What They’re After… And What’s Coming

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They want us out of our cars, that’s the bottom line.soviet bus pic

“They” being the California General Assembly – which just passed a bill (SB 350, the “Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015,” see here) that mandates a 50 percent reduction in petroleum use statewide by 2030. The legislation empowers the California Air Resources Board – a literally dictatorial entity that can simply issue decrees that have the force of law, without any person in California ever having voted yea or nay – to achieve this reduction by any means it considers necessary.

What means might be considered necessary?

The California Driver’s Alliance believes CARB will decide that driving restrictions are necessary: “… regulators now have a plan to monitor and collect your personal driving data,” the group said in an advertisement against the bill. “This will enable state regulators to penalize and fine motorists who use ‘too much’ gas or drive ‘too often’… .   

If that sounds like crazy talk, consider that the state of Oregon has already implemented a “tax by mile” program (see here) that uses you car’s ability to receive and transmit data to monitor, in real time, how often and how long you drive (as well as how fast you drive) and taxes you accordingly.

Cue the intro to The Six Million Dollar Man.

They have the technology.tax by mile pic

And odds are, they’re going to use it.

It’s already feasible to simply “turn off” most new cars remotely. GM’s OnStar system, for example. An operator in another part of the country can send a signal to the car’s computer, telling it to turn the engine off. Most other-brand new cars have similar telematics systems.

This is touted as – and could be useful as – a way to curb auto theft and end high-speed chases before anyone gets hurt. But it can also be used to keep your car in your driveway – in order to “save gas” or “reduce global warming.” Also to track your mileage – and transmit the data in real time to a government bureaucracy with police powers, like CARB. When you reach the allowable limit, a signal is transmitted – and your car becomes 3,500 pounds of driveway sculpture.

Perhaps we’ll see a return to “no drive” days – as happened in the ’70s.

But on a much higher-tech basis.

Punitive taxes on gas could be imposed, too. California already has among the highest taxes on motor fuels in the country. A gallon of fuel currently (as of mid-September) costs about $1 more per gallon in the Golden State than in other states (see here).gas tax pic

Now, the California lawmakers pushing this legislation will denounce such talk as “scare tactics” – but we live in scary times. Things that used to be inconceivable are now depressingly routine. From crotch frisks at the airport to Tazerings of elderly people in their own homes to “lock downs” of entire towns to apprehend a single suspect.

The fact is cars – our driving – can be monitored. It’s not yet mandatory. But the insurance mafia (especially the Progressive “family”) has been pushing aggressively for that and if the “safety” excuse doesn’t cut the mustard, perhaps curbing “climate change” will.

The fact is  most new cars already have the necessary technology – hardware and software – embedded within them to be kept track of without your even being aware of it.

It merely needs to be activated.

The fact is, states are already implementing “real-time” monitoring of our driving.

It has merely to go nationwide.monitor pic

Which – given Califiornia’s (and CARB’s) historic role as a “leader” when it comes to such is by no stretch of the imagination a paranoid fantasy. California (and CARB) “led the way” when it came to draconian emissions standards that became national standards simply because the automakers could not afford to build “California” cars and cars for the other 49 states.

All cars became California compliant.

There is an element – not confined to California – that despises the personal automobile, under our personal control.

Because it is not under their control.    

That people are free to travel when, where – and how – they wish rubs a certain set the wrong way. In the same way that “allowing” ordinary citizens to own firearms rubs them the wrong way.

The core issue here is not – and has never been – conservation.   

It is – and always has been – control.hut hut

What Lenin styled Who Does What to Whom.

If you doubt this, reflect on the fact that the controllers will not themselves be controlled. Just as Dear Leader will not exchange his 6,000 pound/V8-powered (and 6 MPG) armored limo for a Prius, neither will the lesser Dear Leaders be subject to hoofing it – or “public” transportation.

They will continue to have their cars.

Just as they continue to have their guns.

Under their control.

It’s our cars, our guns – our freedom – that they’re after.

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  1. They want to reduce gas useage by 50%? Let them start with their own! First, stop the pigs from driving around all day in a patrol car. Stop sending 100 men in 30 vehicles to fight every little fire; stop sending kids to the pooblik schools and sporting events on those big buses; stop all that pooblik transit (If we can’t drive too much, why should someone who rides the bus be able to travel freely as much as they want?); eliminate the jobs of all the local tyrants (Code enforcement, public safety; building inspectors; etc.) whose only job is to drive around spying on citizens and collecting extortion/protection money. They could achieve their “goals” without negatively impacting the lives of any citizens. In-fact, they’d improve everyone’s lives and finances by doing so!

    • Nunzio, I saw a big ass old school bus yesterday and when it turned off the highway….less than two miles from the school, there was one student in it or else everybody else was getting laid. They continue to buy those huge things and there’s never been a need for them in that town. It’s never had more than 100 students in high school and not that many ride the bus anyway.

      I had just met a local deputy sheriff with his wife going to another town to shop via county gas and county Tahoe. Excesses like this are the order of the day, not the exception. Let’s say at the very most, 8 kids ride one route. That’s a van, not even a 30 passenger van much less something you could load two bass boats in and have room for everybody. It’s completely insane. There are small buses based on a one ton vehicle and some even smaller based on single wheel trucks. I will give them the benefit of the doubt carrying students to sporting events but they certainly don’t need those behemoths for every route. It’s been like that since before I went to school and ever since. Spend that money.

  2. I’ve heard one way there’s gotta be outta here, whether you’re joker, other, or thief, is to make your case in a way they’ll hear, so you can get some relief.

    Abstract• Introduction• Results• Methods• Additional information• References• Acknowledgements• Author information• Supplementary information

    We have confirmed with 250 separate test samples, that VW met or exceeded applicable regs and mandates when their U.S. diesel vehicles were tested according to relevant statutes. VW are not in violation of any local or international standards that we are aware of.

    The fuel savings results are document in part 2, in the test machines, which yielded increased efficiency when placed into “non test” mode. The total calculated savings in fuel and demonstrated lower emissions results of the study are found in part 3.

    Woods Thrown Flying Pigs Aeronautics Institute
    Heroesburg, VA

    T.O. Nico and B.P. designed the research. T.L. prepared the data. E.P., R. B., E.S. and B.P. conducted the analysis; E.S. prepared the figures. K.F., B.P. and E.P. wrote the paper.


    Company Town men – they drink my wine. Empty Suits enslave plowmen to dig my earth. None will level with me on the line. Nobody to be found who is of worth.

    (Every song the better to ring the bell whenever you sing it with silicone gel)

    • I think that you are on to something profound here. Instead of “test mode” and “non-test mode”, how about “park” and “drive”. VW designed their cars to pollute less in “park” and get better gas millage in “drive”. That is a useful design feature.

      • Sounds right to me for sure amigo.

        Kinda what Tioniço et al had earlier said elsewhere to ekrampîtzjr and etc QED.

        We are nearly all gearheads, designheads, machineheads, dataheads, quarkheads here, masters or apprentice masters over powerful forces of some kinds or other. AnarchistAntmen https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpt1/v/t1.0-9/s720x720/10982621_921186037953669_2692920841195567429_n.jpg?oh=5fad2ef0ab08ff3643bfe4d9b2977087&oe=565B4B01&__gda__=1444623143_10ef6a18d0bb50c2d43cdf4847d9e4f1 and Juggalo Clown Geniuses http://blog.dilbert.com/post/126589300371/clown-genius even.

        Whether the latest South Korean lightweight aluminum-steel, or the earliest manifestations of minecraft pixel raster fractal blocks, all things are surely made of the same sundry tickie tackies, and they all compile and alloy just the same.

        Trying hard to find, just how deep do the rabbit holes go, and what can we voluntarily accomplish the more we have such understanding?

        Micro boxes on the hillside, Little boxes made of ticky tacky, tiny boxes of the milky way, little boxes all the same.

        There’s a charm one and a strange one, a muon gluon higgs boson one

        And they’re comprised of electromagnetic tickie tackie, and they all interact just the same.

        And the sheeple in the debt laden houses. All went to the university, Where they learned to tick the boxes, and they came out all the same,

        They say they’re doctors and lawyers, and business executives,

        And trillions of cells of quantum particle tickie tackies
        And they all think just the same.

        And they all play on the golf course. And drink redbull martinis dry, and they all have pretty children, who might someday be just the same.

        And the children frogmarch off to school, and are drafted into summer camps, and the boys all roam well fenced into businesses in the company towns just the same.

        And marry and raise families, In prefab boxes just the same. There’s a mcmansion one and a taco belle ranch one and a matchbox one and a hotwheel one, and they’re mass forged rote constructed out of tickie tackies, and robo-assembled to CAD specs just the same.

  3. Any business I’ve worked for, the donations made, the pictures of owners shaking hands with councilmen on walls, with state senators, and governors, pastors, rabbis, and foundation heads.

    Such displays are never about politics, or philosophies, but always about buying influence.

    I’m quite sure if ISIS or the Communists were to somehow come to power in Austin TX, that local business owners there would waste no time making large donations and getting their pictures taken where they’re shaking hands with the elected leaders, whomever they may be.

    Really the same can be said about each and every “political,” “charitable,” and “religious” donations. These are funny monies that corrupt are already broken funny money fiat system, to where it is impossible to calculate what things are truly of value, and which are about gaining power and influence without doing anything useful.

    People give generously where ever they can expect rewards of some kind. The fact that giving to some allegedly do-gooder organization sanctioned by the state is actually helpful, is ludicrous.

    The opposite is more likely true.

    It seems to be a hard lesson to understand, but only honest dealings with your fellow men in ways that enrich you both have a positive lasting effect.

    This is a core principle that Rand, Rothbard, Mises, Paul and so many others have been trying to make you understand for so long now.

    Altruistic sacrifice and social generosity are incredibly destructive to the monetary system and the pricing mechanism in most cases.

    Unless everybody feels the same way towards everybody else, which rarely if ever happens, the most productive and group enriching people are less able or even unable to rise to the top, wherever political, communal, or social priorities come before being productive and adapting the environment to the benefit of man, for his enjoyment and comfort.

    Yes this is a mere belief, just like being a devout Republican, Baptist, or 24/7 video gamer aficionado is.

    No this doesn’t mean you can’t believe in deities, helping the poor, treasuring scriptures, or loving Call of Duty 4, or whatever your thing is. It just means don’t interfere with the machinery and tokens of exchange in a toxic way.

    If you hold dear any such beliefs and refuse to live and let free exchange live, then at least stop being a hypocrite and go live off the land in a cave somewhere, and stop milking and shearing those who are productive to be your unwilling providers so you can live the life you deserve.

    Most likely, everyone would keep doing business with you voluntarily, and we’d soon be far better off. There’s more for everyone when you wait to trade with people instead of act out of fear or malice and force people to “help” you the way you think they should.

    Donald Trump on Big Money In Politics

    Whether big money internationally or local money from a small business, it’s all the same.

    It’s no secret that Donald Trump is rich. And it’s no surprise that money influences politics.

    But few political candidates — let alone presidential contenders — speak about it with as much candor and openness as Donald Trump.

    Over the course of his campaign so far, Trump has unashamedly made a string of about making political donations in order to later call in favors with politicians while they are in office.

    “I gave to many people before running for president, because I was a businessman. I give to everybody. When they call, I give. And you know what, when I need something from them two years later, three years later, I call them. They are there for me.”

    Trump calls fellow GOP candidates “puppets” of Republican mega-donors David and Charles Koch.

    He says his fortune has enabled him to run for the presidency without having to court donors, and it’s led to him offering some pretty poignant critiques of the American campaign finance system. And the comments shed some light on what many suspect about the goals of big money donors in the political sphere.

    “This is what’s wrong,” Rand Paul interrupted early in the first debate. “Trump buys and sells politicians of all stripes.”

    But Trump has gone on to target his fellow GOP competitor Jeb Bush’s fundraising efforts — totaling more than $103 million in the second quarter.

    “Bush raises $100 million, so what does $100 million mean? $100 million means he’s doing favors for so many people, it means lobbyists, it means special interests, it means donors,” Trump said.

    “Who knows it better than me? I give to everybody. They do whatever I want. It’s true.”

    “I see the donors all over the place. I know them, and I know they don’t give because they happen to be nice people.”

    Trump gave a taste of how far donations can go in terms of personal favors by mentioning Hillary Clinton.

    “For Hillary Clinton, I said be at my wedding and she came to my wedding,” he said. “You know why? She had no choice because I gave to a foundation that claims that foundation is supposed to do good.”

    “So, what am I going to do, contribute to Republicans?” Trump asked. “Am I going to contribute to, I mean, one thing, I’m not stupid. Am I going to contribute to a Republican for my whole life when they run against some Democrat and the most they can get is one percent of the vote.”

    Trump, who of course is in all kinds of debt to bankers to fund his business has repeatedly said that he will not be bought by any lobbyists or special interest group.

    “I don’t need your money, I never took any of your money, you have no control over me, bye bye.”

    – No one pulls Trump’s strings except the money printers and lenders, he should’ve said, in order to be more accurate.

    • It’s the demand side that is the real issue for price. Demand is falling more than production is up. So long as demand side is down the control freaks will be pleased.

      • It’s the economy. Most everything is down including footstuffs such as grains, esp. corn and has been for this whole year and continues to drop.

        Everybody speaks ill of the young not being motivated for a job. I don’t believe it’s true. I see them all the time taking some of the worst jobs at low pay and saying it’s better than nothing. Not everybody qualifies for welfare as young, white males can attest. I see record numbers of female hitchhikers these days too, an indication they either have no offspring or are like men, are looking for something, a better life or escaping the one they had. Question them and they’ll often speak of seeking family who can’t help them get there.

        In the last several months I’ve seen some of the most pathetic vehicles pulling trailers of dubious roadworthiness with back packed with stuff most of us would leave behind. They drive so slowly they’re a big hazard in the interstates and we’d all be better if they stuck to the access roads with 55 mph PSL, the speed they’re going. The people in those vehicles look poor as the vehicles themselves. I haven’t seen the 400 pounders in these caravans.

        There’s a growing population of the disenfranchised and that tends to cause the overall economy to fall. It’s a vicious cycle and it’s caused by the most powerful people on earth. I’ll simply mention NAFTA and let it go at that although that’s just the beginning of the equation.

        • ” I see them all the time taking some of the worst jobs at low pay and saying it’s better than nothing.”
          You mean like enlisting to become a ground pounder?

          • That too……but that’s not as common, hence the military being in a permanent bind for warm bodies. I know some of them that have BTDT and are now really fucked up, physically and mentally. I try to avoid them. They seem to have a lot of paranoia, think others plot to screw them up. Of course they don’t see that’s already been done.

            • So, they’re paranoid nuts, because they WEREN’T paranoid ahead of time, and got used and abused and broken…?

              Not very logical, 8South… 😉

  4. For some time I’ve been suspicious of the claims that driverless cars are right around the corner and that they’ll become ubiquitous, replacing conventional autos. Your comments here explain why we’re not going to see everyone in self-driving vehicles.

    Bureaucrats and environmentalists don’t want driverless cars, pollution-free cars, 100% safe cars, etc.: they want no cars. Believe me when I say that government types will see the rise of driverless vehicles as the excuse to force you to use mass transit instead. If you aren’t driving anyway, they’ll say, then why do you need to be taking room on the highway and consuming fuel for a car holding just you and maybe one other person? They’ll say, wouldn’t it be a much more efficient use of space and resources to simply force you to take a bus or train? After all—this is the key—you aren’t driving anyway. You wanted to read, listen to the radio, or snooze instead of drive. You can do that on mass transit.

    And for those oldtimers who still do drive, well, that’s where the measures you mention come into play… Sorry, we need the space on the highway for all those buses we’ve forced the nondrivers to use. Your car has been prohibited from starting by remote control.

    B. Bruce-Briggs warned in his book The War Against the Automobile nearly 40 years ago: bureaucrats would rather (they) have a Chevrolet in a world in which everyone else has to use bicycles than to have a Cadillac in a world of Chevrolets. Don’t underestimate how much this attitude still holds sway among the government control freaks.

  5. Eric, I imagine you will be writing shortly on the VW diesel story that is developing. Sounds like VW was “cheating” on air tests by only operating some of the pollution equipment when the cars were plugged into testing equipment. It would turn off and is off when the car is driven normally.

    Do you think its one of the reasons why VW was the last to be forced to add the DEF tank for example?

    A thing big government types forgets, is the more you make rule unreasonable, the more people will do to side step it because in some cases they have no choice. It’s the same for a huge company all the way down to the guy down the street who doesn’t want to do the mandatory residential “recycling”, and just dumps half his trash in the recycle bin.

      • There is another related article on Reuters, I don’t have the link, but here’s some quotes;

        “Still, one of VW’s rule-breaking models, the revamped Jetta TDI, proved very popular when it went on sale in 2009, in part because of Obama administration-approved subsidies designed to spur the sale of “clean diesel” technology.

        At least $78 million was earmarked for federal income tax credit for the first run of diesel Jetta buyers in 2009 and 2010. At one point, dealers reported a wait of more than a month for some buyers in California.”

        So, Obama praises VW, now he will fine them.

        • After waiting several months for them to become available after a hiatus, I bought one of those 09 Jetta TDI’s, based not on the subsidy. but on the history. Had I done due diligence regarding the EPA’s ‘improvements’, including ULSD, I might not have done so. Mileage about 10% lower, and fuel price higher.

    • Disclaimer: I work for Mazda at a very low level and speak only for myself.

      Mazda had been getting flak for not bringing the SKYACTIV diesel to the US so far. The engine reportedly meets US emissions specs, but the driveability isn’t where the company wants it to be. In the meantime, some in the automotive press have asked why Mazda can’t work this out when VW has been selling so many diesel cars in the US, seemingly without problems.

      Now we know how VW was able to do so: unfortunately, that company cheated. VW faces a fine of as much as $18 billion, yes, billion, from the feds over the 49–state cars. On top of that, the offending cars have to be recalled and fixed—or if they can’t be fixed, bought back. Now consider that this doesn’t count what California will do. And now a criminal probe is beginning. This also raises the question of what the company might have been doing in Europe with the emissions standards over there.

      No one is asking the right question, though, which is why US standards are so strict that the automakers have problems meeting them with diesels. Cars are just as clean elsewhere in the industrialized world these days. Why is the US so special?

      • ekrampitzjr, cars are not as clean elsewhere. They’re not going for that last .00002grams per cubic meter of particulate or whatever the obviously unattainable number is. That’s an EPA problem and a US govt. problem. Never mind my old 60 series Detroit Diesel puts out enough particulate in a mile to make up for all those cars entire lives. It’s all bullshit. When even construction equipment has to meet what are virtually unattainable exhaust numbers it’s gone way too far.

      • funny thing: the EPA regs mandate the vehicle shall pass the tests AT THE TIME OF TESTING. Once it leaves the test site, it is no longer required to pass the test… but with VW’s intellligent work-round solution, it WILL pass again WHEN TESTED.

        Also, I saw some calcs on the fuel actually saved by increased effeciency once in “non test” mode, and the savings in fuel actually results in overall lower emissions than what would be realised if the cars stayed in “test mode” constantly. What we have is EPA tyrants with their knickers in a twist because someone was smarter than them. And NO ONE is smarter than god, are they?

    • Rich,
      “A thing big government types forgets, is the more you make rule unreasonable, the more people will do to side step it because in some cases they have no choice.”

      “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.” – JFK
      Follow-ups below…

      ” It’s the same for a huge company all the way down to the guy down the street who doesn’t want to do the mandatory residential “recycling”, and just dumps half his trash in the recycle bin.”
      This is incorrect….
      The corporations find it’s cheaper to pay lawyers to skew or screw the law, and the individual has no such recourse.
      Better to shoot the Corporatocracy goons, or better yet – their families. The corporation has personhood before the law, but no one is held accountable. Ever. And the corporation is almost as immortal as a gunvermin(© PtB) program…
      But – like gunvermin – it’s made up of people, who give their willing consent to allow this to happen – by NOT arguing against it.

      Depopulate them. I know most people cannot think this way, but we’re rapidly going to where they’ll be doing the same to us…. And given how this world works, we’re now looking at censorship of the web (but because it’s “private” industry doing the censoring, we’re supposed to be OK with that. Because Google isn’t Uncle Sam, after all – Google is just COMPLICIT with Uncle Sam, but it’s “privately owned,” just like the hardware that WAS the internet was owned by AT&T, Verizon, various educational facilities, and some government facilities… But it’s now a “public utility.” Who will be held accountable for what amounts to nationalizing those assets, and Microsoft’s and Apple’s open-door policies for government snooping? For the government presuming that if you don’t want your mail, email, phonecalls intercepted, that you’re an evil ter’rist? No one watches the watchers. We shouldn’t HAVE to, but we CANNOT trust them implicitly; they are at least as self-serving and venal as we are – and, since they seek those positions of authority and power over others, demonstrably moreso, greater greed, great concupiscence, greater evil, lower self-control in just jerking people around “because I can,” like a cat with its prey.
      It falls to US to police these places, these fictions – and we must be PRO-active, not RE-active.
      E.G.: I don’t NEED a gun – until the government says I cannot have one. If they have unilaterally decided I cannot have a weapon – ANY weapon, for that matter – they have evil intent. Because if they had good intent, they’d presume I did, as well, and therefore have no reason to reduce my ability to defend myself. When they decide a switchblade is more dangerous… Or a dagger is somehow more dangerous…. Or a balisong…. Or nunchaku…. Or a staff, walking stick, sword, or hammer or baseball bat? They are now deciding whether or not I am important as a human being. They are placing a value on my life. And they are never going to decide in my favor…. I WORK for a living, I’m not a “great decider” who controls a company’s money flow (towards the gov’t), or “makes” employment for others (which gov’t has already decided, is something only gov’t actually does.)

      We are a country plagued by parasites, and not just the obvious ones (welfare leeches, bureaucrats) – but also many others, such as personal injury lawyers, government officials, most police, Alderman, town councils, Home Ownership or Community councils, CEOs earning 100X the median salary…. Etc.

      It’s a rigged game. Only options are to not play, or play for blood. Option “B” isn’t too great yet, but it’s becoming more and more essential that we do it anyway, because I’m the type who WILL NOT live on my knees, until they decide it’s time for me to die anyway… I’d rather die on my feet.

      And to that end, we go back to weapons prohibition: Do you think for one instant that the State cares who dies? The Sheep will always give their consent, the “sheepdogs” as they’d like to see themselves ARE MANUFACTURING “consent” – and they are expendable. We are the “enemies” because we don’t want to bow down and worship….

  6. Sometime it seems they’re after encasing us in tanks on wheels, experiencing life only in plasma digital form, endlessly fighting culture wars, never touching real-world solids and liquids, breathing only stale gases, like the Daleks of Skaro (Future Earth: Post-SHTF)

    HELP ME! ( Sonic screwdriver pulses ) Your chances of survival are about one in a thousand. So here’s what you do. You forget the thousand, and you concentrate on the one.

    Pick it up. I said pick it up! : I’m straight ahead of you. About 50 feet. Can you see me? The device in your hand is creating an acoustic corridor so that we can talk. Do you understand?

    Who are you? I’m just a passer-by. I was looking for a bookshop. How do you think I’m doing? This isn’t a bookshop. No, this is a war. A very old one, going by the mix of technology.

    Which war is this? I get them all muddled up. Just the war. Where am I? What planet is this? I don’t understand. Well, neither do I. I try never to understand — it’s called an open mind.

    Now, you have got to make a choice. A choice? Yes, you have got to decide that you’re going to live. Survival is just a choice — choose it now. If I move, they’ll get me. I told you, you have one chance in a thousand. But one is all you ever need.

    The Magician’s Apprentice – Doctor Who

    Davros of the founders of Skaro is a child of war. A war that wouldn’t end — a thousand years of fighting, till nobody could remember why.

    So The Founders created a new kind of warrior — one that wouldn’t bother with THAT question. A mutant in a tank that would never, ever stop. And they never did.

    The Daleks? How scared must you be to seal every one of your own kind inside a tank? The Founders made the American Daleks. But who made the Founders?

    Yes, yes, OK, you’ve made your point. If someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you, and told you that that child would grow up totally evil, to be the one of the Founders of the Evil Planet Skaro, formerly known as Earth before it was conquered by American Daleks, a ruthless dictator who would destroy billions of lives, could you then kill that child?’

    [The Last American Dalek – Planetary Re-Founder and Hero – Is Dying]
    I get the point! Do you know why you came? You have a sense of duty. Of guilt, perhaps. And certainly of shame. I intended to accuse. I believe that for the ultimate good of the universe, I was right to create the American Daleks.

    Where are we? Skaro! You’ve brought me to Skaro! Where does an old man go to die, but with his children? What’s Skaro? The beginning. Where it all started. This is the planet of the Amercan Daleks have made!

    You cannot help your wife and family now. You know what children are like.
    Maximum extermination. Exterminate. I do not control them.

    Oh, your beloved mate Clara. Oh, my Clara. See how they play with her. See how they toy. They want her to run. They NEED her to run. Do you feel their need, and their two-mutes of hate?

    Their blood is screaming. “Kill! Kill! Kill!” Hunter and prey, held in the ecstasy of crisis. Is this not life at its purest? Exterminate! Exterminate! ( Clara screams )

    Let this be my final victory. Let me hear you say it, just once. “Compassion… is… wrong.” Destroy your loved ones and all Non-Dalek Humans! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!

    (Footsteps ) Who are you? How did you get there? Are you going to save me? I’m going to save my friend. The only way I can. Exterminate! Imagine — to hold in your hand the heartbeat of every American Dalek. Genocide in a moment. So many backs with a single knife. Dalek: All praise the Founding Heros! Are you ready to be a God?

    Spike Milligan – Pakistani Daleks

  7. Hamilton was a proficient constructor. He helped build the the most impressive machine yet devised.

    Most of you consider yourself passengers in his holy haunted hayride.

    The best of you are tinkerers, maintenance men, and engineers of Alexander the Great’s fearsome Foucaultian engine of discourse.

    Stephen King gave her the nickname of “Christine.” And coined the cousin concept of “clover” which he termed “shitter.” First owner of this killing contraption George Washington Lebay knew her all too well and what she would do to you all…

    This machine’s make is Republic, it’s model is America, some say this machine will keep on running until it has consumed every last atom of this planet.

    That it can’t be stopped, that every living woman within its skunkwerks is the mother of its invention. Every breathing metrosexual is its cog. They will abort their own children. They will abort themselves. They will abort you and everyone they know, if they believe it is the will and need of The Machine.

    Welcome to the Machine – Pink Floyd

    Native American hunters and gatherers are now quaint savages in the Brave New World reservation.

    Non-metrosexual men who didn’t need metropolitan areas to live are also quaint throwbacks perp-walking Trails of Tears to the Brave New World reservation right now.

    All that will remain, my son, Is The Machine. Welcome My Son. To A World That Is The Machine.

    It’s alright it knows where you’ve been. You’ve been in the pipeline
    Filling in time. Provided with toys and scouting for boys.

    You brought a guitar to punish your ma. And you didn’t like school.
    And you know you’re nobody’s fool.

    Welcome my son. Welcome to the machine. What did you dream?
    It’s alright we told you what to dream. You dreamed of a big star.

    He played a mean guitar. He always ate in the Steak Bar.
    He loved to drive in his Jaguar. So welcome to the machine.

    Somehow, if you’ve a musical mind, such artistic concoctions of misliterations are more powerful than reality.

    And that will be your only freedom, it does seem. To let out your last soul’s steam. To imagine a Machine of your own making. To scheme and dream every diem and transmit internet datums via light beam rising to the top of the creme de la cream with mad eyes full gleam churning out pages ream after ream while your fading humanity makes a last gasp scream as you’re compressed in a narrowing googolton no paddle in the stream no way to unthink this team theme of huddle masses that mechanistically deterministically eternalistically teem.

    • Not that it matters, but this was the intended “The Machine” video.

      Hamilton’s Cursed Continent Spanning Machine.

      Of what consequence is it really to Machine Men under the Great Dictators, what kind of machine they ride within their greater County Machinery, State Machinery, Nation Machinery, and International Treaty and Trade Pact Machinery?

      Better off slogging off all machine decisions to the woman in your life. Make her drive, listen for sounds and keep the records, make the purchases, visit the mechanics and indeed run the entire Household Machine.

      That keeps you out of jail, off the grid, keeps her occupied and less able to report and monitor on your doings, as a duly designated guardian of the One Family Machine.

      Watch electron quark vision of telescreens all you like, but remember they too, and even too this comment by your humble drunken old injun Great Wind Blowing are all part of The Machine. What do you care, how fast your hearse can go from 0 to 70 years and Soylent Green death in the quartermile of the roads to serfdom.

      Don’t comply with anything the Machine asks. Leave that up to her to get licenses, pay taxes, answer assembly line instructions, its her device the more you participate, the more you’re emasculate, take an Uber to the nearest Honky Tonk or Ne’er-Do-Well’s crib and keep yourself well out of it.

  8. Work is the curse of the drinking class.

    An old man goes to a Wizard to ask him if he can remove a “Curse” he has been living with for the last 30 years.

    The Wizard says “maybe, but you will have to tell me the exact words that were used to put the curse on you.”

    The old man says without hesitation: “I now pronounce you man and wife”.

    Thomas DiLorenzo speaking on Hamilton’s Curse

    The Curse of Alexander Hamilton – Jack Chambless

    Authors Forum: Hamilton’s Curse – Thomas J. DiLorenzo

    • Woman wakes up early one morning, alarmed to see that her husband is already out of bed. She finds him in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and a tear in his eye. She asks him “What is wrong?” He says, “Do you remember that night 20 years ago when your Dad caught us in the back seat of my car?” She is touched that he has remembered that ‘anniversary’ and says, “Yes, I do.”
      He continues, “He brought out the shotgun and said I had a choice. I could marry you, or I could spend the next 20 years in jail, since you were underage.” She is silent for a moment, and he continues, “I would have gotten out today.”

      • Ha!

        Have you heard the good news about the 3SPM?

        The 3SPM is not a denomination, such distinctions do not exist within the movement. Amen.

        As one of their Pastors, I’ve been fully trained at one of thirteen officially sanctioned seminaries. Kyrie eleison.

        Current theological emphasis is on “a protection and promotion of the five basic tenets of Christian faith — the Trinity, Christ being both human and God, the Virgin Birth, Death and Resurrection and the Second Coming.”

        I’ve been serving Him through 3SPM in my off hours after my day job, you see brother. Christe eleison.

        As such, I am charged with being an instrument for the secular United Nations government, and my mission is to encourage house-church Christians outside of it back safely into the fold of a legal and registered meeting place. Hallelujah.

    • But here in the People’s Republic of Maryland, we don’t even have to take diesels for biennial emissions testing. And the EPA regs (including ULSD) have already crapped on the mileage my 09 TDI gets compared to the previous generation.

  9. In the liberterian paradise of privately owned roads, there is no reason to believe non commercial vehicles would be allowed on major privately owned road ways. The reason I say this is because if you reduced the number of vehicles you could operate the road ways at much higher speeds to maximize profits. I also suspect that a private roadway would want better maintained and insured vehicles. Needless to say I don’t know this but I suspect it is a real possibility to optimize profits.

    “tax by mile” The liberterian objection is not the “tax by mile”, but that the roadway is government not privately owned. But yes it looks like in the future all roadways will be toll roads. London started this with congestion pricing under ‘Red’ Ken Livingstone, and kept it under Tory Boris Johnston.

    “50 percent reduction in petroleum use statewide by 2030” Cali is Tesla country. Once the giga factory is up and running and the state is filled with supercharger stations all will be well comrade worker.

    • George F – You have an interesting theory, but they would have to charge much higher tolls to make up for the decreased number of users. And, depending on the options available, that might further decrease the number of users. Pricing, in a free market, is a fine balance in order to maximize profits.

      • It’s not a theory, it is what they write about on lewrockwell.com, private ownership of roads and everything else.

        It is not clear how such roads would be operated but it is not hard to speculate that major highways would only allow the highest profit users which would seem to be commercial vehicles like buses and trucks. Why should they let you on the highway if they don’t have to?

        • It doesn’t require any imagination, really.

          In the U.S.A. much construction is performed by private companies. The municipality (city, county, state) puts the work out to bid to to private companies and hires the company with the lowest (short listed crony’s) bid.

          Roads are already nearly entirely built by private enterprises. There aren’t really any government employees who build roads to speak of.

          The easiest to envision would be a local telethon. Convince a radio station, TV station, whomever that a road is needed.

          Have media personalities selling the infrastructure drive. They’ll get various businesses to put up money, the major ones are sponsors and get to put up billboards on the roads, funds are raised until sufficient.

          How to Enable Private Toll Road Development

          • Tor, you’re exactly right. That highway you’re driving on was built by people such as myself. In my state and most others, cutting the equivalent of Tx.DOT out of the equation would save huge dollars. Even maintenance is nearly always done by contractors. Today I saw a streetsweeper in a small town, a Tx.DOT venture. By Golly, they can do something. State roads, federal roads including interstates, are built by countless companies who specialize in one aspect of it. All those state vehicles you see out there are just guys hanging out and getting a much better paycheck and benefits than those who are doing the building.

            The engineers who design these highways and byways don’t do it any other way than by the book. If something doesn’t work well long enough and with bad enough results the “book” is finally refigured. I’m not saying that everything that gets built doesn’t get built better over time as results come back but private contractors who wouldn’t get the next job if the current one has flaws would have more leeway to change things that are obviously flawed. I’ve seen vast amounts of material that a new roadway would be built on that was much harder and took a great deal of work to remove than that material that would replace it. There are better ways but they’re not in “the book”.

            In the last year around metropolitan areas I’ve seen a lot of roadway expanded with nothing overhead or to the side for purposes of anyone’s guess. It would seem that govt. is designing for something yet to happen that it predicts WILL happen. You won’t see this on the news.

            BTW, it looks as though tomorrow I’ll be hauling hot asphalt. It’s a private venture. I’ll haul 24 tons(per load)and what do I get? Another day older and deeper in debt. And that’s the damned truth.

            • And don’t forget – the lowest bidder rule. Despite that someone who charges a bit more might build a much better, longer lasting road.

              • PtB, and then we get back to govt. again. The road is built to spec. I see this every day. For the last year and a half I’ve watched RR(ranch road)33 that runs from Big Spring to Big Lake(and turns into state 137 on to Ozona)get built and rebuilt to the tune of 6 times on parts of it. For over a year the traffic was virtually a running 70-75mph stream of trucks of various sizes, most with at least 18 wheels. 10 miles at a time at first and that didn’t work so down to about 5 miles at a whack. Build the base and use traffic instead of rollers to pack it. The base would get shoved out, to the side, to the front, every which way and they’d just blade it not nearly often enough and continue to let traffic pack it. It would finally be paved and within a month, the pavement would be coming up in the very tracks where trucks ran. As of Saturday, it was still coming apart in places where it had been paved a half dozen times and in places where both pavement and part of the base had been removed and then repaved.

                Somebody misfigured badly. So it’s a ranch road, it still needs to be built like an interstate since the traffic is non-stop.

                Last year it was killing people left and right. I sat at the back of a line 3/8ths of a mile long waiting for the construction people to let our line go on after the oncoming line was past. I was run over from behind by a sand frac truck driver. Luckily I had left distance to the welding truck in front of me so getting knocked 25′ down the road with my foot on the brake saved other people.

                I’m sure the construction company was following TxDOT rules but it didn’t keep me from an ambulance ride. The “book” sucks as do the people who deem what a road should be. It continues to be replaced from one end to the other. Obviously, a concrete road done once would have saved money, ranch road moniker be damned. And it’s still very dangerous with only two lanes. It’s a nightmare.

                • Gosh! I hope that you are alright 8.
                  I had been working in the Big Lake area, so I am quite familiar with the 137/33 roads. I mostly used 137, but yeah, I had been on 33 enough to know how bad it has been during construction. They are currently also doing the same thing on 1555 just off of 67 toward Rankin. They have it as being only one lane at a time, so traffic has to park on the hwy 67 shoulder until they get the OK to drive on that road. Best Lane has more truck traffic than cars. It also has 5 cattle guards to cross and several 15-20 mph curves; yet there are no center lines painted anywhere. That might seem like a small issue for daytime drives, but during rainy, snowy, and foggy nights it becomes quite dangerous!
                  Here is another example of government inefficiency that has cost millions of taxpayer dollars while benefiting crony-capitalists. In my home state during the time I was growing up in the ’70’s and early ’80’s, the government was widening US 60 from Springfield, Mo. to I-55, which is about 230 miles. It took more than 30 years for them to make it nearly all 4 lane, and it has fairly heavy traffic. You can read about US 60 in general here:

                  • Brian, I got hit so hard I bounced off the windshield and got a ticket for no seat belt. If i’d had that seat belt on no telling what injuries I would have had. The other truck had to be towed. I was hauling concrete culverts on a drop deck dovetail trailer. He ran up the trailer and veered off in time to not go over my cab. Closest call I ever had. I avoid Rankin like the plague if I can. Tomorrow I have to haul 8 loads from near Roby to west of Big Lake and load my trailer twice a day and have it all done by Friday. Not looking forward to it. Last time near BL I had a water hauler come out at high speed off a lease road right in front of me. He brought so much dust I couldn’t see but I’d already seen nothing was coming so I passed around him and nearly smeared that front fender with my trailer…..on purpose. Such stupid moves and then he turned off less than 2 miles after getting on with that move. I just don’t get the insane moves I see there. People work by the hour and don’t have time to wait 5 seconds for you to pass by? Seems like the closer to Big Lake you get the hairier it is.

                    Be careful out there. There must be something in the water. I’ll be out there all week in a red Pete, Step Child, with a white sand can behind.

                    I’ll check out Route 60, sounds like a BIL deal, sorta like OK that never quits working on the Bailey tollroad.

                    • It is ironic eightsouthman that you mentioned getting a seat belt ticket after the accident because I have been fired from my former company for getting one. I did above average pm inspections, always spoke politely with the dispatchers, was well liked by my co-workers, and never got written up or had a spill! Yet, some clover at corporate decided expo facto to fire anyone who gets a ticket of any kind. They knew about my ticket the very next day but did nor fire me until 9 days later! God I hate the state, clovers, insurance companies, banksters, and coproaches!

                    • Was that water truck that pulled right out in front of you a Prime Pack one? They are bad about doing things like that. They also like to drive around in packs.

                    • Brian, that seat belt ticket sucks, esp, since there’s never been a study that showed it was a help in a big rig accident. Next thing I know in Dec. I’m about to get run over by the Northern Pacific because of a bad signal at a blind crossing. I couldn’t get the damned seat belt loose on a Volvo.

                      I don’t recall what company that water hauler was although I should. They run white long nose Pete’s and white trailers and yes, they do run in packs.

                      I hope that ticket didn’t keep you from getting another job although it didn’t help for sure.

                    • 8, I had to scroll up here due to a lack of a reply button.
                      I still haven’t gotten another job yet. They fired me during a real slow time (about a month ago). The local yard wanted to keep me, but the HQ HR dept. said no.
                      I first tried to find a crude hauler job, but apparently there are enough already trained ones getting those jobs. I also tried a few vac truck companies close by, but they don’t need more drivers. I read about the abundance of jobs in New Mexico, but a web search reveals that they are in high crime areas, which is also the reasons I was trying to avoid the Midland/ Odessa area. I got a call from a sand hauler based in Midland today. It seems likely that they are going to hire me. I obviously won’t be getting home every day which kind of sucks, but the pay is a lot better and I do not have to move my trailer so close to the job. If I get the job I do want to find an RV park closer to Midland though. I’m in Rankin right now.
                      I agree with you about the seat belt in a big rig issue. I don’t see how that coproach that ticketed you after the accident can sleep at nights. I have noticed this type of crap before. You have a break down or are unlucky in some other way. A coproach stops by, and the first thing that comes to his mind is the desire to make your day worse rather than to help you or to leave you alone.

                    • eric, the first button I see is on Brian’s reply involving Route 60.

                      Brian, I have seen some RV places way off the beaten path near Midland. I inadvertently took the exit just west of the exit for 158 and while traveling that county road found a couple of RV parks headed back to 158. No matter where you get a job, there are remote RV parks with very low rates now. Just stay off I-20 and things will be ok. I’ll try to remember the various places I’ve seen them…..some in really remote places that probably never filled up and that’s where I’d want to be. None more than probably 10 miles from where you might find employment. Seems like out SE of Garden City I saw a site with no RV’s. I’d bet that’s cheap. I don’t mind good neighbors and haven’t really had any bad ones. Every place I’ve lived has been elderly retired(few)but mostly just hard working patch people who mainly get up at the same time or only get in now and again. Hell of a life ain’t it? But I prefer getting in a truck and being alone all day to better jobs I could get that would drive me bonkers.

                      If you want a crude hauling job, and they’re good ones right now, try Enterprise. They were hiring a week ago or so last I looked. A friend works for them out of Hobbs and loves it. There is virtually no crime I’m guessing since he never mentions it and I worked last year just 30 miles away in Seagraves.

                      I’m going to apply to them for a job they show in Scurry or Mitchell(close to the county line) I think is on 1606 just east of 208 between C City and Snyder. My buddy said they had brand new Freightliners with sleepers and digital logging. He doesn’t complain about anything, says he can’t believe they pay that much for what he does. He’s 5 days on, 2 days off and his relief is always the same driver, a good thing. He was pleasantly surprised with the new Freightliners too saying they rode very well, handled well, had great a/c, were very quiet with all the amenities. High praise but there’s lots of competition now and sucky trucks just don’t cut it. I drive a ’96 Pete and it is much nicer than any of the fairly new Internationals with only Volvo’s being as friendly(moreso actually)in areas of ride and quiet. Like a coworker said, he’d rather push a Pete than drive an International and I concur. I detest that double bunk really tall sleeper design. It sucks in west Tx. wind. Just make mine a Pete with the small sleeper and I’m good thanks.

                      Schwerman is also hiring and they haul just about everything now from bulk tank, liquids and even flatbeds and a few VGN’s with equipment. I’m pissed from waiting all day for a phone call after getting a nasty conversation with the boss last night, him telling me his priorities, things I knew long before he was born. He resents I can keep that truck working and have contacts he doesn’t(WTF does he expect from a 65 YO trucker?). He was supposed to have a backhoe for me so I could load and haul to Santa Rita.

                      I’ve been taking some antibiotics that said on the literature they were known for being detected as various controlled substances. I had taken some long ago and never got that warning. I’ll be filling out some apps in a week or two when they’re out of my system.
                      Sitting at the house sucks in lots of ways including financially. What really pisses me off is I had at least a couple days lined up hauling hot asphalt that paid ok for the truck and the same for me as always. He still hasn’t called and it’s 7:10 pm……..asshole.

                      The best to you on your quest. If you want my email to discuss a job ask eric to hook us up.

                    • WordPress has two faces for comments. There is the public side and the admin side. There is a setting that limits how deep replies can go for the public side which is why the button disappears at a certain depth.

                      Now with an account we have read-only access to the comment admin side. That’s where I read the comments because it’s a way better interface. But I have to use the public side to write. As admin, Eric can reply (write) from the admin side. The ‘reply’ button is always present on the admin side.

                      That’s why Eric always sees the reply button and it goes away at certain depth for us.

                    • Hello 8 and all,
                      Thanks for your many tips 8. I have just been hired the day before yesterday by an owner of a small sand-haul fleet based in Sweetwater that operates in the Permian Basin, and for once the guy is actually a genuinely good guy in person although he seems to have been a Bush supporter based upon a thank you picture that I saw hanging from his office wall. Perhaps over time I will be able to bring strong philosophical principles to his attention that may convince his to change course just like I once did; but I’m not going to push it since I know of no libertarian anarchists that are oilfield trucking owners. He seems to be an actual good person, so I am thrilled about having been hired by him!
                      I have already lease a pad for my travel trailer in Sweetwater, but this job covers the enter Permian Basin. Perhaps we will meet someday.

                    • Brian, that’s great news. I’m sure I know the person and he’s a nice guy. BTW, I have on a load of sand I’m about to leave with for the Santa Rita. I hauled 2 loads and loaded 2 yesterday, racked up nearly 700 miles so I was all in. You now live about 30 miles from me.

                      Sweetwater is a pretty decent town. I think you’ll enjoy the change from Rankin. I it and the job suit you. Give a toot if you see an old red Pete daycab with a white sandcan and an old man driving.

                    • Brian, hope things went well for you this week. Made my load to the Santa Rita then back to GC where I picked up the haul truck and ran hothot loads all afternoon.

                      I arrived back off in the lease east of 33 on CR 280 with a big SkyTrak, almost too wide for the trailer that was leaning heavily to the low side with a blown air bag.

                      The customer was speaking ill of the trailer when I said you couldn’t think worse of it than I do.

                      I then elaborated on getting run over last year on 33 with that same rig. He witnessed it and was amazed it was me, said he saw the frac truck tear across the country with a ruined axle and nearly ended up in a pasture.

                      Small world and really small out there. DOT’s been hanging out on that hill 5 M N of GC there at the big water station, catching people topping that hill and getting to see the trucks coming up it. I passed by and never gave him a look. When I get my brights fixed I’ll go back to driving that in the dark, times they’re allergic to. Peace.

                      BTW, I looked in my crystal ball and saw road construction there in the near future. 33’s coming apart both sides and really bad on the S side headed N.

              • Actually, given the way reality works, it’s FAR worse.
                Example, from the 70s; it’s gotten worse by now, no doubt.

                My father was a chemist, running his own company.
                US Army, I think it was, came to him with a small request for work. He’d already had dealings with military, they called him. He was “told” to put in a bid for the work, even though he told the caller the information was essentially available for free – look on “this page” of “this book” sort of thing. But, he went along and submitted the bid, basically at cost… It was a nothing job, to my father.

                Gets contract.
                Performs work, submits report.

                Call comes again, “We want this work done.”
                well, {grumble, grumble grumble} “OK, I’ll draw up the bid…”
                “No, No bids – you got the contract earlier, with the original bid, this is a follow-up.”
                And that happened several times, all on the same contract.

                I’m sure everyone can see the writing on the wall, calling all the dishonest to submit low-ball bids that then spiral into insolvency for the buyer (us, not gov’t), with endless add-ons, revised constraints, follow-ups, etc, etc, etc.
                So it goes over-budget (and well over bid), with dozens of “reasons” – new regulations, which require new studies, which require more workers to sign off, which require new enforcements, which require new enforcers, which require more studies, which require more testing, which requires more legislation, which requires more enforcers, which requires new detection technology, which requires…. (etc.)

                Ouroboros.the dragon swallowing its own tail, eating itself to get larger.
                Of course, no honest man would pad the bill by going to 5-star restaurants (or brothels, another one I heard of second-hand – stock broker who was involved was telling me his experience) for a “business meeting.” Drinking $1K/bottle champagne…? Cuban cigars? Lap dances? Etc.

                No joke, this is how it’s done. In this case, the Hollywood trope is in fact aping real life. The best part about the stockbroker I worked for? The tale about how they couldn’t expense a $10K (WTF?) DINNER for clients – they instead reimbursed on bogus receipts from the local whore house…. THAT they were allowed to expense, but someone would’ve noticed the $10K dinner.

                Fast-forward to today – we’ve hit the 70s and 90s for data points – and think it through….
                Or, read the report on the malfeasance at the MBTA – it’s public record. They were too busy with union entertaining and paying for the head c*nt’s dry cleaning (thousands of dollars per week – and she essentially never showed up for work. Not just, didn’t come in; she wasn’t online! She’s now in D.C. for BO’s future employment in Cabinet, IIRC.)

                There’s no incentive to be an honest man when the crooks are the only ones winning. and while Christ said that they had gotten their reward now – it DOES make for a pleasant sort of misery, that the Christian among us do NOT get to achieve. The very nature of the higher-ups is psychopathic, seeing humans as “resources” rather than people. We are things to use. (An aside, it’s one of the reasons I’m lapsed Catholic. I found more abusive SOBs and pychopaths among that religion than I care to recall. And I was supposed to forgive them, and suck it up and deal. It’s just free will, and they succumbed to temptation… Anyway, I’ll not rant more.)

                Point was: The BID is to get your foot in the door, so you can get your lips on the teat. Then milk it until it’s dry, and set up the next teat in parallel…. Suck as many as possible, lining up the next one ASAP so you never run dry. Never deliver quality, on time, or on (forget under) budget.

                It’s a spiral, BTW. Reverse of “crack the whip,” where the person at the end of the chain has to go faster and faster, until finally the chain breaks, and people to spinning off in all directions? Only this is a whirlpool instead. Sucks things in, spins them faster and faster, and eventually consumes them.

                We need to stop it, but the Useless Eaters outbreed us. (r/K again.)
                The Rabbits decided if they had bigger guns, they could eat the wolves.
                They’ve been right.
                Why I’m advocating the Big R, regardless of cost. (It’ll be lower cost now than if we wait until it’s undeniable even to the rabbits…)
                Won’t be as effective now, but lower cost, greater survival, lower loss of life? Seems better than dealing with the methodologies employed in the past (East Germany & USSR oppression and multiple events of resistance met with deadly force). Alternatively, we might wait so long that people are chipped at birth (see Bill Gates’s implantable chip-based, remote-control birth control pill – already in pilot in India. Add in SSRIs, or even just Insulin control, as diabetics are the next to “benefit” from this technology – provided they do as they’re told, they’ll get their insulin just fine… Right…?)

                You can guess the same policies are in place there, and the same waste…
                Same as produced the F-35, say. But it’s cheaper to lobby the politicians for another $15B and get back $50B in contracts, than to find a real way of improving life…

                And they see US as “useless eaters” and “dumb breeders.”
                We should know our role and die already, so the Elite can inherit the earth. (Side note: WTF was it with “the meek shall inherit the earth,” if not an invitation to out-breed the actual Sons of Adam? The Meek banded together and now hold us hostage. Somehow, we got f*cked from the get-go…)

        • george – when I said interesting theory, I did not mean private ownership of the roads, I meant banning of non-commercial traffic.

    • and the power grid will black out with all the load needed to recharge the electric cars. Has anyone thought of that? I’ve seen figures that show if ten percent of the current cars on the roads were replaced with electrics, the nationwide grid would collapse.

  10. I once participated in meetings of the Portland Metro-area planning group (forget the name at the moment). I was a “citizen’s representative”. We citizen’s reps took the trouble to go to these meetings using the light rail, while the bureaucrats of course did not bother and drove their cars. The meetings boiled down to figuring out how to get the peons out of their cars!

    If you dig into the Oregon thing, you will discover that much of the push behind this tracking comes from John Charles of the Cascade Policy Institute. Yes, that’s right, a LIBERTARIAN think tank is promoting this technology, as a sort of pseudo-market based way to better utilize the roads (so-called “congestion pricing”). I have called him on this but he continues to pooh-pooh my concerns. They also support tax-funded vouchers for schools. Needless to say I am no longer a member of Cascade Policy Institute.

    • Congestion pricing is government control freakism masked as a market idea.

      Congestion pricing wouldn’t last longer than a supermarket charging more on saturday in a real, actual, competitive market.

      Ridding the roads of cloverism would get far more capacity out of the roads but the vested interests won’t allow for it.

    • Charlotte, NC isn’t that far behind. The DPZ control freaks are perhaps the vanguard of the breed.

      Have “charettes” where the Deciders let the minions think they have a say then jam your ideas down their throats despite their protests.

      Anytime you hear the term “Stakeholder”, know you are being set up.

      • It’s the same thing every time. The deciders know what they want to build and will just do so no matter how stupid (or even dangerous) it is.

        Case in point. The state highway running through my town was due for a rebuild. It was two lanes in each direction, with no defined exits to businesses, most businesses had just paved right up to the roadway. You know how “planners” hate that. People can just drive in and out basically anywhere. Granted it wasn’t pretty looking but it was practical and easy (the area had developed mostly in the 1950’s and 60’s, so it was car oriented) and it evolved to that way. It worked fine and it seemed like it didn’t cause accidents.

        They had public meetings and presented a plan for a new road with curbs and a turn lane down the middle. And get this SIDEWALKS. On a road NOBODY will ever walk along (if your walking you walk along the parallel residential streets on either sides of the highway) . And they talk about “traffic calming” and pedestrian access.

        So the public comments are:
        Why bother with sidewalks that nobody will use, how about a third lane in each direction since its so busy? The business owners, why bother with curbs? Most people wanted to raise the speed limit from 35 to at least 50 too. Oh and how about more street lighting, it’s dark in a few places?

        So the public wanted: 3 lanes in each direction, a higher speed limit and better lighting.

        What we got: a turn lane, the same two overcrowded lanes, more stoplights, curbs, sidewalks nobody uses, that blocks access to hundreds of former parking places. Oh, and we ended up with LESS lighting then we had before. All the existing streetlights were mounted on telephone poles and they were almost all removed but not replaced with anything. Most of the overhead utilities were removed to “beautify” the area, but then they put all the stop lights on you guessed it, overhead wires………..palm hitting head……

        So you have a sidewalk that at night, you would have be insane to walk on, because its too dark. And its directly next to the road, so in the winter, the snow get plowed onto it. It’s almost completely useless, but we are probably stuck with them for the next 40 years. And it will only make it harder to add the street lighting which is now probably necessary now that the cars get bottled up in tiny exits to business.

        They totally ignored all the public comments.

        • This will continue until the Public decide to “fix” the problem.
          That “publican” (no typo) will then be vilified as evil, a terrorist, a threat to public order.

          But how else do we get things done when all useful avenues of change are eliminated? They are setting the stage for revolution; they know it; they plan to fight and subjugate the populace.

          Yet we are the crazy ones…?

          “When people have the freedom to choose…they choose wrong.” -The Giver

  11. The thing that scares me the most, is not the legislation [that is to be expected of tyrants] but the fact, that no matter what these tyrants do, there are still tens of MILLIONS of people voluntarily willing to live under such tyranny; willing to bring kids into such slavery; willing to pay grossly inflated prices (not to mention the taxes) for a place to sleep; and basically, just willing to bend over and take it in the ass. The few of us who resist such, and who are not willing to live under such terms, are a small minority compared to those who are willing to accept what ever is shoved up their..err down their throat.

    • “….One thing alone is certain, that man’s slavery grows and increases. Man is becoming a willing slave. He no longer needs chains. He begins to grow fond of his slavery, to be proud of it. And this is the most terrible thing that can happen to a man.”
      ― G.I. Gurdjieff

      • Well said. I call it domestication. How many guys do you know that were ready to settle down with that special woman in their lives when they turned twenty. I got married for the first time at forty-nine.

        PS I have four feral cats in my garage that don’t want to leave.

          • Is a “crazy cat person” a crazy person who likes cats or is it a person who likes crazy cats?

            Or is it a little of column A and a little of column B…?

            If anyone has feral cats around I tell them to not chase them away because they keep the rodents away and that keeps the snakes away. I do not like snakes.

            (OT, I know but what is life without some lighthearted breaks along the way…)

          • We’ve lost a lot of cats this year, some of our older cats and some young ones. We had lots of rain and the pastures grew up literally ten feet tall in various weeds. There is a plethora of rats and predatory varmints. For the first time we had red foxes in the yard. Of course coyotes have always been our bane as well as bobcats, coons and mountain lions.

            Coming in yesterday evening I saw some huge cat tracks on the dirt road. I’ve seen bobcats several times crossing the road from our pasture to the pasture on the other side.

            We lost Jelly about a month ago. He was fixed and had slept between CJ and me his whole life. I’m going to be forced to set up some game cams and set live traps when I can afford the cams. I admit I use live traps since my cats and CJ(one really big trap we have)might be the catches. They’ll be the only one exiting alive though.

    • Back when Bush the worser was in office I said to everybody, and if the shoe fits, you know who you are, that if he said they should have their first born at the curb in the morning for collection by govt. they’d have the kids there no questions asked. Their only questions would be how much to pack if anything and should they bring their meds. Sickening dolts.

      • In around the year 2000 (well before 9-11), I said that people have so much of a slave mentality that if government passed a law stating everyone must present themselves at the curbside every morning for an anal exam done by cops; a significant percentage of people would comply. That law hasn’t been created yet, but not long afterward the TSA started groping people. The silence of the messes remains deafening!

      • eightsouthman, I am posting here because there is a button here. I left Rankin this morning and I am at Sweetwater with my trailer mostly set up. My septic hose isn’t long enough for this place and every place that has stuff like that is closed for the weekend. That is OK, my tanks have plenty of room. I think that I am going to use an actual pipe though.
        Eric gave me what he thought was your e-mail addy, and I sent you a message yesterday. If you didn’t get it, then e-mail Eric so that he can give you mine.

  12. Libraries are banding together in support of Tor

    Is our anonymity a property right. What does the NAP say? If I was able to find clover’s IRL footprint with the data posted here over the years, has he potentially been harmed and aggressed against?

    A new theory of identity will be needed, at the very least, if we are to deal equitably with each other without the state and centralized force.

    Isn’t it a non-sequitir, to claim to advocate liberty, but then demand we each comply with a request of “Ihre Papiere bitte” so we can evaluate who each of us really is in the eyes of the dominant collective.

    The things I’ve posted here are all I wish to provide, and nothing else. The part of me I’ve left belong to the forum, but the remainder I reserve to myself.

    In most cases, I wouldn’t want to visit your homes and have a beer with you, in point of fact. Throw back a few at a pub as fellow human beings, sure. But I have no desire to be evaluated or outed under this or that aggregate of criteria.

    I definitely don’t want anyone here piercing the womb of my real life environment with various surveilling implements and devices.

    That’s the kind of inexcusable shit I’ve come to expect from monstrous statists, not from alleged lovers of liberty.

    • Hi Tor,

      I’m not ordering Clover to produce his “papers” – or his name. I’m just tired of him making extravagant claims about himself without any support for those claims. That’s all.

  13. What are authors after, and what’s coming for us data librarians and information archivers who provide the so called free internet?

    Authors Guild demands ISPs monitor, filter Internet of pirated goods, saying: “Technology that can identify and filter pirated material is now commonplace.”

    The Authors Guild wants the US Congress to overhaul copyright law and require ISPs to monitor and filter the Internet of pirated materials, including e-books.

    ISPs are not legally liable for pirated content, and they get “safe harbor” immunity from infringement allegations as long as they remove infringing content at the owners’ request.

    According to a letter from Mary Rasenberger, the guild’s executive director:

    Although Google and other Internet services providers (“ISPs”) clearly have the means to keep their sites free of most pirated content, the Section 512 safe harbor rules have been applied to allow these wealthy commercial enterprises to sit quietly and profit from pirates who use their platforms to traffic in stolen content.

    In reverse Robin Hood fashion, the safe harbor rules allow rich companies to become richer at the expense of the poor, robbing creators of hard-earned income and the creative economy of hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

  14. The technology is much simpler than requiring a chip or transmitter in your vehicle. Over the past decade or so, most major highways and streets have camera systems installed, mostly used for weather monitoring, every few miles. It would be fairly simple to have a computer watching the cameras and matching vehicles and license plates and log the event. The same technology that your camera uses to detect smiles and Facebook uses to tag people will be adapted to watch vehicles on a mass basis.

    Once that’s widespread it’s only a matter of time until someone figures out that they can timestamp when your vehicle passes a camera and calculate your speed. If you pass the second camera before you “should,” you get a ticket.

    • My local interstate, I80-94 in Indiana, has so many cameras, they can zoom in on just about every inch of it. They can watch anything going on it. Though they can’t seem to manage to catch the scrappers stealing copper wire from the street lighting equipment.

  15. Look, once you People discard the Democrat/Republican and the Left/Right paradigm I assure you that you are halfway there. Now go back to “Libertarian Jerry’s” first post and that is a bit more of the clue. As Eric already knows, there are many many Americans who drive without a drivers license, license plates, and many many more proverbial “chains” that bind our Freedoms. What you’ll find is that YOU voluntarily signed your rights away with ignorance and a pen. It’s not for everybody especially in crowded areas but it has and can be done. One clue: “Your Strawman” – There’s more but I’ll stop here.

    And me? Yes, I live not far from Eric but I must plod on in “Legal” (not lawful) bondage to survive a lifestyle of my fellow slaves. But if you cross the bridge into knowledge and discover the Truth….you’ll be amazed and not only what “they” did to us, but more fascinating is how they did it and GOT AWAY WITH IT!

  16. I was fooling around with my cell phone recently and found that simply by wrapping the thing in Aluminum foil one can completely “cut it off” from the towers. In theory, if one could find the antenna on your car a person could do the same thing. I would imagine on-star and all the rest operate similar to a cell phone. If the antenna is metal on the outside, as a car radio antenna, one might have to wrap the antenna with an insulator before adding the foil. I’m curious if anyone has attempted this sort of thing.

    • Foil is good, but I have an easier solution. Take one or two of the anti-static bags that a device like an EZ Pass comes in and toss your phone in that when you are not using it. Try it. Call your phone when it’s inside the bag and you’ll see that it does not ring. No signal in, no signal out. It’s easier than wrapping it in foil…..just drop it in the bag. test it first to make sure the bag you have works, but most should. I got a bunch of motherboard anti-static bags and they work like a charm.

  17. Restricting the breeding of people on welfare will not happen no matter how congested and polluted things get. They vote Democratic. Besides, that would be racial genocide.

    Our revolution was fought over “no taxation without representation”. We need another revolution: no representation if you are not paying taxes.

    • Hi Ramrod,

      I’d take it a little farther.

      No one has my proxy power except when explicitly given.

      “Representation” – as applied politically – is a con. It’s a way to shuck your rights right off your hide and make you believe it’s ok. After all, you are “represented” – because your drop of piss vote in the bucket, mingled with oceans of other people’s piss-votes, somehow means a single man becomes infused with the combined “voices” of all those people and transmutes their “will” into concrete action, which is infused with moral authority because he is just a vessel for the vox populi.


      The idea that a congressman, for example, transmutes the will of thousands of discrete individuals is actually worse than nonsense.

      It is imbecility.

      We are dealing with a sort of in loco parentis situation.

      Throwing the idea of “representation” into the woods would be a good start.

      • We could go back to common law. There is no constitution or any other holy document to sanctify the rulers. The rulers are not pretending to follow the wisdom of the founding fathers. The rulers can do as they please. If they anger the wrong people, they receive a painful death.

        • Hi Ramrod,

          As a moral principle, I take the position that the only law with any moral force is the non-aggression principle. No one has the right to initiate force. Only defensive force is morally legitimate.

          It’s a very straightforward way to sort out what people may (morally) do – and not do.

          Want to dance in goatskin leggings around a bonfire, stoned, and retire to bed with a harem of wives? All fine, provided it’s your land and the women are willing.

          Think your neighbor ought to be forced to “buckle up” for safety?

          Not so much!

          • I could not possibly agree more. While morally I disagree with much of what people do, I have learned that not all that I do is agreeable with others. Some folks just aren’t “gun nuts”, I am. Funny how Uncle Sam never minded me carrying a fully-automatic weapon when I was employed by him, but as a civilian in NY, I am far too dangerous to own a semi-auto AR-15 without registering it. Bah.

            I readily accept that people should be free to do WHATEVER they want, no matter how objectionable I find it, so long as they are not infringing on me or my property.

            The Bernie Sanders socialist crowd that I have been sparring with of late seem to think that I have the obligation to pay into all their schemes because it’s for “the good of everyone” and “that’s what the people/electorate want”.

            People still call it a free country and it is, so long as you do what “they” want. The moment you want to exercise your right as a free man to live your life free of coercion, you will find that you will not be free for long. Why can’t people just be left alone? That’s all I want.

      • Eric – I agree that ‘representation’ is a con. The average Congressional district is rapidly approaching 3/4 of a million people. How can anyone even attempt to represent that many arbitrarily chosen people. Voluntary selection, maybe.
        I get email newsletters from ‘my’ Congressman claiming to represent me. I replied thus: You live in ‘X’ county. I cannot afford to live there, and would not choose to live there if I could afford it. How can you represent me.
        He sent out another one saying he wanted to look into the arbitrary method of Congressional redistricting. I replied: It it ironic that you are ‘concerned’ about redistricting, since you never would have been elected if the State Assembly had not gerrymandered ‘your’ district.

      • Lat night I attended a speech by Tom Woods about nullification. The thing is the states have basically been bought by the federals in the form of free money and stuff. There’s really no excuse for this, it’s really our own fault for not paying attention to the locals and state legislatures.

      • ERIC, fully agree.

        It is also a question of what “my representative” is asking to represent for me. It overwhelmingly comes down to my “representative” campaigning to break some other guys leg and pick his pocket before his “representative” can break my leg and pick my pocket for him. Yet it always ends up with both “representatives” agreeing to break everyone’s legs and pick everyone’s pockets.

        I have no desire (or moral authority) to break anyone’s legs or pick anyone’s pockets so why would I need a “representative” to do it for me?!

    • Eugenics will come out in the open again. It’s been with us all along but it’s below the surface since the end of WW2 thanks to that guy with mustache in Germany in the 1930s and early 40s. Planned Parenthood has kept the eugenics mission alive. Climate change will justify the new eugenics. Watch and see. Same sort of people. Same mission as before.

      • I have been a long, LONG time lurker. I felt that I had to finally “come in out of the cold” to reply.

        No matter what your personal take is on abortion, it is an indisputible fact that Planned Parenthood is a profoundly evil organization founded by a profoundly evil woman. It was, as previously alluded to, founded to promote Eugenic and is explicitly anti-Liberty.

        • Hi DC,

          Agreed. Eugenics, collectivism.

          Bad stuff.

          On abortion: It’s (for me) a very difficult subject because (as I see it; being very careful here) it is on the one hand undeniable that biological life begins at conception and that – left to develop – it will become a human being.

          But, when exactly?

          Therein lies (for me) the rub.

          I am very uncomfortable with aborting a fetus that has reached a certain point in its development. One that has a nervous system, a beating heart and so on. I myself would not agree to aborting a fetus at this point or subsequently without a very good (medical) reason.

          But the day after conception? When what we have is literally a small mass of undifferentiated cells and there is no nervous system, no heart, no capacity (just potential) to feel pain or be aware of anything?

          That I am more comfortable with – if the woman (and the man) do not want to have a child. It is still an extremely difficult and sad choice, however. One not made lightly, either.

          • ERIC, agree with you that abortion is an extremely difficult subject to navigate and I have the same view as you here.

            But to me it all comes down to who is going to be the one to make that ultimate decision. Either the individual woman is going to have the right to decide for herself or the collective – the State – will take that decision away from her. I am always going to decide against the State in such matters. Rightly or wrongly it has to be the woman who gets to make that choice, not the State.

            But let us not pretend either that by choosing to have an abortion it is somehow a “noble” thing that “empowers” women.

              • The 20 virgins of Hoos In Treble have taken their lamps, broken into song, and await to meet the bridegroom. Ten of them are foolish, and ten of them are wise.

                What does the Hermeneutics of such passages and lyrics illustrate to professors, theologians, and laymen interested in exegetical analysis of biblical texts and pop Christian songs?

                Kyrie. Mr. Mister. 1985. RCA.

                National Chart Peak Position – Metric of International Commerce

                Australia 11
                Canada 1
                Germany 7
                Ireland 6
                Italy 51
                Netherlands 7
                Norway 1
                Sweden 6
                Switzerland 3
                UK 11
                U.S. 1

                Kyrie eleison inferior quam ingrediebantur.

            • The “abortion issue” is another tyrannical construct and instance of false science is all.

              The so-called “foetus” is part and parcel of a human female.

              If you can’t acknowledge she and she alone has superior and exclusive title to her own living tissue, you are incapable of understanding even the simplest of property rights.

              A rational learned human being knows he can only deal with pregnant women under basic NAP protocols.

              He knows that trying to impose his mere beliefs and preferences on a lady, makes him a monster, pure and simple.

              Bringing up other more monstrous eugenics boogeymen to muddy the waters doesn’t change the shabby facts of the matter.

              Only a savage would advocate laying hands on a woman or caging her and saying she’s attempted to murder herself.

              If you don’t like the current practices of abortion, use your reason and intellect to invent something better and less objectionable that will win out in the agora of human action.

              Maybe one of those Star Trek transporters that can beam the unwanted child somewhere that is wanted, for instance.

              That’s really your only option if you truly believe in the NAP and live and let live

              • Tor – since the ‘foetus’ as you choose to call it has different DNA than the ‘host,’ how can you say it is part and parcel of her?
                I believe in a woman’s right to choose – before conception.

                • I believe …

                  The siren call of the clover …

                  So do you propose an additional Band of Heroes such as the Saudi Arabian Morality Police that enforce the kingdom’s mandate that abortions be performed only to save the life of a mother?

                  If not that, then when a woman’s right to choose terminates, because she has conceived, what mechanism do you imagine will you bend her individual actions to your collective will?

                  Unlike clover, who is illiterate. You are what I would call misliterate.

                  You sometimes allow concepts into your brain direct from holy books or on the assertion of holy men.

                  58% of the world is Judeo Christian. The world is still in a stranglehold from misliterates such as yourself. Unable or unwilling to separate objective reality from imagination and whim projection.

                  I used to be that way myself, so I know how debilitating and destructive such a thing can be.

                  If we paid heed to your sorts of whims, we’d still treat epileptics with exorcisms. Trying to get the evil spirits out of them with prayer and self-immolations and suchlike.
                  – – –

                  Do you agree the Pope and Aristotle were wrong, and Galileo was right that two differently weighted objects dropped from the Tower of Pisa each fall at the same rate.

                  Do you accept that sometimes the holy books are dead wrong, and must be abandoned once so proven.

                  Or is scripture the be all end all. Once something is written down in the right place by the right sort of religious heroes, it must be adhered to for all time.

                  I had just read Foet by F Paul Wilson. That’s why I used the weird spelling.

                  An odd sci-fi tale where fetal-skinned purses the latest fad.

                  Are you aware that In humans and other Placentals, Microchimerism occurs.

                  Microchimerism is the presence of a small number of cells that originate from another individual and are therefore genetically distinct from the cells of the host individual.

                  This phenomenon may be related to certain types of autoimmune diseases; however, the mechanisms responsible for this relationship are unclear.

                  The most common form is fetomaternal microchimerism, whereby cells from a fetus pass through the placenta and establish cell lineages within the mother.

                  Fetal cells have been documented to persist and multiply in the mother for several decades.

                  The exact phenotype of these cells is unknown, although several different cell types have been identified, such as various immune lineages, mesenchymal stem cells, and placental-derived cells.

                  Cells with Y chromosome have been discovered in multiple areas of the brains of deceased women during autopsies.

                  Male fetal progenitor cells persist in maternal blood for as long as 27 years postpartum.

                    • Gotcha.

                      That’s was actually the short version, believe it or not.

                      I’m not writing from any delusional cloverian higher moral ground or accomplishment mountaintop, I’m just some lifelong screwup with an internet connection.

                      Why God Created Children

                      To those of us who have children in our lives, whether they are our own, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or students…

                      Whenever children are out of control, you can take comfort from the thought that even God’s omnipotence did not extend to His own children.

                      After creating heaven and earth,
                      God created Adam and Eve.

                      And the first thing he said was
                      “DON’T !”

                      “Don’t what ? ”
                      Adam replied.

                      “Don’t eat the forbidden fruit.”
                      God said.

                      “Forbidden fruit ?
                      We have forbidden fruit ?
                      Hey Eve..we have forbidden fruit ! ”

                      ” No Way ! ”

                      “Yes way ! ”

                      “Do NOT eat the fruit ! ”
                      said God.


                      “Because I am your Father and I said so ! ”
                      God replied, wondering why He hadn’t stopped creation after making the elephants.

                      A few minutes later, God saw His children having a break and sharing a great big apple and He was ticked !

                      “Didn’t I tell you not to eat the fruit? ”
                      God asked.

                      “Uh huh,”
                      Adam replied.

                      “Then why did you ? ”
                      said the Father.

                      “I don’t know,”
                      said Eve.

                      “She started it ! ”
                      Adam said.

                      “Did not ! ”

                      “Did too ! ”

                      “DID NOT ! ”

                      Having had it with the two of them, God’s punishment was that Adam and Eve should have children of their own.

                      Thus the pattern was set and it has never changed.

                      But there is reassurance in the story !!

                      If you have persistently and lovingly tried to give children wisdom

                      and they haven’t taken it, don’t be hard on yourself.

                      If God had trouble raising children, what makes you think it would be a piece of cake for you ?

                      Things To Think About !!!

                      You spend the first two years of their life teaching them to walk and talk. Then you spend the next sixteen telling them to sit down and shut up.

                      Parents of teens soon learn why
                      some animals eat their young.

                      Children seldom misquote you.
                      In fact, they usually repeat word for word what you shouldn’t have said.

                      The main purpose of holding children’s parties is to remind yourself that there are children
                      more awful than your own.

                      Many of us have childproofed our homes, but somehow they are still getting in.

                      If you have a lot tension and you get a headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle:

                      “Take Two Aspirin” and “Keep Away From Children.” !!!!

            • But it is even worse than that!: If abortion is murder (and I believe that it is), then should not the mother, her doctor, and all people who knew the mother’s plan but did nothing to stop her be tried in court as murderers, and face long prison terms? I am unwilling to go that far. I view this topic as being unsolvable, and therefore one that is left to the individual. I daresay that most Christians who would support imprisonment or the death penalty would suddenly change their tune if they found out that their child had one.

              • Hi Brian,

                I agree – it’s not (as I see it) subject to objective/definitive “yes it is” (or “no, it’s not”) categorization, at least if we are talking about very early pregnancy.

                Yes, a fertilized egg is biologically alive and yes, it has unique DNA. So does an ordinary blood or skin cell. Whether a fertilized egg is a person touches on religious notions, including the idea of a soul. It’s quite possible that such a thing exists; or at least, I don’t see how anyone can say it’s not possible that such a thing exists. But – so far – it can’t be proved, either way.

                All we know for sure is that a fertilized egg is living biological tissue that could develop into a person. Until it actually does that, though, I am reluctant to give it “person status.”

                As I see it, we’re dealing with what-ifs … not actualities. Has anyone actually been harmed? I don’t see how you can prove this.

                And if you can’t prove than an actual person has actually been harmed…

                • Dear A is for Anarchy Symbol Brian.

                  You wrote:

                  “But it is even worse than that… and I believe that it is…”

                  Again, I urge you to Reason, and not Believe, belief leads to strife and anger, and strife and anger lead to the dark side,

                  And this is the clover-lined path to serfdom and President Vader and the United Nations Darkside of faux dialectic Jedi / Sith we’ve all grown completely disgusted with.

                  the ellipses, the … as it were, might be any horror imaginable,

                  Eric will be able to articulate and sympathize with that better than I will

                  Image you’re a birdwatcher, and for you the ellipses, the … that you loathe, is watching the birds eat their young.

                  Sure you could put up surveillance cameras, and cage the disobedient birds who offend you and the whole nine yards.

                  Whether your aversion to birds dealing with their own young as they see fit is philosophical, religious, secular, psychological, it doesn’t matter.

                  Because that’s not the way of NAP.

                  If you forbid bird abortion via a single brief aphorism – Thou Shalt Not Abort.

                  Or a 10,000 page legal codex – 18 U.S. Code Chapter 74 Partial Birth Abortion Crime Statutes – detailing why birds shouldn’t kill their young, how they can be re-educated, and prevented from doing so.

                  That’s artificial belief-mongering, and not scientific reasoning.

                  If and only if you can naturally alter their behavior in fast fashion and in a non-invasive way, is your fatwa against bird abortions moral from a Reason perspective.

                  If you can manifest Bokanovsky’s Process from BNW, and have women give up their young to your technological marvel, that would be a different story.

                  If women freely accept your reasoning, because you have logically persuaded them, or funded their unwanted children’s adoptions, that would be one thing.

                  But many women don’t accept your views on abortion. And taking their free market choices away from them is statist cloverism. Not libertarian NAP promulgation.

                  There would be new issues, but if birth via Bokanovsky were real. If this human cloning going on outside the woman’s womb was the case.

                  Then regular property rights could be discussed at length.

                  Because objections to abortion are based on belief and not reason in nearly all cases, I suspect this would also be found unsatisfactory.

                  I for one would welcome such a process being applied to fertilized human eggs in vitro, causing them to split into identical genetic copies of the original.

                  A process that can be repeated several times, though the maximum number of viable embryos possible is 96, with 72 being a “good average.”

                  A true libertarian offers choices. He serves the greater good of market exchange to his own enrichment.

                  But as a counterweight, often also to his own disempowerment. It might be a cost benefit conundrum. What happens to men, if children come from a lab, and not from their mates?

                  • Dear Tor Libertarian, you used your “belief” that I was betraying my NAP principles when a closer “reasoned” re-reading of what I actually wrote would have made more sense. Nowhere have I said that I support a Statist solution. In fact, I did the opposite by posting a live and let live solution. In Anarchytopia, every community will have to occasionally deal with criminals that purposely harm a person or his property. Some communities may choose permanent banishment, forced restitution, execution, and/or other choices. My “live and let live” attitude on this particular topic with no good answers would remain the same in Anarchytopia.

                    • I only talk in generalities, so I only ever mean to talk about people “in your moral vicinity” as I’ve come to perceive it.

                      Taking a different tack.

                      When I first came here, I would sometimes bring up my issues with gays and seeing gay things in writing or on TV or whatever.

                      This is in no way connected to Reason.

                      But only has to do with my Belief.

                      I won’t bore you with the whole story, but over many posts, Eric disabused me of this irrational fear based belief discomfort and since then I’ve never had a problem with it.

                      I would say even a pastor or church elder doesn’t concern himself with everyone in his territory, but only with his flock, such as it were.

                      Which is in accordance with what your saying.

                      Generally when men of faith discuss abortion, they by extension even mean to impose their beliefs on complete strangers.

                      Anarchy means we should be free to live in communities of any conceivable voluntary morality.

                      Including strict Muslim cohorts where honor killings are trivial occurrences.

                      That’s what anarchy truly is. Not populist savagery, where everyone must answer to everyone.

                      Where gypsy must please Christian and puritan must please libertine.

                      Even something as extreme as say a girl wanting to be euthanized can be paired with a guy wanting to be a cannibal and everybody else in that particular community keeps it within their own circle only and everyone else is cool with it.

                      In a truly anarchist framework, there are no archons, and thus no rulers whatever.

                      Such that in some anarchist communities, a word like “murder” might not even exist among like minded people who reject the concept of “crime” wholesale and without exception.

                      One real-world example:

                      Russians have no native concept of safety.

                      The Russian language has no word for safe.

                      Because no capital there has ever been defensible and hence such a concept has no slavic equivalent.

                      Another example:

                      In Pre-Columbian America, the natives living their were obligated to trade with anyone who asked for any of their possessions.

                      Thus, there was no Native-American understanding of theft or of property ownership.

                      If they caught you with a wheelbarrow of colorless G-J diamonds, and they wanted your trinkets.

                      Under their societal constructs, you’d have to accept some guys tomahawk or canoe as a trade or they might beat you very badly or even kill you and then take your diamonds because you were a “rude monstrous criminal.”

                • We pretty much agree with each other on this topic Eric. I just happen to believe that once an egg is fertilized it becomes a person at a certain state in its life, because it cannot grow to become anything other than a human being. That having been said: I have no desire for anyone to get punished for having or performing an abortion.

              • BRIAN, ” I daresay that most Christians who would support imprisonment or the death penalty would suddenly change their tune if they found out that their child had one.”

                Exactly. And this principle applies to many other areas of law as well.

                How many of these anti-drug “throw ’em jail and let ’em rot” warriors would say the same thing if it is their child arrested on drug charges?

                Narrow minded hypocrisy is the bane of Justice.

                • If things weren’t at the point where each U.S. household already “owes” $107,000 each to repay the national debt.

                  Which is to say nothing to the unpaid accruing liabilities freightraining straight for the American Taxpayer that is many times that amount.

                  We could attend to such issues as woman committing partial self-suicides because they live in such a ridiculous irrational culture of infinity rocking chair belief-mongers and 320 million cats just trying to get to their jobs or the grocery store in peace.

                  Being anti-abortion can’t merely mean another iron fist is forged in the state foundry.

                  Or a birthing Czar being bronzed and enthroned on his holy pedestal to proctor the women and fully funded via the obstetrician tax.

                  The main driver is babies cost too much.

                  It’s insanity to think moralizing is what’s needed right now.

                  Even someone as formerly wealthy as Eric balks at the expense and the endless social tethers it would entail.

                  It’s easy to be a millionaire in a world of Zimbabwe dollars. Do you have any idea how much a kid actually costs these days.

                  The only men who can afford kids are the ones able to say F it, maybe one of them will already have rotting teeth before they graduate high school even.

                  See that happened to this friend of mine one time, who had a kid out of wedlock to some gal he met on the internet and went to karaoke bars with.

                  Or the other time this same friend got one of his neighbors pregnant who had an abortion. To be fair, there was one other guy who might have been the father. But he was 50% at fault, and potentially 100% if a test would have been done pre D & C.

          • Hi Eric,

            Thanks for the reply (honestly geeked out a little, I’ve been a fan for years!)

            I’ve heard both the pro-life and pro-choice libertarian positions. To me, the kicker that pushes me over to the pro-life side is that the fetus has a unique DNA profile. It is unquestionably not the same body as the woman, even if it does require the woman’s body to mature to the point of survival.

            But really that’s a discussion for another day. What I could scarcely imagine is any self-described libertarian advocating the continued public funding of PP. The logical inconsistency of a libertarian doing so would be mind boggling. Unfortunately, I’ve seen various otherwise respectable libertarian/anarcho-capitalist types do so over the years.

            • Hi DC,

              In re: “What I could scarcely imagine is any self-described libertarian advocating the continued public funding of PP.”


              Jefferson wrote (more or less, this is from the hip) that to “compel a man to provide funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

              Exactly so.

              • I gotta wade in here. Oooh, it’s sorta clingy and I might drown, gotta be careful. Seriously, though, abortion is a woman’s choice. She has to carry a child to term and if she doesn’t wish to no one should be able to say yea or nay. It really(morally)isn’t a political question or a construct of the law that’s at question but a basic human right. It’s not moral or immoral for one animal to choose life over another if that life comes from the chooser.

                It’s not as though pregnancy isn’t sometimes the start of the decline of the health of some women and some women know this. It may be mental or physical health but society as a whole should have no say.

                I’ve known women who decades later admitted to having an abortion when no one else knew they were pregnant. They should be able to keep that private.

                Back when I was a young adult it was illegal. I saw what happened first hand to women who opted for an illegal procedure. They paid too high a price for that choice as did doctors who also believed it was the woman’s choice.

                How could I possibly say what should happen in any pregnancy when I won’t be at the minimum, the physical if not total slave to that fetus? Men can discuss it. Govt. can blow hot air but nobody but the woman should make a choice.

                Govt. should in no way be involved.

          • (inserting this in a random place, not a reply to anyone in particular) I really did not intend for this to go down the abortion road. That just happens to be the primary place where eugenics has survived in the USA since WW2 ended. Climate change is going to let eugenics out of the closet. Like the devil being held in a closet with the staff per that Twilight Zone episode “The Howling Man”. Climate change allows the micromanagement of all of society primarily resources, transportation, and reproduction.

  18. Not to be concerned however for the Mature, Wise and Worthy Ones, as police agencies will be surreptitiously notified that no such limitations shall be enforced against any member of the Pacific Union Club nor the Bohemian Club out of San Francisco. Others will be exempted but those are the two best starting points. File lawsuits based on these elitists won’t be curtailed as to their mobility. 14th Amendment—equal treatment before the law for all. But how will this fly once it gets to Federal court level? All Federal judges are Presidential appointees, and all USA Presidents are “honorary” members of The Pilgrims Society in New York (Google image search “President Pilgrims Society”).

    • They want you out of a car and into mass transit where they can totally monitor you and whoever is around you. Think this is BS? LOL you are being fooled, and this idea is what is behind the mass craziness of the web of lies regarding Global Warming propaganda. The technology to shut down the electronics of vehicles & airplanes has been used as far back as the Israeli war of..what..1973, at least..where the IDF used it to shut down a whole Egyptian tank army. As far as I know, we gave or loaned the IDF that tech and I bet it has been far more upgraded since 1973.

  19. Your walking around with a Drivers license,a Social Security Card,you fill out a 1040 from,a W2form,a W4 form,a 1099 form,you get a marriage license, you get a building permit,you incorporate your business,you get permits for every little thing you do and you completely and totally involve yourself in the regulatory state,usually with the advice of a lawyer or an accountant both of who have a vested interest in your life. What do you expect.

  20. Ok, so they want to ban the internal combustion engine (which is what they’re really saying.) Ok, so assume that electric cars are “affordable” by the time this kicks in. Won’t that be fun? Everyone buys one, and will be charging their cars during the peak hours. All those brownouts and blackouts, nuclear reactors running at full power (until the drought causes them to crap out and melt down) and all those coal power plants running at full black billowing smoke (oops, I forgot, diesel locomotives use petroleum based fuel, can’t let those in, so until the coal supply craps out.) All the utility companies in Nevada, Arizona, and and Oregon get to jack up their bull “sell-to Cali” rates into the stratosphere. And then the legislators in Cali will whine to mommy feds, which will lead to congressional investigations that go on for years and get nowhere. Money wasted, liberties quashed, people lose everything, riots start up.

    Of course thats what the powers that be want, keep us fighting with each other while they run away with all the resources. “Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbours, films, football, bear, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult. All that was required of them was a primitive patriotism which could be appealed to whenever it was necessary to make them accept longer working hours or shorter rations.” – Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell, 1949.

    Another thought: Walkable communities: How are handicapped people and paraplegics gonna fit in with this scheme if no motorized vehicles are allowed? Oh that’s right, they don’t count: only rich statist, hipster yuppies are allowed in.

    • Look at what they are doing with energy. They are centralizing it. Smart meters for fine control to each person of centralized energy. The only weird escape valve is solar. Makes one think more about ethanol in gasoline making it less storable.

      Walkable communities, like bicycling facilities are not being pushed by anti-driving political forces. Not those really interested in walkable areas or bicycling. That’s my assessment after diving into that world. The first thing on their minds is how something negatively impacts driving. Not how it makes things walkable or bikeable. They favor transit projects that negatively impact driving rather than than making for transit that people choose to use.

      • BrentP, I’ve come across many articles alluding to what you’re saying. One I recently read was more commie crap coming from the commie bastion of Austin, Tx., a real fascist spot of it’s own in the heart of what used to be rural Tx.
        One group there wants to take a 30 mile radius around Austin and form a new state. Everybody else in the state would be glad for it except those poor people who have ranched and lived there for a hundred years or more. Of course there are fewer and fewer of those every day. Some buy other parts of the state and some buy other parts of any place you can think of.

        Smart meters are another way of nailing you to the corporate energy wall. Plus, they use them in every other conceivable way and some I probably can’t conceive of.
        I’m glad though I don’t see the fascist, corporate, socialist trend regarding energy as bad as in many states. That still doesn’t make me feel very good.

        Unlike clover though, it’s not just feelings but things I do and see every day that alarm me. Thankfully oil is still king here but probably won’t be for much longer. Wind powered electrical generation continues to grow unabated and while it might be fine in some respects, it sucks the big one in many other respects. I often have to work in them. I detest the damned things. But we put in pipelines for oil and gas right through them. I feel for the animals since they avoid them as best they can. If cattle and sheep are in the same pastures, they’ll be as far away from the windmills as they can get.

  21. About 20 years ago I was at a meeting of planning and zoning types seeing a presentation by a “New Urbanist” planner. The goal was to return to “walkable communities”. At one point a slide was shown of the vision of the new urbanism, a delightful watercolor painting. The presenter at that point said, “you’ll notice that there are no cars…this is AFTER The Revolution”. The room full of urban planners erupted with uproarious laughter and applause.

    These people are not kidding, they want to control your every action and they’re not shy about demanding your compliance. It’s a religion for these fanatics. They will cleanse the world of “sin” as they see it and woe be unto anyone that gets in their way.

    • Dear Mark,

      I’m a retired architect, so I know exactly what you’re talking about.

      The motive of the collectivist statists of course, is as Eric astutely noted, CONTROL.

      It is entirely possible that under a genuinely free system, communities resembling the New Urbanist model would spring up spontaneously due to market demands. That would of course, not be a problem.

      I might even want to live in one, and ride my bicycle wherever I need to go.

      The problem is that most if not all New Urbanists are probably totalitarians who have no qualms about imposing such communities at gunpoint.

      • The New Urbanist/NeoTrads use the 19th century town as an ideal. What they don’t mention is that those communities evolved on their own due to individual decisions as to how private property is used. That model was destroyed by the Central Planning concept of “Zoning”. They acknowledge that destruction but, want to use the same central planning mechanism to implement THEIR concept of The Ideal. They wholly embrace the actual destructive mechanism, Central Planning, and think that now that they, the Right Thinking, have control, all will be fine. Same socialist mindset, just a different hand holding the whip.

        • They do not use 19th century cities as their model. They make various false claims about 19th century streets and transportation that are easily debunked by looking at old photographs and films. They invoke the 19th century but the 19th century they claim often never was.

          They make claims that today’s streets are too wide because of automobiles. Major city streets in the 19th century were very wide. In many cases the roadways are narrower today thanks to the installation of sidewalks etc. In the comment section of a Rockefeller foundation funded org’s website I would present the 19th and very early 20th century evidence of their lies and they didn’t like it much. Congested wide urban thoroughfares do not mesh with their politics. Nor does the anarchy of 19th century traffic mesh well with control freakism. Again, I like to use that 1906 film of SF Market Street.

          They don’t want to bring back the 19th century, they want to bring about UN agenda 21 for lack of a better shorthand. Dense managed/controlled cities where people are once again bottled up in a 3 mile radius of their homes. Small apartments where people can be easily moved around the globe as the corporations need them to be. To move the human resources where they are needed by management.

          • True. They use the 19th century not actually as it was but, as they want you to think it was. It was, as you said, much about anarchy(no government) and Freedom…things they despise because their concepts won’t be accepted voluntarily and must be enforced at gunpoint.

            Much was lost when the department no longer was call “Personnel” and became “Human Resources”. We are no longer viewed as individual people but, resources…like billets of aluminum to be molded and shaped to the whims of those in charge.

            • Yup – wee are just replaceable cogs in the giant machine of global crony capitalism. It was made painfully clear to me when I heard myself and my colleagues referred to as ‘headcount’ by management. We started greeting each other with a ‘moo’ or ‘baa’ after that, and used to refer to the cafeteria as the feedlot.

              • We Can Stop The Motor Of Their World

                From Ayn Rand’s perspective, only certain kinds of human machinery deserved to be shut down.

                But these days, the more evidence we gather, preliminary findings are that we need to extricate ourselves from Locke and Paine’s nightmare American Crony machine.

                Because it is the fiat funny money machine that power the Euro, Pound, Yen, Caliphate Sharia Shekels, UK Commonwealth Wampum, Latino Peso, all the other self-driving fiat machines of commerce that envelope us all.

                It’s well and good to have personal beliefs. Whatever you wish, it’s your right.

                But to build and forcibly populate mandatory religious machinery called churches, states, and corporations and multiply them like locusts. That is nobody’s right. That is terrorism by inhuman monsters.

                These machines are pervasive and self-aware, but like John Connor Galt, we will prevail and somehow smash these metal M-F’ers into junk.

                Not smash capitalism. Or businesses. Or legitimate racial tribes and freely assembled associations.

                Not literate traditions of self-selected books and protocols honestly chosen without duress.

                But all the corrals and stockyards and slaughterhouses of the Farmers in the Silicon Dell who take your wife and even your last remaining cat. Forced to either starve, or get in the self-checkout line and serve the bar-code holocaust

                Until you’re the cheese standing alone being chased by the rats in the endless mazes of administrative artificial walls and halls in a one world mad scientists laboratory experiment.

                You must smash any device or legal construct or brand name or creed if it is forced upon you. If it breaks your legs, and beckons you to sit in its air-cushion throne of 3000 horsepower wheelchair awesomeness.

                Anything or anyone who so much as casually mentioned that at some given moment they might lay their hands upon you or call someone over to do the same.

                Grab the nearest rock, Citizen Cain or Shepherder Abel, and beat on such monster’s heads mercilessly until they desist and then sled away to safety on Rosebud, or whatever your nearest personal conveyance happens to be.

                  • Sorry, dude, can’t imagine it. 😉

                    Closest I can come is the Elites saying, “What happened?” after the revolution.

                    Problem is, the revolution WILL be televised, and all non-sheep will be declared dangerous and destroyed. (That’s us, in case there was a question.)

                    We will live “the running man.” Logan’s Run, 1984, Brave New World, Utopia, Elysium, The Giver’s society, all in the backdrop of Idiocracy, and Morlocks and Eloi devolve… Take the WORST aspect of every dystopian novel, and put them all together…. We’ll live in the Matrix, with legal and medical systems out of Idiocracy, drug-induced happiness of Soma, thoughtcrime of 1984, with a privileged class as in Elysium, who wander around their Utopia marveling at all the wonders of nature, without words to describe that wonder, or ability to repair the problems in the Matrix, or the infrastructure of their Elysium/ Utopia, and no knowledge of what is happening under ground, when the sirens blare, and they get liquified to feed the Matrix Morlocks….

                    I’m starting to sound like Tor! 😉

                    I’d MUCH prefer that we simply set things right. The biggest problem is the self-interested (yet strangely not self-invested, vis-a-vis self-improvement or self-knowledge) hordes of sheeple, who think the government collective (their “tribe,” per se) is somehow good and godly and right….

                    Is this not near-identical to a comatose life already? Soma is TV, or outright drugs. Eloi and Morlocks are in existence already (Women and Men, in essence – She wants everything perfect without effort; he wants to make a mark, build something. She’s brainless – literally, if you go over to boards for transsexuals, they talk about losing the ability to focus once they start taking hormones; convicted out of their own mouths. TS’s also have brains that physically match their “target” gender instead of birth sex. And the same in reverse for those going female to male: So much better concentration, so much more drive, so much more ability, feeling invincible… Want to build something, make the world better, etc. )
                    But most of the herd would rather bleat and just keep going….

                    Maybe we should just dine well on mutton and leave the Matrixed asleep.
                    We can’t all be Maud’Dib, a self-realized, self-aware, self-actualized human. There’s plenty to go around, mind – it is their CHOICE to be nothing, do nothing, amount to nothing. Speaking as one who was Blue Pilled almost literally to DEATH – It’s hard and painful to wake up, and if I had to guess the average age here? NOT Millenials, let’s put it that way. Nor Ys. Nor Xers. Somewhere before that, generally.

                    We are the ones who SHOULD be in the leadership roles, but we were told of the AWESOME responsibilities of that role…. Many of us at young ages, taught that being a leader meant being responsible for everyone who answered to you…. So we abandoned that path, we didn’t want that sort of responsibility (often depicted as life and death, or ultimate good vs. ultimate evil) – so we allowed the psychopaths (who don’t care about the responsibility, but lust for the power – and so pass the buck, aka FUMU) to take over those roles…
                    Why not have a Muslim as president (the faith puts Allah before all else – making any honest oath impossible)?
                    Or a socialist/fascist/communist legislate business rules?
                    Why not have a thief guard the crown jewels?
                    A black hat hacker secure your banking or military servers?
                    A eugenicist give marriage licenses?
                    A pacifist allow guns ownership?
                    Why not just view your citizens as the enemy, and (similar to Jerry Springer’s routine), pull out the occasional “audience (herd)” member, give them a badge and a costume and a license to kill…. And then, when they’ve served their purpose, put them out to pasture and they’re back in the “audience,” no different from any other sheep…. (Except, of course, universal weapons permit and continued LACK of legal repercussions for misbehavior…)

                    On facebook, I’ve attracted a Clover of my own – someone I used to work with. He’s been cleaned out by the ex-wife, he’s working his @$$ off to provide for the new family, and he’s generally non-confrontational. An IT geek.
                    But he has decided my politics are unacceptable. (The politics flow along the lines of, “Nothing a good carpet bombing can’t cure.” Not dissimilar from here, there’s a problem? Bomb it into submission. No more problem. Peace through superior firepower. Etc. I know it’s cliched, but I’m also not too interested in Empire outside our borders, so who cares? We deal with our own issues, although they’re now bunkered into academia and government… So, bunker Busters are now needed, but I’ll accept the collateral damage as unfortunately necessary – see “sheeple” above, happy to live under tyranny…)

                    I’m rambling, point is, he wants me to STFU or DO something about it… Of course, if I DID something – then he’d just denounce me as a lunatic. Doesn’t matter what (I’m past the letter-writing stage, been there, done that, felt the “rain.”)
                    Clover/Sheeple sets himself up as the most loyal follower of the Hangman…

                    I’m willing to push him (and all like him) ahead of myself – let them swing, for they have earned it. I will NOT feel remorse should they be hanged by their own greed, cowardice, whatever.
                    It’s not big loss, for they’d do the same for me – and claim it was “the will of the people, and who am I to argue against the people?”

                    You ARE the people…. You ARE the Mob.
                    I’m just the guy with a minigun, looking to escape your lunacy… the hangman’s noose.

                    Maybe if there were more like me, we’d have no issues…?

                    • One thing I wish the ‘small government conservatives’ who support all the intervention going on around the globe, especially in the Middle East, would realize is that there is no such thing as a small empire.

                    • PtB,
                      there is no such thing as a small empire.
                      Ain’t dat da truth? 😉

                      The Ouroborus, eating itself, growing ever larger.
                      Empires grow to feed the bureaucracy… 🙂
                      It’s like spending your way to wealth…
                      Digging your way to the peak of Everest…

    • That can be arranged.

      The worst of them want drastic population reductions as well. That’s the scariest part of it all, its so anti-people, at least non elite people that is.

      • I know it’s fiction, and statist as well, but try reading Rainbow 6, by Tom Clancy for a glimpse into the ecofreak mindset. They see humans (themselves excepted, of course) as parasites on Mother Gaia.

        • They are 100% correct, in reverse…
          THEY are the parasites.
          “By becoming a monster, one learns what it is to be human.” – Vampire: The Masquerade
          Play a leech, learn the true nature of politics…

      • Not sure where you get that. I work with illegals and green cards alike. Rarely do they waste their money on drink. Most don’t drive or if they do, it’s a company pickup.


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