This cop needs to be locked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I think this is another result of American’s ignorance of natural law and natural rights and the way that things could, and should, be. Prohibition ended when juries in significant numbers refused to convict bootleggers. Before we reach that point again, I’m afraid that those same ignorant Americans will go over the top in retaliation and make the French Revolution look like Bible School. I also think TPTB know this too and hence the acceleration of the fascist police state. Hitler didn’t BREAK the law; he USED the law. If any astute individual figures out a way to beat a tyrant with the law, the tyrant will just change the law. At some point it will be difficult to find anyone who will own up to ever having been a cop, a lawyer, or one who is even too sorry to be a lawyer, “Your Honor”. My biggest worry is that there won’t be enough informed and TRULY educated Americans to rebuild anything worthwhile from the ashes. Our grandest experiment in human liberty may not happen again for a thousand years. We may be about to enter another dark age.

    • It’s entirely possible (another Dark Age). The fact that we are a technological civilization is in fact not a fact. Most people don’t understand even the rudiments of technology. If the small minority who do comprehend technology disappears – either by “shrugging” or because they’ve been exterminated – then we will indeed plunge quickly backward and very possibly stay there for a long time.

      Do you think Al Gore understands the four-stroke engine?

      • How fragile technology is has become one of my interests. I believe that this is not the first technological human civilization on this planet. No better than the second and perhaps even as late as the 5th.

        Technology takes odd paths and can be rather isolated too. I think we look at some of the remains of the previous technology today but have no comprehension of it. They are scattered throughout the world and conventional “science” has made interesting narratives for them that don’t make much sense if anyone starts to question in a meaningful way.

        The fall of the Roman Empire set man back almost 2000 years in many areas. In the 19th century the loss had finally been made up. If it wasn’t for these parasites that ultimately destroy practically everything man would be traveling the stars today.

        Only few know the techology. I learn as much as I can. I save books. But how long can even the basics of processes that become impossible be passed down? Who’s going to give a crap about the crystal structure of steel when people are scraping by just to live? The books will crumble away. Few will be copied. Many will be burned for fuel for short term warmth. Everything will be gone far faster than most everyone believes.

        If the elite sociopaths may think they can keep the technology going for themselves they are deluded. They can maintain it for one generation. They don’t know how to do it themselves. It requires educated and motivated people. Once the first generation passes on they will have only trained drones who can’t think to maintain their systems. The systems will begin to fail. Parts will become unavailable. They will need to start making due with an ever decaying set of systems until ultimately, in 100 years or less, nothing works. But these are arrogant people who don’t know how little they know.

        • Brent this is excellent; you’ve captured exactly how short-sighted the parasites are.

          You’re precisely correct; they’re sociopaths, and therefore have very short time horizons for gratification. They’re either ignorant or incognizant of the trillions of details and motivations required to make modern life possible.

          I think 100 years to descend to a pre-technical age is generous. It will be closer to 20-40; one or two generations.

          Leonard Read’s “I, Pencil” is an excellent introduction to the thoughts you so eloquently stated.

          The sheer arrogance, the hubris, the disgusting solipsism of the Obamas, the Cheneys, all the little Straussians and Alinskys of the world…all of them sociopaths, basking in their own imagined superiority. I vomit on them.

          And the eugenicists–my god what a laughable lot they are! No better than masturbating twenty-year-olds living in their mothers’ basements, the eugenicists have apparently never ventured into the real world to see the astonishing miracles that arise from the unlikeliest corners of humanity. Ask the Darwin-Galton family how well their little eugenics experiment turned out; it’s only because I’m not a sociopath that I can feel empathy and sorrow for the misbegotten monsters they produced.

          In fact the sociopaths long to interbreed and create more like themselves; and, like any species with excessive consanguinity, their viciousness and insanity only increases with concentration.

          We’ll win, of course; we always do. But damn it, it’s painful and unnecessary.

          In this next round of good ascending (the last one being the original American ideal), will humanity finally recognize the predators among us, and vow never to serve them again?

          • I’m generously giving it a 100 years for them to keep technology going for themselves. That is maintain HVAC, running water, television, computer networks, etc for their retreats and bunkers. Just what they need to live comfortably. It collapses for everyone else in a far shorter time.

            The ruling class will still have many people willing to work for them for a few decades after the fall that know what they are doing. But they will eventually die with no/few replacements of any quality.

            The ruling classes haven’t bothered entering engineering or real science themselves in great numbers for over a century. The 1930s is when most of those remaining from the age of the wealthy doing these things died off.

            Since you mention eugenics, it seems they are working towards the same old plans. However now there aren’t going to be any “airmen” to come and create a technological and eugenically cleaned society after the wars and the pestilence. (HG Wells, “Things to Come”)

            The ruling class will be unable to do it. There won’t be anyone to build or operate the factories. Their reserves of technology will already be difficult if not impossible to maintain. People will still put up a fight which will cost them even more of their fragile and irreplaceable hardware.

            There won’t be a gleaming lower population technological future. Not even for themselves. It will all simply fall apart. Even what they have out in area 51 or where-ever. It’s simply unsustainable after they’ve decimated the technological society everywhere else.

          • @Brent:

            100% yes.

            But I made a mistake in saying all sociopaths have short time horizons. The ones who started the Fabian Society, and the originators of this round of bankster stealing (the Rothschilds and related family dynasties) have very long time horizons. The Fabians started in the 1850’s, the Rothschilds in earnest in the early 1800’s.

            Just so, the Rockefellers have been at it for slightly more than a century.

            But they’re getting impatient. Their old guard–Queen Beatrice, Queen “mum”, David Rockefeller, Evelyn Rothschild–are antiquated relics. Their progeny are not so long-viewed.

            And their plans are being exposed much more than they were in the 20th century–hence the current bum-rush to full implementation, a stark contrast with the slowly boiling pot of the prior century.

            This combination of the Elite impatience (and increasing dissipation and lack of discipline) combined with a global awakening is forcing their hands. It may play into our hands, because even the most rank idiot and willfully ignorant sheeple can hear the boots marching.

            Brent I don’t think it will go fully Dark Ages. There’s enough momentum, and enough distributed intelligence and information, to preserve the knowledge through an economic collapse.

            The only chance for a real New Dark Ages will be if they rush to implement the die-off, and release bioweapons…all bets are off if there’s a 50%, 70%, 95% death rate.

            Given the extensive bunker-building, seed-vault creation–I fear there’s just enough insanity to do it.

            Hell, it could even happen accidentally; there are 350+ bioweapons labs in the US alone, many handling level 3 and 4 organisms in barely level 2+ facilities. One little “whoopsie” and Steven King’s “The Stand” becomes a possibility.

            What a bunch of sick, twisted, syphilitic fucks they are.

        • Books disintegrating into dust were shown in “The Time Machine”.

          Your words are worth considering. While I may know many things, I doubt I know enough to keep things running. I doubt there are many people that know how to keep society running.

          • But it won’t be so dramatic as Hollywood made it. The movie for “The Time Machine” changed around the nature of the eloi and the morlocks. The eugenics point of the book was lost.

            The Eloi were the decedents of the ruling class. The morlocks, the working class. Humans had evolved into two distinct species based on economic and social classes. This seems legitimate from the eugenics point of view.

            No one individual can keep society functioning. Which is why the pyramid concept of running society is inherently flawed. The same goes for just keeping the technology running. I could probably do well enough to keep a condo building or small neighborhood functioning reasonably well provided I could get my paws on the hardware and people were willing to share and conserve a lot. But even that is a considerable stretch.

        • Hey Brent,

          This is a subject of great interest to me. Ever watch the TV series, After People? It is fascinating how rapidly all evidence of a civilization disappears. In just a few thousand years, for example, virtually everything not made of granite or marble or similar deteriorates into stuff that’s unrecognizable as pieces of human (or other) technology. I am awed by the scale of time. We are told that “history” is approximately 10,000 years, with most of the “stuff” happening within the last 6,000 or so. Beyond that – just flora and fauna for millions of years… and the earth itself for billions.

          What might have preceded us, 100,000 years ago (or before) that we are (mostly) unaware of today?

          There are a number of very interesting anomalies that give us a hint of what may have been, long ago. I’m sure you’re familiar with these, but for others who are not, here are a few things to get you going:

 (pay particular attention to the parts about Puma Punku).

          Commentary by geologists (see: Robert Shockley) erosion by water and the age of the Sphynx:

          Interesting stuff!

          • I’ve seen the show. Their premise is that one day every human just got vaporized or something. The the decay is much faster with people. People loot, people destroy, and lastly people scavenge.

            Tiwanaku I am rather familiar with. (good video) It is not excavated IMO because it would toss the dominating narrative out. Also the dominating narrative of ancient egypt is threatened by people like robert schoch so their well supported arguments are thrown out over and over again. Conventional theory relies on authority more than anything else. It’s supporting evidence is usually old, cannot account for new data, and is often was rather shaky conjecture to begin with.

            Human civilization is far older than we are taught. Evidence of it abounds. Evidence of technology as well. Bits and pieces here and there. Some knowledge that escaped the flames and ravages of time.

            However we aren’t supposed to know this. The very knowledge of it is a threat to the ruling class.

    • “If any astute individual figures out a way to beat a tyrant with the law, the tyrant will just change the law.”

      A wonderful comment. The entire traffic ticket scam shows how the law is altered as people figure out how to use it and win. In the first step the law is ignored. Eventually someone decides he would rather pay a lot more to fight and wins. Then the tyrants change the law.

      I haven’t bothered to figure out when it was changed, but Illinois law for automated traffic enforcement was altered. It appears to have gone in last year. It used to be that the ticket be sent in something like 10-12 business days. Now it reads 30 days from the time the SoS identifies the owner but no more than 90 days total as if this were 1925 and a type written request had to be mailed to Springfield and a type written response mailed back. SCMODS* makes it instantaneous. I’ll make the reasonable guess that us mundanes don’t have 90 days to respond. My guess was mundanes were using the old law to invalidate the tickets.

      *State,County,Municipal Offender Data System made up name for the electronic look up of driver information in the “Blues Brothers” in _1980_

  14. The government parasite does nothing but steal, destroy, and stop productive citizens from freely transacting with one another.

    Here his prowess in animal control, like everything else, is shown to be zero, he shoots a restrained dog in the head.

    The fraudulent parasites wear uniforms, business suits, and all manner of disguises, but they are never what they pretend to be. They attach themselves to wholesome communities whom they destroy, loot, and cannibalize at geometrically increasing rates, until their hosts die off and they have to migrate onward in search of new victims.

  15. The old lady got away with it only because she’s black.
    Had she been a white male, he would be in a government cage right now.

    • This sort of thing needs to be on every evening news broadcast. But of course, that would upset Americans. So instead they see Kim Kardashian, fuhhhhhhttttttttttttball and so on.

        • At least we have the Internet – and the ability to see (and get others to see) such things. It is helpful to the cause. Which is why I am very concerned that some pretext will be forthcoming to get the ‘Net “under control.”

          The sword hanging over our heads may drop at any moment…

          • I hope with every fiber of my being that the Julian Assange persecution blows up in the faces of the swine responsible for it.


          • A large scale effort to damage or “control” the Internet may well be the match that lights the fuse – if they get carried away and try to accomplish that quickly.

            If they continue the efforts an inch at a time… who knows?

            We do live in “interesting times.”

      • The right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness is the birthright of all humans. With that in mind, when do we* stop killing and maiming innocent persons?

        There can be no doubt that television played a major role in ending American involvement in Vietnam, so, since a moral obligation to do so exists, when is the lamestream media going to bring the most recent PERSONAL horror into America’s living room?


        *No American can simply wash his hands of the evil wrought by the his government.

  16. People wonder why these psychopaths are tolerated by a public that can ill afford to pay out larges misconduct settlements.

    First of all, the government doesn’t care about wasting taxpayer money. Indeed, they are happy to do so.

    Secondly, and more importantly, these tales of insane, insecure, power tripping little tyrants actually serves an important government service.

    The publicity, even by pro-freedom authors, creates fear in the minds of most people and causes you to hunker down and try not to offend in any anyway by doing something as noxious as, say, asserting your rights.

    You may be the honest as the day is long and have a spotless record, but if you get stopped for not wearing your seat belt or doing 10 over the speed limit then you have a reasonable fear of being murdered or having your life ruined. All it takes is one psycho cop looking to “get some,” as they like to say, and your number is up.

    You don’t even have a recourse, assuming you live, because the game is so rigged against the serfs (that’s us).

    The problem with this state of affairs is that it can’t last. People get tired of being scared after a while. Then they fight back.


    • My sense of it is we’re approaching that point. I say this because for the first time in my life, dislike of cops (and “the law”) is now fairly common among people such as us – that is, middle class types; people with jobs, families, responsibilities – typically, college educated and in a profession of some kind. In other words, people who aren’t maggots – people who are productive, trying to get through life without causing problems, etc. People who shouldn’t have to fear cops, but who are beginning to.

      This is the proverbial canary in the coal mine.

      • Eric,

        The operative phrase “…people who are productive…” says it all.

        The tax-eating thug caste produces nothing, it only eats out our substance while holding us in great contempt.

        Gone are the days of Officer Friendly, avuncular Andy Griffith types who sought to keep the peace, get along with neighbors, help those in need, and serve with humility. Deferential to the wealth creators, they knew at whose pleasure they served and were rarely in the news.

        Here we labor, care for families, and do our best under confiscatory taxation that SUPPORTS this praetorian class; driven by a lust to dominate, their contempt grows with their budgets.

        Until….the breaking point is reached. When the yeoman producer class takes up pitchforks and tumbrils.

        Think Paris, July 1789.

        • Agreed. Only (like you, I am supposing) I do not relish a modern 1789. Unfortunately, I suspect that’s where we’re headed.

          I’d much rather a 1775.

          But unfortunately, the American proletariat exists. And it is not going to be swayed by appeals to reason or human decency.

  17. In all my years driving taxi in Phoenix, I have only had guns pulled on me twice. Both times were by cops. The second time was the worst. I was dropping a passenger off at his Scottsdale, AZ house, and he was a wanted man. The cops pulled into the driveway behind me, blocking my leaving, then immediately surrounded my cab with their guns drawn. One cop stood just outside my open driver’s window with a 9 pointed at my head. I calmly lit a cigarette, and asked, “Is that thing loaded?”
    “Yes,” said the pig. (A talking pig. who’da thunk?)
    “Then put it down, Barney,” I said. “I’m not the one you want!”
    Amazingly the cop complied.
    Later, the porkers wanted to search my vehicle. I held my keys out, and said, “You do NOT have permission to search without a valid warrant. However, I am not resisting. You want to search, take the keys.” They did not search the cab.
    If people simply knew their rights, and stood up for them, a lot of this nonsense would stop.

    • Paul: I feel your pain. The cops in the Phoenix area, be they Joke Arpiggo’s Maricona County Sheriff’s Deputies, the Phoenix PD (I get endless entertainment out of regularly visiting this website), or cops from the various suburbs such as Scottsdale, Peoria, etc. are a special breed of what I call “dangertards.” That refers to brainless thugs with short fuses and itchy trigger fingers who have been granted authoritah and firepower FAR in excess of what they deserve or can safely and legitimately handle.

      I guess we’re somewhat luckier here one hundred miles to the southeast in the Old Pueblo. We merely have the inept Tucson PD (which makes the Keystone Kops look like models of civil service efficiency) and Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dumbnik’s droid army. The latter is at least as inept as the TPD, and, I initially thought, relatively harmless. My view on that changed, however, after last year’s PCSO murder last year of Jose Guerena. So, we’re basically screwed here too.

  18. Little old ladies are dangerous . . . After getting locked down, there is no way that cop can win and not get laughed off the force.
    I wonder where infernal affairs is in all this? Don’t tell me they are all right with these creeps? Especially after it cost the city funds they do not really have.
    In any other job, a blunder of this proportion would mean getting fired.
    Perhaps we need to look into firing bad cops a little more closely. How about firing cops on Infernal Affairs departments that ignore illegal cop activities? That would be too easy.
    How about impeaching officials that condone it on the elected side?
    The trouble is 99% of the population are herd animals. The other 1% lead the herds or are one of the predators. They simply do not want to get involved until it is too late to do anything about it.
    We have had our share of bad cops too. Most of them never lived to see retirement. Nothing we did. It is simply that someone somewhere is better at it than they are. Violence always starts a reaction and sometimes it is the cop that gets it. Those that live by the sword, die by the sword, as Jesus said before being crucified. It is true.
    The reason we had warrants and a bill of rights was to protect the cop as well as the people. Too many times an illegal cop breaking into someone’s home ended tragically with his death from a rifle shot through a door.
    Nothing the drug enforcement agency has done in the last 20 years or so has even made a dent in the drug traffic according to authorities that should know. So maybe we should go back to doing things legally.

    • How about simply removing the doctrine of “sovereign immunity” and prosecuting cops for breaking the laws they are supposed to uphold, then fining the COPS instead of having the city sued. $155k to the City of Baltimore is a paltry nothing, but if the cops were forced to pay the settlement out of their own paychecks, then this foolishness might stop.

          • Unfortunate. I agree with others on this: Cops should be just as liable to personal responsibility as anyone else; more so given the authoritay they possess. It would serve as an effective check on their thuggish impulses.

          • Rights secured by the Constitution have been effectively lost to unjust statutes, i.e., fundamentally unlawful yet legal power that evil men and well-meaning fools easily put to an evil use. But instead of wisely demanding that bad laws be repealed outright, Americans have fallen into the wishful thinking trap of creating more laws or tweaking existing policies while remaining oblivious to the tragically indisputable fact that it is wise to disarm and remove deadly mines, rather than depend on remembering their location. –THE FORSAKEN PROMISE

        • …nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.*snip* -Fourteenth Amendment

          Damn the JDs. Who needs the sons-of-bitches? What faction has done more to destroy the American Ideal of Liberty and JUstice for all?

          And America needs no new laws to protect the Individual. We the People need only enforce the genuine Law of the Land. The Law of the Land is fundamentally sufficient and belongs to everyone, including lay persons.

          Tinsley Grey Sammons

      • Hi Kitty,

        I’d argue the underlying problem is bad laws, which attract bad people – not unions. If we didn’t have so many tyrannical laws, we’d have few tyrannical cops – because they’d lack the legal authority to be tyrannical.

    • You might want to watch that video again. Looks to me like the bald-headed guard, who I think was the first one to tackle the fan, was just doing his job (arresting someone who was interfering with a game people had paid to see) and wasn’t hitting the guy — but then the other guard starts hitting the kid with his nightstick, the bald-headed guard pushed his nightstick away a couple of times.

      The main aggressor with the nightstick runs away from the crowd quickly by about :50, still brandishing the same billy club he’d been hitting the fan with as he leaves the field at 1:16 or so — and leaving one of his fellows to get soundly beaten.

      Not sure that’s really ‘justice’ per se. The worst of them got away scot-free.

      • No. I applaud people getting fed up at some police physically abusing another human being (even if he was an idiot). Something similar may occur here one day.

        The stadium police caught the guy. The idiot was not going any where. If the event ended there, I do not think anything else would have occurred.

        People in the crowd resented someone getting abused by the cops. They stepped in to stop the abuse.

        Four guys were over the idiot. I guess they needed four men to hold the idiot still until he could be handcuffed. While the idiot is down one or more of the cops are whacking the idiot with the night stick and hands. Someone from the crowd did not like what he witnessed. He ran over to stop the cops giving a wood shampoo to the idiot. This act encouraged others to run on the field. Immediately the cops stop the wood shampoo and jump up. The field became chaotic.

        A large number of people of run onto the field. Mr. Wood Shampoo may be a thug,a bully, and a coward, but he is not stupid. He looked at the numbers and ran for his life. He left his associates to fend for themselves.

  19. I just made the mistake of watching the video of the 64-year-old man being Tazed…in his own home, after asking them to leave and making no threats.

    I’m so livid I’m shaking. I want to avenge him.

    Nearly the worst part is his stupid bitch of a wife prattling on in the background; and after he’s Tazed, mewling “You didn’t need to do that!” She goes on and on in that smarmy school-marm voice Jesu Christo it’s like nails on a chalkboard “That was very unreasonable I’m so disappointed in you”, “You’re very immature”, “I am calm”…”You’re being unprofessional and very immature, officer. Very immature.” I’m not sure whether I hate the thugs or her worse.

    What did you THINK was going to happen, you daft cunt, when you called the thug-scrum?

    I see my father in that man’s eyes. Dignified, trying to tough it out after injuring himself…and the sheer indignity of being reduced to crying like a wounded animal after three shots of electro-torture. And then re-shocked when he rightly calls them the sons of bitches they are. “Pain compliance”, it’s called; “Stop resisting” the pussy with a badge says again.

    “Stop resisting” indeed. No, friends, we will NOT stop resisting. Sadly, we haven’t even started yet. But when we do–no thug-scrum will be safe. “Officer safety”; I vomit on the term.

    • Me too. I got furious even before seeing the guy get Tazed. Just seeing him cornered in his own home, with a red laser dot on his center mass, was enough to raise my BP to Vesuvius-in-blossom levels. What sort of creature is the cop who did this thing? Certainly not a man.

      At most, this should have involved a brief talk. As soon as that man asked the cop to leave, the cop should have left – and been required to leave by the law. The man had harmed no one; he was lucid and in his own home, just asking to be left the hell alone. That’s no longer enough to be left in peace in America.

      And just wait: It’s coming for us, too – once ObamaCare is “the law.” Because then “the law” will have every “right” to invade our personal space when it decides “our health” is at issue – because “our health” will be a matter of “public” concern.

  20. I didn’t mention this to you last week when it happened because I was still upset about it, but when I got pulled over on my motorcycle the cop attempted to provoke a false incident. I kept still with my hands on the bars as he approached, then once I gave him my driver’s license I ask if it’s okay that get off the bike. I stood up off my bike and took one step away from it, he immediately motioned for his gun and said “Stop right there!” I was like stop what? Then he was like “don’t move!” I was thinking to myself you got to be fucking kidding me! This guy was a first class scum bag! I could just tell from his tone and mannerisms he was itching for something. Which if he didn’t have a badge, a gun, a taser, and the ability to completely ruin my life I would have been happy to oblige. You see, take away the badge, the gun, and all that’s left is the ego of a pussy. That ego shrinks up without the badge and accessories. For most of us, if we hint at anything other than completele submission we will be shot.

    • There was an infamous incident, took place about two years ago, I think, of cop shooting a biker in the back – paralyzing the guy for life. Over nothing – and for no legitimate reason. The guy maybe committed a traffic violation. This pissed off the cop, who was looking for an excuse – and when the biker stopped for the cop, then turned in his seat, the cop shot him.

      These guys are beneath contempt. Like you said, too – they’re pussies. Take that gun and that authoritay away and the game would change.

      • I can’t get over how excited a cop gets over a minor traffic violation (technical foul). I mean they are like seriously all pumped and puffy about it like you just finished fucking her wife, or something. What gives?

        • They’re bullies – it’s as simple as that. They get off on it – the power trip. And they get really pissed when you don’t show them the “respect” they think they’re due.

          • Don’t forget, a lot of cops are also in the Natl. Guard and military reserves, and have been deployed to Iraqistan multiple times. It’s a cinch they’ve brought their hair-trigger combat mindset back with them. Even worse, many likely have PTSD but refuse to seek treatment, fearing dismissal if they do. IMHO prior military service (at least in combat jobs) should be an automatic disqualifier for police work.

      • I really hope somebody pummeled that pussy pig to a bloody, paralyzed pulp himself – ideally the biker’s fellow riders.

        • Yup. That was the first time I saw the full (raw) video. It seemed to me the cop was dogging the bikers – so he is responsible for the initial “reason” for the confrontation. That makes what he did even more egregious. Destroyed that guy’s life – over nothing.

          • What amazes me around here, NC, is that the “biker” types tend to be real HOORAH for the military while talking about their “personal freedom”. Just who exactly do they think will be the ones to shove a gun in their face as they’re hauled off to the re-education camp?

            • It’s a really good point, Mark. I’ve encountered the same mentality myself. Lots of flag-waving and pin-wearing. I think they just don’t get it yet.

              Probably soon, they will.

              America – the old America – is dead. The forms (some of them) may still exist, but we’re running on vapors now.

      • At least the thug was found to be guilty by a jury. Eleven years would not make the biker walk again.

        I do not understand how he could ruin the guys life and paralyze him for no reason.

        • The good news is that the porktard was handed a prison sentence. Let’s just hope that he serves EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT in “genpop,” where, when words gets out that he was a cop, he’ll be in for daily “surprises.”

        • Not only did the police officer shoot and paralyze him. The officer also just left him lie under the bike getting burned by the exhaust. The burn was bad enough that Michael McCloskey almost lost his leg too.

          The police department in Ottawa Hills, where this happened, has had many incidents over the last few decades. It is to the point where the village can not get liability insurance anymore.

      • holy crap. I thought the guy fell over and then I realized that’s where the cop shot him. for absolutely nothing.

        On another note, got followed for the first time in the new car this weekend. creepy cop was staying way back. figured he was following, hoping I wouldn’t realize that he had turned onto the road behind me. When the speed limit went up I didn’t increase speed (this is one of the ways I make sure they are following me, because cops around here as a rule do not obey the speed limit and certainly don’t do 5 under) and he didn’t pass and only closed ground VERY slowly. Thankfully he turned off shortly after reaching me. I figured out why. That was the edge of town on that road.


    The only thing she could have done better would have been to ensure ALL exits to the basement were blocked, then flood it with gasoline and set it ablaze. Sure, that would have meant burning her house to the ground, but 1) she lives in Baltimore, so it would only have improved the neighborhood, and 2) after hearing of her heroic act, there would probably have been enough offers of new housing for her that she could have lived anywhere in the country she wanted to.

    Anyone want to volunteer to bring a case to the Vatican for canonization of “St. Venus?”

    • “Baltimore City Council President Bernard Young voted against the settlement for Ms. Green, explaining that he was “tired of the police department bleeding money.””

      Wow! The sheer arrogance.

      • …“tired of the police department bleeding money.””

        Hey, fucktard: tell your arrogant porkyguards to stop violating the law and behaving like the criminal thugs they’re supposed to be locking up. Maybe then the bleeding will stop.

        • Hell, the JDs like the bleeding. The taxpayers pay the bill anyhow. There is a serious dearth of Personal Accountability in the public sector.

          “Bailiff! Whack his pee pee.”


          • Exactly. If I was a bookie I’d make the odds 500-1 that the thuggery would instantly stop if the uniformed thugs were made personally liable for their actions. When players in pro sports are fined for misconduct, they pay the fine, not the team. And when they’re suspended, it’s without pay.

      • And worse, unconscious arrogance – they don’t even realize that they’re arrogant! This is just their normal attitude: Entitled and elitist. They command – we obey.

        • Police are merely the messenger boys for politicians and bureaucrats. The actions of police are symptoms of the underlying problem, which is government itself. Government claims the right to initiate force against those who disobey its commands. That’s what the police thugs in the above videos and article did.

          Those in government are priviledged to control the actions of regular citizens, while exempting themselves from their own rules.

          In a stateless society no one is allowed to initiate force. Police, politicians, judges, DAs, etc. have no choice but to seek productive employment.

          The institution of government which claims the right to initiate force is THE PROBLEM!

  22. Solzhenitsyn’s quote comes to mind yet again:

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? After all, you knew ahead of time that those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you’d be cracking the skull of a cutthroat. Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur — what if it had been driven off or its tires spiked. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!”

  23. This causes me to wonder, does this arrogant praetorian class even suspect what history proves is coming?

    When it finally does boil over, these thugs will meet a fate just like any other abusive enforcer caste has met when the regime falls.

    Having abandoned any basic humanity, they will be shown none as they are hacked, maimed, trussed, and then publicly displayed as mutilated corpses.

    This is not difficult to imagine……the time is coming when after such an extrajudicial assault, several hundred of Venus Green’s neighbors violently confront the thugscrum and leave them just a red stain in the street.

    Perhaps the thug caste is too blinded by its arrogance to see what is coming.


        Backlash is coming but I’m afraid it just won’t go far enough. The main concern today is about money and very little is focused on Unalienable Rights. My great fear is that, following the backlash, most folks will continue picking and choosing the freedoms they approve of while too few will demand that respect for Principles* be lawfully enforced.

        Remember what happened after the withdrawal of America’s Armed Forces from Vietnam? Folks just went home, got haircuts and jobs and the Establishment Vermin very quickly reemerged to reseme openly persecuting and plundering.

        Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

        *The forthcoming election is proof of that. Ron Who?

      • I watched this video with mixed emotions. The comeuppance to the oppressors is quite satisfying…for a second or two. Then you get to thinking about the guys who constituted the firing squad. Then, even more, you think about the guy who “cleans up” by going stiff-to-stiff and delivering the coups de grace.

        Is this what our wearied, oppressed fantasies conjure, in reaction to our US police state? It this the reality we’re inexorably coming to? Mere, raw payback? After which we pat ourselves on the back–because “they” got what was coming to them–and then go home to dinner with our families?

        I don’t know which is the worse nightmare: the increasingly dangerous oppression with which we live, or the extremes to which we might resort against it.

        Picture Mel Gibson’s character in “The Patriot” immediately after his ambush and bloody slaughter of the Brit patrol that had murdered one of his sons and kidnapped another. Recall the look on his face. Recall the looks on the faces of his young sons, who had participated in the ambush and then witnessed their father’s lethal savagery.

        Is that where we are going?

        • A couple of years ago a burglar broke into my home just as I was pulling into the driveway. He heard me and bolted out the back door. Had I arrived a few minutes earlier (or he arrived a few minutes later), I would have been waiting with my good friend Mr. Ruger, and would have killed the thug. And yes, I would have enjoyed dinner with my family that evening, because only the living get to eat. Would I have had nightmares later? Perhaps, but I would have put up with them, because only the living have nightmares.

          As the Orcs marched on Helm’s Deep Aragorn told the defenders (in Elvish) “Show them no mercy, for you shall receive none!” To survive in the barbaric parallel universe in which they found themselves, Kirk, Scotty, Uhura and McCoy had to become rather barbaric themselves (my all-time favorite episode, BTW). In ID4 the mother ship full of genocidal aliens had to be nuked.

          Sometimes civilized people must resort to uncivilized acts so that they and their civilization can survive. That it’s unfortunate doesn’t make it any less true. As Gen. Patton famously said, you win a war by killing for your country (or cause), not dying for it. Too many Americans and Europeans seem to have lost their survival instinct; for your sake, I hope you’re not one of them.

          • Strider55: I point out to you the vast and considerable circumstantial differences between organized, collective and brutal revenge by “the people” against agents of a government that has oppressed and brutalized its own people for a long time (as depicted in the short film), and a simple act of self-defense against a burglar that you–but for a quirk of timing–did not have to perform, but readily would have.

            After lethally dispatching such a criminal aggressor, I–like you–would hope to break bread with my family and sleep well afterwards.

            However, I am reasonably certain that I would not rest well after going from one helpless, wounded enemy to another, delivering a bullet or two to the base of each one’s skull.

            To suggest any moral equivalencies between these two scenarios makes little sense to me. Perhaps that is not what you intended.

      • Without making any excuses for Antonescu, I would point out that the “People’s Court” that sentenced him to death was controlled by the Communists, both Romanian and Russian, who then proceeded to established their own decades-long tyranny. That tyranny, it will be recalled, ended in another execution, this time of Nicolae Ceauşescu. And now Romania is a satellite state of the US Empire.

    • I think it was in Los Angeles many years ago that folks in a Black neighborhood confronted a couple of cops who were attempting to arrest someone. The cops wisely hauled ass and that was the end of it.

      “Quantity has a quality of its own.” –Joseph Stalin


  24. CAUSE and EFFECT

    Eric, methinks the Unlawful Drug War has paved the way for out-of-control cops and near-routine collateral damage. Other public servants (serpents) have contracted the Rot as well. Frequent horror stories go back twenty years or more. In my opinion, the fix if there is ever to be one, must begin with the repeal of bad law as soon as possible. First and foremost the sumptuary prohibitions. The lawful relationship between the INDIVIDUAL and GOVERNMENT ought to be enforced as soon as possible.

    Bad law and good government are mutually exclusive. The Legal System that has supplanted the genuine Law of the Land must be destroyed in detail. Unfortunately, America’s law schools are still puking out scores of thousands of law parasite juris doctors annually. A grossly disproportionate number of these vermin become legislators* and JDs also have a legal monopoly on becoming judges

    Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

    *A strong philosophical case exists to forbid lawyers making laws.

    • I won’t say that repeal of these bad laws will never happen, but it is highly doubtful they will be any time soon. and the origin for ending the drug wars will never be in the halls of the legislature.
      The reason is the arrogance of the legislators. If they repeal the drug laws, they will have to admit that they (and their predecessors) were wrong. this is so far beyond them that the likelihood of it happening is remote.

      • I agree it’s not likely – but there has been precedent: Prohibition’s repeal is one; the repeal of the NMLS (55 MPH speed limit) another.

        It can happen – if a given law becomes so widely ridiculed and ignored that enforcement becomes effectively impossible or is more trouble than it’s worth to the system.

        The problem with arbitrarily illegal “drugs” is the pervasive moral fetish so many Americans are afflicted by. I know many otherwise sensible people – people who enjoy a beer or a glass of wine – who are adamantly opposed to even the decriminalization of pot.

        • The thugs would rather die than give one millimetre, or ever admit they were wrong. The only chance is if the North American Empire decides that Prohibition is costing them more money than it earns them, and as Kaptinemo points out repeatedly in the comments on Drug War Rant, that day of reckoning is looming on the horizon.

        • One thing that helped get Prohibition repealed was jury nullification. Jurors would routinely acquit simply on the principle of their opposition to the law. The practice became so widespread that successful prosecutions became nearly impossible.

        • I agree it’s not likely – but there has been precedent: Prohibition’s repeal is one; the repeal of the NMLS (55 MPH speed limit) another.

          The reason why the drug war will not stop until it’s too late is because the power that flows from it is just too intoxicating to the political and praetorian classes. The drug war is global in scope now and is a primary main policy tool that the the USG employs against other states. Just look at how the USG is pulling the strings with Mexican drug cartels, just like they did in Columbia. Fast & Furious is just the tip of the iceberg. Americans ex-pats in Mexico are not being targeted by ransom-seeking gangs for a reason: orders from above.

    • The behavior of a society can be affected by something that most of the urban population is forced to participate in:

      The USA has the highest rate of tap water fluoridation with hydrofluorosilicic acid in the world and for the longest time. People drink the water and bathe with it. It is a form of uncontrolled mass medication. This stuff is an effluent scrubber by-product of the phosphate fertilizer industry. It affects thyroids, kidneys, bone density and the pineal gland. It also contains traces of lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium.
      Who would think that polluting the water we drink has been permitted for so many decades when this is banned in China, Japan and virtually most of Europe.

      Thousands of tons of this stuff are slowly bled into municipal water supply systems annually in North America.

      Perhaps it isn’t such a good idea to allow this method of delivering a medication via drinking water to patients without their consent and without any follow-up?

      • Thankyou for your well worded discription of water flouridization. My conclusion is that US governments (Federal,State, and local) are waging war against the people. And, the actions of police further reinforce my conclusion. And, since legislators have empowered police to act as thugs, they deserve no support what so ever.

        It seems the greatest threat to human welfare in American society is government. I’d rather take my chances in a Stateless society where everyone is, at least, free to defend himself, his family, and his property.


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