Computer Hassles/Update

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I wanted to let everyone know where things stand with the problems we’ve been having with the EPautos Forum – and the “ask Eric” button at the end of every article, which appears to be not-working, too.

I’ve asked the guy who helps me with computer stuff for help but so far, he’s been unable to do anything about either thing. It is very frustrating – and I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience to all of you.

I’ve also decided to ask for your help. If there is anyone among you who has some ideas, I’d very much appreciate them. I’m now at the point with regard to the Forum that I’m considering abandoning it entirely – that is, abandoning the past 16 years of library’d material there and just starting over, building something new so that people have something to see when they click on the Forum menu tab.

With regard to “ask Eric,” I’ve tried to deal with that by simply including my email at the end of each article, so that people can just email me their questions. It sucks, but it works.

Last agenda item: Have any you noticed any other problems with the site? Has anyone had any issues with the “donate” button? Or anything else?

These things make my teeth ache as I am a writer not a coder. I just want to provide the material and the place – and not have to deal with the infrastructure. I would be grateful for any counsel about the latter.

What I wish for the most is being in a position to be able to afford a full-time computer fuhrer to handle all of this stuff – leaving me free to write and you guys not having to deal with these endless verdammnt glitches!


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  1. I do get all the emails notifying me of followup comments, but when I get tired of receiving so many emails and click on the link in the email to turn off email notifications, nothing happens and I continue to receive the emails forever until comments finally stop on that post. I finally just created a filter in my gmail to move all such emails to a folder out of my inbox.

  2. The waybackachine has a snapshot of the forum from january. You could link to it or mirror it on your own host with a web archiver like httrack for posterity. To start a new forum I’d install a PHP board on my own hosting service to avoid problems with a separate provider. This will also allow you to back up the forum and revert to an older snapshot if it shits the bed.
    As far as the ask eric button just change it to an email link that’ll open an email client on most devices with your address as the recipient. That or erase it entirely and place a new wordpress element that sends you an email from the website.
    Problems with portions of the site not working are likely portions of wordpress and plugins getting broken from updates. It sucks but it’s the price of a dynamic website.

  3. Haven’t noticed any problems, but I don’t normally log in or get notifications. I do click on-or-about the Donate pie chart once a month and haven’t had any trouble there.

    I know stuff about things and am willing to help, let me know if you want to do a remote session or something.

  4. I’m not getting email notifications anymore when I contribute to a thread. Maybe it’s my service provider, I don’t know and I don’t know how to fix that. I’ve tried adjusting all the email controls on my end.

    Sorry to hear about these problems.


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