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I wanted to let everyone know that I’m working on getting a few site updates done, including ginning up a way to allow people to download free electronic versions of my books – including the new one I’ve been working on this past year – without having to “sign up” for anything. I’m going to get Ben the Computer Guy to set up a button people can click on to just download a free copy.

Ben and some others have suggested that I do what other sites do – and get people’s emails and then pitch them products. I am not going to do that. I will try to sell people on ideas – but I’m not going to charge them for that, either.

Also, no firewalls or “special” areas that you have to pay to access.

I like that the site is open to all and free to all.

But to keep that up, we do need your support. Not everyone can afford to support the site – and that is one of the reasons I keep the site wide open to everyone. But for that to be feasible financially, we need the help of those who can afford to support the site.

So, if you like what goes on here, please consider supporting what goes on here!

We depend on you to keep the wheels turning! 

Our donate button is here.

 If you prefer not to use PayPal, our mailing address is:

721 Hummingbird Lane SE
Copper Hill, VA 24079

PS: Get an EPautos magnet (pictured below) in return for a $20 or more one-time donation or a $5 or more monthly recurring donation. (Please be sure to tell us you want a sticker – and also, provide an address, so we know where to mail the thing!)

My latest eBook is also available for your favorite price – free! Click here.  



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  1. Wow… Ben is quite behind the times. Those old tired internet marketing tricks, like collecting emails and then spamming people, actually reduce the number of legitimate viewers/participants one’s site gets…unless of course you are running some pop-culture site about the latest heartthrob, aimed at 10 year-olds.

    And besides, who in their right mind even reads spam emails, much less purchases something advertised in them?!

    I quit the bike forum used to post on, just because they used to send a spam email once a week, hawking “deals”. I’d much rather voluntarily support a site like this which I use, enjoy and believe in, than give out my email address for the purposes of being spammed.

    Ben ought to get with it! Not5 only doesn’t that crap work, but it’s downright offensive, and makes it’s promoters look sleazy and ridiculous.

    I’d like to banish telemarketers, junk mailers and spam emailers from the face of the earth! Engaging in any one of those non-effective marketing techniques instantly destroys on credibility.

    • Agreed, Nunz…I won’t do any of that…

      I’d rather just go do something else, if it comes down to it. Wrench, copywrite… maybe I could still Man Whore, even!

      • I know you’d never do that Eric. I’m just amazed that a tech-type guy like Ben wiould even suggest it! Is his other job driving for Uber? 😉


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