Another Unfair Fight

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Video has just surfaced – in the course of litigation – of the Hut! Hut! Hutting! of a handcuffed and not “resisting” man by a gang of armed government workers in Buffalo, NY.

The AGWs hurl him to the concrete floor – his hands cuffed behind his back, so no way to cushion his fall – and then drag him, bleeding, along the floor while laughing and practically high-fiving:

The handcuffed man – Shaun Porter –  is then chained to a “restraint chair” and left to ooze for more than an hour.

It’s all on video, so there’s no “other side” of this story to tell.

The city of Buffalo, however, very much wanted to keep this side of the story under wraps and fought to prevent release of the video. Local news affiliate Buffalo News and 7 Eyewitness News eventually secured the tape, while Porter received $300,000 from the taxpayers as compensation for the Hut! Hut! Hutting! he suffered.

Some good news, though. The sadistic AGW who attacked Porter – a “man” named Matthew Jakula – was actually criminally charged, prosecuted and convicted of felony deprivation of rights and sentenced to 18 months in federal prison.

He was not, however, appropriately charged with attempted murder. Slamming a handcuffed man face-first to the floor is exactly that. Porter could also have suffered permanent brain damage and the fact that he only suffered a broken face in no way mitigates the fact that Jakula clearly meant to hurt Porter, badly. That he only suffered a broken face is due to good fortune only.

Consider that any ordinary citizen who shoots – but only wounds – an armed government worker will invariably be charged with attempted murder, not malicious wounding or some other, lesser charge.

It is also worth a mention that the attack by Jakula was witnessed by several other AGWs, who didn’t arrest Jakula or even attempt to restrain him.

Instead, they laughed.

None of them were charged with any crime – despite having failed to intervene when a felony was committed right in front of them.

They are still “on duty,” today.

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  1. Had the McDonald police tape gotten out before the election, Rahm Emanuel would have NEVER gotten a second term as mayor of Chicago. It’s telling even he realizes a third term isn’t going to happen.


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